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Securiity Specialist Col. David Hunt On the Newtown Spree Shooting

Dec 14, 2012|

27 were dead including reportedly the gunman, his parents and at least 18 little children. We took the President's statement on the Newtown Ct shooting live and spoke with Fox News security and military analyst Col. David Hunt about possible safeguards for the future.

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As you know there's has been a terrible shooting today. In in Connecticut. The Bethel continues to arise some some have a 27 -- at 29. The reports are very very conflicting. But who's who's been shot the shooter apparently is -- Brian Williams. Who's either twenty your 24 probably 24. He his mother was a teacher at the school. He yeah he went into the east into the school and a shot his mother and by guests -- class dismissed missing two or not. None of those students in her class of -- China's father before he went out there to the school right firstly said the that the purse they were saying that his -- that found a body in -- house in New Jersey and it was his mother and then that changed to. -- was his father. That he shot and he shot his mother at the school in the world reports earlier in the day that he might have been head coach at a child. In the school but I guess that appears to be. Unlikely at this point. It looks like he was going after his mother and a not the not the child at the -- you know to get back at the ex wife -- you're only 24. But he he we he was. He was very methodical and he just went about that shooting shooting these people sort against the latest Slater was it was eight eighteen kids school kids to will -- kids dead. And eight eight teachers and and it. -- principled supposedly dead and maybe maybe school psychologist to know -- the school psychologist maybe some people you know some staff members as well. As the teachers and I don't know it'll take time to sort that out as well. And they had there was the second second person who was dressed in black in the school and that's those reports are kind of sketchy two day they first thought there was a second gunman. But as he was being taken out by the cops dressed in black he was telling people watching I didn't do anything I didn't do anything so. We don't know where he stands for this the gunman Brian poignancy is dead. He's inside the school. It appears. Most likely that he took his own life where does he was dead before the police. Arrived. Won the scene. And the governor of Connecticut -- the annual wages is me is meeting with the yeah meeting was some -- the parents now. And and fire house it's nearby and a Obama's gonna make some statement 315 world sport dropped briefly briefly don't worry we -- like -- -- we're gonna keep you know let alma. You know make -- political. Grandstand. Grandstanding about this will what take take the speech. Two until the until he starts talking about the millionaires and billionaires. So. Want to make long Hampshire and -- the colonel but later he serious security expert as you know on national work in this this area. And that does not the idea was was Ryan a member of the Tea Party system and they won their believe me they're looking to try to prove that at least they beat ABC is on. ABC has got Brian Ross working on it approved please remember the Tea Party. The of the guns were all low legally bought -- that's that they've checked that out as well. So it if -- You know if you wanna get on board and talk about this way it's 1877469432218774694322. If by if you would like to walk listen to the show. On line again as I said -- how we card by US should also listen how we cart dot com. How we cart dot com click on the live audio streaming. And you can also what how -- card spot on -- part of our daily Internet poll question of course it concerns this does this terrible shooting in the and in Connecticut. Cindy was a poll question and a what is the what do the results thus far. Should an armed policeman be stationed at all schools. I'm gonna say no for right now it's not it's not it hasn't quite reached that point maybe maybe at some point in the future but now. And 56% think he asks I'm -- I can sing now right now too but I'm waffling now. That's. It's just you know again this this is this what we've been say in all of you know is this week talking about talking about guns you know. When when seconds count police are minutes away I mean that's that that's that's the lesson here you know I mean these these crops this was the school was. Was this was sort of way. From form everywhere else and by the by the time the police arrived it's not their fault but most of the damage had been done and it's you know it's just you know. Sometimes you think too that maybe maybe. Maybe somebody. Should maybe there should be you know they have these that the pay extra money if somebody -- a -- a master's degree year Ph.D. He may be they ought to pay maybe they -- -- true if one or two teachers as Leah. Has has a concealed weapons permit you know. Mean that again if somebody you know that the the idea of a cop being there -- -- crop might. You know the person repeated and did any scouting -- check out -- and find a way to neutralize -- -- bank. If the if they thought it through this guy I don't know how much suspect ought to throw but he obviously follow through to a degree kill this father and apparently killed this bothering New Jersey in the drove up. 95 or whatever to get through to get to Connecticut and killed his mother and and all these other. People that you know had nothing to do -- his own personal. Demons. Please know. Please no Obama I you know we ought to just put -- on just for couple minutes -- won't be it -- people it will be wrong. 18774694322187746. Wins it was an avowed atheist when or human. Went -- the gun control not start making a political agenda on this horrible tragedy will rush -- the estimates sixty -- rush was saying that somebody that does somebody on MSNBC was saying well you know the bright side of this or not the bright side but perhaps this world this world and enabled law. Beat the forces of gun control to have moron hmm Mora on. Its way he handled the various legislatures of. -- I really hope to god that nobody makes political ahead of it a sick believe this is sick -- -- they're gonna find a way to wreak Havoc no matter what you do you can't blame one side to the other for something like this. Well we'll see if that were won't Woolsey one side when there's one side that has a has a history of blaming the other side in matters like this even if they have the just cloud may get -- so will will see our how it develops today his FaceBook Lance as FaceBook page was taken down just about time we went on the air so. I assume plenty of people authority. But -- can't block every door that's that's my that's my general feeling I. You know they. It was only so much you can though. You know that's 207 H concealed weapons aren't allowed at school maybe that should be changed so. You know. I don't 1877469432218774694322. 978 in the shooter no it's that that that -- at that schools are gun free zone he wasn't supposed to have a gun there. 18774694322. With gun free restrictions when there's no one willing to carry stationed -- -- there. For sure average CCW -- holders -- better user than your average pop. Well viable but that but -- just be nice to have somebody in the building -- had a -- right. 18774694322. Seven they wanna know what will be hearing during halftime of the Sunday Night Football game. No I think he's I don't think penalty -- is gonna make any more problems. Okay here's -- -- -- -- was just -- this afternoon I spoke for the governor Malloy and FBI director -- I offered the governor Malloy my condolences. On behalf of the nation and made it clear he will have. Every single resource that he needs to investigate this heinous crime. Care for the victims. Counsel. Their families. We -- -- to many of these tragedies in the past few years. And each time Meyer learned the news. -- react. Not as a president but as anybody else scored. As of terror. And that was especially true today. I know there's not apparent in America. Who doesn't feel the same overwhelming grief that I do. The majority of those who died today were children. Beautiful kids between the ages of five and ten years -- They have their entire lives ahead of them. Birthdays. And graduation us. -- Kids of their -- Among the following were also teachers. Men and women who devoted their lives to helping our children. Fulfill their dreams. So our hearts are broken today. For the parents. And grandparents and sisters and Brothers these little children. And for the families of the adults who lost. Our hearts are broken for the parents of the survivors as well. For as blessed as they -- to have their children home tonight. They noted. Their children's innocence has been. Torn away from the tour and there are no words to won't ease their pain. As a country we have been through this too many times. Whether it's an elementary school in new human error. A shopping mall in Oregon. Or temple and Wisconsin. For a movie theater in the war or a street corner in Chicago these neighborhoods are our neighborhood rewards. And these children are children. We're gonna have to come together and take meaningful action. To prevent more tragedies like this regardless of the politics. This evening Michelle Obama will do what I know every parent in America. Boulder which is a virtual little tighter. And we'll tell them that we love them. And remind each other how deeply we love one another. But there are families in Connecticut who cannot do that tonight. And they need all of us right now. In our days to come -- community needs us to be at our best as Americans. And I will do everything in my power as president to help. Because -- nothing can fill the space. Of a lost child or loved one. All of us can extend a hand to those in need. To remind them that we are there for them. There we are praying for them. That's -- they felt for those they lost indoors not just in their memories but also. In hours. May god bless the memory of the victims. And in the words of scripture. Field -- broken hearted. And by -- once. Okay that's all he did that's Ali said. It's over 18 so it was a -- 46943220. No we didn't he didn't try to make any cheap political -- out. 187746943220. OK Kim you're next with how we cargo ahead camp. -- Keep in regards Carter park -- school and all of our school systems. -- police officer in our school. And I think that the presence even these two schools. Not know the middle school and scored. They have -- -- police officer. In the armed. -- it is quite I'm not sure what. What could happen or what what could do. But out of a police officer when someone armed with four runs in both I mean. It's just that heinous heinous thing that happened you know. -- tired to talk about I don't know and Darden. And things like I don't know how much difference enemy. Yeah I don't know why that's why I voted that's why vote no on the pole but you know it's not gonna do when he I doubt I'd rather have I'd rather have a teacher to you know. You know just forget this -- -- about this these gun free zones because -- you know somehow while Ryan Atlanta didn't get the word that this was a gun free zone you know merit rather of had somebody in the -- way you know watch a teacher. You know male or female with a permit to carry and I you know she gets here she gets paid next -- 500 bucks a year you know for taken you know taken a few lessons out of the range like cops no cops have to do that they have been a bit -- occasionally a -- practiced right. Mean let let the you know make sure there's one teacher per school that that that gets the that that gets on assignment. And -- Eight years old stairs and no I mean art department so. It's here -- bank what's gonna happen in the future gun control and things like this happen. -- It's terrible. And. Thanks for that basically call Kim won 8774694322187746943. 22 the -- -- to MSNBC people semi MSNBC. Andrea metro has already been talking about that gun control and the need for these laws etc. etc. all the time. All right. That city. Bill your next with how we cargo. All the -- there OK colonel hunt here OK colonel hunt thanks for being -- -- how -- car show I appreciate it. -- good you're right you're right though we talked about an hour ago you said the death tolls would keep going up but it does. I -- And I think we start this morning. This killing and -- connected. Depending on that hi Mike is started early at 530 what he got a dad being a big secrets killer's father right. In Hoboken. In the mother allegedly this is all gonna change. A lot of it because brand new commodities teaching a class. And respond watching kills her and most of the eighteen to twenty kids who were killed class. Currently out some adult site. Principal psychologists and others to get anywhere between 730 debt right now the reason we don't know it's possible. Yet. Every police say if you don't make it there from the ATF FBI rightly state police bright government -- presence opposite. And it's all happening now it's -- it's started. This killings start all of our partners warning anyone father was killed. And -- at school probably about 930. My company got a lot of work against all the country since it's very difficult. -- -- There's some schools like remains probably have to police officer. Stationed during the school -- I was but that's very expensive. Right there where it would that was our products our poll question today did that the wall schools bedeviled -- have a armed police officer. Ali yeah but who could they can afford. Right but it is very expense didn't column buying heavily armed security guard yeah there that I didn't do any good either Dennis. Right and and Virginia Tech had armed campus police yeah you know obviously random acts of violence. By Mahan who kills his mother an actual and it will execute -- five to nine years old who prepared for the which is great but yeah the -- -- what you try to do is encourage found -- attacked a police officer of the school. And you have some kind of drills. You know what -- accurate. But the -- like 2000 people we are pretty New York City. -- we have drills when we were kids -- you know was at the Russians you know unleashed a nuclear weapons right I mean and -- the you don't have to address. Yeah I get under the US it was ridiculous. And that's what it is like part of arms saying you know it's one thing I thought -- do what this comes open. Get it couldn't. Worked for actually -- this crisis after the accident -- wind up -- helps schools well municipalities. We're dealing with this kind of -- the problem again. Some small town like new. And Connecticut is a patent problems while police department. Putting an officer in each school right -- and although that's that's a great idea competitively. It's it's avert. And I want schools can afford it. There's this one would still -- and if it will be. You know a few days before we probably get the numbers right because of people -- hospitals. And being treated for gunshot sounds like the guy. 32 handguns and a two to three he was dressed in some military -- -- -- at school I bet on this property report get insecure themselves the the extra stop what you're doing these things go out and all the swat teams in the world show up on the small -- there's always two. Well immediately stop using all the gear. You know FBI the FDDA. Stay local but they're also operates its use it globally to. It's a very quick very violent horrible things and the aftermath and if you record you've got your kids driving geragos brought into the school. Oh I know why they said that you know the -- you're waving it that there were born to parents. Outside the school and they're just waiting for their kids. To come out now only only thing is this isn't like you know where's my damn kid how come he can't finish up that -- you know this is like is Mike kettle life. You know is my kid gonna come out alive is my kid not gonna come out at all. And you -- eighteen to twenty that it. Apparently I just. The problem. The problem look at it and I hope to god that doesn't get political. That he kept it starts people tell you about the that this is -- peace talks somebody great. Somebody office met in the execute his father looks like and security executives rather in the classroom. But you don't you -- colonel we're talking about this you know this -- this goes back a long way I mean you'll remember Charlie Whitman you know when we were kids I mean he would this was the -- this with a guy in Texas. Who were killed his wife trinity University of Texas Austin he kills his wife Andrea and his mother that's from XP pick this guy. And then after doing that he goes up into the two into the tower on the University of Texas campus. And start picking people -- wiping at Charles Whitman 1966. I mean this it. You know this. You can't stop that people like Charles Whitman are now Brian Williams that they wanna kill people I mean you don't look at that that guy in China went crazy a few weeks ago. He got a knife right -- don't like when he went -- kids and and then there was the guy admission -- that the but the most terrible bombing a ball the most terrible. -- killing of an at a school in in the US I believe was in Michigan back in 27 -- and that was bought. Right. -- -- a recent history is. Virginia Tech equipment but the opposite against yeah. This is the second -- -- -- -- -- 2000 people here at school. Grades K through war. Great partner you'll -- -- live these can't ignore race and again. Not only pretty much where it. Spent the money you make all of our schools prisons you know -- spot where. You can put armed officer each school but patents and small that problem. But well. Secure yeah. And you know how is -- given that you know how stacked them any difference anyway you know it's if somebody isn't really accurate -- -- the only things a couple of -- we don't -- schools are we can't. Using walkers. And like it can't they can't school allow -- because of the because -- security concerns popular now now we know outback that's OK now we know. -- second now we know this second person is. Colonel it's the younger brother of Brian lands. He's being held for questioning as a possible second shooter. The law enforcement official says the boy's mother is being Nancy Orleans -- worked at the school was a teacher. Brian -- girlfriend and another friend are missing in New Jersey. So he may have he may have killed not just his father but several people in New Jersey. Before he drove up to Connecticut. Why. These things. It's gonna be -- anymore what activists and what it anymore computer more about what numbers. And general -- and try to explain equation is that people. Who execute. It. And there -- went up and preventing it. Almost impossible. Almost made it much less a -- -- somebody in the school at -- after the -- -- would go to the cop. All the corrupt ones -- it never happens -- it's just gotten. Right -- you know they always say why -- the people -- him at Virginia attack I'd jump jump the guy when he was in the classroom -- mowing them down -- in this case that was not an option because these kids that are obviously you know they're they're they're just. If they're five years all they can't they can't do anything about some grown man. You have the argument what -- it did it people were armed and a clash if if students were allowed to have weapons in the clutch. That they -- it -- all that it's often that doesn't work then like like this course I don't think the answer is more weapons. I'm not blaming people -- at all that the patriots are not what weapons because. Look at the agency can. Or kill it. Up one of that what about a they have like a law law where were you you don't like up they'd be TSA to this once wants pilots to be encourages pilots to be arm bright. So what what if you know I know this would go against -- year. Yeah aren't exactly LA and again like -- I said earlier before he got on -- -- they paid they -- people teachers extra for getting an advanced degree. Want to pay teachers a little extra -- for having a a a high and mighty eighth haven't MI out -- -- EU leaders that they college and how are you based -- handles fonts and -- his -- could -- they're -- her looks and so -- yet. Now and I don't think you can get that at I'm not sure. What brush up. Arming teachers. Everybody has to have a -- I'm guessing that you give big give them a choice to have the god I -- -- to pay him a little extra have a gun. And then you know what day it just like optional every -- every FBI agent you know every every FBI agent error ride the it DEA agent has to go to arrange every couple months right. Best way and it's. I don't know I. I don't I don't know the teacher's union -- it's certainly what got into all the classes. But -- -- worked on this yeah we tried that and it would try. The complications are severe. That that because -- -- because of insurance. That the unions because of -- won't happen here kind of mentality. I think and I think. Again. While I don't see it I associate while. Five great with -- -- tells -- says you don't you don't know too many teachers do ya now. Like I don't -- I'd get my point I don't think I think it's what while discussing implementation. Haven't happened. And we. I can do is I can receive reinsurance it. What would happen if you armed teachers the and again tonight and what her problem. The problem with this. It is very very good explanation. To two column by court suggests. To this historic range as we're hearing there's more people involved. And debt. But we still haven't wrapped up going to -- hearts of people by -- you'll have to excuse then bothering. Me then you. So I'll reaction to it security watch. We got -- we get it stepped back in. Look at it and say OK what can realistically can we get. And realistically. Municipality. It's probably putting somebody in the class in school but then again -- -- Yeah they they did this happen in in Scotland -- and they recently but 34 years ago I was closer to ten years ago where run well -- but it was I mean it was it was involved little kids being killed. That was the worst situation a little kids being killed ever. -- -- -- We brought exercises in school it was called upon but if you call it masters but it your main. I think it got debacles or. Mean it that we get your reaction time the real time reaction times in the police departments. Obvious you don't -- that they're really good but also it's not like 3540 minutes realistically and at all. Didn't mean much hostage situation you have somebody walks in -- It's oh yeah it's almost impossible random act of violence. Is very very difficult. -- Yeah. I know people are saying hey how about if they won't use guns and there's insurance problems with guns how about the pepper spray appraisers. -- look I can report what they want gap in the classroom I don't know. I. I I. Do we know we would do would consider anything that would prevent. That contrast they're not getting any regret being listened to any possibility. I just from all. For all of that -- -- working on this. It's been it's very difficult when you get down to what is okay. Looks like it's gonna economically obsolete schools. Without that fifteen yeah -- -- -- five schools that. You you're in trouble. It is attacks -- problem with the reality problem. Insurance problems that we can unit's got to roll that got him in the they've got to have a larger factor or operative in Portland. Some bought the schools do what you can do so. He is somebody just to -- attacks colonel saying that in Boston the Boston school police are allowed to carry guns. It's probably the you're not a lot unity so you -- want why. You're typically Tareq Ali. That it made National Guard soldiers after an eleven in the airport. OK we got -- don't play. I saw I saw IA I absolutely sure were armed and Orlando will take a little bit a -- Malloy the governor of Connecticut -- offered them. They're assistants remember all of the victims. In their prayers. You walk a mile via video. We will do our. Best to keep you as informed. As we can. After I'm done speaking. Representative of the state police will speak to you and I give you some additional. Information. Earlier today you a number of our citizens -- Beautiful children. Have their life taken away from. -- as well as adults. Whose responsibility it was education and supervise those children. These perpetrators of the crime is bad lie as as an individual. Who. The perpetrators who live to how would that I'm gonna turn it over to Paul Vance rules answer. -- you some additional information. And then later in the day perhaps we'll speak again. Again I think on behalf of the people the state of Connecticut. We extend our condolences as I have at the firehouse. Two. The parents of these. These children as well as adults that are there. I want to thank the president. Which -- Albright who -- -- break and we'll come back -- -- level that will monitor this and tell you what the state police what the state police say if they've got any new information not -- you wanna stay with us. I got up okay after the break -- our car. 18774694322. Were talking about the terrible -- shooting today in the new town. Connecticut. And 27. To 29 are dead. We just listened to the during the during the commercial break we listened to the media press conference by Connecticut state police there's very little that the imparted that you didn't already know. Except maybe that. Eighteen of the kids were dead in the school were pronounced dead in the school's six all the six adults were pronounced dead in the school to the kids were taken -- hospital. And where they were pronounced dead. And there is this such sect the -- -- secondary crime scene I guess that's where the father must be dead and again the girlfriend is missing and -- nothing nothing was said about the the second personal stake -- out who -- news reports from housing is the younger brother Bob Ryan Williams. They're gonna have start having you know press conference in our. So why are they now they have -- now the satellite shop on on fox of -- of the shooters house in the -- open. It's just you know it's just kind of -- Semi -- five yup applied area. In Hoboken. 18774694322. Witnesses kernel colonel hunt. -- -- I mean you know we're gonna talk about -- they obviously. And by the way police -- faxes off until Monday -- for obvious reasons. It will do it a month will -- Monday sometime during the show. But you don't think when you come right down to it there's very little you can do miss two to prevent something like this -- there. Their colonel. Ya did this -- little you can do to prevent something like this is there. I get this to take it all we know. Security and local and yeah it's somebody dead. Yeah get to crime scene in Connecticut without etiquette school and I haven't walling which we don't get Brothers stepped -- -- we got a girlfriend. Twenty kids. What the principal and teachers now I think it's the answer is random acts of violence just that kind of with Kelly. -- -- It's very difficult and it's dirty work -- Even to get this scenario. Under which trading. Keep it can never that kind of walks you do these icicles. But when you start talking about this -- level that it since the great difficulty out compensation. Yeah I know -- B ports are are are texting and you know there was -- that their school has security cops in the schools -- Two in the high school one in the middle school but most places that most places are gonna have that let's take a caller to hear -- Mike -- next with how we card colonel David Hunt go ahead Mike. An hour long time thanks a -- and on my part of the I -- probably not only be answered that a professional -- have a just by coincidence I renewed my ID. License today upon an art sure yeah I got a got a player that I believe that we have no better police. To react. Than we do and land and other communities like the colonel says she just can't prepare for these lunatics. At all and I I don't know if you've probably heard about all of it was seen the all -- your listeners. But that Bank of America. Are in Los Angeles yeah. No I don't have. I saw that live -- they don't they don't show that on fox or any other. Other networks now but yeah I did see it it was like it was like that that didn't -- at the -- -- movie I forget all the heat it was. Well -- it's called opposite downed shots fired on shots fired off to Dominic LeBlanc like four or five minutes against them. All I know I know they they have they have more those guys those bank robbers in LA colonel your member and it was on it was -- broadcasted live on TV when it happened. They had they have more weaponry than the cops dead. Wanted to that would happen but not anymore but yes and elsewhere. Armor piercing rounds. I'd -- armor weapons of and the body armor. That they wore the shooters pretty bad they are they have got -- yeah. And it was absolutely knows what they don't chilling war it's probably. And -- innocents were killed. And in LA the LA violated at least partly it's what teams India which swat team in the country. Yet thought about it or what but. We talked about. School. Eight through 450. It was which has some of the -- teacher watching kills. There is moderate and the kids into the roadster. Heidi. That thought process even from the securities and what. I know -- on an active it is unimaginable easier it -- to. I know -- thanks for being with us this hour we really appreciate it they -- thank you okay we will keep talking about this obviously now we are.