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Costas Intransigence On Guns

Dec 6, 2012|

Bob Costas appeared last night on “The O’Reilly Factor,” on Fox News where he reiterated that domestic violence, football, the gun culture and possible substance abuse could have been factors in the Jovan Belcher tragedy in which Belcher murdered his girlfriend then commited suicide. He refused to back off of his statement last Sunday that gun availability was an instrumental factor in the deaths. Howie asked is Costas right or just an anti-gun nut.

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Anyway just wanted to play the end here of of about. Cost us an O'Reilly last night vision as you know war Kostis. Cost just made a fool out of himself on Sunday night does saying that basically says that. If their bin if there weren't if there was not a Second Amendment that's where it boiled down to piquant and I've only want but that's what that's what boiled down to if there were no handguns are no guns at all. This Kansas City Chiefs. Who was murdered his girlfriend and -- committed suicide that they would be a lot and that's that's just not on cents. And even if it even if were true even if it were true I mean the guns guns to more. Protect people in this society than than than they do harm them. As we see from these differing crime rates. In the municipalities. And states where they have stringent gun controls opposed to the states where they have -- where they allow concealed weapons to beat Jerry. But anyway. Kostis is on AM is on an apology to war. Are through the networks last -- -- end up on the O'Reilly Factor with Bill O'Reilly and Hannity and O'Reilly -- at about what they would've done and it buy it if you had been. At the Batman movie with the Riley last summer win the the Joker came in with the with that with the automatic weapons and started shooting at people and killing them. You and iron at theater. Okay in Colorado yeah we'll watch -- of that and -- doubts -- not comes in through the back door you know it is guns when he opens his body on its body -- whatever associate you as far. So you know higher look at now anywhere on the can borrow hundreds of rounds right and we're saying -- Scioscia I really don't wanna get killed here and and you see in other people go down. Answer my question now it's very simple as -- a simple man would you rather have. The choice of ducking down on the floor. Or having a handgun on you. To pull out and defend yourself against the -- the hypothetical that you present thank you presupposes. That. In most cases someone dressed like the Joker is not gonna show up with a -- course and most intimidating and taxes and obviously many -- people are right and Colorado happens -- right to -- state right but you know many armed people stop. -- -- You sort of ask him he's he's he's Ackerman to porpoises release skillful interview this is Vicki. This is our -- keeps his conservative chops you know people say you know always turn liberally on squishy. But this that this is a really good he's this is a really good interview -- back him -- quarter recent he's asking him. Would you. Prefer. To come up with the equalizer. Shooting. Or would you prefer to get on the -- if you haven't gotten. This just -- sealed the well so. I would suggest. That if that was the case yes it's far more likely than somebody playing dirty Harry and taking this guy down. That over the course of time there'd be a dispute about somebody stepping Richard -- in the -- evading my question eagle and and that this you would escalate because somebody has a gun you're dating my question. Bob Costas and O'Reilly are in the theater yeah do you wanna hit the floor and hope you don't get shot. Or do you wanna -- -- gone on you that you could protect yourself I don't know I don't wanna have economy now in and that's and that's and I look at that situation. In the dark in -- fusion. I think it was it's highly more likely that there would be additional carnage -- to be flying wildly all over that again here into the theoretical now. Yeah do you know not -- you don't want ago and I want one I find okay. I wanna be able to protect myself against that balloon. With the gone rather than being on the floor and not all rot in Colorado you would have been allowed to slow again. If but even that even if you were in the body armor this guy don't -- think that if somebody comes up and starts -- away Adam he's honest he's gonna think twice. He could get someone fires a gun at you you're gonna that you were going to take invasive measures -- much is gonna stand there and it -- keep firing away even if you have -- automatic weapon the other guy only has a handgun. I don't think I think yeah ID Cuba at least. I think he was at least owe it to yourself and everybody else at the at the theater to try to it to try to take the guy. You're you're taking you're taking me in a direction of a debate that idea -- -- -- senator and premise I didn't set the premise you said the -- would be under the gun culture and that you objected to this kind of thinking. Have this kind of thinking and millions of people have it. I wanna be able to protect ourselves against that guy. We just had an honest gentleman's disagreement here that's all you don't want to you don't why I do want what -- Spoke about in quoting Jason whitlock was a mentality. There is a gun culture in this country let's get to that Tony Tony don't know highly respect Fisher figure. Said that when he coached the colts some eighty players before the -- the roster down show up in training camp when he asked them how many do you own guns. About sixty of the eighty why is there any guns right now is that they may feel that they need for people what do you know I like to have on the I don't know if they may they may feel it's a terrible -- out of Corel -- I'm tall. There's. There's there's a -- second I don't watch extension -- dirty Harry yes this is also an aspect of the macho man and I have a house that's influenced by some of what we see in the inner cities or some well maybe glamorized. In in gangsta rap videos whatever it may be. There is that it plays itself out in different -- or is it to him what was -- -- I would suggest to you that even if one has the right to have begun. You got this many guns out there far more often. Bad things happen bullying unintentional thing ball then things where the presence of a gun. Diminishes or of its but I wanna get into the gun cultures. So it's cool. In the NFL in the NBA -- is it. For some athletes to carry guns would you say that's true all I can tell -- since I made these comments I have heard from players past and present from coaches from executives. In the NFL right saying they are they have long been a long been concerned. By the number of players who cavalierly believe that you have to have a dot com -- -- -- in text messages. Between Javon Belcher and a friend he's complaining that December release may have had a boyfriend and he may have had a girlfriend on the side whatever -- we haven't sorted this out yet. But he's complaining about it. And his buddy says you better get yourself in a gun. And he says I have eight of them now. The ability to go to jail haven't -- samurai sword you better get a lead pipe like professor -- in the conservatory. He said get a gun I am not the least bit afraid to talk about the gun culture to talk about domestic violence about was self evident that this was a domestic violence case self evident. To talk about the effects that me the ball in the culture of football have most domestic violence like it not gonna go on war and screwed again will -- places where there's more time to do it. In retrospect I'd I don't back up on anything I said but I think it might have been more effective if I said look. If we're looking for perspective on this but gonna have to have a serious discussion within sports an ongoing this stuff. Not five minutes of all of full tears about it but a serious discussion about domestic violence about the culture of the game itself how to -- this. Cost us know that these football players that he allegedly talked to were being honest with them. You know. I think the guys who were being honest with the guys who talked to the for the Kansas City Star the chiefs and said hey did these guns are illegal YE that you haven't for protection or you have them for sport. We have let this thing called the Second Amendment. You know I hate it. And if he he is just he's just a real weasel here very -- he made he made it worse. 18774694322. How we how many guns do you think are owned by civilians in the US this is a real number. No not a true not a billion not a billion currency Campion billion -- and there are more deaths by car crash them like guns yes exactly. Do we as much or -- -- to -- optical back a bit about it we're back to the they were expected jump on back down on the floor okay it was like some calls on this. 18774694322187746943. 22. He Cecil was 603 says he sounds like Stanley Michael Dukakis Michael Stanley to caucusing answering Bernard Charles question about rape the rape of kitty. -- he does that make 18774694322. I agree with mr. -- no one should own a -- except me and -- -- bodyguards. Yeah -- how many how many people with guns stand but stood stood between him. And and ended the that. The may the stance in Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday night how many how many guys with guns -- to a had to go through to get the Bob cost us up there in the press box. Quite if you think met. You're next with how we cargo ahead Mac. Always these guys and their ilk make me crazy. You know I I think you're done just about every argument he had for not haven't gotten in -- he's -- he's a these are wimps doing -- -- -- on the floor await this got to come over and given to an. You know that's just plain stupid. It -- person while. Even the guys that body armor on. He hit the guy a couple of times it's gonna slow down and make him think and and he needs if multiple people or Adam he's not going to be held bunch. -- anyway so what did knock him down anyway I mean it might not go through too hard to wise it was body in Pierce's scanned but it would still knock him down right. It probably depends on what Calgary into a shotgun and our rightful it definitely you know would definitely knocked on. And gotten might not. At a 45 or maybe forty years or even at 357. You know he. You don't get negative attention. You know we talked about. You know everybody in the -- and he talks about people. Just get in arguments wait in line you know for popcorn or something like gotten injured in that doesn't happen. Look at this stage where the they have real liberal right to carry laws. Remind you don't need any any -- at all in Vermont to -- can look. Look at what about the -- used the long ball last week to kill his father. You know what about the people that the data on my -- -- ID five a few years ago he got in a road rage incident he used a cross bow. What do the people you know you get -- GM what site to get jammed -- -- somebody was some road rage and you get out of your car and that's the guy the guy that you're mad at just as forced the card -- you what the car. How many people get killed with cars. Thanks for the call -- Be the sixth caller and it's 6179311680. Annual Wimbledon Libby main themed gift basket with more than fifty dollars of handmade confections. Plus qualified for a chance to win always Cadillac -- the -- in restaurants August on December 20. For more details go to W war -- dot com slash holiday so be the six cholera and right now it's 6179311680. 1877469432218774694322. A head shot when all was well head shots and become. A under any circumstances especially. In a crowded theater with a -- And darkened theater. I think you just wanna try to get his attention try to get. -- mean don't shoot don't jewel with not only to yourself but to the other people if you haven't gotten and the sky is is is. Methodically slaughtering your run your fellow moviegoers don't don't you have some kind of responsibility not -- not to just follow Obama before you could do something about it. Dana Euronext with Howie Carr going -- Dana. I can -- -- -- -- -- just so much under a little bit about the body armor I carry -- thirty I get a bit about the -- get a permit. I carry my 38 everywhere it would be even as a sign on the door so as all the -- signed with the needles last. I -- rated I want -- I was the IRS office. And that's the big sign right in his body got on the inside secured my -- right -- with no -- Now my turn if I ensure right by the -- and -- I -- my arrow struck back. And ready -- body armor on it yet body armor on I've done all the point bullets that will be like someone coming up -- -- knew how to cook right now -- chat. So it would knock him down. And some could council. You know and I'll make sure -- -- people talk to this really upsets me these liberal wanna take our right away to protect ourselves. To bit for bit stupid. -- I know in these guys all have bodyguards. Or in the in the case of a lot of them they have personal permits. You know they are going on TV and talking about all these Yahoo!'s down south like the people want -- dynasty that have guns. But they have a permit and -- in some of many of them have their own armed bodyguard. It's. The next month and a 1877469432218. Cents. 86 on the moon that carry -- it once in twenty years -- that -- we're better off its. Gun laws don't apply to people who get them illegally exactly. The only -- decent bit the more stringent gun laws would be the it's just a an inconvenience. And a hard chip for the people who'll be able all of us. Not for the people who or who. Dress up as the Joker and come in and showed up at the other. James your next with how we -- gore had James. Hourly -- my opinion. -- -- Questions. Is that if I I would not want and god that we -- guy added ARC. -- change I think if you are you know wouldn't travel light shall we personally you out. If you popped up a couple of -- You may get knocked around easier to focus all the new and -- -- the last few years -- Arctic DJ am. I say you know. Fifty plot slides. I guess that agenda that you shot really out that it you know if -- planning gone through better. And you -- a 38 or whatever you would be chose not like that but I do believe people should be allowed to carry concealed weapons. But it should be much more conditional. Belcher. Eat more -- and I don't. You're gonna last to at least going to like you know it. Get his attention. I mean if somebody's firing a gun at you I think you're gonna I don't think you're gonna just stand there and keep shooting people you're gonna try to at least he's gonna try to take cover. More people have a chance to get away more people have a chance to -- -- to jump him I mean I I don't I think it would've been a good thing if somebody come up with the equalizer on them. Well I attic and you know I probably wouldn't pull it out here are not really only this situation I was exceptional. You know every situation but I think you got I think if you look at Donald that particular situation would not. And last week on -- like he'd do I think that guy this. Full body armor. All and all highly intelligent I think you'd lose but I don't I do believe in the right -- -- Karrie -- -- a -- he don't wasn't as strong -- questions like. I don't know why she doubted I would like I'm not about. Anyway Ali thanks very much. Thanks to a call 18774694322. Bob Costas is next job AutoZone -- -- Yeah you whenever any problems at the AutoZone -- Good I could finish up this career and get a gold watch at the AutoZone. 1877. Cause and that's where the guy was fired for coming and going up which track and getting a god and scaring off this serial robber. The fake the fake beard and -- down in the Tidewater Virginia. 1877469432201. Mates. Or -- -- only get tested. We get tested military man would would take fire and not run away. You know I agree I that's that's what that this clown in the theater work at the -- if you were met with gunfire. Who was lefty journalist in Washington DC that shot trespassed you can shoot him he just he waved his gun around which we think it was Carl Rowan. He was a he was our own Carl Roland he always had idea he always wrote anti -- call -- His son's done -- son who was by the way law enforcement wants well on to his son. What was in his hands it was and suddenly this idea and it was his -- gun because guess what they -- even if they were using his pool. They always say people get shot for over nothing what was -- -- there they're swimming at his quality comes out with a gun. I thought that's when he wrote about that that's what he -- want people using guns did to want to threaten people or shoot people for for basically doing nothing. And yet. Once Seifert the splashing what was the first thing he did he ran for the gun. Rich Euronext with how we cargo ahead ranch. How are you get a sponsor on the show and they say it's better to have it not needed needed cap and I think that sums it up quite. Right will be your only other one you know develop other saying I'd rather be tried by twelve than carried by six. Right everyone says well you might not my doctor this. But you know what it should stand a chance. -- plot to set she's gonna IR NC I think our process gonna hide behind its security says. He's. You know they're only. And wanting it online journalist that wrote the original teaching wouldn't come -- LT float of the you know that's an excellent point yes and that I got some more traction not when he wrote that the NRA which. Okay yeah that that would -- which is much more outrageous than what Kostis. The NRA which 498 changed at one to protecting the rights of free black slaves that was -- original. And you don't child and -- and -- Why would those guys counsel when it was politically on her. And put it it's all reputation. Out of Greg Currier the chart to protect them so and they say that the NRA -- so what can help people that's that's not true -- they were good organization. Thanks for the call at 1877469432218774694322. Better to die defending yourself and lie down and give your life up for -- 18774694322. How well you're right I've been shot at before your first instinct -- -- take cover runaway. You know. I have I've never been shot at but I've seen eight the lawyer I've seen. Things like thanks sought my fight once in -- on two guys spill out of the bar mean -- my stick around to watch that I don't think so. Moving fast to the other side of the street you know -- -- is if you're just sitting in your firing -- everybody in a theater you -- -- in its somebody shoots once that you you've got to assume that there's more than one guy that's got a gun and so I think -- -- -- would think you would want Emeka. Make tracks out of the area. On your next what Howie -- gore had gone. One. In Colorado shootings. -- almost was immediately threw his gun down and gave up to a police when he was confronted with weapons. So the idea that this weapons kind of stopped something. Is not in the -- -- this just experience the other thing these guys drive me crazy these costs is -- They're afraid of BB guns they don't understand guns guns of these magical things. And then not it's if it's for the police -- the tool of the trade. And they get the people go through years and any show up and never quiet examining. Every state I know has to have a training program. For the permit to carry. In this program there are sure things that you get taught itself one of the first things is. The minute you fire that guy and you're gonna be sued -- the first sitting in the back in mind and fortunately. That is why so many cops have throw downs as well they should I like that I don't throw down. -- -- -- -- Put death but the fact is they even with the police -- it in the back of their mind is the -- -- ramifications of pulling that god help him. From people calling up and saying the -- -- government ought to go whatever code is it is that process. -- you know -- just sitting there with his Rambo this syndrome I wanna shoot somebody. It's a process of almighty god. Definitely wins because it was something like that happens it's quick. Did the confusion back to what people don't know what's going on so the minute that god to everybody at a disadvantage except for the bad guys -- the bad guys doesn't care. You have to evaluate the situation would have like what's going on this loud noises by a -- -- this -- Sure kid pulling it but what is and that's what was going on that -- by the way of. Here's here's a new war and here's a new work cliche but I like it is well what win win when seconds count police are minutes away. It's true is an -- -- which. That the people don't understand that they really had this been disproportionate. Idea of what a -- can do. That you just take him out on what we've been here FBI it's been around. I know I know the kid had people in this hero because -- that is exactly what you you don't pull a -- out. Polish you have intent to use you know threatened -- if you don't have the will follow it up believe that got along because you will get her. Yup thanks for the called on 18774694322. On -- -- car. 1877469432218774694322. Our attorney won't moon bats out there to call in the show and argue for gun control we would like to hear their twisted rationale. Wasn't cost us enough. We gave him more than we were more -- and we use. We give a moon bats and he did he didn't make much sense that he. And the sort pointed this out to one taxpayer I here's this guy he's watching the most violent. Major routes sports that -- football. And yet he's got a problem with the guns everybody's got a problem with violence mean. I like football I would like to watch football but I'm not you know coming down on guns somewhat munching nobody should ever gone. This guy is it's it's just. Crazy -- -- and again this guy was on and he was wrong. Apparently been drinking all -- co -- at the wake of mop he was drawn to his car. He was on pills because it had a concussion he had this concussion. Why isn't there a cost when it Kostis Friday. Write a commentary about booms are about painkillers -- about concussions. I guess she didn't have Jason. Hide behind this -- and had written column about any of those. Pressing societal problems said he -- your next what -- we cargo ahead Jolie. -- -- John you're next with how we cargo had John. -- Two points one just because you wearing body -- does not make you impervious to flexible striking audio velocity. And two if you look into it the worse shooters don't need we it was cracked the unique beat out they were about -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it just hearing it over orchestra crazy since -- again bought us a signal to its effects. So that's all right thank you thanks John. 1877469432250. -- I carry a pistol because carrying a police officer is just -- -- It never heard I want before Reynolds I don't think that's original with a -- of text that -- and Al -- next with how we cargo ahead Al. And -- don't. Pay so you know first of all the the initial comments they made during the football game. Not once but he mentioned that it's. It's the football player fault you know does this. That that he murdered and killed themselves it had it begun all it's society. All right -- want me to remember another another. Dopey. Jock sniffer asked by the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs -- hunt if there with why they were wearing a patches with with Belcher is number. What I mean how what kind of knotty question is -- what he wasn't killed rescuing a kid from hurricane. You know I -- He's that we want not the big now now the poor guy girl personality and still was a bit right. Right Indiana and again he had a this is not say this not like he quit after all of a sudden I -- he had a record up in Maine Nevada. Of abuse you know girlfriend abuse and he was -- he was not a nice guy. Mean I'm sorry I'm sorry it happened I'm sorry he's dead but that's the way and its. And and also with a police record like that -- -- abuse and stuff like that. Would not preclude them to legally own a firearm it -- go to a background check. You know that's a good point -- even thought I don't think I don't nobody was ever convicted up in -- well you know I I don't the I don't think he ever had anything on his record -- -- one of these things where they filed the police report men. You know you got to behave yourself keep your nose clean for a year something like that I don't yet. That is out of football team in my -- exactly that's the only that's the way it is more one more thing how. -- they've talked about you know the chemical weapons and stop in Syria yes. Where where I -- they think -- accountable. Well crossed the border from from Iraq. Colonel says he doesn't think so but I don't know like I remember that they were talking at the time that they would they thought they were moving at they were moving that the weapons across the border into Syria I don't know I don't I don't know but you know the thing is there really take it serious very tight with Russia you know. Apparently a lot of but. A lot of our Russians are hence there's been a lot of Russian and Syrian intermarriage over the years as a lot of Russian women women down and Syria with the boy for I mean that's worked that's where if if if facade does. Abdicate and take off for South America or somewhere all of those Syrians are gonna end up in Russia you know of the -- a lot of those Alan -- Because that's where they're because they're they're married to promote from when they weren't college in -- training in it in Russia thanks for the call. 18774694322. Let's see. One of the most violent days for domestic violence is Super Bowl Sunday -- we should -- -- that's -- that's an urban -- by the way that's not true people looked into that somebody just somebody somebody of one of these women's. Women's rights organizations just made that up and sold it to a gullible media the book sold it to the Bob Costas is of the world. Seven I wanna I -- hobbled jock sniffer feels about the huge amount of athletes of the fonts over who agree with the Second Amendment. You know you said that he'd be getting these that texts and the emails from these athletes you know that agreed with them. But oddly enough he didn't mention any of their names. Baby don't you think you you think he's on the on the hot seat like this he would ask somebody immediately you know you can't just use somebody's name if they -- or private communication that's. Not morally ethical but. You think he would call up and ask a couple of them that if he could use their names decide not everybody thought it was a the you know watch David your next with how we cargo ahead David. -- I don't go hey I got a couple points to make this thing would Bob Costas this should not be. Big revelation. I remember watching the Olympics years and years ago and -- -- old Bob and some other guys. That's an unkind things. Well yeah. And humans some other guy forget what war is we're going off on what the olympians during the free pistol. Shoot yeah pistol basically just hand made. Point two empires. And it was. On the US team and they could not make fun of this kind enough. So this deal with him supporting gun control should not be a big surprise. And another point. Handguns or use. For a legitimate self defense of the United States more than two million times here. And it's very rare that the guys ever fired just the presence of a firearm after the -- Like a bit like that guy he had -- at at the AutoZone in the in Virginia right right Amir Ali did Ali had to do was come out with a gun -- the -- the bandit who robbed a lot of places so we get some experience in these situations. He just ran away. Yeah they usually -- And the third point I want to make. If you think about serious gun control proponents of Washington does that name Chuck Schumer come to mind. Well next time you have a chance at mr. Schumer why he needs to have been anywhere. Any time permit to carry concealed firearms but the entire State of New York. -- New York City. Well they -- again I've seen that list every year the New York Daily News of the New York Post it's a list that runs the runs list of all the beautiful people who have vodka and permits. It's such as chuck U Schumer David you know about Bobby dinero. So easily he's a lefty right. This is lots more Howard Stern mean not the Howard Howard Stern is more conservative he wouldn't I don't think he's hypocrite on the issue but he has a gun permit you know. A lot of people have gun permits that you would never think that dead thanks for the call Carl -- on her Carl -- Sunday at 1187746. Mind. Here's one Andrew and Atlanta how we here in Georgia I live in a town just north of Atlanta that actually requires residents to own a gun you can guess what has happened the crime rates. I don't I wouldn't think they're too many armed home invasions. -- your next with how we cargo ahead Fred. Hours. -- -- -- knowing about my dad was going past destroy one night and to hold up in progress. My dead shot now bandits who would just killed. Police officer. And then he saved the life of SF its second please -- so it would was the partner of the first one as they try as they had hit him. Seven times yes and he was down in the middle of the street. He sat with his one gun in the act shot one guy he captured one and there was three of them. And they round them all up you could look at outfit took place in the sixties. In the city of moral and and there's such crimes the -- to -- -- so who was killed was my. He had very Little League coach you're a great guy and he had that done for years and years -- depth in the depression. And never taken out of his pocket and he did that night he just acted on an in state peace no -- not sit down and he was dead and there's a lot of shots fired. And he reacted -- that's what Cuban talking about this afternoon sort of they are about. -- what was her name of the guy each it was a -- -- -- these guys socialists. Half sort wise guys types. Not all these guys are from Cambridge if you want the names I have the names but I don't know if you want the names and I. -- -- -- -- don't look I was just going to -- the -- Gibson and the the names like and I'd like to just check out the story the next time I'm in The Herald in the file just I'd like to read yeah somewhat yeah I like. To handle and giving did give us the names that's all you need I can check out read the stories from myself like to read stories like that. 18774694322. -- we car.