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Guns With A Mind Of Their Own

Dec 3, 2012|

Bob Costas went on an anti-gun rant this weekend during halftime of the Sunday Night football game while discussing the murder-suicide of Kansas City Chief Jovan Belcher. Costas went so far as to say if we had more stringent gun control both Belcher and his girlfriend would still be alive. Howie vehemently disagreed with Costas and posited if we would ban knives if that had been the weapon of choice.

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The as you know a a member of the Kansas City Chiefs went. Wind and killed his is it is girlfriend and the mother of his trial on early Saturday morning after came back from concert she was given him some grief and he just snapped. Had a gun to shot her nine times. In front of his own mother. And then then went out to why Arrowhead Stadium. Or the training facilities where they where they where the chiefs who were. About the worst team in the league this year. Trained. And than a year and in Provo Romeo for now -- copy of bench coach in Scott Pioli the GM both of whom used to work for the patriots -- he thanked them for you know. Given him a shot because he was freeagent from the University of Maine believe it or not. That's name's -- man Jo-Jo bond and -- Obama Belcher. And then he shot himself right now head right in the Brady and the parking chill bumps. So you know it's a sad story. But last night that last night the -- you knew what would happen as soon as -- as soon as as. You read the story or you suspect what was happened happened. As soon as you read the story and sure enough it did happen it happened last night during a halftime. Of the Sunday night Sunday night game. Between the the via. The Eagles and the cowboys Bob -- -- you know did a good job on. He does a good job sometimes argument that he did a good job -- -- -- he did a good job with the sixty World Series bring in those guys back keep -- good job sometimes but. It was one of those guys who should stay stay word belongs which isn't sports. But instead he has to go in there and -- and he starts ripping and the guns in the Second Amendment. Any and he says but it if if if. -- -- Belcher hadn't haven't gotten that both he and his girlfriend would be alive today now how we knows this I don't I have no -- I have no idea I don't. I don't know that I don't think judge Joseph man's mother who was mayor knows that. Mean if -- UP. He hadn't been able to shooter with a gun and get a -- that he shot or nine times. He would've not been able to he he he might have and how did OJ Simpson kill somebody. You know can -- and he's -- -- Lizzie Borden took an X right I mean there are a lot of ways to kill people the the abortion is -- people there was a woman I proceed to give me a story today about a woman who wore poisoned her husband mail me and he she Portugal poison she made him watch. Richmond between fishing and watches and put poison in the tuna fishing and orchards. But of course they have to make this -- -- you know all what's a gun that it's -- guns and gun and it. That I read this then you know this happens early Saturday morning it's it's on the news on its on its Saturn by Saturday afternoon. It's in the news Sunday papers. Now today the stories -- this -- is this player had a had a big drinking problem. He had a couple concussions. He was he was on payments. So when you so you got the -- which played a violent sport. He's he's he's drinking he's mix and what pain -- which is something you shouldn't do they tell you that everybody tells -- that. And so there their -- so there's there's other. Possibly contributing factors to his mental state would just say. And India and yet everybody has jumped to this conclusion that bit that it's the guns fall. And so now today you have some guy -- yesterday last might -- -- -- this columnist from this Kansas City Star he got the ball world. With this reflexively anti gun -- some of these liberal columnist just have. In the air in in their you'll pardon the expression arsenal all times you know whenever there's a gun shooting just beaches without another call. Like that's. And -- so he he was I guess he was happy to give to get the you know the national -- in the in the national air time. So he decided that today he ups this guy in Kansas City ups the ante. And says that the NRA is the new kkk. The how how is this possible I mean what do we know. Do we do we know if I drove on Belcher is guns were registered he had two guns at least he had that would he had the one gone. That he fired that he used killers two was girlfriend and then the other guy and he took -- a different -- to the and a to the training facility where were killed and -- -- so. But it's almost the guidance it's they always have the boy -- they never blame the -- Who who used the god state the why is it all why is it always why why isn't someone saying it was the pill it's it was the Mets you know. It was the -- you know they had a moral proxies. Winters saying it was the boats. Why are they saying it was the it was the game he was playing in -- -- I'm a bully me I'm not against I'm against totally against banning banning -- all taxis or football. I'm just saying he can't you can't single out one thing for why somebody does something. And then this and then this today this via -- the little guy in the New York Daily News. Mike Lupica is another one of these guys one of these he's a sports columnist who was moon -- sports columnist and that she knows all about the the real world so he has to come up with a call pointing guns talk but the guns fall beliefs. One hates it didn't somebody to shoot a ball and. Our own kill -- -- school five point eight thank you thank you for pointing that out yes he did he used a bow and arrow. Seven I want my guns that kill fewer people than Ted Kennedy's car. Yeah I know exactly. How many people got killed this weekend by drunk drivers -- want anyone wanna go back to prohibition about one work out how to prohibition work. Bob gray Bob Costas and Jim -- pro proof there's a direct correlation between stupid comments and bad plastic surgery. 187746943226339. About steroid rage -- we don't know about that the way. We don't we don't I mean we don't know I mean the AD the Irish -- over the weekend the these are all. Is is not not really as good as as baseball is professional based Major League Baseball has been in trying to root out the use of steroids. People people -- on steroids have been known to do this. Why why does why why are these people jumping to the conclusion that if -- if there wasn't a gun that there wouldn't have been a that there would have been a murder. 18774694322. George your -- with Howie Carr go ahead George. Yeah and I guess what I've -- early go to Mexico and of accidentally shot himself in the leg right. That's nightclub. -- He's referring to Plaxico Burress this guy does say he was a great receiver for the yeah for the Steelers is that for the giants that he. He brought -- -- and illegal gotten into a nightclub and ended up shooting himself and with the president for two years now he's back with the now he's back with the Steelers you know what they say went back to the Steelers George. Expose throwback uniforms and have the stripes on -- -- as prison day it's. Didn't that it can't that the ridiculous -- and -- in that you know. KKK so I'm sure there's you know African American that. I guess so out. African American there in the kkk because last I checked. That probably didn't happen. You don't always talked about this remember that that there was a black columnist like it never the -- was wanna say Clarence Page but I don't think it's planned it's somebody else like thing. He he he brought all these anti gun columns like this guy for the Kansas City Star Mike Lupica. And so one day these punk kids in this suburban Washington neighborhood busted into his pool. And you know they they came over the fence and they were they were around in the pool at 330 at night just what he came out of you and came out of his house with George. And all -- -- you can't hear he was against guns for everybody else but he had gotten. It and it's like these guys in New York City every year the New York papers Romania thing on who's gotten permits all these big -- -- Bobby de Niro has a -- perm that you -- Could you be left -- that Bob de Niro. Much like him as an actor but he's gotten. Why is that what happened with Ray Lewis stated it's straight city that was what -- were a couple of years ago remember. Out there at that depth around there but you know there's a lot of violence in and sports. Unfortunately it's a Saturday. Goes together but. So you know. He -- use our budget is people shop and nightclub a few years actually got off but I guess that there are illegal they were shot that -- -- -- to -- support. But since it happened unfortunately. I know I remember one primary when I was a killer I don't leave accurately guy's name anymore there was a manager baseball manager keep them on the sports they. He I get a really bad team and the and it it really got to -- the guy obviously -- it was very depressed you know how we killed himself George. He drank Harbaugh like asset. Man it's. You know what I I think we need to out walk Karbala gas -- now when I mean you know how many more must -- mr. speaker thanks for the call George 1877469. Were three to two. It's 978 how he has MSNBC reported that this guy I was in the Tea Party. That -- do you know damn well that love to know. 1877469432218774694322. How come we don't hear about all these Ashman shooters out there taking antidepressants that's from -- and me. Exactly what they call me anti depressants they seem like they're depressed how a lot of a lot of people on the go on -- Rampage like this. Steve your next with how we cargo ahead Steve. They -- thanks for the call on the bank's first. And as well I'm a lifelong and all -- our -- in law enforcement over twenty years. And well really probably the most obvious. Statistics prove that responsible registered gun owners to cry name. Hard court crime and crime. Like against people raped and murdered access -- has already lowered carriers where there's not strict gun control like Bob in New York City. Washington DCX. Factor results and basically this really breakdown like that as an alcohol issue a drug that not in the to a big gone. And I'm Bob I Israelis just that would support and yet the -- you talk about that Jason whitlock. He's. If you want the tangible result on this matter and that's a joke. And I yeah that's right that's right you know I mean it the big statistics have long proven that in areas where there's a concealed were concealed weapon key areas is out. You have less crime because you never know who your take who we are going. Right. What we have. Problems are in places like DC where they have these tight gotten gotten bands they've disarmed the law abiding citizenry but they've done nothing about the odds. Exactly the ability -- and are human subsidies the memory of the. Yes -- I don't I know it's it's it's it's just absurd I mean the people who say this it's. If they would think about it for more than like five minutes they would know that they they would know that it it's ridiculous what they're what they're saying. 18774694322187746943. 22 that's the -- for message of how we car show. Much see Henry your next with how we cargo ahead Henry. And -- -- Sparky. Just wanna say people like to blamed guns so much left wing liberals like to -- guns that. They arrest the -- -- -- that's up pressed charges against some. Not I don't think they've arrest I don't think the -- the guns remain at large or that they're probably in the police state no I don't know your -- bid there's no -- and we know committed the crime there's the investigation. I assume they'll do an investigation to see what was in his bloodstream but you know again I'm gonna guess that that's going to be there that that story will be on the back pages of the newspaper you know that he was high as a kite. You know. Thanks for the call Henry won 87746943221877. Which you can street to strangle the people watched people each and Jack the -- strangle people in the in -- wanted. You -- you can use a rope like Whitey Bulger used rope that's stress I guess that -- triangulation with a rope. The so many ways to kill people and and you know that but they have to make. Make make about that the gun the gun -- that's 18 said it's it's politically correct talk about knee jerk liberalism. 18774694322. Car. And I and I. The green and I. Well CNN has gotten into the game now. The it's not just the Ku Klux Klan. The was involved in the murder suicide of Juwan. Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend and CNN now says that it's also the fall of man loneliness. Yes -- Linas and what follows for me you guessed that homophobia. Yes. Yes Kevin Powell former democratic congressional candidate in New York cast member on MB MPB's original season of the real. World. -- Belcher was a man living in the super sized macho world of football world in which many of us an American males resides be it football or not. Be tough man up. Men do not cry these are the things I've heard my entire life or we used derogatory and sexist or. Home up. Phobic they're saying she mean cried so he killed homophobic. Words to describe men or boys who -- not meet the normal of what a -- was supposed to be. How -- this is normal. How is how was he acting -- how was he acting normally by shooting his girlfriend he was stoned out of his mind was -- He had a lot of concussions. Don't blame it on man and Venus or anybody else. Blame it on himself. 1877469432218774694322. God only knows what MSNBC is gonna blame off I do know one might -- god only knows. It's George Bush's fault. Comrade Chris is probably piping and into the teleprompter right now so we Korea rather go to site. 187. So it's George Bush's fault they weren't the rover and rove and Cheney were sending down. Mental race from Halliburton hurricane machine to drive him tax. -- you're next with how -- cargo ahead bill. The that's probably about -- says. It's economic and they both realized. Maybe it's maybe no but it she'll probably going to be she'd be. That's true it you know what that's a good point Billy -- on the -- yes she she might be alive you're right exactly. You know -- that's an excellent point. I'd say it's strictly gathered there as well ops the medical people they want a steady -- Menino. Because they want -- I'll probably get the speech impediment -- years before the stroke. All twenty -- police. One -- We who we -- We did not endorse that sentiment 1877469432218774694322. -- Scott you're next with how we cargo that's got to. -- -- -- up the great liberal date us. You know appear we we are uncomfortable about Europe liberal -- I think I understand why they blamed -- I mean if you think about it I am I'm kind of on the back side and it couldn't possibly might all. And it certainly wouldn't the -- and it. I blame the spoon. This boom yes. It it would be it would be a tool that would ultimately responsible for that. To what we you're right we need spoon control. We need a seven day waiting period before he went compliance. And what's even deadlier tablespoons. The -- machine guns. You know you can say -- say like the hunter -- gun to shoot but you don't need -- no one needs a machine gun no one need to tablespoon. Just just used that just put at tables would just put a teaspoon an option in there. And the way you shouldn't be used and sugary. But right now you -- that we -- there. -- Thanks for the call Scott 187746943229917. Says I do not live in the macho world Olivia Newton. 187746. As far as Kevin or CNN is concerned you live in the macho world just for making jokes about that. You watch Monday Night Football tonight home. You don't watch other giants vs the Redskins. Just think about that that red skins won a racist name that is to begin with. In the -- nine cents. It's where Plaxico pass to Plaxico Burress to the plate we're excited and and and into a hole. With a giant founded. The -- terrorists. Peace. Evil evil male society. Tony you're next with how we cargo ahead Tony. Are you doing today. Islamabad -- card carrying member of the kkk. And our organization proudly and haven't killed anybody and yet. What these people while in India look at every opportunity to. You know create a -- -- a cliche in the book that the intent to schedule until a short duration. Militias articulate. Let them. I know an investor in start out as raced at this to start that they hate the Second Amendment liberals hate the Second Amendment you know. They this the first they always hide behind the First Amendment when they wanna get rid of Christmas tree now. But the that you -- wondered amendment down and they it doesn't mean forget that they they say -- what it's -- it doesn't fit in our modern society. Was that great it was and what mostly is at the beach and make an excuse for the guy about headaches -- concussions killed in Albemarle. I mean I know that's that's available to me -- a major and it. A concussion that still -- was very well that Obama got reelected and it's still close but I have mentioned. You're right I mean there're there're there're a million there -- millions of drug image organics and alcohol. Addicts and and people have concussions in men and and problems with their heads do the due to physical injuries. You're right in 99.9. 99% of most people don't -- their girlfriends. All right well. -- And you know what with the Martin Bolivia don't put wanted to -- probably -- girl -- notebook and killed pops yeah I believe that's short. Sure -- of people. Now it's not -- he he emptied the gun he emptied the gun into this woman who'd given birth to as a child three months earlier. Three my and it's front of his home in -- front of his own mother. In front of the a baby's grandmother who's not gonna have to raise the kid as orphans. So you know I mean god don't let up in Macon -- van into ID into a tragic hero was turning his life for around. Arnold your next with how we cargo ahead Arnold. Yeah what do all these high profile shootings Columbine and Virginia Tech the other etc. happened because. Unarmed victims. There won't gun free zones. When you bring economy won't appoint. And that's what happens of people that -- and. Though I know that's what they've always said that about the about that column by about -- spent more about Virginia Tech than anywhere else caused this I was just walking into the classroom and mowing down everybody in the classroom if one guy -- one of those classrooms had been and I have been armed. They eat they could've had you know -- Thanks for the call Arnold. Good points. 18774694322. On our car. 8774694322207. Says how about Steve McNair. Was his death because his mistress was manly. Steve McNair was killed by his girlfriend okay. I believe she is one of those -- guns student she didn't it was a one point game about the he was see he was and he was -- around. He was pumped about I mean did anyone say that the -- handgun should be -- and after I don't seem to call out. 18774694322. 413 highway -- million model religious person but Kostis can get on his liberal soapbox I have a right to get my conservative -- I would respond to Bob I don't care this guy on the hundred pounds of they had some Christian values and may be enough morals. To actually get married and live as a family they would probably both be alive today as well. I don't know how we can blame her you know I mean she. She was just the issues of us. -- mean she's she's the ultimate victim what's on what's the make Julian -- her name is to -- into Perkins by the way I should mention that earlier. She's the victim. -- --