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Avi Nelson Show Hour 1

Dec 2, 2012|

Avi talks about tax policy and talks to callers

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Actually -- really isn't gonna make a difference here and you figure the guy at the head of the government thinking on the CEO of the government as it were. Would at some point now that the campaign is over. Get on with the business is solving problems that knowledge that he continues to push the politics of this isn't gonna solve a problem. But unfortunately. It does get votes. Vision and be one of the -- seven dead solutions. We don't seem to have more about it too much. Well more on that during the course of these. Of the program and by the way you know whenever -- puts on the on the table here even a picture of the wider variety. By all means you welcome to join in the conversation. All all wanting them with regard to the power ball found myself thinking would it be possible. To put together. A syndicate you know one of power jackpot gets really. And by all 175. Million dollar numbers. And I guess if it's two dollars per that's 350 million if you're gonna get back more on you can see where the arithmetic goes. And I don't think -- quite works for this case but there are laundries where it might. -- are always trying to beat the system and -- difference and play different subject -- you're just joining -- good afternoon. Now welcome to December -- welcome to the program I'm -- Nelson. The phone number here told for is 8774694322. The text message code is 68680. And the email address eight Nelson NW RKO. Dot com. Our guys text messaging him before he gave the other code from 617 under Obama the credit rating of the USA has been cut for the first time in history. I'll tell you something if we don't solve this fiscal cliff problem it's gonna be cut it to ten. Even -- -- too short term problem -- -- there's going to be. A downgrade of our credit rating. A slightly different subject Romney and Obama have lunch at the White House this week. And apparently you is inconsequential. As to say it was no big deal that was offered a job. But Roosevelt Franklin Roosevelt. After he defeated Wendell Wilkie in in line I guess who is closest election he offered -- a job this was course. During the storm clouds gathering. World war two and has -- I will Wilkie took it and a short suddenly there was no such -- such offer here at best my knowledge and and but I don't think Romney was looking for anything. But I found myself wondering you know Mitt Romney. Can be smarting from this election result. You wonder whether. At some point you might consider just politely refusing the lunch invitation. Would you have gone. And the reason is not I know yes or loser you're forced him to the nature of the campaign. The Obama's side was just vicious look what they accused -- She laundering jobs killing people remember that the ad that talked an implied that this worker's wife. Died of cancer because of what Romney did. You know they completely true. Trashed him on the personal level was changed to -- disagreement in policy. It was a personal attack. And quite frankly I think that's part of the problem with the last two candidacies on the Republican side they were. Bluntly to gentlemanly. McCain certainly was that was the time to bring -- Jeremiah Wright and quite honestly I think Romney should have done the same thing. He should have gone after. Obama's like ability should undercut that by pouring out this is the guy. Jeremiah Wright that is who was Obama's mentor this tells us who Obama really -- -- animated differential after our talked about much -- 3.4 percent of the change of of one point 8% would've. Shifted the election at least popular vote the other way -- probably consequences of the Electoral College but surely the popular vote. And you know Romney didn't do that they didn't attack Obama personally. There are some other people who try to but there with a with a campaign didn't. And yet the Obama campaign was vicious with regard to -- that's how they operate. When Obama was running in the senate first in the primary and then in the general election -- literally years few years back. As for the US senate Dave. Again personally attacked his -- first in the primary and then in the general -- being upset -- -- and background. Information and should not have been released to the public about the divorce etc. And area that's the way they do it where you can play that game in politics. You can't on the one hand be a nice guy. While on the other hand or your opponent is being a slash and burn type guy. Polish by way of background to what running must've been thinking. When he has an invitation for Obama ads like -- sandwich in the White House. There -- some clever. Caption just to what you would do with the with a picture of the two with a new one that I like best ways you know the Charles river park signed the -- star drive. The housing development there is a sign that says. If you lived here you'd be home now. But those -- best -- the proposed captions. That I heard anyway they did have the line shell run as a good god Romney's take the hit for all of this and -- One other thing that we should. -- let's see who's still in the lighter category. The open a little quote from from Obama. 68%. This is as of Tuesday November 27. Which is pretty recent. 68%. Prefer Merry Christmas. Who power compared to 23%. Who prefer happy holidays. And pushed brings up. The nonsense in Rhode Island over the top quality tree. -- Tell me what holidays have trees. Associated with them besides. Christmas. Starr at the list anyway. So anyway the so fuel onto have a a better bet with regard to. People you meet you better off with Merry Christmas. -- 8774694322. Is the phone number. The text message code situated six dating. And email address say Nelson wrko.com. Frank -- from 617 Frank Marshall Davis seems to be uninteresting character -- two days to get more publicity. He did get publishing to dashed -- uses film. Brian Marshall Davis who was armed initially card counting Communists and I'm not using that as a slur. He actually did have a membership in the Communist Party and do have a card. And he was teacher for Obama when Obama was young. And only to let that -- Where people grow up and one background and they sometimes can change. You know -- people grow up in conservative households become Liberal Democrats and the vice Versa. So I don't put as much stock has some people do in what Obama did or what he said. Or what he was exposed to when he was a youngster. When you're young you get. Taken in to wherever your parents want you to go to the church of your parents' choice to school -- your plan ensures the teachers of your -- George. Remember the other major take panelists and she didn't want to take the pill elections. That doesn't mean that somebody should later -- policy on musically was is. Adulthood is different. So in Jeremiah Wright is chosen by Obama to be his mentor that is a decision made by an adult. And adhered to for twenty years these are legitimate. Piece of information. That gives us a window into who Barack Obama years. -- much less. Animated than some people overall are about oh gosh we have to get his college transcripts could maybe he wrote -- thesis. That was nice to Karl Marx -- -- -- or not. But I tell you something I can think back to some of the things I did in college and I would hate to have that as. The barometer for who I am now or who -- have been for adult -- last. Few decades. -- just graduated from college just a few years ago right. 877469. 4322. OK let's go to the telephone -- sure we'll get some other subjects on the table. But so we can start with these and anything else that's on your mind Leo first ahead. Good afternoon and -- the icebreaker nice to have you with us. It's a pleasure. I had three point that I wanted to make first I think that probably -- him. Outlook. The president proper with an offer a comfortable I grew up bell brought them. And host the brunch at its house I think that would put some of the power back then. -- -- If you think there and you think Obama would have gone to Belmont. I think we're -- interest and if you happen and that two other Clifford -- I had to do with. What's going -- in the Republican Party. I'm very surprised that there is nobody in the Republican Party. Making the case. Further effort to -- more -- that. Taking all that money and -- -- things that you think -- noble does not make your charitable. And throw. That just because somebody has something that I think I don't you to take it from them can use it for a purpose you think is good. It's true. As furniture and Ed O'Neill part of the problem here as we had. We have an education problem with the electorate don't -- or me you know he gets an outlook problem maybe even the psychological problem. This people don't stop and think and reason that way. -- -- Probably with the Republican Party did. They do not promote this. Well I think you have an interesting point the -- watching the debate go on you know with the fiscal cliff. In this whole thing is turning on whether or not we should raise taxes on the top 2% and I've yet to hearing things from the president. That'll talk about he talked about the balanced approach during the campaign. Where the spending cuts and also -- portal address this deficit problem is debt problem it's gonna have to be with -- major spending cuts I have yet to hear our proposed that. But the other start to your shall I think it would be good if they. If the Republicans took out hero a television campaign and started putting this before the people and explaining to them. About the laws of economics and what makes sense otherwise the politics of Andy. As you point out are going to. Hold nod but they going to carry the day. I also would they would talk about what constitutes true charity. Jack what we don't know which you charities. It's when you send somebody else's money to some worthy Collins. Right. Thank Chad thank god you know it's funny at least at -- Right now a lot of people would say yeah that's John's right. But it is not true charity when you vote from someone else's pocket this. Those -- we kind of blizzard Democrats in the audience kind of played the we're gonna take a break to pay bills back on the other side. Hope you will join -- money Nelson. Welcome back this is Don Nelson. We're gonna do with you till 5 o'clock and -- lines between now and then so whatever you like to talk about with puts -- issues on the table. From politics to Christmas. Christmas trees not a holiday tree. 8774694322. -- the phone number text message code 68680. Email address and Nelson. At WRK. Okay and she didn't win the powerball jackpot. Have to just make good with what's going on and a lot of tax issues are coming up. In just thirty days as the taxes go up. Let's go back to the telephone lines 8774694322. Is that phone number John you're next on the program good afternoon. I have a good Pataki again. Allows a lot of those students grades four through seven. Then the drugs and alcohol came into play it is destroyed my life. I try to build a back up again right now and this is that it you know with the -- Auburn's twelve step program and -- -- like cancer overcome it. Noise element. -- you say you're doing well when you're in school. I was bottle students grades four -- five and six and seven. That sounds like it was a while ago -- out so I would go would you do if you -- right now. Would you do in between. I would act. Obama looks up until community college -- cafeteria work. And out gun bobbled the trucks heavily when I was. Couldn't tickets so carry it on to home life then. Who knows destroyed by could have let me in my heavily. Horrible. The Alitalia. This is horrible. But I don't suicide over -- -- like you know cotton -- which -- you're lucky. Yeah right I didn't know lucky. Yeah I guess up there are curiosity. We just in this state one of the 21 of the issues I wanted to do -- legend of the state voted in Massachusetts. Voted in. By a large margin to have medical marijuana. And. Charlie get. And Colorado and Washington state of Washington. Voted in that marijuana could be used recreational. You don't even need to have a medical reason for. I was gonna ask you your post. BI related side of drugs it's the gateway tour a guy who smoked pot that there that destroyed my mind didn't -- they would have. Right. Under such -- well I was actually noticed John you got to those drugs. Even though they were illegal so what do I what difference does it make whether it's regularly. Well talent if that make it legal abilities and -- it had gone on that on then it's it's just destroyed commemorate destroyed their prize. How how love how difficult was it for you how many years were you on drugs. Hyundai I wanted to and I appreciate that -- tonight gates and then there's vomit and then. You know up till now I would smoke a -- I had once slope and I was. You know they alcohol outside the come into play it is okay is cleans up. From the drugs releases. Its once they had obviously you have to take it today is time and one. All right so every day every day is a fight now. Every day of the struggle. Like Patrick guy that does sound like -- candidate Glavine might problems on a drug and alcohol but it was the big what happened would buy. Among likely put up with me in my life. What he's doing now you working now. -- try to go back to work of front I would I'd like to repair council. You know works for the problem that so hopefully and then try to straighten out facilities. Some people ultimately -- you know I was that I also have also apply it so -- -- you know. -- think you can share your experience with others and it would riot it would resonate. But more directly than just somebody from the outsiders never throw it. Right now -- -- excuse me today have that kind of safety. No come on -- to drugs. All the lucky John I appreciate it in the attempt saying I didn't care. -- -- never know when your in and throw phone lines open and -- take clause and you don't you never know what -- gonna come from some talk show host. Like to have an idea. What person gonna talk about the background -- from the age or something like that. I generally don't do that just to them you put someone on the air we have a conversation. And Allen was a surprise just because you know it's not that we were going in that direction. But. In any case it is a reminder that there are people out there. Having a fight of it it does however allow me to introduce a subjective they -- wanted to get two -- election. And that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We all know politically but there were questions on the ballot there were two questions in particular want to just mention. Medical marijuana is now going to deal in Massachusetts. And the question is how is that going to be handled. No there already some towns that are banning head to strike against towns go drive at that Obama -- Which can -- every time doing them because that would thwart the will of the voters and ours is going to be dispensed is to say what. Outlets -- they're going to be for medical marijuana. He then needed doctor's prescription. One possibility of courses for hospitals to do. -- hospitals would be -- William Manning gospels have their own pharmacies. But whether or not they do that would be in an obvious. Point. Connection. Between. The community that now is right to access medical marijuana and people water in the business of dispensing health care. And that is by a large margin so we're going to have to come to grips with how this is going to be administered. I sympathize with the last caller but I don't agree with him. That is to say I think that even though some people will have problems with the with the the drug and there will be abuse of -- That's why Ashton you know he he was all these years he was on -- and they were illegal aliens seem to have any trouble getting access to the judge -- You know I don't think that we have to restrict. People who are not going to abuse. Access to drugs. Because there are small number of people who are going to abuse me and -- -- not comparable situation here would be gambling. 4%. Of the population is gambling addiction problem. And I think can help themselves. That are committed to gamble saying there will over gamble. Whose resources they don't have etc. you know the true. That means ninety show expressions and do not have that problem. It is wrong as a matter of social policy. To prevent the 96%. Of the people from gambling because 4% of the people have a problem. And the realities of court TV if you make it illegal as we all know. Anxious to Drudge will be there anyway. Just 7%. Of American adults think the United States is winning the war on drugs is a recent Rasmussen Reports national national television serve -- that. Telephone service. 82%. Say the country is not winning the fight against illegal drugs 12% aren't sure -- left after all this money. We're still losing the fight let's stop spending all the money we've got prisons full of people. Where they just because Drudge we have destabilized countries look at what's going on in Mexico Colombia. There's more than forty years ago that the federal government launched a war on drugs. Americans clearly favor. And any change in policy as to why. Nearly six out of ten Americans believe the federal government should get out of the way. And let individual states decide how they want to address the issue. Within their own borders only 27%. Think the federal government should establish national rules. 51% of Americans believe that alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana. 24% on the other -- same -- point 4%. Charles -- it's we're moving in the direction there was a time not that want to go where no drugs were restricted by the government. You did do what you want to either make the society worst I doubt it. He blinded action should drugs will be able to do it and making a statement on behalf of freedom that adults should be able. To eat and just you know he can you really should be able to have big shortage. Mayor Bloomberg in New York they know. In any event we're going to have to come to grips with that issue now because it is legal in Massachusetts have medical marijuana. In Colorado and Washington. It is legal to have a recreational -- the federal government is still in the way will she -- yeah. Your thoughts in this. Are welcome. 87746943. To choose the phone numbers -- good afternoon you're next on the program. Boy tackled -- what the wind out of my sails because it has its. Certainly with a lot of what you said about the yes. That's the sound better coming from you. That they think that boat -- but -- learn from history repeated. Prohibition didn't work. And the prohibition against. These -- doesn't work either. I don't know -- right line but surely you know the amount of money and -- That we spent the number of lives ruined because of life against. One total. Total when -- -- and marijuana to litigate. The -- but. But alcohol is. -- different -- Because because. I don't like to -- the -- and I don't use any drug I don't drink I don't smoke I don't think -- have. And you're much too good for the rest of us. No actually I did things a little bit when I was. When I was young. I didn't like what -- -- and and and justice. At least many calories and. -- -- doubt -- -- allegation there's an argument that having a drink a day is additionally good for you. I mean you've -- you've heard that give out. But -- -- actually -- you know you brought up with probation nobody talks about. Re instituting prohibition right nobody ever talked to me anymore let's ban alcohol again can be a knuckle bump. We went through it and -- failed your rights do not only that it gave birth. To the domestic underworld all these. These and is in the various organizations got -- yard boot -- from out to Al -- on down. Now the war on drugs which is gone for much longer cost much more that's given rise to the international underworld. And now we have a bigger primal situation -- all entries have been destabilize. And as you point we've got. Hundreds of thousands of people in prison over this. And and not only Daniel was last time you're about -- getting mugged for canned beer. It doesn't because the can of beer is not that difficult to get and the cost list. The muggings come because people to support their habit with a local criminal drug dealer which would happen if you were legal -- Not a good idea assumed that the. Can I comment on what -- previous -- said about. Just because people have money -- any of the rights taken out of the pocket to use -- for what you want but. It does that mean that we should ditch the whole income tax system because that basically it is going to. Medical recruit paint and that's how much little money you have. -- you where it's been taken out of our pockets to use a reason that we may or may not approve. Yes and so the question then comes down to if you if you were. And on -- -- to believe in no government and that's that position is consistent if you're gonna take the position and we need government for some things in the tricks to keep government small. Then -- to be paid for and it's gonna have to be paid for by actions which of course of course it. Taking money. That you. You have aren't -- the problem comes when. Government gets into programs that are far beyond what is necessary for small government to do -- of the citizenry. And then you end up taking money that really shouldn't be and what would Obama has campaigned on. Is you know talks about fairness but he never defines finish is clear. That's the politics of -- and the politics of class warfare he never says well look now we all have to -- for government -- let's just all do it. He says. It's those rich guys that we can go laughter and people -- Indians. People dislike wealthier than the wealthier citizens that wealthier neighbors. And it sells politically let's go get his money he's got plenty of money he won't miss it but as our. -- -- -- -- Too wish that you confront this same kind of medical care as somebody else does. I mean just normal ordinary and my my daughter in law has has say a spinal problem. And her husband came just two years ago as a result it's a preexisting condition she -- now. They say they're gonna. Thousands and thousand dollars in bills that and oftentimes she goes out here because of the conflict paper I think I'd actually as far as -- Medical system need to be revamped from the ground up and stop playing around. Insurance is provided by employers. That was that was put in -- I don't. And listening -- Anderson as I got. Not I don't think it's -- -- we don't allow people that died of starvation in the streets we should like my commitment to carry it but the the problem is that. Well -- let me disclosure of one thing that I know about because it happened in this situation unfamiliar with Germany and a there was say -- problem with a pregnancy. And the baby was known to be deformed and retarded this is it really is a fetus. Now they could've been a termination of the pregnancy. War they could've spent a couple of million dollars to bring this baby this fetus to term. How the birth premature birth. And then. You would -- an infant which then could be supportive for the rest of the infant's life. With extraordinary. Additional resources the baby was retarded that is to say you know mentally deficient. Was physically compromised. And but could be kept alive but it would cost an enormous amount of money millions of dollars over the course of the lifetime. Now the actual decision that was made in that case was the latter. They've brought the baby the pregnancy to term. They kept the baby alive. To the best of my knowledge the baby still alive still compromising not only the taxpayer dollars but other children that were born subsequently in the family. Now given that way would you use your same argument to say well lord. That may -- she's entitled to every resource we can -- I think in that case you have comfort. -- -- Is appropriate she. -- -- -- but there. Ought to Barbara for that matter but on the other hand. Is another. Another argument. About the question of we won't paper. Contraceptive. But considering possible appeal vs the cost of even just a normal. Delivery and -- intense plus another baby to take care of another. -- -- that that's what the cost of her. So you could look at what's important you don't know he had decided. -- -- That was a shift of ground to it -- contraception would not have prevented this issue. We just logo on record I disagree with Susan options I think that pregnancy should have been terminated. And I don't think that we spend a billion dollars for premature baby. Just because switch day. No matter what ethics. Doesn't work that way in the real world. -- for break. To pay bills which is heart does work in the real world back on the other side -- Nelson. Welcome this is not Nelson. Let's say from 207 were doing really well in that war on poverty to anything the government gets involved any shortage get worse not better. And Linda in Maine yes -- your right 8774694322. Dave from Brookline is next in the program good afternoon days. -- I -- hobbies I wanna do that touched on some point but I want to set in your comment about. Mitt Romney bringing up on Jeremiah Wright. I don't think that I don't think that would have been a good idea because Obama could -- acted as well. He was a member of the church that would allow African Americans in -- so I don't think that would. Worked out I didn't do well are just fine it will we would talked about Jeremiah Wright is hatred for America sure racism against whites. I would have been just fine but I don't know we'll never know there. Right but but I don't talk about the big lie that Republicans in itself always state about taxes and now raising taxes. You know you -- Euro. -- god you're a hero Ronald Reagan raised taxes so many times balloon the deficit with the defense contract. In the defense -- I think you know all about defense contract. You know I mean that we don't wanna talk about that no doubt that. That's that's one point of the big lie that Republicans are -- saying about raising taxes. Let me -- the look ahead of the acute. Yet elegant and and I'm not finished and we got one syllable in. I want to make my last point because that -- -- -- got me up. I am about personal and -- answer your first point. Which was earlier second point I heard Michael Reagan Ronald Reagan's son speak regrettably about that. And he said he cautioned Republicans not to make the same mistake again. As his father gave his father went along with the tax increase because there were promises that there would be. Spending decreases. And I what happened was as the Democrats always do it. They promised the spending increase the and Ronald Reagan regretted doing that unfortunately. His successor. George Bush the first did exactly the same thing. -- read my lips no new taxes. And now we have a nationally as you're gone I'm gonna play the right from Obama who was saying exactly the same thing all of us yesterday how well we'll get to the spending cuts -- Bobby obvious it is to issue a problem. Yeah probably -- -- -- problem -- Obama won the election -- the Republicans. Really don't have any. Put this scandal. Now. I'll stop my last point is did copy. You know you need to column by IB -- -- tell -- -- -- Ali you know little puppet president but we'll be right back. Up tomorrow. You know basketball. Map -- -- book about Thomas Jefferson. Nancy. Right this is being being. They -- very. About the -- -- finally. Okay well I that's the issue confined and Thomas Jefferson all the greatness that he did but because he would get a perfect you can complain about it. What talked about Dave's contributions on the other side of the news. Stay with us about Nelson.