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Ambassador Rice Says My Bad

Nov 28, 2012|

Fox military analyst and President of Howie Carr Nation Col. David Hunt joined us to talk about Benghazigate in the wake of UN Ambassador Susan Rice's statement yesterday that the administrations characterization of the Benghazi attack and the murder of 4 americans as the result of an offensive video and a spontaneous demonstration was “incorrect in a key respect” and that the administration was aware that neither a “protest nor demonstration in Benghazi” had occurred.

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Now to talk to war colonel David Hunt about the the situation -- bit -- in the situation with Susan Rice. The the its next secretary of state if she can get senate confirmation. She went before you know colonel hunt does -- digit -- today that and I have noticed this it's last week that. They -- they they yet they're three senators that are leading the charge against against Susan Rice that are more concerned. Twelve of them RO white males in the third one Izzo is a white female and yet somehow you would not even think that Kelly Ayotte had anything to do -- With this effort by by her colleagues John McCain and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina today I saw on the New York Times they even had a picture. Of -- Graham and -- and McCain they saw I think they probably ordered their photographer get a picture of the two guys but don't don't don't send us a picture by Kelly they -- Who we wanna make it seem like it's too mean guys after this black one. Why not -- it it's clearly. Welcome back out thank premier. -- US soldier in. The southern. And violence. It's it's a dirty job but somebody's got to go to the talent to match and guys pop off questions. It's clearly. Racial. Issue. And people are complaining. And that's. It's clearly a bunch of white people those guys. That that they had it right Kelly we've completely apricot. That it was a woman in writes in the Bush Administration. Who. Chat. Issue. You know portrait and yet -- get confirmed and and no one made this charge against the Democrats who. Who said she had no personal stake as if it because she had no kids somehow she had no right to comment the one accused. The one accused the Democrats of racism who said that in there were a lot of almost and it. And we got the weak but it just the problem for people making these ridiculous charges if you've got some reasonable people we may -- Lieberman. Who could come out and talked and it and I'm just caught in column appears to me yeah. Who came awake today after meeting as it is right in the C I acting director. Check Internet and I don't know what was happening update. Is that the State Department and giving out that brown. Which they understand it's ridiculous to say something without having. To take credit for. Us and I think giving -- briefing -- on the background rules music can't be quoted saying the ball. At that that the conflict and thank god he was not really conflict it was a cover for the CIA base which is out on the street the unfortunate part of that. We background briefing in -- and thought a 100%. Not true CIA has. Confirmed that already it's just not true. How about we just say it's another lie colonel. It's just did what it does give us an -- lies. Yeah that probably we got you got from the present leading the -- not -- we -- you know to a three times. -- for a week to week basis and to me why invite president. -- the problem is that. Hillary Clinton and why he took the victim's father's rights like Petraeus lying. Right you got you'd have Petraeus -- that -- got the to recognize intelligence. Clapper. Giving light. Who went on television parties after the incident that got. You know we talking points weren't true right. I think -- gain some political cover. And and then we're missing the big the big picture here that little white out organize problem. That in getting sidetracked by sex scandals and ambassadors speak on television. But it's all that because we didn't protect embassies for Americans killed one right on the street there when just. End and we it would help help but we would go get them. And everything since it has been kind of besides you know and -- this one today. Was that interception. Our organization trying to get depressed byte on what various secret base bear it and -- the -- which. But it -- it secret what I cover they. That would mean that these two guys responsible for the security not to think apartment in Clinton would get to walk. Write them and by the way if it was -- it why was the MY with the ambassador. Go to waste secret CIA base. I mean does that does that make any sense -- -- what circuit. At the -- this where their key -- which are also running a secret which are also running out of prison as a secret prisons. And they've also got an arsenal there where they're picking up these campaign ads which they are sending to the Syrian rebels. Right are out of an embarrassing place that's kind of an embarrassing place to meet the Turkish ambassador. Considering turkeys got its own problems with Syria right that's problematic at an end itself -- back. But how does not confused -- secret -- that's sort of -- the secret there was accurate secret -- of -- but on what what would -- rather than it would happen. You could start you start talking what is that it would get confused. -- -- Like recession -- you know I don't think they always say about Whitey Bulger you know what he was lighting. He always you always have that to make a lot of work you have to throw it a little bits and pieces of truth here there. You know -- we go back to talk about the treatment the treated now what the they got I've got -- got -- connect and that they believe the way we know. Yes I do what you wanna do what I tell people what your connection to the tree -- it's. -- -- -- Yesterday. Bill O'Reilly is talking. And he took he took the deputy communicate directly to make it director and threw it under bought -- Three separate times and it goes -- and right now that. She helped me like three -- two books in. Cooperative book that governor and April but he's the one had to go up but what she's not get it and what -- outraged yet they -- It was a mistake it actually it. And on track and that she got a little wonderful plot could cut the reserve or Riley. Followed her and at what all around waiting for whatever. Whatever it all -- and I can is that if you write a book and it's the same -- economic policy that she's way way of the bought. On this one as opposed to guys should be which is JP or even we've been having this conversation and allow it to keep. OK health. So started way back right. Tangential connection to a -- tree down and province because as well the well. Don't you know CBS has been reporting and now again this is a big -- kick -- were pro Obama it's that CBS -- -- may be it's MSNBC but it's -- they got to be second I with the New York Times for most parole Obama. Media outlet they -- port that rice was privy to -- the talking points and the original assessment. Right. At the original assessment talks about it at the act. Act of terror linked to al-Qaeda yet rice made no mention of terrorism or al-Qaeda in any for five appearances almost. Network chattering skulls euros. And -- But we also. Like good got to get control yourself and let -- monitor what. Our. That's why what you just said is having that's why. And they're a hot and an agreement that McCain had -- -- are having trouble with the explanation. Given them. Behind closed doors in people's offices -- right here -- -- I director. You know it clap clap or take credit national director of intelligence and changing the words that light sweet probably as you accept. Tip two set to papers. And woods and -- probably actually two holes you're having independent thought you know independent action. I'm the united state government and -- pulled by the White House what does that. That's my point secrets and you know -- equipment attack at all. You know it's an iced tea boxes that she regrets yeah it might point -- situated talked. And so to me at a White House sent around kidnapped in. The White House older weapons and. Clinton wasn't the route that weekend where she she was she wasn't hiding somewhere in America -- lower somewhere you know like she has been for most of the time since the attack. We have very serious issues in -- Get a life issues in -- that -- right now such preemptive is directed at -- Clinton Era look too well. -- large impact in Washington DC it would go on this -- -- like those. Body which you've got the -- of directors. This outpouring and information back all the other crap that side lighting. You know responsibility what's happening got out it was saying that's prime whiners in all the Republicans and fox knew it people -- And and completely forgetting that we got people killed and nobody human and it would come close. Internet as rice tried to go around what. But this -- talk about the -- Tom Rex I mean the guy that -- -- the general shall we were talking about that early earlier in the month I mean this that's a good book that he wrote it becomes on fox and he says this is -- he calls it a fire -- there's a US ambassador -- this is not something that happens every day in it and he compares that they compares what happened today. In a city that that we save for being wiped out by Moammar Qaddafi. Two to what happened that I Iraq where there was a war going. Mr. -- and confusing himself would writing about combat as opposed to being. There and mr. Rick has decided to take cheap shot blocks. While they were helping it mauled by the way which is a very good book -- just minister called the generals. And it get a good job. But but he took a cheap shot of the day with Johnston. To -- it is all everything about the got it up by fox. And it boxes on the Republican Republican Party. Problem problem and they had a bond that helped him sell his book he writes double -- and a lot of ways completely wrong. To compare Iraq. -- lots of security officers. To -- nobody caring and nobody cared that he's trying to say and already the UK and out of politics. And he just wrong we care because after eleven years of fighting terrorism al-Qaeda. Pulled off a big one. Until the person -- thirty their ears and shut down the consulate. You know because the movement out it's -- secret. I don't want election and the people. Right and also what and it happened to the city that should have been treating Americans like they did in Paris in 1945. 'cause we just liberated them. Like India and I think -- we're predicting conflict is. When you look at this as some of the citizens don't treat us like it was Paris. Liberated and that's what point so why pointed to a lot of us so quickly al-Qaeda got a lot of very friendly element in Bangkok. Yeah and you start out with how ridiculous shots afterwards but the crowd being very supportive. That's why they bet that would make sense to a lot of us to suggest that the that is right. Based on up you know -- with al-Qaeda. Planned attack that went very well for al-Qaeda could lead independent. We can defend our cause but with Marines and took a -- actually might yank it and contractors. Like the kids from the article which mr. To ET to even get. Some success yeah. It's it's an embarrassing day for the US. Which has broken due to reasons. That the administration is still pointing out about people trying to defend. By attacking goes to a question was. -- you know I I love this I love the fact too that she said they issued this statement that beat the assessment. You know we were what you however -- -- euphemisms they come up with that. You know if -- all of the immediately Petraeus said he knew immediately that it was al-Qaeda. It -- talked about this evolution and you know it's just another word for it but in this case it's a synonym for Lonnie. All right we have satellite that can read you read you. -- aquarium should you do -- satellite. A lot about which was there would we have we have hundreds. Of Al. He tactic but that we have that all the that we had thrown. Out of after another drop out. That can vacancy exit signals clean -- that was there. We said -- -- -- -- patients who get secure. Tactical communicate via a CIA people. State the crap that's what's the most observed. That we had a long long time that was in the words everybody was watching and listening to this fight to suggest. Anything else is why it was so we do immediately just. What was going on at pictures of what -- -- -- audio description was going on also want the government. And and you right to -- director at what else do. And try to apply. On the fourteenth we -- to park right that -- again. Well that's where what. Understand kernel is you know it there's also a you know the first rule of being -- hole is to stop digging right about why why. Why did they sent you don't give up this this woman is -- fatally flawed I'd be -- if you pusher throw. She's lost all credibility you know I mean I hate -- I hate that the fallback position is the French speaking John Kerry. But. You know I've been why -- they -- Why did it wisely -- this woman still in the running for being secretary of state I mean you know some -- it. Ali somebody won election. And yet it yes it's the first rule electorate -- need to look for twenty years he put the country. -- little trouble they can all stop digging up. I'll let you -- problems but -- that's what the case in the picture itself and so. But that probably right. The problem we have is that it was election. Obama won it and it not gonna back -- -- -- -- up right now and and you got Kerry standing in the back. He will want to be secretary of light. And then and I think that more people Porsche. On this flight -- should be easier the more Obama it is back up which are up. I think he's -- here. I think that's quite clapper came forward. Try to get a power that's what she's running around congress senate now trying to appease people I think she's going to be in the next. I think you get into battle I think she wins I don't think they've got the most. Yeah but I mean you don't you think Schwartz tried to the easiest way to appease people would be -- Sam I'm wrong I'm sorry I give big you know they gave me this -- information you know I apologize and Doug -- and apologized to everybody you know and -- -- that this is a Stonewall was just like this is nixonian and you know it. Yes and get tickets which are there weren't an interview that Clinton Barack. From a soldier or soldiers in the Far East that it's and that Edinburgh Scotland history goes back -- -- shot. And M and it comes back out when one of these women -- effects can write a book or get an out Playboy that's. That'll that'll keep it did not go away. -- point in the white light it's conducting yourself being escorted around by the director of central intelligence is not gonna work. It did this because the action house so well now. I'll bet that that people are not buying these explanations it it is yet there are two pretty accurate they're very stubborn. What happened and what didn't happen. Have a -- credibility be anything that war but again I think it's still deflection because as the White House. I cannot say who -- on David Letterman now. We never want -- ousted from the -- -- -- bit -- talked about we're moving in the right. Yeah that was what 56 days afterwards Joseph Lieberman. Joseph Biden to the middle of the debate. Saint we will have a lot of racial and we had what we -- rested and -- -- -- -- we had everything. And let's not forget let's not forget Hillary lying to the to the father say we're gonna get the guy who made this movie of me at a meet talk about a bold faced water. You're right to a to a guy -- -- grieving talent. Now. I think that I think that talked about mr. what. Two sisters and -- -- -- it's wonderful people but but very very intelligence. All they all that would water was and yet. It just be straight that's only one. You want to respond to -- a lot. Wild wild -- -- just on the deal. -- it would Pat -- to -- it that way. People like him at a funeral but I don't like they did it at that flag draped coffin brightness coming off -- Photo op for the campaign which is which she's brought it is in he's invited to the follow what about a -- photo right. And -- and should it between missing a lot -- as well -- -- to shore up right here the -- Paula today. Sorry you get a date with Paul. All rule that Witasick went to see argot that night. Stop there is a lot of statements he got -- cover of People Magazine. Front cover. Closet and it. Yeah -- -- -- that they -- receding hairline for a woman I've ever seen how eight Buick I mean c'mon you know -- army bucket get to you don't find -- attract. But she's I'm just saying it's I don't fight -- -- she is attractive she's quite nice body she's very well on its -- I'm just saying your hair's kinda weird though it was an -- get ready. Would you as a young yeah I would look at something okay. Let's take a couple of calls -- 1877469432. To John your next with how we card colonel David Hunt go ahead John. How is that -- pick my call you know I would -- whose advice you know Obama should help the press conference. Notified that the idea what was going on. I wouldn't Blackberry you know when he wanted to do step on the campus he gets shot. About it sure what -- -- Well. Outcry at the -- us. One. -- you cannot questionable call what do you do. In the middle yet. But I'd. -- I think right at some political -- At some point. Out that usually we are. Now. It. Jackie are next with clerk David uncle Jack. I would I colonel. I -- wondering about a week after this all happened they went out that they. OK I get around they are put out an -- a week after -- apathy and at taxpayer cost apologized to -- well. Pakistan and Pakistan which is like about what 2000 mile 3000 miles away from where it actually happened. Yeah I don't understand why we paid for an apology yet. It was the right colonel yes and don't forget -- yes it was part of a cover and don't forget this start in Cairo. With it's asinine. Message about -- -- -- and I'm what I I believe that event organized. Sports stories. Restore that we've seen that the statute of Pakistan's Terry talked about it in other apple are organized deflection. Yes 75075000. We spent. Hillary had and Obama both -- both appeared in the -- right. Cuba and and I think there has been organized. Deception I think they realize -- Quickly revealed until the twelfth this is that the bat got all click of the gate we got to keep remembering how close it was in the election. They also how close it was also how close was to the Democratic Convention. Where they're talking about a they've eliminated al-Qaeda as a threat. And -- you know -- Britain did when everything but high five and each other about you know one eliminating. Bit Osama bin Laden. That -- and that god -- happens in between the Democratic Convention and the national. I think that they think he's a very Smart people. Like Axelrod. Who politically astute. And Valerie Jarrett in certain ways and that we got a problem. I think they've made his deception is all I think conspiratorial disturbing story we have in writing too many weeks. Too many background briefings to -- show on television too many people talking and just want. -- do you look at that department to I'm. People we know that everybody to immediately. Go and I think they can -- and put this story out in all came. Carl your next with how we target colonel David Hunt go ahead Carl. -- colonel. They're reformer eager we're really depresses me is that the treasures is the biggest weasel on this whole app. I mean you earliest. And I think it just amazes me that. You know it's almost like they're Hillary Clinton thing what they give all the credit for -- back. It's nice that she patient she was he sent an op Ed in not being. Our. A -- very staple what it's cheap it was so bright -- -- it is safe and what Petraeus. I mean it may -- others -- it even after they going slide it. Published congressman -- come forward and saying no such a patriot everything is trying to cover -- -- to say this pension. I could agree with you more quickly than people ready to hear all these network bark a lot and it's. Did you what I what I learned in my time it's the only hero by the Robert yet. I think come back. You know the rest of us were pretty much in -- -- we -- which a lot of people call it zero because he's made some good people but. One when he got credit for a surge in Iraq. Which is -- to corrupted -- to credit agency took credit. And and people talk about being president Petraeus has always been a political animal. And he's always the other piece and the pretty -- -- he got caught pocket sacks which. Decide how and I like in the dark I -- it's not that important but what's important that he -- party lot congress twice and you're like I don't Peter King. Who still that they cap trouble talking about Petraeus and -- -- -- I was saying he had a different interpretation. Orchestrate it. -- -- A different interpretation that's the way of saying this story evolved. Right. -- I didn't hear that quite right. General director. So I decided I didn't quite I don't know what. He Q there's a real chance though that he'll lose his pageant why I know you know theoretically if he's court martialed its -- and that's a re realistic the only problem. It's a problem. It's -- that they initiation we have court martial -- -- well but Paula. It's about whatever. -- Rockwell is a reserve lieutenant colonel. But with a clear -- attention is that -- is that what we have court -- last Lebanese Marines and army and. Aren't maybe officers. Were having affairs is -- chocolate that's not the only problem. The trip and Paula. Yeah is it that the history and it up. When a -- about oh my god is surprised. It was sport while in uniform. As opposed all the scoring when he was director -- central intelligence that would -- -- appear appear together they waited until he took director. To go on -- She was she was embedded but she was not in bed and of course I just -- that -- of course but he was. But at the department. Ordered because there are people being or. Yeah there is that danger. Him of course it's probably happened that -- yeah that might. We'll see what happens. He's still gonna get you still gonna get that I know Bristol recently but -- -- those worst our generals get a ball dress pensions over 200000 dollars that's amazing I. He pretty you know what not and -- them. No it's not that the problem is that the gap between court and its tentacles further strengthening its -- service -- our time. Went went went to look. At what we get cute and I think that. Altman lighting and the Kardashian went in Florida and I think this -- -- that it will spend their football event. A was a colonel we gonna take a break I appreciate your -- -- -- keep us informed please are you going to be what are you gonna be out with O'Reilly again. Thought it was you that -- your body -- you know it. It out about it wants that he probably was Judy you know -- that he do that's. What you're of course -- and the Canadian province -- -- Yet all you upload it to say you'll you'll be discussing bin -- not the tree in Providence. Okay great thanks colonel. And now -- car.