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Rolling Stones Retirement Plan

Nov 27, 2012|

The Rolling Stones are celebrating their 50th anniversary. Some say they are the greatest rock and roll band of all time. Howie says their glory days are long gone and they should retire gracefully. He asked for Stones remembrances.

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Well maybe think of today's poll question one's the there was a story -- -- -- totals from the London telegraph. And it was up it was from a guy who want. Who who just he basically said it was time for Rolling Stones thing about that they got you know it it's the they haven't had an album worth listening to -- thirty years and I and I think he may even be generous when he says. -- to do. That's when it's from 1960 days. Mere 44 years ago. Please allow me introduce my fifth. You know so what's the they haven't they haven't done anything you know what I I love The Rolling Stones yeah I was thinking about it -- like it. Excellent on main street I have the I had it at various points of my life the LP. A cassette copy. X-Files on main street and an eight track. And I had a CD. You know honorable in The Rolling Stones coming from Boston in 1972. I drove down from Maine. A bunch of us were we -- you know we drew straws to see who was gonna drive down from Maine because you had to have your your letter to the pardon to get tickets had to be postmarked after a certain date so. We finished up at a bar. Where we worked it at you know 2:30 in the morning on on the Sunday morning and we just drove down the Boston's turn around put them put them. But in the mailbox and a -- came back and you know what. Cindy was it that you watch -- The Rolling Stones you know what I actually clicked by -- India on the rolling start -- quick. Finally said well there's Mick Jagger. They are a little -- McCain. -- by what they have to say that's the if I thought they had anything to say I -- read that I didn't read the Keith Richards are fever but he says that's one of the best. -- books ever written by. You know I've grown up and down with the release of -- on the -- tour that's what incentive new element in it I know they have a they have a new album of greatest hits yeah. And you know I've I think I've heard all the -- -- get verbal agreements that's. I've seen alive like. Everybody else in the world on their first. Hundred school hours or so. And and and I you know I don't read we don't win -- when -- come to a story a bottom in the in the newspaper just turn the page. I don't hear about the you know -- again I don't I don't I. I don't dispute the fact that they war. Past -- work. The greatest rock band of all time but today you know. There's some distant. There is no they're there anymore you know. Mean I know they have every right to to do whatever they want you know and I'm not I'm not saying that you know you. I just think that it's it's time you know sometimes sometimes it's. You know we'd be -- you'd want to call it quits who we are saying Sammy some actor retired yet but Hopkins is required -- -- as I'm not Lincoln on site at the Hitchcock was his last -- his last role he's -- he's very all right. Recently she got a reply me what's that I've beaten surely they have enough though. -- and what's a poll question what are the results thus far. Is it time for The Rolling Stones to retire. Yes yes only 44%. Or when -- -- race. I don't know I think -- changes day as time goes on people what people think about it well I -- that in at one analysts think the magic radio and -- most tragic accident that channel 27 you know when they got lately an obscure track like. Heard on the run. Or were sweet Virginia you know -- I mean those I hear those songs c'mon I'm very happy to hear salons from I still like the world expound -- Coca. Like -- And gimme shelter at the the may sleaze -- which brother's a documentary I mean that that was good good stuff. Seven anyone watching old guys an adult viper sing about teenage angst is not good. 617 death pin at all. Was death panel for stones how we miss you was made in the eighties. -- issue is not a bad song but I would I would that would would issue be in the top twenty of the rolling stones' greatest at I don't believe so. I would say the -- I I I'm with -- well you know former governor he said the -- -- main street was their greatest album I would I would have to agree at double album greatest but by far. Then they started they they they started going downhill after that acts while on main street human 72. You wanna talk about this 18774694322. We get to Susan Rice in a minute but you know again and I again I -- IE. IE would have to say they're my favorite band of all time but you know -- enough is enough. For goodness. And I can and I also say I think it's a wise move for them not to play any new songs. You know which is apparently what they're doing I did read that part of the story I mean let's be on a you know Ricky Nelson garden party that you wanna hear his new stuff. Court -- one -- new stuff is new stuff sucked. Same with The Rolling Stones say we're all these bands. You know it's like you catch lightning in a bottle it's like being an athlete you got you got a few good years and than that that's then it's over. 18774694322. By the way I didn't know that they'd -- that I didn't know Bobby won't -- -- it's all over now. I thought that was they were Rolling Stones I don't know that I'll read the story in the London telegraph the bill you're next with how we cargo ahead bill. Yeah I don't like may or. Yeah I hate myself and I you know -- whose columns. What that's why do you solve its. It'll work so that they are not not noticeably but that double as satanic song and I'm not religious but. Haven't -- at that stage and -- about woman started -- today. It alerts are just. Did. I think -- Hi we administered to pound Justin's legs wrap around -- tied. If I ever get back to New York City gonna make you scream all my eight hours or -- -- great lyrics. That's got a fraction of what they aren't you know. Damn yeah. -- -- well it's only I know it's only rock and roll but I'd like it like yeah habit. Now they hit they hit about what -- -- then your light bill. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I like. Jerry Lee -- I don't have to. Jerry illegal and Jerry Lee Lewis is he's in the same the same category Rolling Stones in terms of a degenerate degenerate lifestyle L. Well he didn't think double -- is the -- just saying good old rock and roll my old stuff like. -- -- rock and roll. You ever call it jungle music -- Thanks for the call 18774694322. Tammy are next with Howard cargo had them. I -- yeah. You know I think 2000 lives of speaker saying I don't buy it anymore we're I think -- on bird for. -- there now and -- well who -- lounge and then nine -- in this stricker one called on what one would it. What -- want to -- you know read it you know. Our greatest hits albums of the head Tim my god. And I gets going bad kids albums like get your yeah hi guys out -- let's go back goes back born forty years I think that was their first greatest. That was a lie about skewed that was alive now. Yeah -- -- but I mean you don't -- so they have so many good songs I mean. You know but I'm just saying that that in 2005. -- bank -- bigger bank. The second but now I mean nobody -- itself anymore by the brilliance. And I couldn't tell -- did it cute name me a song on it now. Chief Dominique Coleman dropped just its opening track brought justice -- the conflict spot month exile I mean it is really in books. And I that there are still getting I don't care at all they are -- I mean Walt street journal -- disputed this article lake city with which you. Yeah I don't care how -- Tim I don't care how old they are but I just don't think pig I don't really think they're getting it done I mean how come if if that album from 2005 is so good how come -- don't have any songs on -- not on their on this tore. I don't you know to -- knows what good are these days I mean you know -- Our music is Torre used to be sure it was Barack. In. You know I mean that top forty -- wouldn't say that. Now nobody nobody does it mean and and you don't need oxygen -- Well now you can call soul old fart but you you know that quality. There they sell very -- saw they -- very few war singles now than that compared to what they used to sending my daughter was complaining issue because we got our -- down their doesn't in Florida doesn't have. Satellite radio. And she says she called up one of our friends from Florida and said what's that just wanna -- down there and socialists shows you listen to what she went out to a Starbucks and she said. I drove all the way to the Starbucks and the like were in the -- -- I it was all commercials halt time. I said hey you know that's that's well. I'm doing -- -- for -- to do the programming and their radio station well let's run single nobody nobody listens to don't nobody knew that I wouldn't very few not many people not nearly as many people listen to walk. Commercial -- -- commercial. There music radio stations as they used to cause you know why the hell would you. Thanks thanks for the call them 187746. Annika I think satellite Radio One of the best buys up there was -- No no commercials one now. That's pretty damn good. -- 5050. Pop music stations. Radio classics Fox News Channel. CNBC. It's great. 18774694322. Although now starting to listen that just just regular Internet radio stations on a move and on. Weighing your next with how we cargo had -- They always. I guess if we just get past the fact that music is also objective. What you might like a lot of -- -- -- how I do -- the stones credit for being held salon but I think it's all -- And -- out ways when you first heard that music. What we doing in life where were you I mean I kind of use. Almost forgot cliched phrase that music is the soundtrack. To the diary of our lives. Right -- wrong way to go let's yup I tempered that said that's why I agree with that. Yes so it's pretty much I mean I'm. I played guitar for over 35 years in the role and so on for the for -- on the island place of course. My neural pathways are of you know thirteen or fourteen year old but it takes a lot of the -- some pretty much product companies. Heavy metal -- maybe they harassment journey. It's all of when these guys when you're watching them play now it's almost like. Just sitting at the Thanksgiving table with your uncle who's 85 years old and maybe he's lost his marbles and as it up but you think of them what what they did -- Through the course of history you know and the joy that all of these musicians that hundreds of times you listened to some of these somebody. Won't wait like I said if if I if I enlisted to deep tracks tonight private home and -- -- stone cut stone Scott. I'll be happy -- right it'll make my drive home you know -- I still I still like less than -- I just think it's kinda. -- that they're still appears that play in these old songs and -- charging people and and and Armon like I mean again if they can make it fine you know I feel the same way a -- as they do about baseball players but. I don't I don't see why why anybody is really rushing up the so yeah. And another thing to it's it's pretty much. They're appealing that you know looking to have your daughter you know bite downloads off the Internet pretty much catering to their base but what's really interesting is when you helped. A favorite band of yours and you get an album that they did twenty years ago and you had no idea this existed. When you're listening to it now. In twenty years from now when you're sitting at a nursing home you're gonna have to look happy but of the day listening to your favorite band. From forty years ago it's kind of interest but once again it's also objected to like garrido. Yeah I think. -- I think that you know there were the reason why these the sixty's were the songs these catalogs were so much go is because. The the the audience like on TV the same way the audience is so splintered now there were the original national sound track -- right you know so -- but there was you know what the with the stones in the beach boys and The Beatles and you know all those all those groups from the sixties and the any -- to an -- -- the seventies and started the started fragmenting in the late eighties thanks. This in real quick -- and a IBM and music are. From all my life entertainment and you know when you're in out of VFW hall in Iraq and Iran would get into of such as well. And -- hit a poor soul. Thirty or forty years from dolls because you know men and got some days these things what what they have to look forward to his -- -- I feel sorry. Yeah I don't usually go far when you say that when I know exactly what you mean and I and I don't think I don't think anybody is going to be asking for Jay-Z I think they're gonna. My kids know what. My kids know a lot of the a lot of the songs and I know just from the old movies that for movies that are more recent and they the only big the directors overall boomers. -- so they use they use this would be that the pot AM pop forty songs as the soundtrack so so the kids today learn -- were both songs. Thanks for the thanks to a call when we'll keep talking about the stones for awhile longer 18774694322. On how we car. People tell me the issue came out. In 1970 days. That was given that they really haven't. There'll come a while so I -- it's -- And finally it's just so obvious they haven't done much lately and they went down heals slowly in the big things turned out better music. -- longer than certainly. Most of the other day -- of idea. And there are. There. Cataloged them. General we look like equality will be worker greatest hits or whenever I mean it's certainly bigger than anybody else mean schools into coastal. 187 -- -- than they say to that you'll hear these peoples and while you know while you know they haven't wrongly. Like one. Bob Dole and lately -- -- and Bob -- peaked in -- belonged on belong to highway 61 visitors and we a couple of songs after that but yes. We knew we do not supposed to win it and music I mean. It's just it's not it's -- The genre that's a structured or run for long term. Success you know you're not you know work in the you know when you're ninety years old that's for sure enough so the work -- guys. Is that you know they're they're writers I mean John typewriters. -- the -- wrote to -- books was -- PGA you know we won't house -- would house some and he was writing -- in his -- I mean they weren't as good as the -- but they weren't there -- okay. All right if you -- if you -- order my books for a Christmas by the way -- -- that is ever thought he could go wrong map I'm just as good as ever -- -- I get better I can't wait till tomorrow as I get get better writing and better. Radio going every day. You order you can order a. Book from Wellesley books seven -- 14311167. Point 14311162. Email Wellesley Bork's dot com that's one word Wellesley books dot com. And I'll love albeit down there tomorrow to war two -- personally inscribed -- every one in the and autograph and you get a couple of magnets to. The stones are reportedly being paid more than fifteen million pounds that's about thirty million box for that five shows in London. Ticket prices were from London performances ranged from 95 pounds to 375. So 198750. With a VIP hospitality ticket priced at that 19100 box. In no concessions for the pensioners were the group's most devoted audience this is the thing for miles from them but telegraph. The greatest rock and roll band in the world has become the greatest of one of the greatest advertising slogans of all time not unlike the man come on to tell me how white my church can be but he can't be a man. Because he doesn't smoke the same cigarettes has made -- -- from its past -- For those of you wonder at the age or forty yourself. It's an odd paradox while the stones have not made an album worth listening to since tattoo you 1981 they are bigger. Business now than they ever wore a prime example of sixties and seventies rock music -- heritage industry. Watching the splendid documentary crossfire hurricane. The show on the BBC over two consecutive weekends you were reminded just how glamorous how dangerous how romantic the stones were in their prime different species altogether from the cadavers were merged -- As -- from creaking coffins on to be on Tuesday -- Dick Finney and beaver state spending and says he bought the Keith -- -- -- -- might oh Augusta I. How you beat up and down what The Rolling Stones which came out about 35 years ago was -- It was written by basically their drug dealer. And head it'd -- the stories in a -- just by storm remember you know -- It -- Keith Richards went to he was heroin addict that even men and yet he went that is so -- spouse was clinic and had his blood clean up that they. They they they recycle your blog they took in me his blood in the took it all out. In the they put in fresh blood so he was an -- that mean physically he wasn't addicted anymore psychologically -- stolen it. And so couple weeks later this drug dealer Lee's name was progressed he -- he -- keep shooting up again in excess. Key he used solid though to get clean one why are you shooting up again and he says. Now but I know how easy it is to get clean I'm like and I can shoot as much as one. And there was another war there was another story neither of -- Alan Burke -- it was -- that Keith Richards girlfriend. They had a -- when Brian Jones died the cheat sheet for bulletin the bowling team over the radio leader leader of The Rolling Stones is dead. And she was all panicked and so she she called this -- -- which it. What what happened exits Brian Jones -- -- thank. Half point -- Brian Jones I thought it was Mick Jagger you know focus. Let's face it Mick Jagger was the money -- you know he was the he was the earner in the band. Not Brian Jones Brian Jones wasn't even in the band died 1877469432. To the -- is it time for the stones thing about. Grab a New York a ball CD they took over for the stones in the late 1970s. -- and you know that that sweet Jane that's the New York all's right Thursday that the hours at the Velvet Underground. There's that the I guess -- Velvet Underground -- that's a great song but you know I mean will read lower rated seventy years old. Mean do you think -- every rule will not gimme -- and stones against but he had to -- a couple of good songs. Jack your next what -- we cargo ahead Jack. Good to have him back Alley a -- did anyone think it was going to be a -- throughout -- -- that's bestowed a candidate denies it was going to be the last round. And I don't know how many more laps proud of the capital MoneyGram outmanned and I didn't -- embodied that which they can mileage modest intelligence six -- That's the way I know or act as a -- the -- I don't I don't need I don't need this. I don't need it anymore I mean I hit a way you know I guess they still get some money off of volume of the get a couple of cents every time they play on satellite radio so I guess I'm still governor refused senses a year but you know that -- they don't -- they don't need any more money for me yeah. And you know Paul McCartney doing the same thing you know where you know you -- -- loyal fans. And 275. Bucks you can see him at Fenway Park give -- -- break and. I've no idea I agree I wouldn't yeah I wouldn't go you know what it was saying the Eagles to a good job right I mean you know. The thing is you could see these groups on you could see him on YouTube community. I saw I watched I wanted to see I've never seen I'd never seen the Eagles who life's been good to me with the Joseph Walsh who depended on YouTube the other night it was it was eight. Thoroughly enjoyed it. You know what that's all I need it. But wanna see it again. I just go to YouTube I'll punch and life's been good to me Eagles I'll see it again. 18774694322. I don't need the CB Eagles Steve your next with Howard cargo ahead Steve. -- should do we by the way I I shattered here. Usually -- Saturday's start. I'm sorry Steve. But rarely ever Steve apparently they share my disdain because what's probably what's the latest song that they play. Now I I I agree with your hat but. A bit lapin -- that they like twenty years ago David Letterman had a funny line when it was built brought another Torre goes. -- still they're coming to town right near Italy -- evidence. -- Talk about that documentary crossfire are -- as well I don't debate didn't we get it what I'd do it and really opened. For footage from like that -- Like let's bring back richer -- the style is -- shell she's -- -- A movie ever made yet enrolled in the -- from net but the spillover -- kind of all over it and let me just thought it would Charlie Watts -- Richardson speaking. But it's -- title spot. Because it would shock over there. The great thing about the gimme shelter as you know I mean it was it was totally new thing then -- -- bring The Rolling Stones in to the hit it in to be the a theater to watch them the the the video or did not the video in those days it was spelled the film of Altamont -- -- they have been reacting to I -- it was it was so hot on guard at the time you know. If it made me think you like just because just think in the other day any time I go to the movies if you like up our trailer for upcoming felt. They -- currently being used the salt gimme shelter and it's incredible because. I didn't really even here -- that Denzel Washington movie and I sort of trailer in the street shelter so atmospheric what wild rebel village -- eager to. The -- hears it and that the using good fellow student body is an area. Yeah but you know somebody said you know like a -- a a an album like what it believed. -- mean they're you know they're hardly the outtakes on that bad album they're all really good. Like you know he accused Richard sewing -- at this you got the silver you about the mind -- that's a fantastic so I mean again that's it that's a classic deep track. You know one on Sirius XM radio pipes on but it's a fantastic song. Well we're -- regarding your own your own work I would say the cart not this year beggars banquet will figure. You're building up your act. That I hey I appreciate that thank you thank you. If -- if I do -- when I have my ex Iowa it will not be a double album that will be it will be if a charge double the price on the -- given -- mama -- double hopes. 18774694322. Peter you're next with how we cargo ahead Peter. Hey I'll wait time -- Just own it you can't compare -- to anybody -- pretty go into public art display. Further and -- like going to suitable. And go. I'd have been to -- been to a stones concert I've been to the Super Bowl -- mean how many do you know I mean I guess maybe maybe I'm just -- into the suitable for the sponsors as other people 11 time was enough for me for open. Well -- times in this owns 39 times credit people over a hundred. Sincerely wants to know if your married and you have a life. I have I am there and I have I'm a professional and absolutely. -- in the. She was off D. J. White and we need the stones concert. Did you whites scored with you. No not this time because the -- great basketball so I'm I'm going next week to. Barclays in Brooklyn and then that we kept that goes into. To work. And it's the greatest feeling there -- did you always. Ultimately 1989. Penalty on the body of 5049. Where you've -- so you volume usually made up for lost time. Well in multiple times it's the same feeling every time it really really exciting and that it's pretty hard to explain to somebody doesn't. It's sort of as much as you well. I think to -- all like it's an Al was drought we're just trying to think how much they cost -- Solomon 72 I think it was time box. Yeah exactly well next week. Right from my ticket which shall be the quote just ages. 18109. Dollar. Eighteen hundred's that at face value of the ticket. Each team 10980 dollars. Or you don't -- Who you're going to win. Going it my friend is -- 36 times. And that's because that's what we feel we go to our statement we don't -- after win it and we don't go to strip we don't although they. Go to Super Bowl. You'll go to the super ball. Now I don't go to supermarket yard TD but it actually it played halftime -- Super Bowl. Right Reid but yeah I mean kitchens that you could but you could see the world I -- look at YouTube -- comedy comedy concerts they have on -- Yet but it's a different feeling it's not the same feeling that feeling I am the anticipation in the coming note. And doing -- thing is just it's it's unique and so that's why people want to keep -- repetitive times and debate stupid money to keep them. Thanks for the call Peter 18774694322. On how we car. -- didn't. Until and it's in the -- -- songs -- stated versions brown sugar and prudence steel wheelchairs stiff fingers. Rest home on main street. And somebody says that he he agrees with me about watching were watching -- Groups on YouTube says it it still paid big money to see let's one. All right one old goats had --