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Chump Line Tuesday November 27, 2012 - Oh Beautiful EBT

Nov 27, 2012|

Our favorite chump line message today was a cover of America The Beautiful. Our version was dedicated to the EBT card.

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Heading south for the winter don't be a charm call American auto transporters and they were -- your car for you go to ship cart dot com. It couldn't possibly see more than you really. I think ought to put you through. I'm gonna happen that people weren't wearing free food into the studio but he did yeah. -- wanted to recruit for the Chinese food say I think yeah a great yeah. Well. Why do they put those why do they put those concerts up on YouTube but they're not for someone to enjoy. Where where else what I see the turtles performance this late stage of -- where icy winter Skinner perform. There -- I know I'd be the original limit scattered. We're what I see the Eagles performed with Joseph Walsh goof around on life's been good to me. About the -- doesn't make me cheap YouTube is one of the most most watched web sites in the world is not. Surprise surprise how we expected. A little pathetic. Most somebody there who is you know loves. That -- -- come here to be made sport you know. Yes who would like to thank cal -- -- cal -- for sending over a find spread as they do every media Tuesday afternoon. And we we. We enjoy at the cal womb is up Boston's premier Asian dining experience it's located on the one north and sawgrass it's owned by the long family. And we appreciate them sending it over and we -- over as always today I just should mention the fortune cookies. Or just looking I was going through the fortune cookies. Breaking them open trying to with one of the sales girls to see if we could find any references to think either of us winning via powerball tomorrow night. Unfortunately no but I know I'm gonna win it anyway we'll talk more about that later. Grab that that -- the cap room got about Matthews that yes. Didn't. Let us back to school year is Tuesday and the -- -- is government. I they had an impassioned pitch you -- games and Nicholas. Yeah. Yeah -- cab and made -- new nonstop use. It actively to Catalina cal who. It's only cal -- But I like it like it yes I did. That that's on the same album shortened her police. -- -- -- Doctor please. Some more of these. Outside the door. He took four more. What a drag it is getting roll. Really really old. It food and soul. We see evil. Wolf pretty. It's -- say you know. And he's beaten. You. Proudly. Wear -- and and it is -- -- York stock. For a pretty use. Through. Decades. It's great country we live and win it's not the land of the free anymore it's the land of the free loaders. Freebies for free loaders that's the other was the campaign slogan of the Obama. Election effort freebies for freeloaders in -- paid off. Not for the taxpayers but for the freeloaders. No. Only a week -- Kim. Most of the time. Traffic is more songs you can do. From the Rolling Stone -- -- millions more we can do. Anything with heat Bennett so we can do something with false -- Looks. Michael Bourn hit the Beach Boys because of these. -- -- You know the difference between the beach -- and the in The Rolling Stones is that the you know the the Beach Boys you couldn't. You go to the Beach Boys it at like -- you know college homecoming. You know the fraternity council can get together and get the Beach Boys mean The Rolling Stones are what we're. But -- I say in the oval in the F London paper that they're getting. Fifteen million pounds for a 45. Performances that's three million pounds which is six million bucks. Six million bucks and their split what five ways that's a that's a million bucks a million bucks -- -- million pounds a night. Well I guess they got a few expenses maybe get sound like 800000. Pounds tonight. Always it is that it doesn't look good from going to knock this thing. And sometimes you have those really long memory about those people should remember what goes around comes around. What goes around comes rom quote you one that I've never heard that before it's very very profound. Next thing you -- be saying it is what it is. But it -- -- that it damage here but -- Latin. I'm surprised the -- and -- and a survey the damage. This weekend because kidney problem I'm sure he's he must've spent the weekend and Richmond I know does he doesn't he never spent a weekend in melt them as far as like and Alex and maybe when they. They have the gay pride parade on Saturday in Boston he -- stick around for the weekend but other than that. I think he's out there in Richmond every weekend you look at his schedule every Friday every starting Thursday he starts working his way west. And pretty. Well. Is it true that they -- you. -- Failure. Then then do saying series. You know -- in. The one thing you can learn from that. The bad guys in the Obama's the lord and -- that does not make him god like they used to. We didn't do it right they carry out but what penetrate -- -- -- what color is your paper. You guys -- -- up for -- to do it and it marks. The -- pretty tough they want pretty tough coming out of that meeting whether you. Graham McCain and Kelly I I -- expected they were looking for excuse to raise the white flag but that no. You've got a couple of those cuts from McCain and I Graham and and he's troubled McCain's trouble. We're -- year significantly. Troubled by many of the answers that we. God and some that we didn't yet. Let's -- another one. The concern that have a greater today than they were before. We're not even close to getting the basic cancer. In the high pitched voice. I got a Kelly -- More trouble today. Knowing having met with the acting director of the CIA. And ambassador rice because it's certainly clear from the beginning. That. We knew it those with ties to al-Qaeda were involved in the attack on the embassy. By the way and only got about mention this enough lately or are and -- -- government because women around for a five or six days. Did you know that -- -- Petraeus General Petraeus his wife was hired by Grammy Warren. For the consumer finance protection border the consumer protection finance -- The board of consumer protection finance whatever they call it. For a starting salary of -- hundred and even 7000 dollars a year 187000. Bucks a year. Is there is no there is no recession. Inside the beltway there is no Great Depression. Since it inside. Washington in the in the yet to. Where is to visit to a 202 area -- nothing everything is hunky for -- What himself that mumbled as a diet that at me like he needed instead of those twenty aspect there. -- knows I did send him that I didn't cinema twinkies. I sent him some I sent him the orange. Hostess cupcakes. Because would already give it would already sold at twinkies were already auctioned them off. CNB -- -- in -- -- doesn't anyone call me from a City Hall yesterday to thank you for mighty generosity and sending a model not only. Not only some hostess cupcakes but some a copy of hard knocks. No no phone call yesterday. I'm sorry mumbled like couldn't get to the first edition that's already in the second printing so that was that's unfortunate but I did I think it inscribed it just like I do for. The people call the well Wellesley books like said that. Get well soon very original ball. That was your last -- line message thank you for calling out because you. OK that's it for the jump like that -- trump Boyd is the recorded voicemail message service about how we are show. You can call and leave a message in the hour that they're night including weekends -- -- -- number could like -- such a message is. 61777934696177793469. We may or may not clear message at this time each week day. If you would -- -- heading south for the winter don't be a -- call American auto transporters and they were -- your car for you go to ship cars dot com. Dude it's -- You -- seed vault mine. Four pretty. It we say it. You know that's he had snapped banned DD and boom. Memo laying burger or Lleyton there I proudly. Wears name. And it is you want York stock. -- freed and use food food. Decade. -- --