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Chump Line Monday November 19, 2012 - What made Natick Famous

Nov 19, 2012|

Our favorite Chump Line message today was a reference to the closing of Hostess snack foods and a country western song entitled The Snack Food That Made Natick Famous Made A Fat Slob Out Of Me.

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Heading south for the winner don't be a child call American auto transporters and they will ship your car for you go to ship cart dot com. Wouldn't country was wrong but that case that made -- -- that's about it. That's pretty funny see there used to be hostess plant in the in Natick and he's playing off the old I think it's Jerry Lee Lewis on what made Milwaukee famous. Has made a loser. Me when to be ironic that that -- -- within that hosts would be. End up being earned by. All owned by one of those companies that bought bought Pabst Blue Ribbon when it was going out of business. So or base no more school road so moral please -- reunion group. All it is is that. Businesses both citizens go people live but we've got no gap. And got no political. Yeah again that there's -- -- we start in the mediation process I don't know what there is the media you know I mean that that the company I mean and in a way -- -- that -- the company has clinical lab that it's. It's relieved of this obligation I mean how long can you go one losing a million dollars today. You know. And and now they can now they can sell off they can so they can close the that the bakeries selloff -- all the real estate and and humbled debris and some debris answer still -- something. You know I mean I would assume that whoever gets the brands they consult applicants that it's all the -- for what the good William money and do what you get once she gets Obama. What you get made in non union areas and you don't have to deal with these ridiculous work rules and these these groups are defined benefit pension plans which. Which no one else in the private sector as a means. There's no reason why yet we -- camp the -- be a big money maker again. Pool all of you morons that didn't vote was tallied stayed there last time around. Just think -- factor. -- You know I there was a story and the and one of the papers today about -- yesterday after -- win. About the ongoing trial Tim K you know Tim -- -- former treasurer of third party candidate in the race and they're they're trying -- in state court on some some rather trumped up charges when it's you know that he he was doing just whatever whatever politician. Down through the ages which is used as the office of public funds to promote it is. Next campaign. And in your way I feel kind of sorry for via railroad like this on the other hand. He helped reelect. The and he helped reelect. The guy who just okayed. Free tuition for illegal aliens. We have through them as -- now. We just did -- expected 1830 guys. That we will remember. In the Jackson old Hickory he wasn't he was a great president who I voted for him twice. I always. This is columnist based -- have been edited but the long version was available to web site. I'd like to -- it was light -- -- right. Nine part of it that way but I guess. Yeah I guess why not yep you wanna look at it that way yeah I guess she come look at it that -- You know. Again I got this I get the part of a body the you know about his recipe for Brussels sprouts I thought that was pretty humorous in the like got that. A -- one of the people on the message sports calling him the Watertown creep. -- there were a couple of funny lines in the didn't you know when that up on the cutting room floor but they're at their back their on the Internet for everyone to see if you want to how we card US. It can't be. Just remember powers but I think shock whenever I -- up -- Barry indoors I think. Oh yes we're gonna that we should why should have it. Well it would be fun. Yeah we'll we'll talk about that the next hour it's pretty ridiculous talk about our program. Mean this woman urges -- mean she's she's got no experience in anything other than giving in to watch. Accidents always the catch one another another big liberal lifelong Democrat and guess what like Randy Warren chief. Neglected to pay her automobile excise tax until a newspaper began making inquiries about it. In the case of Grammy it was apparent to me that I was making inquiries and in this case it was the globe that was making inquiries about this woman make an 87 grand and wrecking cars in the in the finished in a fashion rumor machine to all of lieutenant governor crush Mallory. Alley so worried about the ball educating only illegal. What the ball does not know -- it -- up anyway. That's what makes it seems so unfair though with the when they get out of college the illegals get out of college and going well -- -- they don't have any debt unlike the Americans who actually gonna have to -- -- destroy what the pay to go to college. Happy days. It's -- Yeah yeah game goes through it's yeah. Maybe do. -- There is no claim mean. You mean. You know from now on when I read a story in the paper about illegal aliens being arrested for anything I wanna I wanna know if they had -- beat the apartment while. What was the city editor paper I would always insist. I would say did they have any BT Carter did -- Elegant and -- the answer is yes 100% of the time. Valium and they wanted to import hardworking people kept an open. It's out yet but now. Yes it is mean spirited that made to want to two 21. My kids not to have to war you know work -- job -- to dwell on the illegal aliens. Get to go to college for free. And again if I -- It's toward enterprising lawyer in the New Hampshire and wanted to get some publicity I would I'd be rounded up and ten people got kids in not Massachusetts public. Colleges to file -- class action lawsuit. -- Our own. Reckoning that's like it's called. It. I don't know. That's the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. -- -- to say giants couldn't buy it you know I heard today Pepperidge Farm was and other raw potential suitor. Assuming mediation doesn't work. As in future aspect on the job and 24 hours or your your work or we're going in the bankruptcy court we're gonna begin with what nation process. But the king murder. What the -- is that message is to get him elected ballots this treatment. On Connecticut. Couple other state in the area. Doesn't have a right here -- that is. About the fact that you know judge will -- the guy who you know perpetrated this. This abomination honest with his decision that the guy gets a section. Did not chopping off -- Johnson as a violation of the -- -- amendment rights. -- it's a crew is cruel and unusual punishment not too -- main man. He wanted to say he what you don't they don't have the cameras in federal courtrooms piece of what -- an experiment let's let's do let's have a camera in this sport for this case -- just have experiment to use the chief judge here in the -- in the in the eastern district of Massachusetts. So. So machine now also known as -- is complaining now because I can issues I guess she's not ready for her close up. You know she -- -- policy as the -- what you gonna do -- the launch and how would the when her 5 o'clock show host parts developing all my goodness. No now she can't beat a team. It's good good its current form the words does anybody here. Much as he -- I think -- -- a big withdrawal by it would show up on the richter scale. And I would -- oh my god I'm told that. I get a couple of them and it wouldn't give babies don't work but truly -- had been warned that table maybe probably handcuffed. Maybe that's -- 92% of the Baker's union members voted to go out on strikes. That was your last jump the line message thank you for calling out retired U. All right that's it for the chump like that it choke point is the recorded which mail message service about we are sure you can call leave a message and any hour of the day or night including weekends and troubling number completely such a messages. 61777934696177793469. Heading south for the winner don't be a child call American auto transported him to -- your car for you go to ship cart dot com. Wouldn't country went wrong method that made -- -- that made that for about him. -- --