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Mike Connolly, a "Progressive Independent" candidate for State Representative in the 26th Middlesex District of Cambridge and Somerville.

Oct 25, 2012|

How can you win an election when you have nothing to say?

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-- -- -- Joining us right now we're kind of excited about this is we have candidates in studio he's not a Republican. He's not a Democrat he is an independent his name is Mike Conley he's running for state rep. In Somerville and Cambridge Mike welcome to WR jail. Hey thank you -- great to have you here so your different reason you caught my attention is because some -- friend Chris -- did call my -- another Phoenix. And he was excited about Ian told us early last time he was here because you're running as an independent and you want no money for anybody why is that. Well you know I think I found that people are just frustrated with the influence of money in politics and even if you're conservative and a lot of your listeners are conservatives. Even if you're an independent or Democrat. I think the political system should just be about individuals it should be about voters. And I don't think we should allow money to dominate what goes on up on Beacon Hill -- capital well. And then I don't know all the move is visible move but it's a actually everybody is looking for -- answer and it's kind of too bad the this frustration over the fact that most people feel our political system is sold out in its on responsible I think that's accurate. And it's not -- a Democrat issue or Republican issue it's a systemic problem. Yet both sides have co opted into their own story lines and right nobody's actually offer solutions to their stature offering phony story lines about it. Absolutely and you know. I'm a big progressive as you publish our look at the for employees and I looked back at other great progressive accomplishments the women's suffrage movement the civil rights movement. And when I looked at those. Big movements are realized that to those accomplishments didn't happen because a bunch of politicians sat around a table a major grew up playing -- -- made things better. It took individuals banding together coming up with creative ways to demonstrate. That the status quo needs to change and so that's something we're doing and her campaign. And the great thing is is people are flocking to our campaign and they love the idea and we're giving this incumbent Iran for his money and more of tomorrow. They're pretty dire news is that the only thing that the Beacon Hill lawmakers like you are opponent. Toomey had done his band together to find bigger and better ways to scam us and I think that's why people are identifying with what you're trying to do. I mean -- a little bit about about your opponent he's had done little dipper. Who's then a state rep that two decades and how many times -- he should have to focus that's an interesting stick it's what you got. He's at key hundreds city councilor full time yup and he's. Cambridge state -- whenever he feels like it. Foot Fiat any collects full time salaries of both of these positions in how to play allegedly he's a city councilor or. Allegedly he's a state -- depending on his voting record. Which is discussed duly abysmal no show loser who probably takes home. Ninety -- -- for his state rep job. Never shows up the work according to the number you dug up. Sure and I do them in his neighborhood so I wouldn't go so far has to say -- Q you don't wanna come a double dipping -- like I don't which part of Michelle's description you want to I went whale grabbed. Well you know I've been able to use the phrase double dipping and when I started the campaign. IE it was just going to exclusively talked about my vision for creating a positive. New example for our democracy and that's all I wanted to talk about and as I went door to door started knocking on doors in March. I had people in the community come to me and -- said Mike I'm so happy we have a new option there hasn't been another name on the ballot since 2004. That's another problem we have is we don't have -- we don't have nobody bothers to run deficits two thirds of all races this year and the commonwealth for -- unopposed. And yet most residents of the commonwealth disapprove of the job the Beacon -- is doing so go figure. But the problem with that is that -- all the candidates still guys like Toomey is raise money. Because they have nothing else to do is they don't have to show authority he's got two jobs he's got a sharp -- doesn't already have on. The thing I don't know -- record I mean what did you find out about to -- voting record up on Beacon Hill. Well it fit it all started I looked in the Somerville news and they had a listing of those Somerville state reps and it showed the attendance record and there were two other state Europe's and they had. You know nearly perfect attendance records and then -- -- had missed nine votes. So wasn't sure what that meant because you know I couldn't really put any contacts so there what is nine votes second in one day -- it. Could be so I looked around and there was no top to bottom rankings are dug it up I came up with a top to bottom ranking it turns out. A 131. Other state perhaps had missed less votes intend to me okay. Out of a 156 who are currently sitting because we have for visual he's on the low end product is on the low end so. You know what -- did -- low standard to begin my doubt Carlisle laying down low I wouldn't call the loser although I would point out east Cambridge. Isn't all that far from Beacon Hill. -- who are so you know -- -- still put into the per Diem though which is why the ball out you might give us the parking lot records to these. Losers who don't show up for a. We talked to Mike Conley is an independent. Running for state rep he doesn't want your money no money might be what is the our purpose. All of your candidacy put it in a nutshell for people so they -- to -- ball when I knock on someone's story and explain why I'm here the first thing I do is thank them for their time and then I say. I'm here to give you a new option so that that is really the service to give the people of Cambridge you -- run -- is Republican for example why didn't you do that because I'm a progressive I want to tax the rich don't want to tax big corporations. I think everyone should have health care. And those are common view that doesn't it sound like Elizabeth why are you. So euros -- socialist like the Democrats who control the state but you view. That they that campaign problem this is stomach problem of money influencing is that your prop. I mean if we already have everybody believes what you believe controlling the state what do we need you for what's the difference in your offer. Well you know I think on our side on the progressive side where frustrated. With the sort of the way we see government -- being broken and we just passed the health care. Cost containment bill and our state and as progressives we think the bill could have gone even further. And you look at the money that was spent by the health care industry the health care lobby there was a report done. 51 million dollars went into the process you know from lobbyists. Coming in to -- can really imagine Beacon Hill. It's not that big of a place if you have 51 million dollar lobbying budget over five years. What does that do to the legislation and -- one of the reasons why I came today I know. You many conservative listeners who we also a lot of liberal listen a little analysts and you know -- you don't go by the phone calls it got very balanced audience America. -- are well you know what I'm -- offer is really that change you know and when Barack Obama Gramm for president in 2000 it. What really in my view are really inspired people to join this campaign as he said we will change the way Washington works said he didn't. And he couldn't they didn't and you know loved you re not going you didn't try very hard he was he's a fraud right do you admit are -- I have I would not say -- Why would Manny is I think there's never been a more cynical hard nose ruthless of a guy in our office. The -- like when you rent an independent we have a -- okay. An asset can he respond notes and I just hit him upside the head in your bailing them out don't enjoy that. The system's broke and and that's the bottom line and -- you know we can argue queries his struggle all know but this is the crux of the nobody trusts anybody and it's worse now. Because Barack Obama said he was gonna be the great transformative wonder her first time he got to make a big decision like. Was he gonna take federal funding in the in the general election no he decided to dismantle federal -- OK so I I think what we have to confront and if you're really gonna be honest -- You'll just tell the truth. That is sold out it's completely sold out of -- low power is so appealing to people like Barack Obama. That they will make up any story -- -- -- -- Mario they were cool -- David Axelrod gets to make up the story and he puts it up on the teleprompter and Brock says -- and that's how it works and that's war fighting about so you're going to be a big fraud breaker you can't be pulled punches on Obama c'mon. Well you know -- what are current era I'd love to see more progressive action on the national level but. What I'm focusing on are used to be really focused on the national level and what I commits the same point Deval Patrick it's all the same thing demolished he transform -- -- he -- hope and change guy first he was the test model for Barack. Together we can work together we have done what we've got another governor who then in the state that's -- we did together right c'mon let's. Get -- said. Yeah I'm down big -- and creating handset and letting him the question is he doesn't and answer because he wants a cover up for -- I wish you're really independent. I want to I want to -- you read it like this is the change we need on Beacon Hill because. He's new he's fresh blood he's taken on a double -- was ripped a shot the two decades. That I'm excited by free you have to really get into the downed in dirty issues here -- Massachusetts -- -- we'll talk about right. Yup we'll do wanna give a quick response before we have to go to break but if you wanna get on the record on this -- -- -- me just say on the record. You know I found in the campaign Mitt there's. It's not really helpful to be pointing fingers a boat you know what we could do we couldn't do what we hear what we hear from the politicians. Is that. We're doing the best we can so we're trying to do and our campaign is set a new example that can transcend the status thought I'd love to see more progressive. Action in Washington I'd love to see a more progressive Beacon Hill. And that's what we're trying to do and our campaign all right let's get some calls for Mike Conley he's he's an independent. And he doesn't want any money is running a campaign would know much like that is the -- though he has a bad lie about it well enough for herself you know I you know I take it but he's that he doesn't want money for his campaign does he think money is running policies he's running in Somerville. And Cambridge and we'll take your calls for him coming up on six AD WR jail. We're joined now by -- Armstrong will host of the financial exchange NW RKO. -- good morning do you think everybody should be refinancing. Right now into a thirty year fixed rate mortgage. You know Todd mortgage rates are low but I've got a lot of friends who've got kids in college are about to go to colleges -- guys in our age. 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At 2.4 9%. 7813300555. -- mortgage is he causing lender and MLS number 208. To four. Coming up that's noon Rush Limbaugh on AM to six CD WRKO. Being a private banking client isn't what it used to being. I like this fact do you not she's a nice guy he I. I won't beat up on many Morales lives listeners and callers yo Chris your WRKO or in studio what -- Conley is running for state represent independent when nobody doesn't want any money. From -- good morning. They're good morning Puyallup. You know I don't I'm not short the night about where that they that children missed -- -- -- now are figuring this journalist position. I got a guy has invoked the -- it was terrorist acts as. I know what the -- missing votes -- votes the same way oh I see so you're saying we're better off that way. Perhaps a little ever had a lot of -- terrorist acts as -- -- it. Telemar wanna raise taxes might. Well you know let's say chances are curse I don't wanna raise taxes on you I mean. Do people on interest and raising taxes on unless you are a millionaire unless view our. A large corporation and then I don't think your taxes should go up and I think your taxes you know if anything should come down a little. What about those warrants when you ringing or talk about the taxes and knowing isn't billionaires and you consider that. Salary that her husband to -- does not put her into the millionaire category and she didn't check the optional box for more taxes does that concern you keeping people like that you voluntarily. We have a system here with a rich contain more. But the people who are touting it on the one that never checked the box to pay more voluntarily. It doesn't concern me one bit I think you know you can't you can't look at someone's own personal. Choices and then critique their policy if you're nine you know you check the box to pay higher taxes. I don't think they'll ever be it's -- not worried about the. Yeah you've got about Beacon Hill and scandals like the rest of the. What I consider her a question once -- a question and give generates -- you wanna raise taxes on corporations. Sure yes so in my job gets up believes it goes Indiana because of corporate tax rate is cheaper and I lose my job venture screw me just as much. No you know I think we'll look at where our revenue has gone and I still it. The of the big get the big chunk of the revenue would have lost we used to have. Like three billion dollar surplus in the state in the big chunk of the revenue of lost has been the tax breaks in their house to be. A better way to do it and that's because as a new state representative. That's what I would be. What's a better way to fill the streets that we did that tax rates we've given our big -- French kisses like the ones that we gave today. A 123 battery company that took these GI AA pay raises screwed everybody in Massachusetts. And then filed for bankruptcy with the -- are -- all not to have the billion dollars. Right and so my premises that if we take some of the money out of the political system things like that. We'll be less likely to have. You're absolutely right because every one of those battery company employees essentially the top -- wrote checks to everybody's campaigns on both Isaiah -- and that's and that's really the basic premise of where -- -- which is why is an interesting guy you have to listen to Robert good morning you're NWR -- Mike -- running for state -- and Somerville. Good morning hey Mike good job for running don't believe in getting this thing might have a job in the private sector number one number two please define rich to me. And I did so you would be. Community preservation act. -- -- -- -- Murdoch about personal and just one note and also running Cambridge to distribute. All good -- -- while I was over it took so we get some okay rejection and -- you know that it's disgusting but. Go back the -- you work in the private sector gets an up. I do I work for autonomy corporation and why did it sort -- and it's more profit it's part of it it's part of Hewlett-Packard on the project manager and I held. Managing software application which -- I based think you start getting into the ballpark -- -- -- 250000. Dollar salary and then I think it. We have families carry. Probably in prison and a little individual and eight minutes and that's you start you know sort of I don't think -- -- taxes at 250000. But I think around 250000 is very individual library marital couple -- write a teacher making eighty -- so when I -- raise taxes that's sort of my starting -- -- -- under there. I think you're probably paying enough already and yes I am familiar with the community preservation act I know it's on the ballot in Somerville. This year and I'm in support of it I think you can do a lot for Somerville it's it's it's done a good job in Cambridge Robert thank you -- -- John your next NWR yo Mike Conley hi John. Good morning guys so I. I am doing well you are at -- at my job definitely treasuries corporate taxes immigration as a product go up they don't pay more for and that's a former actress and it. And not just left. Talked -- -- -- what about John relative or. -- we just give everybody more money from the government put Iran on a program -- up there. Thank you try because that was my second thought that I had a -- I thought -- like how well. Politicians just handle our money properly that we are already give you can actually -- out okay and by. I look I collapsing the sale of a little bit mean to get used to it -- -- politics now Jacob progressive ideas to move to Russia where they are the other thing to work out well. Well John I did ask I have to confess -- -- -- -- know I thoroughly enjoying and I am glad he came into the show are really and the when I ask you about EDT card reform annual toy. I haven't really studied up on that issue. I suggest you do because that is where all our money is going it's it's housing section eight EDT card fraud. Medicaid -- I mean -- that's where all of the money they are talking about instead of taxing corporations who are actually employing people. Why really root out some of the waste fraud and corruption. And when Deval Patrick who looks at that taxpayers of Massachusetts and says. How dare you try to humiliate the poor by -- they can't get a tramp stamp on the taxpayer -- porno magazines. That's way you know they. -- working people like us the people who you stood alongside. I know for a long time that people lose to bush and knocking on that's what we really get Matt. And in that's why that's an issue that you should be focused -- he's laid -- very rich. He's new to politics I. I'm quite already I think you maybe feel old beat up on he doesn't study all the stuff full time he's learning -- -- you don't wanna -- him is that he is providing alternative candidacy to an entrenched incumbent in summer ruling came. Right and I don't reveal I think everything can be improved and I'm certainly not. And certainly not reflexively against. Reform right I think I think things can be improved and -- -- and so I don't. Improve -- safeguarding made is that you bring you a little bit a change into the we will launch conduct business which I really applied. I applied that. Just cuts the other question. If I make it sort of 50000 dollars a year I've got a thirty year mortgage and two kids in college how rich railway in my. Especially if you only made eighty last year in next year's going back to normal. But that's the other thing too was I've won here I can make no money as a writer the next -- -- free to god that I get that one movie dale and I finally get a check now I -- -- cabinet. -- on all of my boss -- me -- -- just keep it -- forty nines on the -- -- none -- -- question is where you don't -- rich and I said you know we could start you know conceiving of it upon you what do you -- to 65 cents that was a -- agents. -- now is that's our current one and honestly I just doesn't go easy on him and now you're beat them up all mean it doesn't mean that the parent with 258 year isn't the same as ten million you're nuts though all the. Think it's relative like when you when you make these steel when you when -- Obama for a -- these numbers are arbitrary like 250 here to fifty an Alabama. -- a lot further than 250 Massachusetts to fifteen Massachusetts is not. It is also own and it's also the way you were talking about if you get that one year with a bonus. You know that's different. I want in there I finally and most of the last ten years ago I finally selling up to ten years of hard work. And I gonna screw me I have. My money in the area on my whole life good morning Mary -- are here with Mike Conley. How right what do you mean by progressive -- about more government oversight or -- -- -- what -- I mean pure independent but I might get access. Well independent. He wants to step outside than the funding system and the corrupt democratic go walk aren't I don't know how are on Beacon Hill but he is he's not saying he doesn't liberal values. Near the alternative is a double -- no show who has been ripping us off the two decades it's it's nice to bring a refreshing chinoy looks. What are now that's that's our -- -- -- also -- progressive. A mean personally what I really mean that is the things that the Democratic Party. Stands for but as as -- as a progressive things that I don't see necessarily happening I mean if you wanna talk big picture things and and I want equality. I want peace I want justice. Those are the sorts of things that I care about you -- social just and I you know I actually thought about running you know and it does. There is no progressive independent parties just you and you're on your on your own -- and on general voter. You put down -- designation on the ballot in originally I was thinking about independent. And I noticed Scott Brown said that he was the independent voice and I thought oh. I don't wanna -- -- had a -- I -- -- I don't wanna be in Scott Brown's camps and then I put the progressive. To the left of the word independent so that people realize that's too bad this. Is supposed to help you dissing hail we've got to go to a news update can use air on a little longer Sharia you have you can you take more or -- I know you get -- beat it beat up here. You know I can take more my colleagues run. -- state wrapped in Somerville and Cambridge his website is no money Connolly dot org no money -- dot -- we'll talk more -- coming up. A 680 WRK. Four degrees mixture of sun and clouds today on June ninth WRQ news as he continues along the campaign trail president Obama's stop in Chicago. Election news from the presidential race to your congressional district. Wrko.com. Is home a revolution 20:12. AM six AB WRKO. Talk we. Attitude. 680 AB WR he would find her again maybe brought you by network capital funding corporation your future finance. Retired when Mike Conley he's trying to -- Normal. Person goes to work every day. Decides is something wrong with a political system that only offers one auction that is the Statehouse in Massachusetts. He's running for syrup is an independent he's the liberal guy. Running in Somerville and Cambridge but the incumbent. Is saw it has two jobs he also is a Cambridge city councilor. And he's it sounds like he's kind of institutional Austin you want somebody who is kind of more committed. Ideologue is good but I. Isn't it nice that even though we don't agree with where Mike stands for politically. It's we still applaud him for trying to bring some new blood instant change into the system that is so corrupted -- Massachusetts. That's -- we need is changing let's face it he's got to be a lefty -- turning gamer getting out. Sure error and error and on an island Simon ideologues who knew them honest as to my views their progressive or liberal. But I appreciate the fact that there are other views and there's a lot to gain from other views and so -- the 1 thing that I am an ideologue on is that we need to. A fair process we need to be able to sit at a table we need to be able to negotiate and discuss our issues let all of the best ideas come together. And at the end of the day we don't want to feel like the system is broken and our leaders are corrupt so that's the one thing that I do stick on -- -- -- tied give patronage jobs would you not hook up your friends and cronies and Occupy Boston supporters with. You know packed positions in the state would you make that campaign about right now. Absolutely -- there wouldn't be. Any cronyism or patronage you know to speak out about -- not pictured are NWR -- Mike Conley good morning Victor. They taught me show great a great show as usual. You know it should be generous saying -- may not be taking any contributions to these generating a lot for his opponents just. He would always will be you're you're progressive mine came as they combat veteran that to me. I mean figure or socialist Communist such a reverse a party. -- -- stories right he's running inside or relish in chamber that's their political position Victor. Like if we want things to change may do we need to our the other kids to brings some really -- -- -- -- had that hasn't worked for decades if we didn't have terrible while bailouts would would be. -- -- disaster it is much of a disaster as California but let me ask you this monkey is is a real question I know -- -- quote I have time to study up arms. The -- excel ramifications -- what have you. What are channel programs that you would eliminate the big government is wasting our money here in Massachusetts and slow walked ten. Tens and make less of all I'd have no why let's get one of from a Victor thank you any any things you'd wanna kill that you and beyond you don't have to have one but. Are -- no problem I had another there's nothing that I wanna kill I don't I'm sure there are things out there but. You know this isn't -- I wake up in the morning I go to work. I come home from work I try to get to know more voters in focus on this option and you know and I'm I'm not out there thinking about. What's the first program that I want to kill I don't think that's -- chrome isn't you know you know we need more programs. You know I think we need -- government is functioning and a government that we have confidence and and I think that it's the job of government to you know go through the political process and and then do the job of legislation in administering the government. So you know I don't. I don't I don't walk around thinking we need more -- less programs might hear -- kill Mike Conley -- Mike. Good morning -- tea appreciate Europe. Enthusiasm and Nero you're trying to run -- -- -- connection at -- which who agree would dribble that we should. Voice search they used to look are good. And -- -- tonight not very important Google do you forward that there are philosophy. You know our. Again. I'm not very conversant. On the details there -- so mean I'm. Patricio detect grown up that they put guys become a woman. I do think that we should do that. But to progressive idea I would take. Right. And there is only gonna cost what under grand as a. No I united including these steroid injections I'm sorry the estrogen injections felt like I -- -- fifty for this measure of the operation or another fifty for the drug shrinks the lawyers we roll again one day almost a million dollars to his lawyers. Already America I'd say it's concerning burn off about but you know. I'm I'm not gonna judge you very -- night Henry good morning easier NWR -- Mike Conley -- -- -- Folks I just wanna make one point. Liberalism must be defeated we can't allow this -- bad nonsense we do you consider that -- that can accommodate the. Now we don't agree or disagree with that because the reason people I applaud Scott brown and I support Scott Brown has because he can sit at the table. With the other side and maybe this is always say if you have the other side represented you hear ballpoint vetoes this is what politics should be believe me I wouldn't vote to Mike. But I like what he's doing and I -- Michael over the double dipping no show any day. We got to get -- cockroaches. Thank you Henry for the ball I don't -- -- -- should suit has no that was him while he surely is a cockroach. I'll back him up on that Charles you're next -- morning see you. 8 the morning show morning -- I'm -- my guess I have to say. -- I don't agree with you politically. I actually think you're probably what mark open -- policy social utopian but. I wanted to say on the same track as we -- I have to applaud you for. At least getting in the rakes. I I wanted to we follow it. -- the program that -- was talking about earlier books for criminal drama. Retired metro west Leo and I did it carry some big enough supplies books are criminals but I can't get better. The treatment I need to automate health insurance but I got to do it out of pocket and that just burned an curious were you followed that. Paid for all the federal grant Charles thank you Charles well you know I think the unfortunate thing about what's going on in society. Is that the wealth is going to the very top and everyone else you know and -- the very bottom. Paula I was say that the world is -- the very top and you know and we have to -- pit one thing against the other and obviously that you know sounds -- the caller has. Some very serious concerns and it shouldn't be that way and so you know. And and that's really my position on that I don't wanna get into these you know would you do this programmer that program. I think we need to have you know sufficient revenue in the commonwealth and I think we need to fund all her -- Are let's say one more they'll give you chance to wrap up Bob good morning your NWR Kalin when you -- is the killers. That critical image. Hi Bob how about. Hello thought. Let's try a Mike Jackson -- CP IP. You know. What the welfare recipients the cost effective government and the state government eighteen cents of every dollar goes to the -- there were separate what. For the remaining balance gone to a conference -- -- -- while and and pensions and everything else would you do summed it changed us. You know I think my position. Because of sudden before as you can improve every time I mean so I'm not running you know if it isn't clear already. I'm not running the live you know a grand. Sort of a grand plot former power gonna tanker -- every state program I think that everything can be improved and I'm certainly against waste fraud abuse. But you know I think that the real thing that I am focused on the thing that people are excited about an -- campaign. Is our effort to provide a new alternative something that's desperately missing. Here and state level policy where did you grow up. I was grew up in Norway and and public housing project this morning Dorchester. Spent the first years of my life. Just over the city line and militant my parents divorced and there has risen Jefferson drive an -- parody. Thank you coming you wanna make any closing kind of pitch Mike -- running for state wrapped in Somerville and Cambridge is an independent. Are you -- much closing -- is just thank you for having me foam. And you know again I think it's it's important for conservatives progressives and independents to. Work together to try to improve the process of the political system. Well no wonder you know what you're willing -- is taken the energy and going out in taken hits in doing the hard work it's a great thing. When when time when you consider that almost all of our representatives are running unopposed you have to at least apply this guy. For trying to take on this entrenched double dipper you have to. Lot of -- -- was -- for getting involved with for this -- double dipper or one of the many Al third entrench people in the state they you know anybody do in this. Deserves a -- any -- even get an education become a conservative. You know and -- know what she does is I think when you are on beacon milieu it I didn't mean a little bit more to the very. Well get into the metal download you know. Credit analyst mean I. My thanks -- -- thank you just give your website. It's W though he's you know money Connelly CEO and then no oil line. Dot org no money -- dot org you can go there you can donate zero dollars over 500 people love that you -- with a credit card. No good. You know. You're the mayor had to give back money -- City Council Mike Ross Teddy thanks Tony thank you for kids thanks Joseph this is six AB WRKO. Doesn't matter how long. And ten. Matters how you. AMCC. WRK. 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WRKO is testing its emergency alert system equipment the emergency alert system has replaced the emergency broadcast system WRKO will provide emergency warnings WRKO serves the metro Boston operational area this concludes the emergency alert test. I'm Paul -- president of the Greater Boston chamber. The chamber is committed to helping your business connect to grow and succeed. Our diverse programs give chamber members the chance to meet with the many of the region's top business and political leaders this fall we will host lieutenant governor Tim Murray UMass president Bob correct Boston Mayor Tom Menino. And care dot com founder -- Marcelo. Connecting growth through the chamber visit Boston chamber dot com today and get started. Six CD WRKO. -- stationed all -- attitude. Yeah I -- offense instead that I wished I would break. Think like you did I don't. Do you credit the and so it's steals. Well you don't be he would get some courtesy co opted by the Democrats up every one dollar and six kids don't backbone it's like 268. Cents a single question you need a new one door and out the issue is because you're there are double -- seat. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Even -- -- all right the big piece of -- who was just your Mike Conley if you had the choice of sending him cook CES and aside. To take the US senate seat for John Kerry or keep John Kerry in the senate what we do yeah. Keep John Kerry all I even ask this guy is Seve how. Thought they keep John -- why. Because the guy didn't even know. Any of the he would have us guys and those pay cash. Are you have a staff to brief them. -- please. He still better than to meet with a giant don't -- -- answer a single question is how would you hire people he doesn't know what the hell is hired him before they hire somebody who have friends you know to -- -- debate saying. I know why you would hypocrite you work in the private sector are you big Occupy Boston guy. Hey he responded with Obama the last time you had a private sector job the car. Think I never worked in the private. -- I didn't come until I was running and -- you only had never had so yeah. So Mike I think Mike appeared a little less to adapt to -- actually is as a human being because he's he's not. I'll have to read the paper tiger he's not full and I'm just I don't all loose not get to speed on a sex change operation for the killer to nationals who is campaigning I guess and go to work every day you know today took to drill a third night he took the day off today. So he'd do some campaign stuff and that's why Kaman yeah FaceBook pay you rob good morning -- is not an ideal -- is -- a leftist who thought there's any -- And to -- I'm right. -- -- -- -- -- Iran outlet that only artists aren't that concerned at all whole Lotta things. I let me let me get question it was at this nebulous that's true we just don't think they really are -- I think I have a I don't know specifics. -- I don't know I. Eat every bit rock and I knowing nothing is better than stealing every day. The doubt about I don't want to get their. It. The bar -- for -- right now try this hello what did you -- -- -- -- picky to answer a single specific on a question. And you still better than the guy we have. -- right well I'll while you know. I don't know -- ignite it I just he could not think. You know so like every every every tidbit -- delegates are hoping that what specifically -- -- folk art programs being cut. I know what to get a -- what agency so. Well he's -- -- he doesn't wanna cut and he wants more agencies more program Jesus. I will -- special that's what I'd bet pretty opulent and I know -- our identity but he's right you have to understand pure and socialism as you read the paper and find out how you money is really been squandered before you make -- statement as stupid as I wanna tax the rich you should at least I know what's happening with the four. -- -- have you come to Iowa poll half the country believes that. Walk a lot I think as away East Africa let's go to mark -- get that second. -- we -- Jack -- ridiculous sex change operation. At -- that's. I you know we got the neighbor. Yeah now I really don't you know to me about my my book club for criminals you know I just handed -- my sister has to send her kids to school with toilet paper. Because the school system is so broken down there have toilet paper for the school chance to sender kids the toilet paper yeah. But we have pretty grant money to give criminals a book club. The fact that night. Your next -- are you good morning Mike. So you guys are totally correct I'm a yes or question that woman as you say we gotta get rid of all the little world. We show you them covering security -- -- Suffolk County whatever for a few years as far as I'm concerned -- well well politician. From Suffolk County then a woman achieved all this played out you can call liberal what I do all of my little. I would write your column is -- match. At least I absolutely will agree we're not. They believe -- something what I call these people that would you have some news in the -- didn't and corrupted it. Well this one more element of that I think and that is that they are there institutional us so very the big institution that benefits from big government. You know -- if you're worried about -- corruption and one of the ways you get rid of it is by having less money in the hands of the government. The reason and you kind of alluded to this the reason they're all there are stealing so much is because -- so much they -- And yeah. There in the big pot. We're talking earlier did a story I did stealing the priceless artifacts the bloodstained civil war battle flags right out from under us that the state housing Ellen yeah I don't even problem please report about the miss seeing. John Adams oil painting that's worth millions of dollars nobody cares rip us. I think Allen camp might it just -- the -- I didn't know about that. I mean that there was that the conduct of the little -- to go to about the Bolshevik revolution mean after the air pollution. They're real idea like the people who truly believed it and and communism men and understand important. Well look first what -- and shot -- away into the lock. Because it was defeated the took -- they saw the opportunity addressed. And that's basically who we have and our government now running our government now but the people. That's what socialism breeds and and maybe this guy would would come more -- I've become a conservative the content of people listen to Rush Limbaugh wants. -- do you you see the guy this guy who's running TV commercials nationally. Who I forget -- from like Minnesota or Michigan somewhere like that he's a billionaire. He owns H is some kind of investment company but he came here from Poland. And he talks about socialism it's purely self funding. Eight pro Republican. Ad campaign. And the guy is so powerful as he talks about socialists and how he and his family escape socialism is dream when he was a boy he says. Was come to the United States where there was economic opportunity is so cool. -- -- -- Dinesh D'Souza he comes from a similar background in India. Where to cast sits down -- dowry marriages he talks about how great goalie has to be here but this -- just the bottom ad campaign. Talking about how beautiful our system and it isn't where I said it's -- and they are all -- difference in my blog John good morning earn RK don't try out. Isn't a good guess most nations stand for nothing that you've already been. This guidance defense but nothing. Didn't got a call in the market transgender question that all of you need to know is just got into the skin and big get up early if you can't do the job just got -- yeah. And then yeah. No problem early hoping wins don't know -- got -- -- by that I want to win and yet why. Because Tim to me has been steal you from us by double dipping not showing up the work but two decades. At least this kid's gonna show up a quirky knows what is. Go to work for a living in the private sector -- -- -- no -- -- does is he should've asked -- -- nervous -- that fuel tank pump the tee and your heart -- itself. I think that. -- -- bottom line here is that instead. It's not being victims of these social programs themselves that are bad then I think it'd be mismanagement and the eruption that they. Are you are married men is that originally dubbed the farmers and I don't think you'll have 24. I don't think you have one without the other once you create a social program have you ever seen one grow smaller overtime. Although I haven't thought at least aren't going to like to take the example of transgender. I mean. You know it's possible that you have maybe we should let. Incarcerated individuals were great on the yards per hour so what day it stated they can turn now privileged because maybe they'll be in better shape or maybe they should read a book because maybe. They'll be more educated and will be able to actually lead. -- life outside of crime when they get out but this sex change operation they're gonna have to wait let that median. And it can Geiger and RS I -- -- -- -- that's what Dan obamacare says that all reasonable. Procedures will be covered. And guess why he gets right now the federal mandate thanks a lot mark wolf right the plane went out and guess what is reasonable in the eyes of the people who control our government any thing is reasonable because that means taxes go up they get more money they get to hire more people in the corruption continues. You might want credit for one think he is Smart -- one -- what's that he realizes he would never be able to raise money period -- to turn -- positive by claiming. And that is very shrewd joke check out his website no money Conley daughter went -- Mike Conley very nice guy came in here was willing to say good meeting this morning. Perhaps as I have -- yeah raise money. They do -- just -- and answer questions. Circumstances. You know like what -- police unions which Michelle and I got an argument about who is at the station at the time what was your position. The Quenneville should be -- get rid of the android yeah you don't want you don't want them to everybody you are you got senators today will see it's I don't know -- -- -- how recent tomorrow so I guess. We don't know why I saw yesterday and you said no not and -- Shell they shouldn't they did I certainly -- -- get X -- also WRKO. This is how we -- this is Todd -- on the -- -- this is Jeff -- this is very Armstrong appears to Rush Limbaugh and with just twelve days left until we. Loopholes leaving here on your election headquarters this is AM 680 WRK. Oh Boston.