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Major Garrett, National Journal columnist,says the emails prove Obama knew about Libya

Oct 24, 2012|

What did the President know and when did he know it? Apparently he knew it was an attack two hours after the it started.

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Wow you. You have just given up I didn't get it out of there. 37. My very good victory EW York jail plus do you ride. Network capital funding corporation your future finance. Good morning Major Garrett joins several weeks he's here right now we have a lot to talk about. With a major brought to us by the car guys carbine made easy major welcome back. It's been an exciting week amazing debate on Monday night Mitt Romney outsmarting everybody in turning what was supposed to be fisticuffs. In two -- on a non channel love's chest -- -- I -- side and I I have the feeling a wedding amazing debate it was a dull boring -- higher analytical results I think because Mitt Romney seems to be benefiting from. What took place. Here's what the Romney campaign knew going into that debate. Two things one. That they had real. And sustain momentum. Two. Most important thing for his immediate political future to do nothing. To diminish or interfere with that moment. And because they have a vast amount of data focus group internal polling and otherwise plus gut instinct. Their conclusion was. The president will try to do what he did in the second debate in which governor Romney to a certain degree -- for. With just to have this very contentious. Unhappy riled up. Both physical and rhetorical confrontation they learn that the second debate they got nothing out of that nothing. They looked strong they look authoritative data looked presidential they got dragged down so the only series that they -- in debate number three woods. -- on our policy and win on temperament. And I think most the way people look at the way that that debate was -- that's precisely what they did that was their goal going in. And that was the result. They believe coming out. -- it's a major let's talk about why the -- why the Romney campaign felt itself going into debate number three. To be enough -- position of power where they could sit back and cover their bases but not quarry about trying to win the debate on points. Because they knew as the Obama campaign knew they were gaining every significant swing states every single. There's swing state -- the the first debate and I will give you credit for this because you say the morning after I remember being on the vote here in Denver. The election had been changed fundamentally -- access will see you right selection what's changed fundamentally. App that first debate. And the Obama on the campaign understood the saying -- the run it was king Edward so the president had to beat the scrappy -- -- -- -- more aggressive of the two. And but war is seeing her balance of the two if you will. And -- just sad to say no to the degree it is going to be looking audience here they're going to be distracted by game seven national league championship. Series they're going to be -- watching little football. Foreign policy is now -- that we deeply -- it would oppose an economy debate. -- hold my own and not take -- either pretty not let the president. Do you all jacked up it is the second debate. There was one confrontational the auto bailout because there's no way to run if you talk about the -- -- not getting jacked up getting in the -- -- but other than that he was pretty mellow. What the other point about the debate I thought that really struck me as often. Governor -- invoked the word peace he did not want to appear to be somewhat eager to put boots on the ground and Syria who -- -- world major there's no way leaking kill ourselves out of this mess I thought that was a great line he wet so the left. Although Obama had played piece that you're right he. With a lot to Obama that -- -- report beat now or later on down in the the debate. When given an opportunity to actually prove that there what. Substantive difference on that question during our way out of it. If they endorse entirely everything the president done on drone strikes so. It was a nice rhetorical flourish. Then -- reassure people I'm not exactly sure how I can figure out what the substantive difference on the killing our way out of that policy actually is. Now a major there are a lot of stories about the Gloria -- October surprise and Donald -- October surprise. And frankly I think it's a distraction from their real. Big news today and that is that there are now emails that Reuters dug -- that prove that Obama not only knew. That Christopher -- life was in danger than twenty minutes but I knew that al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility for two hours later. What how is that going to affect Obama's campaign if at all because scare early I think people don't care. Well. Is it so a couple of things sort suggests a couple things. First Gault suggests this may be the reason that governor -- -- may have known as somebody at some inkling about it. And therefore decide the soft pedal -- during the debate. Because this stands on -- so the suspect pattern that adds to a rather consistent backed credit that are already emerged there was much more known. -- that could've been known and that should have been assisted in at some -- our government had insisted about the exact character. And and it's an origin of this attack slash murder operate. Now it appears with these emails that significant people of these people whose information -- insisted should have insisted. Knew exactly what was happening. Win and why. I look. One thing about this story that hasn't emerged yet that I am curious about. But I've never covered institution has reportedly intelligence community. But I live all through report all through the Iraq intelligence. Controversies and they were legitimate. What I am curious about and I wonder if this is ever going to be -- sort of before an election. We have this pattern where he -- to -- provide talking points well. It was the -- an accusation -- Weapons of mass structural not found in Iraq the big reason that that intelligence was produced because of pressure on our. What I don't understand how the intelligence community can produce the talking -- produced. With what we know now will be -- that the other piece of data we collect and so far how could it opens community what if the oil exploration. That Alex is right administration well great so they're you know -- in -- -- sit there and gathered. This was started and -- and set in motion. By the video as spontaneous protests I don't need I don't understand how that happened. And intelligence committee felt that was the incident was -- wanted. And needed. Your big BJ you're not both now as journalists that month something isn't writing UT huge risk by lying about it that email those emails went up 400. Members of the Obama administration pentagon the FBI. He -- think one of those people is gonna get -- stop and make it. Well I mean. It's. That that that's always what happens in government. That's why I'm always I'm I'm skeptical what government does and says -- deeply skeptical people who believe that. Governments are so sufficiently organized to be as conspiratorial some people fear. Because both my experience of government at it's nowhere near that conspiratorial -- in or near that affects. But it regularly you're talking conspiracy as a top down thing isn't there an instinct to cover up isn't there a. I normally deleted it right there there was there was a need. Jimmy -- if possible. The larger structural al-Qaeda narrative which had been embedded in the presence stump speech and everything else about the campaign. It was on the run. It had been decimated its leadership had been. Of either obliterated -- something that looked and sounded like near total victory GM is alive. Lot yeah yeah. Right yeah and so that narrative became instantly jeopardized. By the Libya story and by the been diocese assaults. And there may have been a no right you need people may that's what the president want to read about it in the president's eight. Deepest in this in this nest people working -- 8% that's what was needed and that's what they sometimes it happen that -- of I don't know. What I do know is that what the American people are discovering. Is that what they said what they persistently say that their attitude their demeanor. Don't let the facts. Don't sit there haven't -- effects for a while at every single piece of evidence. Reinforces. That something grotesquely wrong was done and be given the major it was a blinding desire to hold onto that story. Even when the fact pattern shifted dramatically away. An -- and a quarter when you look at the sequence when you look at how strongly. They word it trying to get less convinced that it way it had to do with the video. -- public comment and not about terror and then you fight Daniel looked back and -- that the president is taking credit for having dropped the word terror into the Rose Garden address the day after the event. But they were still not talking about terror for two weeks after that when you look back on -- don't have all these alarm bills these reporter instincts get called -- up. Sure of course. Of course. George reported that I'm going to avoid being that there's a right here that -- would -- so you say on the one hand you don't think in the terms of conspiracies. But when you look at all the pieces here that don't fit together or in any other logical way. Then that the White House didn't want us to to recognize what was going on at least during the first couple weeks while the story have a lot of power. I agree with well it's what about currencies was. There's a tendency sometimes people that believe the government just so elaborately conspiratorial. They can do all these amazing things and -- Decades are conspiracy you know the broader point about the -- that this case. Okay. So so how was this going to affect the election a major because you know I'm I'm disgusted today that the talk about Donald Trump and acute care less about any reputed divorce papers in Gloria Allred digging up some old story about Mitt Romney. I I I didn't it's disgusted that we're even discussing that we have huge impeachable news. About what Obama. Idaho the lip of the story doesn't go away hasn't gone away for the voters care about. -- the most it will go away. And that's that's one of the things we had a conversation before about what the media doesn't doesn't do. What he mostly it is right now is you can't keep any story out of its people want to see what -- so get out more now. So now guys as I've discussed initial four. The Romney campaign knows though. For those. That it needs to persuade or needs the whole -- recent convert the story doesn't cut nearly as much ice as it does. Hardcore conservatives who are -- on board anyway so that's why they're not going to spend a lot of time or energy on this story it is related merge. So let the president in his problems with the story these essential. Actor not the Romney campaign sometimes you're the challenger at least going wrong for -- carpet. But the trumpet be essential actor young guy. Yeah birds not worked well for governor Romney's from their order view of the upper twice trying to be the central actor on the story. The story -- or damaging the president. Well. It probably didn't say this wasn't optimal the president's that you know when he weighed in in this it's much worse for him that Romney's I think it made -- tackle position. But the facts were you about it. All right of course you want us to did just get a mention from you on front page story in the globe today about how the popular pro winner. Could be the loser at the electoral colleges this election running that close. Because. -- that it has been my theory oh well look if he wins one of the other he'll win votes but -- governor Romney. Sufficiently changes in the mind and mentality of so many Obama voters. To go either from. Voting from O box runny or from Obama to not bode well which by the way I think it's more likely outcome. But you're gonna win the electoral vote in the popular vote. I think this is only close really close Obama hangs on. And there are those -- -- whether we're Obama could win. The popular vote running up votes in states like California New York where it doesn't matter on the popular vote side but there -- -- electoral although it 2601969. But I could be don't think it's that close. That that Romney doesn't carried the states that needs to carry because if it's that close. Rodney carries Florida Virginia and north Carolina at New Hampshire. Iowa or Wisconsin. And quite possibly Colorado and then. Their theory has always been a big problems other states that you know all pile and the attitude because those states are not. Grotesquely dissimilar from the local -- definitely going -- the places you'll get it right here at polls everywhere. So a trend is going to decide this election is going to be a swing do you see that swing happening right now. I can I mean and that has always been the Romney campaign is all lit inside about the selection that wants the gate begins to swing. It will be stopped and it has -- in Florida Virginia North Carolina already it's swinging New Hampshire. It's what he was prompted its -- you know I -- a lot of swearing in Iowa and Ohio now it's not there yet in Ohio Iowa. But it's -- -- everywhere -- -- up there -- content but it's moving in that direction and nothing the president has done has blunted that moment. And which -- explains is so high intensity. In the debate -- They put the most important -- the most important thing initially. Most important thing by Florida -- close. This twenty point second term agenda template okay. The campaign -- internally that looks late. Seeing in desperate. There's only describe that and I would say that it wanted to put something outlet that was in the similar slippage then after three debates you roll something out. I guarantee there was an internal debate not to do it because of all reason -- jet set. It's pros know how it looks a signal -- sent. But they had to do it because what they've discovered I know this. Instinctively I haven't talked people about you know instinctively recently -- they were looking at the data and every night that kept showing up as a whole. And the hole was getting deep. The fact that the president has no second term agenda. Yes that was shown a persistently in their data -- and that hole and that and that and that damage. Was intense and by getting larger so that deplore. Purity of that hole somehow someway even if that makes them look bad. That's most telling thing about this week so that tells me they're looking at data that's probably more. Damaging to them. Then even the public vehicle we're looking -- While well when Obama has a massive lead in other countries. I think -- prove a problem. Well and that's -- -- that's so that was what was going to be true I mean the president was always going to be one of these global since he aspired to it when he candidate. He -- that we -- president and likes to be viewed that way. Plays are making remarks like moonshine I'll be fine no matter what happens I know that was that I -- dummy I think he's he's I gearing himself up for. A move out of the white -- I'll be happy to send over a -- the band. Major Garrett thank you sir. Major Garrett National Journal joins us every week and we've got to get to a break we'll talk more about this coming up it's Feinberg and -- 680 WRKO.