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Howie and the Queen Of Mean Lisa Lampanelli

Oct 18, 2012|

The Queen of Mean, Lisa Lampanelli joined us before she comes to town to perform at The Wilbur Theatre this Saturday for two shows...Howie and Lisa with the callers talked about her roasts, her stint on Celebrity Apprentice and her upcoming Broadway Show.

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All right joining us now on the on the line for a few minutes is. We so wimp and Alli she's a of the queen of mean you've seen her on various TV shows little over the years. And -- and I she's going to be at the Wilbur theatre on here in Boston on Saturday night she's got two shows at 7 PM and 9:45 PM and a tickets are available these enough. You can go to link on our -- website how we cart dot com and though -- of the tickets just go to the Wilbur theaters. Website toward the tickets Lisa it's great to have you here on the Howie -- show. Well thank you however you don't watch TV they don't know why am so I would -- to invite you to the front row of the had not that I ever makes a lot of people that ever -- out -- I watch TV Lisa but it's mainly like it's mainly sports. Cable moves and -- old movies on turner classic. Well I appreciate that imagine Joan Crawford if she had a really dirty mouth that's okay. Okay that's okay now okay so now I'm getting a better or better picture view a lot of people on the -- to the phone lines are already starting to -- those of people -- practice I apologize for not being more familiar with you but you more on you aren't Celebrity Apprentice right. I don't blame you for not being familiar with the I wish I wasn't from Hollywood myself -- -- -- the celebrity different it's it's really crazy -- I'm happy that I earned. A lot of money for charity and -- murder while I was there. What was that like that was they would like good for I guess you might be on any kind at. TV that gets pretty good ratings is good for your career -- -- Yeah I mean it definitely helped I get recognized now more than ever. -- more people like you could see your shows and generally your whole purpose than being there the charity aspect is definitely not why I did. The showmanship but I byproduct. Now you get a Broadway Show coming next year right. Yes it's 2013. This story in my life so yes inch for inch stick but at the Wilbur. On Saturday it's going to be basically -- brand -- and about the apprentice behind the scenes stuff. And you know my general insulting good nature. We got the Donald Trump come on the show on Monday night before the debate this with the UA -- official I mentioned your name and I always say when I -- time. He is the -- people out -- just that a big shelf for him for charity saint Jude's Children's Hospital. And I actually felt he treated me so respectfully pray so that's why it came at the very gentlemanly debate. So why put politics aside I just knew someone who has been great -- -- and yet totally televised and I can I love all. Okay I'll I'll let him know 18774694322. -- lamp pal Lampanelli will be at the Wilbur theatre on Saturday night you -- two shows at seven and 945. One take some calls Lisa. -- -- We're we're speaking to the to the Joan Crawford with a dirty mouth of the 21 century. Right and your next with how we car and Lisa Lampanelli go ahead Ryan. At least so we're they'll let you know delighted calling for -- Coulter book calling you for your oath that says more about you'll agree. And you all overall view isolated. Enough inspectors that was. -- -- -- -- -- No Couric OK go after and only now I love Bjorn all the roads. You're. -- you're such a bit but it Couric. It -- other applicants that are huge comedy compliment all right thank you yeah I enjoy it could be a word very much. OK listen I I sometimes like take questions off the -- the texting here and I don't even though they're correct or not -- it says ask. Ask her about her huge weight loss. Vote yes I lost almost ninety pounds recently. My husband and I had gastric surgery and I dispelled I wanna say actually. You know live longer because our help literally going -- -- We were doing great. So you had the band. Now we get from the gulf aghast actually it will mean they just take your stomach my stomach out you meets small portions that it's a very good operation that there's hardly any risk. So yeah I mean I have to actor I get my stomach back that elk are using its -- -- feel exactly are going to play. Have a feeling online will be repeated at at the Wilbur. -- So why he's so you can get the say so you can get the same thing Rex Ryan got done Kristi got the band they re only go to our current. A win over forty the band that worked out well because we're culture that upon our metabolism is. So while I just said you know what without give me something that's not reversible because obviously problems then. You know all my life. Matt you're next with how we car and Lisa Lampanelli go ahead -- Pay -- -- How are you needed to just get up with the times she is the funniest comedian man or woman in the planet today. -- I don't know how much you know about how he put kind of effect rich bastards it would appear you -- him a little bit. All right Virginia's -- out Rush Limbaugh material on him. Yeah I have a place in Palm Beach to see you can use your Russian moment I got don't know -- And yes not as much as Russia wish it were but I'm I'm on about fifteen stations. While pregnant man and -- -- flooding is comic in the world I will say. It how ensure that the white shell and as a member -- get a free roasting and you know how much is based around strikes so content shall be. Thank you thank you Matt for putting me in the in the in the across here -- there sending you're sending your next with Howie Carr and though Lisa Lampanelli go ahead Sunday. And how -- aren't biting my -- a bunker over the thought ma. Yes. I'll stop -- I would that it can about it over the summer. I was since I was in Scarborough and South Portland but -- and -- and cattle bond she tried to. Police try to slip one Lisa's she tried this were won by you've heard about the long ball -- right. Yeah she. I lived and I only have them Portland and I lived in Kennebunkport Cindy I've never lived -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- to do that through the good -- I want to -- -- -- again a lot to gamble and that the roads look like they -- But he didn't you on your own. -- -- -- -- -- -- We all the people of people who worked with I have a couple of guys to help lead -- -- done real jokes -- stock you know like sometimes when you do a great idea. Gay couple out. It'll help with a couple hindsight. But as far as my stage show. Every single word just made because you know I'd go up there -- would like to Wear an -- regular people and for summary to make -- lap. So that soldiers media myself so that should be offstage -- wannabe living with that. Your plastic. Lock yet now Abbott. -- didn't -- on Sunday. 18774694322. Lisa as someone once that no lie when you -- the big story today in Boston is that the a Trojan is is that they've done at New York already -- giving away they wanna give away free by graders on City Hall plaza. Which is most traveled traveled areas with a lot of kids the Freedom Trail all list. Everybody goes by there and they wanna give away free front by British the mayor says can you find another place where. What's your and they tried they they did this in New York or figure from right so they they Bloomberg has tried groups did try to put a halt to it but he didn't. So what do you think about should they be given away free free by liberators on a City Hall plaza here in Boston. What part I loved that you know Bloomberg. Didn't make them not giveaway partners but he won't let -- -- the big shout -- freaking crazy. But you know what I think. By -- should be kept for the people aren't and I can't say where that is I think you know what I'm saying. So just stop that put them away you -- your horse and your mother we'll find that I'm down. Thank you Lisa for agreeing with me I'm losing you I didn't I don't have a I don't have a big majority with me on this when. Brian you're next with Howie Carr and Lisa Lampanelli go ahead Brian. -- -- That's a real compliment that is. Thank you there. Well. -- And you've got it right there and he would be able great. And and all of Ramos and you'll see you all eat eat you know everything. I our bank you know why how -- I love but it's got to mention that I go after every race creed sexual abomination they ought to edit. You can make fun of one group it makes fun of everybody makes funny yourself. And well the only people don't make fun of his people IE eight so the French ever get old jokes but other than that everybody. To O'Sullivan that's main Ryan Texan this is Ryan just wanted to clarify that I am not normally a slobbering idiot -- might normally star struck but Lisa turned me into a tool. OK so here -- -- not statement. Meanwhile he wants access tigers are no hitting the Yankees -- you're a yankees fan you know the Dow down six nothing of it's it's all over for this year for the Yankees this is that. All I am I don't I'll. It's a sad thing at least I'm not a Mets fan that's who works. Johnny your next with Howie -- and Lisa Lampanelli go ahead Johnny. Italy's look and holds barred comedy love that and Brad Bryant pedestal like -- a decision like this I am innocent of women comedians out there. And I know your on your on the morning shall we don't know how likely were shell -- -- -- my -- -- a -- -- -- a lot. All I know about it I don't what I -- a lot I was you know under a lot. Opening speed of their guys their failure a couple of guys out of Springfield Massachusetts so up. Let's put it this way you're a step up how we believe or -- I don't hear that very often -- I've hit a compliment. Thanks thanks Johnny John your next with Howie Carr and Lisa Lampanelli go ahead John. Ally. Armed police say it's actually very back -- -- we are you art. Not aware and I've ever seen you're so our Rick you know real -- by Richard Pryor back and said. He broke out locked barrier. With a with -- That actually. So a lot of those -- about it but why is she. There are she -- the -- but nobody could say I think that I want I want it. The -- So literally bought and they actually it might limit on that they are currently wrote. -- yeah let it is that a lot of distribute though Rupert who -- That. All right got it. Now that's he's making a joke he's making a joke. That'd -- the mayor is. The mayor's -- in -- with the mayors like a the mayor for life I wasn't gonna say it quite a dictator but he's really a lot of crap he's been mayor for twenty years. He's in he's in Italy but he still calling the shots he supposedly on vacation. But all the newspapers there you know they have a story every day about what he did you know -- -- -- trojans. Don't get off the City Hall closet he wants money from the state and and nobody ever says he's in Italy has. You know one win last year when he was in Alaska and he he left he left the last -- left to go to Alaska and somebody mentioned that. There was an -- another guy who was the acting mayor the reporter got frozen out of City Hall for like two months I mean the guys are guys got a big -- what you want if you wanna get a few laps on a Saturday night at the -- well -- just mentioned mumbled -- you know. How will bill will bill and you know I'm Italian cute so I understand what it's like taking orders from the old country so I -- -- Yet to check out I got a website call mumbled Menino about US. And we got all of his great sound cuts you know we talked about he says this something's like an albatross and Al contrast around his neck. -- -- got really just check it just didn't just -- just click on about ten of those us sound cuts they're -- about like five seconds ten seconds long. They're aware given -- -- example above mumbled and you know there Chris I -- I -- easy set I even with the say I iconic anti -- on. Oh my god to reach Israel do then well he's the norm Crosby and manners yeah he's all wow all reference dot short so all you realize that. Sorry about that I -- And I'm better with Joseph Crawford they hate hearing her when your course compared me away and it dead black guy the other one I'd get fat guy. I hope I'm not -- I'm right I changed the I don't know give it one more arguably one more mumbled -- so issues so we can getter -- intrigued enough to go to the website John yeah -- -- and the jumble roms. Are all or Leo Leo and I'll know he sees quite unfortunate what are they keep electing. It's the the city. The city -- purposes only rarely -- outside Melbourne it's like -- dignity he had no no incumbent mayor's been defeated since 1949 it's the way the city charter set up you. You can just kind of take over once you get them you know. Ball OK so. Harkat Bloomberg. Each election battle like that string kinsella -- so let it worse. Well he doesn't like he doesn't like people drinkable if he does he he says -- to drink wine if you go to the classical music up part that concert this summer but if you if you drink a beer on your -- In the Bronx they'll arrest you right I mean this elegant. They are just say or eBay. He's from Medford originally and now Medford Massachusetts. He's old yeah he said he yeah he's idiot. Yeah he's a carpet with keeps him because my carpet Bagram legacies that happen puritan you know he's he's telling everybody else now live. -- your next with Howie -- and Lisa Lampanelli go ahead Jamal. As a partner at least that your. Everybody's story you know -- -- you're on the Rocco went out to Springfield area radio back to O'Brien year. Does the right post to eat everything everything it says is that plus small or any need you -- original. You're here and how they get should put you on the double turn on the air and to. Look at some YouTube clips and. -- Until now get off Eric and I go over there -- laps. You'll cry you'll put your pants. Somebody says you made a fool of yourself on the apprentice. All of that their opinion it doesn't bother me I think by showing emotion because I was very jury and that quietly quite charity. And I really want to stay out of one of -- could. I get emotional moment and I are apologized order because it can -- -- -- then that explodes so I'd rather. Create a little star on the air is then people are. Jackie are next with how we -- Lisa Lampanelli go ahead Jackie. I just wanted to say you're credibly acknowledge or hilariously funny. I'm from Massachusetts and -- and Lippman made but. People here just don't get you. Appreciate. The culture. That you bring -- highlights. -- so we I think -- -- you're not mean well. Unfortunately eleven main Jackie. Yeah yeah. I yeah that's where I was born. Yet which you didn't say how did you I needed to get did you. Get exactly what. Thanks -- 18774694322. Joseph your next with how we car and Lisa Lampanelli go ahead Joseph. I leave that -- -- so and so are you find it you're right it jokes -- from. The democratic. Republicans. Property I. Neither can I guess we're both acts that I just makes fun of polish people so I -- both Erica I don't in the game. But -- make play everybody like I said nobody say. So -- my jokes wherever they come. Thanks for the call joke -- you're next with how your upper problem calls here recently we appreciate you being with issued its CEO Lisa Lampanelli. She's doing two shows at the Wilbur and here in Boston on Saturday night cheeses that seven and 945 -- we cart dot com and that would link the world and our tickets Chris your next with our. Actually now. Actress. Crist as has gone GM your next without -- -- and Lisa Lampanelli go ahead Jim. Hi -- they are. How you do a great seeing away at least reduce it by childhood iconic hero -- great note here. All note shall ever granted I've never seen anything like it might go back about a lot of money at almost. -- immediately continue to rock bottom line up votes hysterical. And dialogue ticket blew her a gun ever reasoner. And how I'm gonna get a pitcher. I'd include the liar I don't think he's he's -- I began his ears and just in Britain and the rest of the -- -- -- so this guy would just make everybody miserable. Quite screamed and yelled and got a fire I mean that's my job they were the beautiful thing and he was careful it was beautiful. He was incredible Hulk Hulk right yeah yeah you got -- -- -- fired. Guest on the show I know I've I've and all I know I just -- that I just had the picked -- you know. You know they're they're just not make in TV shows like Adobe -- anymore police you know just kind of drifted away you know. OK I respect that I like they'll kill myself or do you want her now so watch but the masterpiece they weren't all absolutely -- -- thank you thank you for being -- life. Ritchie are next with how we guard Lisa Lampanelli go ahead to reach -- My favorite one -- had could be. -- Gene Simmons grossly because they're so much to make funny Gene Simmons and you'll look at that terror alone. He looks like you watched planet of the -- on cable and that that's how well look out stickler for -- -- years. I also enjoyed working flavor -- because these horrible and ugly it looks like mr. hanky the Christmas -- He just Gene Simmons just endorsed Romney I'm trying to -- why I wrote them. See I was told world. JD your next with Howie Carr and Lisa Lampanelli go ahead Katie. Hi how we help you. Let's sit -- -- contraction would rate on the practice -- love the way Egypt or. We get really took a whole bunch people down it was wonderful I was worried that you didn't. The win in the end he charity. But I guess what they -- -- -- and I love that you black. Ethnic Chinese culture into into the for the rest of the world to see because I think sometimes people don't realize what the problem out. We do it around I'm not Italian myself but I might as well me. Yet one -- I'm Italian and we like screaming -- and we're not eaten in Italian barely eat so -- -- death. So I pretty much brought at all to the apprentice so glad you appreciate. Okay one more call for a Liesman will let her go she's going to be -- that Wilbur theatre from on Saturday night seven and 9452. Shows you can order your tickets right off of ran for -- from -- cart dot com. Chris you're next with Alec -- Lisa Lampanelli let -- At least say -- awesome. How you -- -- letter host yeah. You're late you're -- a little bit -- You actually should -- leisure -- because you know lines. People are only roast the ones chill out and Alan Bennett gentlemen to -- guy so he would get the extra special ability. All the extra special treatment I've heard that government to say that all the guys. -- -- -- Street film. Know exactly who you're -- a black -- big mystery itself. That's right if you ever been in Boston at a Boston -- you know Boston Lackey booked on suspicion -- that's something like that those -- -- those are my real favorite the old the old. B movie series. I mean how old are you sixty. That's yet you'll know you're not know any cultural references from this century. Has Chris and I -- OK well thank you are performing currency is Jack irrespective without -- has the. We used to do a segment on the show Lisa called quote who beat who would you like to see naked on TV. But then it had to be the wake of I didn't know any of the people all the callers wanted to -- make it on TV I go up with names like Joan -- belt. You know and Mike and are withdrawn and so me and nobody would know what I was talking about. Like so I have to -- like Tyrone Power. -- there -- ago police -- -- -- -- -- I appreciated and if you wanna -- -- she's she's -- -- want to shows that the well verse seven and 945. On Saturday night Wilbur theatre in Boston economic go to their website or just go to our website we got a link -- thanks a -- -- I appreciate it. All I appreciate it thanks everything how it. Right Bob -- 18774694322. How we --