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The Unemployment numbers are fixed!

Oct 5, 2012|

Jack Welch, former CEO of GE, says the numbers are fishy and Jeff Kuhner agrees.

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Welcome another -- and warrant out fast this. In radio. 0666868. If you wanna join the conversation and this is Jeff Conine. Liberalism. It's worse might command. I will be filling -- First Todd Brian bird and Michelle make feet. Monday morning. 530. Till 9 AM. To -- and if you wanna near the corner man on Columbus Day. The fix is in. -- fixed is then. Suddenly. After the presidents. Did Barack -- in Denver. After getting his political hide handed to one by Mitt Romney. With new polls now showing Romney ahead in Virginia. Pulling ahead potentially in Ohio. Ahead in Florida. Now -- getting a 234 point bump in swing state after his swing state. My friends. Sure is that him. Did dear leader has done it. He waved his magic wand and it's morning again in America. It's unbelievable. The economy is roaming. To date the Labor Department came out with their new labor jobs statistics. And guess what -- France. Guess what unemployment. Is now under 8%. Not only -- -- under 8%. In fact it's now what exactly the level was one Obama came into office in January 2000 and mind. It's now apparently -- seven point 8%. Dip it in one month. Literally in one month from eight point 1% to seven point 8%. It's booming according to the Labor Department the economy now is just suddenly bombing it's incredible what happened this week. It's like he loses the debate but it doesn't matter all of a sudden just what a coincidence. Apparently unemployed -- those that were employed or at least who said that they were employed who reported. To the Labor Department that they were now suddenly working. She ordered by 873000. The Labor Department said employers added a 1141000. Jobs. In the month of September a long. And apparently also is said and we got those triggers -- wrong in July and August. That we had initially estimated -- all they were 86000. More jobs. 86000 more jobs created. In July and August it's unbelievable. So apparently now. This is the highest. One month jump. The unemployment. In 29. Years. This is incredible. This is absolutely incredible. Do they think we're that stupid. Then all of a sudden now we're gonna -- com. You mean really just in the last couple weeks alone you mean all these employers just started hiring all these people started to find work. Almighty god it's like it's like Reagan in 84 it's morning again in America the economy now is on the right track that 8% figure. That has been haunting the president for three and a half years. It just suddenly disappeared disappeared it's -- seven point eight it might write a 100%. Sure us that the right global when he came into office in January 2009. So now the impression of course is the economy's recovering. We're rebounding. What an incredible rebound and how convenient just one month before the election. Doc fix is in. Which you're now seeing. Is the most blatant attempt at manipulating government statistics. To create a false reality I have ever seen. This is something. Out of George Orwell. This is something that you would see in Stalin's Russia or in Castro's Cuba Stalin would do that well it scared. Betty out Betty up how many jobs we create we have to -- the messes something five million jobs we create five million jobs. Five million I'd done a fight million. We have a big fight and a planned five million jobs. Not all seven million jobs not all nine million jobs not a ten million jobs we -- good strong -- and -- and I'm medica. We can be dramatic shot. This to me is unbelievable. And you're gonna say -- jazz. Jazz. Come on now you don't like defied the dear leader is doing so well Jeff you're getting gauging and conspiracy theories. Really. First of all which even the Labor Department can't deny. Many of those jobs out of last month were part time drops. In fact the overwhelming number of those jobs were part time jobs so basically their hamburger flippers at McDonald's. Or they serve your coffee at Starbucks okay but nevermind they have to get -- they have to somehow play with the figures to get under the rate percent. But CNBC. CNBC. Remember the sister of billions of MSNBC. The business channel. They have competent people where all of their experts have come out and said -- home. There is a slew of quote contradictory data points. Jack Welsh. We did did these Chicago guys will do anything. He said he got to -- his don't tweet. Jack Welch comes out until this is ridiculous so laughter Obama's -- debate performance and we get these manufactured job numbers. These Chicago guys will do anything. Joseph Scarborough. These numbers don't make any sense. I -- on Fox Business. No way in the world these numbers are accurate. I could go on and on and on. Analysts. From fox. To CNBC. Two across the board in the business community are scratching their heads and their saying. -- Annan Annan on the home. The fixes and you guys deliberately manipulated them numbers. And soul labor secretary about a pack. Hilda Solis. I mean somebody's gotta be the henchmen. For the dear leader remember Stalin always got his henchmen someone's got -- for the dear leader now she goes into the firing squad. And on CNBC they finally confront her and they say were these numbers mixed look at her response roll a clip hooks. -- a lot of people out there do not believe this seven point eight number. They believe that somehow I feel my experience to coincide with the election cycle. What is labor's response you know I'm insulted when I hear that because we have a very professional plus civil service. Organization have top top economies could -- it could be -- less safe in doing these calculations easier these guys are best trained in this feeling. It isn't it working in the BLS. Unbelievable she's insulted. You're insulted you lied us you manipulate the figures the ditch try to get your president reelected. This is something out of. I Soviet Russia and you're insulted. Unbelievable. These people are literally they're unbelievable. They will say this and I'm saying this for I don't know how long. This is a corrupt. Illegitimate. Chicago gang. That will say and do anything to get reelected. And they are running this country. The way they've been running Chicago. For the last several decades that's what you're seeing on display lie in law a law and smear smear smear. Invent invent invent what are you gonna believe your eyes. Which you've been hearing from your neighbors what you can see that this country's flat on its back economically or us what are you gonna believe. Us or you're rising years. 61720666868. Do you believe these new economic numbers. Do you believe the administration has been fixing them manipulating them. Or do you believe it's morning again in America you're right there -- -- I think a lot of liberals are going to be saying thank you and Al Davis welcome -- the -- report. Our John eight we could've predicted it but you know it's like -- said it's arithmetic. You know. How are your favorite you created a 1141000. Job -- -- saying it 800000. People suddenly found were poor they find these other 700000. Job number one. Her number I don't know if there are still look around yourself everything this close it's still close nobody -- that -- think it's ridiculous and see him stay calling lobby liar liar liar just before mr. melody up -- -- irony. It's ridiculous you -- -- -- it I really don't think anyone except there was a trick in the cool it's still. -- you're right Dave listen look I'm not buying it I'm telling you the business communities not buying it I'm telling you most Americans are not buying it. And let me tell you something that I learned personally from the Communists my grandfather and father always told me this. They always accuse their enemies. Are what they do themselves. Because that's the world that they live in. So when Obama is running around like he did yesterday you'd think he would be running around and sank this guy cleaned my clock. I'd better be better prepared for the next debate. Mall instead. Romney law late he lied -- lying Romney's making up figures and I wasn't the real Mitt Romney it is a five trillion dollar tax cut. No -- -- isn't. Dear leader. You're lying if you created a straw man you invented some. Figure in your head. And now you're going around calling him a liar when you're administration has been lying for the last three and a half years. And just to show you. How people in the business community don't buy these phony job numbers listened to Rick sand tally on CNBC. Are you get a younger person that they are great argue that America does have a lot of guys just give the data that we could talk about it let's send more containers or first. Yeah let America decide how they got it. So I I they're -- we're gonna get that number under that magic 8% from hell and high water. Come hell or high water that number tried to be under 8%. Moment suddenly it is -- -- like a magician. Held a delicate but still the data to build a -- is -- it is unbelievable seven point eight. I personally. I -- go on for seven point seven. Honestly I was I came at this when he says the reason the next debate I came minutes seven point 8%. And I'm leaving now on the fourth -- at seven point 7%. It's getting better you shouldn't have you made one mistake dear leader. Don't you shouldn't have gone 7878. You should have gone seven point eight the seven point seven otherwise a master stroke. 6172666868. Francs thanks for holding your on the -- report. There Greg clarkin beer. Middle group of Barry Armstrong barrel. Most -- the whole year weekly. And he's been coming out wouldn't do initial filings -- the on the average 370000. Unemployment first I filings per week. This computes to a million and a half we -- filings per month. If you just wanna take this year and 91 that's thirteen and a half million new filings. This year alone. How did they come up with these numbers. But frank they're making them up. You are living now who are seriously now you are living in in a socialist state. Where the leaders lighting you. Where the government is in collusion with the leaders the government media complex. And they're playing with your emotions they're manipulating you that's what they're doing. They're real unemployment rate has never been a point 1% its way over 11% everybody knows that. So now they're telling us think about this. The economy created 873000. New jobs that's how they have to get that is seven point 8% fager. But they say but in September. -- created a 1141000. Jobs. So what happened to the other 700000. What you just what did you do you decide -- my own. Okay is the way we balance our budget. Are we got to make this thing up here let me see we need 870873000. That gets -- to seven point 8% read their leader -- okay. But we create -- how many came in a 114. OK well just a look will say 114. For September and we'll say total in 173000. Nobody alone. Nobody alone nobody on all the difference among the 700000 dobbs show as I am new larger seven point 8%. I don't know I love yeah. Filled out. -- you do the math it's spelled out to the Max. Do the map on the day. We need 873000. That's really got the seven point 8%. It was only 1141000. Mister president William my calculator. 700. Good to do. 69 OK okay there we go 873000. People were suddenly now it's seven point 8%. We saw the unemployment problem I'm realizing that we can do you believe the numbers. Are you insulted. Stories this morning again in America. 61726. X 6860. Days record no record yeah fast says sixteen minutes and radio. Tracks you're opinion. News. Six -- -- -- of Boston's power station talk. Attitude to unite here and more info go to northeast gun shows dot com you know -- from Boston wins. You'll look -- today -- I'm. A lot of -- It's not only. Number they believe that somehow I feel my experience. Inside with the election cycle what is labor's response you know I'm insulted when I did that and. Welcome back into the corner -- stuff. Fast this sixteen minutes and radio. As Jeff -- Boston's bulldogs learned from. Cleaning up -- liberal bowl 617. Those 666386. -- CNBC. Called the numbers came but also -- the quote contradictory. Numbers. Here's Chris -- that on a hot air dot com. -- we semi okay I got it and basically he's telling me that. At this look. These numbers don't add up and they are -- report is full of contradictory. Data points. And and the numbers don't make any sense. In other words they cooked the books. Chris Hartnett from a hot air dot com sent me this. And -- the books haven't talked. Bill thanks for -- bank. You're on the -- report. I mean -- and we see through your mind and we did mention every single. -- -- definitely because -- need to do you know until -- And conspiracy to Eric who is still -- the list -- -- to protect. Mill actually know these are not real numbers if you read if you would look at the report first of all. They estimated numbers for July and August they revised those estimates so they're revising numbers. That's number one number two. No one can explain -- 173000. Jobs but only a 1141000. Created in September. So that the math doesn't add up. They're playing with the triggers but I even on a deeper level. Most of those jobs if you actually look at the report. The administration even admits there part time jobs. So let me ask you this can you feed your family working four hours a day at Starbucks. Is that now the new standard in Obama's America. -- you expect me to believe that the economy is bouncing Matt. Simply because Hilda Solis the labor secretary and a dear -- tell us so any bill. I'm stupid. But I'm not that stupid. Land thanks for holding your on the corner report. Yes hello. Thailand you're on the narrow -- piranha. -- -- OK we lost -- -- Mick thanks for holding -- on the corner -- In all logic and the propaganda chief all of our man. It's unbelievable. So they really insulted our intelligence why does. Yes. I mean that's how little they think of you really that's the kind of contempt they have for UN the American people. Yeah. I -- -- saying I mean look really I feel like my parents never left the old country. I -- same as the my wife now for about a year I go I don't know what he's with communism. It hate it I am haunted my grandfather -- -- to my father they left the old world they left Eastern Europe they left native. The present day Croatia they came to the new world for a better life and god damn thing keeps following me wherever I go. And now I'm stuck here in the united socialist states of America. And I have the stand here and discuss with people how all of a sudden overnight. Overnight. The unemployment rate basically until weeks dropped from eight point 1% to seven point 8%. How all of these hundreds of thousands of new jobs were just magically -- quickly created and by the way. Right after the dear leader got his clock cleaned in a debate. It's unbelievable. Now I'll say this about the Communists which is they're different from these Obama's socialists. They -- at least creative. It was funny when they went on about the capitalist imperialism Boggs when they went on out there we're gonna Barry America. I mean I'm Lisa was good entertainment. You listen to that propaganda. You what's funny is this BS it's all lies but it's funny. But this. Guys this is not even funny. This is frankly insulting -- 6172666868. Is the number. Do you believe the numbers have been fixed. Is -- morning again in America Mike thanks for holding you're on the ground. You don't -- Mike well -- -- on my buddy hello. You might yet anyway I can hear you can you are but yet the Obama Clinton -- this this is incredibly frightening. I mean I'm I'm absolutely frightened and I think a guy that we're dealing with -- is big guy that you know gave that almost malevolent. You know grand -- -- -- the other night. That this guy won't stop at nothing in the end this is so out front so in your state. That if it's shocking. -- absolutely shocking. Mike I let me be very candid very confessional with all of you I'm not surprised at all. In fact privately I've been saying this to my friends I don't wanna sit on the air because don't wanna come across is conspiratorial. You never wanna make predictions on the air that you are not sure gonna come true. But I said they're gonna cook the books. They're gonna do everything possible to win now mark my words okay now forget the cat's out of the bug summit how you guys everything. The next four weeks. Watch how many stories are gonna come out about mormonism. Watch other gonna paint Romney mark my words. By the time there is not done you're gonna think this guy belong to the crazy is called that ever existed in human history all the Mormon conspiracy. What is Mormon what is Romney doing in these Mormon temples you watch. They are gonna unload on this guy and Dayton deal like Cuba these numbers what about Libya. -- -- Actually take. The next debate is about foreign policy right. Yes. I -- -- I don't know -- town all the next one after that will be foreign policy. I'll take it and that one. He hasn't got a leg to stand on Romney is gonna walk all over -- Our if our -- that would destroy him over this. But notice how -- notice -- Mike other lying to us they told us Libya was about out anti Muslim video. And then we find out within 24 hours they knew it was a terrorist attack and this guy runs around on the viewers sixty minutes and. -- we don't have any information we think it was an anti Muslim video they are lying lying in London and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That what I would have been very -- they deny it to him. And they left him twisting in the wind and we nobody wants to tell you Mike because it's politically incorrect. I don't care but -- just the fact he was an openly gay ambassador. Now why are you doing putting an openly gay ambassador. In a militant Muslim country and nobody wants to report this. But when those six -- lists when they besieged that compound. They raped and sodomized them before they kill them. They I didn't -- me. I can't believe his wife is an. Out on the airwaves over this I I cannot believe that. I'll -- he's getting. I -- Mike I don't know how to -- presented to your apartment and I want I want I want honor the -- memory but I mean -- -- it's -- got to be candid here. So look lie upon lie upon lie he is the liar in chief. Mets take him up par at the next town hall meeting. Don't be afraid to save the pledge of allegiance I. -- -- -- Don't be afraid that -- can listen to AM to six CD WRKO. Boston's. Talk station. I'm -- I'm not really. It's. -- Great argument. Welcome back into the coronary toward the fast says sixteen minutes in radio 0617. Those 666386. The day this is Jeff corner. The last honest man in Washington. I was watching a bit of the NFL game last night for the St. Louis Rams vs the Arizona Cardinals. I kid you not. The rams defense. Kept blitzing and blitzing and blitzing. They sold beat up the cardinals quarterback Kevin -- honestly -- I put my wife I said I know people in prison. Who brown are imprisoned because they've unless. They beat those guys silly his helmet kept coming off they smashed his -- they smashed as had been beat the guy don't poll. That's what Obama is doing to the unemployment numbers. He's a medium to a ball. Literally just that. -- percent seven point 9% seven point 8%. 800000 new jobs you -- it will revise everything don't worry about it let's just get past November of after November then go up Goldman didn't come crashing down it doesn't matter I'm an office. That's what Obama. What the rams did to the cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb. Is what the Obama Chicago gang is doing to America. 6172666868. Bland -- welcome to the corner report. I just love your show you mentioned Stalin communism. Propaganda those kind of things and it ties in directly with something that struck me during the -- when we're talking about education Obama define himself. As hoping and dreaming for change to a Communist dictatorship what he said. I think he wants to invest in the conditions. That to handle the genius for the color of America. So everybody pays and receive their fair share. Now who's gonna determine what's fair the central government the conditions what -- they're gonna do is set up channeling our livelihood and education. What kind of central control that that's communism where you say. I want to -- so he's a good kid in school to go into medicine. So and so has allowed -- welcome to -- re education camp the labor camp so and so is good at you know for certain things cool would that compare. Future and we're gonna decide that for them. The debate could have been over right then in the air. If Romney would point out. And thanked Obama for high -- -- different Obama is is a Communist and Romney wants to restore capitalism. Excellent -- homeland brilliant call look he's a leftist dictator he's a socialist dictator that's what Obama is. And if he could do if he didn't have a constitution. If you didn't have our system of checks and balances he would be doing in America what Hugo Chavez is doing in Venezuela. I'm telling you that's what dismantle -- so now the dear leader you're completely right the dear leader wants to take over education women. I'm schoolchildren singing in his main militia who in America did you ever think in America the schoolchildren will be singing praising Obama. What were North Korea or Cuba it's unbelievable now they're telling us and our guys. The unemployment rate is. Is what we need to reelect at seven point 8%. Joseph thanks for holding on the corner report. -- Harry -- on the corner report. All I adjust properly or you -- great white evening out that -- debate the other meridor on the radio. You'll get -- -- thank you marry him but what I wanna say is. To me Obama. Shall fully. I know which I'm not serve sparked. You know you know what Stalin -- after election a poll and it doesn't matter how. All votes actually count the votes. He got shot and America should take kennel club. Why not have a photo right see fit China must. Spiritual. Stalinist society. Harry look you're completely right it -- think about this okay just stand back. They keep going on about all these states that wanna have voter ID laws basically sang once -- Carey Harry Smith are you Harry Smith. That your your registered as terrorism if yes can you show me some kind of an ID so I can match you are faced with a name does show for a proof to me -- Harry -- That's voter suppression. We're bringing back -- Jim Correll. According to attorney general Eric Holder is so cold packs were trying to they're trying to keep blacks and minorities found. Really. Well two gold of the DNC to go to the Democratic National Convention again and they hear the dear leaders speak. They hear Joseph Biden above -- speak guess what you needed and I'd be. And you wanna take a book out of the library you need an IV. Man. It's -- you almost need every year for everything in American life now you basically need and I'd be acceptable why. I'll tell you why. Drive through Chelsea okay bill cooks he took me through Chelsea which is a Sanctuary City as many -- -- and our sanctuary pound. In the Greater Boston area. There's -- we wish. -- one with bill I'm saying bill where's the English. It's if it's Mexican restaurants its Spanish signs I feel like I'm in Mexico. And I'll tell you this I guarantee -- dollars to donuts. Many of them with their fake driver's licenses. With their fix Social Security guards. Are going to vote. And vast what's been propping up the democratic machine for the last couple decades that's why they don't want voter ID laws. That's why they don't want the voter rolls cleaned up. Because they don't want true accountability in our democratic system. But look I'll tell you right now if we're not delivering a live and Obama is America's there's what if unemployment just somehow missed quickly goes from eight point one to seven point 8%. If you have a terrorist attack but it's not a -- as the -- it's actually -- on anti Muslim video you know what I've been struggling with my weight for years. Tersely I mean I'm I'm borderline -- 65 to 7 PM since six foot six went three. My doctor so what Jeff you're gonna get diabetes if you continue like this. You gotta go down to about 240 -- 230 don't want. I'm 220 pounds and now. I'm don't want -- anybody asks me from now on those Jeff how much do you weigh on 220 pounds and I am working on to ban. I'm working on -- and there you go so all of you out there. You wanna be a little taller you are 531 -- 6363. No problem up. But you want brown -- instead of blue -- the dog or got brown eyes my problem. How. 617066. 6868. Joseph thanks for holding. You're on the corner report. Hello hi Joseph you're on the are they have been up by -- -- I'm so listen I'm looking up at the hole that they are they are recruitment numbers saying. And I think that Obama is Hannah after that the base and it's what the numbers out but I -- -- campaign realizes is. Rob you remember it got just what you're the first debate. He is going to cut him up and I guarantee you. Somehow he's got to figure out ways to get it to send them about how beyond the figures have been -- And it's gonna be over. And I think the American people or kind of funny and LA once -- wake up. -- -- That's just the way there I mean you know about what the general -- mark so upset about the attack are overweight or walk and sleeping giant big goal. I think politically. That's what Obama has done and there's no way he put anybody else who was. Have madness and I gotta tell you if it doesn't jump all over this he is committing political suicide he should take him to the woodshed. And do it in that mid way of his speech where he meticulously systematically. Just carves them up. And then I got to see the media go crazy again. I'm telling you if I was softball Chris Matthews right now Chris yet ready because in two weeks are gonna have another mile down. By -- set of Pampers diapers because I don't wanna see what yourself the second time on the air it's embarrassing Chris this is Jeff corner. On the corner report will be right back after the break. Exercising its Second Amendment right. Every decade -- broadcast. Our Boston we are AM 680 WRKO. This talk station the. Welcome back get a garnering more tough for us this sixteen minutes in radio. 6170666868. Phone lines are -- thing I will take all of your calls but before I do. A quick announcement. This Saturday and Sunday they're great. Firearms. And -- show. Comes to the South Shore expo. Also known as jungle for blacks. On not only way off route three in Plymouth Massachusetts. This show always they knew it meant from the promoters of Marlboro. And Wilmington. And will offer hundreds of modern an antique firearms. Knives. So words. Ammo and all kinds of accessories. And related items for collect thirds and shooters. This first event we'll have the best buy eggs. Bring in your firearms or knives. To sell or trade -- Saturday. From nine until five and Sunday from nine till three. Jungle blacks. Slash South Shore expo. Not only way off exit five on route three. For more go to WWW. North east guns show dot com -- WWW. Dot north east guns -- always a dot com. Do you believe these numbers. These new economic numbers these jobs numbers. Where do you think the fix is then I wanna hear from you John you're on the corner report. Yeah Jeff probably is quick to beautiful day here in Boston by the way. They don't two weeks ago I did go to the carriage or Marlboro and it is definitely a -- taken so what are. Anybody's Indians -- elaborate but anyway. I'm gonna look back in terms of the sixties we had the -- -- students were really upset with the government that was lying to them about body count coming out of Vietnam. And that I I think it's just thinking of this scenario with a power lies you and you know they'll line here. And then they have to be a pivot point where you know the news or well whoever is releasing information are they are you know. They're given the power is given our long inflation to try to hold onto their power. Give any comment there are those that are out yet. John look -- you're dead right there's no question about it. When the government is lying to you the way our government is and has been for three and a half years that people number one have to say enough is enough. But where's the press. I mean I understand there are many liberals in the press corps but where's the free press and America. Well let happen what happened in the sixties when it was a pivot point where you know Walter Cronkite finally said you know I I think I think that's. Why we're finally everybody's forget you know the kid she -- -- There has to be a point and -- and Mike I think frankly this may be the point. And I mean when you're staring at sixteen trillion dollars in debt. And the economy is collapsing and the government is telling you don't worry be happy I'm telling you the American people are gonna say you know what. There this doesn't correspond. And we're tired your life is Kelly welcome to the corner report. Well my friend Kathy -- The best thing about the other night when Romney. Get thanked Obama in that in that debate was listening to -- -- can -- in one day I'll definitely need you on. 11 AM 11 PM -- time that they would get cater to the American people. Totally don't believe this stuff. He had -- socialist. You know mark essential -- and we've been CNN fort. I don't have worked very Erie Canal and I can't I mean it's it's even made it he's totally even made it and we Althea. A man Kelly and if I Mitt Romney should just go after him like he did in the first debate that's all he's got to do. Tom you're on the -- report. -- corner Arcadia all. Blix creating liberal on a daily basis that red white and blue -- -- paving the -- that's our problem and I'm gonna move quickly god bless you. Jeff we're in a day and age of data corruption. This is frightening. We need -- -- the potential of that Communists fact Ed George Soros counting the votes. Jeff when the show and you bear all the Coke Brothers. We better get an independent tabulation machines. All of this fighting -- for not -- we've got Abbott is close to an honest voted speak possibly get. We need -- -- counting the votes could are fired at a true election. Tom thank you for that call and look in this spirit now of you Obama is America I've been talking to grace. You know what I'm now 210 pounds. So all of you out there you may think I'm to a 65. No I'm 210 pounds I'm in fantastic shape you gotta love my six back adds Steve. Welcome to the coroner report. Page importing -- yeah. -- made the news that they've been waiting to do this sort of cooking vote number these last job on the before the election they've been planning to get as below peak because that's what he's promised so there are -- -- probably November or late November. So like he point 28 point one -- no longer really has you know get provided they always do and don't pay -- -- the revised numbers nobody cares about but the problem is. They didn't count on a bad debate by Obama -- would it happen is if you education debate or even held his own. This number would look so bad -- be like oh okay it's not that bad but Romney's he screwed up the debate and it looks like -- -- Are rarely and Israeli and Steve brilliant. Remember early on. He said if this if if I don't get unemployment under 8%. This will be a one term proposition. And he couldn't do it. -- hasn't been able to doing. And then he got trounced that the debate and the fix was then they were saying a okay the last jobs report we're gonna get hot one under 8%. And if you're right how he won the debate people's civil look at the dear leader everything is working exactly as he said. And now it's all boomerang against them 61726668. Or 68. We are got four years and I know quickly how people they'll network that that's exactly right and and did all year from now I think people are gonna see that. We're starting to make some progress but. There's still going to be some -- out there if I don't have this done in three years. Then there's going to be a one term proposition. And he was. Ol' one month away and all of a sudden. He's now under 8% and M thanks for doing what. I'm gonna pick it actually got a new way to know what you and I would -- right -- -- -- -- don't. Yeah you don't understand and I noted in the theater I'm there my whole little boy in my breakfast and brought back too -- at 5:30 every morning I look Forward Air -- -- yourself -- Bob. Like -- I don't resort to single out a -- -- Thank you so much body I will be filling in Monday morning 530 to nine for Michelle -- and -- Feinberg. You can catch me then have a great weekend. This is -- grow and our. Liberalism is. Worst nightmare. Here's what. Rush Limbaugh this just talk Feinberg on Michelle -- this is Jeff. This is very Armstrong. Nine to eleven on the financial exchange this is AM six JD WRK. Oh Boston Boston talk.