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Gov. Sununu Calls The President Lazy - Yes Andrea Mitchell LAZY.

Oct 4, 2012|

Former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu while critiquing President Obama's horrible debate performance last night, said to Andrea Mitchell that it revealed how "how lazy and detached" he is. An appalled Andrea Mitchel said : "Governor, I want to give you a chance to maybe take it back. Did you really mean to call Barack Obama, the President of the United States, lazy?" Turns out the Governor did...We spoke with Governor Sununu.

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And joining us now is another guy I think who's heart feels like an alligator today and I would be -- former New Hampshire governor John Sununu and that was beautiful what you did to wife Andrea Mitchell. Tell tell also tell us are very good with Telus would tell us what happened there we we played the cut in the first hour. You know the usual. The Democrats kept pumping pumping talking points all over the press today. Trying to say that that Mitt Romney has this five trillion dollar. Tax cuts for the rich. Because of five billion dollars increase the deficit they don't know what I'm talking about. And then it was trying to deal with talking point number two. And -- to. You know he's wrong. Mitt Romney has the packets there that pays for the middle class tax cut by closing loopholes. By making some of them. Means tested some limited to a total cap and when you do all the arithmetic is more than enough from the basket -- take care of it. But he doesn't want it it is. As good as they wanna go to congress has made this is what it is to make it or leave it Mitt Romney knows how to negotiate. As Woodward pointed out. Obama hasn't got the lightning -- Padilla had to negotiate or or be bipartisan in terms of creating solutions. And and so the Democrats want Mitt Romney to make a list of what we will keep in the basket not deep in the basket. And it is telling you guys go about it in this I know how to do it and take in the whole basket with the congress and will work out right. I thought that was effective when he said -- -- -- I Guidant I know how to negotiate a dividend Massachusetts within 87% Democrat legislature but let's get that a -- took a lazy outline of yours I mean it I thought for a long time -- I was rolling lazy and you know weigh in but you don't which. You let the cat out of the bag on national TV and Andrea Mitchell was stunned I mean I think she was she's also -- come back and bite her. The Democrats as saying he wasn't well prepared for the Democrats this thing he -- there was -- the president that they before maybe two days before I do be real cool. When I think it was when he delivered pizzas for the workers and let you know. I came here because you know -- capacity making me work and making -- prepared well that the mean as a sign of somebody that they want to work. And doesn't want to prepare so like this it's correcting you the conference. It was it was nice I get time to visit the Hoover Dam to a two great tourist attraction but I thought he would have other things should be more concerned about this particular moment. Well you know as as I watched him last night as I watched President Obama. I don't know why but in the middle of that debate. A couple of lines I think it's an old Ella FitzGerald on May be wrong but. But there was despondent which he says. Things -- whimpering child again bewitched bothered and -- -- older at fox and all I could point to visit as president would be which. Bothered and -- will there. I was the of -- from a Richard the third. A teleprompter and teleprompter my kid -- teleprompter. You and he'd been. Barnacles that that they've they've exploded. -- But I'll never forget what the name. Big -- -- it a million bucks to. Bill Bill Maher. He he says I can't believe I'm saying this. But it really does look like Obama and he's -- -- joke out last night and so last night light light the country's in trouble. He doesn't understand the problem he doesn't know what the problem is. And it doesn't know how to fix it and and I thought. His presentation last night was great classic. Very well packaged exploration to -- -- is the white people wrote hopefully. You know what shocked me was and yet it became very clear maybe 22 exchanges into the debate. He had he had no comebacks when Mitt had all -- -- facts and figures at his fingertips. You would think that the guy the guys in the White House doesn't he go to these meetings doesn't read any of the briefing papers. Doesn't have any interest in his in his own government. He birdie but he had no he had no response he had no comebacks he did he he did not winning more than. -- and then the average Obama -- wielding spot on the straight. I always the patterns the pattern of following this is the guys -- it. 60%. On the national security -- 60%. Of it is DIA. Presidential daily brief interactions with the CIA expert. Then there's that happened there that people should begin to understand. What's the problem. He likes to go to political event at rallies where where people. Our hand picked to be in his audience. -- like to go to fundraisers where people that the people there are the ones that are willing to pay to see them and patiently gonna. Give them an audience that's receptive and he likes to play golf and then go to the -- things he'd like to do. He liked to meet celebs don't. You know that put that in the category of the fundraising. Yet but but but you're right but my point is. Being president art work I work for president but were extremely. That. Seven days a week when he 47. Was was truly. Into all the details as much is because it. At a time when when certainly the world. Needed a president that gave focus and and George Herbert Walker Bush is that this president I don't think it's focusing on the important things in Mitt Romney. Put it tool last night and and look. What went to Libya thing I said is -- it was raised the emperor has no clothes moment for Obama's foreign policy. I think last night with emperor has no clothes moment -- put his domestic policy. It is clear this president is is over it I kept looking -- him. To try and figure out a way that it uses experience from the from the Illinois State Legislature I thought it was looking for a way to -- Spain and just vote present. Well like you know speaking of your president George H. W. Bush remember -- crappy got for not knowing what the -- owner allegedly not knowing what the bartender was. I obviously posting that last night when Barack was -- was bragging about how. I cut 3600 dollars for that in taxes for the average American family and maybe they can go out news that the buy in new car. I mean I just couldn't get out and play it that way back. I mean that's much worse toward George Bush George and shut up now -- and it got a PS. Is a guy who's never done any thing. He's he wells a car and cost 3600 bucks big big problem that you go factory actor and let's European conflicted -- Look it is people. People have to start paying real serious -- five weeks. It got to understand. Eight plus percent. One million people under employed and employed -- And they -- you know. I've got that -- Mitt Romney quite well and look let me make -- -- people want and OP really is if -- really is I think last night he demonstrated he knows people are hurting he really -- This is a guy whose tax returns. Nobody denies that is income. I'm telling you is that is that guys whose service is what it is to be but I think his time. Giving it here of his kind back to state when he was governor it was country's president. And that's the way he news and I hope people as they saw him last night were able to absorb a little bit of that reality. Did you see the give you look at the Drudge Report that outlines on their amused just you know it's just the good news is horrible -- get gas prices and cal for Europe to like. 450 gallon there -- there'd spot shortages now what the pumps in California. Harry Reid issued a press I think a false press release accusing Mitt Romney of saying something he never did say. The Obama people are prior. There are Barack begging the media -- was to portray their spin on the debates I mean it's just it. These can these people are in disarray. Well they are but but we we can only hope that the voters are seen old and you know it's that's the big unknown is it registering. And then we've got five weeks that the spread the word and have people understand this is important. Our young folks out there in some of them now I read their report of the year of Obama. And made probably a high probability that they have not found -- job in the Korea they studied for. They that may be you know -- and hamburgers served or groceries or something and there are a little bit of money. And Obama is proud that they can live with their homes that follow -- with the folks at home when. Beyond their insurance policy but they're not very it is not you know and it's I'm very happy about it. And at political career. -- anticipation of what life was going to be by studying for a career in college. Has been thrown out of whack by four years that what you wrote that a lacked -- or probably means it takes another degree of Puerto Rico over. He's ruined life. -- but it you know but again they've been brainwashed they were just saying earlier after over Wellesley high school tonight where they have a rhythm on the library yeah -- they have a list of great American and British writers and of the English writers writers. And of course Obama's name is there we don't know oracle -- but his name is on the wall in the here's a story today from Philadelphia. High school teacher threatens to assault student for wearing a Romney teacher likens it to kkk -- Mean this is this is this the way this is what. The the -- -- -- tax payers are up against. Well you know it happened funny that -- academic world so to speak one of the spin that these that the -- Obama people what kind of spread is that what his problem last night is that he was to profit story. Well I thought this couple for six years -- -- -- is that what you're professorial. That was un informed prepared believe he -- -- more. And if you keep calling and that combination of an informed. I'm prepared tedious and boring professorial you may end up blowing the lead knee jerk liberal academic. I've gotten their pocket. Pro for us they that's what is really the calling a professorial he he wasn't prepared I mean if I used to teach a few courses would be yield. -- came to class on prepared. That's that's the worst thing you can go. I teach in the we're just announced it. But the work it and you don't. I actually you know. Have a strong interest in listening that the retail and and I I every time we started talking about. Two thirds of the way in the -- -- the way into that there is no way I started drifting off thinking about other things. And at. You'd just brought up the deep the -- I had completely in the and that with the city's 600 dollars to go buy that car he was -- he urged people off. It was pretty. Now it's a six. By six dollars a gallon in California now according to the 4 PM ABC news station trying to make up a point stations are closing in many places will be -- they did some exit polls and I -- not exit polls instant polls in California. And he mid one it wasn't declared the winner by Californians in peril including an LA and San Francisco then go out. So there's just. In. Slightly liberals that we thank. -- ago. Was going to be great to see -- your vicinity there's they have the ability polls are that. Totally too little -- I'm expecting a big problem Ali I'm expecting what I called the lose affect the as people kind of digested over time the number of -- if slow. -- well listen it legacy indeed did a great job with Andrea Mitchell and I love the way -- you know she was she was. She was shocked that you would call him lazy she let you go on for like thirty seconds in the -- that she doubled back and tried to get you to apologize for that it was great it was. This has been such a great day as the governor. As well. While it happened. I've made and that may happen next 35 or whatever it is he's just -- -- okay thanks a lot governor soon that we -- it by.