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Dennis Lehane talks about his new book

Oct 3, 2012|

Mystic River author Dennis Lehane talks about his new book and is past experience with the movie making process.

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I'm totally underground. -- from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building we once again make contact without. -- 680 WRKO. Feinberg and make -- -- -- network capital funding corporation your future of finance for the next couple weeks at least. During what was Michael savages slot before he quit doing his show. We are now learning mark within the greats talk post from the great line that's what Sean calls him right. The great take what the great. -- Syrian -- mark great to talk with you debate tonight. What do you think. Well first so it's a great honor I really. Excited about this looks -- probably our tail while -- patient. It's -- you belong. Well thank you and I appreciate that what a -- to meet tonight happening I see no matter what happened with the big media praise Obama for his -- brilliance and. He'll stay -- Maloney. -- -- they come they'll say that he was very calm even when he was under attack I'd like that 2007 speed treatment at all thank I thought. Romney will be said that the stiff. Out of touch and so here's the bottom line I'm hoping. Vocalist of the year program ignore all the after debate and -- that except for I don't. Because look at the practical -- -- down because that is what is its sustained media run in the polls the same -- running interference for Obama. -- will be commenting on the performance -- compared with -- I could care less. What I'm hoping Romney will -- and he's got a thousand people telling them what to do so well that's not helpful but when I'm hoping without getting into the weeds in his. He comes in like Reagan did it happen and others -- -- fact -- I work for Reagan becomes it was five things he wants to get across river that is a presentation of the American people. That's but it really is. I think he wants to get across to the American people about himself what he wanted to do and that doesn't mean you can have more but get your message out number one number two. I think who wanted to say about your opponent and his agenda he can take 25 things that's fine but don't leave that stage without getting that app and number three. Have a really positive closing statements and they have a couple minutes -- minutes for closing statement. Reminding people that this is America we have an American spirit attendants beard and that the government gets that away we changes administration. You know we can -- our greatness again. I mean his line I think it's all right good it will not -- well. It is is how we are very perceptive -- clean up that well sometimes Todd sounds like this if he doesn't yeah you are probably doesn't dress like that -- fine. But wary about it a little carried away it went under his khakis right now if I will not apologize. For America. -- not lie to the American people like Obama has done repeatedly regarding the situation in Libya and murder and pastor Steve. Yeah I I think that's all good night. This is focused on domestic and economic policy but that doesn't mean a a a debater can't get his points and I. There's so here's the deal there's so much low hanging fruit with this president on his record on the line of all the rest of the you really have to plan ahead on what it is that you wanna get out and -- yet to be ready for most of the great singers everybody plays the -- singers and so forth. They're counterpunch. So that you can anticipate questions that the moderator is commands you anticipate Obama attacked class warfare you have released. Actually -- capital in you're out of touch. Things of that sort and Obama's gonna spend I think a lot of his time. Talking about new provinces in the future because you know he didn't keep any result provinces so hopefully. -- will be ready for these. And what Obama possibly. Possibly promise the American people that anyone's gonna -- Literally -- anyone's gonna believe. But you know 40% of the American people in the group -- no matter what he. If -- -- -- state with a bag though reasonable thing now Alan Bennett's so don't get that 40% of the -- well. What can you possibly say I don't know I can understand like ten or 15% of the people are still undecided. So what do I -- but the fact is -- Obama is gonna talk about you know he's already started he's gonna trade have millionaire a 100000 in manufacturing just can't presidents cup against the -- cracks me up exactly take it to that higher taxes more regulations. Any number they -- -- -- nobody here they just grab onto. They grab on and -- the Department of Defense but all people that with countless great I would encourage people election 2007. Speech. Because that's the real -- right there. In the end it was so put that in context force that's up on my blog if you wanna see today eight -- excerpts from a speech that have never been released before apparently that came out on the daily caller. You can also find -- Todd -- dot com. So it was so -- would there is the president using an accent much stronger than one we've heard a muse and hole vernacular and a whole attitude of or racial divide that we haven't heard him use quite so well overtly. That speech. Even the accident I mean you know what I speak to do it of people I don't start speaking in Utica Overtown and little -- this is -- and the but the point is people putting that aside. That was a very evil speech it was full of lies -- race baiting and bringing up Katrina and the LA riots. And he has put on that. -- happy -- community and we say harmony is reaching out to Reverend Wright and good god this is the real Barack Obama this is the south side Chicago Barack Obama this is the guy that that would there's. And could Levy and the Warren. And and sat in that that the church for twenty years listening to right there he is and that is only nine months before. He was in the piece of the presidential election in 2008. And when he talks about spreading the wealth when you look at -- obamacare takes money from one group and gives it to another. When you look at all the planes that fundamental transformation it all comes together we kind of business. Let's take care and screaming at Andy's here and race baiting and these guys put myself. He's trying to cause a riot honestly when I was watching that speaks well why you lie like this and why you. Why you remotely like that was scary. Lee what was worst since ski area I think it was completely demoralizing an all did their folks that are being. Decrying. The Tea Party members as a racist there's nothing more racist than suggesting that you community is so stupid they don't know how to pull their pants up push up the work on time or act appropriately in -- workplace I mean that was so inherently racist it goes beyond -- It's an excellent point very -- the typical. And then you know suburbs they don't need any highways out there -- -- I mean just just. The the whole you know that I'll say -- this is very un American this is a country with people from. Diverse backgrounds immigrants people who've been there -- 200 years brought here as slaves and it. We we had this war's coming real Reza we've had. The fight over legislation in this country in the world lot and we and we made enormous progress on race quite frankly. People -- speaking -- -- -- Country who have all different colored sedan that's speaking into the country because they wanna be discriminated against they're speaking into the country because it's the nation afraid. Very good point mark and for Obama to be talking like this devastated south. This system and it's -- there in the Oval Office making all these decisions in this 2007. Speech shows that's real you know insight. But it it all at one of the things I think that's insightful about it is it demonstrates. How dividing the country up into little blocks works very well for politicians he'd go any news talked to the black ministers. And you talk in a way that white America has never imagined that black people get together and talk with -- each other there is a police assisting -- system and a and acceptance of reality and this is what was revealed by the Reverend Wright tapes as well I think. That doesn't match up with what the rest of us expect because we listen to Democrats run around for generation and more. Talking about how their about love and compassion and healing the racial divide and then they'd love dancing on the racial divide. You know this is a tactical left I mean I think bring up Ted Kennedy was that was an expert system. What they do is they talk about that but people. And then they break it into little groups because they never wanna talk about the individual because the individuals currently under attack from the left. You know we have to buy a certain type the health care we have to drive certain kind of cars we have to use certain type of light bulbs and -- Arafat. We -- the target of their multi of their reshaping of their Nevada. So what they do is they talk about the people but the base the concept of these groups within their income groups or racial groups or gender groups. And they turn one against the other. It for purely political and power purposes so where the masses. We're either white or black or Hispanic or Asian leader in the middle class to richer report. And as an and an as they think benefits them. They treat it this way they don't treat it as individual human beings than that's something I try to talk about almost every night this is something I've written about a lot. Because that they treated as an individual human beings the whole notion of liberalism melt away. Markel event tuning in tonight at 7 o'clock right after how we here at WRK a once again. We love having on the air -- -- -- event thank you for coming on with us this morning. WORK -- I'm certainly take out blood banks period. Well thank you are where glad to have -- -- -- -- did it ever did he call you -- -- Is already -- now -- it feedback did that little tinge of you know decently and is that one of the fact that that the the president was as it was it was kinda like other artists Obama's Hawaiian accent come out. -- it I think gets yet. -- we're gonna talk but Dennis -- -- Nazis the famous author from Boston writer of great books and books that have been made into movies. If yes but just take you wanna do something our states in six AB WRKO.