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Brown/Warren Round 2

Oct 2, 2012|

Howie was fresh from the Scott Brown/Granny Warren debate last night at UMass Lowell Tsongas Center. Howie thought Senator Brown pulled it out despite a biased moderator and wants to know what you thought of last night's boxing match.

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Who do you think won the debate last night Scott Brown Elizabeth Warren. Scott Brown yes and 94%. Of the six Warren supporters. I don't know maybe there are members over tried. I got that joke in my columns in the that the unit via listener and it was a warm it was a warm October evening. Elizabeth Warren -- Like that thank you thank you. -- says you're welcome by the ways and that was a -- fine line while. There was -- Euro and nobody put it through for you he did put it. 1897. I can't believe that meals Scott Brown picked on that nice -- legally. You know you know somebody to Symbian the rough crowd last -- -- to -- Symbian text and they said you know Scott may have won that debate and all that but he lost he lost thousands of votes. When he made that nasty -- of money in your classroom professor I didn't think that. Nasty nasty how the hell is this an -- that did for him to say something like that. Comment on my record at least have you referred to rent and every excuse me if I -- -- match. And I'm at Illinois didn't have not a student -- class and please let me respond. That you get the feeling too that you know David Gregory started off you know he probably a nice. Nice big edge are cool laid before one up there too while on the platform and but he was gonna you know -- providing -- David Gergen like performance you know law asking her softball questions and asking tough -- to Scott Brown. But then did you hit it seemed to change as the debate went on it was like as as seems to happen with so many people who. Get to know Elizabeth Warren for who gets tired are fifteen or twenty minutes. He kind of got he kind of had to hear it with that any Warren. And army staff on and on answering the questions now that that'll end and the thing this this wouldn't this newest thing now I sheet she said. Win. Win Hillary should -- he was she was herald reporter broke the first -- about the woman of color. She said she didn't it was a it was a game that -- -- press conference and you know. Very confused and loud and she didn't understand the question. And apparently she didn't understand the question for five weeks. Bringing -- -- five wakes the next day the next day they said when did you the Harold they're The Herald front -- was out there you know Liz Warren claims to be an Indian. And and so the next the same people were back all the same reporters including Hillary shall bow or back and they said that with it we you know while I'm. A wind did you know that the the Harvard said you were at Harvard said you weren't India and they were -- Wednesday as a native American. And she said. We had rented in The Herald this morning. Really. Now how is that. How does that which shape up with the fact that she -- she's been surged last I -- know for five weeks. It but the day after the first or the day the first story appeared on the front page she said she she knew what when she read -- morning. I wish I had been faster in answering the question. But the truth is the truth. You know the truth about veteran and knows that's a sense that each were. -- she keeps. Saying she's -- neck. Or about a million examples of that you know about it the trump is the true open. You know when I'm fighting for the I'm fighting for the middle class because you know big she brought up hammered -- and she that she was Schuessel aghast at the end she mentioned hammered. And you know the playing field as -- how how much work did you -- the playing field and having a white person -- to be minority so that he can so that he or she can get that. -- quick point out that the Teamsters tracked things that I mean there are buses and trucks from the Teamsters senior. And you you have on your windshield to and I came out was a nasty little -- That they had Xerox was Scott's Kozlov picture and some nasty lies about him on every pressed congressional windshield. There -- -- roster union from Boston locally to where they just indicted for the people for shaking down there's no that's for they know they've done away with what they've done away with. Locally to the they've they've urged him and local one point five. Elder abuse at the debate laughing out loud. 18774694322. To a seven I can't believe the people who told me that Mitt lost their -- over the audience. Well if anybody tells you that what you've got to do is tell them that it. Barack Obama gave a damn dog. You know how many times we have to say this what's worse is it -- to put a dog on a roof. Of a car in a crate and bad drive him to Michigan order eat that dog. 18774694322. Idea I would this'll what does -- which -- Scott Brown told that poly science students something more about I don't when he says that what he -- you get that thing now but. I always wonder and I I thought I kept waiting for two when the poly sci student from you -- came up I kept waiting for me to say. We don't you know while all here is what I was Scott -- -- -- and told polish site student wanted to get a job. -- about it though Polly's side degree good luck getting a job with that. I would've been too mean you you what did you said you know maybe maybe you should have thought about something other than Paula I mean poly -- and history here. Very interesting subjects and -- on that. But maybe you should have gone for some a little more career oriented. Was that it was what Scott Brown this news Scott Brown's I think he answered it better than Liz Warren. Well you know we're gonna have some of these new jobs and you wouldn't want to get a construction job. She's. A teacher wants a construction. -- 18774694322. And the thing about the jobs -- couldn't -- drops she kept coming back to jobs. Absent myself. This woman is older. This woman several years older than me I can remember like it was yesterday. Him in the city of Boston I know I know she was in on -- -- New Jersey somewhere but I remember the seventies in this in City Hall. And they had this thing called -- comprehensive employment training exceed. What -- that was except this thing called youth activities commission yeah. And we name the reporters. -- -- we -- -- he acts in the world pay for -- -- these job programs that she was talking about how it's optional voted for these jobs programs the these people you know once they win hack. One should go pack yet never come back. You know holy some of these people at most I'm retired not a big fat pensions they never did a day's work in their lives in a no show jobs that were hacks. -- that the public -- some of -- -- still -- So from their their their army mid sixties to make a big box. That's that's the -- both real jobs he ran me. Don't -- and no don't you understand any of this. They probably is waiting to talk to the congressman's yet so ago no problem but regarding this is that -- really. Chris thank you can go after you configure audit. Is that every embassy or consulate. Based on the physical outlet line in the physical -- -- as whether -- collapse -- not -- -- -- or whatever. Is great -- And based on that -- they have to have a certain level security. And you can not -- security. Only you -- get away from the secretary of state somebody's signed a waiver somebody's signatures. Close to oracle and to say you don't have pulled -- class you have good stuff you have Marines that's okay. So some and somebody made the big screw up in their -- of course they're trying to protect. Hillary because her husband is is trying to carry Barack Obama crossed the finish line here. Right right absolutely it's he's -- your Bill Clinton is the most popular person. You know. In a Democratic Party by a lot. Yeah so we can't get rid of his wife just now it's it's just I mean this this kind of in confidence with it is intolerable whatever party is -- now. But it but the fact that -- the Democrats are in power in their money their money -- getting challenged. You know. Yeah it dead yet it did. Ambassador trailer Americans in this morning have a debt Border Patrol -- how -- work and -- Yeah I know and yeah and this I think another American was killed in Afghanistan and NATO as well I know. Thanks for the call -- 1877469432218774694322. These guys that got shot -- these Border Patrol agents one was killed and one was wounded they weren't horseback. The one they want they can anyone think and they weren't any trouble in this suddenly they run into war automatic fire from these from these Mexican. Ben vetoes David your next with how we cargo ahead David. And back in knee trouble in the early eighties a couple of rather. Got caught -- -- it. I I we're up. You look I think there I thought the name was Malone but it may -- it was Quinn Quinn -- Malone anyway that Irish anyway. There are accurate and say that we checked -- haven't -- the -- All bought my bet they try to show up picture. -- -- -- apparently. There is street if they want but there was about a woman that it was up that -- solid back and they get. Accurately at a yard sale was when it was a picture of a Mexican Indians be attempted that kinda thing in the and they. But according -- oh -- a lot by. Yes they lost their jobs they lost their options they were yeah there were day they they were their careers were destroyed yeah that is. How it bought the turn the other cheek when she'd be -- pocket are. Right exactly would say yeah there's a while we're looking around for Europe I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- on MSNBC either run either last night -- this morning. And she was saying well a bigger we you know how they -- we use these these obsolete racial on strikes. Just because she's as white skin and blue wise does that mean if she was told she was an Ambien and this is strong David and I. I don't feel confident about making this up their big thing you know I don't remember when cutting any slack for a long Brothers the you know. No no not not lighter -- bill I'd run out. -- -- attention all of -- -- -- -- what they didn't get you to the great. It. Didn't get -- But why it and they get -- job. Right but they they weren't the beautiful people like like Elizabeth Warren you know that's the different -- actually called it. 1877. Anyone remembers what the Malone Brothers -- anyone whoever has you know. Headed this as somebody get a ghetto leaped over him and a -- in the school situation or civil service situation promotion. They know what this system. I that's why it in I would think -- on a moon bats would understand how this this affirmative action can can be fully abused. If you have people faking it. It's bad enough I don't I don't think I don't think a lot of the people getting affirmative action. Who have the ethnic backgrounds and get affirmative action should should have any advantages I don't think they've ever suffered and he. If any particular era. Discrimination. But they get it in the and having a white person claim that that's worse that's to me that's -- why. And and now it's become now it's getting out why are you bringing this up this is an important issue it isn't. I think it's very important especially when she can't she still can't come clean honest she refused they asked David Gregory asked -- Did you think of yourself as a minority she refused to answer a pinch. 18774694322. Not everybody's heard the debate last night I understand that. There was -- it. -- on -- -- there in the you know pennant. Just kidding. They have beat nine to -- What do bass. Track. Anyway so they wanted to hear the the some people wanna hear what the David Gregory's question to her about minority and burden on respondents are here. You've acknowledged that you listen yourself. As a minority. The end of faculty. Directory in 1986 he continued to list yourself in those directories until 1995. Do you consider yourself a minority and if not. Is there any other reason and for some kind of benefit that you would list yourself and such directors. Got I have to answer this question many many times and it starts with the fact that from the day I was born until the day my mother died. She told me about who I am who we are my Brothers are my family has. And I have never used the information about our native American Heritage to get any advantage. Not to apply to college not to apply the law school. And not to get hired for any job. Thought I was listed in the directory as if I listed myself as native American. I was listed there is part of why am do you consider yourself Menard I consider myself as having a native American background that's what I said that's what I -- I wish I could say the word on the air. The first part the first syllable would be -- know you know with the second syllable. Would be. That is. Nonsense. That sponsor and -- knows what she said that Scioscia I you know -- we've been given a lot of grief I'm sure other people have been through. She'd been saying for a couple of weeks now. I didn't use my knee and native American Heritage began in two. Undergraduate. School and of course yeah that proves the point. You got it to the University of Houston and you got in to watch it law school at Rutgers neither of them top tier schools. You never got into way and he'd ever had near the Ivy League until you start to check in the box that somehow she's denying that she ever. Check the box to get the job. It's funny though you know she she's. She is what she is she says than that but but she was she was until -- from the age of zero to 38 she was a white horse. Going lower the age of thirty -- and University of Texas not a bad law school but not not ideally. She becomes a native America and she starts out with -- watch now then moves up. To Jack in the Box for more significant. Employment applications. Then she goes to pat. Soon thereafter she is offered ten year at Harvard University. I now what's up in nineteen now or 211990. 1990 fine she is old age she's 46. So she is she's for eight years she's been an Indian. -- at the age of 46 she reverts to. Her Caucasian. -- she becomes -- and impaired. So she's been she's been she's gone from white to Indians two white. Once she once she got where she wanted to be which was ten. What a liar she is. How we should have Linda McMahon on your show was running in a very tight race against them moon but Chris Murphy for Joseph Lieberman's senate seat in Connecticut where we try to get Iran -- we're gonna try to do that very shortly. 18774694322. Same thing at Verizon they called the jet programs junior executive training and York Joseph was if you -- you -- minority your career took off like -- -- one minute and operator. That and a blank your second level management it's. It's it's not right it's and you know what most people most people know what's right indeed you don't see -- me up. When I was I I I had police tried to go home so I listen on the radio and -- McCollum from home. But does seem to call me when the -- -- -- was going on -- told what happened when Gregory first raised questions and he of via fake India. Background. I wasn't sure Arnie a listening on the radio -- wasn't sure that this is gonna carry into the microphones and by the TV the radio. But as soon as he brought up her supposed Cherokee artist he was a hissing from the audience. And it wasn't just me I mean everybody who was sitting let me just turned and looked -- because we were about halfway. We -- in the press box about halfway up the side of the arena -- and it was just threw it does it resonated throughout the back and I was I was kind of shot. You know they they don't they don't care. They -- you know we've heard them say you know wanna Jacobson's in our -- wanna -- people love it tyrants legal insurrection week on the air Cornell professor. He's when his people down to when native American progressive conference and asked him how he felt about this woman stealing jobs from real native American they call her racist. So if you call somebody out on be a fake Indian that make sure racist -- it it at least with some moon bats. 18774694322. -- well how we -- also Republican to before she became a Democrat yeah that's true as well. Daniel you're next with Howard cargo ahead Daniel. And alleyways were holding signs outside -- debate before started noticing chip in the playground across the street and they would garner and the Scott Brown. Until some guy with a camera went up and talk to -- for human that they changed to warn parents. And you don't so we went up to the kidnappers sent in a wide if you change why you what what did you tell you that made you chance for war now. And the bad -- middle schoolers that well who said that Scott Brown was always correct scared and that he didn't help support it and that. If we voted for Scott Brown we would always be four. That court that what that guy told the kids -- probably you know preteens -- playground who you know they'll get lower again. -- -- -- Daniel it's just the opposite she what she wants to do everything she can't make them to keep the import to keep them on the plantation. It's amazing and the you know you guys were outnumbered two significantly because they the union -- all got the day off and they were sent out they would they -- that the strongest arena about. About 2 o'clock or 3 o'clock and the Scott Brown people head to head to work in the last notable statistic -- Scott Brown people -- even -- and they just they just hide their signs to the trees and then and then left and came back hours later. You don't like that Scott Brown people hide their signs the trees and left because they had to go back war. They have jobs. Thanks for the call Daniel frank your next without -- ahead frank. Our great topic I've really enjoyed the debate I think Scott is fantastic -- are you really laid out issues. He explained -- Wendell Roland. Social orbit that was making making false accusations the and I think -- as the ohrnberger. It's just a aren't sure. I don't I am I'm order middle class some ordered downtrend on Orbitz she and aviation think she repeats it enough it's going to be true. Yeah a big oil you know I mean what -- what is this big oil's big oil made a 137 billion. Richard figured frank the government made in taxes on big oil last year I guarantee it's more than a 137 billion. You know in Austin at least we got something from big oil we got heating oil we got gasoline we got propane we care as you know our main. We -- and I agree. Statement struck that you'd think that if there was that I think -- -- those actually that that -- what we ask Arctic. Right I know any any also. These are just these are just stuff -- bills that they they put forward so that they can get that they can get a so called bad vote. A lot of Democrats are voting against this stuff in the -- it's not serious legislation. And our car. So we'll just bring -- Generic democratic campaign that's it exactly there's there's there's nothing about Massachusetts and she could be from anywhere she is from anywhere from how we car.