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Elizabeth Warren has no law license, and maybe breaking laws?

Sep 25, 2012|

Todd And Michele talk about Elizabeth Warren's latest scandal, which was uncovered by the blog http://legalinsurrection.com/

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At this Rush Limbaugh I'm glad to be back on Boston's. -- -- Feinberg and the POW -- brought to you by network capital funding corporation your future finance. Michelle's back today and I said here shallow it is nice Didier Julie were you shocked when he went outside today. I actually like -- like separate care what you write out a little surprising was like 43 degrees it was a little surprising. Cold I have my Jean jacket it's finally back in style I've had it since the eighties yup and it's back and knees or back. Well I think the Jean jacket to back congratulations. I'm so excited. So Scott Brown wall shall find out when she walks outside and how people respond Scott brought him all that yes say that I love I laugh every time I watch her here this sad because it's not use saying. Anybody's voices but hers or TV people or reporters like Joseph Maddon -- listen up Scott brown and I approve this message. War is trying to -- questions about her heritage behind China morning admitted I didn't find herself as native Americans. -- something now geologist has ended an zero and his own she's facing tough questions about whether. Claim to vehemently. Warren -- given -- the only is eighteen. It's anything else and I knew that we don't really know. I don't think so. It's. Neither is he as three aren't anything new vision about you know. -- -- the NASDAQ-100. Times and I let every time yeah. So funny when she says that in the end yeah. On the morning it launches there is legal insurrection dot com with the new accusations about her practicing law without law license I would have -- -- on the show I sent him an email. Hopefully see how he you know excel well he's just -- and -- he's a guy who did this the story. And he was. All over the world yesterday you know got a -- a publicist. Are now let's listen to. I don't lose warrant your response ad which came out yesterday in response of Scott Brown had we just heard. As a kid I never ask my mom for documentation when she talked about our native American Heritage what kid would. But I knew my father's family didn't like it she was part Cherokee and part Delaware so my parents have to -- Let me be clear. I ever ask for never got any benefit because my heritage. The people who hired me have all said they didn't even know about it. I'm Elizabeth Warren I approve this message Scott Brown can continue attacking my family but -- -- keep fighting for humorous. No wind did. Scott Brown attacked her family I'm not a Red Sox can then they can anybody answer that. This says anything about her family. Now that warrant has suggested that he supports a rape. Why -- suggested that there is a war -- and I mean it sincerity divers still think that was the best light at the debate reason I've been fighting the women's rights since I was six years old. Now is a good line we're dishing check off the boxes throw her entire career that was. And native Americans not her entire -- -- on now if -- usually you router you don't even during those are worse than that she was in the directory until she got the job at Harvard and then she stopped listing yourself. So how can she say -- of her employers knew she was in the directory. Because -- constantly getting tired stories on it in the Hartford -- in the Harvard current the Harvard -- crimson excuse me. Also in the women's law journal or whatever it's called it was printed and a big heart. About it like -- I really have a we've been looking for -- do you not professor -- -- you -- -- you know. Elizabeth Florida I'm sure people like tough. Yeah it's impossible that he was not part of why she got the job also allow. From what I hear from people's nobody with her resume gets consider for -- -- From Harvard gets the best in the world. And why does little Betsy Warren get a job at Harvard you know she got invited in to do visiting professor -- why it is a divider. They wanted a woman of color. And in the big question is why I mean look even Obama had the foresight to know they're not paying his parking ticket that can be a problem. So -- before he announced his candidacy he snacking to some of the unpaid you know what at what was a 400 dollars in unpaid parking tickets at ya a hundred dollars. To warrant the campaign didn't think her practicing law without a license Libyan issue. Stayed apparently did assumed. That she must have been legal. 6172666860. -- assumptions that are ranked first of all the White House okay the White House got burned by Martha Coakley. They trusted. That she would be able to run a competent and that the Democrats in Massachusetts I don't know the democratic race -- marriage shake hands in the cold and you would think the Obama administration would have gone over every inch of her record before they called on her run for -- -- very. Very interesting thing in this in this ad that she hasn't she's been doing it since this whole thing happened she plays a kid card is. I didn't know what was going -- when I was a kid these are stories my parents told me. And Obama -- you remember Obama did the same exact thing with bill lawyers. It wasn't about him being in the liver and -- watching his political career was about how he was eleven years old -- Billy Ayers was doing all this stuff. He's trying to change the narrative to make it like this size so insignificant that's exactly what she's doing. But are still not any of this holds water how anyone can believe that believe her why she's still in the race why is she dropped out yet well the. Yeah nobody to play in her knowing they they even The Herald doesn't have the strength assured Republican she'd be gone all I know. How is so low but what about being a lot breaker in the idea if she tried to portray yourself as the victim nest that. Scott browns picking on my family my feeling on the victim of prejudice. -- leave me alone I never got anything bar in its. Well not it's all a lie in the idea that people are making demands. That -- is a question did you practiced law for not a law license because the interviews that she gave yesterday. She was asked point blank if you don't practiced a lot no I don't. Well I think of records suggest otherwise so somebody needs to get to the bottom of the because did she practiced well not a law license if she did that's against the law. So there's a new try issue for Elizabeth Warren is it time for her to get out of the race and wouldn't there is not any there's one paper in the country that I can find. That is covering the stories a Washington examiner. Otherwise including the Boston Herald it's not out there today how do you figure this and don't you think you would be different for Republicans Mike you're on WRKO Feinberg and -- good morning. Good morning. Yeah -- Elizabeth playing really I -- meet people like her and she's just doesn't directory issue and attended the if America program they have Harvard University. Four John circles. They annual power off festivals and you have the delegates she ran from the native American delegates from the convention that's. Sure and yell Geronimo is grandson or whatever great great grandson. So every time she has a chance they'll be part of culture meet someone you know like her cheek tissue kind of runs for them -- to me get. Give the impression that his -- the name of the title -- you actually wanna touch. Oh yeah there's no question I mean part of what you're talking -- and campaign and her advisors say don't go near those Indians as you don't wanna emphasize the story. But throughout her career. And throughout her pre career life. She never showed any interest in being an American Indian should there was no identities you never tried to join the tribe she never went to tribal events. This was all eight contrivance. In order to further her career. You know why is this why this Turkey and he'll allow her to continue this false narrative. I mean his story could be over and she wouldn't know what have you got it over what could you've done. She should've been Healy admitted that she made a mistake I'm sorry you know I want I'm Kimberly -- check the box I shouldn't have done it. It sees it all owned up to the lie and said she was sorry and until finally go away doing it to meet people and human. And citizens saying that she did to meet people instead of saying that's why M stop attacking my feeling. Because that is a complete lie no one is attacking her family people are attacking her for repeatedly. Repeating. A falsehood. And now we've got to -- a 61726666. -- good morning Peter. Good morning guys they should -- question. I thought they heard back awhile back Chet state proved that her mother and father did know lol pretty light truck -- although not. I'm not proved too but there are you. Mean if you read -- bonnet with the impression you yet is that it's highly unlikely that it was actually and a locally because there was an announcement in the paper. And it wasn't uncommon for people does CR -- down -- the church -- married in the next town but that's not usually how you'll. And everybody know about it so -- -- usually a whopping is designed to circumvent right she was sure her claim is that. That there was some some conflict. Over the marrying of an India and -- her parents had to sneak out of town to to to get married is then why would it be any newspaper. Oh it's offensive vigilant and she claims is prejudice like isn't this complete. It just adds insult to injury that she's -- now what does add that suggest that somehow her family would. Guns. Embraces them. I guess you're right and it also demonstrates that the left doesn't actually care. About the whole racism thing that is just a weapon they use because she should be the one they find most appalling somebody who would go and who would who fake their way into the benefits system. In order to they did to be able pretend to be a minority in skip ahead of her body else that should be the number one crime for liberals. And then to Tug at the heart strings of people speaking that she may have been victimized. By this racist belief that her and her father Stanley didn't like it one bit that her mother was Cherokee blood. By the way nobody has ever proven that Armani even had a single drop of Cherokee blood hitter. Chuck you're next on our -- what's upside. I -- morning session -- my call. One of my friends said that or in -- of -- war and smiled one night he's so nice seeing more sincere smile when it Jacko lantern. Nice I would like to know how much pro Bono work she has done for Indians. I'd like to know how much you made charitable contributions to Indian schools. From the plane missed its. And I'd like to know or she illegally passed so far this year illegally. Practiced law at the University of Pennsylvania when she wasn't a member of the Pennsylvania bar. Cool very answers I wonder if that's what bill Jacobson from legal insurrection the guy who broke this story will be investigating next. Let's go to Tony next you're on the -- Tony. Get -- Understand. This is why -- White House didn't hire workers they couldn't I don't work goes. -- little yeah. Well I know that we know that she doesn't appear to be a lawyer it's hypocrisy Todd latest charges of hypocrisy of her claiming to being. Native American which is not as talking hypocrisy of trying to claim that she was -- victim nerve. Prejudice they attacked by an incredibly hard to believe this does idea that she's out there. We actually did currency driven video where you know Mickey woods trainers like -- don't -- it actually -- -- of the American people know she's now. Been linked to two lawsuits that's screwed. The worker the first with the traveler's insurance that tried -- Get out of paying its passes victims what day. We're Jill because of diseases they sustained as part of their jobs and now The Herald has a story today. That why aren't who has made this whole fighting for the worker is. That is the one that is the focus of her senate campaign but she was also hired legal guy and apparently without a lot license first steel conglomerate trying to dodge paying health and pension benefits to thousands of retired coal miners. So I mean how does narrative continue to play out that she's the fighter for the union worker when she's the one screwing the SP is cynical all money. Is big problem when you have these kinds of issues and you can't put them behind you so she has not yet. -- address to the Indian issue to the satisfaction of all local media and she thinks she can get all the way to the US senate. By -- little fibs and big lies all the same time we'll go to Bob next good morning Cuba. Good morning guys. My question is. Not so much well -- but how about her daughter. -- and mom get away with it has -- -- -- gain by -- but you know any student grants -- -- -- claiming. You know Indian background any -- that about a aspect was shot you need to -- reporters out on. Yeah come on Michelle going now. -- we actually well did I mean -- her daughter is claiming to be anything that she's not I think we would have heard about it by now but who knows. 6172666868. Liz warrant has a new scandal. She's practicing a lot appears in the state of Massachusetts without having. Joined the bar here and that would make her an illegal attorney would end there's no story -- -- clues about it today even though it was all day. On the national Blogosphere yesterday would a Republican get away with this this is 680 WRKO. I have my father's family life. So -- war. When she was an aspiring. Law professor what gives a flying through the ranks of ordinary loss schools up to excellent ones. Listen for yourself and any law journal using native American. And she made it all the way to Harvard and then shortly after making it to Harvard -- ceased to appear. In the law journal as a native American. So -- very you have the story told it was a temporary status. Only claimed while necessary to improve the career. Net interest and by the way in -- in her -- now she's so using it again as a shield without answering the charges that she's a fraud. Exactly she's still doesn't offer up any proof whatsoever that there's a drop of Indian blood in. Any of her lineage however she keeps telling the story on The New Yorker had his profile on those born and I was laughing. Laughing rats and try to go to bed amendment I'm -- needed a job and I get to this point I laughed out loud sleep in the tub sometimes. So my parents were very much in love. Didn't want to get married and my father's mother and father said no you cannot marry her because she is part Cherokee and part Delaware. I meet a -- is ridiculous because who talks like that yeah. -- you can not marijuana obvious she is part Cherokee and. Obviously her making it up. Right it's a fictional position of her parents. Except clean this whole story and I can't enjoy it we're -- program parents are we talking about her grandparent or phrases as such is trying to suggest her father's parents were racist because they didn't want the parents get married because one -- union blood. Right which I give way to describe it or what part Cherokee -- Delaware also tell us though that virtually everybody in the state of Oklahoma. Has Indian blood suicide like anything you would mention or think anything -- Because it's so common. But those high cheekbones that I'm being told about her about. So we've got that Friday now we have a new one and the new one as she practiced law out of her office at Harvard. And it was not a member of the Massachusetts bar recording apparently according to Massachusetts law you have to be a member of the bar if you. Even our doling out casual advice to people about how to handle there. Narrow legal trouble. The third I mean a third debacle for the Warren campaign oh good all of my friends around town right now that a labor is that they're probably up working right this minute. And you drive around Elizabeth -- bumper stickers why they union bumper -- because I had and I asked a question. How possibly argue that warrant is for the working man when she has worked on two lawsuits that screwed over the working she wouldn't do that. The first is for travelers insurance when you win. Workers to. Developed asbestos related diseases. Where denied settlement monies partly because of the work that Elizabeth -- was paid 2121000. Dollars a year for -- now today Hillary and -- -- -- and he'll be joining us today. They have a story talking about how warrant. And you know how she said I'm a fighter for the working man in all the union guys including friends of -- and drive around the -- bumper stickers. She was the one who worked hard to make sure that coal miners retired. We're denied health care and benefits and pensions. So -- she -- there with a straight face. Good -- would jobs I'd say I don't I'm up by your for the working man when she is done quite the job that day in the cases of the coal miners and Pennsylvania. And easiest -- workers. She's just a member of the ruling elite she does whatever she wants that means she takes cases that contradict her supposed -- her passion right. Her passion you're not just criticizing her for her work but she say in her passion in life is fighting for the working stiff. And it seems that she views the working guys are working stiff because she's working behind him behind the scenes. And -- -- and she is so Ariane. That she thinks they're not gonna notice that she worked as a lawyer -- -- -- law license apparently that you worked to the lawyer on these lawsuits. This screwed the working guy I mean -- what do you through working -- actually had when these bumper stickers on. His truck to pick up -- go to work right now please tell me -- what is your rationale for defending the very people who are hurting your brother workers. But if if if some union guy Hassell was -- stick around struck don't use it don't you assume that that's because he he wants to cover himself. Just like all these union people say if they get out pull call to their house. They don't tell the truth about how to gonna vote they always say -- vote for the Democrat because they don't know who it is. Right and they don't want war to get out to have their careers should be. Interfere worth they're gonna -- too because they wanna vote for the best interest of the country rather than the best interest of the union. This somebody in my building that had a Scott Brown bumper sticker on his vehicle to know that they put a warm -- sicker older Scott Brown bumper sticker in the parking lot. So I got bumper sticker war already steep. Well like I understand the temptation we've talked about that before seen here at WRKO with Michelle and -- hi there. Didn't let it -- shot you don't see. You. Yeah I'll listen to amazing Linda -- seems to -- -- -- that just keeps on giving. Yeah well I mean witness it and now I'll wait until the next story will be out. Something like cheers at BA guy so. She's transgender. -- right. And she got to change operation paid by by the mass tax base and it's when -- -- -- when she was the male killer. I mean what does and -- harbor I mean. Dick I mean to -- that hurt do they at least check out some but not her background Democrats have to be I mean this huge humiliating like accused saying if she went to Republican you're kidding -- She would've been -- wish you would have been out of the race months ago. Plus you know keep in mind Steve that she was chosen by the president as the wind to reclaim UC shows so why how else there is not sophisticated enough to check the stuff out. So -- enough to keep ambassador Chris Stephens ally do you think -- and doing a great backwards where. So where exactly is his ducks well don't forget person receiver and she was just a bump in the road. I'm in the road in the LA as well -- -- who is still a the other crap and the other American. Her Intel officer who actually emailed to us frenzy I think -- I die tonight. Thank you Steve Ralph you're on W are you good morning to you. Yeah -- that they expect come on the job at bats the bumper stickers. Let's not a wrap this thing they'll -- -- O brother ball followed about why she's a Democrat just go to guys DOD and jobs yeah yeah I gotta -- -- -- -- -- stickers. Dump me in case the president say it's not quite a lot I'm working with a business pages drug brother in law the only Darby bright just what -- at large somebody's got to run -- a box. Then that's all Ralph was so when you see our union bred her and put need bumper stickers on the back that pick up trucks do you not want to scream. This is the same woman who. Told coal miner is to take -- -- When he came today and pension and benefits that told though this -- -- workers who that -- -- debilitating diseases screw you know. I mean didn't even in infuriate you. Yeah outlawed and other guys that don't don't appear there what the strategy that Democrats huge for a stake. It's the fixes and we understand Ralph thank you for that might -- an -- chatting on these job sites they're actually buying this bolt. Know who they're being told what to do but that doesn't mean they do it well I hope they don't do it Mike good morning. -- good morning Alberto Steve's question they didn't need to look at her -- Democrat running in Massachusetts of course and get a free pass. Was. Just she's clobbered. Right most people and stayed throughout -- it's a debt Italy Portugal at a PR than they are not the person the Massachusetts where it's a -- well now. It didn't work for Martha Coakley and it didn't work for Barack Obama in the Martha Coakley racing you would think I don't think the president care so much -- -- -- some guy out to dry in the Middle East -- gets killed because they're there ignoring. Requests for extra security. But to this race means more to Barack Obama than anything beating Scott Brown means a lot to the president. And they are emphatic candidate there wasn't full of back why well a lot of demonstrates either -- -- lack of options.