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The deterioration of aging males sexual functions

Sep 24, 2012|

The issues relating to the sexual function of men and how it relates to their age. The show discuss tests and studies that have been done and can be found at http://androtrials.org/

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-- clinical supplies the official medical supply company about -- overwhelming you know this is Scott TrailBlazer. Welcome to hold the woman show on Boston's proxies in game six AB WR PO I hope that you all had a healthy we. Enjoyable week. In thank you for feeding into us on a Sunday afternoon. Before we go forward I wanted to remind everybody that I'm an internist. -- my practices internal medicine where it's 65 walnut street in mostly suite 500. We're accepting new patients and for anybody who would like to join our practice you can give us a call at 781. 4312345. Against 7814312345. We all understand there's a shortage. Of access to primary care in our doors are wide open. But this they wanted to mention that our practice has been in full swing and a miss administering. The flu vaccination. It's flu season. Please check with your. Practitioner. Your primary care provider about receiving the flu vaccination. Very very important just about everyone is eligible there's a few. Patient types if you know where there's a Contra indication but just about everyone should be receiving death. -- your primary care provider regarding that. I -- -- welcome doctor -- and -- pristine. From Boston university medical center Charlie thank you for joining us again -- sunny afternoon time away from your feeling. Thank you Allan I'm delighted to be here to talk about that. A topics that are dear to my heart and that are important to men has stayed cool older. Great for a little preview so I'm looking gives us a little bit of an idea. Why isn't really important that our listeners listen to these topics today it was a little like a little highlight without him way too many of to me the little secrets before you Cohen. -- all around the world. Men and women are living longer and that's the good news but as we get older we are confronted with issues related to aging. And particularly in -- that there issues related to sexual function and decline in physical function on and cognitive function. And an important the issue of our civilization and in 2012. And going forward is how believed. Full and healthy lives as vehicles. Thank you -- when they give all our listeners a little background about yourself. You'd trained at northwestern university for your residency. And NUM harbor UCLA medical center. For your medical training and you've been at Boston university medical center my alma mater since 2005. Serving as the chief -- chronology. Professor of medicine at Boston university medical center. And a director of the Claude. Tell us a little bit about the Claude. The Claude. -- also include scientists from various other institutions and -- Tufts University. As less from Harvard Medical School. Claude. US senator from Florida. Who wasn't champion -- issues related to human aging. And he was instrumental in funding the national institute on aging and also. And on other applaud the paper NIH funds. Around and recent centers around the country. Whose focus is on. Researching issues. That promote. Independent living and quality of life in order men and them. I think that's great and as you mentioned. Many people are living longer lives we want everyone. To enjoy. The older years the end in the year 2012. -- Many many medical advances. Lots of new medical technology. You're able to live a nice long healthy life with the real good quality of life the end. Some of these studies will bring this more to our attention that is manner -- And testosterone levels start to decrease. We're gonna learn why that's really important. To get that evaluated. In the certain benefits. Why protein is so important. For all of us especially as we age. In just overall we want our older population and are younger population as well of course but you know we know that we have a lot of older listeners and we want our older population. To know that the quality of life he can really be there and you shouldn't settle for anything less. Our our practice really. You know as -- mean mission statement that you know we we take care of everybody as well as we can't. And -- is really not a factor in fact we go into many assisted livings and in doing home visits now we're kind of go taking medicine back to the way it was a long time ago so no we really enjoy you know -- so older population and you know when someone can you know really continue to thrive it's it's a great pleasure. So. For all of our listeners. Who are following along if you're on a computer -- computer access www. Endured trials dot org. Is how I can follow along when doctor -- and I are making references to these studies. Again it's www. Endured trials dot org. -- before we get into the study -- about protein and why that's so important. Protein have Howland is an important component of muscle. And other organs important organs in the body. And as we get older we lose muscle. Muscle mass and that contributes to compared physical function and but it may also have other effects on body's immunity ability to handle infections. Old strengthen bone quality. So an optimum protein intake is particularly important in order individuals. There's been an almost controversy about what is the right amount of protein that we ought to take. The recommended daily allowance of protein. That was established that many years ago. By studies at MIT. Is currently believe to be about point 83 grams per kilogram -- However it's. There is some data out that. As we get older we may require higher amounts of protein to maintain muscle mass and immunity and bone mass. So we are doing studies to determine what's the right amount of protein. And whether supplement in protein intake in the diet. In order individuals and help maintain muscle mass and physical function. And -- you mentioned the specifically about with respect to infections. Very important especially in our older population. That you wanna be nutritionally sound not just for the sake of being nutritionally sound. But it really can affect the -- infections he'll. It can affect the outcome in just -- of the duration of how -- the infection while linger. And in fact over the you know in nursing homes in rehabilitation facilities. When certain patients will have skin breakdown. In his skin wounds one of the first things that will look at is the nutritional status infected nutritionists often make. Dietary recommendations. For -- to be sure that we can help those via the healing process so a very good point and I appreciate that. Again you listen to the health and wellness show on Boston's stocks vision. AM six AD WRKO. My guess this doctor surrender -- seeing from Boston university medical center. Hands he is serving as the chief -- chronology. They were speaking about the -- sort of pro team specifically we've just been speaking about protein in the benefits. -- what what are the benefits reproach you when you say. For our listeners. So have beaten the right amount of protein is very essential for maintaining muscle mass and physical function. But as you mentioned a little bit earlier. Protein is also important. For maintaining bone mass and bone quality. It may be related to the risk of osteoporosis and fractures. It's a very important contributor. To maintenance of immune function -- ability to fight infections. And it protein is an essential component of enzymes. Of muscle of our organ systems. And so. It's very important that he get the right amount of protein. That problem. I have is that it's not quite clear what the right amount OT in this. There is in recent years there's been debate about whether giving higher amount of protein -- has been recommended previously. Would be beneficial and the ability of order individuals to maintain physical function. And that's one of the things we are examining in the off command file which -- and NIH funded study in which we are asking the question whether. Eating a higher amount of protein. Then the RDA currently. And help maintain muscle mass and function. The up demons studied that you just. In reference to -- is approaching and testosterone research study for men ages 65. And older. We're still looking for participants correct that's right the study still enrolling. Subjects of the age of 65. Great and the phone number to call up your interest and in the study 617. 4141887. Again at 617. 414187. Charlie and I should mention to all of our listeners that when you participate in -- study. That is not really doing a wonderful. Gesture. For a medical research and help future generations. But you're also really participating. As a wonderful gift yourself. You get medical evaluations you laboratory testing. There may be other conditions that are on mask as part of your participation. So over age 65 male. You mean you really want to consider -- consider this study sudden nice nice thing to do and on the limits and those other benefits as well. So you're mentioning about our own integrity and bone loss. We know -- also the vitamin. Not only the benefits of of vitamin. That being very efficient and effective gate and people could also be prone to false. And giving us who have come about -- vitamin. So like and indeed has received a lot of public attention recently. Because of the recognition that vitamin B is not just the -- hormone. But it also is involved in preservation of muscle function and it may also be important in maintaining immune function. And if we have a record of metabolic effects that people don't understand -- well. So there's growing recognition that right amount of vitamin. Respect to the top -- men's study. And again if you're on www. Endured trials dot org you can click on the optimum study under studies. You can follow along with us and it's -- read -- for me website for the purpose of the study. So the purpose of the study is to evaluate whether higher amount of -- protein. In Europe diet will improve muscle mass strength and physical function. The study will also evaluate whether adding weekly testosterone injections. Further improves. A person's muscle mass muscle strength. And physical function. As we know proteins and every living cell in the body or bodies need to protein to build and maintain bones. To maintain. Muscles and skin. We approaching from various sources and our diet for meat from dairy products from nuts and from certain greens and beans. Testosterone is a hormone that occurs naturally in the body is often referred to as the male hormone. Testosterone maintains muscle mass muscle strength. Bone density sexual function. Physical energy in a sense of wellbeing. Some of these effects -- decline. As the testosterone I was decreased. As men grow older so that's the purpose of the optimum study -- when a male over age 65 as those who might know. Are there any certain criteria that won't exclude them. But that would be particularly desirable. For someone to sign up for the study or is it really does anyone over age 65. So men over the age of 65. Who are experiencing for the Bluetooth function and I released before the study. And we. -- Participants Paul. And if you had interest in participating in the study -- who have very expensive health evaluation to make sure that there healthy. And they're eligible to participate in the study. And if they are eligible and they receive. A measured amount of crew team in guy that -- from wife who he thought it. Free over the entire variation. Six months. During which -- participating in the process. So for participants. When they're getting screened. It should be participants who have noticed or where family members noticed some physical decline of function. Yes and we as individuals. For their physical function. So if if but this event does not eating enough protein. And they're experiencing. Physical decline. Then they may be eligible to participate in this thing. And from the website -- is a screening period describe which last about two weeks. That we choose screening business with the study will be explains. Blocking ability will be tested ability to stand up from his chair and I am presuming from that it's the time in. The mobility and how sure -- some looks on their feet checking -- ones balances well and then. The decision we made jointly or whether some will be able to participate in the study and again. For anyone who does get to participate. There's a nice dietary intake. Complex physical examination. Complex blood test. So again something really to -- consider the participation were asked about seven months and there's a total of 31 study visits. So anything else -- dimension to our listeners on the arguments that he. In the old so it. In addition to the guy tree evaluation before wide that -- for the impact your nation of six months so that the amount of protein that. People are taking what -- what has been the study. This measure. Thank you there is compensation for the participants as well any in the context phone number 617. 414187. Again at 617. 414187. This is doctor Alon Glazer who listened to the -- the wellness show on bosses talk season. Seems succeeding WRKO. All right -- everybody take their seats and settled down please hey come on come on guys we got a lot of work to get through today okay. Now let's start with some word problems okay let's see this question is for Jacob. Jacob let's say you work 25 hours a week after school fidelity earning eight dollars an hour. Sally works thirty hours we get the movie theaters -- why dollars and and Sean works forty hours a week at the auto shop burning X dollars an hour. Then how are you gonna drive your mother to her dialysis treatments every day and still find time to finish your science project this week. Some students are tackling more than just their school work which is why more than 30% of them aren't graduating but you can give them the boost they need to make a third. -- visiting blues stuff -- work. All right listen up class this next question is forward Susan if you pick 27 apples and you give away 30%. How many apples we visit boost up dot org today -- by the US army in the ad council. Should just come spring have you been -- concluded it was pretty cool good morning I'm glad you don't have to learn that he's -- don't can't please -- like her. It went playing your spiritual stream in this corner the they're usually he'll -- yeah -- my chronicle sports world so what did you get well let Peterson eats in the forest the real forced. Why I was running down this what it was and actual pack. And I saw this real life fraud it was all like Breivik can I saw an hour tune in I play is amazing screen with water around my feet. Like -- water -- me and my sister and my parents sent around a campfire and told cool stories all night long term. That's an equal to prove. This weekend. Fun. We're getting closer to nature and if you close your family yeah trying to force -- you -- to discover the force dot org. Crunching -- US Forest Service and the experience. I only got around MVP ground and dvd that got away. Tell them all and -- it's a good -- -- showing a -- variety you mean when you do that flash grenade and whatever man. Keep track seriously good staff. Finally turning around and VP takes determination. So getting in the car. I'm -- glad I'm going to pass back to your text and high schooler does to you. Client a home. Our good country. It's great -- -- -- letting -- feel whenever you get a you have to feel snake. -- same skills we're hoping to cut into my head coach that ultimately you should be doing right now to prepare for. Like taking his best and know how to go tablet I've got within. Last year by the American Council on Education. Twenty years ago the Americans -- disabilities act was signed in the long. It was a huge step forward for the fifty million people in this country living with a disability. Culmination of years of effort by those who marched and spoke -- it and refused to be treated as second class citizens. It helps renew the promise that Europe America. We're defined not by her limitations. Require our potential. We celebrated -- twentieth anniversary of this historic legislation. It's important to remember that still filling that promise. We're still working to secure the rights guaranteed by the media. Right to live and work without limits the rights and equal justice under the law and the right of every person in this country to reach for the Americans. He's come a long way since 99 and I'm committed to making even more progress in the years. -- this building and I got to see how are you. Brought to you by the American association of people with disabilities and the end -- Big barracks you can figure out of touch because of the way you -- Yes. I will say hello to Winston style with fashion -- -- it just great fashion on on whatever you're wearing a look cool in an instant. -- orthopedic shoes do they did try jobs pleated -- it is PG. -- even clip on ties become law. 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Fatherhood dot -- This message has been brought to you by the US department of health and human services and -- council. -- -- clinical supplies the official medical supply company. -- -- -- moment ago this is Scott TrailBlazer. You're losing their health and wellness show on Boston's postseason. Games succeeding. My guess begins today is practice -- At Boston university medical. Center chief of endocrinology. Doctor -- has been -- -- used since 2005. PM my alma mater so what's the institution very dear to me. -- -- the scene. Is also the director of the Clark deep pepper aging research center and professor of medicine. -- what's the next study that you like our listeners to hear about. We have a number of studies that. A related to issues related to men's health as men get older. And one off the then another at trial that NIH has funded nationwide is the testosterone trough. In which we are determining. The beneficial effects of this costume or remand and also any risks that may be associated with the -- some therapy in order man who have. Age related decline. In their testosterone levels. And their sexual function like -- Or in their physical function. And -- listeners again about. Where the next phase of being conducted. The studies. Are being conducted at twelve sites across the nation in the northeast beach and at Boston University is. One of the sites. And -- that these states are being conducted at Boston Medical Center. It's in Boston university and is one of twelve sites participating. On the Internet again it's not -- known as the T hyphen trial known as the testosterone well. -- again this is open to many -- 65 and older. Yes the study is open to -- 65 and older who are experiencing difficulties. In walking. Or who are experiencing. Fatigue -- white -- Great and another couple of aspects of the study that I want to mention. Again made up the website is -- the study is designed to look at the effects of testosterone. I'm walking as you mentioned sexual function. Energy memory. And low red blood cell counts. -- we will red blood cell count and what that means. To our listeners. Any importance of it. As men get older. Their -- so amassed. Gets lord. And it and some of the men become frankly in the me. -- cells as you know Gary Hall since and so if the -- so -- declines and if men become anemic. Then they may experience symptoms such as -- because of the inability. Off the bloodstream for white adequate amount of oxygen to the muscles and other organs in the body. And testosterone is an important regulator. Of rats have massive production in the water. And one of the questions like that you're asking. In the study is whether testosterone can correct Anemia -- team. And whether it'll improve the heat and vitality. In order man who were an email and who have low testosterone enough. Think you. The phone number of to participate in the -- trial in -- showing this study is still open as well correct that's correct. 61741429. Succeed again at 617. 4142968. Charlie for the -- trial and for the -- human trial. Is there a deadline or is it kind of has been ongoing enrollment in the study. The testosterone trial listen it's very advanced stages. And so we anticipate that the involvement will finish in the next six months or so. But while the -- and violence to open for the next two weeks. And for someone who signs up. For the trial how soon after signing up will -- get a phone call to come on in. When interested. Individuals call our office. Our staff -- get back to them and others say full screen. And then those who are deemed eligible. Uninvited or a more extensive health evaluation. And those health evaluation and screening process may take. A beautiful weeks after rich if they are found to be eligible they. They can then be signed in to the treatment. Or -- it's great. Again for men the amount of testosterone their blood will decline with -- it happens gradually. And what the real purpose of these your study. Is going to see of taking testosterone. Could potentially improve walking. Sexual function. Energy levels. Memory. In the low blood cell counts of men -- low testosterone. Additionally. We wanna see -- testosterone to remove -- improve the ability to perform daily activities. Improve mood. And whether it in the with a tendency toward falls. Any other important points of the study that you like to mention -- an additional. I'd want to emphasize that this is a research study. And it should not be considered part of routine health care. -- -- But that's part of the recent steady lead to a very extensive health evaluation to. Make sure that people healthy and eligible to participate in the study and -- minimize any risks. Associated with with testosterone therapy. That's an excellent point this is not a substitute for you seeing your primary care provider. You're practitioner of your nurse practitioner. This is additional. -- valuation. That can be very very helpful. You doing a wonderful wonderful -- of helping. Really the you know the world we were -- and a medical research study but again this doesn't mean that you're not going to go for your yearly. Check up -- valuation of Europe primary care office or that you're going to have this as a substitute. Have any regular schedule follow up. That you would otherwise also in that office but again is these studies very beneficial they help the individual. And they -- overall medical research. This is doctor Alon -- you're listening to hold the moments our. On Boston's Clarke's vision and succeeding. WRKO. Doctor receded -- speaking about testosterone. And protein. He ends the benefits. In necessities. They can have in maintaining good health. Selling for our female listeners. What would you told them about testosterone approaching. Ogle the studies that we've talked about are related to men's health. We also have a number of studies that are important to the man. And they're the number of health issues that are unique to the man there's some palm on health issues. Two men and women. I think of it should be recognized that both men and women. I'll hormone therapy. Is a leave one aspect. Of overall optimum. Health management. And it should be viewed as as a as one component -- holistic approach that includes. Healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise. Optimize nutritional intake. And within that context optimizing hormone levels. And may have potential benefits. They're all sold -- the potential risks associated with hormones that are. And the study's research studies that we've discussed. Will not only determine the potential benefits but they'll also addressed the issue of what the potential risks might be. The issues and -- monarch as somewhat different than they've been debated politely. And other four. Other studies. In the nearby air area where women are eligible to participate. In some of these topics were discussed and they're number of studies of exercise interventions. In -- And in many academic centers around the city. -- -- thank -- switching gears for a moment as you're on the website there's a testosterone. In pains that. Could you tell us a little bit about -- patients. Who are suffering pain. What type of team. Someone who's listening to say you know what I'm McCullough number -- if -- can participate. It's almost a pain medications especially. Opiate pain medications. And suppress hormone levels. And one of hormones. That -- suppress his testosterone production. So many older men who are using opiate medications for on it means that this low back pain or other joint pains. They mean experience. Marked decline in their 2000 concentrations. Which may be associated with decline in their physical function on sexual function. Moved. Energy and that may contribute to a perception that he in the rural poor quality of flight. -- my main -- -- one moment for our listeners again. When you say opiate medications what are some of the common medicines for listeners the film -- those medicines themes by. So some of -- more. -- pain medications such as high among number three that contains fourteen. Or other medications that may contain -- to court on. And these are the types of medications that fall into the category will keep me if. End this is for men aged sixty and older. The end it should be chronic pain that's not for me malignant. Source. That's correct so if a person. Who isn't all not to have a cancer. But -- CF health problem who sticking coney. Or are are -- a joint problem. I may be eligible for this thing. It's interesting. With the aspects of what this study is looking to see may be affects other combination. Of taking chronic pain medication. In the -- for testosterone levels. That you know there are patients and our practice who are taking certain pain medications. That they're dependent on. In that you hear people say that their physical function. May be declining some. That. Although there in less pain which is wonderful. And will be strive for we strive rank -- zero paid. That can sometimes. Have other adverse effects on the body. And we need to keep that in mind. You know we have a patient who's. In eighty year old male patient. Who's taking chronic opiate medication. The end their pain is under very good control. They end up needing though gradually. More -- a medication. As the body gets used to this medicine. And -- requires more. Someone's physical function can decline. There are lean body mass can be affected. Eventually their -- could potentially be affected. And then that you know could be really catastrophic of offense. Know -- could you know have a false summit could no -- hip or what have you so. We we really need to look at the big picture and you know that's -- the studies is so important. In -- for a new -- listeners were. You're of these criteria. You're taking chronic pain medications. Specifically of the opiate class. Give a call 6174142936. Against 617414. 2936. This a study is much shorter. Than the other studies we've already referenced. The participation in the study will last just about a couple of weeks. There to study visits. Each one ranges between two and three hours in -- There -- compensation for this study as well. The end so it for the study although it's shorter this -- obviously an evaluation and examination -- go along. That's right there is a baseline health evaluation. And additionally the evaluate the physical function. But columns in mysteries hormone levels as well as sexual function moved quality of life. And I should stress to patients. That this isn't a venue where. You'll be able to go into the study and have Boston university medical said take over Europe prescribing of your -- medication. That's not the purpose of the study. Correct. That's correct it should be viewed as a recent study separate from. Your health care. Therefore it's not a substitute as you've emphasized. We're going to your primary care doctor here in specialist but medication. So again. You -- still maintain a relationship but this will be. An additional studies to participate in and again all the benefits that we spoke about when you're participating. In the in a medical study for research. We should mention that with that the -- sort of been study that you will have any KG and they'll also be a an X rays can. Where they're looking for body fat and muscle mass analysis. As well. And we'll also -- question -- Leo fallout new -- with respect to quality of life -- mood. -- level of pain in sexual function so again another great study now that's available applause university medical center where. Is medical studies a medical he's -- are really having a great effect on and mankind in on women kind so. For the world they really wonderful wonderful studies. -- Other any other studies of note that we should highlight today for our listeners. Eighteen of these -- studies are examples of the kinds of issues that affect. Men's health as they get older. And they are related to nutritional -- -- changes in hormone levels. And how changes in nutrition. And hormone levels relayed through deep decline in physical function and sexual function and cognitive function like -- he. And the risk of -- and fractures in order -- so they are important aspects of golf club men's health. Thank you. Again on the website www. And Roche trials dot org. Again that's www. Endured trials. Dot org. You listen to the hold them on this show on Boston's talk station -- 680. -- York you know in and speaking with doctor so and have been seen. Of Boston university medical center again my alma mater doctor -- as the chief -- chronology is a professor of medicine at Boston university medical center. And director of the clerk Steve pepper. Teaching and research center. -- I know we've spoken asleep and you told us about the Claude. Those a little bit more about that in for anyone listening is this a center where they can discredit. Drive down to a -- university medical center and walked into the you know the center there. For the Claude. So the Claude. NIH funded facility that includes scientists from various universities and in Boston including Boston University. Tufts university. And Harvard University. This. The the proposal to center is to promote -- certain issues related to the health of men and women as they get older. Promoting the physical health of men and women as they get older. Using it very holistic approach that -- mean who nutritional. Optimize patient enough nutrition and protein and -- Exercise modalities. As well let's pharmacological therapy therapies such as testosterone vitamin C and other therapies that he would -- What axis is there then for the general public of any. So -- from time to time we may have lectures applauses. That people can participate and and be made public service announcements. When these classes and lectures are -- and we have experts from around the country and from around the world. Come to our center from time to time and they give. Hawks and emerging areas that are of interest to order men and women and two issues from the eighteenth. And public is very welcome to attend these lectures and classes. For the classes how many sessions does that usually entail. Can Levy have twelve to fifteen lectures. Or seminars. Throughout the year so there one or two seminars each month. And we have had some very outstanding. Scientists. From around the world that live at these pictures at Boston University what was some of the most recent topics. Some of the recent politics that we have -- Have related to vitamin. The all the controversial issues related to little whiteman. We've had several experts talk about testosterone. We've had experts from and I age. And discuss issues. Related to. Improving the physical health of men women as the vehicle there. So we've had holds these very interesting topics that are of wide interest to not just older individuals like to. But the people politics. Other than what you and I already spoke about with -- vitamin. Did go lecturer of any other highlights of vitamin. Why -- India signal has been. And widely -- cost. In the media. There are a number of misperceptions about -- -- Mindy while little low vitamin. Has been widely recognized. In academic circles. More recently there's been recognition that vitamin. Immune function. And also the risk of diabetes and heart to see. And the other controversial issue related like -- is well how much like mean -- enough how much should. And men and women. So these issues have been very controversial. And our speakers have had the -- cost. And made some recommendations about. Fifteen through this controversial for the eight. And and making some health treatment -- We screened for vitamin. Based on the research that your that you're referring to. Is there -- level for vitamin. From Europe a fellow researchers. There was say that the levels should be above. Thirty -- getting our lab reports from our primary care physician or nurse practitioner or physician assistant or whoever. Is kind enough to -- about the -- care. And as you've mentioned. This area has been very controversial but most experts agree that. Level over thirty Nan Graham Graham now. Off point five hydroxy vitamin BB to the marker of vitamin. Represents. The optimum level so if the levels are below twenty than most experts agree that there is. Vitamin. And when we -- replaced. We're going to advise that patient to go out and get a vitamin. Whether that be 400 international units or 800 or thousand or 2000. And for very very severe deficiency. You may actually need a prescription. Weaving and vitamin. And hitting us when data that were shown. What can you first stated to have very exactly. That in -- in the northeast. Region of the country especially in Boston. The prevalence of vitamin. The institute of medicine has recommended that. Order men and women take at least 800 international units of vitamin. And some experts believe that that even that amount may not be sufficient and and perhaps even higher in my -- A daily intake may be necessary for optimum health. When patients ask us about food sources in beverage sources. What's the best answer to the patient. Milk products are an excellent source of vitamin. In addition. Orange juice is now widely supplemented by -- the embattled supposedly excellent source of vitamin. But some sunlight does really the best source of vitamin. Is a very excellent they have -- vitamin. It's very difficult in the northeast region given our climate. Exhibition amount of I mean the enough. Just like -- -- some individuals -- especially older individuals. Who are not going outdoors that's much. As they should. May need vitamin. We're probably having some listeners right now saying oh my goodness. The doctor always tells me. Use sunscreen. Avoid avoid excess sun and here we are telling them for vitamin. In the sunlight you wanna use sun screen properly you wanna use the proper level of SPF. You -- re apply. If you are in the water. If you're perspiring. You want to re apply. At a regular ads evoke you know regardless but for vitamin. A few days a week was enough for proper vitamin. Yes -- you're exactly right. Allowing. Fifteen to twenty minutes of sunlight exposure before applying this onscreen. And achieve both -- it can help the skin it's sufficient. Exposure to sunlight. To make enough vitamin -- In addition the application of sunscreen off the first fifteen or twenty minutes of voters can also reduce the risk of skin cancer. And how about going out -- units out of out of Iran in the sun for 34 minutes is I was mention is that. And a good little -- as well feel a little extra absorption. Yes. As much exposure to sun. As you can. -- is this good first -- that Mindy mature very bright but even small. Exposure to sunlight. Can generate white community that's. So is a real balancing act in the again you know work. We're advocating for some protection -- were also advocating. For proper vitamin. You know further with your primary care provider. Again this is doctor -- Glaser you listen to the hope that -- show on Boston's talk station. -- six CD WRKO. Doctor -- I have spoken about many medical studies going on a -- university medical center. In overall about the -- sort of protein. Was trying to run out of time so. For our listeners -- water at the three most of port and take home points about protein. The first point is. That protein optimal amount of protein intake is very essential. Or health especially in older individuals. From many perspectives. And currently we don't quite know what the optimal amount of protein as -- older individuals. Whether increasing the amount of protein can improve. Physical function and born healthy we're going to rituals and be optimum trial. That has been funded by NH is addressing that issue. We spoke what difference -- -- testosterone. As you just you know I've been referencing. As well for the up demand study. Which is for the protein and testosterone research study. For men ages 65 and older what are the couple most important take home points they're for our listeners. First thing is that if you're an older man 65 years of age or older and you think you're not eating enough protein. And you're experiencing decline in physical function may be eligible to participate in the study. And if you -- interest that. You're very welcome to call in to our studies that -- study site. Or look up and Brooks wilds. Dot org and you can get additional information about the study and it concludes very extensive health valuation. Determine whether used for this if this thing. Create another child that we discussed today was the key trial which -- the testosterone trial. For many -- is 65 and older the in the highlights of this study the effects of testosterone on walking on sexual function. Energy levels. Memory and a low red blood cell counts. To participate in the study 6174142968. Against 6174142968. Another study that we spoke about today was that testosterone. In pain study. Known as the top study. Many needs sixty and older men who were taking chronic pain medication. Specifically opiates. Without cancer as their cause for their pain. And the number of finance study 6174142936617. 4142936. Again we want to know the effects on. Taking chronic pain medication and how that can affect testosterone levels. And to see if those adverse effects happen how does that affect overall overall life. So again for all over our listeners we've heard many of the benefits to participating research studies it does not. Take place of your usual follow what your primary care provider we want to stress that but it's additional. Information that you could really benefit for your health but you really doing a wonderful wonderful gesture. To help out the world when you participate in a medical study. Again I want to wish you all a wonderful week and healthy week. Please don't forget about the flu vaccination. Very very important speech your primary care provider about that. It's flu season we want everyone to be protected. And remember you're not only protecting yourself but you're also protecting. The spread of disease. In many of us don't have the same immune systems as others so when you're getting a vaccination. Again you not only helping yourself. You're helping your family. You're helping your neighbor you're helping everyone around you so please please keep that in mind I wanna think doctor surrender but seemed. Our guest today. -- -- -- Discussed wonderful medical research here and it's always -- Europe doing applause university medical center. -- for everybody we appreciate that again this is doctor -- Glaser you've been listening to hold them wellness show on Boston's proxies and -- succeed. WR -- I always do a little mention of my children on the air today we -- we have a chance to do that we were. Does he have a lot of great topics but I will say Sabrina and Daniel. Keep up what you're reading and Isabella. You can listen to either Sabrina -- they -- you'll be learning to -- soon. Fans thanks -- listening. Vilma clinical supply the official medical supply company about health and -- show. All right all right everybody take their seats and settled down please hey come on come on guys we got a lot of work to get through today ten. Now let's start with some word problems. OK let's see this question is for Jacob. Jacob let's say you work 25 hours a week after school at the -- earning eight dollars an hour. Sally works thirty hours a week at the movie theater -- why dollars and and -- works forty hours a week at the auto shop earning X dollars an hour. Then how are you gonna drive your mother to her dialysis treatments every day and still find time to finish your science project this week. Some students are tackling more than just their school work which is why more than 30% of them aren't graduating -- you can give them the boost they need to make a third. -- visiting boost up the outdoor. 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