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Bittersweet 9/11

Sep 11, 2012|

Vice President Joe Biden drew on the sorrow of his own personal losses as he addressed the memorial marking 11 years since United Airlines Flight 93 crashed into a Pennsylvania field. And then said "It is a bittersweet moment for the entire nation," Howie was nonplussed by the Vice=President's choice of the word bittersweet. He asked for people's remembrances of 9/11 and their outlook on the national election.

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Eleventh anniversary of the terrorist attacks. On the United States on September 11 2001. So we shall call to trap a tragedy but it's not a tragedy it was a it was an attack -- terrorist attack. It was an atrocity. According to Joseph Biden it was a bittersweet moment. Bittersweet. Yeah that's what he said. Genuine -- to to be evacuated. But. My goals of families. We wish we weren't here. In Washington have to be. Wish we didn't have to commemorate this. It is this is bittersweet moment. It was really given the benefit of the doubt that vacancy and you mentioned his you know the death of his own. First wife and other daughter in 1972 right after been elected to the senate -- violent -- bittersweet moment I mean it's just it's it's a moment to remember it's it's a moment like Pearl Harbor. It Communists it was a assess the sneak attack by by terror course. You know. 18 says I did Deval Patrick say today about talk about a failure of understanding that he did he mention that -- I guess he doesn't say that anymore remembers first year in office Deval Patrick on the state. Said that 9/11 was about. A failure to communicate. And that there -- mean people. Then there's you know the the owners of the world trade center of the people who -- people who. Well at least the World Trade Center today you're yesterday. Filed the lawsuit against among other people Massport the Massachusetts for a Korean media. To me Ferraro for the destruction of the world trade center of the two points but hit the World Trade Center. Fool out of Logan Airport and there was would be security was. Very lax obviously. I didn't I didn't know until that they want her in the paper made note that it's seen these terrorists. You know. Working around the airport I mean I knew that there were some problem are you a note that -- gonna fight over parking space that morning but it. You know who who rule but I mean how could use our did you think the world rate would would be involved with. This this type of this type of monstrous attack but I -- the biggest one videotape by the source working around and check out security and that's. That's I guess that's the basis of -- lawsuit reported some lawyer saying that that the damages could be unimaginable they're looking for three billion. Measurement toward cry tonight they won't be unimaginable trauma to cost apart Logan Airport. How much will be charging you get a cab what is -- 715 now and in the Jews is set to put. Yes you would step into the cabin in the -- at 750 charge. Now I think something like that. At the Logan Airport. How we -- -- from 978. How we I think -- say it ain't so Joseph was talking about his father would have been better should suite one adult your job is so easy this -- these days from Paul the UPS guy in the in law. 413 says breaking news Netanyahu requested to meet and we're Obama reject that request to meet Obama. During. UN assembly has been rejected by a bomb he does not have the time. Meanwhile the embassy in Cairo has been invaded in the US -- torn down. And Obama has refused to see Netanyahu. Media and that that house you don't rush just said this but it's it's too obvious not to mention how that Arab Spring -- afford. Who who is a yeah you know this this ever happened when Hosni Mubarak was was the dictator. Of Egypt this ever happened when the military had the reins of power. In Cairo. Now they now lead the embassy has been -- husbands it's. Sacked the the mobs are chanting there's no god but ala and and Mohammed is his messenger. It's it it's becoming increasingly perilous to BA. Coptic Christians were 10% of the population in Egypt. It's it's becoming increasingly perilous for women to go outside -- dressed in western empire. It's not that I thought were -- you could tell you stools he's used to it wasn't gonna work out. And now the now there there was a similar Atlanta in the Wall Street Journal you're -- read this story this morning. Liberals unite in Egypt to fight growing Islamist menace. The little boy a little late. 1877469432218774694322. Arab Spring leads to nuclear winter that's -- pretty good line it's a 617. If you would like to listen to the show on the on on the Internet -- almost go to our website which is how we car. But US Howie -- bought USB haven't seen the deal was with Warren video where Obama -- signing -- up plagiarized fake Indian cook book drop out while child checked it out. And young and stupid trick. -- you know -- be could be you all the liberals don't play obviously the liberals don't like what though what was done by Orson -- my man on the street there. In this on. But you know I -- to pick up the ice on the on the Internet today the Atlantic you know again and boom -- publication. They have that on there were on their Internet report that said the they said this was -- that yes she was prank sort of that this was a very dull crank it shows how why how how dull the these Scott Brown people are that they think this is really funny that. That that that how we Karzai guy got got -- was with a warrant to sign a block. I got hurt because I got -- to sign the block. Where she first claimed she was an Indian which she is not by the way. And which in which contained recipes that she plagiarized from the New York Times and had absolutely nothing to do with the with with Indian cuisine native American cuisine. And they didn't equal that they they wanna just like. Forgot about the plagiarism it's I mean it's and it be they the swallow hard before they even admit she's a fake Indian but they don't wanna get into the plagiarism thing it -- bit like -- if -- and the guy that that one on all parties sold a million books and that it turned out everything was it was fraudulent that you you know which had been in prison. One attic and it was -- made at all -- it was a it was a memoir but he it was all lies it was James -- So be like -- James -- were running for the senate we brought up display -- and and we got him in we got emphasis. It was pretty good but anyway we have a new development in the story today yeah worsened last night that his son found Leah. Found the cap of the sharply. That did that she wrote that -- autograph on the she had an routes in the capital mouthwash was signing the block photographing it. And so we now have that and we're gonna send it off to a DNA testing place where to try to find out she is Indian blood. I don't know but I you know we did make I mean are obviously a lot of people touched the touch the sharp beat the regular people's. DNA on the gas that Orson and his son who were there. Primary custodians of that that sharply. And the cap on it. Were probably. -- that they've ever claim to be Indians. But she has claimed to be an Indian but anyway it's going away it's gonna take about four weeks for us to get a via the -- to get a DNA report back. On on the on the on the the cap. To see if there's any yet native American DNA on it. 18774694322. 603 summer is over but the price of gas keeps going up. Funny I didn't read anything in the paper that. And -- you know your right LC you know there's not there's a word on the front page and your -- about 9/11 model work. Or also the New York Post for that matter. But there is this I get to a -- tournament BO that the rest of the numbers and and the the the poll question all. You can also listen again if you wanna see the if you if you wanna see the the video of Elizabeth Warren signing power while charging on how we cart -- US it's also -- YouTube. And you can it that's where you go to listen that the show -- well -- -- by US should also vote to listen to how we cart dot com. -- click on the live audio streaming. Also how we cart dot com you can take part our daily Internet poll question the -- Internet poll question has brought you like cross agency safeguarding the wing when businesses and families since 1954. Find out more at 809997345. -- cross agency. Dot com. CN what does today's poll question what are the results thus far should you be required to show ID when Barney. A week I brought that up today because it this is this is primary in New Hampshire in this is the first. The first election they've had in New Hampshire since the since the bill requiring voter ID was passed and a group by the justice. Apartment you think that would have stopped that kind of that woman was running for congress had voted twice and had to withdraw from her congressional race. In Maryland president. Yes yes in Maryland there Wendy Rosen was her name she was a she she registered in in Maryland that she registered saint Pete Florida. Because she had a very close friend who was right for the City Council it she borrowed short twice. Why twice not not just twice and won election twice she voted twice. Enough Maryland and in Florida and she and they'd be a -- I don't know how they found out about it but the Democrats found out about it and they -- would be just the you know 88 the real bought I. If -- -- didn't if they did drop by march 1 so. The did the democratic state chairman is demanding that she -- prosecute. So issues she probably did not much chance android fine if you I mean what would -- jail time associate and that is there I don't I don't Oceania and have a story rate from a Villa here it is. She voted in elections in both Maryland and Florida 2006 and 2000 date. There's another it was unclear however whether she can remove her name from the ballot with the election less than two months away there looking for right in camp that I think. Good luck with that write in campaign and presidential election year. Let's see. What does it say we believe errors in this was what the this is what the chairman of the party says. We believe that this is a clear violation of -- law and urged the corporate office to conduct a full investigation Maryland Democratic Party each thought. He believes. Poll expanding the right to vote. At the same time believes there should be should zero that's zero tolerance for vote for any kind. Wink wink. Nudge nudge the 2000. It doesn't say. It doesn't say what the potential penalties are. She she only won the shall we won the primary by 57 votes -- that the person that she that she defeated feels right now. But he's the one that they're gonna make a write in candidates it's not going to be excess like going to be easy. Anyway CN associated what does that well what does appalled what were the words I say yeah you should have to show ID. Yet 97%. Feel the -- no need to prove something I you know it's so funny when I go to vote. I for the first few times I always assume some is now -- have my driver's license in my hand. And for some reason I'm shocked every single time that nobody asked me Friday. Well you you shouldn't you shouldn't be around here but that's -- that's getting ignored to it but stop. Officer mark -- called me up before the show and said that he he just vote evidently he lives and a half moon about half normal town and he said no one was complaining. It's -- I guess. No one was comparing it to the Patriot Act course I guess you can't moon -- can't complain about the Patriot Act anymore because as -- Obama for now. 603 I showed my ID today. And a while doesn't take effect until November I don't cause of people told me they were asked for their IDs today officer mark in the and other people. Let's see here. Jake from Chelsea Warren Warren -- DNA not only in Indian but also -- AJ that's not very kind of -- say that. Five away what kind of dummy would put the cap of someone else's -- and now. It had me. Elizabeth Warren in seeing that you see in the picture. And by the way we're still try to we're gonna try to figure out how we're gonna auction off up I'll watch out week. Quite a Barnes has gotten back was the Cherokee genealogy is -- but we're we're gonna let her pick the charity. And Adam I'm gonna talk to -- -- -- part of Michael Patrick Leahy tonight or email him these -- and always be expected an email and he says he said that -- may be that define somebody's sums some rich Republican or somebody. To make make an opening bid Jack it up to you know thousands or something like that so. If the I think it's that you know -- put the Atlantic called a -- -- I thought -- I thought it was and I thought it was a sharp. Of course I'm prejudiced yes 1877. Force the penalty for voting twice as a stern lecture. Let's probably yet. Let's see how we lady it's all that Stop & Shop using EBT. It was saying two were teenagers weeks we will sell this other stuff. IQ that's it all right we're going to the Stop & Shop on the street more often but it's us it's the same kind of stuff going on down there with these carts and where I mean that you know I just. They and they got all these people don't speak English and they can't they can't figure out how to use the cards in there it'd be it just slows everything down. A wish it would. I wished it would have a product line you'll have the spread regular. Express lane non EDT that you're getting to the point now in the urban here in -- much just the urban areas. Where you need a non EDT line and not a -- on the not a welfare line. Our 18774694322. I would work wired to show ID in Dover and I didn't hear any complaints either. Vote this morning no complaints about ID requirement. 71. -- DNA results no Indian but 100% lizard. From them -- -- think that's gonna -- debate. With news that that lizard tongue darting in and now it's going to be very distracting probably go you know considering how well how fast -- non fascia on her feet. It probably will be better than listening tour to borrow spout off for Marxist nonsense Fred your next -- power cargo have Fred. Hey Ali first time caller long panelists there. I just in this day of remembrance of that horrible day I'd like to back up even a couple of more years. And you have to remember a guy that name is Sandy Berger. Who is Manning the White House and that. CNB burglary and that. When Bill Clinton was out playing with Monica probably and we had Osama bin -- in the fight. Of of -- sharp shooters and they wouldn't pull the trigger. I think it was on the golf actually Fred he was on the golf. Oh yeah I'll do whatever he was he was unavailable. For a for comment and it's Sandy Berger said he couldn't reach him he didn't he -- pull the trigger and it's Clinton was available that take them out. 9/11 might not happen because if Clinton was doing his cap. I guess in August the Sudan I I think that I think it was this Indiana border may have been Saudi Arabia where bin Laden was from I I believe they actually at one point had him in custody. And they they just offered to why are they offer they hand him over to the United States wouldn't even have to use a drone to kill him. But I think I think at that point Clinton's visit there Dorsey that was at one point a some audio that we had a Clinton admitting that he was offered bin Laden and and they didn't take it because he was -- under indictment. You know it's it's just ridiculous and and now now you have I was just pull through that but Jeanne Shaheen Obama I guess maybe this was in Portsmouth last week as. The man who led the raved on or Obama. He let the -- Q it was watched -- was watching the on TV are -- we don't even know he was watching on TV they are all looking at TV when I'm -- to watch golf term minor you know what what they were looking at but they said it was he was watching a great. -- that's likes it that's like saying if you you know he had a party at your house for the Super Bowl he played in the super ball. No he didn't leave the he could lead the yeah. The raid. And by the way that didn't turn down three times -- does come out recently that that Valerie Jarrett nixed that taking him out three times. But once we talk about though we we we'd leaked some information to the Washington to the New York Times and now -- -- now the -- Via Pakistan a physician's -- in 33 years. That's how we that's how we protect our sources. In the United States. By the way let's -- this oak that's on the New York Times -- that. Up for the New York Times what better way to observe the eleventh anniversary of 9/11 them by exploiting it for political purposes and seeking to blame George W. Bush. To -- the times chose to publish on its op Ed page today and a column by Kurt I can -- former -- to Porter now with Vanity Fair entitled the deafness before the storm. I -- wall Stewart stirs the pot but concludes with a pop up. This could the 9/11 attacks have been stopped -- the bush team reacted with urgency to the warnings contained in all of the daily briefs. We can't ever doll. Waldman why did you write the column we can now and may be the most agonizing reality at all. This is same newspaper that the day of ninth and final 9/11. 2001. They know what's gonna happen obviously but Bill Ayers was. Was -- book to pushing his memoirs about being sixties terrorist and they had a front page story on 9/11 on the New York Times. And the New York Times. Saying that Bill Ayers his only regret about his days as a radical weatherman terrorist was that he had not bombed more buildings. Now eleven years later they're saying it's it's Bush's it's bush -- Barbara you're next with -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They were all on that terrorist watch list. -- and should never be allowed to board room and there should be enormous punishment on the people that a lot -- to sports I don't that was the heard it utter opposite that your not that they actually detained them for a little -- right and then that -- the board the plane. The -- exclude -- into the but they -- on the watch -- don't -- having a lot split. If they don't pull people and not let them on the plane and there should be huge punishments that -- that. And over the than the the other the the people who own the battle in the towers they had a 99 year lease on the power. They're they're just looking for money they're they're suing American Airlines and United Airlines in Massachusetts Port Authority which is just the taxpayers of mass choose. Yeah and -- know that that's that's wrong but it was I mean I -- not agree with that. But there should be some kind of you know. That record. And not let people white people what are the other commercial watch -- for. Well obviously obviously there was a reason why these people were on the towards that -- -- -- immigrant. Lucky aren't buying it. And yet they didn't. Yeah he it's just what your first did you see that this and there's AM an amazing story. In the in the New York Daily News today. I'd never this is so this is a totally new story about 9/11 haven't heard this before. 9/11 victims chilling note sheds light on his final moments. -- this is that they found a note a note fluttered down. To the ought to the ground to bug in the moments before beat beat beat for the -- -- 84 floor west office twelve people trapped. Those -- the seven words Randy Scott. Scribbled on scrap of paper on September 11 2001 after United Airlines flight 175 struck two World Trade Center. Two world trade center for to wait for more Scott was working at Euro brokers any. The blood -- know which drifted to the street from the building's 84 floor has brought both pain and insight to -- devastated family. Who believe the 48 year old died instantly a decade after the twin power spoke of belt at Stamford advocate reported. I spent ten years hoping that Randy wasn't trapped in the building Scott's wife Denise Scott told the advocate former home in Stamford Connecticut and then you get this just ten years later. It just changes everything. She got a call last August from the chief staff and the -- staff and chief of staff and director of forensic investigation for the chief medical examiner in New York. If that's a personal calls family members whenever they find any fragments. Of the bodies. And so the 57 year old such immediately asked doctor butcher what that found. Four was a Pratt a body fragment a bone she said no it's not a fragment at something else. Something written and that's when I just fell apart. And they they were there we're gonna test -- that test of the DNA the blog on the -- note and it found out that it was a Randy Scott because they have the blood samples as many as they can get. Someone has found a note on the street amid the chaos of septa downtown on September 11 and handed it to a Federal Reserve Bank of New York guard. Who was about just about to alert authorities -- letter went to World Trade Center came crashing down right before his allies. He went to radio in the building was gone. The scrap of paper eventually pass from the Federal Reserve to the national September 11 memorial and museum which collaborated with the medical Examiner's office. To identify the spot of blood as belonging to Scott. The minute I saw I did needed to see the DNA tests she said I saw the handwriting it between these -- Pretty pretty amazing story. No I wouldn't say it's bittersweet either. Say it's pretty just pretty horrifying what the what was done to -- -- -- terrorists foreign terrorists. Who shouldn't have even been in this country. 18774694322978. How we ward Churchill lost his job appeal today fitting that it's on nine elevenths anniversary that's great. War ward Churchill for those of you who -- have short memories is the other fake Indian academia. Who was eventually fired because he had a mighty there's there's so many similarities between him and -- was with -- I believe he had plagiarized some of his his work. And he was fired from the University of Colorado. And he -- that the reason he got in at GM -- -- -- like Elizabeth Warren he stepped up I'd decided to decide to make even a bigger jerk out of himself that's how he lost his job. Is tenured position. He did he described the victims of 9/11 as will Aikman's. Is a nice little Aikman's. After the Adolf Eichmann the Jewish the the the Nazi XQ -- Arafat. Many many thousands of you were too was kidnapped from South America brought Pakistan trial put that in Israel in the early sixties. 18774694322. On our car. And. -- 18774694322. Somebody asked why it took ten years to identify that that -- -- -- I think I don't I don't know it mean I would assume there's just tons of material. And have a ball sports is that it that they're still sorting through images they found it right I am amazed that they have -- that they could just. Find him but blood since the DNA sample. And Obama but we can get -- -- was TO Warren's at the an example justice. As this cleanly offer that does snap. That cap. Nazi. H bill -- says it was a mean and nasty attack what was he talking about schoolboy fight failure or human understanding and a mean nasty and bitter attack. Up. 351. -- how we Massport is getting sued for billions for bad security. While the current TSA agents at Logan are undergoing mandated training to make sure they don't. Racially profile. Talk about forgetting about 9/11 will await the moon bats up if there's another terrorist attack. -- we would be you know that the the all the Democrats senators were with the Busch -- why we're the country for awhile and you know hammered armor being an -- -- at the at the -- -- an event at the spla and John Kerry was there. And he was speaking about all the American you know the American people at the stick together and -- Chara and one of how long did that that that moment of unity last before Ted Kennedy and John Kerry started about that turning on turning turning on the the Republicans who who happen to be. In control of the executive branch when 9/11 happened didn't it didn't take long. Didn't take long. 413 Willie BC start counting how many days the egyptians have a have occupied our embassy I want along the gonna stay that -- you know that if it I don't know I don't know after that they took hostages -- heard. I'm I wonder I wonder we still had a fully staffed embassy. I guess when we we must have we I mean how could we be. You know trying to walk I think what we're doing all week is in the White House trying to sell submarines to the Islamist government and this is this is how were repaid. And he Israel has has a peace treaty with them. And does -- the this Suzhou Posner -- -- was overthrown by a they they went to the to the airports. And they repaint that all the maps. And the State of Israel. Vanished from the vanish from the wall maps. At the at the airports. Well. Remember when Ted Kennedy kept showing up on the no fly list to Betty wasn't on the no drive list. Greg you're next with Howie -- go ahead Greg. They always. You -- just -- went under but I'm sorry well. Yeah. It's eleven -- up at 9/11 in the southern borders still wide open and and not only that the government is arming. The cartel well bulk of the border. I've with with machine got. I hiding in there and under what you just said I I've -- couple days ago. Obama wants to give Egypt a billion dollars. And possibly a submarine. -- why why would you give technology. The best technology in the world or country. That evolved to become. Then. And edit -- -- and dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood. Who is to be having people if you like -- you converted from. From. Being Islam to christianity -- had you. And all they'll do that in Egypt yet him they may do what are. Mark mark event that I had a tape the other night on the air. Public guy being held out of one of those countries being -- edit because he had converted from Islam to christianity and we're gonna give -- a submarine. We know they're very they're very frightened at the Christians in the -- they've been extremely large Christian population there there the population may be late 89 million people. 10% of -- Coptic Christians that's like that's almost ten million people. In there and they're frightened by this I mean -- husband you know what's it's like it what's going on in Syria I mean I'm not defending Bashar Assad. But you know he comes from minority -- and so he. He had the cut the you know he he tried to keep the Christians happy because there another minority sect. And you know again I you know I have been if if I would love to see Assad overthrown. But -- pretty what's gonna happen to the Christians and to the -- whites they have a -- of their own little geographic area along the coast what's gonna happen all these minority sects of the if you have another -- A big guy victories but for the for the Muslim Brotherhood or al-Qaeda somebody says some of these are rebels and superior connected to watch al-Qaeda. What what's gonna happen what can happen to be Israelis what IB. Has as Obama have been sitting back in the White House -- just turn on the History Channel and C you know six million of them were port. In an -- and not -- out 11 little -- -- you know what basically rocky desert that they turned it does bump and and it and you know that this statement coming. Out of those countries that surround them all the worse than what the Nazis set before they -- the Holocaust. -- it listening this week you'll be with Benjamin Netanyahu right he just announced he wants you won't see there's there's on the Miami Herald blog. He gave an interview today two to 1 of the morning drive this jockeys in the in Miami you know what the guy's name is. Camp. With the lamp. So he he went high he -- pocket Benjamin that nobody will talk to the -- what a lamp. In the -- discussed. How much the dolphins -- -- -- -- Thanks for the call Greg won 877469432218774694322. 617 an attack on our embassy is the exact same as an attack on our soil. Well maybe you know. -- your fellow Obama won over their made another apology to woman and offer of tools submarines. And set -- one submarine they would they would they would you know leave the embassy. They put -- black flag. No signal black flag of the -- passed for. What does that have to do with by you know that doesn't have a crash on monitoring and what's why would they put up a black flag. In -- the America that I guess -- took Puerto or part the American flag. Kevin your next with how we cargo ahead Gavin. Oh. You're really extra being an actor how much -- the talk about what Obama and Eritrea. We're -- President. George Bush was an officer mark in this day is what. And people just seem to live. This. And so that they can that they stand. Epitomizes. Whether I thought I don't know whether he thought they're Muslims. Or or or or what you're doing -- attack was no set attack on Pearl Harbor it was. More people killed bush killed in new York and Washington were to -- Pearl Harbor. You know in the I think it was. As for the day that the day of 9/11 when when you could them they would do in the lives that the wide shots of the worst. -- you see the people following how horrific that video once. In this war or for all these years you very seldom see those those pictures again. There was a there's -- just wrote a new book it's called. That it. I don't forget what it's called but it's it's about a got one of the guys following from the falling out of the building and the the idea the writer tries to find out who this person wise. You know in the British they've never they've never show that stop all I've I think would be instructive to show I don't think anybody would be appalled by that. I don't think it would be appalled by either it is that they expect a report this whole thing there. You know why. It's like yeah we go ought to vote because they go on the water on this well what Obama and Eric. -- -- I gotta find the Thomas sole call there have been several it'll be hoping to this in this economic mess too that's the other thing this is Tom also Thomas Sowell a few other people over in the -- Bill Clinton rewrote history at the Democratic Convention last week when he is talking about how. You all it's it's it was it was Bush's fault of course was Bush's fault that that that we had this a sub prime lending crisis. And it's all this the roots of all the sub prime lending crisis were. Planted. In the Clinton administration. And now get a get a during the next break thanks to a call Kevin Josh your next with our car. Yeah -- before 9/11. Before 9/11 one national security advisor Condoleezza Rice gave Republican George Bush a report titled. Osama bin Laden determined. Determined to attack with Indian. Josh Josh is this is a rather Josh isn't this a rather moot point considering that the Bill Clinton. Had a one opportunity to have Obama turned over to him live in and another time. Had had CIA drones. It's the targeting his car. And -- he refused to take him alive and he refused to allow the drones to fire now -- Bill Clinton had done his M job in one of those cases literally what are I believe what the drones were following up bin Laden's car. Did you hear what he was playing golf he was -- -- -- golf are. He wasn't he was a golf cart that's good you wanna talk about a legacy that's Bill Clinton's legacy 9/11 was Bill Clinton's legacy he and he didn't do. Did police. Work and it was it was -- it was getting out what do you mean he's not well legacy he I was. -- it twice. He's not responsible for things we'd isn't. Red -- from the. Isn't responsible for -- -- You're here Obama's. Just -- at the convention last week he you know Harry Truman said Democrats said the buck stops here. What's is name Obama said the buck stops with you know he takes responsibility for new thing. Not. Except -- except for killing except for Kelly yeah right sure. Goodbye 1877. Apple is called the flying man that's where that is the ball five await the flying -- -- watch the documentary last year. Yeah that's a day that they haven't they were -- they of the picture of the dispute and look for the shot he couldn't find the shot anywhere -- to promote the -- long time months the fine via. Find the actual picture news and you know university and I'm -- and 2002 o'clock. Well they're gonna dig him definitely -- of the people but the bodies dropping out of building or jumping out of the building located and the they're very seldom shall. 18774694322. We wouldn't want we want one fan you know I'm now car.