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Eastwood's Soft Shoe

Aug 31, 2012|

Movie icon Eastwood was the “mystery speaker” on the Republican Convention’s final night where he delivered an impromptu monologue to an empty chair that represented Obama himself. The reviews are very mixed. Howie asked the listeners what did you think of Eastwood's performance performance.

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Okay anti Obama films film set to become box office hit. The low budget documentary has become a 2016. To 2016 Obama's America has become Virginia wind blockbuster. One of the hottest tickets at the box office I'm overwhelmed the Sousa said the leash the Susan this is my first venture into film territory. The film is now sure showing in more than 1000 theaters and that number's expected that double by Friday which were put them movie's release on par with a major Hollywood blockbuster. Last week -- 2016 was already earning more money per screen in the Bourne legacy and the expendable to combined. The film grossed an estimated. Ten point five million to date according to box office mode -- dot com. This weekend 2016 is on track to suppress Al Gore's inconvenient truth that total box office revenue putting it right behind the highest grossing documentary of all time Michael Morse. Fair connect Fahrenheit 9/11. Should that be and documentary should be in quotation marks I think. D'souza joked that he is a little uncomfortable with the comparison to more to me Michael Moore is a little like the federal government big fat and out of control he said laughing. I'm a little more like the private sector lean and nimble. -- -- 1877469432218774694322413. Says. It was then onyx. 603 if racist dog whistles can only be heard by racist dog -- Malia and MSNBC here's. That's a good that's a very good point. You know if if a person says he lives in an all in a black majority city when in fact he lives in a lowly white village in Maryland. You think you'll lie about other things -- -- referring of course to comrade Chris Matthews. 18774694322. Can't place last audio clip on your opening who was -- Lieberman that's Al Gore isn't it. You -- I would think you'd get a stop blaming George Bosh yeah. 1877469432218774694322. He'll never stop blaming George Bush you know Harry Truman had the a sign on his office desk the buck stops here. Barack Obama says the buck doesn't stop here. Bill you're next with -- cargo ahead bill. And how is the DNC about it special to have them all of this Jamieson talks over the next week. I'd be bigger to tell people she was actually survived that's what. Exactly do you. He -- you know he bit that was. -- cruel but I've been that this thing actually -- it in 2% of what you. Whoever thought I feel bad -- -- which level of this concept that -- who would've thought. That -- this was gonna be the cause celeb of the democratic party for re election that the focus of a dog -- thirty years ago. I know where they gonna they gonna have like a memorial to one a memorial presentation to Shamus the dog in the in the in dignity that he underwent by having this this sit there you know Austin stander. A lot lately why they're in that cage and again like this it yesterday. Both. Both columnist for the New York Times yesterday mentioned she missed -- dog in their columns I mean how could how could that big. -- it and all we heard our ballclub sports with that but that won't. Let me. It that it just it that's basically Obama and if it's gonna try to ride back -- that we elect to launch this. I know and -- And this is a guy who -- dogs himself I mean again and he he has set. Either either he's a dog eater or he's a liar because he did the dogs he said he date -- What how if the bet that there -- followed the too big to get applauded that audition together retread Siemens and the guy walked it I. Guaranteed to go up to the Mormon Church big time ago with a bit of a black president it's 71. They're gonna go against polygamy it doesn't and it Reverend Wright was screaming goddamn America folks -- you know it who knows what else he was capable won Wimbledon when. When Ted Ted Kennedy was running against a Mitt Romney and Joseph Kennedy was managing the campaign and is it Joseph Kennedy made all these bigoted statements I mean it you know but it. You know if -- set it about a Jew or a or arm Korea Muslim. I mean that would have been -- to panic but you know he said it about a Mormon so it was OK you know. -- This -- to speak Carly put the Kennedys tallest spot starts at that at the different door. You know it's big it's it's chocolate anything when he had chose Joseph Kennedy -- -- talk about public now with the black -- -- terrific open about it on you what to -- we -- on the. I know I know it's issue. Yeah how many that that should be an -- -- that should be drinking game comedy -- everything you wanna take a drink you know they they that they it will liberals have this drinking games supposedly at the Republican Convention. Every time they saw black face they would pay the at the convention they were they can drink -- you know how about how. But every time that the date the F Democrats mentioned Shamus the dog in their speeches. Well how is every time I see tactic here at the -- -- thanks for the call bill 1877469432218774694322. -- And again mumble mumble mumble and Deval Patrick are scheduled to speak at the NC -- socialism with warm but. You know if you speak at the DNC and your going up against the big east the season. Kick off the National Football League -- you really speak at all I don't links now Tom you're next with power cart go ahead Tom. How -- -- He got it -- sabotage it and hypothetical please state worst case scenario happens and Obama gets back and data points. You know a senator -- the secretary of state. And Scott Brown wins reelection in there anyway that our wonderful governor appoints Elizabeth Warren anyway. -- It would yeah I mean he can appoint her but if she there's they they you now have to have a special election and they changed. Yeah but they changed they they they change the rules used to be would appoint the senator in the senator would serve until the next election. Now although they changed the date change the law back when Kennedy got sick. And a and they have to have an election you could appoint an interim senator but he would only serve like sixty days you would have another you have to have another election within -- three months or so that's why we had the or four months that's why you had the the special election in January 2000 because Ted had died in August of 2009. I'm just wondering of course Scott who -- with her anyway. You can of Scott even as Scott gets reelected which he does that. I mean he's got you know but now we stuck with Erfurt a limited time and then you don't and you -- -- you do another scenario -- this has been done in the past I mean usually it doesn't work out in the yen for the program or whoever does that. How about -- Deval Patrick appoint himself to the senate seat. Or he could do you know he could do that. This -- a law against that. That's that's even -- You think that's worse I don't think that's where I think -- I really -- she's she's not -- -- than he is she is Elizabeth Warren is definitely crazier than Deval Patrick. -- but what about what -- body takes carry it live to recent deterrent for ninety days. That would be pretty horrible I don't think I don't think moment he would go for I don't now helping sought was. Now that has nothing to do with -- look at Kerry Kerry has become -- the richest guy in the senate you know when as a serving senator just by the money that she's given camera the money they've accumulated -- -- gets half of it but I I think. -- that that's a good question -- who would be the who would be the interim senator and would she run again if she lost. I don't I know I think this will be the end for her I mean I don't forget you know she. Now she -- she's this is evil this is over time I mean she wins it now or she's out kinda like Marsha Coakley you know get a second chance. This would be you know what you don't know what happened upon all the all these congressmen were afraid to run against brown this year. They were all jump into the special race again just like apple want that because that relies this is -- This is really the train is leaving the station know this is their last shot they would I don't know would get the temporary position of interim senator but I know all these guys all these it congressman -- Thanks for the call it's a good question. 18774694. How about doing Joseph Joseph Joseph Kennedy would run. But sure in the congress for. For two weeks I think I'm ready -- aren't high enough experience on the run for the senate. Lee you're next with -- we are going Hadley. Yeah I think Michael. After. Scott Brown last yesterday and it showed that such a great job with the -- I don't think anybody want to run against -- Nissan and really good. That the rate. Yet no I think you know you know I think he's moon bats that think that Elizabeth Warren is gonna smoke him in the debates I think there were they are sorely. Misguided. You know they are really I mean that's one of the things it -- Coakley underestimated us Scott brown and I think Elizabeth Warren is underestimating him there was a debater. He sounded -- yesterday just like all these people in 93 right now coming back from the lake itself. -- -- -- Is the president on yet. -- it's going good. You know I hope so I hope you're right you know the you know you always said yesterday on the show that Micky ward the boxer from holes and one source of today. I guess so ward cancel that. -- EC he -- claim that he -- know he but he was he he called it called -- anti union I don't know how easy anti union he's in a union now. But. It was just goofy stuff they can't. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know I don't know what it is but he gets out of it's not a -- if it's not a big deal anyway but the I'm sure Scott was disappointed he seemed a good mood this morning at -- six or when we saw him at 6 o'clock with -- what the day at the airport. He he. -- DeGeneres and he was given me more grief today. He called me yesterday called me Campbell -- -- and today today we we get DC we get the seats in the middle of the in the middle of the year put extra leg room so extra level emergency exits. And so was so so while we actually get going first you know because. You know I I get the extra legroom seats -- not because -- more comfortable because I -- help my fellow man if there's if there's a disaster wanna help my fellow passengers get out because that's that's -- problems. Is help I'm a people person. Scott didn't seem that way the senator seemed to think you've partly blocked the exit -- got that I might help people out he's pretty sure -- where I was sitting next to these two people from Texas one of them that -- Republicans. Couples from Texas and they they for a and Scott Brown goes by and he says watch out for this guy if there's an emergency he's going to be jumping over you -- now. It's such -- what are you -- back. I didn't come here to be made sport of by this guy -- definitely always camped. That looked over me the CD you know senator brown. It's I guess I must appease insulting me in my face at 6 in the morning Don Imus must go on site now. 187 sevenths. Kelly at that -- BC and -- petitioning get back to where you where she was sitting in -- five rounds. 18 says he designed for Lawrence O'Donnell all this and Internet it's. Kimberly Scott Brown thought that I would I would abandon my post. As a as a rescue might follow me if there'd been an emergency in the four on the flight. 18774694322. Ferris your next with how we are going at Ferris. They can't then I just want it to China and -- knee to respect. Great. Performance. I let these would last night I'm with a big talker and that was wary. It would you know I have philosophy professor says knowledge consists of knowing the right things left that. Yeah -- and I can't I missed it last night as I was I was travelers happened but I. -- this morning I would interpret what other. It's that people or put now and I actually achieve its Robert Gordon and the -- -- reacted enthusiastic. They wanted to -- it first they want -- to lob a guy you know I mean I think that work. You know it was it was weird that they had cut away shots you don't Romney was backstage shall they be they had cut away shots of Paul Ryan and he can he had kind of this this embarrass my. It's like it's like when mumbled -- addresses Taurus. In the that and they say this in the not sure that there's this nervous kinda laughed our. They're not sure this is some kind of gagged or this is really the mayor of Boston you know what I mean. People have a that's that's that's what he got. You know Bryant appeared that look at how it is age you know the generation was brought up and. This is apparently had just because he's young I mean he's pretty Smart to be the other night. He would through the government public schools at a time when when they were transitioning into us into the the shape they are now. It -- and that I. Yeah it got me. Mean what do you think you thing we goes -- until we probably want the public schools. Well I don't know what kind of obvious but but they had the appreciation of -- that performance and great performance which is what keep its -- one of those speeches. That you you had a different take out. If you were not in the role in other words if you were looking at it and listening. Your reaction was it it was like -- old debate between Nixon Kennedy. Where if you listen -- late. Yep you'll wait at the radio listeners thought that the -- thought that Nixon kill them and I think the television viewers thought the vice Versa. Right right speaking your radio listener yes. The good senator called -- just wants to know that he he does feel that you're probably maybe. Help other people on the plane there was an accident needed means think the unit really that people. Get stuck in dive behind you by you know. He was just -- and like the joke with the Campbell sorting out maybe like when he called me Campbell yesterday was sit next -- -- just he reached -- just like tapped my knee a couple of items like. But he's got a point. What do you. I think you -- an EU that you you don't eat firm. You know from maybe wet like 10 in the morning until 8 o'clock at night how many human beings can do that. I don't like I don't like to war you know do the show awful stomach currently is a bigamy you know it just kind of makes me -- -- you know. It does member I would like to be sharper your -- you know how Walt you know what Walter Winchell that this is something I don't do. Walter Winchell the the columnist and the most famous radio guy in American in the 1940s. He was a newspaper columnist as well. And he F fifteen minutes show every Sunday night that was the most popular thing on radio. And and he he city he would not go to the bathroom. Before he before the show. You know why I could see being it's a -- and some slight pain he thought that he thought it made his voice edgy year. Holly crap. Yeah that's -- just Wear -- Sharon or something I don't policy and I'm just that's a truce that's a true story. Rush your next with how we card or hatteras. -- first thing with warrants mental train left the station along time ago. Eight under under the Americans with disabilities act on bumblebee provide an interpreter the optimist. -- -- -- I would assume that they they -- they yet they always have interpreter now days and days in public events don't they I mean they have sign language interpreters. You know how we have just opened -- subtitles on the bottom. So -- won't have to wait until the next day -- was. -- What are your -- I got news for you if this thing breaks the right way of like 5510. Or something where it's always supposed to be five minutes long. You know so I will just run the whole thing. -- with it we're gonna -- against god bless CNC -- that's that's what this is good for. Thanks for the caller -- 18774694322. I think -- is gonna. Bridge the ground as he puts it he's gonna bridged the rap. Between the moon bats from now on the Democratic Party in the the urban ethnics who who used to dominate the party. People like yes. He bought Euronext with how we cargo ahead of -- Too funny -- funny. Well he's and Andy and me quite a lot Obama waiting until Monday that -- did -- in the and a and a way. I don't know why. We'll hear why you -- you bought he wasn't planning going on at all until we found -- that was going. -- that stroke he was told that he was toward the Texas for some kind of fund raiser. Embedded that he said -- -- admits going -- better ago. I don't know do you want to I mean if you're a nice vacation spot you know a nice cottage like Camp David. Would you wanna go down to get your feet wet. The last weekend of the summer. Exactly exactly I believe that you know at the opry he kills me that like in there. I don't exactly. Thanks. Thanks for the collar on 18774694322. -- there was a by the way there was a great picture yesterday Drudge had it on it's one of those really memorable was still -- still newspaper -- photographs. They had a a picture of a it was a huge. Of mount -- flawed. And edited headed in golf this -- police car and the police car was in front of this fish restaurant called mid and divorce. It right in the that with the waters forwarded you know risen like you know I don't know -- it may be like seven or eight feet. And right on top of the mid and -- restaurant sign was a fish. And look like the fish was getting it looked almost like the fish was getting ready to jump back into the water was a great shot some kind of shot I remembered along dialogue I'll remember that for a long time. That's a shot should win some prizes for the from whoever took it right in your next with how we cargo had a Ryan. Yeah -- of you know like you're going to make it quick comment about the Huffington Post three brain that they are posting on FaceBook these flat rate during the conventions. You know I don't know. You probably don't look at that let's do. Holidays they had knew that -- -- you know to look at it completed yet it was an excerpt from these. It's through -- separate photos and it is as -- speech is going on and it you know that the photo consular you know legitimate I don't you know it just felt what he was speaking of -- -- Yeah like commented on it saying. You know pretty. You know immunity -- like that and you know kinda. The naked choke something as serious says you know convention speech that. Just about photo alone you can really tell that they're a liberal leaning music and -- you know today. Right what is the Huffington and Huffington Post offices or know what's the Daily Beast that knows who's weaker vice Versa I was thinking that. You know it would be stranger there was a Daily Beast that was doing this you know when when they've already said that we needed new president or rather Newsweek -- sent it. But Huffington Post is different I guess. Yeah yeah enjoy what did you see how what would Al Ryan you did you see the best thing in the the story this week about that. About the Donald Trump and I Arianna Huffington. Gartner -- apparently they there's some bad blood between them goes way back. And so when she sold Huffington Post AOL or whenever what do wherever she sold it to for like 400 million dollars and she as she suddenly flush with cash. She wanted to move into the trump towers in New York. You don't like it -- yes well. And so was trump said I don't wanna living here. But as every everybody say you can't turn her down you know it's discrimination if you turn down if he said okay would we've got an apartment for. A 100000. Dollars a month. Oh -- you know what she. This year's -- Unbelievable. The other -- it out that they have gone there I didn't think Romney's speech is very effective violate all right we -- to be just because you actually have solutions. Rather than lower here from Democrats so I was impressed -- I'm actually are registered Democrat and I think I'm leaning toward Iran Syria alliance is now. Sore a lot of people the space for -- Brian and I hope help many people follower in your footsteps 18774694322. I'm now car. -- 187746943227. They -- how little I volunteer for Romney I'm good with the phones please advise. Just go to while Mitt Romney for president on Google and you com bill just hit the you know and their button and a though it'll come up with the Romney headquarters for. That they have an -- they they've they've bought ads on Google. And that'll tell you -- ago just call the main number or he can just go on to score 11 country could just of all volunteer through the through the Internet. Send them an email on -- it's someone will get in touch with their almost -- for volunteers for -- That that's sort of thing. So while last night last like fox really dominated the. Do the ratings are just -- there were the ratings the overnight ratings. Fox News Channel was the most watched TV news out with beating the broadcast network. Their networks from ten to 11 PM last night however the gulf between fox and its competitors was even wider. As a top the next two -- networks. NBC and ABC combined. Combined. Compared to compared to the final night of the 2008 RNC it was a different story however fox news with just about flat. Compared to 2008 losing mine boosting 2% of its viewership NBC was down 56%. ABC 26%. CBS 30%. CNN 52%. And MSNBC down 25%. So the salt Serpa this'll also -- pale you know. But think she's his biggest our issue was are not 2008 but that's why they have such good ratings in 2008 I think. The but the but you know I I was just reading some comments about the story this is a story on -- On media beast -- And they they have somebody named Blake Smith wrote then he said. I was watching ABC on one of the main networks but they were just interviewing other reporters while the convention was going on I was like what I have. So -- -- -- website with a life we just some random site there was this African American guy who used to support Obama but mr. Republica. If he was giving a great speech. That would be Artur Davis he did give a great speech. What did didn't do the networks expect I don't I didn't tune in to listen to an interview with the new Hispanic reporter from your new Univision merger I tuned in the listen. I tuned in to watch the speeches and they wonder why their ratings suffer. That's a that's a real good point 1877. That you're the NB what are those when he was NBC missed the first three minutes of rubio speech. Because they were they were all but chuckling about the Clint Eastwood and interviewing each other and then they decide then they went to a break. They had to take a commercial break Brenda you're next with Howard cargo ahead Brenda. They Alley with that outside having. Hanging rings French Fries but you know clay -- -- they kept -- that I want to vomit and yet they -- apply to them about -- that would. Let back. Anyway I can think that I wanted to say I know a lot back and voting against Alabama. I'm voting that. Again Obama. Pain doesn't last night. I'm no longer and the other thing is is that I would not call for work yesterday it was certainly not the best end of the day. Cooler -- my neighborhood couple blocks away. -- Hello grant that aren't all my god. That's not why I'm like why aren't these people with signs that -- -- Betty. That I like that energy had I felt a little bit better. I would like what I've done before and Obama headquarters that what I want and that no I. Didn't go at -- at the Beverly headquarters. That opinion is that most of the people in my neighborhood. Iconic conservative Kook because most of its epic. You could maybe you could just like walked up and when she was speaking of starting on. The picture -- -- the last thing. That is not the but I was surprised like. You know they -- and stuff going on the -- I'm an estimate that she'd get that title. Speech down at the the pack across from the yet deep yeah. You know it on certain Britain and not no offense to where you -- the mural movement Beverly right. I mean this in Beverly a little balance scale for the likes of Elizabeth Warren. Well I know I would think that she would've -- to fight crime. Exactly that's her. Part of -- or even hearing -- that's part of Beverly to in his dirty even better placed than Prides Crossing where must be -- used to live. At the credit point. Curtis point not -- -- could see here and Curtis point. I could not see you're in in Beverly purse say. You know -- happily it. We have a high concentration. My son -- need any information we have high expectations. Of folks. Let's say it practical to and that area -- we have a high. Grab a lot of the moon -- persuasion people of the -- persuasion. I -- I have to look at myself and I think it's too late in one of them you know -- one -- the -- that you know. That I got tight and I try to -- on the Ryan signed a lot of women battling instead Lleyton. You know. Yeah I'd I know what that's got a quarter of one year Romney Ryan sidewalk last want to goes up. -- -- I don't wanna give those moon bats any ideas -- give back to the state tips Brenda you you make of me hungrier. Thanks for the call. 18774694322. 41 mumbled was humbled. As Joseph Biden's -- I really thought after the check the -- law mumbled national importance was all but -- You don't think -- mumbled what was he stole power around here I mean when the -- polite thing was going on I think we had it's Scott Brown on one day and I and I was trying to was. Idea I was merely just trying to see if I can get him to say something bad about them Mobil's. Because he you know I I didn't think he widening in fact he didn't because he needs he needs mumbled to stay at least neutral or semi neutral in this in this fight with Elizabeth Warren. He did need to have like 9000 vote deficit leaving and going and coming out of Boston coming in coming out of Boston. You know like that's what killed Americana which was running against Susie and bomb in 2010 -- -- monitor. She and Mary caught it and run one in the rest of the state. But she -- Boston by such a margin that the bumping that up winning. But I heard that mumbled -- bomb for one favorite she wouldn't give it to. That's what's that's it's being being a moon bat means you don't have to worry about. Repaying a favor to a four and Patricia you're next with how -- cargo ahead Patricia. Well in my on yeah. Yes she wore well I'd do without Howie I agree with you all are all the time all the time. I do have a question is there a direct rehearsals for the speaker that the Republican Convention. Do they have a dress rehearsal before an -- line. Yeah they do they they yeah they don't that there are some pictures in there but some pictures of the paper of Rob Ryan especially reversing his speech. Well because what happened then was -- these Floyd. I don't care again how can Internet Patricia ladies with Clint Eastwood is Clint eastwood's. You don't nobody tells Clint Eastwood what to do well why did they have one. I don't know I don't get that I don't get it. What we thought it was gonna I mean it apparently did increase the audience somewhat you know I I didn't. You know I thought I thought to myself that you know Clint Eastwood if he's if he's a really I mean. I understand these 83 years old he's won all the Academy Awards he's been all he's a great actor great director at the you know the etc. etc. But I mean you would think that he would want to have. Some kind of preparation wouldn't share. You what. You wouldn't deadlock when he would -- it's just that you know with the Republican do anything even anything I mean you know. Compete for the Democrats the Democrats can get away with anything in the Republican just. Get away with a -- To have him on in you know into that you know speech that you know it's just. I didn't you know with just not after the after the standard stepped up. I mostly good to you know I was -- the same thing with a group that they had that coach ordinarily slick video presentation of Mitt Romney's life. You know just beautifully. Beautifully. Video group video a lot of video. And they had the old pictures of a George Romney girls were eight I don't know where they got that stop with George Romney but it was fantastic it was it was mesmerizing via the whole lot of the whole presentation. And then and and then. The you know it's like it's like he amateur night at the the M profit you know I mean it's just like the guys just kind of scroll around I mean again he had a few great lines I wrote I wrote the one down and -- somebody does not do the job. We got a while ago amid that was the best line of the night but I mean. Most of it was a lot of it was painful in my opinion thanks for the call. 187746943227. Anyone says -- comic relief. Howie I did that mouth -- work Friday grainy warm when she marched in the Bunker Hill day parade she tried to make the best of a turning to turning a salute to saluting my gesture. Why was an act of native American solidarity. And. Whenever you -- grainy Warren do this. Yeah. Let her know that you're in solidarity with her and and the native American that the the trail of tears you shouldn't it'll give it'll bring tears to her eyes will make any street the commonwealth the trail of tears. -- -- --