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The War On Women?

Aug 22, 2012|

The Akin brouhaha which comes the week before the Republican National Convention, handed Democrats an opportunity to reprise their “Republican war on women” theme on reproductive-rights issues from contraception to abortion. Guest host Jeff Kuhner wondered is this a made up issue to deflect from the President's rotten record.

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Do you think the RNC is doing the right thing by pulling. All of their money from the Missouri senate race. What do you mean what you what's your predictions and I mean what you think how do you think the the audience is gonna vote on this one -- currently 46% are saying yes and 54% are saying no. I'm I think it might flip a little that I think -- and when people think about it I understand you don't want somebody out to preempt your choice. They didn't have an informed choice when they made -- the primary were held to mark do you really think that Aiken -- -- You're clearly right -- I think you get wiped out and he finished third out of a three person race he finished third I think your completely right. We just live with her so much stuff going on before I get into the meaty stuff that today. There is an important message I wanna send out to all of -- Little Jeff -- lease killer. Charles James has petitioned a court to allow him to change his name so he can be in line with his week -- Signed the petition. WORK. No dot com. To object. With enough signatures. WRKO's. Morning show Feinberg and make free. Will deliver this to the Plymouth court share it with your friends as well. And so. As this campaign now heats up. What is the issue at stake. Literally what is at stake what are we fighting about what is November come down to. It really comes down to this. Bankruptcy. Or survival. Will this country. Be able to recover. From the mountain of debt and deficits. That both bush and especially Obama. Have piled a nearly broke in this country where. That's what this issue is they have amassed so much depth in Washington. Both parties to be honest with you ever gonna be candid. But especially under Obama. That we are now heading off a fiscal cliff. The CBO just set it can say the Congressional Budget Office this is now indisputable. Another trillion dollar deficit for this year we are now. Approaching six teen trillion dollars in debt. That's more than the entire economy of the United States. My friends that's Greece. We're literally going bankrupt. And of course the more adept the more deficit Q pileup. What does that mean. Let me give you one trucking statistic. Because of these massive deficits and debt because of this soaring out of control spending. This year alone. Do you know how much we're gonna -- -- deficits. Just in the interest on our deficits. Five hundred billion dollars. 500. Do you lean jurist to finance to be interest on the debt. Which by the way goes to most countries overseas. Frankly it -- the pockets of the Chinese. It lines the pockets of the Saudi sheiks. Many of our mortal enemies are actually taking our money those interest payments and putting it in their pockets. Do you know what 500 billion dollars gets -- That's practically our entire military defense budget. We could have who she Oprah power military's if that money wasn't going for the interest on the deficit and that's how out of control it is the middle class has been broken. The private sector is literally now stifled. It is self. -- -- Entrepreneurs. Are leaving this country investors are leading business capital is leaving. Unemployment is over 8%. Real unemployment is more like fourteen or 15%. The African American community has got 14% unemployment you'll look at -- Young black males in this country. Their unemployment is thirteen five to 40%. These are Third World levels. And instead of big knowledge in this reality. What does Biden go before and say. This is Biden before I kid you not here is Biden above -- telling us the middle class is rolling back. God is excellent middle class is coming back they have been -- They had been wrapped. But -- started to come back. No they're not coming back Joseph. If fact it's the opposite. The middle class is now in desperate. They're they're they're in desperate straits. The middle class is eroding the middle class is falling. The middle class is worry. Because it's the middle class that is paying for the 50% of Americans -- -- all taxes. All of these people that you've been putting on welfare -- -- and an engineer -- president Barry UN Barry -- we have Barry show. Food stamps unemployment. Welfare. Public housing. I could go on and on all of these deadbeats you've created in this country what are your biggest bang for Joseph. The middle and upper class is in this country to productive members of the society. So here is Paul Ryan. Saying -- I don't know what planet Joseph Biden is living on guys roll the clip. This guy I've known for -- years are gonna be talk consumed in mid October is name's Joseph Biden you might hurt them. You know. He just said that the middle class is coming back. We got 23 million people out of work struggling to find more today. Unemployment. Has been above 8% from 42 months in the real unemployment rates more like 15%. He said last summer was going to be this summer recovery. It's a summer later and it still worse. They said that the private sector's doing just fine we need more government. This is president Obama's imaginary recovery. It's not here. The figure comic book like a superhero powers. His sister and you know what he should've set I could snap my fingers and create full employment like it's not my fingers and and and and and make as the richest country in the world again I could create. Fifty million new jobs is by snapping my fingers and the job creator president that's my super power. Not once they want to learn every language in the world taking his yak and tell everybody a brilliant ideas but let that go. So instead of asking these kinds of questions. Instead of saying Mr. President your vice president said the middle class is roaring back where's the evidence. Where's the proof. Instead of talking about. The looming recession. Instead of talking about peace crippling deficits and -- what is the national media obsessed with. Who is the person that is now dominating the media spotlight and changed the entire national conversation. Are we talking were talking about this but what are most people talking about. That clown down in Missouri taught -- So here's the guy who goes on our radio. In Missouri on Sunday. And he's asked the very simple question. You say you oppose abortion in almost all instances including rape. Now how do you defend that position. And instead of saying what he should've said which is why blame the baby. Why blame the innocent unborn baby be innocent unborn babies doing when it's innocent. In in terms of the punishment here if you have an abortion. So. Yes I feel sorry for the person that was a rape obviously. Our prayers go to her give her all the support she needs but why blame the baby. That's what he should've said. Instead. Genius. Well. It's a -- if it's a legitimate parade what do you mean by that. Well it to some little summary shall we gentlemen summary of sir illegitimate if it's a legitimate rape a woman can dish about her body and it's -- problem because you want to pregnant. She won't have a baby issue won't conceive. They are. Crusoe find him we -- comment. And now it is noxious liberals it is not just Democrats. Mitch Romney has asked him to quit. Paul Ryan has asked him to quit. Ranked previously chair of the RNC has asked him to quit Scott Brown has asked him to quit. Everybody is telling him. This is bigger thing you taught. This is not about -- or personal political future if fuel lose that senate race against Democrat Claire McCaskill. The control of the senate is at stake. This could be the 51 seat and we -- hangs the repeal Obama care. And may be passage of the entire Romney right an agenda. They're very agenda that can rescue. From the economic fiscal crisis were in. And so I asked by George Stephanopoulos. Earlier. Will you bow out. Here was taught -- response. Roland -- that's -- you sent out a tweet saying the liberal media is trying to get -- out of the race we just saw the piece right there. The cause you're gonna come from Mitt Romney Republican senator Sean Hannity. Rush Limbaugh that is not the liberal media. No you're right on that and they're essentially with the way I see things have shaped up but we've given this a lot of thought and that is the fact that over more than a year period of time. A number of us ran in this Republican primary. Each of us have -- messages. I was outspent by a large amount in terms of media. It -- by standing on principle. And putting politics aside and talking about the foundations of this country the people in Missouri chose me. To be their candidate and I don't believe it's right for party bosses to decide to override so voters and done. So I don't I I think it's I think they're really we should allow things to stands so are you having any election processes -- are you saying then that you are in no matter what you're not gonna. Get up for that September 25 deadline even if it appears you're gonna lose and cost Republicans possibly control the senate. -- Georgia I never gonna say everything that could possibly happen I don't know the future but I do know this. I knew that the party voters took a look at our hearts understood who we were had a chance due to meet us and many many different ways and made a decision. And it makes me uncomfortable to think that the party bosses are gonna dictate who runs as opposed to the election process you still aren't. Notice. In that congressman eighteen gave himself while all day. It will wiggle room there when he said well are you saying definitively you're gonna stand this raising morale. You know you never know about the future anything's possible slowly kind of leaves the door a live. But essentially what he's saying is so I'm -- and in my heels. I'm gonna stay and now he's wrapping himself up in the mindful of democracy. Now is -- on how I won the election I won the primary fair and square. The voters elected me the Republican voters of Missouri elected me and I'm not gonna have the party bosses overturn. A primary overturn an election. So this is now about the integrity of the primary process and the integrity of democracy in Missouri. What he's not mentioning. And sandy made the point earlier I thought it was a very it was a brilliant point. Well hold on now had they known your views and how you would be able to handle hot button issues. Like the attacks that are gonna come against you want abortion. If they could get their vote again knowing how you perform on the national stage and on the big stage may be they wouldn't vote for you. Because obviously. If you keep being asked these kinds of questions that need to be very articulate answer them and you're not able to do it. And so Ryan's -- the chair of the RNC. Is now cost well what are you gonna do because Aiken says he's staying in the race and -- says rim pull the plug on his campaign boys roll it. So if thing is Beverly says you know what the other Republican primary they elected me. I'm gonna listen to the people of Missouri and he stays in this race. Our candy when Kenny -- Claire McCaskill. And be pretty tough to do it on any money. Wielding young RNC. If you spend any campaign fundraising for a. Yeah I mean we're not gonna we're not we're not gonna send any money toward that race or spend money on the ground. And that particular race that we're obviously. Going to work very hard for a nominee. In Missouri. Up and on the ticket congressional seats that I've already called off the phone banks and all the volunteers. Four congressmen Aiken is a race there so it's up to him he's got an hour and a half and it's up to him. I think he added to the right thing for this country and get out of the race and and but we'll see what happens and. Ryan's free mrs. sank. In a nutshell. Go fly a kite you're up a creek without a battle you're on your own. And I have to say this look normally. I'm a Tea Party insurgent. I stand with the conservative grassroots. And I know Aiken has been a good guy in congress in fact he's got an impeccable I think courageous pro life record. But sometimes you're out of your league and you're out of your depth. And I think this is the case. And Ryan's previous I think is right on this -- white -- Avis. Because. -- eighteen is now becoming the poster child. For the phony trumped up Democrats his claim of a war on women. That somehow Republicans want to wage a war on women. And sold the longer he stays in this race. Those comments are gonna come back to haunt them. They're gonna be used against them not just by Claire McCaskill. But by Democrats across the country. They are going to try to -- the Republican Party with Claude Akins comments. And don't even take my word for it. Because coming up -- the Democratic National Convention in two weeks I understand next week is the RNC convention. In Tampa. Which actually may be disrupted not just by code pink and Occupy Wall Street but apparently it could be a hurricane coming. So they may have a real mess on their hands but the following week the option shift -- Charlotte, North Carolina. And in Charlotte north Carolina at the DNC. This -- broke today. Sandra flock. From Georgetown University. The one who testified in front of congress that she wants the American people and the American government to provide her with free contraception. Free birth control. Because she's a woman and she's. Entitled to -- and that what women really want in this country is free sperm aside -- and free birth control that's what they really want according to us and report. And if you don't give a -- them it's a war on women it's basically the Middle Ages. Because she goes to Georgetown university and it's very tough for her to pay for birth control. This school is already expensive as it is according to Sandra fought by the way she's thirty years old. Denied an eighteen year old nineteen year old sharp she's a thirty she's thirty years old. When a fiance she's -- to get married. I I looked into this case I goal by Georgetown all the time I kid you not. Gary is a local target. Right down the street from Georgetown. -- no 999. A month. For all the birth control that you want I'm talking about the best -- it works 24 hours a day seven days a week. Every every day during the month you can have as Sandra you can have as much sex as you want I'm telling you it's my 99 and you don't need insurance. You don't need insurance I even said this all driver now. I'm even thinking of getting a collection fund. For all -- oppose it oppression that men have imposed upon women let's get a output and a -- there's ten bucks. One month free sex go ahead Sandra. On me for all the oppression that man among the women and allows government also guys. Put in a ten bucks but in ten bucks we along with the -- the government be involved here okay so does get her off the cameras. Because apparently she capped she can't pay for on birth control ten bucks a month is too much. She go to the movies with a ten dollar ticket but that's okay she can't sacrifice some movie formula Burton. So Sandra flock is going to be at the DNC. Side by side with chief Elizabeth Warren. If they're gonna talk about cherokees and contraception -- -- Together both of them. And they are now literally. Going to talk about the war on women and they want that enshrined in the platform of the DNC. They are now gonna argue both Elizabeth Warren and Sandra flocked out the DNC site by site. That the Republicans are waging a war on women. Because they will not support abortion. And they will not support free birth control and free contraception. And -- god they're gonna keep rolling out. As mr. Neanderthal. As the epitome of the Republican Party. It's -- bacon. And so my question to you is a very simple wanted to double barreled question. Who do you back in this fight. -- supreme miss. And the Republican Party. Or talk -- should Aiken goal and is Ryan's previous write the -- his campaign and more than dot. Especially to the women out there. Do you believe there's a war on women. If you oppose government funded free birth control. Are you somehow misogynist. Because that's what Sandra flock and that's what Elizabeth Warren arguing. Is there a war on women do you feel like you're being persecuted in modern day America. 8774694322. Is the number Silvia thanks for holding you're on the Howie -- show. I ESP. Unless they I have a better candidate the Republicans. Need to think what they're doing it may ruin it can bid for the senate because what we need to think I was not. They can anybody else that that least. In in the senate. Sylvia what you're saying is by pulling the plug on him and isolating him. May be either destroying whatever chance he may have of beating Claire McCaskill correct. Well -- have a chance the voters may hand now do they have another candidate it's better. They have several candidates in fact one of them is a former senator Jim Talent. Who is now being pushed to come back in should -- say he doesn't want Iran. -- so they have other potential candidates that frankly I think that wiped the floor with Claire McCaskill see this it will be the issue was flared up for this. This for this reason may cast cool is very vulnerable she's extremely unpopular. And contrary to the past Missouri is not -- -- Massachusetts. It's not even Pennsylvania is -- Virginia is not a swing state is becoming increasingly red state a Republican state. So -- school is in big trouble. Any normal conservative Republican would win easily against Claire McCaskill. But now they're neck and neck in fact I'm I I suspect when the next round the polls come out she's gonna be up by a couple points. So that's why everybody is telling him. And it's not just mean it's not just ranks previous it's not just Scott Brown is -- Mitt Romney. I mean many conservative commentators many conservative talk raiders think Bob what are you doing. You're basically blowing up the republicans' chances of controlling the -- Now look I'm sorry I know you apologized I know you're good man you're probably very good congressman. But you're not ready for primetime. Now get -- get off the ticket before it's too late now I don't all. Maybe I'm wrong I wanna hear from you 8774694320. Kill bill thanks for holding your on the Howie -- show. Exactly. They -- principle but -- like I'm not exactly a Republican. But what mr. McCain says okay. I hit I don't have a problem with that. Why do you. You mean that you think are legitimate. Rapes in this country. Of course Davis. Of course -- -- Like -- that feel that. Claim that he would you rate by their kids that was going to college. Like statutory -- I mean. I'll I'll. IQ would now -- consider that you would now consent to a -- oppressive. I mean. Abortion is one thing but this virus let. Can't withstand. He has some -- to do it. You okay -- -- you think when a woman is being raped. At all office. Not collectively. Not forcibly. Abduct a low willing okay well she's being rate. No. Content think it is -- -- They know what. Talking about her sleeping with the congress look low rate on a woman's right. Now he's claiming athletes. That she can just turn off that you can just. -- filed the body is spot yet despite the body. Be able to an opera ten not that stop. Not yet been OK I don't think it I mean it would seek god he's not god only god can -- do that okay but what I am trying to say is that what he's -- Was had a lot. Legitimate. The legitimacy to OK but he put it the wrong way I think -- the past that it. No we do know that bill that's the point and here's the deeper issue look. To be able to defend that kind of a position you have to be articulate and bright enough Smart enough. To be able to deal with issues like this you think this is the only issue. This is the tip of the iceberg they're gonna ask him question after question after question and he's gonna keep stepping in. And I'm telling you Claire McCaskill is gonna wipe the floor with this guy. So what I'm trying to do is I'm trying to alert Republicans around the country and say don't kiss away the senate over this guy and he's not -- that. 68774694320. Till. Jeff Carter sitting in for how we car. Are about how weak car show. Welcome back an -- car show all this is Jeff corner from The Washington Times. Sitting in for the great Howie -- 8774694322. Just to show you how this pod -- Campbell that -- it can affair. Is transforming the Democratic National Convention. And the democratic campaign. -- Planned Parenthood luncheon in California in San Jose in fact yesterday. That leftists. Senator Barbara Boxer. Launched into a full out attack. On congressman Aiken about his quote legitimate to rape comments in particular here's what she said. There is a war against women and Romney and Ryan if they are elected would become its top generals. Where's the outrage by Mitt Romney. Boxer -- there is a sickness out there in the Republican Party I'm not kidding. Maybe they don't like their moms. Or their first wives. I don't know what it is. So now Republicans -- their own mothers and their and their -- Since win. I just I act to mean this is just mind boggled since when did the comments. Of one politician. Suddenly mean. That every conservative every Republican. Believes that somehow. Women can stop themselves from getting pregnant mother being raped. This to me is unbelievable but even on a deeper issue. Elizabeth Warren. Is now gonna join forces which Sandra flock at the Democratic National Convention -- embarrassing herself once again. Why do liberals equate. Abortion. And free contraception. With protecting women's rights. To mean if you wanna talk about a real war on women. It has nothing to do with killing unborn babies were getting free sperm -- jellies are free birth control bildt's. It has to do it the fight I'll give you an example. My wife can not to draw outside of our home. After a dark. I can't tell you how many of my female friends. My female colleagues family members have told me after 6:7 o'clock at night they're afraid to go on drug. Because they're gonna get -- and they're gonna get raped. Domestic violence. How many women face abuse from their spouses or their boyfriends. Which nobody wants to talk about. How about the fact that these crippling deficits. This -- a high unemployment. This absolute economic disaster that Obama's presided over its preventing. Monitors. Serious Kurds. Daughters. From getting jobs. From putting food on the table. From paying their bills. From being able to go to college. You wanna talk about a war on women do women not want to have food on the table. The women not wanna be able to have a job do they not want to be able to walk their streets in peace and security. Do they not wanna be able to jog for example or -- walk in the park after hours. If the Romney campaign was Smart. They would say this yes there is a war on women. Their pocketbooks are being rated. Their economic futures are being stolen from them. They're losing many of them are losing their houses they're seeing their families become impoverished -- -- seeing the economic opportunities being diminished and they can't walk our streets safely. Because Obama and the liberals in this country. Are putting their rights of criminals ahead of the rights of victims. Because they are now imposing a socialist revolution. That is impoverish and every one but women in particular. You're right there is a war on women it's so liberal war on women. Now why doesn't mommy says something like that instead of playing defense. I don't know maybe I hope the Boston boys are listening. Because I'm telling you what the Democrats are gonna do is they're gonna try to get unmarried women. To vote for Obama and Biden by scaring them by this fiction. By peddling this fiction that essentially now returning to the Middle Ages. According to Barbara Boxer according to our chief warrant according to Sandra Fluke. It's like if you don't get free birth control for having your free birth control -- now she's in the Middle Ages. Literally were back in the dark ages when the twelfth century. That's that's what it is now. Did this to -- is incredible. I mean aren't -- shouldn't. I'm looking at Elizabeth Warren you're not ashamed. To be around somebody like -- reflect. Who doesn't even have the responsibility to maturity to pay for an contraception. From birth control instruments like Jolie. Put her fiance paid for he's the man go ahead when -- -- -- are god bless you bid for the but for birth control pill putting a ten bucks a month. 87746943220. Mike thanks for holding her on the Howie -- show. -- -- Well quite so serious solutions what was. -- the Republican Party and a -- -- always -- -- -- -- that they -- and all that it you know we responding. Basically. The religious right. He's -- what the religious right beliefs. One of the objectives of the Republican Party is that repeal roe -- But he according people on the Supreme Court. Would be objective. Repealing. Oh. -- -- -- problem with. Well I mean we're all okay you don't wanna take away won't straight to cheat because basically. It. Would. And you're not only are not the first of all. Notice how the liberals have corrupted the language of the right to choose. Malone it's not a right to choose it's their right whether you can kill a baby. That's what visits. And so what the pro life movement is saying what Republicans are many of them are saying is. Women anybody. You don't have a right to kill unborn babies. So there's not gonna be no back Alley abortions women are gonna start butchering themselves that have abortion that's a complete fiction. So in other words which are telling me is this that there is a category of human beings just like slavery really. You're telling me that unborn babies just because they're on a mother's womb have no protection they have no rights or less -- fully human. Why do you use your fetus -- know what. It's our civil war and to decide. What she. Thought she can make -- -- -- she does what what. Why. Is this will tell you this can a woman walk around the streets nude. -- just don't want. Your logic. No no it doesn't matter by your logic Shia as a right now however don't write the controller on body so she count walk around -- on the streets and and she inject herself with heroin. Yeah -- golf so my point did you already have restrictions it's normal it's a society we answer restrictions. On people's freedoms while so I feel that -- -- -- -- You know what it is no matter what she thinks there. A warm a -- -- two children. Okay. And possibly give it give up for adoption. -- give in seeking a woman's. Choice. What's going she's pregnant actually. It's not -- -- you can -- with somebody. No she had a choice whether she could have sex with somebody she had a choice whether she could use contraception or partner use contraception but now she's pregnant. There's a baby inside amber you were once an unborn baby. How you like if -- kill. -- Her. It's not her. Model because it's error. What you're saying you know what if modern ones that you should have killed. The -- -- I want it. -- wrote in -- -- Shouldn't she. She she Hitler. Killed. Oh well why. Lot. Of people are in the world all like yeah right. A whole lot so some people have rights to life but others don't because you decided. Because somehow you waved a magic wand and say roll some unborn babies that can be killed and some others so let me get this straight. Where blacks allowed to be enjoying where they allowed to be -- and does not okay white people and. -- whoever wants time but it was okay. Okay so why is it okay to kill unborn babies. It's over and human growth and make it on all -- -- the ultimate goal -- it's. -- have. Any. It -- just know who all know there are still open connected. It. Certain time. -- to -- opt out into. A. It was going to be well -- become being telling Mike language when you. What about that woman call orchestra. And any kind of mind. -- eight months -- 19 days she can put a knife into rebellion killer baby. Well. No because she's well. She's gonna kill it now and think about it. Okay to hammer on our gadget that's a -- she cracks eternal. She just assault with poison whatever she she takes whatever she does that killed in so in other words -- eight months 29 day. That'd be the 11 day about from being born she -- condone that. That's your logic it's in fact the site. Which you're telling me. Is that people in this country have the right to kill children to kill babies just because they happen to be in the -- and I'm sorry I believe in the dignity of human life. You believe in a culture of death I believe in a culture of life. That's the difference between you and me 8774694320. -- Jeff -- are sitting in for Howie Carr on now -- car show.