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Michelle Williams and the Black Panthers

Aug 20, 2012|

New hatre speech surfaces from Michelle Williams

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Eighty WRK -- I have other vacation in camp rock and I started are you wearing -- RA whether new Black Panther Party otherwise it. The beret. Is starting to heat the -- between the Ralph Lauren Olympic uniform. They had a -- The team USA a beret. To these new black kids there's a bikinis -- -- white yellow ball type of threats. I'm starting to despise the -- And he. Where beret will Ngo for his offensive a number. I concede could see it ever make a joke and like I personally RA or. I did it well he -- or eighteen he needs to -- Fedora back united -- she was a black you know when shore drive hang around in light red rock park where that. But they purple beret. And you voters. Food and as well as moaned for Erica that. Exactly. Pocket the blood both places that's really -- Just a question like hello Eric Holder. -- -- dot out of -- May not Homeland Security hello may be leaving need to call the National Guard. Because when you the new Black Panther Party. Which we know now has been protected by a Eric Holder the top cop in the whole country are alleged. Highest -- enforcement official the attorney general Eric -- already protected the new Black Panther Party wants when he these sorts of threats being made. Against the Republicans who are going to Tampa. The the last of my list these days her fur could get away during the currency. Due to this. And we -- via this kid because not this is it. The woman who made some of these remarks he and I remember she's the one who said that. Zimmerman should be scalps. Being killed dramatic -- and he has Michelle Williams talking about all the people they gonna try to. What they say threatening to throw them trunk someone and -- try to do them here she is. Be -- city hey I'm calling card of the Republican national coach bill did I don't want -- -- it. People have that they and I'll call them that they don't want any practice anybody. It looked like meanwhile let me like me could be anywhere you hit the the vanity the Republicans look good manages the you pay people -- the -- and look what I can't. You called. -- -- 140 -- well. You didn't say what did you lose your dignity and -- any company yeah. Mean everybody -- me no good. Show. Only question I don't it won the match because neither of them I hope. I hope it couldn't be there and what did not buy an extra in your media and -- remember how -- I can keep -- Yeah better. -- -- you -- know they could only got local. So that little last are at that -- in the last car. Was didn't she say I'm gonna have my mother bleep being booed on their mother sleeping next to Nicholas of the like -- case you missed it. And that's exactly what you just pretty much where she said. I about a what you don't crack a violation attitude. Poor Allen west plus is dignity all serving his country. Plus does dignity pour out west. So. Straight. Aren't you every actually make it televise the rats. Against. -- race of people in this case it's why people you get big televised threats against a group of people it is now all. Warrant for what's -- action taken whatsoever. Pretty do you think would happen if I said hey. -- -- similar types of threats against a certain segment of the population in any particular community tip I'd be barging damn I'd. And Davis. The giant police commissioner might show appearance self would do great. -- it is five seconds after you said no you we have late swat team breaking into the windows and everything. -- -- -- -- Because it's a new black the party in an Eric Holder has now been improving to protect them and I'll explain and just a second. This is okay this rhetoric is okay. Rhetoric now remember this new black panther audio that was released this week. Only this was in South Africa thank god timing in this country. But the South Africa's new black -- audio says if you know why can't dwell. At that medium to blow up beating -- nursery so be it. Except of course I don't think of that now quite. Not making this. Not making -- In my way around. Spattered time. Erica Michelle audio that -- -- a mall. Featured don't wait. Could lead Mohamed the former spokesman for Louis Farrakhan nation of Islam and this is what they say and I quote. We give them 24 rows to get out of town by sundown I say if they don't get out of town we killed the men. We kill the women. We kill the children. We kill the eighties we kill lines we killed or both we kill crazy we -- -- very nasty word to gauge the begins an NF. We tell lesbians I think they sound like reverend Jeremiah Wright Wright had got did we -- all. Was supported spokesman for Louis Farrakhan. Try and wasn't briefed in Chicago was an. Well just days earlier told chick -- the old man who just happens they Christian told -- just grow. And Kathy is out I don't even being. Lewis -- tried to adopt partner and marvelous that now he's gonna be our partner in this crime initiative -- -- I'm whose followers. Explain it all crackers. Sure I'll die and I -- -- a quote kill all. You know I navigated. A nasty derogatory homosexual word kill -- nephew killed while icing coated god. Another. Bad word greed did -- happening kill. Think -- -- Early further and leaked this I mean isn't voter diatribe. Did out there on the airwaves and -- these -- don't think. I think he knew that the other party's gonna be charging in here any minute. Sorry. To Michelle Williams just what what time because I'm really curious as to why this woman hasn't been arrested for threats -- Let's see that video camera. Because of the Republican national good I didn't. Want all -- it. People have that they and I'll call them that they don't want any practice and anybody. They look like meanwhile let me like me could be anywhere -- -- -- the -- they are the Republicans look good manages the can pay people yeah. I can't. You called. Hey there aren't quite -- well. You didn't say what did you know yeah dignity and eat -- -- yeah. Mean everybody -- me no good. Street actually -- -- won the match because I can keep the crowd and I hope. I hope I -- yeah and it cannot buy an extra even. Can media have a mental health but I can be told don't get -- -- -- that you -- really I only got. -- Those are. Aren't -- next the Republican National Committee members. -- how folks 6172666868. When he rhetoric in many consider that's. You're Democrat in November of 2000 -- did he was November 4 Election Day. According to multiple witnesses members of the new Black Panther Party blocked access to polling station in Philadelphia. Harassed voters. Used words like the ones you just turn. Well despite and witness accounts and despite the threats of violence and despite the baseball bats. The department of just says run by Eric Holder ultimately overruled the recommendations of its own staff and dismiss the majority of the charges. Now current and former Department of Justice attorneys have alleged in sworn. Testimony before the US Commission on Civil Rights that DOJ. The annual Black Panther Party and other civil rights related decisions I've made on the basis of race and political affiliation. So. Clear we heard you know that Eric Holder has a problem with the truth. Did you hear from you and a 6172666868. That's 6172666868. Did judicial watch. Which is a conservative watchdog group certainly. But received their Freedom of Information Act request that looks at some of the emails on back and forth. In the Department of Justice during this investigation into the new Black Panther Party. And where does investigation. We uncovered information -- top political appointees. Where -- really involved in the decision to dismiss. The new Black Panther Party last suit on these charges from Election Day. So oh. These documents which include internal Department of Justice email correspondence. Directly contradict sworn testimony by some of the attorneys. Who say no political leadership was involved in the decision not to prosecute. British judge disagrees. The -- even -- -- the judge ruled. The judges Reggie B Walton. The US district court for the District of Columbia. The documents reveal the political appointees. Within the Department of Justice were conferring about the status and resolution. Of the new Black Panther Party case in the days preceding. The GO days dismissal of claims in that case. Which could appeared to contradict assistant attorney general Perez's testimony that political leadership was not involved in that decision. Sure the public has an interesting documents that cast doubt on the accuracy of government officials representations during the possible. Politicization. Of agency decision making. Hi yeah if they and new threats. -- threats being made after -- had a voter intimidation scandal this stuff should be taken seriously. Since you have a pundit on MSNBC last night I cute and Mitt Romney. How about -- -- I mean -- and word it day in every. I don't believe -- doesn't she see should be exchange of itself and you wanna hear what he said and we just -- the what and where you'll -- that's quite enough but we have. That that commentator on MSNBC you outside talking about how Romney is trying to rob contains essentially -- not in a much nasty. -- more vulgar way. Twice he's really trying to use racial coding and access and access and some really deep stereotypes and be angry black man. -- this is part of I know it's a heavy thing to say don't say it lightly but his. They said you're not one of us and and you are like this Gary black man who we've been trained to fear and the idea of the of locating anger around Barack Obama. Just doesn't fit with cool he isn't he is trained themselves to be going back to high school training himself to be no drama Obama. And no driver Obama. Now that anger regret that. Tech guys paragraph that no drama Obama I -- campaign -- with Mary. No that's not. Some I I I I feel like I should write him a Mitt Romney an -- with no more pain no my drama if I know my drummer Obama hello boy. So conversation is the I'd be continued to to beat these racially charged accusations against Mitt Romney. And light of what we've seen from the new Black Panther Party in the total lack -- -- -- prosecution. -- keys intimidation tactics. -- just don't know what would do in this country Jason do you know. I have I have no idea but you know what -- I think overall -- might be might be mission. -- something a pretty easy score yes I mean he's just got. Speaking about his surged to replace the attorney general and get somebody in their -- all the lots and I think. I think that right death. Pull -- will be like a little bit of a rallying -- -- a lot of people treated we know what Eric Holder to -- lot of people know. He could go and I just wish wish Mitt Romney would hit him at least once before Obama. Why why isn't the army doing an I don't politicize the death of Brian Terry's right can understand why you might now when asked that family for help. But this idea -- Eric Holder has steadfastly refused to cooperate with congress and the investigation. Of this debacle that killed hundreds of Mexicans know life hundreds of Mexican and anti US border agent and he continues to keep his job. And now there is new documentation according to judicial watch and this is they are very well respected outfit. That said their holder lie. And had some of his attorneys -- when he was testifying. A bottle the new Black Panther Party in. Imagine -- I went to the polling location in EST. And Italian dogs were outside with baseball bats they -- better about the sell a nineteen are not that Irish check. You know I. Rico they be that they be branded as mobsters -- be locked up a lifelike. -- cheese guy. In a minute and you know what this is this is almost wiped out. Like the old cell -- only reversed and I would let me let's face it he did lied. He knows exactly was going on his hands in emails all book. That says the gun running it got to Mexico. And now this seems sort of interference is very clear in his new Black Panther Party voter intimidation scandal. It looks like this whole prosecution. It was now prost which means it can bring any charges against these guys because of -- Eric holder's interference. And I hope I hope that that -- and you don't tomorrow and if governor Romney got it becomes president I hope this -- to let this go I hope they actually. You know retro listen -- after the parties responsible and actually uphold the laws mean. Let's face it good or bad right or wrong it just a lot and you broke your -- -- you're -- dead to rights you're on video. And it's it's a slap in the face that no law abiding citizens all -- no matter what. -- now not gonna go to that polling location this time was it a tournament and to those guys you just heard that cuckoo bird. You know I'll tell you if you already walking Georgia whether Bahrain Iraq. No actually -- -- up. Global spirits and be ready to prepare myself Michelle around. Well good I'll stand by knew that Jason if I see somebody with a variety asserted its Cotillard raspberry beret. On the shot. Welcome back plus in this city seventy we -- and six data they are now. If there ever -- my DUS olympiad. C 2000 all of beret early solo thing. Cost 2000. Courtesy of Ralph Lauren Obama fundraisers and campaign donor. Who made their team USA uniform in China thanks a lot guys that -- sky. Of course your -- music front 72666868. Now judge has ruled say yes it appears Eric Holder. Played fast and furious what the facts again. How about the new Black Panther Party. Voter intimidation scandal in Philly to -- that November 4 2000 NA. There was actually video of members of the new Black Panther Party. Blocking access what these well that's the polling stations they -- voters they call people. Horrific names. But the Department of Justice. Did cystic charges are shocking. Paint paint insisted that Turco had nothing to do it well a judge disagrees. The documents which were part of a lawsuit by aided the group judicial watch the documents reveal that political appointees. Within it DOJ. The director Richard the other political appointees. The united unprotected Eric Holder. Exclamation point next -- mission board. But in the DOJ were conferring about the status of resolution of the new Black Panther Party case in the days preceding. The Department of Justice dismissal of claims in that case which would contradict. What assistant attorney general Peres. Said in his testimony. The political leadership was not involved in that decision. Surely the public has an interest in documents that cast doubt on the accuracy. Of a government official representation. Regarding possible. Politicized nation ad agency decision making yet yeah. -- I mean talk about how -- and as we know you -- and that's imperious and our brain carrying hundreds of Mexicans killed but now now. Now there are new questions about the veracity of Eric Holder again this time about this whole. Voter intimidation scandal mean while the party can college and had a radio show like ours like when you listening to. When they said crap and heavy. I mean I think it please finish your boss of an arrest be himself at the what the the state police swat team that came in their fight ever made such a threat against a group of people based -- rates. Com but. So what do you think should happen bill you our next welcome. I don't show what I've dealt. I'd I'd never mind being called a cracker to remove cracker -- very elaborate so -- -- Christian or just. Because I really appreciate it's risky. I like -- -- interest in no -- we thank you I'd sure like that we spent the just the past is they have his new rose Mary olive -- it's -- All right and try to -- the national go straight to you put a little bit so presided marriage of homemade version at all nights. The other you know I wonder that the girl but still it Williams so on the one on the -- there yeah Michelle Williams. It's say oh look there's you know like. -- art history quiz say okay Michelle well who started the local courts court of both Democrats. Who fought the civil rights Liz is the legislation in the sixties. You know fought it tooth and nail. Democrats. The street this slaves Republican. Who had the only. Former Klansman as a senator. And -- in the US senate. Democrats. Robert -- So it's it's such -- alternately great and any incidents. We Michelle Williams against the 400000. Americans spill blood to free the slaves. You know apple that's right so it's 8 AM. I don't know what changes are -- not director open do you ever -- we know -- dangerous and that's why -- have a problem dealt with this just been written off as so crazy. Crazy militants this. Organization is it is recognized. As he looked much like the -- who's in the complex plan that. Much like Joseph Flacco who shot out of the that the poor Indians in their temple and Wisconsin. -- who got so they'll I don't ever don't ever truly pleased. Peace among the races. Blacks whites in this country because of the black leaders are so. Then in the incendiary their comments their rhetoric. And and it and the white in the Democrats. Just just up to these these horrible small pieces when you have when you have you know you are so many good black. I'm gonna -- put Iran on Louis Farrakhan Mike Rahm Emmanuel did when that guy it's nothing but an anti semite hornets pulled the woman hater but. In and I am glad that you gotta be kidding me. But that problem up show they pretty good thing about Al Sharpton and the TV show as a guy that. This that it made up you know it basically trashed many people's careers with little stir up through your all the seats. That your rights and and they're never in fact never trade the a decision the money that use -- -- -- back -- repaid one red cent to the stood up for probably an order would rather have a right here and prosecuted Europe and never really know. The move got a New York he was a he was a victim at a -- Heathrow thanks to Al Sharpton -- -- -- Yeah absolutely the only the liberal road Democrats kiss up to these horrible -- piece there's sort of black community. And then give him understanding that they don't deserve and then they people who work you know bill Crosby once -- -- southern system. Don't try to save some positive things and you know need to try to fix supports families. And they trash -- up undoubtedly chief Ichiro expiration. It's crazy thanks bill with a -- -- it's crazy that he -- not gonna pay a visit. Hi there I'm not gonna pay a visit to this radio station that let let that lunatic. Espouse all that hatred I mean the completely baldor. There are issues are you about people who commented -- it up and aren't C in what. If you want those threats and someone gets shot just like that white supremacist not keys from the punk rock beer and a shot at this point Indians at the at temple.