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Police Blotter Fax Friday August 10, 2012 - Urinating On The Neighbors

Aug 10, 2012|

The two winners of this week's Police Blotter Fax Contest were a City Councilman who was arrested for urinating on his neighbors yard and a ghost car running a red light in Vegas driven by a dead guy.

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Friday my -- -- Police -- thanks for joining. Story is true. Text isn't telling me they've seen a picture of Susie and arm. The -- tunnels deputy who was accused of harassing male staffers in the -- -- -- -- A resemblance to Roseanne Barr. In other words she's guilty. Guilty now -- and let's see what else -- we got here. Yup tornado would -- tornado warnings were scrambling to get fifth. Omnia on the here in the next hour so sometimes it's a -- when we need to see if the -- can be reached for comment he's he's on vacation this time here. All right it's at that time of the week. It's time now for police blotter fax Friday you know all week long we ask you to send in your -- funny items are stories from your local daily weekly newspaper some papers called their police column police along the police blotter. We're could be just being -- police story. And you can fax them to us at 6177793467. Or you can email to me how we car at W -- Kerio dot com or car puppy or -- dot com. And this time each Friday we read the funniest ones in our opinion and the two best entries received a nice prize where they get this week. So they're gonna win the absolutely wonderful beautiful collector's item police blotter -- T shirt from our friend bumper -- -- enemy. Exports were dot com for us or throw along with a beautiful flag for rock and cement -- like thank you to them to. He's the runners up they do not when the flag and a teacher at the first says. Out of Pennsylvania according depend on traffic engineer John amber Sany paying crews usually have a Foreman on the job declaring dead animals author of a far. Payne spring track equipment passes by it but this particular crew didn't have a Foreman that day so when -- the traffic lines. They inadvertently later fresh -- a -- paint over and on for scene of destruction to it a dead raccoon for many times have you seen this means one idea somebody can't somebody you look -- this -- said. Is it with the amount of congestion is squirrelly geometry of the road in size of the equipment thing it is an irony go back and fix the mistake. You don't uniform and you need a shovel. -- says I did -- -- -- it wasn't even a flat rack and I mean it was. It was a big floppy 3-D dead raccoon it was very impressive Springfield. The heat from an exterior spotlight -- east Forest Park home ignited a bird's nest causing 5000 dollars in damage. -- the bird's nest to the house that tried using garden prosecute the -- of -- to firefighters arrived but the fire cost structural damage the home's exterior and smoke damage to the home's interior. While it's rare to find a bird's nest immaterial as a source of ablaze. It is not unprecedented usually it doesn't get to that extent preferring the amount of damage on my mom. How many of Obama's to speak on how their ball Holmes are going to be damaged by these. Little tiny remnants of the dinosaur age. Or by idiots here we have British firefighters say they saved an apartment from destruction. After its domestically challenge to resident tried to dry his wet socks and underwear in the microwave. The -- fire and rescue services say firefighters rescued immune from Islam and extinguish the kitchen blaze the fire destroyed the appliance. Along with two pairs of underwear and socks from -- and cause smoke damage department in Weymouth town on England's. South west coasts. Plans to vote for the labor party in the next election. A man stroking his shotgun and as phones street -- -- -- that you Foreman grill the probably before RO. Well against tracking is shocked tennis Tom's reports threaten his neighbors and accuse him of stealing his turtle according to please adopt my a lot of as it's practicing in Hollywood depiction of nineteen compute Appalachian not one you'd associate in I've regarding Somerville. And man sitting in a sport stroking a shotgun and went on this machine gun summer hi Hank and stepped into his waist and accusing his upstairs neighbors of stealing his pet turtle. According to one of the victims' accounts unit -- for coming home they noticed Seth Robertson from port you told them. Someone -- his eternal his baby who Nissan hatch and asked how they'd like to have someone to go there baby. He was joking a shotgun and had Hank and visible in his -- -- The woman didn't have a beer visible in is other hand he did not he pumped a shotgun injecting shells when people -- the show. Call the police. They by the way had to hang company can point to take him in numbers on the -- -- Bridgeport Connecticut. Prosecutors say they're recommending a 35 year prison sentence for Bridgeport man who has pleaded guilty to killing another mean to steal his Rolex watch. Which turned out to be knockoff worth five dollars was less -- you wrote a story about something good happening in Bridgeport Connecticut at a point. -- -- and fatally shot 35 year old Darryl iron is Bridgeport apartment on in at -- authorities say gunners wife found him dead in its share with their fourteen month old daughter curled up on his chest. His Rolex was missing me later caught one of the guys parts girlfriend's wearing it. He's scheduled to be sentenced. Coming up -- on. A ten year old Philadelphia boy's been charged with entering -- neighbor's home and assaulting the woman with rocks and -- in a row. Police say he's the oldest of three suspects are also seeking a seven and nine your world. Captain John Gallagher said the trio made -- of just twenty bucks after -- into the apartment and throwing a potted plant at element. The ten year old have been taunting the 51 year old victim looked like it was. Mayors in the nutter nodding. He's very he's very concerned about the the epidemic of obesity and people drinking soft drinks to access -- not -- -- it's -- about that scene -- he's not worried about them. Minor child spree crimes bring. Something policy Tiffany Sherry at a nine her -- of -- a dot street and Bethlehem Pennsylvania. Suffered serious sunburn recently imports from Michael Martin has told police he was awareness. When he slapped her career while she was doing dishes. Then Sherry turned around a large steak knife clearly agitated he backed in the other room my -- followed wielding a knife he said he asked -- which she was doing. Stab -- in front of the kids he senate credibly Sheridan or the children out of room. And -- -- has the stomach with a knife and then stabbed him in their right to chose the boyfriend went on her children yes the big that never got Mary doesn't say that there are his children and just says that there were children I'm going to bleeping kill you she said. Cops eventually found her and another home have found him into completing from a shoulder he was taken to hospital. She was taken into custody at a drugstore which was shopping for -- working -- I rich Playboy -- -- red Ferrari ran over the thin blue the up and blue line as as a reality star girlfriend -- Donnelly or read this story Internet opt entrepreneur nor. I don't know what he doesn't that means unemployed CNB it's like be good looks like -- the six freelance writer who scoff. Unemployed Julian shabbat Twain was arrested after he used his 260000. Dollar luxury spider. To run over the foot of a cop writing me ticket outside the Tony Mercer Hotel on so how. Shot that's gal pal Stephanie Pratt and MTV's the hills fame watched Iraq issue retrieve some items from the -- -- an incident was over and screwed. Maybe it was just his ego or his attitude but he should've just taken a tickets have causing a scene like this said one of the guys who is filming a sports car show down. Apparently. He started a social business called lines snobs think is information on wait times. And I guess somehow I can make money over that he parked outside the -- -- about -- him by my earlier statement these unemployed when a police officer person begin to write him summonses for parking no parking zone and filling never registration or inspection sticker. Shabbat and grab the opera has memo but in even got into the Ferrari after the cop told him not suit. Once he got into his car he instant vehicle form of -- cops said stop. After shabbat ran over the cops let the officer hit the driver side window and yelled you ran down my bleeping -- The cup and -- the door open pulled shabbat out by his purple cart again. And threw him up onto vehicles trying. Purple -- assault a bleeping officer of the opposite ballot as his partner came to help deter them. -- shy about face down on the street the Ferrari was suffered several scratches on -- side panel. Was impounded his arrest -- that really good to when he went to bail out the four hour. -- -- -- Wichita. A lawsuit filed by two formal dental clinic employees accused a Wichita dentist. A viewing pornographic videos in front of child patients while they were said he did. The lawsuit which -- was a sexual harassment and racial discrimination also that the Dennis gave. An adequate sedation to Hispanic and African American children what does that sound like a policeman. Great place to take your kids to have their teeth fixed. I can't wait Patrice asked me if I would ever drive around my card naked. -- the trees of that's another one that's ever gonna catch me on under any circumstance else you know even -- -- even with my even if the air conditioning failed on my yes. Our -- And over a young couple high and a mix of heroin Palestinians some other kind of drugs got lost in dense wood along the shot senior river. And an upper arrested on drug and other charges from police found him after a two hour search they'd received a phone call. From a 911 call from from the woman saying how we don't know where we are my boyfriend were high and Palestinian my boyfriend has bitten me in the face. On so the police using GPS tried to tracked him down and eventually found them. The guy was found by the state police surround by 15 AM he was naked and covered in feces he became aggressive and wouldn't that the car and his girlfriend had. Did that they -- it would make it yet he was at the it would this -- seminary student who he was pepper sprayed wants to -- effect and -- -- twice. He was very combative it is now unconscious in the times and that was some good passes. -- And lowered corporate trust you just give -- out here who -- or both pass. Some ideas of the -- the first one is from Lehigh counting. Let's -- I would. Mostly councilman and a smaller -- I'm has its perks but one of the perks is not. Being able to urinate in public specifically on your neighbor's property. A Borough councilman who Lynne walker found out this on the stop the hard way. He was 67 is charged with open lewdness disorderly conduct and public drunkenness after he allegedly it was allegedly observed urinating on his neighbors' properties. In full view of children during daylight hours. Do you think he was one -- Roger Penske sons he maintains that's -- and I didn't. You agree that's right distance and a little busy aren't in pocket the -- Roger Penske says silence you know again these were Internet Internet people you know that -- that live off the billions there -- And they were to that than Nantucket yacht club after closing hours -- the someone to -- Solomon in the parking lot. Just what are you going. One of them turned around he was relieving himself. Only continued. -- allegedly found. And on the other brother apparently got a bad ice cube as well one he fell on the stairs and a scraped his arm nine both of them placed under arrest. Commitments and well -- walker maintains he was neither Jon nor disorderly. Here reportedly chose to yearning outside because he's suffered through -- weak bladder in his bathroom is occupied and he was accustomed T urinating outdoors after years of working out doors about the sink. I made about this as I admit I've done it before you set I got cotton also of the consequences he said it was a wake up call. Not to urinate outdoors anymore. He city RD apologized to his neighbors he wants to ponder as to voters he's gonna resign -- planning board. It's time to step downing get out of the spotlight he sent. You warm -- a couple opening and -- the same couple from the corn days last. Anything now I wouldn't I wouldn't be surprised. The other winner. From Los make us. Like Las Vegas police chasing a car that appeared to be driving itself. Say they found a man shot dead inside officer said he these -- the Nissan Maxima run around light. Near Martin Luther King a Lake Mead boulevards they didn't look like any noise in the driver's seat. The vehicle jumped a median and veered into a landscaped area near -- church before it turned back into oncoming traffic and hit another vehicle. Officers found a man with multiple gunshot -- slouch in the seat he was pronounced dead at the scene. Policed analyst Vegas review journal the man had his foot on the accelerator after he was shot. At and they're currently looking for who is responsible for the killings. Good black -- I have a feeling it's gonna go into a cold case files. Very quickly victim of -- parties unknown. Tune in to colleague -- week from today for another exciting episode of police blotter thanks for trying this case.