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"You just Got Robbed" a reality show?

Aug 7, 2012|

Two pizza employees in Philadelphia were robbed the other night and while they were being held the robbers said that this was for a reality show called "You Just got Robbed." Can you believe this could be a reality show?

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Great another. Rage of the day's shot. Day -- They. -- -- -- -- -- -- You can read the complete and on my setup that he's the only news of the day. Okay now -- only talk about reality shows. And many of them have hit. I knew low. They escaping the bottom of the barrel with some of these reality shows. Now we've talked about before what are some of the ones you actually watch. Like storage wars I got sucked into that line Chris you are stored fourth Barry. You -- Crist now I don't know. That's. In 82. And did the following -- ready. They need to rekindle Smith. And RD Goodwin. -- and why king. To Fox's pizza -- if Philadelphia and -- sixth street. Intel doesn't just finished. A work shift at a this pizza shop. So what next clarify others. Three guys that in and day. Decided that it was going to be a contender rob us because it was just dusted. The good time to us let us. First -- thought it was a joke. And we had a Chris what these bad guys. What is it had -- and he said that we are going to be on the reality TV show. And got started film and it on itself and no one -- let us but then I had -- And I said here going to be on a reality TV show called you just talk -- That's. That's right. You just got -- batting of the new reality show that these freak shows a tried to sell in and Christie -- they actually sell it. But the abysmal state of reality television right now you're just got -- why did any different he just got -- And we have to suffer through a bashed in Kushner. To digital watch you just got robbed. With with people he says that watch anything. If you think -- if they showed did get off the ground you can wait until the next time. You know I don't know column came and he can try to wrestle at crab Rangoon away from Alley and you can be filming the whole episode -- just grabbed. That are tough to -- anything from Ali with the column. That's a very good point I know you might you just got to beat down might be a new name of the show be tried to pull that off. Shows you just got robbed. I meet magic weren't a pizza shop -- to twenty box idea while he's like grab him by the throat he just got robbed. At the name of the -- reality TV. -- you think -- actually. Becomes something out there or somewhere 6172666868. In it -- you like our young enacts. Just -- you never gonna make it. Hanging with can actually the show that awful show with Kardashians. Keeping Up with the Kardashians keeping up with the card actions. Yeah. You worse. Watching you do start robs. About real crime victims are being put this up but through keeping up -- the card actually it. Thanks 72666868. Especially now that Kim Kardashian and is famous not for her her. Ridiculously. And is fairly expensive. Wedding countdown now. Now she's eating tiny lapsed. And they had been filmed all over the place. May have a sweet. Young love. Kind had a very sweet we Eric. That he is now about to release. Regarding Kim Kardashian and his new love I mean you weren't the songs that are flu. The talks about Kim Kardashian and -- Tiny girl who came public know draw us to be allowed let can -- action right before she married friends -- Chris Humphries is that it did. I'm gonna have -- dropping from the key. I mean I especially loved the -- world whatever that new advising those. I -- had yet another suites Wheatley Eric. Dedicated. To his love. He took the stage at a New York City nightclub this weekend. And he drops a new tracks on the club goers. In. There was this time dedicated -- him. We called his love he called her perfect. As a matter of fact he said she's the perfect pitch. Yeah. It can. Sorry I -- just. Completely out of touch. -- In the context I guess. -- -- white would react if you went home and it's a hot honey you that perfect pitch. Think -- romantic. I'd be slipping on the counts for a few games I think you by being so. Asked my friend who ride he's going to be calling it just a few minutes he is up on all. Things that I hit. He has the cultural phenom he's on artists and -- around. Fashion designers and he knows everything that have asked him. It is now -- it part of that that. That's -- -- 6172666868. You haven't watched. Their reality show the two guys. We're filming in Philly. When -- grabbed a pizza shop worker by the throat to complete money back and said there appear on new reality show we did our product. Would you rather watch you just got robbed by keeping up with the card that -- adds mark your other job at each other right ahead. Additional. -- -- lot of I think it's going to be a very shortly series because. One more frequently see people I'm in the store to store owners you know carrying weapons to protect themselves from some people like this and I don't see anybody corrections shall not at all. I mean you just got -- what end but you do it's got shot by your intended victims exactly exactly -- that's I just told us. I just don't believe that there would -- -- -- -- stupid again you know. Just look at what's going on out there. Reality show that -- into mayhem. And those obnoxious people from Washington DC who lack. Who somehow managed to crash Obama's party White House dinner or you remember them they were -- nobody but they've got security. And then they got a show now because that that idiot whatever nameless and I -- remembered all the medium to rile up -- -- -- calls and new society expert. But added that it did get a sure she was on the real house wives. DC. To -- any of those real housewives show why you wanna -- In front of the nation. I don't. Where -- grants program and you know maybe five minutes and then totally disgusted that that. Just to just look back yeah I'm not become an old man by any stretch of the imagination but you just -- back -- Lewis decided on. It's ridiculous in the jungle we're watching all the stuff. -- I'm so. I've mark another quick question PO some -- -- show you sick and old fashioned bitch. It may -- is a perfect pitch not exactly the sweet romantic. Nothing that you're hoping to have whispered into your year dropped into your rap song. It but yeah I'd like to just the schedule my -- -- -- I -- that -- or -- -- purchased it. Yeah it's -- it's not commented on -- a compliment you wanna give a woman but not at all. I just love -- thank you -- so much for the call. Do do you ever be -- at six foot 72666868. Think something. Is done the epic PH and hot. -- -- or is only compliment. In the Kim cardiac he would world that the only compliment I -- all reality television in my head of the expert. My friend -- -- Little. -- out there with the movers and shakers all of the country you know everything about fashion. About stylish people about artists in -- people who -- how you know. Probably that very crowd. That listen to kind GA west as he dropped his new song about the love of his life Kim Kardashian. Is it now complement. Inspecting a vernacular -- well. How are you. You know old pop culture these days. It is certainly I think imagination I mean common language has been changed. And you know the word bitch is now a term of endearment. And -- surprised absolutely not Kanye West has always been known for you know trying to. -- you know people out stately country Taylor Swift incident on the DM days. You know that's just the way it's it's been. And I don't think it's gonna be changing its religious. Believe that the culture -- So should be heard that it and you know you. If you add on I'm the love of the all live what do you think the reaction would be UA -- but they'd be happy -- -- a compliment he's it is. I absolutely love it not a gigabyte a management company because you know you and I met I -- on this guy is absolutely gone places and you have the big bash coming up this Thursday United States. We do we do we do I mean it's open to the public it's -- Opteron -- showcase. Basically it's the best of the best idiot box and for all things fashion meets up. -- talker each film up poets. And you know weren't reading -- the public out to eight it starts -- 7 -- and kicked -- -- fifteen dollars. We don't want to miss this I mean again is kind of. It'd all the prepping pitches a Boston LeBron. -- -- much. Cool you knowing how they know that's the ultimate compliment though I love it keeps okay they have the perfect pitch. They act as her passion so there I mean you definitely something you're gonna wanna -- your iPhone now and and and up currently -- about it blog about that you could not be mass. Pressure. Now this is get a statement every I paid immediately was trying to Lou rod in this cabinet zoom -- they had at. A great event for all the local artists and talent of these Boston and lose one of my neighbors but. You up at this concept. With an alarm management and tell us a little bit about that because it's impressive what you and some -- partners have done. Absolutely it more -- only agency except the proper models we represent hair and makeup wardrobe stylist photographers. I'm and we only take -- bashful look for quality not quantity we allowed only -- actual production we do photo shoots. On the consumers IBU wedding party -- girl's night out. How would you -- portrait had chopped it all things. Com under that -- from Delaware actually spinning into the gold market you know you know boxing is like a new Hollywood out here in East Coast. So I'll -- definitely. Would like to collaborate with any businesses are on our level you know our publication and -- you're a small business card I mean. There's nothing that we can't handle our team you know we are called a magic knickers for a reason because you really do you know make match. Now in the right and I absolutely adore what you guys don't but you're right you hit on something that's very important here and their Q is it contingent on lawmakers to tried to eradicate. The -- tax credit. Just the dumbest thing I can possibly conjure up you why we have an industry that has -- people to work all of the Boston right now I think there are six pounds. You know this week in -- Rico. Adam Sandler with -- with Kevin James and David Spade. You have celebrities that are eating all of our. New England staying in England -- -- a bus is doing and will be here. Yeah we have Mark Wahlberg here I would just a girl I'm a fighter just the Boston magazine. And then last week I mean there's so much opportunity here are encouraged to put a right to bear you know local government and encouraged and she. You know invite you know filmmakers here how we need to keep -- business here opera an opera just for job creation also forbid -- -- what -- like I'm all -- you know we need to keep. Are people employed and -- you know. People visit your -- and are sure. Okay little one -- time tell me what. You're. A perfect match I love it thank you know I'm right up dead now with the Kardashian didn't it -- still. If you got to watch a reality show called. You'd just got robbed or keeping up of the cardiac kids -- a -- I see what happened think about it might be something like. Are really bold and out there opinion energy to think about it and I'll get back -- you knew your next -- waddle and important. I love -- they do go -- in his party that is state fifteen bucks that's cheap that you get to see all they hippest people the most perfect pitch is a Boston. At this party Thursday night that they can the -- for the call -- -- -- we are AM 680 WRKO. Who knew. They're perfect pitch is now a term of endearment and how do we know that because kind EA west. Has that new song about the love of his life Kim Kardashian. And that is the refrain. Have finally found the perfect pitch. Hi nice -- -- -- we are ANC CD WRKO. What's you about the -- it's because not only are they trying to remove. If firefighters prayer. From this Woonsocket, Rhode Island memorial. To the dead -- veterans of World War I and two and you need on that he does latest demand by the APS. We Massachusetts. Let's. -- a letter. From these freak shows in the freedom from religion foundation. She let. Written not -- apparent -- -- to be at this point -- you mom and dad are write letters to the school saying. The -- and she didn't immediately stop performing. God bless America. City Wayland school district in he got to love -- the superintendent doctor Paul -- and well he nearly all of the people who have how to how did the demands of these camera -- eight. And the people who said okay we wall saying the pledge of -- we want recite the pledge of allegiance we won't sing god bless America. We instead sing baby baby baby by Justin Bieber which is the one principle imposed term whale. -- elementary school kids in Britain. We know about them we know. That. Michael Bloomberg. Actually kowtow to the demands. Of these atheists in removed a street sign is simply read seven and having regarding cop firefighters -- lay -- their lives. -- -- -- Yeah you have. The freedom from religious foundation the same people who are trying to -- down a crops in the fight fighters prayer. In front of a firehouse in Woonsocket, Rhode Island that no one has complained about the 91. Years not one complaint. In 91 years. While those people who are trying to remove that. Are also the same people behind a letter that he -- school district right here in Wayland Massachusetts received. There they claim. That the high school band playing god bless America is somehow. An unconstitutional. Act. It's kind steady -- that that I I'll -- I appreciate it coming from I really do. To questionable with a line is trying. -- have to be a sense about whether the schools are fostering the promotion a practice of religion. And I don't believe the -- and playing god bless America does. Stick you need six and 72666868. We can finally applied. A school's superintendent. Because I will never forget -- Wakefield Wakefield Wakefield high school right graduated. Back in 1988. The superintendent and that's cool by year. A substitute teacher whose son was a gold star parent to -- had been killed -- in this country in Iraq. And he asked to student to stand up and recite the pledge of allegiance in fact he did ask -- to recite the pledge of allegiance -- simply stand up. Out of respect for the sacrifice that his son and so many other people had it. In this don't like Friday out of the classroom. And reenter the principals office in the principle -- told her to sit down and shut up and be respectful and instead. Fired this substitute teacher. Does this plastic. In and you actually have a a school superintendent telling the eight used to be it. I'm not. Of course he didn't do it in a disrespectful way I might have but he hit -- and the band playing god bless America. I think the constitution do you isn't refreshing that right here in Massachusetts home all of them all that's my own background zero. At a school department who said no way. Our -- BP we are WRKO. Call of duty god wherever flames may rage. He's going to say it whenever you see. -- to -- -- a little child before it's too late forcing. And you'll learn. And quickly and fish. Want to fill my calling and to give the best in me to guard -- its. Protective properties and different 43. I have to lose my life plus what's your. My children. Fast and in this is John McPhee we are -- and 680 WRKO six 72666868. -- what the real this. Organization. These had to ride these people should mind their own business but instead spend all of the time silly. People successfully managed to do I kid you not. In its group this group. Had a victory. It's case learn how high those city had to remove a cross. From its logo. I. Do not. This class that -- and it motto of this city since its inception. Head man to change every little in the city can kind of expenditure that was the city of student bill Ohio. Because they did change every logo in the city based on complaints. Have these camera lights and it's atheist group big -- worst. Possible. Outfit I think in this country would you talk about ways in which they have tried to. Impose their will upon others it's despicable. And isn't what the Wayland school district and I am going to did very Maria that we can apply right here and ground zero from home that isn't. We at a school superintendent doctor Paul Stine and if you run into him in Wayland applaud him because he told. The freedom from religion foundation to beat it. Expect fully. But he said according to the metro west daily news has to be sent about whether the schools of fostering the promotion or practice of religion. And I don't believe the band playing god bless America does that have just not. But this thing note became from Rebecca Mark hurt an attorney on staff but with these camera lights. He's get a great fitness. Are of particular note is the -- line which reads as we raise our voices and solemn prayer. Well he said. She said in her letter. From the FF RF imagine if this students were singing and playing that's on separate claims a law bless America. About. First it. -- and and she said the repeated use of the song send a message to students that the school is endorsing. In. And compelling. Belief in god. Well first of all as the band leader pointed out. They don't seemed to -- they played in music with the school being. And even the school superintendent said it's clearly. I'm very patriotic song. And many patriotic songs have some reference to a deity. How is this a violation. Of the First Amendment 6172666868. And isn't it refreshing. That's some pretty Massachusetts. Told these atheists. Respectfully. To escrow. Because they have really become a boy killed. On the -- which we live life in America mark an -- and the John McPhee show. We all. Caught that strike every nickel -- held off. So how well we go around a guy on every single fire out. Every single -- stage in every public building reap what -- Basic and go out and -- I am a -- 100000. Duke. They expect the money we think the fact that audio we don't we don't. Think why are we fighting them why don't we take -- stand like the Woonsocket, Rhode Island mayor did. When you -- it will defend his monument no matter what he did they don't act with one of those ridiculous letters. Saying that this -- that are -- once the crops that benefit 91 years not bothering anyone removed on the grounds that it. The monument violates the speech separation of church and state in a petition mark of the First Amendment. Is that you can not prohibit anyone from practicing. Their religion. So -- the world their interpretation is that all of us have to acquiesce. To beer and needs and wants the most self centered. Population of people on the planet. How does that entitle them to meet these demands in force small towns like student at Ohio was simply grabbing the money to fight back against. The F find it lost it. You know I don't think shortly their beliefs on. You don't -- in the court right. I act they force being carefully thought out. It's and that's the entire problem that we have -- -- you know even a letter that they brought to the -- and right you can imagine. How many schools marked it even take the time to play god bless the USA not many. Especially Massachusetts. So -- Kevin -- matched the band playing god bless the USA and woody get in response. I threatened with a lawsuit. I'll anywhere in a lot of bowl game. On behalf of the parent of one of the students in the publicly funded schools you tell me that one selfish -- And we've seen it many many many many times but -- -- which parent once it began to change its whole line up because. Have their kid -- their beliefs it's disgusting. -- -- mistreat our -- cherry struck out yet Romney. Now and well and he made of people in our. We just grabbing name on the -- and they get where he called -- I -- I'm with -- on that mark thanks for the club -- do you think. I'm pretty -- appearing on the things that they take away from they Americans. Like. You don't want to tell it like they would they like it was going to be a bunch of them. But not at the sacrifices have to -- any of our. Don't lie and I think we should keep him. Be the appropriate -- when it from everybody on that -- he what do you think I mean so it's a letter that was written by their. -- our -- by the freedom from religion foundation. That was sent to their Wayland school committee on behalf of one parent they said. Quote a prayer -- hosted in advocated by a publicly supported school does not pass constitutional Muster. Which is absurd it's our prayer. It is our National Anthem god bless America give me a break. -- And compelling belief in god and he would rather have the school band played the tiny west sun got the perfect pitch that it opened -- cart bashing. I also think that's a little bit I think -- totally -- -- -- and I think that. The American Denmark -- to give up everything that we believe keeping an hour right. -- great -- with everybody else is right connect independently. Stood up and then you know what. Now when that's what you're out this -- my granddaughter goes to school and I go to her school. And it's not a -- actual opening god bless America after every show -- this makes my -- go warm. I'm ashamed of the people who won't stand up for the United States of America. And -- if I -- why try to take up to lately and. It's -- -- and 91 years I mean no one has been bothered by the firefighters prayer but I assume. As the same -- -- haven't seen it. Now it is a small crops for Kathy hit the problem that the Woonsocket, Rhode Island mayor told them to beat it because he has -- Leo Fontaine. This school superintendent in Wayland Massachusetts. Had guts and said. -- When he did you crust and lying now give me a break. And what he believes it is I appreciate it coming from I really do but on the other hand I think it's a question of where the line -- time. Well we do we draw the line I think have finally people have said okay we're not calling two. Allowed these people to push us around in the gonna fight back in these these small. Protest the wanna Woonsocket with the firefighters monument in -- one in wailing with the school band playing god bless America is a pretty good start as McAfee. I think it's great -- -- I think everybody should be doing I'd the issue on the ground beef is in America. You can look for a medal ice. This out like this how we did it don't take these away from. Thank you very much all have yet to have a theme song what would it be 6172666. Its expansion may welcome back -- and this isn't -- -- we are -- -- six CD WRKO I think Chris is trying to get us the eight its theme song. Suggestion that we got where you press. Yeah I think that's exactly what does that -- biggest us. Any good suggestions you heard the story he EPS from the Madison Wisconsin based -- need to Wisconsin trying to get into everybody's business. And it just it website and you not believe this. Hearing. Staggering impact they've had in this country this year along dozens and dozens of lawsuits. Complaints filed by this one -- at Madison Wisconsin. In May right now are taking umbrage at wailing in Massachusetts. In the letter on the have a lot of the parents whose kids go to the taxpayer funded Wayland school districts saying. That the high school band playing god bless America as somehow unconstitutional. Well this district led by superintendent doctor Paul's dying. It. -- -- to be doing you would think -- everybody would tell this group to -- but that's not the case. He would not only need a lift the long list. That the these hemorrhoids. -- admit to accomplishments. That they have been able to pull up and -- locally in May. In May. -- forced on Massachusetts health and human services. Now refrain from making appropriate religious references and in their correspondents. ETH. -- employee. Forwarded these pennies an official latter from an employee which included the phrase god bless you. You know and took umbrage at that. And the company. And that when he made its way to the governor's job -- in the governor's office. Ordered everyone to cease and assists -- -- any ninety's. My god bless the USA. Then and nice. Have somebody stand up to these camera -- 6172666868. So I did ask Chris -- out. It be a problem with god bless the USA will be the -- seems odd eight CDC high way to help. Because yeah I'm -- packet dead right. The first never was meant to protect religion. From government not the government from religion issue has been turned on its head of us has. Somebody else said the atheists themes on should be on the lose the baby. So why Jerry Kill they -- -- side. Well how about. I imagine has no heaven it's easy if you try that's another good -- on the road to know yeah. By the Talking Heads what do you think now you are next on the Michelle McPhee show. Well well got a great show going and I think it's great -- see you import a problem that a national problem. I guess but it got it and -- solution for and that shouting. We've identified the person that upset with this and scanned them and other words don't talk. Turn your back so when they walk by. And let them are what -- -- Do whatever they -- but it shouting there's nothing wrong with that it's about violent. And that same time that your choice that you want to. You know Salem Massachusetts one of my favorites out that's like putting -- -- stocky. I mean the -- and wailing and whose parents were complaining. The kids thought that they have -- parents. So I don't know I would necessarily. Recommend signing. I kid because that kid's parents complained about the high school band playing god bless America but I am assuming don't act now. Well I'm not saying with the kids that are saying that the parents like that. -- -- don't wanna talk to somebody you don't have to use there I. Yeah because the parent gets to -- anonymous they get to create all this have naked and -- -- complains using. The assistance of hemorrhoids. Are all right let this. That the -- related in. On the -- state and army have to show their name on the lawsuit just to lose. That's filed the complaint it's not going to be to the organization. I can't they got a problem they've got to be identified there. On what is cal thank you what I am anti anonymous complaints that it's infuriating. The scary. I had no clue that they were this effective critic says these adding new legal successes at. Emmys in the F that. Our -- Are crowing about. The group tells the US army to -- mowing Catholic Charities lines so all seats are living in a Catholic Charities home. By the army would -- brain mold they'll lines and that. -- study atheists that is no longer athletic. They removed a cross from a public space and Ellwood city. Stay quiet the Bible's. I have been out of days surgical unit in Ohio. You know how those surgical unit. At a VA hospital. Because it's fairly crime they've got -- I adults taken out. See. What else -- they do they knew religious music at a north. Dakota elementary school what was the religious music. God bless the USA today may finish to muted in North Dakota they couldn't do it right here in Wayland Massachusetts got to love it. This -- is let's go. On an online and online at all over the country these atheists have ruined the lifestyles. Of so many people. So everyone has 6172666868. How have you have heard these stories about the atheists and how many you disgusted. At the responses. That we. Having engaged in Massachusetts somebody -- a letter. God bless. -- -- And now is you know in immediate action taken by the governor's office and Deval Patrick. Has written a letter and I know is following the letter of the lie can imminent acting governor to. To last at -- Leon Harris. Now no one. In government can use the word god bless you he starts sneezing. And I say god bless. And I did get whacked. You should do it. Problems with the high school band and like acute drug that's singing it as high school bay and playing god bless the USA. It's time should we replace it wet -- do the suggestions. Highway to hell. I do like. Road to nowhere by the Talking Heads. I love love and a loser baby -- don't kill me anything by Sinead O'Connor. So you think eight is steam song should be in in isn't. Refreshing sighing. That people are actually fighting back isn't it a good thing. That the Woonsocket, Rhode Island manner. Said I don't care what they say this monument to the dead veterans of wounds targets day it's hey there. About these android's real defend this monument no matter what. And the firefighters prayer that is etched into the monument will today across the monument. -- day. And BD AM -- Even in the superintendent telling him to be it. So are these people 6172666868. And how they managed. To rack up. So many as they call them legal successes. So many of them removing our quilts. In nursing home I mean just discuss staying. They neatest not disgusting. And somebody that's mean Michelle what happened to the school with. There was a plaque with the word got Friday the school here in Massachusetts got sued I'll have to look into that -- our necks got red and Steve. And shallow -- banks say I don't know that I have a web sites the if you look yeah. It's it's it's not. Okay well hey it's my right and every other right personal and I can say god bless you right it's my constitutional right. Now is in pretty big it's take over the country. And access -- One thing that's free speech so. Everybody thousands of people that can't bury people should just write an email to be a web site saying god bless you both. Exactly T that you scary when you how many lawsuits they've successfully argued. In this country in 28 and it well I knew I mean it's crazy about dozens of dozens. Of success in -- way. I'm wondering if I -- accent my own personal email to them -- thank god bless you could basically now. My free speech and they have a website without it being -- -- Does this suggest that playing. And -- god bless you which ones aren't. Just. -- -- violation constitution mean. I absolutely -- you are right total tool. I don't act on it it's like to debate where John. Had to talk with you helps. -- -- -- -- Our play. And adds that the debate. Well I get African I'll just fix that sector and knowing there are absolutely miserable people anyway. So if at all they can do it now that they just neutral weight mid April people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I think you've got the term would encourage action it's like they're all I believe right I think Eric checked. I believe so I'll let you go if we go back to the hearken back to the days to count all the line. But we should I people. And Alec Gallup -- a two under strict majority sixty years ago -- these people what which -- it. -- -- -- You are -- you know what Steve went outside shot him I mean that the students whose parents wrote the letter from the Wayland. High school band. I'm not saying that but people are despicable aren't. I mean at what point did they just stop with it. I mean this country responded on her due date hopefully. -- pounded by. And they aren't saying -- she religion. Or just saying that the government cannot establish. Nor interfere. With the three is a really just off. Actually my interpretation I mean you if you weren't alerted says you cannot prohibit. Ready one from practicing your religious believes so my argument is it's been -- -- of Woonsocket, Rhode Island -- right when he said on a minute. We are going to defend its monument no matter -- The firefighters prayer but the problem. Rhode Island -- was managed to read eighteen grant to make sure that they could boot. Defend themselves against these morons the day -- camera right. I count like student at Ohio State had to take it's a tiny little profit just looked up the logo. Right they just successfully managed to change the entire logo have a small town in Ohio. I just at the logo has -- tiny cross on top of the building as part of the skyline. Did you I think what the real real problem as it -- it's these are six and roll. -- I'll beat generation Arab once or interpreting. In all of the so called law and constitution. And they're the ones for. Saying these judgments and allowing these frivolous. And meaningless lawsuits. To go forward and allowing them to win because. It out without these you know activist judges. You know I mean. Let's face it I mean some of these judges Al what action in the -- children's autism like all up from my agent who captured. I would -- at a snack stocking he had all of -- and -- -- the expertise that unsettled and Massachusetts. They make you -- in congress on eBay Ariane -- W mark out. You don't. And little insight into who Mitt Romney is -- As BP writing may. Pretty interesting apparently -- -- -- up at 1 o'clock I want to hear music on 76 X six it's 68. People dead Helena but. Is at a but it is.