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Mitt Romney vs Harry Reid

Aug 3, 2012|

The back and forth between Mitt Romney and Harry Reid heated up recently when Mitt's tax returns were again brought into the spot light, Todd and the callers weigh in on the latest.

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-- controversial project by network. Capital funding corporation your future finance. Coming in the area today. Well maybe it's already here Hayden didn't do they didn't know much below 72 went below seventy overnight. And will highs today in the low ninety's why. -- humidity. Maybe maybe maybe. Or are bitter rain popping up here and there -- -- so much humidity in the air but it's gonna be hot summer day bright sunshine. Lots of -- and coal. Here we are rolling into another weekend I have before me. Mitt Romney's tax return from 2000 intent because he did release that he said he will read you release. All of 2011 as soon as it gets finished up. Now here's what centrists and zero income and wage is nobody paid him a salary and he received no money from. Pensions he did it make 3300000. Dollars in interest income. He made it dividend income of about five million dollars he got a state tax refund. Of 550000. Dollars business income. A 580000. Dollars and he paid I'm sorry he. He had capital gains income. Of twelve point five million dollars and that's where the controversy comes from because twelve point one million dollars that Mitt Romney made. Had a tax -- to test showed a 15%. And that's that's the rates. That you pay on and capital gains that are made from investments like when you put money in the stock market. That's tax and a 15% great rich people. Who don't have a job. Make their money. From a capital gains income they've put money into an investment it like in the stock market. And they make money and the reason it's taxed at a lower rated at 15%. It's. Because we want them to put the money into the stock market we want them to make the investment. If we wanna have less money. Going says start up companies if we want less venture capital money if we want less. Stock market investment always have to do is raise that -- And by the way. There is all this deception and all of this conversation. Deception deception deception. About what people actually pay. Mitt Romney's. Thirteen or 14% with this averaged out to. Is low for rich people they generally paid 1819%. -- federal income taxes but they are at the top of the heap if you look at the taxes actually paid after all the deductions. Rich people pay more taxes it's graduated. So way the average American might pay eight or 9% in taxes. 48%. Her for 46% of Americans we are we rounded out to half of Americans pay no federal income taxes. The average family of four in America pays zero. Federal income taxes so if I had to choose which is more dangerous. I do we have rich paying too little or average Americans paying too little I'm concerned. About reaching a point that I think we've reached. Where everybody's get a freebie if half of Americans have no skin in the game if Afro Americans. Don't pay any federal income taxes that means half of Americans can say hey pay me more. Gimme more benefits. Yeah let's increase the size of Social Security because somebody also have to pay for. Let's do more Medicaid short let's expand the food stamps who cares if there's fraud who cares if it's largely wasted money. Who cares if if if these programs are spinning out of control and growth the rich guy campaign for Charlie Rich guy and that's exactly. That's exactly. What the president is trying to engenders this contempt. For the affluent and I have an opposite outlook on this I look at Bill Gates I look at Steve Jobs I say give them more money. Take less of their taxes the more money. That the brilliant. Minds in the wonderful investors in the creative entrepreneurs have in their pocket. The better off our society will be now would you tell me which is better. Would they have been better. For the government to have taken. More money from Steve Jobs while he was alive and creating the biggest most successful company in the planet war. Would it have been better. Two attacks MYS. And give him more money. To invent new things with and which would've been better for the average guy. In other words. Do you care how much Mitt Romney pays in taxes do you care how much rich people are paying. Are you falling for this game if you are if you're concerned I'd love to hear from you -- -- you to the front line if you're actually concerned. That the rich aren't paying enough. This is the conversation wanna hear about why do you think the return paying enough. What difference would it make if the rich paid more 6172666016. Day in Europe are you good morning to you. Good morning guys thank you thank you I agree with most your position I agree actually -- -- -- position but BM. So one thing I haven't heard yet this morning. Is that these are the vast majority of dollars that are earned all the capital gains. It's from people that who literally are already paying taxes. On the money they had to in fact that they -- -- and that's. So rhetoric it's being -- the second world. Well but I never understood that argument if I made. 101000 dollars last year working. And I paid 2500 -- taxes on -- so I 7500 dollars net right. And yet I take that 7500 and I invested. When I pull it out along with mark profits the only thing that's -- taxes the profits right. It -- the only it'd be intact is the process a solo so that's new income why shouldn't be taxed again. Update it it should be attacked again but. You shouldn't penalize bad person but you are attacking dole and earned income -- -- -- they -- -- pay taxes. Finally an -- that they they've earned in order to invest it. If you've got to continue to spur investment in the. Well that's says that's -- I think -- different arguments for more you're saying but I don't understand the double taxation are you mean you're not being taxed again. On the money that you were taxed on before you're only being taxed on the new money. So I don't see where it's double tax cut. I agree with it it's not double taxation the don't realize. That the there see average of Britain vast majority of that money military. Regarding the tax. Well you know -- yeah -- ecstatic Steve Jobs. Played millions of dollars in it and and personal income tax in order to have enough money to keep investing. Yeah I don't I don't get the double taxation argument I'm sorry I'm lost on that listen this tax NN this is part of -- god why is Romney investing his money in the Cayman Islands. And not in the United States that's the problem no one cares are Richie is she is not investing his money in America. Let him that be president of the Cayman Islands where he puts his money. Well. I need you for me that's a matter of quantity. Daddy and if he happens to have some overseas investments I don't see where it's a big deal and if he happens use tax shelters that are in the tax code. I don't see where it's a big problem. If you were putting all his money somewhere. That was denying Americans the ability to invest I don't know the money trail on you know maybe the money goes into a Cayman Islands accounts. And then from the Eric gets invested into the into some a companies that are doing things in the US so I suppose we can know fight over that and and there might be something there but overall as long as he's following the laws if if he's sure it's something we don't like and he's following the law. We should really be talking about the law -- you wanna argue that the rich have fixed the tax laws to their own benefit IEA and I'm down without. They've got the influence that's what they do. And may be some changes are -- I certainly think Barack Obama should he used his. Political capital during his the early years of his presidency to fix something is broken like the tax codes. Instead of a -- up health care further. But that's another conversation mark your -- a good morning to you. Our personal -- argument it's such a loser on so many levels every for every American will they get up in the morning security everywhere W up. Feel that if they try that they get a little lucky they can beat Mitt Romney each and every American also most damaging god given right to try to do they have little and got so it is possible. This argument is supposedly targeted against the middle class who paid the highest percent of tax and the only people that's screaming about the sort of people that pay no taxes at all. In other words the that half of Americans you mean you don't pay any federal income tax. I did middle class knows how much we don't actually gets more I'll open someday we can get Romney Lubbock decay in as little as possible actually that's the one of the basic -- of America nobody wants to take too much intact which argued that such a -- it's incredible assembly -- -- well I'm looking -- -- I don't think oh my god he's getting. It's a loser was not so I don't think it's a loser with the voters who Barack Obama is looking to get on his side. Because there are people who view the rich as the other. And he's -- he's trying to use the politics of bigotry and prejudice. To make America blame rich people for all of their troubles. But at the end of the day -- many Americans deep -- that -- anybody dead dead dead you know that if they try not enough we can be Mitt Romney it's still possible to be met -- try to that I could resonate with a vast majority of the people. Even the people that don't exactly because they want a strong -- being in that category they don't they try I'm not split the one place in the world that it's possible to do it while it's still the united. That's the American dream that you're you're laying out their for a Smart and I think most people do believe and that it's not about what they -- house or fancy car. Or whatever it's that you can go do. When you wanna do pursue your dream and you get to keep the spoils but Barack Obama and Liz Warren in the Democratic Party have decided. That they have so screwed up the country. That the only way they have to survive an election. He is to somehow attack the notion of the American dream and turn it into something else the American dream. Is free college the American dream is free contraception. The American dream is birth to death care taking from the American government. Now they're they're hoping they can con people who don't understand what America's really all about who don't understand what made a great now we made our money. Jeff you're next good morning GO. But why can't get more Jeffrey. Well I'm here and then I don't know probably ordered -- of the Caribbean country and they didn't I'm most of his money with the new missile actually law. I don't from a medical legal and I'm sure mr. colosio very. Somewhere down the -- have investments that are over -- I don't try to -- the legal. And there's this notion that. You know people are about this rich guy got a -- of got to look at how this guy he didn't know what -- has felt more trigger all out page after the mirror and come. So you have to Google as possible employed people. Did at every -- it everywhere gonna write everything this guy does employ somebody ordered an accountant and lawyers. I'm domestic got good control freaks. So blue -- look Gingrich wanna be someday so I wanna make you walk away rich someday I gonna anymore it's ridiculous. It is ridiculous. It's a big all hustle but when you have a president and trouble. A president who has done a horrible job the results. Have been horrendous and painful. You have to try to shift the blame blame onto the innocent. And that's what the Democrats are too that's what Barack Obama is up to we'll go to Paul that's good morning to you -- One of -- Paul. You know some of their loans. I hear people saying about how -- the rich -- the least amount possible. Now I think everybody pays the least amount possible but the idea that the rich somehow aren't paying a lot of taxes is just ridiculous. Our if you know anybody actually earning a million dollars a year or more -- So I don't track her every hello -- all the vacant are -- -- they're. You know election practical gates who just. And he still gets crucified -- -- -- is certainly not beautiful 5050%. Or whatever but. On the left -- -- percent is what being. Fiat standard percent is real reduction is not like that. My question is is it Herbert like operated pay the full quote copy it is bloody. What -- anybody but move it forward today -- in our air right exactly so you could hide money and actually. Aren't you up. I shouldn't be sending -- -- -- -- Stalin all the sudden. It's just ridiculous idea. That. There should be trying to create the maximum mileage taxes aren't the theatrics didn't come out. Well so did nobody's saying he should be trying to pay the maximum I think they you know to be fair question would come down to how harder you working. To avoid paying as some incremental amount more so a lot of people might say especially if they're planning a run for president you know what screw the Cayman Islands account. Keep all the money. Domestically invested because that way we generate American jobs. And they might come down to that could sort of nitpicking over what he's done with -- money. That woo people would find aggravating or if stories actually -- an honest conversation going on. Well it's better that the difference street 13%. 15% which -- to veto the margin that may even be. -- debatable part was brought -- accelerate. If -- aren't twenty million dollars or 300 million dollars that's. That's what incremental still might not. -- if you stray or 2%. On forty million dollars that's actually real money yeah that's good for you whether or not art. I noticed our lady Israel money but. It's such real money all of it -- it's just hard for us to Fallon. So do -- -- -- at the end of this year I'm worth 250. Million dollars -- two. 148000370. Not you know. At that point it just I would say. I think when I got to that well you know -- -- wide. So I'm gonna pay an extra million dollars in taxes you know we hero to -- Adelson he's given a hundred million dollars he says he will donate this year. To help Mitt Romney get elected how can you -- If he's willing to do otherwise you fighting so hard presumably to Julia Adam -- another million dollars. We'll take a quick break and we will continue the conversation when your call what -- Harry Reid called on the attack on behalf. Of the Barack Obama campaign. Tax for ten years. But -- prove that he has paid taxes because he has. We already know from one partial tax return he gave us his money hidden Bermuda Cayman Islands and a Swiss bank account. -- where you'll employers polo people we are. Also talk straight -- Hey here comes security. WR -- Truck driver showed WR -- good morning it's Friday -- Italian. -- weekend. He is here. So I was saying before we took that little pods. That if I were were. Or two -- fifty million dollars I might not care what are paid a few extra dollars in. Taxes. And that that might lead me to say okay it's it's my handlers you know don't put any of it overseas on the other hand here's the flip side. To that argument which just occurred to me. If you got a lot of money what are you wanna do it you wanna share with people write you wanna share -- people you love. People you appreciate movements you care about light keep giving it to political campaigns. And you want to support your favorite charities whatever endeavors are going you wanna change the society -- a positive way Mitt Romney's way to do that in his 2010 return it shows three million dollars given away. One point five to his church one point five to a private foundation I'm not sure that church related or something different probably it's all his church. So for the sake of argument let's see -- three million dollars to his church. How can you say about a guy who gave three million dollars to his church he's our generous enough and by the way. I don't think people who are rich should be paying at a higher rate. I don't believe in progressive taxation. I don't see how that's there they're -- this whole thing is sold on tax fairness. What's fair about people paying more than their share which is what this argument calls for Steve good morning TR RKO. Good morning John I you're going concern. Good it is a couple of things I -- touch on the first thing I don't wanna spread any nasty rumors but I got it from a good source that. Barack Obama went from auction and sold to Columbia. On somewhat. Some let's just say shady tree and Scripps has nutrients or -- Stewart. Right but anywhere else does that rolled out that's sort sort. That's -- -- because that's probably why actually I I tend to believe that. And I think that's probably why he didn't releases -- the transcripts last time -- why he couldn't release in this time and maybe get away with -- which is why I don't think there should be. You know this quid pro quo offer all released my tax returns if you really transfer. Now as far as this tax situation now and Mitt Romney I mean just anyone seriously think to let -- do you want to tax for prayers and want help they gash them. I know I got a lot of money but I don't want you guys should do -- really really good job. And save me money I want you guys into a mediocre job so all I can pay more. You don't know what he would've had to do he has a trust handling his money. And he what he gives directions so -- -- the trust you go out there and ruthlessly make me as much money is you can investing my money but. Don't put anything new source bank account don't put anything into by the Cayman Islands or any foreign tax shelters I want my money staying here producing jobs. Right but isn't there around the British and then there's a yeah combinations -- in the -- -- if you have money overseas or in other you know in other areas did that everything needs to be reported into action is need to be paid on -- you know on wherever your money is on the world that's true. Get ready so I mean it's so I mean unless you're actually hiding. Well I say it's not hiding it but it's putting him into something which gets a tax benefit so if there's a Cayman Islands investment of the money and that provides a tax benefit. Yeah I deferral of taxes or some idea I don't understand this stuff. I like you I'm struggling to get by every month. And I don't know how this stuff really works and that's why he doesn't -- releases tax returns. Because. I -- that Obama campaign would have a field day taking things that are routine for rich people. And putting them under a microscope Peter good morning to you. Thank god this just goes to prove how terrible the candidate Mitt Romney is always on the defensive trying to defend a guy. Why don't -- talk about. How -- Obama as -- what -- is gonna do you know government get out of our way. So we can go out here and not have to worry about them. Get our hands starting a business -- make good money. I'll talk about outbreak Marshall -- -- though Obama's real father. That's all good points thank you for that Peter. I will go to Steve now hi Steve you're an -- Leo good morning gentlemen good morning sir. We're I I just I was just thinking about the comment that every -- that he -- We already know by the spotlight income glad that he by -- ready to hiding money in them and above comment. Well if it's. He's hiding it how did you find out it was on -- income -- Or are you obviously it's a contradiction but it death. I just didn't need all these ideas. And -- it and you found out about it we're going to be put on it actually turned the ball. I know that's how insidious these in these insinuations and accusations are they are. Slimy and discussed -- And it truly is it true that Harry Reid doesn't file his income talks. Doesn't he doesn't go -- feel. Well then how can you how can you actually. Somebody else to disarm and and government to be -- parity if you are not dornin is. 'cause this is politics. And I did his job is to throw the bomb. So that out of them Barack Obama can benefit from the explosion that results and anyhow its its gross that this is -- works. But that's how it works we'll talk more -- play some sound for you coming up 6172666860. How much do you care. About Mitt Romney's tax returns. And how do you feel about a president. Who spends all this time and effort trying to make sure we're -- are focusing on what's important this is 680 WRKO. Got out tonight -- yourself today nice hot sweaty summer day -- heavy humidity maybe a shower for a bright sunshine. And heat. 680 WRQ Todd find her show brought you by network capital funding corporation your future financed. Harry Reid on the attack. Making ridiculous attacks against Mitt Romney on behalf of Barack Obama. Saying that he heard from somebody who was connected to -- the mid paid no taxes for ten years. And then he demanded that Romney proof. That the unsubstantiated claim was false this is Mitt Romney's response yesterday was Sean Hannity. That's how well it's contrary to do if you have put up or shut up. There is gonna have to describe who it is -- spoke with a good of course that's totally and completely wrong if it's -- untrue. Dishonesty and inaccurate it's wrong. So so I'm I'm looking forward to having area. Reveal his sources. And we'll probably find it at the White House look -- Parent there's Mitt Romney does -- have to do that laugh around everything. He's so uncomfortable full time and that -- the fake laugh makes it knocks her experience do you can learn how to tap -- -- That's too bad that laugh. When every so comfortable that's what he does six point 726666. Who really care about -- taxes do we listen listen text messages on this. Todd of course it matters if you're now worth at the end of the day is 250. Million dollars as opposed to 248 million dollars. There's a reason these people are millionaires and you are not. Yes that's true. I guess they have lost. Four blocks. 617 says whoever wins 200 million dollars on powerball this Saturday will instantly. Change his stand on the rich pay more taxes. True. Seven anyone anyone -- a 401K investment plan invests globally. Good point shall we demonize them. 603 it's obvious Obama had no record to run on so all you do is attack in distort yes. Yes that's true that's were at 61726668. Succeed Dennis -- WR. A good morning. One and prod our area I'm good how are you got good story -- the question Korea. -- -- Got accused of doing anything illegal. By Harry Reid or anyone else -- hasn't helped George should only be -- -- although the role model of successful all of us. Yourself and myself included who worked for all of you and try to take all that much you know and I have the money we work out -- yes he should. So what I call the bank pill. That's good that's a good question but this stuff works. And it's out there and now why were responding sorting your response is a good response. -- can just ridiculous that it. I just push all of this at a local campaign could focus our. Telling that's what emerged to change Spain. In all the way -- and stop these ridiculous negative at fact that -- -- -- and -- that ball that in light but in the meantime get people worked out. Can. There's just so counterproductive if you. Well that's all we need to teach average people. Day in the for the to have it there you are pro the normal response we whenever you her story. Why can this one the response should be water why care that's my question what are you care about. Mitt Romney's tax return how does it change your life of a cut if you release another ten years how does it change your life that's what I'm looking for people to access points and Dennis. Good point thank you for making the call what difference does it make. And why does this work why does it work for Harry Reid to make to simply make things up. And wire people influenced by these arguments. There's a reason that the Obama campaign. Does this the first reason of course is they can't run on their record. True. These second reason is it resonates for people it works a certain demographic. Of voter. So -- or half the population cares not one iota. About Mitt Romney's tax returns. And the other half is worried and things so maybe the -- are bad people -- maybe we are getting screwed by the rich and by the way. There is some truth there is some truth. To both sides say at least. And that's why people are susceptible to being calm and Paul good morning -- -- -- him. -- are you gonna -- also more otherwise would be to people like myself. So once again we realized. Looked -- what the strategy is for the democratic. And it continues to have him no way it -- class warfare strategy. Harry Reid just listen to lose four straight. Great to get a line judge people by his -- is that his voice. Deval Patrick amongst others don't they just come across -- slimy and Wheatley. And to show the true hypocrisy of politics. Wouldn't any mention made of John Kerry. Who learned doesn't make Canada. Romney look at a pop -- and actually worked or 500 million dollars as marriage to tolerate learning. If you go into any wealthy person just to vote it's in the hundreds of millions. I don't care if -- Bill Gates Warren Buffett Donald Trump he's gonna find these guys that have involved some type of businesses here that the average working class full class person could not comprehend. We know whether you know your first point about John Kerry. John Kerry released his own tax returns but not his wife's his wife 'cause all the money and they do separate filing. So that he was able to avoid having to reveal so AEA you know if there were parity here in terms of paying attention to these things. He would have been raked over the coals for Teresa Heinz not to releasing her tax returns thank you for making the point Paul Billy -- -- hi there. -- you're doing the more I -- well you do. Okay I can hear you read catcher actually and I doubt that was right on which want to get in any event the one that. We want the issue is putting his money out of the country and shipments actually investigated the United States' -- who bought those people ordinary tech. I understand that. So you know we actually did it completely so it -- -- -- Steve Jobs are -- keeping don't -- Durbin I don't I. -- -- -- game -- and beverage are dead including me I hope. From China I mean he -- so get a little money into the Americans to work. Well except neatly in the economic theory goes like this that the best thing to do. For our economy is to do the best thing for your company so Steve Jobs bill olds. The iphones in China. And that maximizes. The profit of his company that pride that then gets poured into new products so the best though the results of -- of apple. Daddy that it. Is productive for us is -- things they develop and bring to market and it's like matter where they're being made it's better. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well guess why millions of Americans are working because. Of the magic. Of the products he creates so if you can create more magic. -- -- they don't -- Well let's say for now though let's take extreme scenario. He employs some people here in the US to build the iPhone for example. As a result they lose a lot of money and auto business. It vs. Under the rules and only. The government between -- we know -- -- losing money British and making too much when it importing American store I don't under. I'm just giving you the extreme. So we can establish the principle for example they used to be a great company -- Gloucester called mighty -- made beautiful winter coats -- remember a mighty Macs. Today there was a lot of it was a family business gone back maybe twenty years 25 years it was a beautiful family owned business and employed thousands of people up on the North Shore. And -- eight. Felt a moral responsibility. To keep employing people in Gloucester factories and as a result. They became a dinosaur so most of the two extremes that's the principal the principal has had they not followed their principles. And instead bit on the cutting edge of employing people overseas they could still be in business they could still be employing some people domestically. And they could see today could be on the cutting edge of -- make -- -- coats and instead it. -- there -- they're reporting the truth here is you mean -- -- -- again and that's I knew I would probably everything that's why he did that I don't really troubled that actually. But to listen to this isn't running to presidency of the United States and grimy including at 18 unit and I -- What are you didn't need president of the -- island -- -- putting your name. RE -- what I want you to do is take this theory this economic theory. And apply -- -- Mitt Romney that is if Mitt Romney has more money this is how I guess I would look at -- if -- Mitt -- -- 5215. Million dollars at the end of the year instead of 248 million dollars at the end of -- -- because I invested some money overseas. What can I now do what that two million dollars. I can give -- some bills. Yet charity that's his favorite charity or I could invest in your start up the bill so it's it's just more complex -- -- boy to be more American jobs. If that money was invested in America. I think it should be a record amount I know thank god I'm and you need to be a good people Britney and don't have or are you saying let the money can no picnic and I want what could be -- air look including people who are. What I'm saying is if Mitt Romney has extra couple million dollars at the end of the year bill he might use it to invest in your idea. Any -- investigating your idea that that might make more wonderful things happen you might have the idea that creates an example. -- the next Microsoft or the next two you know two man startup that's over and Kendall Square. Or out on the wharf in South Boston getting ready to change the world. The notion of a big global economy is -- may -- all screwed up I don't know I'm just so I'm just telling you what the notion missed the ideas. That if you forget -- -- If you forget about the parochial -- your stock on an item to bully me I'm susceptible to Obama's well. Would be nice if you -- factory workers here. But if the reality of the times is it's simply not realistic to employ people he can't employ people here anymore it's too expensive. So you make more profit by hiring people in China. And guess one a couple of years the Chinese consulate gold -- and you can't do it anymore you move the jobs in the you don't care where you make this thing. You make that thing warrior I make the most profit. And the more profits Steve Jobs has guess what I would take all the money in the world if Steve Jobs are gonna we're still live an investor would have. Take any money out of the hands of bureaucrats in Washington and give to the Steve Jobs is a world you've helped the country that's all right look at it. Government destroy this. The Steve Jobs is in the world build. So he can have more money to invent twelve. Because he invests overseas what do we care if Mitt Romney has more money the end of the year because he get a Cayman island account. And he takes that money gives it is church good thing or bad thing you tell me Steve you're NW RKO. -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't know I'll tell -- you're talking to bill go ahead Steve. -- I was -- great view of the current that would come before. Who is glycol Clearwire built near Obama probably keep that money here and Beth Purdue and being very basic in other people to elude the big picture. It's kinda like Barack Obama both make it so toxic they leave their money here guys like Mitt Romney won't leave here. Well that's true to sell soda can picked up and make an example soul. Can't -- -- this anti hate. I don't expect -- -- donate all the time people -- -- got money here. You know and it like it like this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They didn't back Pierre if every time they turned it around -- they worked have a -- -- expect. No I don't -- I think your solar writes Steve thank you for making the point by the way the other thing. And that's what I resent the most about the ugly politics of Barack Obama. What is what is he spend his time. Doing he -- is timed deceiving us about how things work. In order. To tricked us into thinking that Mitt Romney's involved with some kind of legal activity. Instead of just she's a rich Chinese who were rich guys do you that's the problem he has no ethics no principles. He will do anything -- reelected 6172666860. Quick break then we'll take your call on 680 WRKO. -- home for preview of the original provocative talk Boston's talks vision AM six -- know what you all are. Okay. 91011. Eleven inch. Are they doing drugs at that hours the drugs later. Tell you don't do -- Slip knot the slayer motor head anthrax. Sounds like big fine Mike good morning your RKO. Might so I don't getting back Jerry green there are you know -- doing this because. The sound -- Becomes the written word and then the written word Robert target becomes fact and you're never here even if Mitt Romney released his actual records. Those are awesome wouldn't it up -- meet -- -- -- good example relevant ads are malicious for a year ago. The what Melissa. -- Tariq -- -- Michigan. I forgot -- -- -- I don't plaster all over their their cute these guys -- -- out but I can't you do all -- terrorists or you know wide. You're gonna talk aren't in the center new obscure. You know arm. Not a whole week so a -- will want to look at those weapons back now. You'll see you at the mainstream articles -- if you are somebody now. Do you think you respond to just give up a bit say all the way to pull it out not Michigan rural spot membership. But we didn't hear that. So this is yeah I'm just so I'm just I agree I remember who they worried now. But they think you're right the -- I never saw a story of the fallen. No god so -- becomes the written words you can't look back now. Barney Citigroup spent little bit Harry Reid that he. Student he pointed out did brother all the sudden the stack so that it's actually. Right well the trouble is people pay so little attention. To what's actually going on in the news that they build up this perception or reality so yes it exactly where you're saying Mike is. The fact that there's a headline of Harry Reid making an accusation most people won't know these simply fabricating it out of thin air. Michael you're next good morning GO. Good morning. Slow to respond to that chocolate a couple of calls to go what you don't what is money that he has slept over after his paycheck -- -- here in America. I would I don't know you know -- looked most people don't have anything left over. And what trawler they have been doing whatever the hell they want with them their money. I don't understand it. When somebody puts them up themselves up for office though and you're trying to figure out what they're all about. Then I think it's fair so why -- it's fair to put on the table that Barack Obama used to not pledge allegiance and refused to Wear flag pin. You know that's part of his story and we're always trying to figure out who these guys are so if Mitt Romney's tax return is out there and we find out I get a chance to scrutinize his investments. That's a chance for us to develop some sense of who he is and what his values are going to thank. I I ate ice I understand that but it's still there's money should be able to do whatever -- wants what's that. Regardless of what people think he should do what is money well that's an old doll my naval what to do it is money. You don't know why they try to today and call back on Monday let me know how works out you bet thank you thank you Michael. Can you here for you bill hey there. What's gonna go -- judge LOI yeah I'm good how you -- good congratulations. On this subject because. And an exciting to know that somebody's could be elected it knows all about the tax code while that's good why and how to make money. And how to make money is now tell me we know where Romney's money is -- from. Where did this to reach money coming from the end and we don't really be a millionaire Joseph we don't know. Don't you I'll release it he while releases tax returns so there's no way -- now. He probably read it -- I'm Doug and he's been should. Nevada where. Night I think it was a cozy real estate deals with rich people. So bill you gonna mayhem fest today. And are you going to mayhem fest today where -- well rewritten the Comcast Center checking out online. Oh aren't you drive it starts starts and a couple of the fact what is bad laughing about half half half the stuff I admit it. Paul what's up tall. Good morning -- Go ahead. But. Well auto body is usually need to do. Where Mitt Romney's campaign people need to do is we need to come up with a cute little name quite the Obama campaign came up with further. And then if we can just -- every time and this gets brought up just brought up. Yell specific that is. You know what it is just crap with a -- me and it will get kicked her curves like. Even -- actually particularly real like that the fact that people might have concern over Obama is. -- how -- we call readers. They're now he only Harry or Hillary and put them there would be fun -- upon their -- -- -- carrier green you're just making stuff up what are your reader. I -- yeah carrier when you stop laughing Mitt is meant -- mayhem fest today.