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What are your Favorite Movies of all-time

Aug 2, 2012|

Sight & Sound magazine just announced their top ten movies of all time and Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo topped the list for the first time passing over Orson Welles' Citizen Kane. What are your favorite movies of all time?

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At this list of the best. Movies of all time and I Soledad vertigo. Is the top one. I would absolutely. Astonished. I started so well this scientist has great writer to call it an -- ask him about that as well. -- doing here from his 6172666868. What did you got a list of top movies. List of top movies. Because they movie critics have come out with they'll list and it's quite interesting. In vertigo tops -- so we're gonna take a look at that are right now we are going to speak with the author Sam Keen about his book. The violent -- -- and one of the questions. That this author has asked is did the human race almost go extinct. And stories that I ever read recently in the Atlantic monthly. Talked about. Cat ladies and how can -- eighties. -- Have an obsessive love. For their pets because of genetics. And it cost -- a question how does DNA lead to people with no fingerprints. Helping to print and children born detailed how does not happen. What teens tell us about JF Kennedy's -- skin. And Einstein's remarkable genius. And how did the right combination of genes create the exceptionally. Flexible thumbs and fingers of a truly. Cingular violinist these are all the questions Betsy and -- -- has -- The violence and he is expected to call us and just a few minutes -- -- just said it cool hand Luke. Would be his. Best will be about. And I know it's cool -- up there on your -- list of best movies of all time Chris if you give me I'll let. The best movies of all time -- to -- I'm not really a movie connoisseur. You don't watch any movies I'm really not think. These old movies that I've just read on the top ten months. Or read a list for experts. Regal express because vertigo has usurped Citizen Kane for the first time. Got vertigo. -- citizens came. Right Tokyo story. Tokyo -- -- I only wanna announce Tokyo story maybe even never heard of Tokyo story have you. Now. Three science and a song for too few humans never heard. Sunrise a song -- to humans. And then we have courts have CME Kubrick 2001 a space Odyssey the searchers. Man with a movie camera. The passion of Joan of Arc in eight and a half which is a great -- did not recognize why movie on this list well okay. Let me take that back let me rephrase. Verdict out. Decent I would put the birds before vertigo Citizen Kane who was famous will be. The -- Three 4:5. I -- never heard of Tokyo story. A French film -- both Chris and I are unwilling to -- sunrise a song that to humans. 2001 a space Odyssey the searchers the man of the movie camera the passion of Joan of Arc and eight and a half. Okay after the great fleck went so you beat -- -- talk about foreign films -- in the best Arthur what is John list of the best movies of all time. Border dwellers there are far cry from backed group first of rob Carson Barbara wanted -- goodfellas raging -- -- -- The graduated. And made it accessible Annika. -- I don't know where they came -- what that vote storms. In fact a lot of movies out there but it -- when -- at eight films should never heard out. And proud the critics' top ten greatest songs of all time in vertigo is number one. And -- -- let me ask you when you talk about my father wanted to you put 21 then one I. Well you have a game because I actually you know it's really the strange story continued. Targeted -- -- that the more people have been reviewed movies about an hour's. I am well exactly out there and I I wouldn't. Have you ever had -- those god father sick days we just put in godfather movies old analog. You -- elected demanded that video. Veered away today a while back to back here believe they have a tomorrow with a dvd where -- predictable tit for logical occurred in the flash drives -- so much better. And it Milosevic will concede that they left that that's great to -- While I am not from what you -- nap but Celeste how OK Steve and but the birds as -- citizen came of course that's gonna be on the foo foo or fancy list of every movie critic thank you ought to be honest Tokyo story never heard of it. Some francs down sunrise a song for two humans he knew that there. -- -- -- Get these reviewers. Did the greatest film list of all time -- I don't think so. Hi Danny welcome me on and John -- show. Yes. My. My capabilities -- times where gone with the wind Clark Gable. And also it's a wonderful life which are used to it and ready young I think it was. And the -- like submarines. A war movies. I would I would -- run silent run deep with Burt Lancaster and Clark Gable both of my top three well if you like the beatles' a hard day's night. I don't like The Beatles but the rest Phyllis is a pretty good one Vedeno. Is still so did dig in it's very clearly. A conglomeration. By foreign film critics are not American film critics because -- use said. We want gone with the wind casts a blank out as one of the Texas pointed out. Yep yep I mean -- -- black it was also another good not a great movie but. But basically gone with the wind and it's a wonderful -- for Jimmy Stewart you know that tops with me they have been their tops. And now if you'll do like -- -- me like I do. There are literally I don't I don't like a year ago. I like abated thanks for the calls out yeah let me just list I looked at. -- looked adding even pronounce half the film's. That week -- how to pick up this list of big greatest films of all time. What would be -- being. Michelle yeah Iraq out create stocks should be a real window where and Jimmy Stewart. Is that one. That is -- great wine and he's it was a reporter and that one as well yeah. -- -- only that we talk about -- is flat look at over the soccer field extreme trucks that's what I would think if you've been your favorite. You don't like our Brian I am like the cranky old guy stuck in the stuck in the chip sales eat ice cream tracked Maggie -- the level -- and. I don't quite fit my favorite Argo American Beauty. Kevin Spacey I really like that one. Good Will Hunting. Rights. Now getting a little -- a little local typical American Beauty. But Kevin Spacey you know Chris Cooper is a Massachusetts guy lives on the -- Sheila. Oh really and yeah but I get married and -- great writer. Yeah and then the shining is automatic top. The shining on in my top five -- joke and then now. They're going to it'll -- yet it stand mango Spielberg's first Buick -- -- -- -- -- -- -- People that name but it went in originally put it out because he was in -- about by a great -- coming at page field. And you know I've never heard and -- are. One of the best movies that the romance but about four didn't go back picking up a bottle of champagne they've buried in the desert -- freshman. And their graduated but it they're great Judd Nelson has admitted that Kevin Costner. Second Spielberg movie made about the truck driver it was like a crazy thriller. You know like I don't know but -- that's why it's you know I you have -- without rejects. I'd love great and Arizona -- summaries and. You know what I love raising Arizona -- not like about that. Oregon you're watching a thousand times to get a -- I'm at just. That if you could put a conglomeration. Of European film generally the Griswold all those. Christmas vacations. I that in in the top ten. Any -- you. Vacation. Every year you would still crack about it. That's right. The front door you watch over and over to me that's a great will be. Well it's got have a Buick jealous because I Texan to Ted who opted -- this. Prince was jackass. And don't even recognize what Phil -- there other than vertigo and eight and a half into wanna space Odyssey didn't do it means not a not a big Kubrick and. Yeah how how little boring in that. Donald bell -- he's got for the I -- and you are next I can't Ibaka and the dollar and I would just let's Kevin you must think alkaline how did you forget -- of the shining which is -- -- That shouldn't be grateful to our bill is they came out with I haven't heard about those things maybe vertigo. Without my top five but I doubt it has got to be -- was still library. Okay black out as a blanket definitely. Certain green at number three in -- and. I was gonna say we was tailored to. -- I happen Hitler Katharine Hepburn OK that's -- -- -- -- -- would try to think it was called tool. Drool all you want it -- movie was like at a rate thriller. Yeah I think that was Dennis Weaver plays. Like the lead role he was like the only factor except for the track. That's right Dennis Weaver you're actually right -- back you up on that tool that a great movie cabin. Yeah I don't mind excellent would be Q I was I -- coupons. -- -- And believe and I can't believe any notice said bishop of the top movie of all time schindler's -- And really doesn't make my list of top ten. -- thought that it ordered a -- we're here that is saying. I know I mean it's a good flag -- yet it is so depressing like the piano -- it's it's like okay we've seen that will be five million times now. -- it depressing but it is important movie historically you know. You -- a pretty good job on. -- question to be -- If you stuck in the house because of the blizzard like the blizzard of 78 -- couldn't allow you sit there election was let's begin -- gonna watch the guard by the -- I really -- I got out of hand. I'll come mind you only here early and did not fast no I didn't hero in everything but they've gone out. Well I like it they did have a public well my favorite caddie shack. And that is from one and I retired. Veterans I check with pretty good Joni I next welcome what would be a list because we don't recognize half the found on this greatest movies of all time list. Frankly this silent movie and I think it won the first aren't. Which why does that sunrise. Yeah you're right that is that this three silent movies on this list. And how do you -- -- I don't know if that's silently they have a make my list. Following that -- Right it it would yeah it would really. I act on what David John do you agree with -- techs who said these lists of bogus as people when their drunken hello Marat has in the answers going to be caddie shack every time. Yeah I think it pretty it. I'm not a big movie and -- -- -- African Queen would somebody already mentioned. It. Okay John and -- what it what was the movie -- if you got stuck in the house for our I don't know some sort of hurricane tonight what would you want to have with you. -- -- Reno Williams are not good less -- making -- -- -- and I have and I. You know DVR I appreciate it thank you for the column Jacqui you apparent that critics list and as we said it Mikey. The list might be compiled by friends while jock on us because we don't recognize any penalties one BI list. Well go people on the yeah. The -- got movies. But it crop which got movie I gotta go cycle. I you know what you you'll of 100% right Jack Psycho then -- and then -- get there. The sting you know what that's a great -- And classical well at least that little movie with John Forsythe the land at turner called madame X. You know what that is a fantastic movie -- -- with what Paul Newman in its filmed in stealthy. Downey's down Broadway. That's the opening scene it's in the snow when he -- like Thomas lack insurance it's still there. I know he thought about it. Is -- the verdict. Yes that is at a rate -- veto. It you know let me just -- Jack if we talk about local movies. I even going to. In this water on the stage number one to the brink's job filmed in my building beastie. Why don't -- it. And I -- in the old -- factory over the which which served as -- ranks. I think that's what it would break into the Brinks heist that's for the heist was filmed. And -- got all factory. Well that is now Condo building as well Jack thanks for the well I'm Chucky we are AM six CD WRKO. 339 says. Braveheart in my house the jerk. Carnal wants -- Niro -- mean streets Bogart in Christine you neat bad lieutenant but not cute Nicolas Cage -- attend that was god awful. Harvey Keitel. Eddie Davis and Joan Crawford and whatever happened to -- BJ and -- though it's not like this not editorialists that will look at that right now I'm -- fees 2617266. -- exit. Chris what -- that. Citizens -- this is Citizen Kane. Ally intense at that Watson's game but it does eating. Chris Hewitt I agree that we we recognize the -- movies on its list of the greatest movies of all not each -- feet. It's list which was released yesterday this. All of the major critics if you will as -- -- techsters that a conflict. All of the critics were named friends -- chuck Haas because. Pretty. These are allegedly the greatest films of all time you ready this is they'll -- -- up -- our own list. -- And I mean Psycho real window the birds. -- goes good. Not as those on his -- thing came of course that makes every list Tokyo story. Clearly Japanese never heard of it. I've found I'm not even -- you -- attempt to -- that French film I don't think anyone who has the Boston. Accent. And east keys -- Brooklyn accent that that I that I have should even attempt -- you might try chorus. Now before. Greg out days you. Very not it's not for scratched not add anything that the a song picked huge humans. Have a 62001. A space Odyssey and the seven searchers have a sorry. Cabaret at the end of the movie camera assuming that's the sound down the passion of -- -- An eight act which you know Fellini always makes the list. You list these movies I would wanna watch a pilot trapped in the house because of some unseen. Natural disaster I -- -- I would want to see any of those movies I wanna -- judge the brink's job. He guard by the two -- -- -- So what would be I'll list the shining could watch that a million times. Raging bull. Mean streets. Pope of Greenwich Village these movies what do you think Dahlia -- next on -- Asia. -- -- Do we have out. We original German. Salem what I'm telling mr. dot spoke. About the -- Nortel. Yeah the that was pretty good and our blade runner where Harrison Ford. And then Harrison Floyd fan -- That's -- was a government and the owners are great I want to Cambodians. But. Yeah I like buggy yeah that I didn't I just original brink's job will be. Now. Peter -- Did you. That's effort ray movie -- all -- in Boston you'll recognize all the locales now it's it's not a great movie. Yeah. Went out nobody mention -- science are. You know that's a good ones that analysts and let's recognize this -- movie but. You know I -- for analysis Rebecca great will be Mildred peers. Very creepy cat cannot learn the art but the rate pound Al Greek American movies and this list is got it's. Yeah but it's a bounty out -- sit there and don't really think of instantly people who go into buying public to. It is a very few food listing in days that we don't like to be able to. Sound very Francais at a -- and she's gathering came to talk about how lined -- ball. Tokyo story from 1953. Was I mean at cinematographer. It was just. Superb it was super about. It you I would much rather talk about -- in all the -- and quotes from draws. -- yeah yeah and some and giants. All the right direction. Yeah acting just incredible just whale. I like it they. Who would not sink -- -- local flex CL we have a lot of double -- right here and Boston we have a lot of good writer is right here in Boston thanks Al and one of them is Bill Maher and now first of all you new -- Out in the store Jet -- in matter. August 21 Lincoln let it hits the stores national. I cannot wait I do know you gave me an advance copy -- deep into it it's awesome. Great thank you. Keep reading it gets better I'm listening to this conversation and I have the same -- some that I. You have to come over to my house and join us while we watch the searchers which I watch at least once a year. Search dogs -- Indian massacre he goes in search of his niece who's kidnapped by the Indians in the story unfolds across. Five years that's one for a long time wasn't really fully appreciated but I'm glad to see it on the list. Really saying yes school eagle Barnum like how'd that searchers. All it's terrific it's it's. It's one of the mighty American movies. Well I'm glad Steve why -- mighty American movie make the list at this very -- last. Well you know vertigo I just watched vertigo recently and while I think it's an amazing movie. There are a couple of things. Plot point that you have to swallow bitter little difficult to get down I think if you're if you're in a cynical mood I much prefer Hitchcock's rear window. And I love north by northwest. As well. But it I think -- the birds much more believable I I'm still creeped out by birds to this day. Yeah that is pretty yeah crazy movie too but you know I I posted on FaceBook this list and everybody is who's responding. Is is is coming up with Casablanca which of course I love. Marvelously written and and gone with the wind to and the godfather. And I put up one of my favorites the regenerate -- Which I think is one of the may be the best. To me the best movie ever made. Well I mean that I haven't seen I would have -- movie night Bill Martin absolutely when -- but party to celebrate the link in latter -- which it. I still awaiting the day when you good fabulous here is it's made into either television drama or a movie it's a big screen. Well we we came very close to that with the last Peter felt vulnerable city of dreams. My agent tells me -- you with the last one off -- well. That and I still I still went off -- -- it was supposed to have been an ABC series with Peter Allen. The main characters chasing around after lost treasures which basically is what he's been doing since sent back -- first of these noble. But. We will see what happens with little -- letter. I I am actually keeping my fingers crossed that riveted by it this is my good friend Bill Martin fabulous. Massachusetts writer and I can't wait the movie I just let me know Latin OK but searchers. The -- -- you gotta -- by anonymous John exceeds 617266686. His folks said hit a nerve on the show McPhee and the critics are the so called critics have compiled. A list of the top ten greatest films of all time now everybody Chris including my friend Bill Martin is but the -- -- Is going to be in stores this month. Says that the searchers is absolutely awesome it's John clean and -- line in and I can't wait to see it. So and deserved a spot on the list verdict so good flick but what Bill Martin there was some plot points in the animal like that stretched Craig. Ability if you will we're somewhat incredulous that don't believe those pile up points I would definitely put the birds Psycho -- Erica. Citizen Kane number two Tokyo story and the tree. Chris I'll let you do the French film you can just tried -- the top he had what is it -- yield. -- -- Pretty much sunrise a song to humans 2001 a space Odyssey Kubrick never did of me. Mean even clockwork orange is a little too bloody and violent really -- we don't have to -- the blood to be terrified. This the searchers everybody says great man of the movie camera the passion don't -- eight have Fellini film. -- -- Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid absolutely. Leaving battled even electric lady loves me mama she had to memorize. Gladiator awesome will be platoon yet -- Saving Private Ryan. A few good men full metal jacket she does so many great exit this world like -- that at this list what jobless Joey on the economic feature. -- -- -- It's complex for a quick comment on the critics' lists that no doubt in my life. That's just another example let's not experienced not because other people who we thought it'd Nolan turnout so that they can say -- -- you know because most people -- as -- as we are they. They don't see what we see in the will be a. People don't hang up a time now on the campus of Harvard saying please respect the Harvard students there better than you -- -- -- construction workers Wear -- Recently. On purpose why would you -- all we -- -- CNET French or nobody -- out why. Did you out. All right here's what it is. I think the only way irrationally to a list like this they have different joggers at five you know because here. Here animal house that citizen saying it's so completely different. I completely agree needed John -- Part of the -- -- so what war I have Apocalypse Now to -- the greatest -- -- -- haven't may agree I'll second that are comedy. I'm Matt Matt Matt Matt world because noble but not that many who comedians. Of the sixties it's -- the spark that. Comedy even need big about the. Object that's a great choice -- for it but not all of slop jars. Judge agreed 100% what what trauma or not they all have a spot thought about it -- when I opinion. He's created this we have very similar list -- are -- In car. -- OK no I didn't -- market -- -- and it's a five the last one as the western. -- but I know it's true -- the original version. I like true -- TO but I -- CB searchers because of Bill Martin saint straight out. I think -- in the western that opens the people's different interpreted content mailed around the greatest weapon. But like what you would agree escape as well they call -- it'll -- -- people still yet now all we want it there in Atlanta. Skin terrified -- they talk about clubbing baby seals to -- Because one dad I got bit by a shark in Boston beaten and Furl one guy since 1936 actually. Gets attacked by great white and now they're like let's see l.s. My wife will still not swim in the ocean because -- where it beat it. It's an apple. I don't want it up -- just glad to get back. Yeah but I -- just a start up what I think that a lot you have predicted that Armitage honors you here. You can't still aren't gonna -- an article anyone agree because it's just too many different types of all we. I you know I completely agree with DO NN NS is so the wine and cheese crowd like this is like the Cambridge rights would be talking about that's that's. Arnold I think artists are all square or whatever they -- it and it all goes to see it -- sit there with five people in the audience the -- it's out of and everyone else. But the rest for the crowd is going to see -- we like jaws in Iraq. Mainstream of the not a -- bills -- I had a choice between Citizen Kane. Which did you know you see once you don't want to -- see it again all watching planes trains and automobiles every Thanksgiving buddy and a -- That's not like every target all the -- -- let's -- -- the channels are on our -- and it changed the Djokovic just too funny. You know -- of funny all these. See we should be the film critics -- I'm with you thanks for the call Derek you are next. Hi Derek. Hi Derek on the -- Fantastic. Okay here's my lip I got regular more likely is it being great movie Apocalypse Now really good movie like -- pebble. I like degraded. Yes somebody just -- hour right now. The good the bad the only good line. And that doubted if they can raiders of the lost art. Rated a plus -- gets a thumbs up I can't stand musicals even Greece makes my skin -- -- They give very much for that let's use it. Really -- try -- Top job as. I think the most terrifying monster leaking keep mainly in. He can keep saying he keep all of the monster movies now -- make the top of the hard genre. Johns with the best movie monster of all time because fifty way to. You know -- wipe out on the ocean my our own going to their her bathtub because it does Leon next luckily. -- there. We have late but what about five failure on Michelle my speech. -- -- Up there and the -- -- -- -- but percent wanna mention Lincoln everybody's writing books about Lincoln. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he has a have a book on these -- ratio. That the outcome but that -- of Atlanta bishop while actually. To Nicaragua and it would prevent people. Before and I think he was buying -- that was. Change will vote in the -- economy emotional. Whatever. Approachable. -- -- -- crown affair look and judge Garrity court for six months. And we had a complicated case William goes well the world. Met up finished out of the company to make -- the local guy out of the maximum profits. But the Julia council. I don't trust and Julia. And he eventually wrote the screenplay for the common ground which of them locally again. That's right and that reminds me of the friends of Eddie -- another great movie that was written by a local judge. You know and now back to the bridge go about -- a I -- a tournament big time boxing out of my friends. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- sitting in the actual. John -- additional debt it'll director. Yeah cool that's great I'm great director and the Arab the picture will go. Peter. That they'll rewind. That -- spent some time in. History you just talked about that -- deceit -- to be seen that fight cats that easing pedophile. -- -- -- -- On -- special when it it would fighting. Broke -- Dick yeah. -- -- And folks is -- woods rather that was -- -- trade fighter exactly. I Christian Bale Christian Bale is unbelievable up. As -- excellent fighter my friend got off the arrows one of the producers that are able -- which was Oscar nominee now. -- Oscar winning but I -- -- battle royal editor. I not. Had that big spite built up. What -- act and drugs took him out of there out of the ring literally out by the way don't -- captain -- point. Good guy bad bill Martin's what I -- thanks -- How to get the -- -- six spots are you actually try and despite Joe's right you can't make a list. Without having category like gangsta lounging need to have angels with dirty faces. Absolutely white heat the quiet man and then a higher Rosemary baby once upon a time in America and now the rate will be beast bomb. I'm golden pond in a local writer come and has so many great movies this was blows -- at a time here on and John McPhee show. Yeah I expect go one movie that's really pertinent to this topic and is paper every April 15. For some reason I always end up watching the movie deliverance. Why fifteenth did you feel like -- I ski just squealing like a pig when you write a check to the IRS. But -- soon. I -- Todd I get absolutely positively or relate to the feeling of I love the movie -- -- just it's such -- I is movie. Absolutely but -- little jacket is one that I enjoyed. And I are you know what somebody just brought up another great Dinara -- Cape Fear with Nick -- that's the scariest one of the scary movie -- to see bloody guts. The movies that. Hot right now they cut people up. And you know what's what's stated this -- Chris this theory. So I mean to me is admirable thing. Now they've actually problems serious movies I ever saw was Psycho as a kid. Because it was a realistic you can you can imagine there was someone that was -- Well I mean I think at in that same category we've had a great time today John that's. I just -- -- is -- is electing a new year your have to actually see the stupid shark you don't even have to see the blood just CNET you know that. So I pulled under pulled Harvard's screaming. In that opening scene has enough to scare the everybody forever that it. Yeah this -- 75 -- would mean this woman a swimming pool. Scene. Tar mentality is still struggle with newfound lake once in awhile Leo -- next. -- John McPhee show. -- to read those Phillies got they have -- scholar back hang up okay never did talk about tear -- it's. Has not seen the champ. With Ricky Schroder. -- champ I mean is that not one of the weepy just films of all time. There's so re all out there and this is the list doesn't cut it. So I'm -- -- we are AM 680 WRKO six 72666868. Pop fiction. And of course the -- -- nav bar Aubrey movies. All great movies great events great American movies. -- began America and going to the only outrage today. Harken back Boston this is my -- -- we are a ends exceeded every RKO. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's right if she was busy I mean I'm sure that she was he's talking of the people behind her mind she's now. I think she -- who's talking to the people behind it like you have to spread the word that the key shot in the first thing I thought but I don't -- -- that is if they was. The cheese shop. Open by my need for the big cheese. AKA the alleged head had been doing grad PMI now imprisoned. So we had about. And you on an economic speech at the get Dog Day Afternoon last. I Colleen. IPod every your dad. Yet the bad movie. I seem -- That aside movies is that raiders have a lot stark. The sixers this job at the blanket and the Cubans staying. You know I DX is his was great the human stain I've never seen that Nicole Kidman. And that's putting up -- -- There has yet. Looks like a guide to me but thank you Bob for the last misery Kathy -- love that movie. But somebody says that's what Barack Obama in the White House said the outrage today that next on the jumping.