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Will Obama ever visit Israel?

Jul 30, 2012|

On Mitt Romney's current global trek, he visited Israel, where he met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Do you think President Obama will ever visit our strongest ally in the Middle East?

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One of the big stories. And may be a watershed event. In the destiny of the United States and clearly in the election campaign of 22 well. Is Mitt Romney's. Historic visit to Israel. He started off going to London. Many say he made gaffes criticizing the Olympics and how they were prepared and organized. He received a lot of backlash. From members of Britain's Conservative Party from Olympic organizers and from the British media. However. Whatever mistakes he may or may not have made in London. He had an almost impeccable. Flawless performance in Israel. I'm telling you. Mark the day. Market that time that I mentioned this. I believe Obama's speech yesterday. In Jerusalem. May have won him the election. Here was Mitt Romney. Coming to the besieged and beleaguered nation of Israel. Now surrounded by enemies on all sites. The Muslim Brotherhood. Ascendant in Egypt. Their ally Hamas. Getting ready to launch even more rockets into Israel from Gaza. Hezbollah in the saddle in Lebanon. Syria's Bashar Asad about the fall any game now the Muslim Brotherhood set to take over power in Syria. The islamists are now circling. And have encircled. The Jewish state. And behind a mall. Stands they Hitler of our time Mahmoud -- Dana got a mock mood I am in -- job. A man who is now determined to acquire the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. A nuclear bomb and has vowed to quote wipe Israel. Off the face of the earth. My friends. The dark clouds of the 1930s. Are now rearing their ugly head again there is a gathering storm. And the Jewish people know this. And they know that their Islamist enemies larger sharpening the knife. To slit their throats. And as they've looked to the United States. For guidance for help. For support. They have found nothing but the block of Barack Hussein Obama's hand. And now Mitt Romney comes into this vortex. Into this gathering chaos and fear in Israel. And he stands there in front of the Wailing Wall and in Jerusalem. And he says should I become president of the United States. I will stand shoulder to shoulder with the Jewish people and with the Jewish state. Now let me tell all of you this the people of Boston and the people of Massachusetts in the great audience have WRKO. Privately behind the scenes I can tell you this with -- salutes certainty. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Has been begging. The Obama administration. To give the Israeli military the idea after Israeli defense forces. The green light. To bomb Iran's nuclear installations. The Israelis don't want us to bomb for them. The Jews of Israel have never asked America to fight and ally for Israel. But -- Netanyahu has been saying is we need diplomatic cover. Will you be with us diplomatically. At the United Nations. Should we decide to bomb Iran's nuclear underground bunkers because that is where they're assembling in building the nuclear bomb. And repeatedly Obama and his administration have said no. Net. As the Russians would say no. He has tied the hands of Israel. He has tied their hands of the Jewish people he has tied the hands of Netanyahu. The most important part of Romney's speech. Is that he has now told the Israelis publicly clearly and unequivocally. That should he be president of the United States. He would allow Israel. To launch a devastating air strike to take out Iran's nuclear installations. Before it is too late. Before the bunkers are too deep underground to be reached by bunker busting bombs. Or before they acquired the capability to build a nuclear weapon. He has given Israel the green light and he has told them under my presidency. Whenever you feel the need to strike you can strike. He also said that Jerusalem. For him is the eternal capital of the Jews it is the eternal capital of the State of Israel. Just last week. Even the Washington press corps asked Jay Carney. That vigil civil global the propaganda minister. Of the Obama regime. What is the capital of jurors are of Israel is it Jerusalem or is -- -- And Carney would not give a response he refused to answer the question. I am telling you this mark my words. The people of Israel have embraced Romney almost does the second coming of Winston Churchill they love him in Israel. The Jewish press loves him the Israeli media loves him. The Israeli political elites loved them it doesn't matter for -- -- could or labor right or left. Romney hit bad baby out of the park. And when he was there in Israel. He had to audiences it wasn't just Israel he was focused on. He was also focused on the domestic campaign here in America and in particular. He was earning fla. There is a heavy Jewish American voting bloc in Florida is a pivotal key swing state and I am telling you. With that speech. He didn't just win the hearts and minds of the people of Israel. He won the hearts and minds of many of the Jewish voters in Florida I believe we -- speech. He may have just won Florida and we fixed the election. It was a diplomatic master stroke. And as this is going on. While Romney now is hitting his stride. While he is now pounding you -- Criticizing -- wrong. Criticizing Israel's enemies. Criticizing -- jihadist that are gaining strength all across the region what was to all of Barack Obama doing. He was in panic. Full panic. The economy is sinking like -- stone. The recovery whatever it's been for the last three years has now stalled it has grind it to -- hole. In fact we are on the verge of a double dip recession. The economy is not creating any jobs. Growth is under 2% which is the minimum that you need to create enough jobs to take care of people coming into the labor force. Manufacturing. Down. Consumer confidence down. Domestic spending consumer spending down. They know that they are now facing a potential economic and political hurricane. Come this fall. And so in their desperation. While Romney is acting like this statesman and Israel. What has the Obama administration decided to do now just to see how desperate they are. They now have reached to their mortal enemy X. Obama has now gone on his hands and knees and essentially begged. Bill Clinton. That's right Bob Bob. They're not they they if they're now called Sanders secret weapon but but. Outfielder playing and I've really feel you're buying them out of social Monica Lewinsky in the wet out but I'm telling your fuel your brain I really feel it. I really feel -- out there. They have called and Bubba. And so now word has leaked out and it is now going to be official today later today about an hour to you're gonna hear about it's gonna go all over the wires. Bill Clinton. Will be their head lying keynote speaker. At the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Later this year in the fall just in September after the Republicans have their campaign have their convention forgive me. Bill Clinton will come out and he will be the one that officially. Nominates. Barack Obama. To be the party's nominee for president of the United States and he will then try to do the impossible. He will try to defend Barack Obama's economic record. And a signal that he's gonna be giving off -- you remember the 1990s. You remember how much better it was then. Wink wink you reelect Barack Obama. And maybe just maybe we can have the 1990s. All over again but the real play here it's. It's all about Hillary. Did deal that Obama has cut behind the scenes I believe. Is now. That Clinton's who for years have resented the fact. Where they thought was going to be their coronation. This was Hillary's presidency in 2008. For then it was bears almost by birthright and then this -- server. Barack Obama comes out of nowhere. And winds and snatches the democratic nomination away from Hillary and with that the presidency. They have been seething for years. And now. They have reemerged. As the power brokers in the Democratic Party. They will now room mate and remake Barack Obama. Now they're gonna try to sell him as a clintonian centrist. As a quote moderate Democrat. That's going to be now the new propaganda spin and the deal is this. In 2016. Hillary will get one last kick at the can for the presidency should Obama win. If Bill Clinton has pulled his chestnuts out of the fire. Then it will be Hillary's turn in 2016. And Obama will back Hillary. Quid pro quo. I scratch your back you scratch mine. So was their cutting shorted political deals in the back room. They think that bubble will rescue them. And so my question to you. Is a very very very simple one. Do you belief that the United States should support. Israel's right to defend itself and bomb Iran. Should Israel bomb Iran. And what should America's policy be toward it. Do you think Mitt Romney did a good job in Israel DD do the right thing standing shoulder to shoulder with the people of Israel. And what do you make of the fact the Bill Clinton is now going to be Barack in the limelight. Openly campaigning for Barack Obama. And being the keynote speaker and a Democratic Convention. Do you think he will help or do you think it will not help. Will Clinton rescue Barack. Hussein Obama. 6172666868. Can Obama be saved and -- Clinton save them. I wanna hear from you know this is Jeff corner. From The Washington Times. Sitting in for Michelle make feet. On the Michelle -- freak show. Welcome back to the Michelle McPhee show this is Jeff -- from The Washington Times. Sitting in for Michelle only be 6172666868. If you wanna join the conversation. Paul thanks for holding. Welcome to the Michelle McPhee show. Yeah I think I think there are probably doubly hit it on the ball -- that it's is that an -- a lot of things around that thing. You know maybe turn the traditional role you know in that -- about voting for Obama might. There Romney might look at Graham acknowledged and but a couple of opening. On the EDT -- Other all the thing about it in the united not get taxes are alcoholic or cigarettes. None of that matters -- audit their habitat so option would be with the BP -- Nevada and could -- vote -- an ATM account so. There really doesn't matter what what specific items Japan and I'm not I'm not favor -- -- but on the brand is very dull without removing the cap stops and there's. They are very very good point Paul -- you are right I mean I mean once you get -- you can do anything you want with. Running a -- track it. And the other side. And influenced I don't want it -- up a reality and for everybody on the and opt out defending the bulk either by an extra equipment -- but the whole thing about. Re paving the road in front of his -- Ramallah it. All the laws -- it literally like it was a few -- it's that the group bought ninety minutes but do -- -- about a hundred dollars. Anybody talent at that their re paving -- road. As well consistently not. Pat pat pat pat at -- thank you Paul thanks for that call. And the look. Look Timmy I think is disgraceful that the roads of seriously the roads of Boston are as bad as they are for great city like Boston beat. Financial cultural center and largest of Massachusetts but of New England. I -- it's a disgrace. And that this guy is more interest in paving the road to his mentioned to impress Michelle Obama. Because he's basically interviewing to replace attorney general Eric Holder and a second Obama administration. He doesn't give a damn about the people of Massachusetts. Where he cares about is lining his own pockets. And promoting himself. What he's interest is in advancing his career that's all and you're just a notch on his belt. And if that means releasing more criminals more murderers more rapists. Allowing more people to scam the welfare system basically cheat you when scam you out of your own money. If that means allowing more illegal aliens and immigrants to bankrupt the health care system to school system the education system to welfare system too bad. As as a previous caller once so let any -- it as queen now. So I mean you know to me the arrogance of this man. The smug in this of this man Vick contempt of this man and -- is fellow citizens. Either his fellow constituents. And it's exactly. You -- understand what Obama's doing to America literally Deval Patrick is like a mini Obama is a demeaning mean he's a mini Obama. That's what he is. What he's doing to the people of Massachusetts. On eight on the state level want a smaller scale is exactly what Obama's doing to the country at march. Our free ride free illegal immigrants. A free ride for people on welfare and a free ride for criminals. I'm almost practically giving you almost the constituency of the Democratic Party. Of the modern day Democratic Party. That's I've given you their playbook in a nutshell so here you have a Mitt Romney. Acting like a serious statesman. Talking about serious things like. A nuclear war in the Middle East Islamic fascism. Are repeat of holocaust. Trying to fix. The broken alliances. That Obama has perpetuated upon the world he is trying to repair. All of the damage that he's gone to work key allies Britain Poland and Israel. When bill cooks he called me today. WRK goes. Executive program director -- on the phone and he said hey Jeff was up ice and honestly I got a I got my two year old -- -- and is -- a temper tantrum. And he's always -- laughing as well I got a two year old to and exactly what does like. I said non home. What -- when I see my little boy acting like a -- like a winner with a little that we -- -- a terrible to temper tantrum vouch for me is like Barack Obama. Because my boy came into my office is I'm prepping to do they show and he broke his strained. And he's crying because a little Choo Choo train has been broken here's a lot of fix it hello little boy can't -- is -- is little point that's Obama. Obama is the one is always perpetually crying and he's broken a -- And the point is America deploys the American economy deploys our foreign policy like a little baby doesn't ought to fix it but my little Ashton. So I had the going to help or reassemble a little thought boy trained and he was a happy baby again. Well that's us you know what Mitt Romney is Mitt Romney is Jeff corner fixing deployed trained that is America. And deferred and one of the big things he's fixing is our damaged relationship with Israel. All you have to know about Barack Obama is this. Our allies can stand in our friends can't stand him and our enemies love him. The Russians the Kremlin they can't wait for an Obama's second term the Chinese they can't wait for an Obama second term. The Muslim Brotherhood. That's now running wild in Egypt and about to run wild in Syria and that are running wild in there in Gaza with Hamas. They can't wait for an Obama second term -- the Jews. The the canaries in history's -- months. Perpetual victims has them as they see the Islamist fascist gathering steam. I asked them if they feel comfortable Obama watching their -- Look at how they welcomed Mitt Romney. Gary was praying at the Wailing Wall with a yarmulke on his head and all of them talking to him shaking his hands patting him on the back. Almost like oh my god an American president who's actually visited us on American president who cares. That our backs are against the wall. Think of this. As president of the United States. Barack Obama visited Cairo. Barack Obama visited the king of Saudi Arabia and he battled. He extended his hand to the entire Muslim world. He has not visited Israel wants. 6172666868. Com thanks for holding. Welcome to the Michelle -- show. Opening. I'm not -- currently but it staunch defender of Israel. And intention not to protect ourselves right the Palestinians anybody can Obama for a hundred days issue one missile back and it's a big deal. I think Romney I think Romney's the guy he did the right thing. And it's I had to settle I'm not. When he violated the what I was -- in 1970 treatment to Libya in deeper the Muslim brother. And Clinton and even all that stuff because the clintons take -- I know that that -- -- campaign. About Patrick about epic in the -- -- there's no question about it I'll enforce the laws that I want. And look and about. -- -- so that's about. Running. Running the country into the ground. Supposedly -- two of his professors. When he went to Columbia that it be -- went you know -- questions about that. -- o'clock -- -- -- a little WA I'd be an event that created strategy. At Iran not. Two one. Into these into the ground they almost hit a New York. What there while it's just I'm just went their stirred everybody -- and -- a lot usually get welfare and everything else sit and on the opposite and coming out and they almost had it not so is following that strategy. Exactly compact and actually call Tom and I wanna thank you because that's a look. The big story you. Know and autonomy did a great job and I wanna thank you buddy. Last week it's look again I -- look my Massachusetts. Is literally -- microcosm for America I'm telling you. Deval Patrick is essentially guiding the welfare reform bill passed by the legislature -- in a nutshell. That's a 11 sentence explanation of what he's done. Last week. People have been so concerned about all sorts of other issues. The Obama administration. Guided the welfare reform law passed in 1996. They done it under the nose of everybody. Because essentially don't work provisions. That are the core of welfare reform meaning. Okay you wanna collect money from the government. You have to go and work and if you can't find work -- to do the job training program to upgrade your skills that's the only way you're gonna continue to get welfare. And not only runs out after two years after that are on your own. Obama has now come out the administration has said known on on all. Now you don't have to work. You can get the money for nothing. So he essentially has guided the welfare reform bill he's essentially saying. I will not enforce the law that was passed in 1996. Signed by Democrats and Republicans. And signed by a democratic President Bill Clinton. That's what the ball got trig has down over the weekend you'd give me a welfare reform bill I don't care. I am not gonna enforce the provisions saying you can't use EDT transfer money EB team money. For cigarettes. And alcohol. And got to lose and lottery tickets to -- I don't care so get drunk. Smoke up all day you can have 23 box today. Goal play at the lottery go to the casino all those -- up have a good time inside you know what let's keep the local outdoor shops and business you can do not on welfare money. That's Deval Patrick. So Obama doing on the national level Deval Patrick doing on a state level. And you mentioned about a philosophy -- run America into the ground. I interviewed. A couple of former students who were -- weeks of Obama when he was an Occidental College. And they told me on the record. That he was part of a Marxist leninist group they all -- And they would meet for coffee -- they have club meetings or whatever. And Obama was obsessed with quote over turning the American capitalist system. And what he told them once having studies salt Lansky. That the way to do it is to approach so much stress. On the American economy. That eventually it has to collapse and people will be clamoring for socialism. And you know we told everybody he said in the key to overthrow American capitalism. Is to pass nationalized. Healthcare. Because -- that will break the back of the American economy. And it will get the middle class addicted to government of benefits. To government subsidies. Now why do you think just stand -- economic sense. Why do you think president comes into power from march 2009. In the middle of the serious economic crisis. In the middle of a great financial recession. And he doesn't focus on the economy. But he focuses instead he spends a year and I have all of his political capital. To ram through a Health Care Reform bill. A massive overhaul 17 of the economy that the American people don't want that is overwhelmingly unpopular. So much so. And again I come back to the importance of Massachusetts. So much so. That head to Kennedy's seat. So liberal lion. The man when you mention American liberalism demeaned it comes up is Kennedy Ted Kennedy his seat. Gets taken over by a Republican Scott Brown. What was essentially a referendum on Obama care. And he still doesn't listen. This man is a dedicated. Committed socialist revolutionary. Who is playing off the radical salt Polanski playbook. And his goal is to bring America to which means. And if we give them a second term he will do just that. 16172666868. Is the number what do you make of Mitt Romney's performance in Israel. Do you support his decision to back in Israeli strike on Iran. And do you think Bubba. -- bail out Obama. In -- and come this fall I wanna hear from you. Jeff corner sitting in for Michelle make the on the Michelle make the show. Welcome back to the Michelle make me show this is Jeff Carter from The Washington Times. Sitting in for Michelle makes me. 617. Through 666868. Barbara thanks for holding your on the Michelle McPhee show. Yeah how you should be on every station in America -- -- -- just saying you're right Cubans I've wanted and now that Bill Clinton. And his bag lady life have a lot of secrets a bit too dark secret. So they can speak at Obama in their about their all love of the same class low class. I'm clear at this questions about Vince foster's killed and drawn and I'll -- of the business. So let them have him because we all remember what Bill Clinton won. And it and that's about all I want to you know that's we really. Really honor -- Romney. He and his wife -- elegance. They're very educated. Class people. When we have these other problems going to exceed the queen ever an embarrassment. And embarrassment. Because it. Flapping -- green on the back and -- -- the business and they try to pretend that there elegant -- -- street people function kind. Barbara look you're completely listen I gotta tell you right now. They are con artists. Michelle Obama is a con artist or Barack Obama as a con artist. And they've been perpetuating a massive -- upon the American people. Mitt Romney there are no skeletons in his closet. I I I had to be careful how I coach this I asked the producer of a major Boston radio talk show. Who had Mitt Romney on as a guest often. And I say hey how was Mitch Romney you know in private in person and they -- honestly. The guy's a complete gentleman really nice guy warm decent friendly. Really just a good man who really cares about people. Never once got angry was never prima Dona. Not an ounce of arrogance in this guy just the good guy who made a lot of money. The honest way the old fashioned way he earned it he works extremely hard he puts in 161820. Hour days. When I compare him booted out fraud in the White House is right every month it's Martha's Vineyard. It's Hawaii it's this is the French Riviera. It's you this guy is vacationing around the world -- and partying it up on our nine. It's and it's Elton John in the White House it's Paul McCartney now we have the fiasco think about this. We're now on the verge of a double dip recession. The country now is now any major economic. A crisis. Eight point 2% unemployment people are hungry people are hurting. Record number of people on food stamps okay in this country now and what's Michelle Obama doing in London -- what happened to target. What happened to her Tiffany at the rabbit Tiffany she's -- 6006800. Dollar jacket. She's walking around when a 6800. Dollar Olympic jacket. -- Obama. That's Obama's did you see the way they treated poorly Netanyahu when he was in the White House well have a -- disgrace. Right through the backdoor way to put out the garbage literally going to get when they put out the garbage while I wouldn't have them in my country I would not now. Barbara thank you very much for that. Call 6172666868. Is the number. Look when I read that. Not only did he refuse to have lunch with -- with Netanyahu there's Netanyahu they finished their meeting. And he says well I got a date with Michelle someone to go out for lunch. You can have lunch where everyone -- lunch so he won't have lunch with Netanyahu then when the meeting is finally over later in the day. He says go through the backdoor. Where they take out the garbage. That the dumpster is it right by the -- star -- garbage should show on the way out. That's how do you treat our closest ally in the Middle East. Melanie give all of you a bit -- an exclusive. I have a call him up. In times 24/7. Dot com times 247 dot com it's called the Islamist in the White House. -- going it's going viral everybody's reading it. While Netanyahu. Is being pushed out the back door. They want our president treats our allies like this or the bust of Winston Churchill is sent back the first day comes in office Obama sends the bust of Winston Churchill. Back to London. That's offensive attack our Churchill was an imperialists. Churchill believe in the British empire we can't have bad in my Oval Office Mike my father. It took the anti colonial socialist would be rolling in is great so we can have about Sosa and Churchill's bust back. Not all my follow them like that my father doesn't like. Doesn't like brits in particular and he certainly British conservatives like Winston Churchill mono mono but doesn't like that. There is now an issue raging in Washington DC about -- Aberdeen. Who is Hillary Clinton's top advisor who literally her right arm. Whom -- been dean has been with Hillary for years they go way back when she was First Lady. She is now essentially running the State Department along with Hillary Clinton. Michelle Bachmann congresswoman from Minnesota along with four other house representatives. Sent a recent letter. To -- state department's Office of Inspector General. And in that letter. All Michelle Balkman sense is this simply guess. Have you looked into who -- -- dean's family background and connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. Did you look into this when you were supposedly doing a for a background check and -- her. Because it's. It is well known and it's publicly documented. Whom I've -- -- late father was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood for years a strong member. Her mother. For decades was a member of the Muslim sisterhood. The female version of the Muslim Brotherhood. Who might have been dean's brother her. Is. A part of an organization Islamic organization. With very deep and strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. I essentially her family is Muslim Brotherhood. So Michelle Bachmann never said all M seventeen is a secret agent of the Muslim Brotherhood. Or she should ever security clearance revoked or she is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood or an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood. All she said was. And if you deed. Why did you clear her for those security clearances. And now she is being vilified and excoriated. As quote Joseph McCarthy in lipstick on quote. Just for asking the question. I know dozens of people. On -- our. Who have been not been denied security clearance for topical for classified top secret information because of family connections. It's a conflict of interest. And yet for map between she's got carte -- a blank check. Anything that involves the Muslim Brotherhood she's involved in any kind of information she's involved in now. Under the Obama administration. We pulled the plug on Hosni Mubarak. The Muslim Brotherhood came to power we now train organize and fund the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. We are arming the brotherhood in Syria. And check this out. Through the year of Egypt your new president Mohamed Morrissey. Has been invited to see Obama in the White House September 20. They're gonna roll out the red carpet. This is a man who has repeatedly called for holy war against America. And as he put it in a campaign rally. In front of tens of thousands of members of the Muslim Brothers just a few months ago. When he was running for president of Egypt quote it was like around the out of Nuremberg. A million mark -- to Jerusalem. A million martyrs to Jerusalem it was like a chance. And this man. Very -- and gets the red carpet treatment Mohammed more -- -- a state dinner with Obama but Netanyahu. He won't break bread with Netanyahu Obama won't even have lunch with and in fact. With more CH the red carpet treatment with Netanyahu which out the backdoor in the garbage dumpster. That's now I've giving you the Obama administration. In a -- The Islamist in the White House small on the more -- that's fine our democratic ally you -- the garbage is. 6172666868. Re thanks for holding welcome to the Michelle -- show. -- -- -- -- -- -- Are right well let Aberdeen -- machines Mary two which is beneath the weeny that's right. She should lose a judge's that'll. Just -- that. I'm felony you know in the that this administration. Is it is is an abomination. Israel is caught between a rock and a hard place because if you really look at the way the situation in the Middle East right now. This is the eleventh offered Israel. I fully agree with Romney been both facilities in Iran have to be taken now. The unfortunate thing is we -- -- want to be taken out -- surgical strike like they did with. Iran Iraq in the early eighties. As well as what they did with Syria. The problem is now was that the running for Smart enough to spread over many different locations. So he's really gonna have to -- beautiful military to take this so problem it leaves the back to a wide open. But then they're rated irresistible lining to this. They're neighbors to the north the only one they really have to worry about it has earned some eleven and carrier as a mask right now because the civil war. Egypt as a problem I don't think Saudi Rangel get involved because I believe the world friendly. Hate radical Islam just as much as we go for only because of survival. And I think of Israel has to take out those facilities that believe they do the unfortunate thing is it needs to be done now. And this guy Obama as you well stated. Being -- islamists themselves. And he's not going to back them up at all he's not gonna have their back. And that's with the Israelis need the United States for and that's -- make sure that there's not an incursion from the southern Lebanon. He didn't -- area or from Andy Warhol that we'll take it from behind. -- you've hit the nail right on the head let me tell you in the listeners this. Israeli intelligence officials have told me repeatedly. That they have wanted to bombing Iran for over a year now and they say quote it is Obama that is tying our hands fully my prediction is this. The day that Mitt Romney is elected. It's twenty within 24 to 48 hours you'll see the IDF launched a devastating strike upon Iran. They will cripple their nuclear capability. And you will see the people of be wrong rise up and overthrow those -- -- and send him packing to where they belong there. Only one problem well it even if Romney is electable number. Yes still have a bombers presidential January 20. In with that jackass in the White House are not gonna get any supported police finally physically out of the White House and you've got Romney and they're making the decisions. And we can have their back. And actually let -- -- out. Let him go and take it out. Because didn't you you look at you look at the countries like Kuwait you look at countries like Saudi Arabia they have no use the run into you -- gamble that they're nothing but trouble. I mean did they want that they want -- world and we -- remain in place because to make it too much money. They don't care about radical -- they care about the -- that they're making. And I didn't and I agree with the with a lot of the call is Romney's been my guy for many as I voted for him against Kennedy devoted to him. For governor. I think the big guy is an outstanding guy the only major problem if -- would Romney is. Is that he doesn't have the phony charisma that this Cecil B does -- White House. Ray thank you for that call my friend. I believe he delivered a magnificent speech in Israel and you heard it here first. I believe he's won the Jews of Florida I believe the Jewish vote will go form now and we think he's won Florida and with Florida he's won the election. Jeff corner sitting in for Michelle might be on the Michelle make -- show. Welcome back to the Michelle make -- show this is Jeff corner. Sitting in for Michelle makes the Hank. You're on the -- my friend. -- accepted by illegal but it's a lot. It's sort out a couple of things over mop up work in with the professor and sort you media. Universe in which which which you work -- of Muslims system -- But what are also went so. Let's see if our senior currency -- artworks were actually literacy. China Islamic -- -- in the street in Egyptian I was value it -- well known as curriculum for extremists and terrorists. Also got to remember -- thing it was on in a few weeks ago about the Muslim problem that Obama appointed -- -- a year ago. And urged him in the volatile on a center for. -- should -- not about what. Should note this is the third -- chat under their that you know the promote from Bob Robert has taken over the border in a filing the terror -- Kirk -- country. It's -- problem not part of the. Our tank that's a very good point. The Muslim Brotherhood is in Mexico. They're sending drugs they're sending guns into America. I believe the islamists have infiltrated our government just does the Communists did in the thirties and forties will anybody root them out. It's up to Michelle.