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Could the shooter have been stopped with better gun laws?

Jul 23, 2012|

Todd talks about how the Movie Massacre could have been avoided. Or, was there really anyway to stop this?

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City of the crimes -- committed to that great you know -- -- -- that you go out eight didn't know Eric Eric it. I I think it directly mentioned there. I don't I think Greg and more important it's like guy you know we'll talk about the Holocaust but we can't say the word Hitler. And therefore will somehow minimize Hitler and his crimes like it's just some bohemian and no one can never see behind the current that's making it all happen -- -- doesn't say it's him it's just. Political pandering of the worst kind that's how I view of the I don't wanna see his name let's just say it because you remember the victims only your soul is so Isiah did this nut job James Holmes. Is going to somehow diminish the lives of the people we killed. It's ridiculous. All right since everybody sort of makes it sound bite -- since -- is looking for someone to blame why don't we attack Hollywood. Why don't we pick on Hollywood for making films. That are over the top violent over the top provocative. In the big challenge in Hollywood is how to make. Eight is if you're not making a movie that's more sexual than any movie that's been made before then you're trying to make one that's more violent. Then ever before why don't we as a society stand up and say no. We will not tolerate that lets talk about that coming up on 680 WRKO. Fouls and want Joseph. Talk radio we -- personality. Your home for the financial exchange we're very Armstrong returns non to a little area on Boston. -- six JV WRKO. Boston. 68 degrees on this Monday the humidity returns today mostly cloudy highs in the eighties with scattered showers I'm -- I WRQ news. Oh man accused of murdering twelve people injuring more than fifty others at an Aurora Colorado movie theaters scheduled to make his first court appearance this morning. 24 year old James -- was arrested immediately after that shooting on Friday. Meanwhile President Obama met privately with victims and families yesterday saying the perpetrators will experience of the quotes. Full force of the criminal justice system. A study by the Boston Globe found the Boston Police officers collected more than 400 hours of overtime pay. Over a two year period for court appearances there were not officially requested by the prosecutors overseeing the cases. The globe discovered the pattern as part of a review of cases between 2008. And 2010. And the NCAA announcing yesterday -- unveiled corrective and punitive measures for Penn State this morning in the Joseph Paterno case. This after a statue of that -- coach was taken down from the campus grounds. And my Jackson's mother is reportedly resting somewhere in Arizona on doctor's orders. But the uncertainty about exactly where she is has caused concern for her grandchildren CNN reporting -- Katherine Jackson's nephew -- Filed a missing persons report after her grandchildren were unable to get in touch with her for a week. Well let's check the drive and Malcolm Alter I happen to know love that there's a couple of. Pretty bad problems out there on his -- Monday. Every one of them is right on the Tobin Bridge there Jonas reporters brought you -- office people always on the northbound side or right lane roll over. And it's clearing the right after the Tobin Bridge actually and they use civilian -- high traffic just backing up your cart history trying to make your way up from the full fledged. On route 93 -- here hung up around 133 all the way to downtown Boston with a breakdown. Right near route 125 on the southeast expressway you've got the latest from -- towards all stop and go traffic. 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The -- -- show brought to buy network capital funding corporation your future finance. We're talking about Colorado looking for ideas. About how we should view this massacre what is the cause. And what should be a reaction we're talking about politicians who are pandering already tried it. Trying to force the story into pre existing story lines gun control no gun control. One that hasn't gotten a lot of attention. Is Hollywood and the question arises. We do we seem to have a pretty strong sense that all I ask you your opinion on this is a strong sense out there. That human behaviors altered by constant. Bombardment of violence. Images of violence movies. Violent video games and particularly vulnerable to this city is people whose brains are still forming adolescents pre adolescents. -- watching violent films. And who are engaged in good -- violent did not gaining all -- the you know it's just set in and credible thing to think about how much violence there exposed to. Do you think that actually impacts people. Or do you think it's -- that they're able separated from reality I I think that. There's a problem. That Hollywood has been allowed to go into the violence business that. That Hollywood is permitted. By -- big corporations are permitted by -- -- parade out in front of our children. But worse to representation. Of human behavior as a norm whether it's. Oversee overly sexual -- movies did go to children whether it's overly violent movies the go to children. Where there is just moronic movies they make such moronic. Move peace. And for mean a whole lot of it is degrading and dangerous for the culture because we consume. Our movies. With billions of dollars of investment every year and most of that investment is made by young people why did we ever. Allow it to. 6172666. Seats sixty shouldn't we stand up and say we're not gonna give our kids. Dollars. To go see horrible. Did graded entertainment. It's our -- any trend in this kind through it all it is our fault. We are the ones who funded we are the ones who shorter shoulders and say there's nothing we can do what do you think. Chris you're RK a good morning. I try to do I agree with you I think. The whole standard of morals in terms of movies they're integrated to a point where it's it's actually ridiculous I mean if you look at some of the old black joy eight. Forty years. Thirties forties movies so I mean it greatly left a lot of imagination. Ideal Cagney movies in oh lead like that I mean you know they had violence but it was implied it wasn't. If they can you -- so. But also I'd like to jump back -- a bit real quick -- -- is that this whole situation the Obama they'll prime minister and people like Kim. In other medications for a president that we out there who relished these situations jump in UI is children who are the movies. Downstairs in the White House that 47 -- -- stadium. The other thing until it's -- -- gun control. You know people talk openly about the good job you know utilizing the death penalty. And I agree with that a 100% not as a good terabyte as a punishment but the point has the same people pushing for gun control. Other people don't want you to death penalty so. You know all how do they explain that. Yeah I did it appears contradictory it does thank you for that Chris 617. 26666. CES -- not only will president Obama's daughters go to the basement to the movie -- they are already had built for them downstairs that's been there for very long time yup but let's just say that they decide they wanna be normal teenagers. And they wanna go to lol cinema com on New York have in Washington DC. Who goes with them. Secret Service goes -- them how was the Secret Service protecting them. -- with the guns they have a -- beyond my right arm around with the gun control. It's not necessary. Thank you for that -- a good rant John you're on WRKO. I can take like an outside many Eagles president obviously with bipolar disorder you know Hollywood glorified violence C acted out on they're not. You know they do it should go look look at them. Yeah well they should -- I shouldn't vision they throw the book at Hollywood as well is the question I mean it sounds like you are saying -- -- that. Because you're saying they're not jobs in the world. Not jobs will be thrown off by any thing. But I think what it when that we live in a society in which there's this PC movement that runs out -- working for things. To declare war against. Not through traditional means of passing laws but through the means of intimidation of mob rule. So the -- decides cigarettes are bad and an amount say twenty or thirty or forty year effort. To stop people from engaging in their behavior why are they doing that with Hollywood. Especially when their side of things believes deeply. In the idea that. Give people are influenced by television movie so they won't they all advocate for no TV commercials. Around cartoons on Saturday morning. Because kids are so influenced by television but they don't mind if their kids are seeing over sexual -- movies. -- overly violent movies why don't they use all of those tools. That they learned how to use. With tobacco or with sugar with cereals. Why are they try to crush Hollywood -- you're next on our kill hi -- -- -- I absolutely we are gun control and a little certainly -- in the sense that. Okay what law would have helped. Well off the top of my head we've got a limited DR number of ground in magazines. You don't need and -- a lot underground -- so like that that's absurd. They are under our magazines yes so what pop world. About -- -- aren't they -- I don't know I don't know that I've been trying to get the answer that this morning nobody's given it to me that's the one points. Then I heard that seem to make some sense is that magazine sizes. Would that everybody would benefit from small magazine science. Are not a fire professional you're when I don't either fruitful use. -- -- fully automated or semiautomatic -- into -- domestic. Environment look here the purpose of the earlier. Okay we'll get some answers this is a lot of gun enthusiasts who -- listening thank you Jim but if he may have a point the semiautomatic rifle behind -- clip right. Does anyone think that he would have just not have done this off all know why I was so I think -- would have happened he -- -- had a couple of different handguns -- -- was -- -- -- whenever his ability to be as deadly would have been reduced that's -- would have banned but -- still would have been a deadly -- right absolutely but you know if a couple -- would have been saved by having -- sizes reduced is now worthwhile. By the way if there were -- a couple lives would have been saved by allowing me to conceal and carry inside that movie theater would have been useful. Oh absolutely all right so there -- embarrassed us four as a matter of fact if the -- size were war reduced and there were people in their caring. Their ability the people in their carrying their ability to respond. To the shooter. I think would have been heightened because he -- had you re load more often in those are the moments especially guys got a bulletproof job materials on you know hit a face mask the united. Growing protector a vast. He was outfitted to be able to take incoming fire. Ian but I think one guy William -- -- now he was outfitted survive. Coming gunfire. It's so like the bullet sort of just bounced off him like some cartoon -- -- would have been knocked -- knocked back though that may be an okay and I think you -- -- turn and run anyway if somebody was shooting out of I don't think he would've waited to see west or his being hit by the bullets or not. That's my take on its game good morning. Doug Dutch you know why they don't protect Hollywood. No I don't because children are not harmed by -- liberal donors. Right ritual liberal donors do not harm children. That could be Steve I think you might be right without -- good morning CO. Thank you GAAP Lashkar I just about right BM the same people. That attacked things. Attacking Hollywood beat because I like go to war themselves. Com that's just my perception -- Screen Actors Guild and so court. I'll certainly. Your retirement Democrats humane. But I just try not to label. Or why but why wouldn't Republicans. Be saying if you're looking -- playing politics which both parties do. And you're looking to channel this negative energy into a political movement so that movement can gain power. Why would you not be saying geez we have to do something about Hollywood Hollywood. Really is degrading and demeaning and pulling down our culture why don't we let them get away with a. I I certainly don't know why we can't we have been attacked them but my personal opinion I think it will be a mistake because. You know it goes back to personal responsibility is responsible for making sure the kids don't watch. Violent crime in this was an adult that went. What -- American I don't know. What -- you know what can stop an adult with the intent to cause harm if someone really wants still polite but let's face it. I don't want anyone attacking and saying where I get to watch blockbuster meaning that when I was a kid. You know my mother had a concern you shouldn't you watching The Three Stooges were explaining. To my brother and I they know you don't pick our camera -- your friend and had. The getaway then I mean that would kill. Earlier we don't look at how far we've gone in thirty years. Welcome yet okay Doug we can't pick up rifles in general. But it still. -- -- -- -- at a different level we're different and you and your right that parents have a responsibility to monitor their kids. The place work at now in real life is. That. Kids are in a engaging in so much electronic entertainment that is violent -- -- might be their brains are forming differently. Are -- we've got to look at it from our point of view of the reality. Of what's gone on right now. And the reality is kids may be growing up differently. Because of -- Our experience with electronic smooth whether it be movies and and that kind of very examiner video games or Internet weather watch in there so be a -- should crackdown. But I don't off parents are even capable now of fighting the huge wave. Of destructiveness. That it is their push up against even the best intentioned parents Pamela good morning CO. -- -- I don't mean the death penalty or gun control it would help anything. I. I think yeah theory about how good as it took a little fun. But I want to say had been thinking that. Even -- -- to accomplish extremely well I eat crab -- -- personality. Disorder that. You know made until. I don't know depressed or whatever and maybe he would describe some kind of -- mind altering drugs. Then maybe there remains to be seen is that will be interesting to see. I thank you raise a lot of good issues touched on a lot of good issues here today so he's a guy predispose to freak out. And he's given the perfect opportunity to freak out abide by the way apparently bright. But apparently coddled in his education because he did great in high school graduated college with honors from the university California. Goes off to a graduate program at the University of Colorado in fails there instantly. And there's an -- your meal with a guy who supervised him in an intern ship when he was eighteen who said he was. Not a functional person. Wasn't capable intellectually. And was stubborn about doing things the wrong way because they were his way and never finished up his work. Very difficult dis functional character yet he did great in college. And was sent off with honors. To fail in a graduate program in science in neuroscience at the university car so it just may be if we wanna look for some to blame it would be. The -- lack. Of abuse say you know the hard work insistent upon by these school says he comes along and suburban -- environment that -- skids rather than keeping score. Marley are our kill a top Marla. Point cut and I think that TV. And then Levy that it has. He sent the type that's true but everything. Panic -- I can't boot it pushing the envelope but the -- -- like. You know it's our chops -- is parity rate. They don't put on the couch yeah but they've hit they've hit on the floor with their back against the -- right. So mother I'd say look at that don't don't get -- -- -- church they'll be on the couch you know I'm not I'm on the how. Right so little and then that we don't airwaves to upend the activities. -- I remember back in the seventies there was thought. Afternoon soap opera that lasted one year -- called how to survive a marriage. And I remember my mother came polished product my brother and I want and yet. And don't I think showed an unmarried couple bad. For the first time I -- birthday card elevate it and she -- it out there and debate it through watching it again. -- But the thing about her -- that -- a little by little by little you know. And now we got the -- army -- my husband and I liked in the area but separate them. An apple though I'm Carly and expect to -- now that CNET. Didn't do anything ammonium -- what why we can't beat the even at -- optic equipment street you know I'll do what I haven't trump like outside and play. Right they're given us so they've taken the cheapest easiest stuff and throwing an out all the time and and -- are no good for government to be controlling what. Them what the movies do or what television does but I am looking for something to push back. I again state I've industry has huge impact on us culturally and nobody seems to even argue with them about it. Mean till -- start to phone calls about it looked it up online. And trying to find more information about it but. They're telling me that the one hunter round and it clipped the ammunition that they were using -- that they're -- James Holmes it was using. It's probably what saved every one more people's lives in that theater because more -- the -- the more rounds you use the less reliable -- is it's by the military doesn't go as high as 100 rounds they stick with the thirty or failed fifty. Raise your -- and -- I found some information that that is actually true the more rounds you have a new clip the last reliable and is. The more likely it is to -- well that is a good knock on the notion of regulation if you think about the -- little panels they put on the for all the food products now. The show you how much sugar and how much fat so when those came out. When those came out they started reducing the amount of fat in foods and then piled more sugar -- While the shorter converts to fat when he gets your body that that's not measured DA says so it points to how manipulative. Everything in the world is and if you're if you push back with a regulation it might turn out. To be creating problems that are worse -- when you're solvent. 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Should somebody be going after her Hollywood and pressuring them you know back in the days so when we were grown up like the Ed Sullivan Show. Ed Sullivan felt a responsibility. To protect the families of America from anything untoward and he famously. Live bands. At any shots of Elvis Presley below the waist. And in retrospect. What about the stones. He would he do sounds. They change clerics and then of course Jim Morrison refuse to be curbed. And -- -- set higher on hate us because he's gossip but the result -- you look back and say at Solomon was right. And what happened. To the pressure that should have been exerted on the media to not. Be leading us down a word in a spiral. Of ugliness and to based programming and entertainment robber Euro. You know when when they realize more eyeballs tuned to that station when you show -- a little bit of skin. And those eyeballs translate to ratings in those ratings translate to dollars and you know everything's out the window -- there was pressure back then. And they wouldn't do it because they thought it was wrong and they thought they -- get a negative reactions or -- right I guess you know they are the pressure back them but there wasn't the rating systems we have today there wasn't the the competition between networks that we have today there was an. You know it's the same thing with the new stuff that comes -- when -- when news department breaks -- -- in -- completely wrong not like Obama healthcare I think everybody has to be the first so yes you get out first yes because the competition is so every. Solomon didn't have competition like that. Yeah but on there also was intense pressure. And I don't and I think an obligation I think people would have made their own decisions seven administrative level we're not going to do that we have values. And we have a responsibility. To our viewers Robert good morning. I thought -- nobody I know well you. Thought it would make your current data by a second thought that this goes directly in San Diego and the occupy -- -- -- that's been up and up until. Yeah that's great that's a rumor that has been uncorroborated. Okay -- a lawyer for a minute -- minute medical background. Any talk about different people like Ted Kaczynski the guy patrol amid depressed and that -- sideshow I kill -- compute the -- A minute don't be -- -- couple week that he didn't fall apart. And Kaczynski in this -- here but yet he sociopath that type of personality. But the point was bit. This guy don't think Colorado for a couple weeks so he would dipping well thought out planned out. And that they can use by new word of the day it. Functional MRI. It is the -- you can take connected tell what's going on the brain and that's how they're basically identifying what type of people these people are. Where you can you can see some of these mental illness or would. Every week via functional MRI. Interest. And -- the my buddies said look at -- base. On. Carol today delicate egos got in that get a million times he locked them up. -- know it says it's funny that picture look very similar to ones already there at the occupied fingered by the popular Roenick they print it all the money. Yeah he can tell by that flaw that photograph that's out there with a smiling suspect looked at. Yeah hold more data all -- looks totally normal. If not I'm not not -- damn -- easy because they all -- global rollout until they see he's done a lot of studies on it. And he's using not that he's dead are collaborating with them many medical things all all of that Syria. Has your friend had a functional MR IR. -- -- okay not a cubs this season you thank you Robert appreciate the call Mike good morning CO. -- aren't all your time doing great. Good -- -- at a cost you'll crew calls back who worked determined -- one underground web and you know that were overnight sorrows suburbanites from -- really didn't need those out there go on each of AMD once a year but. And I think people forget is that. The Second Amendment it wasn't. Interest installed -- Allowed to go on do you wish our protection. And I need to underground clip to protect myself from people comment on -- -- I should -- don't have that right. So we don't say that the constitutional. Right to bear arms is absolute that there can be no restrictions. Of any any arms possession. I don't see sort order but the other word need to are you saying that there's a constitutional protection that's absolute. Because I believe right now there's laws that ban us from having military weapons right we count -- a -- Goosen and tanks and things. Expectant parent what are you are people who do our tank so -- -- the auction may Giricek and artillery I think I don't know I think they're required do. To do something to add to take the power -- of that out of the guns absolutely. All right we've got to talk all Marley I'm Carly are -- I thought I got a little bit how top earlier what I thought about the intensity that they are certain how the TV and movie okay what are you glad. Well I wanted to add that I weekly after look at our ask why why that happened why it's. Both they get court while I was there at the push the appetite for America. I am against. Activity. Yeah what's -- Well Powell will not impact the bill saying. Why did I hit the candidate is no way I ordered some kind of weird. Their purpose is that the believe that spirited everywhere but. Look at look at the outcome now there's a lot on the court. The million broken up. Are the whole culture today so change. 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Eleven people dead a dozen more injured some of them seriously in a horrific crash in south Texas authorities say a total of 23 people were packed. Inside of a Ford pickup truck did veered off the highway. Border Patrol is now assisting with that investigation. And jury selection begins today in the murder trial of former Chicago area police sergeant Drew Peterson. 58 year old Peterson is accused of murdering his third wife Kathleen Saudi -- And using his status as a police officer to cover up that crime that Todd Feinberg show continues in just a few minutes I'm -- night WR kgo news. Did you know and -- and transfer a discount -- or -- you -- -- policy obviously -- and if you according to -- called on account you can even get emotion policy discount. Well who -- what's not to run and I saw uncle to -- must do who who crossed and -- find Troy and the long sought to Brunette Francesca. Sony and wanted to strange place yeah that was not the dog a -- sought discounts. 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One stop shop for everything -- your -- in the world. Most news in Boston news talk station. Am six -- WRJ. America good morning -- good morning New England. Thanks -- journey ended WRKO it's gonna it's supposed to be a beautiful that I. Despite light rain right now in an hour it's supposed to be sunny so also it happens it's -- -- can be beautiful day according to. The couple other reports I've checked out. Andy I use my own a brain power tutor read between the lines and I haven't like I do with the politicians I haven't seen any deliberate attempt to deceive us. So -- eighties with sunshine. Another nice summer day few clients but so looks like it's going to be nice will -- The -- -- show brought to buy network capital funding corporation your future financed were talking about the shootings were talking by your reaction. To the shootings -- everybody's horrified of course. By what happened. And the stories are painful. And poignant. Coming out in them but there's also great beauty coming out of that. -- in terms of the kinds of stories that are being told. NA I can't help. But noticing that there seemed to be a large number of military connected people. Who were in them movie theater and who behaved in ways that were. We're strong and noble. And I I think about that I look ADD here's the story that three guys. By the way three different men. Are said to have used their bodies to save their girlfriends. And and in -- killed. And I that's just -- horrible thing to read about but it it there's beauty and that is they're not that is the human spirit. At its finest. -- -- Doesn't that make you feel better. About mankind when you heard those kinds of stories some of that there there's a story about a a thirteen year old girl. Who. Saw the six year old who got shot you know six year old died right that's the youngest victim. So a thirteen year old apparently a girl was trying to help. The six year old. And a guy if fell on her. Who'd been shot and she was she kept yelling at him you've got to mold we're gonna get killed get off of her and he says I can't I'm numb I can't move. And she was trying to she kept yelling at him to get off. No this is while the shootings going on she's saying get off we have to get out here are. But she wouldn't leave. Because she wanted to -- the six year old girl. Those stories are. I think old -- legacy of the shooting. The idea that there -- guys who were jumping on line. Their girlfriends. To cover their bodies. Is just such a beautiful. Thought it. And that's I think we need to grab onto debt because that's an old fashioned value. That's a value that isn't taught anymore. Am -- right -- Ryan except. For. A small number of places such as in the military. So Matt Quinn I think his name minutes. The -- on getting this right ms. Quinn the Quinn the guy's name once he was a veteran of the armed forces. He's one of the guys who died protecting his girlfriend and you hear our story like data how can you help but start thinking about. The one place we know love. We're values are Todd where men are taught to be men in the old fashioned sense of it. And haven't we lost a big thing because we don't teach that anymore. We as a -- I know look in your family maybe you instill this in your children maybe -- -- instilled in -- But it seems clear we're living in different times now. And the times we're living in now we don't necessarily hand down that much short kids in terms of values. In this -- because were concerned doesn't it war. Whatever side you wanna look at it how do you feel about the military stories when you hear. About a military guy who dives on his girlfriend to protect her. How did you have you noticed. -- there's something a little different out of this theater than you might get. Out of another -- because there were military guys there. Just thought. I haven't done a big survey to see how many are there that thought occurred to me and what we're doing is looking for. Story lines that might be popping in your head. As you've spent a weekend mulling this -- now another -- our artists are we do about his immediate treatment of this how do you feel about the media coverage. Because what the media does in general. It seems to me is insipid. The media focuses in on the emotionalism tries to get us all involved -- by playing sad music and doing these so slide shows of the different people who are killed. And on the surface it's insipid but I think it's actually instructor for us as a society becomes because it becomes a shore IE eight. A shared in the morning experience. We get to it's like we're going to church together but people don't go to church anymore or go to church on television. It's like a good TV news guys are really our church they are our preachers. They tell us the story of heroics they tell us the story of loss they tell us about the tragedy. And today tells had a feel about the tragedy and may be while they looked cheesy and gross on the surface may be their providing a noble service to us. And then of course there's the the whole gun control thing we we've talked a little bugged by about gun control this morning but haven't gotten the kind of vehement. -- resistance. To with the notion of some sort of gun controls being needed that I would've expected. Do we need 200. Round magazines. Is there any reason not to limit those as they used to be limited if nobody uses them and nobody needs them. Apparently. From what I understand nobody uses them nobody needs them because they're too big -- he said earlier. That -- they're responsible gun users don't even want them because they're likely to Jamie your gun at the same time he pointed out that some people are saying. The the large magazine might have saved people because it's too vague. And it jammed the gun there's a story that his gun jammed and that's slowed him down and I might of -- and save some lives. And that points to. The the fact that regulation is a flawed concept. That when the government tries to interfere with the free market. In general distorts the free market and doesn't achieve what it wants to achieve. Lots of things to talk about you can -- your reaction on the table by calling us right now it's 6172666868. Nick you're on our -- what's up. Hello there -- neck. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- -- -- this happening after the Fort Hood thereafter the -- shooting had shootings that -- was at Virginia Tech. Why even if there have been other two shootings this year why is this one. So. Especially is such a big focal point why has it captured the the attention of the media and thus the attention well Patrick. Sadly it's election time has been at a data -- shameless for the president's pick to be involved with a level but he's been involved with -- And I could see George Bush go.