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Does Mitt Romney need to drop the hammer on Obama and his policies.

Jul 17, 2012|

In recent days, the presidential campaign has become more heated, with Obama's campaign manager even claiming that Romney has committed a crime. Do you think Romney needs to push the issues harder at Obama?

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Should Mitt Romney beating president Barack Obama harder on the issues. Yes I wish you would now in 98%. Agree video night. -- Maybe 8% are right. Away I think you know. I can -- in this up phrase in the name in the papers and on the Internet and I am in I'm kind of confused by. Like today -- -- flash mob. Causes. A Wal-Mart. But when I looked down at the pictures here it doesn't look like -- flash mob whatever that is a -- cycle I. Flash mobs are known across the US as a group of people dancing having fun and enjoying themselves while entertaining others. For for what I can tell flash mobs are known across the United States for looting stores. The Wal-Mart off -- turner road Jacksonville fell victim to a flash robbery. Again also known as a diet when more than 300 people entered the store and destroyed the security system as well some merchandise. According to a police report the group destroyed an electronic anti shoplifting. Security scanner the cost about 15100 box the police report also stated the massive crowd could have arrived at the store after a party had been broken up on Sampson wrote. You've got a large number of people coming and going at the same time they are throwing -- -- they are stealing items they are all over the store you can imagine how fearful the customers were. Who worry and that there at that particular time. Flash. A new word for loading. This is a funny story. There's the added there right one of the one of the yes spots that the Obama campaign is running in the swing states now is one of these guys who -- was it who worked at a factory. That Bain Capital shut down Bain Capital shut down the factory after 1999 after Mitt was -- in Utah during the Winter Olympics. But does seriously at this guy's name is Bonnie box in -- Tuesday yeah you know we season he looks like he just looks like a guy who works -- a factory. You know and I there there were they just they're they're spending. Probably millions of dollars but -- box on TV. But now the star of a pro Obama super pac is speaking out. Against president Barack Obama which we have audio this but it's -- apparently terrorism. I really could care less about Obama Bonnie box says -- President Obama according to win these times. I think Obama is a jerk. Panty waist. A lightweight a blow hard he hasn't Obama god damn thing that he said he would do when he had a democratic senator and a democratic congress he would do would be damned thing he doesn't have the guts to say what's on his mind. Oh by the way he says he won't be voting. For Obama they're spending seven million dollars on on those body accepts. Romney ought to spend about. It even if -- short on money from the primary season got to spend some money putting on a box on TV. For right his campaign. Now he I don't know what the called what's going on with these democratic. These loaded democratic liberals you know should. She is in a mood disorder is of the seizure again I have way I'm having a problem with the terminology here. Now it was a it was a mood disorder with Jesse Jackson. But now -- now carry cavity like the former secretary of commerce or whoever wants a -- member's name now. She appeared she's she's claiming that she had a seizure. I was afraid Max was gonna have a seizure last night I was afraid maybe got a bad ice -- You know that sometimes sometimes it happens you get a bad ice cube when you have a seizure you become. Tired and emotional as they say in the British papers. Kerry Kennedy ex wife of New York governor Andrew Cuomo was swaying and slurring her speech when police found her. After her car hit a tractor trailer on -- highway police said in a court document released today. Kennedy daughter of -- senator Robert Kennedy and niece of president John Kennedy also told police she might have. Accidentally. Taken sleeping pill before Friday morning accident. Don't you hate it when you get up in the morning and Biden and accidentally take a sleeping pill. Rather than official. The document a police officers deposition was released several hours before Kennedy was of people was to appear Tuesday night for arraignment on a charge of driving while drug impaired. Her lawyer said she would plead not guilty. Kennedy 52 failed a standing on one leg test and a walk and turn test he's also known as the sidewalk Olympics. Was swaying and demonstrated impaired speech. Here are not a whole -- Adam. And motor function the officer wrote she was however able to recite the if -- Kennedy was arrested Friday after state police senator Alexis struck a pat tractor trailer on interstate 684 north of New York City. Police said she drove the damaged car off the highway before it became disabled. A witness reported that Kennedy appeared to be slumped over the wheel according to a deposition. In other words she was driving like Kennedy. She was DW -- driving while Kennedy. Police said an investigation found she was impaired by drugs I repeat VW okay. The officer identified as as officer Jay Thomas wrote that Kennedy told him she had a -- android medication all the old pirate medication she. An illness that you have to take one -- at a time. There's another guy known another that's what we're cousins known for his mood disorders and seizures. And a sleeping medication believed to be Ambien patches favorite. Recreational drug and it is possible she took the sleeping pill instead of the steroid -- -- It's confusing we have all these -- A spokesman for Kennedy said he had said Friday that breath blood and now and urine test taken during that they were -- mode drugs or alcohol and Kennedy system. The court documents and blood urine tests are not complete. It's been a difficult year for Kennedy family members in the New York suburbs Kennedy's close friend and sister in law Mary Kennedy. Hanged herself at home in May her brother Douglas Kennedy is fighting charges stemming from his attempt to take his newborn son from maternity ward. -- minor compared to these things were just say 18774694322187746943. 22 was she charged with driving while being a Kennedy no I think she's just that right. W dean WK driving while Kennedy that's all it -- mob beat you don't need to put being the Kennedy and -- the WK driving while Kennedy. 1877469432218774694322. Wreck your next with how we cargo ahead wreck. Yes. I agree with you are hitting back however it's almost time. Time to do it is onstage. As a -- air blows in front of the nation. That's when you do. It's not now because what is the community agitator. The only way to -- can do anything is somebody response to their education. And perhaps that's what as -- limo. It's if you notice he's been poking a finger to all Americans trust I shouldn't say all of America. It's not that works. And he's trying -- -- analysts listen to restore does what he's trying to do and that's that's when they go on the attack there. -- Italy you don't know where Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew used to call. The silent majority don't you think of the responses rather silent from people who work I mean everybody's kind of watches it just says. They'll they'll be payback will be November the sixth. What about it I I think this is different in this case because. There's more serious things at stake here I think what what Romney has the duo and now the opportunity to work because some. Obama given the opportunity is one of Imus made the statement that if you are successful. You didn't you do what you -- And basically what successful on his mind is the regular -- that work to keeps its about war not a rich corporate person. But it's a part of America for the work and -- surprising and there's you know brought on on the government. Dole. Arms but what you can do Congo is say look you made some serious statements that are attacking the fundamental. Any basis for America. Now I believe that. In your college papers. You'll more than likely have a lot of opinions that you -- professed what you didn't know that you're gonna become president I think the nation has a right to know. What direction it is. And he's noticed and he's gonna stonewalled just like Grammy Award is stonewalling slap around this afternoon when Scott Brown is trying to get her to release -- Harvard Dow lost and unemployment forms. -- Alitalia was president. Outrage. Outrage equality records from my temperature. I think it's more port to the nation to see exactly. Why are. Because now you called it -- question you've attacked the fundamental basis. Of American exceptional hasn't and I think the nation has a right to know who you are. I I just thought I -- you don't number one I think he would. Be inclined to again. Create new documents so the we would know. There would be new documents from Occidental College or forged documents forged. And they would say that he was an American citizen there would be some kind of documents formed -- You are talking about it citizenship I'm talking about as -- -- it -- It's opinions I want to know his opinions of you on American exceptional view I want to -- able to use. Papers and you don't read any of his the early drafts of his books they're not a lot of running around but there are fewer I'm on the on line. He's he's he is borderline. Illiterate. Yes and the -- I want ago and I think America has a right to know what is beliefs of capitalism. -- No I don't. I think only I think I don't think America knows I think America as you know and to decide if they wanna take this nation down the road. That deviates from the capitalist system. Thanks for the caller 1877469432218774694322. Did you know another thing he's done here no one really mentioned that the they have they've done away with the in the illegally the they've done away with -- work requirement for welfare recipients. It's illegal and imperious this is -- Mona -- Sharon's column. He's declined to take the law take care that the laws be faithfully executed on many subjects immigration the defense of marriage acts while labor laws environmental rules among others. Now. Now he has given states rights not to lie in force the work. Requirement for welfare. The prospect of asking welfare recipients to us seek work struck most liberals in 1996 including Obama as degrading rule and doomed to failure. What really happened welfare caseloads declined by 50% within four years of the law's passage again -- making work requirements. Part of the there were the requirement getting welfare. By 70% at the by the time Obama took office the overwhelming majority of those who left welfare -- did so because they found jobs and not just the worst jobs either. By 2001 a Manhattan institute's study found only 4% of former welfare mothers were earning minimum wage the poverty level declined from thirteen point 8% 1995 to eleven point 7% in 2003. Black child poverty that dropped to its lowest levels in history child -- -- on almost cut in half it was the greatest social policy success. Of the past fifty years. So why did Obama do -- why issue new regulations from the department of health and human services in bold violation of the welfare reform law granting waivers to states to all the work requirements. Mr. Obama's election notwithstanding there's little reason to think that the nation has moved to the left on the welfare issue. Most working Americans including most poor Americans believed the paying people for idleness is wrong. But PTP either that he did it it's John you're next with Howie -- go ahead John. That particular call -- I agree with that last. The back of Alvarez I think gum vomiting you know. Bomb both taken and so on Monday and my step that was legal but that they passed campaign responds. Finance reform. It there's -- they keep passing a job and then there's new new war Yahoo! ads in new entities more like now we have super pacs. Are right before we had -- now we have so now we after McCain Feingold we have super pacs -- they're not supposed to war quote. Talked to one another the campaigns in the super pacs. Our own way and by the way Obama's Obama may be raising money in China he's raising money offshore -- I got a -- -- private contributor -- He's he's taken money from everybody's he's back umi and up with a -- and we we still don't know who people were gave him money and in 2008 I -- -- you as a immediacy is campaign finance records were tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of pages long and -- also best effort best efforts meaning. Which define what these people but we really couldn't. Ricky -- next with how we cargo ahead wreck. -- -- Oh we lost rich you're next with how we cargo ahead rich. First and always great listening to you X. Yeah I don't I -- that commercial. To put a little while ago Scott product commercially talked to vote. How much you gonna cracked down on -- despicable people the Clinton Era veterans and they take the benefits and they don't actually deserve the benefits could not actually veterans yes. But that that was a pretty interesting. Because I don't wanna think the highlight it was. How much you think -- people who claim that they are something and takes something that they shouldn't get. As a result that I would travel around the ball away. It was it was a subliminal message. -- That would break I thought that's what led the first in my -- that's -- I thought to that he was really talking about Elizabeth Warren but that he couldn't -- couldn't really come you generally -- come out and say it but I mean every coming very. You know they'd -- they're coming out very much. Out front about this now mean he's got this guy this district this state -- -- -- -- -- from his his part of the state who used to be used to be Mitt Romney's. Chief legal counsel when he was a judge. And they're trying to get her to sign this document to open up the open -- records you know course shall never go what but by the -- -- in the he would honor. It is a commercial for a long time I just heard. No no he's run -- a he's not only the the stolen valor or was always struck down by the Supreme Court a couple of weeks ago it'll run at that much but I think I think he'll keep run and at rich -- you're right it is a good it is a good spot Kazaa a delivers a double -- a message. Thanks for the call. 18774694322. Karen your next with -- cargo ahead canned. Well you know. A lot of government simple. Wouldn't kick senior Bush Administration. No -- was kicked it it was kicked out prematurely would scan the. He his big in the the worst thing he ever did in the White House cat and it was a pretty terrible and you did he recommended David Souter. To George Bush the first that's that's that was. That's that we've all paid the price for that. I think that he would kick that also bring an airplane and a Boston. To a double what. Not sure I don't I don't know I don't think I don't you may have been may have done that but I don't think so I I don't I don't think he got really kicked on the administration he's -- he's he's really a good apology to the Republican Party around a New Hampshire they got crushed in the two elections in a row 2006008. And he brought him all the way back last time. What -- -- I think Nevada basic financial industry and that happens I appreciate it chief of -- quite. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll check. That they actually call 187 what's your little bit about what's your little bit of soon talking about the are we should be an American like that like that sound -- He's get more grief about it. War -- at least business to business as. BJP envy of the world it may not matter -- and I -- this president -- He's not American. On the -- like mortgage text line 617 says how can welfare members work. When they have to attend all of these flash mobs. A you know you dilute dilute a couple of items in your head for the whole day -- with the flash and the you know of billion of the -- for eight hours Jack you're next with -- -- -- ahead Jack. I -- or. I got a couple of driving while Kennedy. -- -- Gloria. Do. I used to say. That said he was. I'm suffering from aren't treated alcoholism. Us and then I realized we were suffering from untreated I'll always. And -- asked him what -- -- just -- Is still suffering. Precisely. Exactly -- -- -- actress. -- -- -- -- And he said that he suffered from and alcoholism disorder yes yet when we you are right. I'm recovery and so over 25 years. If I was for torturing patches and I heard him say that. I would grab them right here in that would set lists and you get squeak you are now off following. Say the words I'm an alcoholic. These people that want to elevate them out and make the show -- That's up from they'll volatile this sort of -- stop this from alcoholism just like the rest of us. You'd you know what -- meet Jack is the -- you remember remember the old bar incident remember that right. And -- he had he had just gotten out of some rehab center of like within within months spyware within less than a year for cocaine treatment. And then and then when they're trying to figure out what to do once Sunday morning they leave that they leave Easter Easter Sunday mass at saint Edwards because it's too crowded so to go around a quarter of a truck and herald's. And Ted Kennedy who knows his son has been in the cocaine treatment orders himself bloody Mary and patches orders on Long Island -- I I know that. You know you can't really control somebody but I mean one should think -- when you think Ted would say. Patches I you know I think you have an addictive personality and maybe I'm not the one to say it but do you really think you should be. Bolting down these Long Island iced teas with about seven kinds of -- Adam. It's amazing that it's amazing patches is even alive at this point Josh are next with how we cargo ahead Josh. How -- you mark my words. Romney's numbers will skyrocket. When Romney 800000 dollar addition the London Olympics. You know. You're the only you are the only person in the world who cares about that issue too much we have what do you would you know why. She bought the horse do you not -- you know it's it is error per address it is. Ferrer do you do you have something against her were are hurt trying to what do something to strengthen her rock hard muscles. Which she suffers from wasting disease does that does that bother you know. -- we have gold medal -- -- sides is gonna make Joseph six pack and do our money bags Romney. Which is going to be NASCAR knows that side -- not -- -- -- addressed the idea. You know I think up patches is the only one has -- in total Long Island iced the in the Ambien this afternoon. But it's that was not not a good performance by Josh I didn't even have to Sammy thing. 18774694322. On our car. 18774694322. On the -- like mortgage text line. Officer mark says just because the Kennedys never got into the heavy equipment business imagine patches loosen up ball those are on his way to the pharmacy. You know I've thought about this officer mark I think that when you know probably the reason Kerry Kennedy gets confused when cheese we -- she's. Pick up the pills in the morning that north -- from sleeping pill is she just looks at that at the pop and it if it says do not operate heavy machinery or do not mix. With alcohol she knows this is one of the one she wants to take I think that's where they all operate. By the way as they visit horrible -- I mean at chart I mean it's -- -- -- about devastating charge for Obama here it's on. It's weekly standard put it -- I guess the senate Republicans put it out today. Americans joining disability in the last three months outnumber Americans finding jobs we knew was last month but -- was for the three months. Individuals added to Social Security disability insurance session SPI 246000. 246000. Net jobs created. 225000. But wait but wait it gets worse. Workforce shrinks its 2008 while number of Americans on disability surges. Since 2008. Net jobs lost. One point three million jobs lost. Individuals added that SSBI. Three point 6000003. Point six million go on to SSBI. One point three million. Jobs disappear. 1877469432218774694322. Is also the from the end when one of our friends -- -- which in this area and human events today. Kennedys used to make headlines in New York Times now they make them in The National Enquirer actually able to meet him in The National Enquirer. Robert Kennedy junior's wife hanged herself in May and admits to adultery allegations against her husband that even has simple -- sympathizers are firm. Yes of course she's an adult first up the engine area and suck up Lawrence -- told inside edition. But he's an adulterer because he he said he couldn't get a divorce what was he going to do when he asked for divorce and she threatened suicide. I believe it was -- when he started sleeping with Mary Kennedy by the way so this would be is submitted this this was this. The second time that piece. He's he's had this well. This Kennedy -- affliction. If you want -- that. Kennedy despite filing for divorce insisted that his wife be buried in his Cape Cod fi only plot she reportedly wasn't allowed on their Hyannis compound in recent years. Rather than near her family and went Westchester New York. When mrs. Kennedy's family held a memorial service RFK junior kept her kids away that was in New York City I believe just as Mary Kennedy spam we have. Largely stayed away from Kennedy service it's good they did. Kennedy delivered an excuse disguises eulogy he insisted his wife had suffered from inherited mental illness rather than an acquired -- anguish. Does this ring a bell and that stood -- the name Joan Bennett Kennedy come to mind when you think about Mary Kennedy. The man dubbed the that drug master of his generation in the book the Kennedys an American drama frequently reminds every one of his dead wife's addictions. She blamed me for taking her away from her profession he defensively maintained I know why did everything I quit the helper. If -- Robert Kennedy. You and you and your wife and Placer and an as yet unmarked grave. Several football fields away from your blood relatives after feuding with her blood relatives that she'd be buried in the Kennedy PM we plot. This guy gives K adds a bad name that he talks about Jesse Jackson another era. Another bad seed. Representative Jackson whose district contains more single mothers than any other in America truly represents his constituents. Jesse's girls including his wife and a blonde bombshell bikini model. Surely this and discretion is in the group as egregious as Jackson's. Congressional predecessor Mel Reynolds. Convicted on underage sex and child pornography charges Reynolds predecessor Gus Savage. Accused of groping a peace -- -- peace corps excuse -- -- -- during the Barack Obama a peace corps volunteer and today is a year. Savage a pop apologized that he never intended to offend. His alleged victim but only after he had called a traitor to the black race. Again he's he's having moved the sort EC -- having a mood disorder which is not to be confused with the seizure. Marty you're next with how we cargo -- Marty. It was -- I was the every -- I care called a driver over the road but I love your show thanks armed. Was there and this guy -- the way out squalor you -- -- Josh yes. -- this year apple bringing in his had. He wouldn't be worried Apollo Romney's money you'd be worried about what Obama forward -- money out right. Exactly. It is that if you win prepared well this scumbag to take -- -- I agree I mean everybody's got to understand that Marty I think it's pretty clear to most people it was certainly most people who was you know while listen to talk radio and and I go on the Internet at night to get their news. Pick up the good work thanks Marty 18774694322. Greg your next with how we cargo ahead Greg. It's and days I don't I don't understand why -- -- Made a comment today about Obama. Finally try hot out of being a American you know listen I know who's playing who's who's -- quote John Sununu and I know that you -- playing. The crowd you know the Bull Connor and the Archie -- crowd -- crowd. -- you trying. You know John you know Johansson photos and or did you know that Greg did. You know that. We look at the -- Well you know I lived -- -- and -- look a little bit like you -- -- -- gold but. You know I can't think yeah it's. All OK you're now arguments are -- well I mean didn't you -- -- usually it usually you don't call Arabs global -- that's just -- I'm just making a comment of your choice of words. Detroit to -- So let's say you guys -- -- -- -- Obama -- -- -- -- what -- called you I gave you what detail which regulate. -- -- I. Loving every minute of this because you're absolutely its crew. -- about the block any election and -- don't -- What do you mean he's not blowing the election do you do you think do you think that Barack Obama knows what the hell he's talking about to -- it in Roanoke Virginia of course you do your course of who you read you don't -- away. -- -- he's gonna win that you can get any -- you're not -- Well. -- -- -- We didn't do anything to -- 18774694322. He has -- worst sell Foreman colonel hunt. Mr. I now is -- the voice changer real. -- we go with a witness protection program -- how we partial no one will recognize your voice now mystery once we get it going. -- And to sort I have some them quite well or oil well it looked at both of them up problem. The -- that are from California. Ourselves there -- old -- looked like they were a mixture of their work merit. You know. It -- -- drove it well in the quote all this by third -- general delivery they were California. All in all 3.4 years old right Adrian yeah what looked like you know middle class at eight. And the FB and opposed open again a couple of days later -- -- mail they were up there EP -- And one of them leaving it is that it didn't have a night eight. -- -- You also want just that -- -- someone just asked me there was the was there -- flash was that a flash mob that was on the Rose Kennedy Greenway last fall and you know what that's pretty good that's and that's -- Occupy Wall Street was just the giant flash mob in that those guys those people sound like the the future that the next flash mob that's gonna occupy the the the the commons vote of America's cities thanks for the call was a mystery one except as of people who got little pages try to do something about 13 of the state is on welfare. 18774694322. On -- car.