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Election Lies

Jul 12, 2012|

The Romney campaign released an ad this morning pushing back hard on the Obama camp’s claims about his business background, citing fact checks to argue that “Obama’s dishonest campaign” is “another reason America has lost confidence in him.” This after the Obama campaign claims that Mitt worked at Bain Capitol two years after he said he did. Howie asked is the President's campaign losing it's grip.

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So while this is so so the globe had a big story today were about rom media weaving when that he Lee Bain Capital. And he he he -- -- is always city left Bain in 1999. To wise attitude to promised the -- the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City which he did no one disputes that. But his name remained on some some documents until 2002. So why while they while the business was being turned over to the other partners. So now lead the globe was tried to make me a big deal about this and and like it's a big scoop. But it guess what. It turns out that the two other up publications or the web sites have written the same story in the last ten days. The last ten days. And the ball was presenting just like a scope and the what was already had to issue an apology for it for lifting other people scoops and claiming them for their own. What is it what's the big deal about this I -- it meets. -- left Bain in 1999 to lead the Winter Olympics and that ended his role in the company. So what's they what is the what's the problem. Here 1877469432218774694322. 617 million on the pole -- mortgage -- line says son Michael Savage calls piers Morgan the slimy -- me. And 617 think there was any hacking at The Daily Mirror he might get locked up yet they just arrested a former again again I know I pay more attention to this than most people because because I used to work for Rupert Murdoch I know I I know at least one of the people looked like that forced out of the company because of us. But they just arrested a guy from The Daily Mirror yesterday that's his old paper The Daily Mirror. That's what -- they work or phone -- and just like the news of the world and just like the sun. Now and and he and he wrote in his memoirs that he knew how to hack a phone and then. He's too busy to fly to London you know like Rupert and James Murdoch had to do but to personally testified he's too busy he had to give. His that testimony via satellite from Los Angeles because he's such an important media figure with. You know 30000 people while listening to every night on TV. Most of whom -- either trapped in a in an airport. Waiting room because -- plane has been delayed by a thunderstorm or waiting for an error. Waiting for their relatives to be treated for peace thing in the hospital emergency room I don't know well -- -- -- you know anybody who listens to CNN who's not in a hospital emergency room where airport or lobby. I don't. 18774694322. -- your next with how we cargo -- Mac. -- -- -- Robbie your next with how we cargo ahead rob. There always. Are -- sure around. Being a kingmaker French or Scott Brown because somehow he got some wisdom from the -- I'm all you do the same thing America got an idea what's. What -- -- counterpunch are put together a list of documents that he was -- being willing to release. And then put it out to Obama to release educational records. All kinds of background information. Will be the picture that would be transparent on both sides. But you you'll understand that there's a double standard here I mean that they are later and he you know they're they're shocked at the abide by this -- story even though there's nothing to within -- in the globe stolen from somebody else. But you you know I mean the fact that you know that Obama has all these. Gaping holes in his by in his biography including the Social Security number from Connecticut where he never lived. And we don't know whether he applied as Leo foreign student at occidental. To get scholarship money we don't know what is grades were we don't know what is SATs were we don't know what is LS UT's work. That they don't care about that they have no -- they have no curiosity it's just like it's just like they had no curiosity today today in this federal trial. In the in Washington where the woman from Texas says. I can't I can't vote because they don't have a driver's license and no one no no no media people think the -- -- how did you get how did you fly up from San Antonio if you didn't have a driver's license to show the TSA. Right. Right that's right I I noticed it may be a moot point may feel like the votes in the house but. Ultimately achieve its reporters taxes they're really the other side I'm going to release and operated ago and I want mr. Obama do this inside the biggest. There's no I mean gamblers there's no point in it because they they won't they will pick it will pick it apart and use it for their own their own devices. Well the same time they will not be held to the same standard of accountability I mean Deborah wasserman Schultz has accounts in the head in the grand Cayman Islands. Yet she's attacking -- and saying BC committing a crime. Well what about her is she committing a crime by having an account in the grand Cayman Islands is against the law they have an account in the grand Cayman Islands apparently not. Or is -- just against awful Republicans have an account in the grand game. You may be your protect our collection December affair what a -- it's also great. But I I think the Democrats are gonna send their -- I don't think we have to spend any money thanks -- you're next with how we cargo -- Mac. -- -- I I think actually yesterday it was pretty much Albright and her outfit your secret about it differently call it Obama carried out -- -- -- beat. Affordable Care Act animate properly dispose of them was -- Obama they've been big -- Yeah I wanted to go back there that I report it thought they aren't said he was black and he's a Republican and yes make it -- any -- -- you know. When you know you can tell Americans don't racist because everybody went out Blackberry because they'll -- they'll have a black president that we weren't ready for. And not the minority Symbian Blackberry and everything -- -- that I'd say it destroy it -- an amendment which. You know we thought got to elect this week there they've got a lot Hillary Clinton -- -- hit the -- -- -- at -- Then they dictated going to be in -- and it will basically the sort of -- an amendment. Right -- -- and there are a lot of people linked to the fast and furious that the only possible reason the only rational. Explanation for a for fast and furious is they were trying to turn the American people against the that the free up purchasing trafficking in guns and now. That's exactly it and what it -- trying to do it all by just like it was shot down there. So it. Back in congress starts screaming yelling bloody murder. And -- but they stripped -- up big time. I'm. -- it's -- shameful that I would do it now now -- -- like the pig book they like they've got a way the problem is. -- -- battle to secure your government want the -- It's never going to be you're dumber or at the door double -- And I you know a democratic -- -- dollar -- in this country but they can certainly do it again there was like us anymore and off like that. It -- huge gamble and Dick Morris everytime I hear you every -- are exposed. It gray Davis Cup and I'll let anybody get it -- those guys certainly and it happened to go to. Americans have -- You'll be able to do it -- -- didn't quite make it part got. Thanks for the call Mac 18774694322. In AP you know here's the way it works -- dual crappy job as president you get thrown out of office. Now -- inhabited Jimmy Carter Jimmy Carter was -- like it happened to George W. Bush George don't George H. W. Bush mean. And I he had a much better economy and he he actually won a a war. And he was still tossed out of office. In this get this guy has has been a complete. Disaster he's been worse than Jimmy Carter. And then again it has nothing to do with the color of his skin. It's that he has done a White House he job I mean he may have been hit because of the color of his skin and because of white -- -- affirmative action taken to its. In -- agree. But you know once he was in there he had -- he had the same chance as everybody else and he's totally blown it -- he has that you haven't a clue what he's -- -- Because he's never had. Joseph your next -- -- cargo ahead Joseph. I -- here in the future that they want to reconstruct -- human grade you look at Barack. Volunteers from liberals because it's a lot easier when -- that would hopefully. Thanks show 1877469432218774694322. Tom you're next with Howie -- go ahead Tom. Ali and the collective. I just wanted to find out you're thinking now why. The Romney campaign is not bringing up. Jeffrey adults. Tenure as the chairman of the president's council on the job creation and outsourcing. I also CEO and General Electric. We know General Electric during his tenure has. Eliminated 36 I was in the United States' rights and spent 25000. All receipt. That's out there that the technology business since since the China along all the jabs associated with that. How about the all the fact that they're gonna make a lot more of a -- -- profit. Europe for all of these new light bulbs now that the incandescent light bulb is on its way out that's another -- that's another little -- I mean again that was George Bush does he sign that legislation but. They know you're right I mean that would be a good thing to bring up but I mean how would you. How would you bring that up Tom and -- 32 TV spot I mean took you more than thirty seconds to just describe it to to the audience and we all know Jeffrey Immelt and we all know what his record is and who we -- Yeah well it could just say did you evidently. President council on the job creation and outsourcing and ending up. The country. Gregory. And anything I mean it is as the chairman nova. Capital right and bite -- multiple. Right we it was also about you and I just wanted to your thinking. I just think a lot of this stuff is is hard to why is hard to get out there I mean -- you could put out by Internet ads and just hope the people will catch up with that but it's it's hard to you know it's hard to buy an -- on a baseball game or football game and and explain it in thirty seconds. But I. -- and I'm also wondering idea you know live via the nature regions saying. You know what the major me you. Know you're. That you understand that I mean. How does the globe write the story straight -- that Mitt Romney was still running game. When -- doll. They know very well everybody knows from 1990. That was all I did 1999 to house in the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City were falling apart they were buffeted by scandal and fraud and abuse. And he had to go in there and and Rodham and then in -- even worse after 9/11. And he ran for governor. On the basis of what he had done to rescue the Winter Olympics and now now the open is just trying to. Race all of that from everybody's memory -- think that they don't remember. How he ran for governor in 2002. His whole campaign was based on running the Winter Olympics. But we're supposedly -- on the winner Olympics was actually running pain. Right I I originally thought -- -- you know charging him with -- Massachusetts. They don't -- about the fact that 85% democratic legislature. But passing laws right weapon that works for me -- out of Massachusetts. So it just one thing after another. I know I know he's got -- it's it's such a it it's such an uphill climb to get elected as a as a Republican as president with the with the media the way it is and give the only good news is that the every four years when it when the election comes around the media is a lot there's a lot -- war. Oh that was the in the previous election. Term I mean we've been most of them W Boston Globe and for years. We can we can operate can't wait Kevin your next with how we cargo ahead Kevin. -- -- Ali you know it's now but I Levin there's a there's a black woman goes conservative and outlook an activist -- Republican in the -- allow outside the aura and and -- things don't start a tour a couple of weeks ago and she's -- that you as well for Obama. And I said why she says basically because he's black. And I -- tortured or if -- or eight Republican 00 so. Already. And it Democrat. As black. And I -- I just as mixed set up but -- order for the developing exit. And and that she just said I accept that that you are a racist and she just so shouldn't -- So I mean how these people but -- 5%. Of the -- people vote. Blacks so really the races via. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The media would be fall in the -- nothing but stories saying that the -- white population is racist right. It's if you're absolutely right now in yeah I just were certificates they -- Parker street. Because and it's helped a lot like the guy and he just sat on surely that was our guy is gonna not credible of a Mitt Romney. Netflix -- so why but you know what -- as they -- -- figure -- It's -- -- -- that excuse suite that's a BS excuse again if the you know what about the what about Barack Obama going to do what Jeremiah Wright's church I mean. Renounced all of their right anti black the apology you know and he said he -- he he was married by this guy. This guy who hates whites he he he he he says it was his spiritual mentor. Thanks for the call Kevin 18774694322. -- now car. So I don't think it's gonna work but they're trying to where they were trying to before they realized that they were just you know. Lifting somebody else's story yet again chemical they were trying to make it a big deal here with a Mitt Romney campaign. You know everybody knows where Mitt Romney was between. 1999. And 2000 true he was he was in EU law. -- Remember when he when he ran for governor in 2002 the Democrats tried to get him. Thrown off the Massachusetts ballot because they said he would become a resident -- talk in these years. So so now. So now they're saying well he wasn't really running in the Winter Olympics he was running Bain Capital it's like it's it's just like court that the NAACP convention if he goes to the NAACP commit to get booed that was a cynical maneuver to get bowed to get a white races ought to be doesn't go. He's a white racist. You know so so now -- the same people who were saying that he should be on the ballot because he was in Utah are running the Winter Olympics are now saying that he was actually running pain. But you know. Everybody. Knows where Mitt Romney well I like to now let me introduce new questions here for Barack Obama and his wife. Why did they give up their -- law licenses in the state of Illinois. What was at all why would you give up a law exits nobody gives up their wall place and to me it's. You know it's it's something you you worked hard to get why why did he give it up there's that why is there no winter no no one knows the answer to that. Bill that. But there's no interest whatsoever in the mainstream media. There's no interest in the mainstream media if you if you list that it himself as a foreign student to get it Occidental College before he transferred to Columbia. Why is there no interest in Matt. Instead is that were let you know were there or we're supposed to be chasing our tales with these stories that we all we already know the answer to. 1877. Forces sort it turns the main story goes away -- they gonna say that he should have been elected governor of a Massachusetts because he was really -- -- -- during those years before it came back. To run for governor in 2002 when -- become a big story again. And then there's always -- the dog -- bring option missed the dog on the roof of a car. Mean Barack Obama it's docs he aged dogs. But Seamus the dog haven't arrived in in the -- pop -- a car that's a bigger story than Barack Obama eating at all. X. 18774694322. On the -- a mortgage a text line officer mark says. Says boy Obama -- branded a racist in the civil than the Secret Service page you visit movement Romney and speaking truth to power that's where all business. How with the globe must think its readers are stupid how they think they he get away with the story especially in the -- bright part Drudge it's that are. They they still think it's 1978. They had that that was glory years for the Boston Globe -- when the papal -- fat -- they have plenty classified ads. You know the they they don't they don't realize that that things have changed that they can't that the they're not the they they can't they can't run the same kind of corrupt organization that they ran in 1978. Robert your next with Howie Carr go ahead Robert. We can't practice squad is not universal -- on -- and -- the social cost. Becker Alia surprising pick -- off interrogate. Elegant alligators both Nixon once said when these they're trying to kick a lot of -- there isn't a -- -- for a distraction. And don't get invited damned we gotta go on the offense they're that would be it is probably only stupid story. At the end that trillions of -- where the private sector jobs Steve lynch. -- -- -- And that speeds of the question the dog distractions don't bother it's -- every day at Wimbledon I only just created open zero -- -- that's you know that's the way -- king used to handle it in the 78 campaign when he was running against Mike dukakis' democratic primary to whatever question he was asked to say you remember that you probably remember this. It's say that's a good question I plan to deal with a when I'm governor. But he is the question now is are you for the death penalty -- you against the death penalty if your for the death penalty you'll vote for me and if your four against the death penalty you'll vote for him. And he had a list the got a whole laundry list of issues like that. But in the media so complicit they're on the same scene there all allies now over the people audience that day with a lady of the it was being interviewed by any CN. It was ridiculous stay at a are from four -- back and they gave it sixteen seconds took erratic context made -- thing stop wasting time at all. Thanks for the call Robert 1877469432. To pack -- people for the ethical consumption of animals. For -- where it's a good tax today 413 on the polite mortgage text line glad Jesse Jackson junior has proven that liberalism is a mood disorder. Romney lie just like Elizabeth Warren let me lie like Elizabeth Warren I mean -- media or eight bit. I'm never going to be an Indian you rob me you know if if if she had the same background as Mitt Romney she would be claiming to be a Hispanic. You'll understand that got you. Mean his father was born in Mexico. George Romney was born in Mexico because his his father was the polygamous. And when they were cracking down in Utah Nevada. At the end the last century at the end of the nineteenth century they move the I saw -- picture in the New York Times she looks just like Mitt Romney he's a Mexican. She what she would claim each you know what. Mitt Romney has more right. Plane. That he's a Mexican or Hispanic whatever you -- white Hispanic whatever you want of the cowardly wanted to describe Mitt Romney has more reason to call himself a Hispanic. That was with Warren -- -- call herself a woman of color. Paul your next with how we cargo ahead pol. Always call for the Sony Sanctuary Cities some warn us about a little changed the rules of political outlook to this day. But. Let's let's look at the strategy for a for -- you know I don't believe Karl Rove the architect -- it changed after I don't want fox commentator remodel we have -- I just think they. Return was such a weak candidate. Yes to be -- and that's the reason why they lost now. I believe wrongly is stronger. Than Kerry as candidate but he does lack. Whether it's whether mr. Rivera that just an intangible that you can't put your finger on so I think that -- is going to be able to come -- what strategy. We already know that the media is in Obama's pocket. -- Jerry -- comes on accurately called government crack cocaine each nobody people so. You -- government programs and they're all afraid of Republican candidate. Gets elected to all gonna lose their -- -- -- -- Paul but you don't always used to say this you know why do the moon bats hate George Bush so much of the government state government check I don't think they ever missed a government check under George Bush why do they think economists and under Mitt Romney. I think that's just skip -- that Democrats choose. Truly do we have that class war not only Google -- I'm Obama using class while fears. I still don't you think blacks -- elections flight I don't think an awful vote to be pressured to -- women are gonna decide once again the winds. Now he sees -- this women you know women are Iran are really the one sort talk about being hooked on the crack cocaine -- government I mean the the single women. Are afraid the you know they don't they don't have a mayor I mean I hate to be -- -- the bottom but they don't have Romania. To protect them that they're aware that earned a living in their their work and that's why he he's way behind I believe that gender gap there is a gender gap he has behind Obama on among -- single women. So that's why the black ensure that it movement. Tells. All these liberals that all these social programs should never make up for a meal within the trio would look at the devastation and score in mind her community. Right and and now it's spreading from the white communities to spread -- spread across the. All that's. That's called lowest common good -- -- -- -- that we don't and I just one high level we get down to the -- level. Right exactly thank -- -- call call 1877469432218774694322. 617 how were you defending Romney may choose seems sleazy. What is wrong he'd done that sleazy so how I'd be sleazy for defending him when he hasn't done anything sleazy what does he done that sleazy. Especially compared to the other guy. Ed your next with how we cargo ahead at the. I'd like to see you Omnia respond to some of these charges. But being the champion of outsourcing. Jobs yes. Manufacturing has died in his partly because labor costs are too high and by. Globalization in these Third World countries. Status of living is being elevated -- wages are going up and eventually. We will be able to compete with them our play -- so. It it's not totally and entirely negative it's something we need to wait till it comes to fruition. As far as the racism is concerned. How many black members of congress. Are elected by white people to come from a majority white district. How many white congressman. Can get elected to enable it. I -- I know the answer the last question it's one I believe it's a gun and call one in Memphis Tennessee and he has his cancel every year but. You know the thing is that did the Democrats of kind of cut their own throats by they've they've they packed -- a black voters into law. It into these handful of this relative handful of districts. And so now you have districts that are mighty is United States like North Carolina where you have twenty point 5% black population. You have districts that are in 95% black and guess what if you have a 95% black district you're gonna have in 1995%. White district right next war. And it's and it's really been it it is is not help the Democratic Party. It's one reason why they're there now the minority in congress that's why they've what it's why they became the minority in 1994 for awhile. Thanks for the call at 18774694322. I'm now car.