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Jaws in Chatham?

Jul 2, 2012|

One Cape Cod town is warning swimmers of a menace lurking in the waters this Fourth of July: great white sharks. Guest host Michele McPhee was afraid of swimming in the ocean....

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Now I don't care how past and Doug Giles what are responded. If one of his daughters. Got a tweet from Anthony Weiner back then what do you think Andy I think it would have been last when he remained. This family I I heard this guy but I just cannot and the tepid first daughters -- Gorgeous absolutely gorgeous he's deftly in the way he might. You little offensive to a little slightly. -- -- They're hardscrabble is the rough and tumble. One of the girls has her own -- merchant dieting. Website girls just wanna have guns. In pistol packing a pistol packing and she's a teacher I looked it up I am so getting us it's at night one of those nice. Teachers you would not a lot in Barre. But it's a nice teacher and the pride -- the probe in an appropriate location it's at center -- double that. So he gets up to import -- donating. You really know NN public know but I'll Wear when I go to my goal. God guns or if I go to mass fire on school which -- in its I would -- him and to do you should take class together I would love it. And a lot of now did you get have rules stating rules. Oh yeah and act my father had a nasty habit of showing up. Come on on quite like we would talent foolishly where we were gonna be like we were going to be in AM. To the movies and we would go and churn up we'd be lying out to be some kind of blockbuster movie gone instantly big -- in my dad went. Show up in line. And say -- again and again my dad would somehow be the first guy in tickets and save three seats in the movie theater. You get a second it with -- dad Ali yeah there was fierce. Yeah that -- doesn't that -- it was it's my -- from the neighborhood. It would put their fear of death in Q. If you work to do anything with one of the girls and Italy everybody was the assistant. Well -- I -- I went to prep school and you couldn't you could not update your freshman year. Your sophomore year you could go out as long as your parents signed a permission slip and he had to get by the slowly columns is transact. And she had collected data up and down and decided it was OK if you go out with an even if your parents had signed the appropriate permission -- -- to get by both of those how mine's not lion. -- and one went with my junior year -- guy as who are receding from the whole school his sister was having like campaigning party at this barn in Virginia. And so we were dressed like you know -- 'cause we're gonna help pay. And nom I was allowed to go because this is trying to did not like the looks of the situation. Now it is trying to had the ten commandments dating my pastor I'm pretty sure she did I think she did you which you haven't gotten. I don't be so sharp. Pastor has probably as a front there was fierce she has a pack baby she had a teacher it's a double double tap into mass. So. These commandments on this Florida pastor this is asked there. This cracked me up but I want the -- why do a background check on the boys. -- number one. Thou -- understand that your presence is making me happy. And a matter of fact the idea and background check on this very moment. Men and number two. Doubt -- better have a life to save my life and I've worked our butts off provided good living for our kids so on. You better have a life -- Man number three thou -- not touch my daughter. You know if you -- them and smash your hands and your mother's gonna have to help you -- look -- Justin Bieber here do yours. Commandment number four thou -- look in the nine. Shake my hand like -- -- and turn your damn cellphone off. The man a number five. Thou shall understand that your avoids talking to a man. Don't even attempt to read an entry from your journal and I'm not Oprah and I am Neanderthal. That's why he'll make you fat I think. That's interesting you know it makes me there. Do maybe we should -- -- don't know we're demanding that we land where did he weakened bunch of stuff -- headed for you get Jack Black get. Man number six. I don't I don't understand that our family's old school so don't even think about approached me with -- liberal atheist or agnostic tree house and hippy loving bull crap. And number seven. Else don't know. Like cool inexpensive gifts. -- would be wise to hurt me as Weizman did Jesus would gold frankincense and hurt our -- now I don't RA job. They're gonna have to tell me a dirty joke I'm comfortable enough for picking her arrest. Unlike allied. Command and number nine. You shall keep your word what you've done you gonna do something. But you better do it. Commandment number ten just a memorized commandments one through nine yes home -- it would be twice as you. Not forget which. Is that job misses the ten commandments. For your daughter's defense report. And continue our households. It's 77469. Point 322 what did dad do you need to do the guys in the enable -- big Brothers. You do if somebody was trying to quote the daughter of his sister. From today -- about 87746. Guide for at 322. Track you're on how we -- show with Michelle McCain hijack. Well we'll show you today 'cause gallons -- not too bad at all I -- one particular need a little -- heads up on. You know -- spring -- of this. These are big time conservative writer -- the stronghold dot com. I mean his two daughters he's beautiful girls Jack at one of them took down eight corn to remember the story with Iran. You -- that's exactly what called US match I was gonna mention Hannah and James -- Exactly can't -- is the guy in James -- for the ones that posed as a couple of pregnant couple to take down -- -- in acorn lost government funding because of because of this. This statement they did. Absolutely. On more than one occasion. And of course now they just change their name and relocated so. No I -- -- I didn't want you to mention it sort of got called up and you know and sort out there. Well thank you very much -- for the caller is Marty and Murray I am very Iran's Michelle -- welcome. Thank you I am I like around in the diets berm through their task I simply -- want to question the first would be. Turkey's still beat your girlfriend. And no matter how you -- -- I think normally. -- -- they don't get it that no answer is that right in there is send them act and. Yeah that's you send them packing -- now what about when you were younger what would you are dead do. Are you certainly should -- just ask you want me to kick you're asked. Then don't get involved and then they shouldn't be balls and. And I would be an -- -- at Emory. As it usually that would be enough. I might have spoke of everybody listening yeah there's there's lots of here in our home but they help you hear something that's the thing these states. In in exactly what it is I mean I can understand why parents feel the need to put out videos like this that he had the on the list because think about those kids from. Upstate new York and terrorized an elderly woman. Yeah those kids coming home at the daughter. No and I don't want my daughter. Could be one of those kids apart and they need to fear most in the world -- me. I like it every day Q for the call. Hi Chris throughout the show that feed into how we -- Alec our show welcome. Take out our talent. -- pretty good I don't have not yet but I did some highlights that we haven't not urge you will not be allowed to date so merry. I know that's the whole thing have friend -- ninth just said I have a daughter and -- not be allowed to date until she's 25. But yeah my dad so -- you looked at one potential boyfriend from my sister and you Blake so. What do you do for job he's like I'm a student -- my guess how much -- -- -- Not saying then why are you dating my daughter. Good question. -- -- abroad immigrants at his. Eyes you know -- guy sure. Going into. Eudora and brought from Baltimore. Got them now portrait. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know. -- at the the now. -- you're somewhere where Berry like in the Chelsea creek wrapped up in a -- thirty -- admiral. Like I didn't -- my wife Barbara told the position that is bought. But I want -- for three years. You never met her father at three years. All right so. Now about an -- guys that they've volume around -- and nothing untoward happened. 100 you know golfers aren't able wants an intake I show up. But only not one. And that's scar act and the united -- -- dry and but I'm not take umbrage at that they -- for the called. I -- feed this is that how -- our show. And a number eight. They're done I have to tell me a dirty joke I'm comfortable enough for kicking your ass. I haven't seen it is is now charged now 877469. Point 322 at 877469. Read two to ask you this did you do you own list. -- -- -- -- -- What do you tell you bring him I just stuck in my is that page Michelle now and CT HE EE application. That she makes. Her daughter's gates allowed hopefully allow the data is -- -- pitchers to get to the cops to ticket you don't come home. CD this is act became the bad boy different background -- -- -- my hand is as bad boy from background -- I think he can make a -- we could you do it together young lawyer and an investigator reporter -- do this again. Winning it all of my -- I'm books feature a woman -- Kill us know by and the only problem is that if we have already got past us they -- -- -- us. That's Diane and I think this we have to assign an iron clad waiver. That's a very that's a very well that's why I need you. You'd have to do all the legalities of the business badly from background check. Do you do background checks on people who are educated. You are on how our show it Sam McKee. And -- listen. I appreciate that the bravado here from. From the yup fathers in the mothers but the fact of the matter is once they leave the house they have old -- -- -- -- ultimately go the wrong way. And you can -- Sharia -- put want to leave the house. I don't think other regions of the electorate view really. Well I think today how a lot of I know at least when I was growing up you are -- -- father had not. High enough that he might show up the name movie theater just like he -- dad did. Yeah and that's what really that is such an extreme exception these days I mean. What do you have a daughter what is she doing she was out of the house and economic tattoos and nose piercings and she. Well listen -- like my daughter's an early thirties now you know would. We -- what we can't we try -- influence but you know beyond the culture itself is as a greater influence in our friends and conduct an outlet most of the girls are listing I mean. If you look at the pregnancy rates you know the -- big story -- that that -- if you can look at. Right now I think in all right we're looking at about 35%. Pregnancy rate slowed junior however the guys -- But doesn't bode well for the culture. That we were hoping Juba. I think -- to this pastor's daughters turned out OK any one of them took down acorn and another one has around business those teams that he did an okay job though. But I appreciate it they're called rob say Q hi Mike here on the -- our show with John McCain -- right ahead. Yeah that's -- the Mike from. The main. I've done about blacks -- Korea. Wonderful the water. Then the label but burial. I've never have to use. But one line but I -- -- that I never would have to have that -- Well I haven't seen the pretty boy like yours -- out -- prison back in 86. That I got to -- I meet -- network and you. Run your way. -- to a lovely -- a teacher and believe that yeah. Thank you very much by. Time there's a reason why I no -- get into any sort of broad regional occasions. Now to. Six year old girl from being -- shot. Drag and Raddatz that I really not into that that is still looking for the driver. The white Honda Accord with tinted windows shocking. In a license plate with red white and blue -- possibly Massachusetts plate is still looking for this guy. The suspect's vehicle was operated by a white female who is wearing sunglasses. The passenger. In his vehicle was alleged to have fired shots at the victim's vehicle. Is described as light skinned African American or Hispanic male with short -- who is wearing a great teacher. And I'm. I I guess the victim was driving. It was a road rage all occasion. And she show. Right on four and 95. So late in the -- -- is saying anybody what's traveling there was heavy traffic it was. That Steve point 98 bag. No what around around 12:17 PM as some sort of road -- obligation this show. If somebody the birdie get shot in this -- have you. I mean you just quick to put some on the bird government not hammer this isn't exactly why people -- show and I. My husband doesn't have my husband gets he's much more quick today at a quicker -- and I do. The -- for driving at a fight and like don't do that -- -- seem to understand anybody at any time can be a freak him not. And have a gun so don't do it I absolutely flabbergasted by the idea -- has been getting in any sort of authentication like -- So mild mannered -- week here is mild mannered and swing titans got a few hot buttons on one of them is bad drivers. And I think all of us. Have that hot button. Like this is just fires a shot out the window actor -- ratings and impact traffic. Does -- get us you wouldn't traffic right this minute. And it -- I want in this vehicle might shoot me. 877 point 69 point 322. Because right now cops just looking. But as white Honda Accord driven by -- one and that apparently scientists on education and her passenger. Just say open higher iron shot will be. LB at all -- CNET news. Paltrow a picture of it up I'm. Is that these results on -- EPA GE you'll put it up -- how we carjacked US holly -- dot US. We let's try to get up there too at some point tonight. It's crazy. So visit these other things -- -- luggage -- sign. In the late 1960s. My mother did background check on my girlfriends. So. I too. I about the women being if -- -- can be put in danger. Judging from the women involved in the road rage on occasion I imagine that would. Indicates. See. Only crazy. Now the thing I wanted to what can I love the story. I loved to swim. And buried its -- But you don't I don't swim. Now. Deep in the ocean. So it's shallow and the ocean as a David deep in the ocean and shallow emotions okay. Why adds great white sharks cannot win the stomach from Chatham -- banks. The year. People will not have fat -- because it's odd job and it traumatized. And now we know that the Ers great -- start of the Cape Cod summer season has been photographed. Just. -- That's not that far. He that likes splashing and stop the splashing stay aways and steals you'll be fine. Some and a lot of -- believe -- athletic but the water skiing it was late. And I was still afraid of guys. What the great the great whites in the lake lake sharks aperture freed up I was afraid -- -- -- I don't Atlantic sharks turtles. -- sharks are. Should tell you this sound alone and played entrance as I know -- keep. Look there right now get nervous. This is the greatest war. And I -- like god. I'm -- and it Peter actually activated appearance at the odd that I think is snack. That's the -- -- apologize street today go in the water. That's -- actress that pulled underwater you know on the water and it was Steven Spielberg. The other that was pulled her under the water. Yeah CN of these of these guys -- I think jaws of the greatest movie monster of all time I am steal I would never ever. Jump up a -- in open water because the giants. And yards up the coast of Chatham is a sixteen foot 2000 pound -- white. Chart -- -- hammer Freddie jellyfish. I don't like but I -- they appeared jelly fish but I'm not really concern and a great -- gonna carry me away. And just old enough that it didn't traumatize you I don't know I was little when I -- I was Le gras. I was pretty freaked out by it but for some reason. I'm more for a giant missed. The junket tenacity. That jellyfish -- -- -- can't see -- and -- -- -- got stung by a Portuguese man of war and his leg blew up like you know like helium was attached to it so I've never. Never really quite gotten past that. Steve you've British sharks when your story but sixteen foot great white 2000 pound shark fifty yards up the shore. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I'm not I'm not too worried about sharks are there -- land. That's probably going to be about Steve do you stand him because of jaws when your kid. Are now not at all. You have no fear of giants. Now I don't worry about that they're. They've got their own their thereafter their own. Quote not human. Generally speaking. Sorry didn't you see in the weasels surfer but the surfer about it late applause. And chopped off. Yeah but -- or where. Now so it's -- we're what did you like about. Well call about the new I Corey system it's easier than ever to make a background check and one of my daughter. You know gravity. At a situation where she lit at night very nice guy very engaging guy at fault -- But he had a background and -- temper in. And it got got ugly with -- it you know they had -- -- You know shaken baby and lot of other stuff that really ugly stuff that happened because. Which kind of an award of boarded. What city background check which now certain date for our guests can do. A complete background check on line at the person's well. I've had very hard to believe Steve thank you for the crowd -- junk fee. This is the Howie Carr show at 6 o'clock -- speaking on background checks speaking up her speaking of course law we still don't know they need. Of the dirt bag who stabbed a correction officer more than twenty times with a homemade -- Miss -- know that guy's name I do however know the name of the brave correction officer was into the hospital twice in one year this is Alec our show on John --