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Avi Nelson - Sandusky and Karen Klein

Jun 23, 2012|

Jerry Sandusky is on suicide watch at the local jail after being convicted on 45 counts of sexually abusing young boys, the former Penn State coach's defense attorney said today. Sandusky was led away in handcuffs to the Centre County jail Friday night after a jury of seven women and five men found him guilty of nearly all of the most serious allegations of child rape and sex abuse leveled against him, but Sandusky has not reached the end of his road yet. He will still face civil suits, potentially more criminal charges against him, and years of treatment while in prison. Avi discusses the ramifications of this trial, as well as Karen Klein, the school bus aide who was recently brought to attention via a 10 minute youtube of her being harassed by students

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Good afternoon this is not Nelson walked in the program nice genuineness. In this summary afternoon. In June summer's already. Bob -- -- not only that it -- too pessimistic view is that the days and getting shorter. Although all the sun continues to set later. The sun has begun to rise. Later I think since June 15. So the that's why those combination -- now. Finally the early days are beginning to -- but of course they'll still be more radiation coming from the sun. Then we are losing to space from the earth police at this point of the that the planet so it will continue to get warmer just like. On December 21 he shortest day of the year after that is today's -- than. It continues to get colder because in the wintertime and the Northern Hemisphere we are losing more. He'd be irradiation space to regaining from the sun. So up. In any event I think the warmest week of the -- areas yet comes -- third week in July so for those of you enjoy that weather. And I am not among them. Enjoy -- 774694322. Obviously toll free number. Where you can join in the conversation with regard to the topics on the program. Text message code 68680. Email address any Nelson at wrko.com. Well the starred with a couple of low light stories. Factor to them having to do with dogs. Jim Morris. God is -- mail last week. German were the issues front month. Which state decision -- Massachusetts. But in any event. He got his mail last week -- got a surprising got a document. Asking his dog Mozart. To register to vote. Well not only is -- started dog but he's been dead for two years. The former is addressed to mow. Them their only nickname for the dog. Now however you have to understand. From the reason this was sent. Because. If Mozart. Had been human being. He would have been eligible to vote for the first time in 2012 he would have been nineteen years old. Into any trial malware that's remarkable ability. He's dead for two years you have to seventeen which is very old for dog hit a picture here it sure looks like Romania. How much more -- toward -- rule -- or something like. Anyway. -- would have been nineteen ready isn't and so. So -- give you an idea now remember I'm gonna keep fish story in mind. Because later on with Nancy Pelosi. And her comment about the the reasons are. The reasons for the Republicans going after Eric Holder or that he is really the one trying to prevent voter suppression. In the country. This story couples and those people who say maybe we should have some voter -- some checking. Here's what happens if you don't. Anyway -- sure shunned by the nonprofit voter participation. Center. Not the state board of elections the voter participation. Center. Purchases mailing list and they -- trying to get people to vote they focus on young people. Minorities. And unmarried women. G. Now what do that. Good group of people those three classes of people who think they have an orientation. Republican or Democrat. Young people minorities. And unmarried women. So that's what thereafter and of dodge -- and fine. I hesitate to mention this because when they find out about it in Chicago. I'm sure there will find that this is in new. Complementary effort they can be launched along with the cemeteries. To get additional people on the voting list. I -- that's one dog story the other dog story. Is. That having a dog this from Fox News having a dog. May protect children from developing asthma. A new study. -- that microbes living on pet dogs help to strengthen a child's immune system against asthma. Well it goes on in the Q did you get the gist of his skin gets more. Tactical about it. And now they checked didn't -- truck. But it is interesting and by the way you know it's important to keep in mind that shielding. Being shielded from all exposure. Two foreign agents is not good because you don't get to build up your immune system. Doesn't mean you should go out and you know eat bad food and exploit your shelf to pneumonia. But it also means anything and shield too much and everything is to clean. You can end up not getting the protection and maybe you could have -- enjoy another reason turning -- don't -- about cash. But deferred the dog he's paying good for the kids. You're okay. So couple happy stories. To be in the program -- joining us good afternoon this is -- Nelson welcome. And you'd like to join with us our phone number 877469432. -- the toll free number. And the email address a Nelson at wrko.com. The text message code 686 days. No I guess one other side bar suddenly I just noticed have released surfing across the TV channels. And net and you know I had to go by the Tennis Channel -- be playing tennis. And this struck me more and more important observation of life have you noticed there is no such thing as a fat male tennis player. Right. There's too much running around that they're all in great shape in this game not true among the more and there are a number and these are top ranked -- there and and granted they're big but there fact they're overweight. Your shows you now I'm sure you can. Take that for what it's worth. To mention a couple of things chair I don't think he's accomplished for discussion I don't know what there is to talk about. Former Penn State coach Jerry sandusky convicted of child sex abuse should convict an -- 45 or 48 counts. But I didn't talk about this case at all on. The program because I'm a firm believer in the presumption of innocence until guilt is established without guilt is established. And we can talk about horrible thing engaged probably yes she's was 65. To probably gonna spend the rest of his life in prison I know there will be appeals. But the likelihood is that some of these convictions will stand. And a related story interesting that it came out the just about the same time. Monsignor William Lynn the former cardinals aid was found guilty yesterday of endangering children this is in Philadelphia. And he becomes the first senior official of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States. Convicted of covering up sexual abuses by priests under his supervision. What's significant about this -- you know this Lin himself. Was not convicted. Of perpetrating the sexual abuse. But simply knowing that it happened and what he did was he he just. He's bush changed the venues of where the priests were going to serve those who. He found out I had committed sexual abuse -- you move them to another parish. And most of the time the new parish wasn't told. About the reason for the transfer or what was going on so obviously he set up the possibility of the sexual abuse continuing. 61 years old and militias as -- -- issue is the first senior official convicted of covering up sexual this so the stories are related -- so -- they have to do with -- abuse of children. And Catholic church of course has had a long. And very unpleasant. History here with this which is now finally getting cleaned up. At least we hope rich getting cleaned up. In 2002. The National Conference of Catholic Bishops adopted a national. Year old tolerance policy. Pledging to remove any priest station credible accusations. But she areas lapses have occurred including in Philadelphia where our grand jury in 2011. Asserted that as many as 37 priests. With past accusations. Remained active in ministry. Well anyway it is good that there's no action being taken against pet files into one related cases. I must say as a as a sidebar comment period in these people are sick. That don't misunderstand and I'm not giving excuses here I'm not suggesting this is grounds for a not guilty plead not guilty diaries and illness. But when you think about it. Nobody. Would want to be this way. Right I mean nobody would want to have such a deviant. Sexual impulse as to go after children. Which is not only criminal but immoral and even the people perpetrating it recognized it. The argument whether they can help themselves and I don't know what I'm saying is. If there were a pill -- or -- or something these people would gladly take it. That said I don't know where that gets us except keep in mind that. There's a difference between a -- crime where people -- just your greedy and I want robbed by neighbors how sure. We're -- sneak off with his lawn -- rob a bank in different Canaccord. From this kind of up to -- shame true by the way I think we're homosexuality. Or blow. -- changed a little bit because the attitude of society has changed but up until you know churning inside people who are committed relationships and all arrest. Go back to -- people -- adolescence. When you're thirteen 1415. And finding out. About your sexual persona. You know if you could wave a magic wand. My guess is that everybody -- lessons we choose to be heterosexual. But again these are -- impulses. And we we society. Medical science -- know how to handle. Beyond punishment fit and strong sanctions against behavior that is inappropriate talking about the children. You're brought to optimization I don't know where this goes nobody's gonna come out on the other side Reich. And we don't know what they'll want to. There's the -- I understand that he is gonna take place in in the rainy day each. And I -- to why it takes ninety days why -- the whole justice system in this country moving such slow motion. You know -- dollar sign guy you can kill the those people at Fort Hood -- sterling come to trial yet been two years. The richest and -- Guantanamo. Stay there forever. I know it takes a little bit -- time to prepare a trial that she works. In general -- Anyway let's sentencing will be in in ninety day assumed shall there be more. More to be said. At that point. No and here's a little tidbit. There will throw out about -- Obama. There is something called the Obama event registry. Hey here's what it says is -- straight from their site. Got a birthday anniversary or wedding coming up. Let your friends know how important this election is two year. Register where Obama 2012. And that's for a donation. In movie gift. It's a great way to support the president on your big day -- it's a gift that we can all appreciate. He goes a lot further then gravy bowl. Setting up and sharing your registry page easy easy -- get started today. So -- mind. Never mind the birthday gift of the wedding present donate to Obama now. That I suppose at one level this is clever and -- probably some people do it. But what struck me is that. First Walsh trying to cash in on what is obviously a personal day right. We are getting married having an important birthday or something or a baby or whatever. The other thing is that we already have some of these elements of sort of watchers say a dear leader. Aura around this president right like in North Korea where everybody says -- how wonderful leader is now we love the leader. -- had schoolchildren case of school children. Having to sing songs about. How nice Obama is we've had teachers who criticize students for criticizing Obama. -- it as kind of fits in the same. Thing that an -- Tell you can sign up. Ten instead of giving money. To. Different conduct a gift to your friend. Given to Obama. Okay. Let's get to a couple of subjects now where maybe there is. Some interest in controversy. They're tour in particular wanna get to -- the top. One has to do with that. Must monitor. Incident her name cal inclined. You've probably heard about the story now she was -- one. Whether there was some video made by the perpetrators. She was a monitor on a school bus national monitor is just somebody who is there to make sure that -- Nobody kills anybody. In the -- kids -- kill each other on the way. She was not the bus driver she was just -- -- monitor. 68 years old grandmother. Really nasty vicious attack from kids. Yes -- for boys in middle school I think they're thirteen years old. And it got put up on YouTube and -- -- Colloquial some goes now we went viral so it's been viewed I don't know how many over a couple of million times. And it truly disgusting. Awful stuff should the other two questions that come here. The first has to do the reaction that young guy had 25 year old guy in Toronto. Who himself. Had been bullied when he was younger. So he started an online fundraising drive his objective was -- Macs and her album version. -- being quiet. He thought that it would be nice to give this Karen Klein a vacation. Roger says. In -- Sharia -- get away from at all and was hoping to raise 5000 knowledge. I haven't checked no in the last few Irish. But the the fund now is over. Half a million dollars. I talked to a friend who said she you know -- started this fund I promised her 5000. Talk giver of the 5000 at the time I think the fund was just under -- that I think the other half million for myself. That. To follow up. The question now his gun no there's no obligation here I mean there's -- but her apartment. I suspected some of the folks who sent in the money might not be pleased. If -- -- who send. Karin Klein 5000 people over half million south. But it does raise the question. If you had started this fund and all of a sudden went out of control and control in the sense of generating a lot more money than you thought. What would you do with it I mean do you think you should give it Alter her or you give her son and maybe start a foundation. Foundation against bullying her. And -- foundation -- worthy cause. -- you can be jacket of director. You can be in charge of the money or. Do you say hey I started this fund for her and it's all gonna go to our. And is this going to produce copycats you mean after all. The other a lot of people. Who would put -- a few minutes of verbal abuse there was no physical abuse that we saw on the tape. His verbal -- put up what they first human fish and then end up twelve million dollars. Right not a bad day's work. For the magic and throw some epithets at me I I gather all the time we know you're an Iranian Eric half million dollars. Just one question to ask the second question. Maybe -- in the first here's what should be the punishment for these kids. Now they offered apologies. The standard stuff. And Karin Klein didn't accept them she she -- one of the miserable the troublemaker from way back says she doesn't think she apologies genuine. And there are some things for which apologies just isn't good enough this is one of them. You heap abuse on somebody on on an older woman a grandmother. And he pitched just shake your quality I'm sorry. That happened to my grandmother wouldn't like it that's just not good that. So the question is what should happen. Now we have to pause for a break right. To your thoughts are welcome. Our phone number 8774694322. Since nobody has sent in half million dollars to this program we have sponsors and we have to. We have to return there. There are mostly contributions for their support. Who is the commercial so they -- On the other side. -- -- -- Welcome back this is John Nelson one -- program phone number 877. 4694322. Text message -- 68680. Email address -- Nelson WRKO. Dot com. We got a few items on the table. And our shows and people respond neither do -- for one Cilic talk about them from 781 this text message. All abolished patent were in my birthday. Not that. This year if you're just joining us because there is now the Obama registry where the they urges and on the campaign tonight. They urge -- having a birthday or wedding. Don't have to trip people the guests give gifts to. You give a tour campaign. But you know you're right 71 pretty soon it's gonna be mandatory. They dear leader has said that the way to commemorate your birthday is to give money to the film there's campaign. Hasn't having had that. -- -- 857 I would donate the extra money to the Obama registry. No well followers. A question on the the -- about what the punishment should be for the kids and Jimmy Jenny wrote and the email then. And thanks for the reminder one of the launch one of the things that the kid said to her -- to -- Karen Klein. Is that if you -- your children. Should commit suicide. And as it turns out. One of her children Karen Oakland -- and actually did commission Russia. I don't know if the kids knew this probably knocked. But nonetheless. Gives you an idea of our police things are -- not accepted the apology and by the way the apologies and short. Public apologies. As of the time my looking and it. The which was yesterday. None of the children. -- the -- has approached her or reached out to her directly and that's one of the reasons she hasn't accepted the the apologies. Incidentally also rorschach checked the fund. It's now it's 621000. Dollars it interesting that people continue to donate it short for people just to do something. All saw or scheck mentioned when you put in Google. And you putting Cameron you know they list by popularity. The first name that comes up now with Karen is -- I don't know all the other -- are in the world but they have all been bumped down in terms of our people reacting to a also love for god this is. I email from Barbara. What is a -- -- senator for if she can't stop being bullied yourself how can you protect children on the bus from being bullied. I mean year old and then she and I assure you -- little brats -- wouldn't have done this to me. No gay bar where you are tougher but attorney you know when you've got to. A boss for and there are for them engaged in this how many others on the bunch. -- -- -- her older woman. You are you really want -- you really gonna get physically violent. With the kids and you know where that leads. You know the next thing that the stories out there but now which is these big. Bad grandmother hitting these poor little kid you know let go -- and who gets charged. So. I don't know you but good point about what might have the bus monitored all but look at the sheet there that we really have a boss monitor. It because you make half million dollars. So here. He got to -- the way it's gonna go you see is all Abbas was. Are making a deal with the kids look kid but -- few bad things video reported on. On YouTube. And we'll divide the proceeds. I led 600000 dollars five ways not a bad take 10020. K per person. But the question what you what is she what is the appropriate punishment she suggested by the way that. Maybe one punishment argue that they can't ride the bush freer not a bad one that's that's -- and by the way I will put out right now. How about being taken to the woodshed the good old fashioned -- he's a thirteen year old they're not tool. Don't get me these visions of oh true scar the pro life. No addition we had generations growing up including mine where occasionally we got it and you retrospect we deserved it. And we were just fine there's a spare the rod spoil the child and these kids have earned it but it is not sufficient to say. No television do you wouldn't. That's not enough. So. Dumping ought to be in them by the way it has gone nations to spiral and some of these kids is in danger at Jenna. Has gotten death threats. There are people are angry showed that kids are getting a punishment in a societal form. Which is good how much suggestion death threats are good but that there should be some societal rejection of this behavior. Is worthwhile. Okay. On the telephone my tape 774694322. Is and phone number. And John you are first up on the program thank you for being the icebreaker. You'll allow me it's good let's thank you thanks to take my caused. I just one question you're bringing up earlier about did -- and that's key the verdict acumen which I'm quite happy to see that. You know -- pretty unanimous sense switched its -- been guilty verdict goes. But not the only thing that I really have trouble it was so I guess you equating. -- -- -- -- Are his problem if sickness I guess they could call it. Let. People choosing to be homosexual or not choosing to be homosexual. I don't think so obvious that that's a little too simplistic to think that a lot of people would. You know if given the opportunity to take a pill that they would then. You know take a pill and not have to face a -- homosexual thing is that the -- I'll. It I'll -- and Canada. You know it's not a -- of these homosexuality lesbianism gay is a perfectly legitimate and can be quite happy and fulfilling. Lifestyle. A lot of people like the that's kind of an old school of thought that you know which it. I feel the -- and that's not the case anymore that's more so I think this society. You know I understand it better and realize that. It's not a choice. Let me let me clarify first of all of course there's an enormous difference between what -- -- -- do which is a crime. And well and wage. And which badly compromise is a a child and can scar the child for life. Which is very different from homosexuality. Under the assumption that we're talking about consenting adults -- and there's an enormous difference. When -- first one I was reaching for however. Is that I think we all agree that -- files. If you could cure them if -- there were killed. That god they were all taken voluntarily right you you wouldn't have you wouldn't have people arguing G in my First Amendment right is to be a pat a fun. What I was driving at is that in this society even though you're right that though the mores in the attitudes with regard to homosexuality. Had changed over recent years. And I did exclude people or already in committed relationships. But ticket back to somebody who's thirteen fourteen years old -- just discovering. His own her own sexual identity. You know that the preferred route of travel. Is to be heterosexual. If you're a boy you are much better off. So no -- a product targeted -- preferred route. Yeah I -- keep in mind you know how kids are with the peer group. And you find that you are like -- homosexuality and most is somewhere between five and 10% of the population. Most kids in most of us want to conform so all I'm saying is if you could wave a magic wand. If there -- in contention. That you could -- before you went to bed one night. That would change you. From homosexual inclination to -- and emulation I contend they would take it now once you get to be an adult and you're an end. And in a committed relationship I'm not suggesting that people would take the pill and abandoned there are. Give their partner that's that's not the point oh when your young don't you think you would choose to be. Sexually normal instead of what some people are considered to be. -- Of course so I mean there's many modes of behavior I mean people would wait a lot and and actually want to -- a rich family. And that's auto bailout for the but that's just not reality the reality show. I'm the homosexual. -- homosexual is is he did I don't I don't know the science to -- -- ever settled you know. Why -- why -- -- -- like hey are. All I think it's clearly the captain John add John I think it slowly genetic. I think and by the way you run about this the rich which is not to cast aspersions on poverty right but the but the fact -- if you could wave a magic wand won't. It is -- to be rich and healthy than poor and I try it. And I think I'm existing I want to I guess what I heard I I've heard the I meant before then. You know there's been a lot of blurring of the lines between the kind of filed then somehow it all sexuality seems to creep -- trek comic based. I did kind of wanted to clarify. -- day where. You know and I'm glad I'm glad you did John because other item others might have had the same reaction so thank you for calling it. And by the way it does cross over because a lot of the times including Jerry sandusky case. They know his his assault was on voice. Sure there's word crushes or joints -- should say is both better feel -- and homosexuality. And I think that's frequently the case. To the best of my knowledge most but not almost of the abuse cases involving the the priest. Word with boys not girls. So you know there's some kind of crossing over. Internal and or again not crushing over so much as it includes both. Mean that as you may. Well again we're talking about. If you could worshipped. And among the things that you viewers are a lot of them but this rather than the return -- around. I doubt where there there are any thirteen 1415. Year olds who are discovering their show actual identity. Who are heterosexual. Who could do if they could wave a magic wand the next day would be homosexual. Know now these are certain things where conformity. Is reassuring. And sexual inclinations sexual interest I think he's one of them. 8774694322. Steve -- next on the program good afternoon. Yeah I I -- -- -- -- -- -- one thing I was thinking a while I was probably strengthen your case is that they say that this suicide rate among 1810 to be higher. Then heterosexual teens. No interest in right yup. So you -- good and that's a good point he I think there -- especially we all remember what we or a lesson there was a tough tough tough go all right. You know you sell -- insure yourself. You don't know what your relationship. Is -- appears he if you're not a star athlete he's got problems so. And you throwing and that you're interested in. Quote the wrong gender has judged by your peers. And that puts additional pressure so good points to. -- and and one more thing that bolsters your case is that they YouTube viral. Beam video that Adam Lambert and others have done called hit it get better. And gay people or adult. Have this theme in order to encourage teen teams it's just stick with -- the tough years. Because the it gets better as you get older so implicit in that message is that the roughest years or fifteen years. The Jacqueline implying that. That. That yes people if they could opt out ward. Off the way it is thank you Steve. -- -- -- -- -- -- One other point I use the court heard judge. And we did sentencing. And -- that in Nevada. And we had two weeks. Many weeks in order to submit are the -- Pre sentencing report and read them from. Other agency. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah we are shifting topics here I take it. Yeah I am there was it was one of the -- regarding white -- Into the yeah I'm the judge you know we all know the judges get briefed before they make an appellate decision what they get before trial sentencing you to. I've got something called a -- A pre sentencing report from the department of parole and probation. It's an administrative bureaucracy its dignity issues of five -- six page report than the DA are being adopted. Issues there -- reports and only after they get those two detailed recommendations on sentencing is that. Yeah please read in Russian Il regime a good point in that is I know these guys aren't sitting around watching television I know that there's some kind of something involving the bureaucracy in the procedure in the process. And they -- tuition were forced and the and the crossing the t.s and dotting the -- versions the other way around but my point is. That we are choking on paperwork and procedure and process. He getting email from somebody now who's in a law firm or in annual financial farm. And the bottom fifth twenty lying -- keeps getting larger disclaimer lines right. Even even -- radio commercials I heard more recently for. I think it's inviting your mortgage NG at the end in rapid speed faster than -- can talk. It gives. The MLS number in Massachusetts in the amount and some other number in New Hampshire or you were Jewish choking on this. And that's why they can -- was bothering me. Is that. That the justice system is supposed to be swift and we've set up enough impediments and roadblocks. And and bureaucratic. Procedures and involvements. That everything's in slow motion and were hurting ourselves up but thanks for the clarification stating racial -- I. 87746943222. Another Steve. Good afternoon Steve here next. -- -- -- and -- -- -- do disagree with that woman called in that wanted to set the record straight I guess. Right and that's eaten means he's he's into homosexual -- I mean I. Yeah I apologize that the guy but after the little -- that that's forty years. -- -- your ideas. Does she was actually I think she was making it to a different point she was so bothered by my saying. That that if people could change from homosexual inclination to heterosexual into inclination they would do it. And I cash. She you June it bother because she admitted sound like I was saying it was an illness illness. Saying that word aside I think it is genetic. And I think kids would do a -- actually right there is and then there's a strong. Carry over or correlation most Metafiles. Our male to male right. Well yes certainly in the Catholic Church I'm a practicing Catholic and I terribly embarrassed to. What took place in those -- in my opinion should be put to death but. You're all 99% of them were homosexual pedophile doesn't. It bring ourselves -- Canada as Santa -- immunology at what they work. Yeah you're right and I -- -- in your right and the -- your language speaks for itself but let me ask you. The other the question because I I read a story earlier in the program. Which talked about knowing the sort of related to the send -- -- story insofar as it had to do the conviction for being involved with children. But dish was of a monsignor. Who himself did not perpetrate any of the our law but he. He was convicted of covering up. -- abuse is by three -- -- any reassigned those priests to other parishes without telling the parishes. What it happened so in effect. He alone this. The child abuse to go one he was convicted. Do you agree with that conviction. Well I think it almost speak to corruption I. It was almost a form of corruption within the Catholic Church has deep hierarchy individual that perhaps did not suffer from lists. You're Rick Taylor how did he continued they've they've moved guys around -- picture the board. And what in -- -- anything. Well you know what they were thinking they were thinking these are colleagues and I'm gonna try to protect -- in all it was a different hero. You know he was in here where. You didn't talk about these things. And you try to quietly covered up it may have been wrong but that was the zeitgeist that you were of the time change thank you for calling. Back on the other side of a break come on the Nelson. This message about Mini Cooper. Welcome back this is Don Nelson is still re reading -- Email that I. She with a bus monitor what happened are. Now I question whether that's a wise procedure but I thought that is not to say something Barbara. I want you on my bus that you can be a monitor for me anytime. And they'll be yelling go get him barber. From seven they want these angry youths need. On double secret probation. Not sure what that is then a stern talking to stern talking to isn't enough. -- Email then teams who verbally abuse Karen Klein are guilty of hate speech and elder abuse to equally offensive racial epithets. The young man should be banned her young men that boyish. Now like that I remember watching TV program wants and then the tech news -- -- two year old woman a break. These are boys you should be banned forever from riding a school buses used Roy were writing now. They should be banned forever from running a school bus and sensor cleaning bed pans of older patients for ten hours a week for five years. And prohibited from any computer games or five years. -- -- -- -- That's -- show me she just -- That they should be cleaning the bosses which is I'm not a bad idea. Get the point a crush. Seven a one. The old saying goes justice delayed is justice denied. Her right. OK okay it's 774694322. Is the phone number. No gosh we -- about a minute before the break out a new launch. -- got two subjects I want to get to. And one of them has to do with middle -- get to this on the other shined on me introduce it now. This usually you know middle borrows his town about 20000. And citizenship in Massachusetts and the residents. Last week. Voted to approve. A proposal from the police chief to impose a twenty dollar fine. For public profanity. -- wasn't close was underneath route fifty. And it's because which you have removed at the town common. -- mostly young people speaking in low language you're using endless profanity. And obviously upsetting. Not only the people who -- passions -- but the we merchants in the area. Show and they put up within for a while bush has won warriors showed pershing runs auto parts store. No one of the downtown merchants. And -- she shed the -- on a bench and yell back and forth to each other with the polish language it's just so inappropriate. And so they decided to crackdown and it's not a crime. But there's going to be -- and of course there's nothing usual controversy about -- First Amendment. So let's get to it on the other side of the news -- I'm on the Nelson.