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Did Bully Deserved to be Beat up by rest of Class?

Jun 21, 2012|

A San Antonio kindergartner Aiden Neely was seen as the classroom bully by his teacher so the teacher decided to punish him. The teacher lined up the other 24 students and told them to hit little Aiden to teach him a lesson. Was this the right way to teach him a lesson?

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So a lot of all bullies. And we talked a lot about the parents that -- don't think that the a little sunshine. Has ever done anything wrong. We talk about the parents who don't talk a parent teacher conferences. And then demanding answers when their kid gets a failing grade doesn't get couldn't. Good enough marks as far as the parents concerned. Nobody thinks that the little sunshine and it does anything rock. Well -- teacher in Texas was sickened tired of that attitude. Associate client. She has now been fired. Why. What. This -- -- -- a few good men. When. They ordered a code red on a fellow marine -- doesn't step in line we order a code red which are decade a beating. Well let's just say this six year old accused bully. A six year old a sexual an elementary school was in kindergarten. The teacher got so fed up with him bullying the kids. Dead heat. I'm sorry she. Ordered the other kids to beat the six year old kid you got -- is a -- without. He's not able. The kindergartners and he never had any promises behavior ever. Any really wants to make it clear her six year old fifty counts on -- and is far from a bully. But the Stanley says just weeks ago a teacher at Salinas elementary. Accused -- -- of being a bully and decided to teach -- molested by having the other students lined up and hit them. Like for those. Kids hit him he says most of them twice. I he had friends in that classroom and they didn't want him -- -- and. But the six year old never told his parents the incident came to light -- another teacher who witnessed it all. Came for a couple of weeks after the incident. I'm concerned that this teacher's gonna be back in the school system and teaching -- children she doesn't need me around any children. I would say that's probably a good idea at a bouncer from the school. The school superintendent said she's been removed from the school I think we on now that doesn't necessarily mean that she's not collecting a paycheck right now. That doesn't mean she's gonna emerge and another school and public school district intact it's. So imagine now apparently the teacher but actually time the kids hit harder. And harder according to some of the witnesses. Several of 6172666868. That's 6172666868. So teachers the wind wondered beating the one who witnessed didn't didn't nothing about it were both placed on administrative leave. For allegedly allowing these other kids to hit the class only. They took matters into their own hands now I can at some have you. Have and frustrated by the lack of response. To some of the kids who might be bullying -- -- maybe it is -- Antonin girl and that means little boy in the class. -- people elect then those kids get away. What murder. Continued -- magic. Eight teacher. I teacher. Telling kids in kindergarten class. To. A six year old bully him hit it harder. And then she was confronted by this and the kids -- the teachers had to hit him the teacher told us to hit him. Well what happens. She is put -- paid administrative leave. The question I have probably 6172666868. Who thinks these teachers should be any -- cuts. Think that if you're a mom or dad and you set up up by a guy you tried to encourage. Young son to be about a little kids. -- criminally. Criminal charges in the middle of this case. But he teachers simply placed on paid administrative leave how many. Do you think -- they should face some sort of criminal charges. 61726. X 6868. At 6172666868. Importantly we talked a lot. We talked a lot -- We'll talk a little bit about that this teacher -- I'm gonna bring up the whole incident that took place at a prep school this week Pawlenty do you think about the idea. So good afternoon rally at its. I'm tired I am one not yet our values and you every -- Get story that six -- be eaten by every other. -- eat heat finished prompting. -- I want to tell you my song. Was what he exposed when it was bullied in school. And you never told anybody -- -- -- what happened. Denying it which I doubt it was about the club meets this site. It was good it was texting. Emailing and its friends. At school. The east plateau in being -- back in well lit inflate to -- to walk because you walk my chief. That it wasn't ready to jump from -- bedroom love. -- -- Thank god -- friends caused my. -- slowed. Call -- the product is ready to commit suicide. You've never been in the situation. You don't know. And I'm -- It will. I don't -- iced -- bag and believe me I -- my you know my thoughts are with you and your family -- -- terrible thing you've heard about these teenage suicides all over the Ottawa. The little boy who wrote a suicide note. The creeping out this video game too little rather. Hanged in a closet that was to -- he was six years old atlases payments Phoebe Prince story out west in Massachusetts she was bullied into her own life. It was a young marine. That was in the young Marines at my nice. -- -- -- a terrible thing but -- the response to the teacher. To be allowed to have the -- kid beat up the ball. I don't know I'm telling you right now and you wish somebody has dubbed. I -- you don't think teachers should be. The teachers should be applauded not directed at that you think the -- -- my hat as needed to shut up by the chip it in the not it is. Well are. Not only when there are a lot of people -- who. Support the teachers at thank you for the call JR next with masonic feet right imaginary. Well Art Shell like the popular and not let go of that -- -- -- a little are eager are the beating that it got to be learned a lot of Brickell what I said I'll linguistic order -- up -- me when -- -- -- -- -- -- Good but it it I'm glad it'd all be here otherwise. It preserve everything got. I enjoy you know let me just figures argument from happy let's say the mom again because the mom once. Again insisted that her sunshine didn't do anything wrong and of course he wasn't a bully that's at the mom said in that interview. Either Portland or not but aren't you look there's John and -- -- and don't do anything wrong. What repeat armament he ordered a little off. Well. And that parent am what are the teacher is. I think it's going to face firing from the school or at least reassignment the other teacher had been placed on paid administrative leave. The mom wants a teacher to be locked up what do you think is going to happen it is Texas. Day. So again how the mother stuck up for the kid saying that all my little snowflake in doing things he does is. He's a ray of sunshine he does not have -- you it's a little boy. So do you defend the teachers like today in the -- just not able. The kindergartners and he never had any promises behavior ever. He never ever had any problems with his behavior -- -- that never ever he's just a sweet little boy -- you I. I certainly don't I don't think that every inept that -- wanted to smack this kid lying up why doppler like there aren't a few good men. And they had their order and operational code red lion does give up I'm a little kid and have this kid. I submit to a smackdown. Have a -- told his mother he's. Sarah code red is a disciplinary engagement what's happening today. So marine false out of line -- sentiment in his unit to get him back on track. So did they get back on track 6172666868. By allowing. The other -- to -- believe -- talk about bullying in kindergarten. Possibly do is steal someone's crayons I what regarding kindergarten. Kids are bullying and other. Hit the becomes so mean. And you know so many. It's because. Their mothers -- like this mother. He and doing things on he's not a bully he's this little boy he is nice snowflake. In the Summers that wouldn't even -- -- so perfect. While that the problem is that -- teacher in Texas Alex he had to take matters into hand that I teacher in Texas at any lineup hit him harder. Hit him harder and now the mother of this fictional -- the teacher arrested. What do you think it's now. Ordered young child to be beaten in this school and that that's -- gotten us now all about making sure. I do believe that it do you have a bully you have to fight back. I tell you that's if that teacher. Ordered other kids to hit one of my nieces and nephews. I might have an issue with that and I might sound like this mother where -- demanding. You know it has set of shiny silver bracelets. I might be exactly. Like that my parents and you lock this teacher up but. I -- you more in the category of today who thinks that this K we want found on the story itself so we can hear more of the this kid. Deserve everything that he got. 6172666868. He really wants to make it clear her six year old fifty counts on -- and is far from a bully. But the Stanley says just weeks ago with teacher at Salinas elementary. Accused -- -- of being a bully and decided to teach -- molested by having the other students lined up and hit up. -- for those. Kids hit him he says listen twice. I he had friends in that classroom and they didn't want him she -- and. But the six year old never told his parents the incident came to light when another teacher who witnessed it all. Came for a couple of weeks after the incident. I'm concerned it. This teacher's gonna be back in the school system in teaching the children if she doesn't need me around any children. Steve the lawyer has a theory he said she did get the kids attack him because he sang god bless the USA now allows Brooklyn not taxes I'll tell you all about that. What do you think -- are next with Michelle McPhee on AM succeeded Abby Erica out. I think he had to document. Everything that happened Democrats and everyday on the Internet -- and take it -- to show that that's out -- -- -- I think she has every right to act contestant. Identically that. Publicly humiliating a child with the other children don't know -- Whichever one lesson. That they cannot truly is the only nation set. Pensions should be at the appropriate and the amount mentioned in David notification before that point well but it isn't -- where -- -- on the. That's exactly the point that attacks are brought up on apple expects -- well I don't think he -- firing squad the best idea. I do think withers inspire kids have told his parents united and are afraid of getting in trouble he did in effect repeatedly -- -- -- I did and I'm not happy you non that's like my sunshine is perfect. And I and -- I bet he'd come by prospect. Can -- that. That would have been kidnapped by the -- and that would be deeply thought. They've got the benefit locked they would be trouble. Did they go -- and you talk about discipline kids and clearly this kid but again a lot of spank -- and Allman. The teacher felt like she had to deliver a summit school. Patented enhanced its side should not a lot of time they can't even tell the parents of the kids in -- I think it's positive that I can say is it. Now -- -- -- there's a lot of government. Issued -- them as true that we won't get into that that. I'd get -- but the teachers visitors document. -- -- -- at the code -- you put it on naked. And it thank you so much for the -- -- you -- next on it yeah hi Nancy. Now I'm Catholic school and there was a little girl being bullied by this one it was. Or it and I thought besides picking up on himself. You wreck dot GQ where a lot of artists and it was funny teacher -- meet Cuba I don't know how to purchase tickets. It even defending. Another typical -- And that's the difference between practical and public -- on. But you want and you've actually awarded at the end of the year a peace prize for keeping peace. I can have a little school -- at the ethnic. -- should with an advocate years line them up into but the keeper job. But do you think that story I appreciate it you -- that's an apparent just didn't California. To get it -- teacher in trouble because they'd like this fans grades. Yet the teacher wanna -- to get a beating from classmates. In kindergarten. The mom and insists that her mental eaten. Perfect I'm shoving B we are ANC AW RKO six and seven. 2666 it's sixty. Come back -- in his fitness -- we are and -- every RK out. Debbie TT you despise the most when you're in school teacher the 69 even today is being mean -- rat ass teacher. Still the scars on my knuckles. Mr. Murphy. Missed -- -- any you don't limit their means of winning you dated a few years ago you remember her name right missed Mark -- I was nick Heyward. She was my fourth grade poetry teacher she was did vasser the meanest person I've ever met. However. I parents. Ever -- need to get -- Hayworth backed by leaking drugs in her car. Probably the story and about to tell you out of California. Rip currents that might impact to this conversation just a minute about the elementary school teacher. She -- kindergartners six Schultz. And what she's accused of doing is lining up when people kids and letting every one of the twenty poor kid deliver a code red. On to. This wind and -- little -- who weighs fifty pounds. Out. Do you agree with the teacher that does little ads that -- call that he leave firing squad. And this lady candle -- 6172666868. At 6172666868. And -- all surprising. That the little boy's mother. But -- was her parents and why I think -- he wasn't a bully. Well I wanna quite out yet again that little boy that little boy. Did not report this to his mom. The two weeks in the -- that story about the Campbell and said she had witnessed this so do you think that the teachers it just so fed up. 6172666868. That's 6172666868. At the teacher just so. Disk -- about what they see happening in the school. That they took matters into their own hands and San Antonio is that what happened. So I wanna hear from you on that in the meantime. I want askew who was the worst. Teacher you ever had. Who all was then meet next meet this person. It's all -- -- believe ending on memory like iPad two when you brain -- mean it's teaching you ever had. What if somebody -- lot of other kids to hit harder and harder -- you I next with sonic speed already had Steve. Every shell out and got. I -- on -- -- -- -- comedy you know it was only six but -- a lot adult they -- only to get beaten and knocks you out. I think chat I think -- really need to get a severe beating so that they all. Just exactly. How it feels because. I never worked out all when I was a kid -- it's kind of on the other end but I wasn't but I would I -- around me. Follow -- I got all the violence might at six all the Brothers in all but I am. But I mean you know if this -- -- the bully and he was six you know a lot to respect you know that the -- check each and every it must -- So -- you and I collapsed to one ought to abide kids you know. That he depicted casino in San Antonio Texas Steve like on these little six year old kid. Everywhere. I -- I can. Did you imagine against robbers and and I don't every -- and. -- -- lot on the line in the I did it sound like. Actually play out -- Nowadays it's just so horrific Tammy from -- that poor girl's feet beat ranged. July 2 all the little kids I mean for. -- -- at its print a lot of hunting issue as. She was pretty. Where exactly that little boy lead Disney and that's terrible I can't remember this is how little attention I know I was paying well I think it was all right. He was twelve beautiful in and he had with artistic yet special needs kids are terrorizing him. -- -- you don't forget that Iran -- like against all the suicide note please write videogames to my father. I knowledge or as a parent I got two pitch my -- seventy. Gotten. He got a little not only when he was younger I tend to see it more like -- the in the middle school. That's where it tends to usually happen more. And -- -- the kids get high school like think they mature enough. So where did the bullying so quite a bit last. Because like to you know some of the more mature kicked in high school don't wanna see. In all police checked in on the weaker kids you know someone usually stand up arm in high school in all. What should be teaching it the -- because -- techsters and it wanted sister I mean in the third grade would -- kids. On top of that apparently dragging him go into my head. This year. You know I had a lot of get teachers back I drop in the seventy -- you know. He needed Steve I'm I'm -- now. Well maybe watney was what yeah -- you see assistant hockey coach and he looked like a weenie. It turned out that he was they got a black belt picture out -- and it's all up yeah safety -- -- one day and I'll tell you. Eager to really hard at us like she is right so they'll tell us some idea Abigail -- you know any any trap burn unit. Downstairs I capitalized. But now. Yeah. I wanna dock so that we let me as a don't allow time you wised up to the -- Steve thank you clinic. I now expressed. At around the -- me. Again I don't think we can't condone any violence on children but the parents might be a different story so. I think that the fish stinks from the head down I don't think that this does news that a mother -- it was a problem I think I -- What are what Amy Neil instead is he -- well leave my little snowflake. And music Gardner and -- -- have any behavior problems not have bear. I'm sure the -- -- sexual I. I'm sure what I'm sure I'm sure there -- stuff doesn't stink either just everybody around there. They you know it's like it's a different status they've certainly -- doubt I'd bet that this is apparent think probable and maybe the -- have been called -- -- -- not yet. But you know -- the bigger problem called out of the school called a little -- sooner or later she's gonna realize he may be there at the bigger problem but she doesn't. If you get somebody else involved the help we're back. Well that's exactly what it should have been Gretzky knew the code red definitely should have been placed on the mother. But tell me Chris who -- this fixing him I did the absolute worst now. Our orbit -- schools like that for years but you know what they were the worst what I was there but I think that now for all love. The extra enforcement they used on -- Did you ever have to go through a. We know we had the sisters of saint Joseph's so it penguin firing squad where you had to go and explain yourself each want to apologize to them. -- what you get. That's is that why you need the sticks out in my because Chris some astonished I can't remember what I had a lunch yesterday. But I don't have a message tailored -- exactly I remember Alec closest. I ran on and heard the end of dust on her shoulders I remember the bad -- to where I can remember her explicitly vividly -- -- she's like IPO. Yes there was just so -- was good -- and not end and she smelled of formaldehyde sort pretty sure she got like twenty years ago and nobody bit later down but. But you know the problem is that you know I look back up and everything she did to me I try to -- Exit I'm crisply beyond shall all right your argument the line my eyes out to I mean I'm sure it came as a shock to all of you that I -- -- -- -- -- I -- back. Thank you Chris the -- I haven't done IP we are AM fixated on Barack jail so that's -- Antonio Texas teacher tells all the little kids -- the -- Are. Those hot. -- teacher by the mother who continues to insist and and 6172666868. That teacher of the year the one that you'll never again I'm pretty sure little patent and navigate and the dead is kindergarten teacher. You know we're. World Russia over whoever afterwards on Boston's talk station KM sixty -- -- do talk radio. It's. And and and and it happened and that means and ends. Yeah definitely I'm gonna be we are AMC DW RKO. 6172666868. That's 617. 2666868. It seems to hear a lot of people traumatized by a teacher. You're my story unless they weren't with the dander dust on her shoulders in the bad shoes and talent -- says. Well what about mr. -- pretty high school social studies teacher who took one texture into the bathroom and to beat them and would I always. Ogle the well developed girls that was mr. Lafferty who teacher PO. While I know -- the teacher is gonna be a little Aden. Nearly that's his name -- nearly six years old. It is his mother says. Her -- is simply perfect no behavioral problems. He didn't ever do anything wrong it was always yeah the kids with a mean one's well. His kindergarten teacher didn't agree. She told every kid in the -- -- line up in give this kid it's Mac. So it's when he kids lined up code red style. -- -- -- -- Is this kid in the teacher is yelling hit harder and harder to some of the kids who are more reluctant. So sure that they -- nearly his kindergarten teacher is going to beat. At one human eye on remember certain code red is a disciplinary engagement which means that. So marine falls out of line at sentiment in his unit to get him back on track. So I don't. What is code red moment for the teacher 6172666868. That's six months 72666868. The teacher has been suspended with pay the mother wants her locked up. But of course in the interview that she gave saying she should be rested -- not -- I found out -- the truth IPO. 61726660. 68 hello ray. Morning or afternoon as this. The system has broken. Apparently it's broken nationally is certainly broken here in this situation. But he my daughter's preschool teacher in these. State funded. Nursery schools is to move baby -- who knew weren't true. But issues related incidents. Where. Kids have been an -- multiple times. And there -- the point in one instance of drawing blood. And -- -- able to tell the parents of this little monster. That the kid is fighting and so there's at least three differences. And then they can send a letter. Yeah serious I am serious you have like a little Campbell running around at preschool classroom. I have kids come home with a friend is missing what happened. Well they didn't do it three times yet. -- -- And a three times as -- you know that this is its savage it really is it's a -- This terrible I mean think about it you know that the hard work the is it your daughter and the RA had done it yet you daughter. Maybe what she goes through every single day and on top of it the parents these days. They have no conception of how hard their job as the ray this -- -- GI daughter and any time. So like I couldn't do that chip. I could and I blow the first day it. We did these two parents in LA that got locked up. They're both attorneys talking about attorneys. But they planted drugs in the carbon elementary school volunteered at this input -- woman -- for free. And didn't like the way that this volunteer was supervising their son so they were planted by key game perk is that marijuana any used pipe. Behind the driver's seat of her unlocked car. They needed an anonymous call to report seeing an erratic driver. And then they took up now this happened in 2011. Ending parents just caught up now up now for our entire year this teacher had to. Had to fight these drug charges that she had absolutely nothing to do it hire a lawyer is she got suspended even graduate and get paid. Her reputation in tatters because these two crazy parents who planted drugs -- vehicle. Italy and it allows it to say that. That this kind of injustice system. You have to have. Payment for this position there have been allowed to get away with. Michigan made full restitution and some major monetary way of -- there. That's the Sheila thank you rate for the call Ray -- you worst teacher -- do you remember even now. Where the worst change a little bit be physically. -- mention -- name. You can I mean at this -- issues Jerusalem mr. and mrs. content. -- -- and into the room questioned how old you. I'm 6767. Years old and this is content type you wind -- pretty quickly and she's. Eleven. Now aren't you -- are under attack on mrs. Condit and that's true that I decades. Actually there was a there was it doesn't mr. Gannon as well but he receivers were innocuous because. He would open is is I'm sure it's in worship his jacket pocket. Is this sense suit coat jacket pocket and he had a three different sizes of sticks. Last 63 different sizes depending junior. Your offense would determine what -- you've got into it. But as I recall I never saw him use that it was always a threat. It's just I got your -- have to do -- pointed the Belgrade yeah. And so on my mother could just make your rag like a little look grants to the wooden school ball in every it is stopped immediately. Yet in the younger years here tempered that love is a very good thing. I'm with you right thank you very much for the call -- where acts when he did -- clinic can't pre 67 years old and still remembers what it was like to see missed again and sticks. In his pocket. And yet he was saying earlier today you know if you're a little brat like dancing in any teachers smacked you. He never told your parents like the -- -- tell is mom could you be more freedom what you parents -- you do you acting up rather than teacher pay. But this teacher and San Antonio now. I even I have to admit that having every one of the kids hit the bully. Given a bully got beat down. I -- -- what do you guys think 6172666868. That's 6172666868. But he just heard -- and how difficult it is especially with his with these little monsters. Preschool kindergarten. It's so difficult. To get the mothers to pay attention to how obnoxious -- little snowflakes are. There -- rays of sunshine who know their average do anything on the textured 339 said it's even worse than that. My wife on the daycare and it did a child that -- it's a document they noted by the parent of the child that was assaulted. It is against. A lot are heard tell them which child hit a bit them. You report for preschoolers. I'm not a president can can poke the -- out of a correction officer. -- beat can really -- our attempt to rape and parents and you can't I know the name. If they do that in a prison. Is like a preschool. So the little kid bites my -- Abigail. The schools not allowed by law to give the name of this true six point 72666868. That's 617. 2666868. That's incredible I from the teachers Sony have and that people who do deal with little kids is this true -- terrorists -- Six years old he's a class bully the teacher what is on advocates Mac and hit him harder. It they haven't there Massachusetts little -- nearly doesn't get a beating he gets a pass -- gray day. This is it'd daycare this at this stage Ryan day care that are out there. And I also -- his stories like. Missed again with the sticks 6172666868. Texas 339 on apple I'm luggage checked mine is saying mr. Johnson. The in school suspension teacher was a huge imposing names like 62280. Pounds. If he got detention with ten had a -- around the coach track and field and he would only -- the dirty US shadow. In he would not -- and part of the team and basically Berkeley she Newington never -- to -- that again. And AdAware. Did she mean what would speed beating the thing that. Worked the UN school six point 72666868. And a share more information about these two. Lawyers in LA who planted drugs in the bombing here. And there elementary schools car. -- -- -- well I'll explain it on just a minute on the stomach -- we are and succeeded at York 6172666860. -- -- -- We -- -- the victim in this case was a hard working. Parent volunteer here this elementary school and out of nowhere she was -- out of a classroom by a police officer and brought out to the parking lot. And asked to explain why there were drugs clearly visible. In the backseat of -- call. You're the person they planted the drugs owner in your car right yes I am I am the -- That she's smiling now what Kelly Peters has been through this past year is nothing to be happier. In February of 2011. While Kelly was volunteering inside plots of Vista elementary school. A police officer Cain pulled her from class and asked her to come out to her call. I went out the car hit a solid is in there I. Lost my breath I mean this. Seriously I thought it was on him I joke shows like somebody was playing in Japan. You -- breath she luster freedom she clustered job he had the -- -- all the pretty -- -- the car. All are issued just volunteer in the school that was targeted by these two lawyers from LA. The maximum penalty is that crime for destroying that woman's life. Three years in state prison. California that's the Max three allowed the ads for reckon this woman's life destroy your reputation is on tap into artwork she's pulled out of the classroom. That's in C. Actually positively in -- And that's why you can almost understand why -- teacher in San Antonio Texas told her her have to beat up the bully. Because -- how many meetings she has requested with a little -- mother. Who. Knows how many times that little Aden had -- downplayed LA girls hair but put on. On the back at them and see those with a skit was up to she had -- -- and she ordered the twenty put students tend hitter and hit it harder. So. -- There's parents six point 72666868. At 617. 2666868. On sept annually and tell you about some other little monsters who would did some. Atrocious things to a -- -- actor. -- absolutely atrocious. And you don't monitors that I can tell anybody -- don't believe me they always believed it. And I absolutely positively think there's truth to that. I think that these teachers and you heard -- talk about his daughter having a preschool. Where there aren't even allowed to do is indicated that they have three offense that biting kicking and beating the date yet that. -- Is not allowed by law to tell the parent of a victim. Restaurants so why not out there at 6172666868. At 617. 2666868. In three years folks three lousy years is enough. For those parents that growing light about hot -- preschool volunteer. And you just picture I mean deputies found a picture of the white. To lighten LA yeah. She's -- classic Cali Botox. Plastic surgery faced. Gross routes. Absolutely grouse. And you know that they have they've sued the school twice but what it's called an adequate. Pretty school. Way in raping a peeking into the rainbow colors -- -- -- Florio's. The people that the teacher acted out there. 62666868. At 62666868. And teacher. I didn't believe in him I. Wrapped. In a way and -- -- -- -- -- Murphy. The public school. Me it. Fourth grade poetry she would scream and yell let Leo it was absolutely appalling. She make it stand up front of the class in region homes and she would berate you. If you stumbled on alert. She was now works and I can I can picture her vividly right now who is -- champions -- at 726 X 6860 day. You just know. You just know that our parents didn't respond like these parents did. That's fatigue that's -- mean I nearly the mother of the little six year old. Who was put through BP we firing squad was issued a code red for kids. By the teacher. You know why aren't keeping kids you want to be in a Bollywood -- -- every kid in the class hey you're back while I teacher's been suspended with pay. I'm sure she's going to be just sign because she is by the teachers' union. But nonetheless. There are a lot of people out there who say they simply can't blame her because if the mom is -- in this. You know it's not the first time she said her little sunshine snowflake. It's picked. These are not able to. The kindergartners and he never had any promises behavior ever. Nearly -- and making clear Ers are. We is at least as you know and biggest problem -- six point 726 X 6868. -- -- -- -- -- -- Because legislation. Has been written it adds that home. Acres in Massachusetts the key issue that's actually could be of some marry an important. -- innings ordering Cambridge it's not about forcing private retailers. About this is actually get. There's legislation. Team giving teacher performance and valuation. Raider week. And ten year. How did that piece of legislation will be debated. And it'll be a boat on that going no where exactly. Did it but it's about. Think education committee and analyst bill Wednesday. That could help avert. -- by this honor. And on -- -- reaching proposal that's the children that it's -- -- -- now. Shockingly it knows that that they had almost no support. Almost no support on Beacon Hill. Not a priority -- to reports. Elected leaders of -- and the board of education in the process of implementing and valuation system. All they want to support -- legislation like this. -- Teachers unions will be them. And they -- on very expensive. And lucrative racing. Boats -- at it. -- -- -- -- -- -- on how I am going good I remember my I remember my teacher I had the sources as saying chosen as my teachers. It's just a lot French issues about six foot tree issuable to thirty should play the patriots cheated me so -- stats. That those -- -- back on most days as you talked about before Michelle. You get whacked -- school that you like Omega -- But you like stretching get it got crucified this and what back and that's that cycle. I'm -- but I mean I think Ricky and you and I happened -- -- we both agree that this teacher and a lot line. I don't -- get extra points and it's at. This fictional sex in right on beating -- like like private -- on metal jacket. Well I think what it's announced deciding match on as we talked many times before the ball watching -- on the ice. I meet parents -- it apparent that at all involved in the kit slides in the global reach audiences -- perfect and then get the parents that -- And other -- are planting drugs in the cars of their preschool line. I believe that's unbelievable I hope they lost their law licenses to look they were convicted. Are -- that teacher gets to get -- DNC how so that I don't ask don't down. I hope that she shows them and that's unbelievable and I got a number of you know family members much -- friends that those kids are teachers and stuff now. And it's probably the most. And being a parent that's probably I think it's even -- than being a parent. I completely reroute you rich thanks for the call Gerri I -- with Michelle on its feet right ahead. Our way into out to -- up against the breaks it already had. Okay. I'm quote from animal source. Don't care and digital social can't keep. Those two KT TPM. And my worst teacher so what we've got available so well and he was a real beauty. How all huge Harry. 6666. In Vista I listened to tiger and what grade. Have a great and you to this day decades later still however that many transmissible listen. You better life. It's. Jerry what I just did. It it definitely impacted the -- you realized that I. -- thank you very much of acknowledgment that we. The -- on back and also. Apple mobile and apple will be at an instrument. In its X 8680 -- stay in the kid's mother. Exactly.