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Michael Patrick Leahy's latest on Elizabeth Warren

Jun 12, 2012|

In 1990, Rutgers Professor Philip Shuchman charged Elizabeth Warren, along with Teresa A. Sullivan (above), the President of University of Virginia who resigned unexpectedly yesterday, and Jay Westbrook, her two co-authors of the 1989 book, As We Forgive Our Debtors: Bankruptcy and Consumer Credit in America, with “scientific misconduct.” Within a few months, Warren’s friends and former colleagues at the University of Texas quickly completed an error-filled investigation. This secret report was accepted by University of Texas President William Cunningham. For two decades, Warren and her co-authors have claimed in academic circles that this report--never before made public--exonerated them. Michael Patrick Leahy joins Howie to discuss the latest Warren saga.

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And joining us now why is is one of the one of the people who's been most involved in the trying to expose. -- was -- Randy Warren for the phony that she is the phone she's a phone the Indian chief of plagiarized. She's just study she's not she's mama nice person she lies about her rough. Her background your -- about a parents' background. It's just it's just not a not a pretty picture for the democratic party of the people of Massachusetts this woman should ever again. We already have now won narcissistic the United States I don't believe we need another one. And I bit Michael Patrick Leahy has got me has gotten new stories this this week running a bright part dot com great -- but call -- like to check them out. Mike thanks for being with us here on our car show. Alan great to be with you and I sure wish I could be joining you right now -- is on the waterfront and stuff like a great afternoon. It's it's a great afternoon nominee of the Yemeni people from the old days around here and we're -- they can you know chatting with them during the breaks were gonna bring amend your soon to meet everybody and it's it's anywhere from a lot of fun but. It let's let's talk about the Elizabeth Warren's latest latest misadventure here. Well it's very interesting and and -- -- that tell you how this all developed. As you know well we wrote an article last week and bright board in which have. We document that the charges by very well respected Rutgers professor. That Elizabeth Warren to -- Sullivan the former. President of the university and and today westward there were guilty of scientific misconduct. In the research behind -- 99 book. That's his delegation. Yes. And I'm not accurately I'm not qualified to determine whether or not. Being gates and scientific misconduct but what I can tell what you. Is that the University of Texas where they are quite good time. Undertook a a -- whitewash. Research report. Investigation. That cleared it and I I received it. We get a report. Last week from all all people to recess so open herself. Yes. The then the president of the University of Virginia. She was at the time the president of the university Virginia but she no longer is -- he. Suddenly. Resigned -- forced to resign on Sunday morning. And that was just do -- two days after I had sent her an email which basically said he's certainly two page letter that will be. Review should be able to superpower dot com perhaps today maybe tomorrow. Basically defending herself and eight documents but I look at the documents and the documents were not exculpatory. And so I sent her an email on Thursday. Basically saying that these documents are exculpatory more documents and I'm gonna basically gonna -- that it was a whitewash report and for two decades you've been claiming you were exonerated that in fact she wondered what we have this thing I -- her -- sense. But but it didn't give -- O'Malley the I have been following the story in the Virginia papers obviously since since she resigned and and others say. All well you know there's a lot of -- questions about the which way we're gonna go in this new was a new era. Academic standards and how we're gonna report I mean it just it's just a lot of BS is what it is there they're coming up all kinds of excuses but everybody seemed shocked that does she resigned on just so suddenly MED do you think it's related to this but. Politically about it won't. Very hard to say -- I I do I do know this every single report that I regret. And it says that every one bearish -- -- the suddenness of the departure. Desks. And so it's quite possibly coincidental. But also possibly not because it is quite clear that that that this 22 year old charge of scientific misconduct. Would never resolved and it's never been answered publicly by either Elizabeth Warren. Three -- opened the former president for the University of Virginia or cooperative Westbrook. Who's a professor at the University of Texas law school at -- Now or what exactly they accused wouldn't you talk about scientific misconduct and he basically they're used to you covering their tracks basically -- you. So little in the weeds here Alley on this yet and so but. Here's what it looks like. That this central charge. That professorship -- me. Was that they arranged to good data. A -- report. So that. It's just would be impossible to verify. Whether that data was the correct or not bad is -- common in in the scientific misconduct when there's no way to verify. -- And so -- whitewash report that Peter received taxes put together which is basically brief three page report. That I documented in my next articles had five significant factual errors and you know they never address that question and so the question and if you get into that the nitty gritty of sort of how the academic world works. But the the big change in methodology of the studies so that nobody could go in and see -- -- 15100. Bankruptcy file. From three different states. And they took away from the raw data. Will be identifying information and named hate them. Why would they do this Mike I I don't understand why they would do this to me if you if you oil legitimate study there's -- need to do something like this. Well I you know and again this could -- this truly get into the weeds. But. They claim. That it was because every university apparently have. What it's called the institutional review board probing them. They claim. The University -- Texas. Institutional review board. Hope then that they had to remove. The identifying information about these I would. Since they can that not so that will also very similarly global he didn't have to. So the so what is that what Elizabeth Warren now she she wasn't she -- of the artists that started -- equally. You know the charge applied to her as well as three in April but. But is -- but again as you know over the last 78 weeks now we've been told what she is such a range great score. You know one -- she worked so hard and we just we're we're just proud to have promised on the back over in all of us. -- and what it what you're saying is that her her over or -- -- scholarship is it is. Flawed to say the very least and that it into the Harvard should've known best as well. Hazards that almost certainly knew that there were. But they're not talking to me now that the meter former being Clark nor threats -- -- were very eager to talk to -- at the beginning of the investigation not talking to me. But we won't address exactly you know again the questions what did Harvard know when did they know it. It's certain that these charges with scientific misconduct were brought up at some point along the way. It's also certain that both the university access. And the university. Pennsylvania where where was quite at that time were desperate to pressure. Rutgers university and professor shipment to recant the -- but they're never what you never recanted. And Harvard knew that and I don't think they did anything to really investigated. Now where -- in trouble is both former dean Clark. And professor of Reid announced that the time ever hiring that he was an excellent scholar. And one of the top in her field I mean they just went overboard and and he just simply what you heard there was great question about the scholarship. Even -- I'm just looking of the there at the headline Elizabeth Warren's medical bankruptcy study gets demolished. That's where she was including that if you were an alcoholic -- somehow you were you were more likely to -- become bankrupt like that was so important kind of that you know got I've noticed that in my days -- -- you know you get addicted to drugs or alcohol chances are you gonna go broke right I mean. Soledad the whole point -- first the beginning of these -- native American Heritage claims and then the academic claims this. Chart was wild against her first major work -- her academic empirical research has been questioned every times since. Yeah yeah every country and and you know -- there was a good column in the in it in the Boston Herald that I by William Mayer who teaches political science at the at northeastern and he eat you know you you know there stonewalling hostage you know on this affirmative action thing. And yet he's he's sort of sum that up. The essence of affirmative action is the race and ethnicity are taking into account when hiring decisions are made yet once minority professors have been hired no one wants to admit that race had anything to do with that decision. For that would imply that the persons hired were in some so important cents less qualified than their peers. The result is that no matter how important race was in the initial hiring decision that fact is -- never openly acknowledged. All of America and other words right academic all America. Well you're seeing that -- Harvard right now I mean yeah there are people who know the truth. And they are not talking. I know and -- it's Ian you know she was the you know we have the the annual Bunker Hill day parade it's a little early it was lower early this year because these -- one of the bump up against Father's Day. But does she she decides to march in the Bunker -- day parade on Sunday and she was getting a little bit of what she's gonna be getting a lot of for the rest of the year which is whenever -- goes somewhere there were no. You know. I don't know how she does not know how you do that when it comes to scientific misconduct but secure feed them of that as well because this is. The floodgates are starting to open -- and in this is so important. Because she never. Never in 22 years has he publicly. Responded to this charge. Nor has he refuted it. They basically took his -- report report that Texas did. And they used to this copper. To claim that they were exonerated and they were we have not exonerate. And when you can't check the check back. And yeah. The Leo in fact he's hit his name has come up many times. As as possible and the various think thing about this -- related to Virginia. Is you know in Virginia. They were they're trying to hire this global warming. Guy Michael Mann who's had all sorts of questions about the integrity of cancer research suggests that now. President all of us baptists -- they tell us. And out so it's the big it is big big issue about academic integrity and and it's hard to say you know to what degree our report played a role hitters sudden decision to resign. But we'll find out over the next couple weeks. Weather was. Significant in her decision to resign or not what. The purple people forgot about this such guy with the -- -- studies he I forget he was from Emory University happily bright. Words from I think so and again I I haven't looked into great detail but several people have had that this is very similar. Basically his cooking the books with data that couldn't be -- Right he what he said was -- -- he he he came up with this study and you know everybody said that that the Second Amendment was passed by the founding fathers because everybody was armed and everybody was in the militia and they believed in firearms. Until he went back and he did all this resurgence at that vote no to people the BF founding authors and in the -- -- the eighteenth into the nineteenth century they didn't have but. Didn't have many guns around to people sort of trying to do -- only if people were pro Second Amendment we're we're trying to do war. Researchers figure out where it was getting your stuff from any one time he I think he had in California he said they said wearers were these documents and first he said. What was wiped out there were wiped out an awful lot. And then that it turned out that they weren't they weren't quite cut off what they where there was never that would never be document because -- cited that was -- county when he was. -- these wouldn't when he was citing these numbers it's. It's it's like the -- it's like the marriage application document that was being cited you know I was approval for native American Heritage and it didn't accessed. Well what's gonna be interesting to me -- is. Part of this data apparently. Existence some -- that is without the information related to the actual case means that people. And names of the people involved bankruptcies. The other question is this this is going to be sufficiently. Important to be academic integrity of safe harbor. And that was the warmth that that they call to reopen the inquiry. I don't think -- well. No I don't think so either. Now the again they they they they have more America in academia than they do in the mafia right now you know there's there's there's no question about it. I think with this story proves we is that a cloud of questions. Now -- continue to hanging over Elizabeth Warren head as it relates to her academic scholarship. Yup it's it's going to be interest to see how it all plays out -- more stories coming down the come on come on -- well you have. We have numerous stories as you know I -- part you know the first story. It's never the last shoe to drop the we have quite a few more stories related to this with more detailed documentation to come over the next week. We good let's again let's take a caller to while Michael 18774694322. If you wanna talk about Elizabeth Warren via fake Indian. And now it's appearing that she is a fake scholar as well. And you know just about everything else bottlers -- is as far as like NC. -- your next with Howie Carr and Michael Patrick Leahy from bright part. -- -- -- I'm definitely lock -- -- one thing I want to do our. -- to balloon Elizabeth Warren affect Indians but we have got our minds of water because there's a lot on going market that you realize. We have right and he got the White House who was extremely. Dangerous. Who is playing stupid because he -- normal -- stereotype. He's playing so but I mean yeah he's saying he deserved the Academy Award he's on a pretty he's convinced me. I believe -- stupid bill. Thanks for the call -- Joseph your next with how point guard Michael Patrick Leahy go ahead Joseph. Oh. Yeah that's -- equity. Warrants -- A political commercial which he called CEO. Game. All right about. This expect. Well boom boom boom TV. -- -- And I would contact Jeffrey -- Jeffrey Immelt you can hit lot of guys issue essentially at general political body. Well I think I I think she's one of these people will say is say -- do when he thing to wanted to get some kind of edge you know go to Michael I mean I don't think. So I think Jen and joke actually raises a good point that -- professor Chapman breaks back in 1990. Essentially keep that in addition to the these -- scientific misconduct he says look what big east operatives done Elizabeth Warren -- -- and they are essentially. Using this as sort of let's say yeah shouting point. To go and use there populist. Higher level populist -- That's totally unrelated to this debt. And that's really. Part of the problem here I think Elizabeth Warren. Stepped forward policies that are simply not supported by data without that data being real or invented. Right well -- that and that's the whole thing about the medical bankruptcy. Study which it which was more significant relief because. Obama was who was running around countryside he would be right before the vote on obamacare right. You figure -- that's exactly right and I think what we're gonna see is basically this is two decades. Elizabeth Warren and probably more. I've been -- decades. Left wing. Democratic. Policies. Where they claim to have evidence to support those policies but where the evidence just doesn't exist. It's it's usually the the -- you'd think that we dig deeper into this woman's background the more amazing it is that she's gotten this far but I I think that I still think Michael but the the that she would be nowhere. Without the Indian. -- The -- I think that was all part of her persona that -- -- if it turns out probably not this week but next week we're going to be looking into some detail. Related to charges of what's called ethnic broad -- affirmative action world. All. All of that phrase ethnic broad. There's so much -- We're going good to essentially made that charge against her I think yesterday. Like native Americans yeah so it's it's it's you know this is this story will continue until well Election Day and perhaps beyond. Won't remember Michael I mean that the could be a person for -- -- we know about it at Boston the person from my bed Delaware. The be married -- he was an American who walked. Made up this up phony resume for self -- the it changed -- she's trying to parlay this into the United States senate it's crazy. They -- with. You know how you've lived in Massachusetts so you know what the voting environment in fairness we do get -- UCL. Other voters will decide. I do I do right now like the idea the idea I just don't I'm I'm not that I think any other state in the union not -- which -- be you know a sure loser in November I think even a state like Maryland or Illinois you don't really people who really corrupt states I think they -- gotten rid of mine now I think this is the only state in the -- in the in the nation where she -- survived this. What's happening to me it hasn't totally ignore her critics. Yeah. I don't -- -- bit but -- she. It it's weird because she really can't do do what -- she can't go very many places you know. She finished because she never knows when that's a problem it's gonna walk up the rear its ugly head again Joseph your next -- powered car another joke or that GO. Yes I have a question I found a copy of -- Warren. -- the obituaries and at the -- quote self employed business owner. I was wondering it. I don't know we ever hear about it Arianna heart attack and -- well how tough it was for grown up. Have you ever done any research into the background of the what kind of business we have. That's a good question their father died in 1997. And -- mcdonalds today carrying UV cast doubts heat. He's you know I I. Don't believe that he really had much of a business career. -- here. Supposedly. He's heard that car dealership. When Elizabeth was a child and his partner ran up with the money. -- what I've seen he was involved at the carpet salesmen and as a you have a building. -- But diet they're not really much -- a record they're at -- but obviously if you have anything just send me a -- that -- -- dot com and we by the way LE. Steadily from your listeners but a lot of people and a really great researcher on that of course that's how we found he plagiarized their recipes what are your listeners. -- Spoke to your audience and this is -- -- tips or send them to what part dot com and we follow them all of we have probably -- Over a hundred people in the country now sending us tips on with the war. Well that's great when she was twelve for dad suffered a heart attack this is wrong web -- the store where he worked changed his drop and cut his -- in the medical bills piled up. But and we lost their car bomb went to work answering. Owns -- years to pay the mortgage home wait too much. Thank them up in the tough time you know wiping the tears from my guys they they would your next with it when you look at last card. I don't know three cars by the -- -- Axl gets this is what two more years after that that you -- first job lines Oka H 99 years well it's. Let's see when. Well let's see she got -- first job but mine babysitting for family across the street from our house. Wolf who all along what women what what females than not they be set at some point during their childhood right. She started waiting tables at thirteen that are in analysis Mexican restaurant. Maybe she's a -- maybe she's part Mexican to Mike. All three of her brother served in the military she got married at nineteen and after graduating from college start teaching in elementary school. Her first baby daughter Emilia was born was a book was port 22 etc. etc. etc. She's trying to make yourself seem like you know the the barefoot girl with -- it yeah dale and you're next with Howie -- Michael Patrick Michael Patrick Leahy. -- -- -- -- Yeah all of the University of Virginia everybody could drop them here the problem but the departure. And couple of it -- say that I heard recently the board of visitors. Six member board of visitors. Are equally distributed. Between eight Democrats that they republic. And the vote. And for her resignation. What you and which we think during this political season because they believe it would have been some -- standard is playing in Auckland. And the but the big ones and I don't know this is sort of like Pittsburgh this morning coffee shop. If he had been fired if they had fired her after they decided that if there. It would have -- hole bigger salary which is close the half million dollars 470000. -- like that. -- resign in it and forfeited. That -- some I don't know that here I am resident anywhere that is the story that I heard from our idea. Britain and beyond City Council so I don't know whether. So she so she was in a real hurry to get out Mike what's true. Well I think the caller and thanks forgetting that this information for truck so yes I can confirm that the import of visitors. All sixteen of them unanimously asked for resignation. And you if you did resign but she knew that if he didn't resign if you would be fired. I don't know. It seems awfully -- and everybody there in users -- Virginia is shocked and wanting explanations as everybody including. Teresa -- told them is quiet about them. -- what I can tell the real reason for her resignation. Thanks for the call they would keep less than Paul you're next with our current Michael Patrick Leahy go ahead Paul. Current government. They -- electric engines and our capital opera they're being static. Government. While stop a crack about the -- -- -- stop at the politically I thought but. Well -- wait and see how he is the consumer protection bureau but I hasten to point out. That that was that legislated enabling legislation was passed by congress based large click on. Her research studies which. Are questionable. Yeah for -- and and she was so and I she was so unpopular with members of congress who as we all know or not renowned for there are. It they're non phone Venus or shall we say they they couldn't take care equipment maker at all. Let's see here like many in the top echelons of -- team this is from the Washington Post Sullivan -- -- regarded as Oprah squalor. -- -- And a and and India an accomplished administrator will come achieve. Her compensation age -- she will receive an annual compensation this is from two years ago when she got the job she will receive an annual compensation package of 600 and TV thousand dollars. 680000. Dollars. And I always like. Dad about Sullivan. Us this is this to part with scientific misconduct relating to see Warren articles -- a book she co wrote. They're really has haven't been any. Claims an academic misconduct other than her affiliation with that was the warrant. Well. Jesus say -- she's the same ages was born to -- it out yeah she definitely got a partners. Gerri one more call and we'll let you go like Jerry your next what I want car great. Public or caught. Look at the Japanese summer aren't as anybody -- brought much change in their family in her life. That would have been an easy way out the -- not panic and it. You know I really expected it to -- Jerry. Will take one more to it Jordan your next what powered car and Michael Patrick Leahy go ahead Jordan. Start the starlet that yet approach here there are in the that this is the same thing that. The Elizabeth or saying as far as the blaming dumping anything. There really being there. Sure it sure. The president brochure and it all right great market covered. Always hear you talking is he talking Michael I deciding about. He'd -- is that literary brochure. That that -- for a while it was all that's right about truth you know is more example of just obliterate stop paying attention. Well and also the fact that that you don't make some more more exotic creature. To it and I did. A lot to that I think over Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama white to have the V persona of some of exotic. And that tends to support this whole phony narrative that there exotic people from humble beginnings struggling to succeed. In a terrible world. Nasty Republicans. And white people. But it. Or should I guess that's really a good thing repeating myself a -- -- -- but that's okay Michael Patrick Leahy you're doing a fantastic job please keep us informed about what's going on here has we've got to want. We got us to slow this woman down and you know now. Now she's trying to wise you know gold go to the -- to talk about how wonderful would be that bunker they'll play as a national holiday oh great yet just what we view of -- national holiday for acts. You know but I keep keep going and sort of be more stuff coming out the back in the days to come. Oh yes for the next few weeks you'll see a lot of new information about. Elizabeth Warren. Great okay thanks for that thank you very much for checking -- -- this Michael Patrick Leahy. 18774694322. On our car.