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Max Robins Tuesday May 29, 2012 - Mad Men and The Hatfields and the McCoys

May 29, 2012|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...questions today included the Hatfields and the McCoys on the History Channel and the resurgence of Mad Men on AMC.

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And it is -- -- therefore we have the privilege of talking with Max Robbins of the paley center who just knows television up and down Max good afternoon. -- -- -- -- I'm fine thank you happy post Memorial Day what what's a good or with television what do you have anything new -- years. Well let -- you know I don't wanna meets. Will get into spoiler alert here. Is terrific is mad men is in throughout its whole run last night with I think one of the most amazing episodes -- while. It was just yet with it it kind of was one of those things a real classic it is -- Your breath away. You know -- about these characters that now and appreciate. And time in which they in the things they. It's about time I was little slow -- -- -- from mad men season and they made up for it last night now I I. I like -- think your rights -- mean what's really amazing about that just means it has some of the best written women characters. In history museum really and interest it is captures the I mean. And real real period of upheaval and change in this country to such compelling. -- mean really amaze me curious we get calls. That's been great. On the other thing too coming along is is. A new series and HBO. Called girls which again gets stronger with each episode I think that it's going to be re. Oh cultural. Phenomenon among -- generally as a good time for me as a good title and and Nicaragua. Barbara both do you wanna call -- as mark's question -- -- 877. 4694322. And have you seen previews of that of girls. I've actually I've seen it's it's about episode 56. -- mall. And again it's one of those -- thinks it's really. Show. Sometimes pilots strong. Don't know the show is is -- until about the third or fourth episode takes. Takes awhile for four shall -- To find its weighs in and over the arc of these. A dozen episodes girls real weak and conceded developed strong. Sometimes its really its accuracy to. Some beloved show you see -- in its. Early episodes. Shall -- felt. Official law and order earlier episodes -- mean and what they can name it's really something quite different. And it's almost like here in the writers creators should take some -- and that's what -- last -- Before we go to the telephone lines -- what what percentage. Make it mean how good are the people. -- putting together shows in terms of being able to come up with winners. I'll tell you out you know you and I'd -- to better going to the track a comfort that that I mean. God I mean it's it's it's really if you look at all the shows that are are released in any given season in this would be. Across. That TV landscape s.'s. Cable services broadcast albeit. I mean you're really looking -- maybe. 1015%. They've really I tell you right now it is it is an end and really when you're talking about those league network show is yet it's it's it's a crapshoot that is why they keep doing it and -- -- model exists. Is that when you do hit. Man you're gonna make some money. Young. Okay Max Robbins of the paley center for -- you have questions about television. Making your next on the program good afternoon. Any -- com I love I love looking. -- -- -- You can stop now really up my business. And -- and is extra truck. Well what happened to that style. Yeah I think I think. It's coming back we're gonna check on them for you. I like them are -- on this can't see them and until I that I just Mississippi. But I don't I. Think so I don't. I don't think so I think it's coming back that was a real that's so did extremely well. Great and then in the summer they had like the most throws. You know that's going to be around summer. -- We have good to Mickey. And I'm not. 8774694322. Nightingale guys next good afternoon. -- afternoon guys -- doing. I eight matched up all of a firm do. I added that didn't get picked up by Annika canceled sorry to. Garrett I don't get into it I mean. -- program. I wasn't who was and I thought that that was when they should give it time to. Published under these these programs -- Max Norton when -- -- -- make a decision as to whether to go no go. Fair question I mean -- you can sometimes you show that's pulled after two or three episodes. Sometimes it gets a full season run. It really depends on the deal that's in place and there are so the networks now there are so data rich if you will look at it minute by minute what people watching it's also it's metrics they. If the audience is getting bigger giving its lead in the -- that that com. They they really are -- -- doing real weak and cold -- cost benefit analysis move. What's while -- stick with that show -- just because they really believe in the creatively you know arm of you know this -- but for example one of the biggest hits of all time a show called cheers but beloved in the Boston area right. After cheers for season it was the lowest rated show please. And the executives at the time. They really thought that there is they saw something so real creative spark real humor that it was kind of it was that time were. NBC didn't have much in the way economies of these days they rolled the dice and they gave it its second season and I think we all know that story. Now that -- that every show that finishes at the bottom of the TV latter goes in there and pleads incites cheers as the reason why the show should work that you the next shatters they would got to believe they weren't thus keep the faith -- -- -- -- really funny you see that -- You see that suited the for example they they test these shows up front tests audience. Two of the biggest two other huge hits that tested. Really poorly side felt. And all in the family. While so much for the testing yeah yeah I. Oh baby baby we should test these shows and do exactly gaffes and oh by the way I'm. De ice truckers comes back on June 3 right around the corner who. Okay 877469432. To match -- the paley center is on line with us and we're talking television. -- Europe next on the program good afternoon. They could -- technical. I'm actually just started watching cheers from episode one that's what you mentioned it it's that it brings back some memories whatever. Roku but anyway -- talent we'll come back next. We're gonna check that -- -- -- you know I think this summer checked it out for. Urged Iran 2617. -- and please ask Max about wicked tuna. OK before we get too cute tuna will check that I put August 12. And the last callers. A lot of wheels Helen will sell a lot of real hell on wheels August 3 August 3 -- now we can -- I don't know it sounds -- -- joked widget -- -- -- I've seen. It's only a cast on here on the show it's out of Gloucester their fishermen and the -- For it's on its we're gonna check -- out at the National Geographic channel. Yeah yeah it's like you know that deadly is cats but it's about tennis call. But you have you been watching it's a course -- big guy came in they came in here so be gotten on and we were in Austin. Okay. 87746943. To choose next to Kerry get afternoon -- I axe -- know. That you. I question I absolutely love since and to not trio are in law and order criminal intent you know he's coming back and network television any time soon. My guess is you'll see Vincent D'Onofrio pretty soon. You'll be seeing more votes instead fits in with the season ago bigger. You know it's on the radio -- right you might Vincent D'Onofrio imitation. -- At a 45 angle allegedly -- appropriately. No real motives are just waiting actually pills. -- OK thank you. Excellent seven last one is Gillian Anderson doing these days. She showed up she's to feature films. Terrific -- people remember best X-Files. -- -- She is or she's not on TV about to be -- And 8774694322. -- next on the program -- afternoon -- Happy and I act I was calling to inquire about Harry's law. I heard that's not coming. And Harry's law is in that session anymore -- -- -- Viet animal. Fun show but it just the the ratings were there sorry to be out of -- tied. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thanks nation going volatile it's almost as if is that they've failed if you can you don't give them -- -- answer you know I know I don't know we know what we want the short of Megan it's almost a personal run different. Doesn't. Doesn't come on our way. That's I remember actually the -- Julie Anderson which are recently and the PBS series great expectations. She works regularly terrific actress. Okay let's see from 508 -- American ninja warrior doing -- -- going to finally -- agree each you know. Yeah just fine despite solid performer. 8774694322. Linda you're next on the program good afternoon. I value. Thanks. I want to know about where it's on it's time I love that show me just watch -- Finale couple weeks ago -- it is wondering how it did in the coming. It it well enough that it will be back. Are once upon a time and am. -- City and don't feel better and so much 877 or six I hate to disappoint you answer it or three -- -- how is he doing on HBO. It's got picked up for season two. Targets and did it did well enough. Julia Louis-Dreyfus. And as the vice president. And from. -- -- from I've attacks are for Macs and from a friend of ours I don't know if -- find out who killed Rosie in the killing. Boy you know at the produces shows keep keep -- mind that it actually does. I don't. I've. -- the year -- and you betcha I dedicated to. It was just like you remember -- it was -- utes started watching Dexter inside it took me it was that for two years. You allow you I get the feeling is like that and magic city is another great one. Love our god bless him for -- getting into original programming and I mean other really good stuff is on the premium channels now. I know I love magic city and and M can't wait for you know we're talking much years earlier -- Kelsey Grammer have very different kind of significant boss can't wait till that comes back is like basically be psychotic. Big boss mayor of Chicago terrific. 73 for text and in how did the history channel's movie do last night the Hatfield and mccoys. I think it's a pretty well I think what we're gonna look at who we've got some over. Did the critics like -- by the way my mother -- -- any count -- is she watches. On that channel attempt to she likes that upon brokers showed them that -- they can count down their capital and requires and she didn't think the critics liked him very much. Now I'd I think -- out of a pretty universally panned. But sometimes it doesn't matter. Okay stadium next on the program good afternoon Steve. -- -- Ray Romano -- of a certain age and I have another question. Yeah amend a certain age has been on. Certain certificates. But again were they show interest -- joke at the Tutsis and wonderful cast I mean the wonderful country. And they're and it it's and albeit a showed they got a fantastic show that they canceled because we are met have a certain age to they. They cater to that eighteen to 29 year old so what are. Well. That's -- I don't know an idea that maybe now in the Steve I mean a lot that's why you've seen him. Paid huge amounts of money for sports rights whether it's. NFL and be -- I mean it's -- -- don't ignore us totally. There's a lot advertisers they think that while we might you know that women are doing a lot of the spending a lot of things it's it's. -- It's 7746. 4322 Gerri good afternoon your next. Oh by the way before we get to -- area -- popular toys that huge number. For History Channel it's ridiculous almost really million viewers while. That's that's huge for cables it's ridiculous cease and even Italian mother. I can imagine when she's gonna be watching now I mean one of the real stories in cable is that History Channel. Which was always was -- solid channel. And other industry chance in his become a top five network this is one of the troop recounts stories in the last two years. There's more than Warren estrogen actually. And the rulers and okay -- military history built right. Yeah how I I was Aaron. College basketball than you actually jab series missing and I want to help was doing it it will be back. We will be missing the actually -- because her show has been. Canceled. Now. Have a very. Dairy cattle and. Who you know I really. And and now is William Jefferson Clinton would say -- -- -- Well I know that some people feel about the whole premise for being -- -- could that could Michael be missing. The week after week after -- But I I I love actually and I was helping develop into something. That. Not to Wear my guess is Ashley Judd right. Terrific -- Hampshire polls yeah. -- Danger is bones coming back. Yes bones is common -- there. And get duplicate the option although under its hood where is the new season of -- starting. I will check it out for. That price fall. Is essential cast member leaving for a little minds. Much of a so these guys are tough on right you're the expert actually as I wouldn't be known to do it -- if okay used -- 8774694322. -- -- next on the program ahead. Conrail is wondering -- Max Allen wondering about the Gene Simmons family to show. Yet it renews -- it will be back. So I. -- You feel better about the Hitler's. Okay. It is. Sim. Card with a and I like to Simmons family. You're in trouble already. As much fun as always thank you for you a nationalist you -- this afternoon keep up the good work. They care. As Max Robbins of the of these older automobiles in this is that car program.