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Chris Hayes from MSNBC doesn't think the military are heroes

May 29, 2012|

Chris hayes puts his foot in his mouth, while Barney Frank makes an inappropriate joke.

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It's time for another edition of sound. You sound off weeks until. -- talk show brought to you by network capital funding corporation your future or finance. Boy -- was some hot weather around the country yes area Washington DC was -- -- -- New York in the eighties. -- up to eighty today -- to get a little tropical storm out there in a Georgia render the northern Florida they need that -- badly apparently because all minorities Astoria and route to you know. And they do they want a storm when this -- -- -- -- Lotta rain yeah -- gonna lottery and when not asked that we've got tons way you'd stop was still six inches below six inches what's that the -- full time -- sound off by the -- is more Liz Warren revelation we have to go through. Medicines we have a chance first you do sound off the Barney Frank. I don't know maybe he's get a little looser than usual with his lips now that he's retiring -- here's a joke he made a commencement speech at UMass. UMass Dartmouth wasn't. Our boats. Trade on mark and right. -- -- today will go out and be more productive and more efficient attributed to the wealth of America because of this education. Finally I do want to acknowledge a man who has played a major role. In diminishing inequality -- chooses another sphere and that QB Jones. One of the great men I've worked with QB for many years and particularly pleased if you got an honorary degree today. You know when you get an honor that you really didn't want me and you'll be I think you're now I've uploading -- -- -- -- true that your so I think you'll feel I help. Pretty protected by. Now is that the time to make that -- mark the it is time. No the place -- -- off. But -- actually pretty funny guy in many uncertainties should be can be. Quick with quick. You know it's a quick witted guy but that one was not without one was not a high point that was not a Letterman top ten of let's put it that way Chris Hayes. He's a host of an MMS NBC show in the husband apparently. Of -- a bomber administration employee tells his audience what he thinks of soldiers. Thinking today and observing -- Memorial Day that'll be happening tomorrow had just talked with lieutenant colonel Steve Burke who has. -- casualty officer with the Marines and had to tell people and come back. I think pad back sorry I think it's interesting because he is I think very difficult to talk about. The war dead in the fall and without invoking valor without invoking the words heroes. And why do I feel so comfortable about the word hero I feel comfortable uncover what the word hero because it seems to me. That it is so rhetorically proximate to justifications for more war. Cooks he loves a use of language Berkeley products and mosaic it's a club -- In dopey phrase here really -- oh my god what a giveaway actually write me what I giveaway to a mindset rhetorically proximate. Heaven forbid that he is. Frowned down at the next cocktail body because he was who rhetorically approximate I did not tell you Saturday -- is every day are now at least once today. Low credit issues as they're tragic story about about a student who is being. Bullied. By the teachers under. Eight year old Cassandra Garcia probably showed us her completed home mark in her labeled folder. So what confused her mother Christina when her daughter came home with this and the year award. It is -- catastrophe award for most excuses for not having homework followed by smiley face and it teachers signature. Not only confused Christina was upset because she says her daughter felt humiliated. She get an outfit and a couple class and all that children matter Christina contacted the principle to complain about the award and she threw me off. Said that it was a joke that was played with. I think it scroll. And no -- -- he. And or give an award like it. It's disturbing. And neither do experts that isn't in the order. It doesn't fit that criteria. Psychologists -- bombing at the University of Arizona college of education. Says any negative award joke or not is inappropriate. Never really inappropriate you know one how much money you think this is where. -- -- -- In at any time you hear the word humiliation. She was humiliated I was humiliated you know he thought it was a lot of support firm Barrett is a lawsuit in its exact -- there's a lawsuit in the wings -- lawsuit in the wings on this on. And by the way. What ever happened to just you know kind of roll with the punches in a sense of -- whatever happened to America's sense of you. What happened is zero tolerance the top Asia if you're a school where they tell you a year in your out there is zero tolerance for this zero tolerance that OK we've been zero tolerance for bullying. And then the teacher -- it's -- what are you gonna -- what you're -- your time you know you're gonna complain zero dollar and going on at school and it's a teacher -- my kid I -- the name of the award by -- -- -- pitched it strictly opening. Its first first thought was called teachers complain and not look at that that the child NC. Like just you know why why by the way was I seen only in -- -- the finished report what about all the other things but. But we we it's it's never my child's my child as we can go right -- we could go right down the line on this. Why is apparent on a -- that the homers being done doesn't the end is about is not the as a parent is -- -- all of us. You're a parent would you go down to city on him speak its name changed to catastrophe. -- Law or humility point humiliation pick one child's humiliating to complete its homework. This is I think rhetorically proximate. Two. Legitimate polling its cells -- rhetorically. Proximate to it war on women at. Margaret show she's a comedian and and as NBC political expert she talks about women's rights and wait wait another. MSNBC political pundit -- a comedian. It's. If you watch MSNBC for any length of time in full vote of fox. MSNBC has comedians on constantly to talk about the day's news into their political analysis is something whether it's a Bill Maher Margaret Cho. It's it's unbelievable the amount of people they have better just comedians make fun of things it's. That's why he's so he's not the audience and and in terms of age group that there wouldn't return. I can tell you know you think about that women in the GOP and they all I think about Sarah Palin like -- It is to say how much and I feel like it's John McCain did have that. Any women really is what they think Sarah Palin instead of him over -- they wouldn't take you know -- what -- -- it getting out of the GOP that's I have always. Question I always wonder this is a party is so against a right to reproductive rights so many rights -- so many ways we. What do we definitely -- different than any doubt that senate Democrats actually tend to pay their women staffers. Then there man than their male staffers and they're actually may be lots of reasons for that it yeah it could have everything to figuring out another sort of thing but it is a bad. Metric right if you're gonna run on Lilly Ledbetter I am gonna encourage all the senate senate Democrats to get some kind. You know pay equity going right away and we always deadly Gilbert telling them is our elections. I do wonder though for Republican women. Who have been office -- not just about a -- for officeholders. Can't just revealed a bit of pushing out in the very fact Margaret you say. Oh the first woman I think I think among Republicans and Sarah Palin and that must make Christie Todd Whitman. Like all of -- and women who had been kind of laying the ground work in the Republican Party. Well there was one good point in there have been. It was a markers -- on me yes but at lines those as well let's. Harry Paris Paris and in fact I'm surprised at MSNBC they brought up the fact. That was the women senators are paying their win and Russia and other Democrats are paying their women and not all odds and it lets you bring it up. She also made excuses for why it was okay for to be happen. -- did you notice that oh maybe it's the senior area seeing multiple things that they may pooh -- -- trying to challenge their assumption but I don't care and fighting and overlook some. Yeah he gives it gives away a mindset already that is amazing that somehow or rather she does not see value all worth it what. Wife mother of five. School committee may hear some type of energy commission which is important and a big big thing apparently up in Alaska. And then governor -- achievement nothing to be proud of nothing to say we shall overcome nothing to say that women have arrived in those. Three treaty's signature achievement above and beyond. Married mother of five kids one of whom is challenged and is he is loved and you know just made a central part of the Palin family -- a -- Amnesty International monitor Palin you just -- -- -- so. An exciting for them because it's. Here's somebody who is really kind of like fish -- peace for all of our conservative views and Anthony -- legitimizes the what. I think is -- really about about you women's rights could you know these women wouldn't exist circular wouldn't exist without spending hasn't. Darkness is this is this is it that this is just -- Demi Moore Marcia she's -- feminism is an extreme view of the Democratic Party and that the counterpoint to it is. And social conservatives like Sarah Palin. By the way did you see this six year old that the national spelling they know I'd just go off a little -- That the fact that -- even competing. At the age of six ball isn't he's a six year old constitution is astounding I don't think so I don't know I think it's a kind of an open thing it's astounding how would Elizabeth Warren do. If she was in the spelling -- And he had to tell the truth. But not not not not not not not. Here Elizabeth Warren proves why she would be on. Be a heck of -- while one heck of a -- a dodge ball player Coke syrup the subs are. Elizabeth Warren proves why she would be one heck of a dodge ball player as she dips and weaves her way around this fox when he five question. -- -- -- A member of the minority group itself. I. Middle class families are getting -- I've been out talking to people about this all across the commonwealth. And what -- hear about it. Org what Washington is going to do about them. My work. Meant mom has made it clear what people did he voted to Doubleday interest rates Ichiro he needs in one another -- of face the music company. -- -- -- -- It's clear and what I'm trying to do is talk about it in this senate race what matters to America's families. That's current you know former members of the Cherokee Nation and come clean wanted to trust and what an inch testing it didn't go -- and for Elizabeth Warren. Boren now Brady did talk to the media now it's -- inside 680 WRKO. -- Boston wants until the very calm he's here or go on Boston's. -- -- -- -- -- -- --