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Should Chris Hayes be fired for this comment?

May 28, 2012|

Over the weekend, MSNBC host Chris Hayes told his viewers that he's "uncomfortable" with calling "war dead and the fallen ... 'heroes.'" Now, the Veterans of Foreign Wars group have responded by saying that Hayes's comments "are reprehensible and disgusting" and are asking for the MSNBC host to apologize.

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-- poll question. Concerns. The first cut you heard in the intro which Chris -- SN BC talk about the heroes and should he be fired for those comments absolutely should be. 95% say. And I thought yeah this -- -- days was this is on -- MSNBC. Com trying to be an intellectual. Completely buried himself in his own said it would work. Try to separate the word hero from the war Memorial Day from. -- -- against a war a policy. Here against a president. Fine that's that's the nature of the beast but not about those who serve the serve. -- the service. To serve. And then they go with a hole. That's the deal. And and Memorial Day is a if any day but Tuesday's -- -- -- get that. Living but this is the table people didn't make it is -- -- -- this is about the -- isn't about people. -- Joey brother. And your Brothers in your -- in your mothers or fathers who did not make it back. Can buy it by the tens of thousands. OK in Vietnam by 4400. Plus in Iraq. Killed and wounded -- like 19100. World War II millions lost lives lost -- Korea. All the World -- I. Com the did today's a day since like 1868 which we supposed to take a moment. Decorate the graves and remember it's not for clowns like Chris case. To try to split the hair pairs of two different between someone who's fallen more day weather here. It's for last. Nothing to say case. And not be just and the follow on gas those comments by the way it did show which is something they greet the you know he don't go after the guys who served he brought to a policy. -- Actually probably appreciate you wait -- Euro a day on I would cargo at Wayne. -- Campbell at a loss for words dame head count your. -- -- -- -- boat. And I've never called me. Optional -- for about. I happen to take a break from the red dots are this. -- I wouldn't call make journalist I don't know what it is. Ball -- As someone who served. During the Vietnam War and so I'll what I saw in Vietnam Vietnam. In connection for -- -- -- Prejudiced and it was pistol and strapping it up. Take a long -- Back a lot of memories. -- -- -- -- These people are not heroes or he hasn't. Just appreciate and Eugene. Yeah it is I mean obviously he's well educated. But he has never. You've -- -- -- -- -- On in the midst of all military people. And hasn't -- In in my. In my opinion has never lived a life he's. Right I wouldn't it be caught dead watching all. This in these. -- MSNBC. Yet I don't Wayne and a few service because the guy to look up big words and Dexter friend of mine told me doesn't make Smart -- -- a guy. He is going to be a prompter just was an asinine thing. To have said he kept digging himself a hole at the -- and he's on he's ease the many said maybe I'm wrong. But I mean. What what planet does this kind of on the problem is that this with MSNBC supports and they kept them to keep LaMont. -- -- -- I can't fire off an email through all MSNBC. Express my opinion on all of for him to say on Memorial Day justice in my tools Jack Welch. It's a big day it's a critical day. It is and it's it's it's all for the people it for the families who. And friends of people who we who have lost somebody in in beautiful it is a holy day. Com Chris Gabriel more time people complaining that -- much it's too -- -- not hearing just on the -- I don't know why they would hear the intro but. Thinking today and observing how Memorial Day that will be happening tomorrow had just talked with lieutenant colonel Steve Burke who has. Casualty officer with the Marines and had to tell people and come back. I think -- back sorry I think it's interesting because he is I think very difficult to talk about. The war dead in the fall and without invoking valor without invoking the words heroes. And why do I feel so comfortable about the word hero I feel comfortable uncover what the word hero because it seems to me. That it is so rhetorically proximate to justifications for more war. And I don't want to. Obviously desecrate or disrespect the memory of anyone that's that's on an obviously there are individual circumstances in which there is genuine and tremendous heroism. In a hail of gunfire rescuer tells voters and things like that but. It seems to me that we we Marshall this word in a way that it's problematic but maybe I'm wrong about that -- Well anyways all the guys -- it -- -- now. Don't know why in our community -- -- -- it that's Chris Hayes is MSNBC host he was on Sunday and then this is. Intellectual snobbery here -- it's like. Hill hail of bullets. This -- watching too many movies. Read -- IP. I I will bet you. Because he's a missile. Or you know I mean children that means marine army navy air force -- are so many beautiful. In a woman needs them that this animal with a sick never obviously been to Walter Reed of the -- in -- -- or seen somebody come back with. -- -- It took. It was on Sunday the day before he knew exactly -- Obvious she got. Have a nice day he is innate need to eat -- not the platform. Television radio on today -- day before. This -- -- it's about people who have died serving. This country. Patrick it's about today. To go around and and decorate the graves. Take a minute. To take a minute say thank you or you remember where it felt like. I've said before and lost power. -- I think they died at least twice to us when you mutant called Andy you said he's dead she's dead. Does somebody and you Republicans house. Or you get a phone call can update that happens and -- of the body comes back. -- two times. At least two times may be the third to Germany actually buried a person cremate it whatever your religious. When did you ever way you put people away people in the ground. But. This something decidedly different when a person who should put uniform on serves as co -- serves the firemen serves as a soldier. -- Doesn't come back who and who volunteered to do that or even draft to do that. Pretty uniform -- went. And state. Because our government said -- Hayes has no place on the same. Answer. As people -- Obama certainly doesn't belong in the public -- Put that on for today. -- describing morally. Com it's even more reprehensible that would be any time because he he he knew when we talk about it used -- like the war. Client I get it. But it did is that huge difference between disagree with the policy. And and talking. It's so disgraceful about people who serve and people globally and it Barbara died -- value cargo like Bob. I colonel Parker us servicemen well thank you welcome thanks thank you it -- just the quick comment and I agree we were a better place -- -- here in Vietnam got. But but I must tell you. There are still people and allow them. The most well all medium democratic side during this particular. War. Iraq and Afghanistan. Took shots -- activity people. Which has that was actual Leo there was something that wasn't there was some data yet yet Hillary Clinton called Petraeus. Betray us. -- I think it was carried out -- about people into errors knocking down doors. Policy should take it up with the other politician. So that stress is a derivative of that so yes that the amount unfortunately. -- at all of those people and service. Do you do you're right I mean I. Heat this is to eat get this. Bob the day before he did he just. Yes it's sickening. Ed and yet and I'm afraid that he harbors that thought he speaks about others others. I'm afraid it's still harbor those spots that don't a degree of regard for the fact that these guys that are out there they're just following orders. It didn't sign them exactly what -- -- is on it it's. The staple. Other people that the people that make wars never but yet you act. I don't have quite that banks in the assertion that welcome thanks tonight to do it it's another politician is in need of a wakeup call there's some of those guys. Still think shot. Coming -- And the push to push back is gonna pop and the push back -- 617 says that is like my brother and others fallen veterans are true heroes of any war. We honor them by living -- -- to the fullest and never forgetting them yeah it's. EU who said the movie doesn't it doesn't really work as well isn't. It true to life. Like imitating art. When you when you lose somebody in any family somebody you love somebody now. You want he's trying to on what they've done by living. Your life. Better I think it's the way that six months and it's it's. And I've never felt I never felt I've ever imagined opportunity that my dad or my -- -- -- because the lives they never chance that I did. To keep go -- edit the -- so if you missed some. But days it's it's it's difficult as is for everyone out there who has lost someone they loved or family member. Because you hope. Pitcher you live your life. In such a way that it honors who they are still in -- It is still think that's a -- there's about. Today's about -- about thinking about them they visit the grave. Maybe check and make it gut check and -- house out of as my life. Have I done that. Corbett we are after the loss of or knew somebody who served. It's not just about the grade. In downtown Westerfield wherever don't Wellesley to two or Portland. Or -- -- It's about. The person buried at the veterans ceremony at veterans. Memorial to veterans cemetery. It's it's it's about that box of medals that you don't look at all from your brother or picture on the wall that's it is. -- Was just -- -- this race means what he said. Yes it was who was not evil is completely wrong. And again this is an embassy an organization and -- NBC. That fired him he conservative journalist to uncle Pat Buchanan. Through writing insanely happy candidates -- for forty years all of a sudden MSNBC. -- But he keeps his plot. Device is still here on the day vodka cargo itself. Colonel thank you for your service thank you the opportunity to talk. I know you probably certainly deserved. One army -- -- long ago in my era now. Thank you welcome -- -- My dad certainly an entry -- -- fortunately my act it will or it. Drove her Olympic history there but. Called. At. Per. -- ordered -- like -- part -- radio. But yeah I think equipment in the name and the people actually York city Donna green in your group. Being -- army army. When the wind went where where you lose -- woody -- -- which guilt. Oh yeah whereabouts we will year. Are they are opening half with -- your friends in high school buddies who. Yeah where they were where they -- very soon. Brought O Canada we're about where they were they when they -- there aren't any are out there are at the U near their needlessly. Now I've been now working between -- Leo. Earl OOB. And I hit it to. Japanese diet and saving other people. Evacuating. A village. It was -- Attacks from the wrong attitude and Connie. -- got it and I didn't either one of them is a hero and that support letter words it will never be applied to create. Yeah did you we -- to when you don't would you UN Vietnam as that that. -- know now -- you know. And went back and eat there are there are a bit and it is probably rate of male and anyone -- over. There -- probably did. Yeah how how long we went. I just briefly they didn't change rural area my art I think come along and. They didn't Oprah speaking shortly I'm completely out. -- Hey look I -- -- to mention their names in -- some balls and some. I read you a chance you remember great great great guys thank you also thanks his service today's four. He get -- yet you get. And emptiness that you feel. Anyone who is associated with my dad -- my Brothers -- or -- your father's a -- about the content that temporary -- So I get to take up the Airways but Joey. John and that's real bridge to do is. Wayne Newton. Is a there was talk in the hockey team also rain it was killed. Like you said there was embarrassment. I'm -- all of our friends in her whatever war that they that we lost. Eat these today's the day that you try to remember. And I'm -- tomorrow is -- help -- Hope somebody deserve to rob thanks to wait brochure on the Dave on how -- -- where Bruce. -- -- -- -- -- -- Along the comment on the on the the girl who. Called both the greatest aspirations. But a personal warrior. Little background. I was in the navy during Vietnam. Two very interesting assignments. Which most people don't realize existed. First one was ten years Simon. To the Fleet's flagship than and so these they're. We provided a lot of the naval gunfire support. Specter and it's two years appointment expired over 50000. Rounds five predictions that another should does that mean. Got in the select group -- USS Providence field shoot out and it was relieved to I picked up the ship when -- -- to Japan home port. It was having it surface search antenna. Put on because it'd been blown off by north -- not to me is gone for a and there are repairing the machine -- that which took around. They took around machine show. So. I was -- -- -- aboard the little foreboding the other the other part was. I was assigned to. Simply staff in the war room were -- -- tactical about where where where where. On on the the problem. The oral in the carried the the -- contract through -- At that time was Jon -- Ireland may recognize the devil and an honest. He was -- relieved by William F Pringle. After his -- -- -- appointment today. Eight months. Eight months in the my deployment. We change like ships picked up via. Oklahoma City. Sealed the -- from you guys remember this stuff are you remember and what you remember the numbers on these these ships to basic. While I was on them for a total. But the other the other foreboding thing I was told as soon as I got there. Was that I would hope he elected is because you're here for two years without -- Because the nature of the high security assignment. We were allowed -- in fact that I did get home on emergency leave. When I had just four months left. Does that because it was crypto stuff -- what what's a bit what's the big deal. -- I worked on ice scheduled by air power sweep the careers ever -- only TS crypto we -- TS I mean it's DS like crypto. What was the big that we use. This was 1967. Crew. I can't. Tonight and it -- a lot you know I had a long time then to hold you because you that. Yeah that we haven't heard that's why everyone who worked in the war room I get it right -- the sale on -- -- -- -- Although the all the airstrikes were planned and strike operations that are which was part of the world. Daily briefings were held every morning when -- role you know positioning of the ship and everything. It's got. They only origin of manic. Would you sleep. -- -- in Iraq around Saint Paul quarters I'll just I love and maybe they -- yet -- -- -- secret clearance. They say each -- for two years ago and by about right. -- you know that broke up a lot of relationship I can imagine out of fourteen. Marriages and engagements my own engagement included. -- -- broke up. -- he does this do that the girls back home. And boy had a girlfriend -- -- -- for a little excerpt of one year or less than that and they were phenomenal we couldn't go -- Bruce thank -- you got it. But after that two year period and I want to another interesting assignment. The but what reliever it was the navy's formally top secret tactical deception -- no one. Governing beach company you know one part of foot maple special ops. Nice thank you service that -- choose to call. But -- me -- the OK greatest generation really applies. To the entire generation in the country. Remember. Everyone mobilized. Because all of the men went into the bill. Our family to the web work to DR of World War II of the women who worked in shipyard Bruce I got it because stories today. There -- heavy crane operator idea there were. It was a world -- Bruce it was a world damn war but Tom Brokaw got to say greatest generation it's my dad's generation I love what I'm just not sure I wanna give it up. To say they were any better than we -- in a world war but I get I -- Section at the hole that does not have a lot of military. There was also -- world war that we financed a lot privately by the way Bruce. I -- absolutely. Wild planet of vibrant as we put. Over five. Thousand new ships into the water and a two year per we would do one more wanna get up and down the so what's you worst we're bruised and more than one -- today. The entire neighborhoods were wiped out writers and so Portland Maine they they raised almost thirty houses and put the shipyard. Yeah they did hey Bruce thank you called thanks -- thank you Serbs demanded to know Bruce is proud guy. It goes to the new movie -- -- in its alien thing be it to navy navy naval what was that. Well somebody at the mayor Leo because we're gonna have to pay pay the bills listing of the -- they permit. I'm on public. 8774694322877469. 4322. -- told the pump that jump. It's 177792469. X 61777946. And where where correctly clobbering this guy Chris pays over and MSNBC for I mean marks. Fax 617 habits of an anti -- seven. And texting is 68680 which is working pretty well by the way. So what to a -- want to complain that firemen and police. A ball to servicemen and women are paid civil servant. Very different from being drafted him up welcome to -- I mean. -- Today is about the fallen people who served in uniform. I'm -- those are uniformly intelligent people -- -- -- Made kind of -- day people to gold grades. And put flowers on them. And it does happen yesterday that I've been hasn't seen immigrants -- -- the stupid thing comment. Beyond insensitive about trying to he could -- him like it would hero because you like you're supporting the war and all the crap. This isn't completely missing the point completely about what is. Today's about those who who did not come back. Those who -- in graves those who died. In the service of this great country that's -- that's what is. It's about the fall. And if you had somebody. Come Weston and you. If friends or lovers -- there -- your mother -- your father sister -- Brothers. Just friends. Which your day to remember him. Hopefully tomorrow will be a day you -- somebody. Pay Paul here on the day of fun -- cargo at ball. -- -- -- -- -- You the wait usually. They are productive first usually it come here people beaten up thing as a good day which socket. -- but on this -- case. Well birth what they keep these certain you welcome that -- X. And that Chris I think you get there aren't comfortable and don't -- And it's deployed by MSNBC to boost battery pack but I thank anyway. I. I -- and it was extemporaneous not I couldn't tell I just know that it was ridiculous what he said. And it's -- day before. Me today saying yeah. And a Memorial Day I wish. This country would do like they do in Israel and stop for a minute. Auto one and there's two minutes is -- want to. I think act act is to see if you -- for a permanent everybody stop credibility. And -- respect. I met a guy at an event about a month ago the house too -- Who says his sons. And trying to get that passed in this country went down Paul talk about -- Israel. Everything stops minute two minutes. Traffic everybody got their cars and about and they just. Just don't say anything it's a quiet moment. It's out of respect for those who at all. To help lecture developed -- love that idea but here. And then. What that gentleman about police lapses -- -- before police certain. The same weight people come -- -- -- and certainly passes on a yacht -- and and my -- currently serving overseas right now so you know it's debater number. At any -- son's okay. Thank you yeah have agreed that. Well I got to a seven zepa are tension and a -- repeat -- -- it is. He hit that today's a day. It's just it's. In today for people who served -- That's the deputies. In she's. In you're on the beach somewhere in Maine or down the -- right now you start -- -- for six hours thank you very much. But if you come -- indicate. In which with the they aren't going to put a -- aside and people have a day off. Have a -- weekend. We have parades. And we have radio -- put the we say. You know thank you -- remember what kind of person. My brother. It's about this too is to meet my father Europe's sister brother your boyfriend's whatever your girlfriends. -- -- -- -- -- -- And how strongly worry about that -- looking liberal Smart. Member member that's what case. And that's gone that was taken but -- most time most. Most of our soldiers are young Marines are adamant. Special ops guys they don't. -- younger. And taken promised we wait to today's data today. And what you'll. And not. Not to have guys like Chris Haiti's distract us with policy -- you don't agree with the war in Afghanistan or Iraq or Vietnam. The Korean War or whatever what he would be. It's not about the people who served in the old. Going to be different hey Mike you're on a day -- -- cargo red -- I thought I did sign right I'm good how -- you. Very well for a lawyer to -- you guys don't work well White House -- up this morning with a -- and Soros. I wish it to them but what about race because of the skill and let it not work -- it today that what -- They have some reflections. And you know memory -- -- feel like you're saying that we've -- -- Can remember the vision and and young women shall turn around and take it to a comeback below working longer wants to you know working. It's had to play private college I don't. If a private contractor -- gonna set up but so are stable soaring nickel a lot of noise and I was in my -- is just reflecting a little bit. And I I'll certainly came inexorably -- that working here. Do they work reveal. Edit look at and say it my all all alone -- -- -- cinema market. Malvo is you know I also think -- trying to definitely you know not look at that -- from the pollen that wonderful guy much -- but. I -- -- -- -- very solemn day to a lot of Americans and they believe me strictly others started late to get trucking equipment they'll have -- Have a great day -- -- it -- as far as the guy is insurance. -- Get a little. These different gadgets are we -- very very sure inferiority complex. Into a guy that's got to accomplish the way Carol. It's just about let me sessions film currently -- fortunate this because that's something -- can look will be I don't need every Garrett would have loved Errol we're certainly you have Bravo. All the guys they'll come back Mike Mike I don't I don't think our. -- -- you -- to you know that there were heroes abused by. I do think that those who do the first ones the ones don't go back. Well up and go insane to any combat -- that's right back into the waited and it'll say they in those other guys that are too wounded in the and look at operational -- a -- all of our -- a couple -- who would absolutely well. Other estimates yet thanks Mike and that -- thanks to call my -- Vietnam that. As well and in. And it's. We we've over used the terms. We I've heard people talk about heroic golf shots. I thought I thought about people heard people say they brave on television. Saying stuff or radio hopes things that he even. -- And after that we re completely although the word out of proportion. But it is no -- noticeably for those principles. That heroes of the ones and the principle it is about. -- is about honoring thinking about loving remembering them as the war. Posing a pack all the girls pretty simple and grandeur of a -- -- I would guard Greg went. I know. I want to speak about my whole family. Says. Okay. My husband. There's in the Pacific teacher and in -- -- when he was seventeen. And his ship was. The road -- to kind of because -- planes side and and he was. I'm Maria. Who also -- didn't. Hospital ship them. Okay him and the team. Head to. Take care -- -- birdies. And end. The wounded. And get them but. So for. Is he still with us when -- -- -- -- calories you burn away the best on the past eight years while. Who else you -- It it's status with my two uncles who are in global line. Well okay and I had all cancers other cousin who then -- ought to. And anybody sends them. That tell the story anybody since them. My brother -- India -- well in Korea Korea yes and now. My Brothers and long. There's in the -- -- and that make the move two. Where we're shards that buried. In our opinion you get a Juniata park you can you go so you. Can -- the visage to -- visited today. We went yesterday. Nice. Sound to not let. Okay to bring one back -- -- -- I'm going to take -- Nice did you have a chance to talk to him. I said it is no place else and admit that sounds like a wonderful families. Now all right now I also -- My cousins kids. Who are losing in two. In Asia. Afghan. Afghanistan yeah. Both -- Afghanistan. Very. Okay. Yeah rusty -- problem. I'm period. I hit I hit my debt that's from the World War I mind and closed. To -- for rural goal line stand. Hey Glenn how you're right down through car you do. I'm surprised that sounds pretty good something is about her pretty well see yeah. My husband when he lewis' name who just was named coach Bruce yes. He had. Whereas this tags the man in California. And eighteen years so. Okay and he has. What they called now. Yes they. Yeah PT SD. PP yes they sure. -- -- but with my man's sentence. It's still the last. Then when we got out we had to debate to pay the bills and that the combustion and Fareed I should call agenda. Tell -- we would come right back. Keep paying some bills and he thought I would car.