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Who did you remember on this Memorial Day?

May 28, 2012|

Big cities and small towns across the USA paid homage Monday to the nation's war heroes, marking Memorial Day with lively parades, solemn memorials, bake sales and picnics. President Obama visited Arlington National Cemetery to honor troops who gave their lives in battle while noting that tough days lie ahead for Americans in Afghanistan.

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Should Chris case who who we heard in the open from MSNBC be fired for that comment BA of course that means that your critics from the BC. -- decided to go -- on eloquently about the difference between. Heroism. And sport of -- and innocuous crap -- it opens him. And he's still used in its image he won't publish. It 100% of our audience say buyers that CIA of course we can keep it. Me I'd get them -- NBC is to left. I get -- -- -- that fox. Paid. To write. And how is audiences get but does though no place. Chris Hayes the world have a platform. It's just walk. Today. To secret history. -- general order number eleven was written by Scott Logan to promote and Ridley called decoration is to become world. Today is day to do. To -- you remember. Colon and the fall -- that died. And serves. That Tuesday as well lit. But nobody complaining political life it's. But today. To remember those and make it back which real heroes. What Chris Hayes and anyone and people like. Christmas. -- realized. Who want equate serving in the peace keeping. -- Don't don't get -- and have -- hand it will get on the -- of -- upon god has served. The hero of the guys to come back it has nothing nothing to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're gonna -- we dug up it went up to fifteen year anniversary of DC. To president vice president and Entergy Tom Selleck. All honored. You know veterans at the -- And to -- 92 what was built. Nobody got to up the money. Which are private funds Vietnam -- department funds named Jan Scruggs and of course don't get -- Anyways now fifty years again after that more at war we got presidency it's a whole bunch of people. Alex celebrating Ian thank goodness that's it. Away. Like. OK so Dave -- on how we got glory days. It's our -- speak with you and I'm glad that you doubted anyways yeah thank you -- you know I thought it by making its service first of all of all you know -- slightly disagree with -- bad. There had it that they really aren't all that he thought it did come back to that big comeback complete you know I mean I at least I don't think so crawl people I know that. That peace is never come back and. I went on an Italian design of the day. Of course the court. And -- of course we have to the courts it's. Our our objective now the question now that now I understand -- history it was tricky lies decorating the criticism rebel soldiers. In other words because of what state. AMA -- -- 681 and they -- an and it was to decorate graves yeah yeah they did. And described in. Christian Baghdad's failure now. -- intelligent -- gave realized the ultimate sacrifice even if it was on the wrong side. -- -- I'm just wish yeah every every day -- surely there you're welcome. Thanks -- yeah but you can. Thank you that -- and today that. -- -- -- And we'll talk about. Hopefully want you wanna call and talk about those who lost or those who still live in -- who -- back court. Whether it's PT SD -- missing -- I'm reminded. Always every -- but. More so -- I -- my brother Joey who was killed corn treat. 9068. And my dad to past years ago but it was 4 years in the Pacific. Com. And it of course those those guys missed his service was amazing. But and our friends of mine who didn't come back. With me from. -- Vietnam. Or hard to me it is still there but more and more importantly because I I was. For lucky for lucky I am sitting here talking you boss and an American -- to studio. In volley but the people like my brother -- your Brothers and your sisters or mothers or fathers who have not come back in for a complete ass. Self self self indulgent. Calm guy and MSNBC to even talk about it in other words you honestly USA thanks. And we gonna use we are those who died and the story is don't climate that we need you -- don't need your opinion. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd be right -- on ally that might tell you don't. Good thank you thank you for your service and I think what it reiterates something. About this jerk on MSNBC. And it get it court. The whole country when people say they like that. And frankly I mean all anyone -- where it beautiful uniform this country. And I just think he'd be up utmost respect. And I'm wondering if that if you could just give me your opinion on that. If a person might have spent something like that they say it on NBC adjusted. Just to be controversial. You know it's like -- want to -- talent to come up and say something that stupid especially on Memorial Day. Yeah I I think he was trying to beat. Ultra intellectual yet to see the tape let's either run it -- dep isn't skinny guy glasses. -- was -- -- into it in it was he got himself he dug in a big hole it dug himself a big hole and ended the Andy that he says well maybe I'm wrong. Question. Is why couldn't. Write you write it again -- Exit. On court today. You wanted to ask you about -- -- multiples -- -- you kidding me you're and is now an MSNBC. Did somebody should be -- they fired a fired Pat Buchanan. Yeah reviews -- and -- as this clown gets down here. One -- I grabbed my. I would I would Doug looking grew up Fox News today and Obama -- -- to read. That the until the end it. I believe three years ago when his first here is president he wasn't helped -- golf on Memorial Day Andy had the vice president glumly that. Yeah he -- there are a lot I was on the back I was doing radio that on this the first time. We we have somebody running for president. And who is president never served so we haven't but you're right that was you you can't if you present -- states. World day you gotta be a cemetery and that's that he did -- -- and today there that they do of the Vietnam Vietnam memorial business. Honoring guys -- going -- tears but yeah he writes we Israel's skeptic. -- -- -- anything he doesn't just the shelled and try to get reelect. I think all politicians do it I I don't dispute that I know it wouldn't atomic as the vote but the point is it I think we we better yet shot. I think I would want it or you know expect but my -- -- I am to seven got a guy on there says it was part of the -- rate so my team sergeant. He wants to do radio -- -- -- he -- yeah but but I'm right now -- and -- but. My my team charged it was one of the guys the only one -- two guys that rate. I was in range schools -- the raid happened. It's just one of the guys text -- Tony on the Dave -- -- card or -- Tony. A I don't -- don't do. Every yup -- it I'm Mara -- make the trip. Thousand National Guard the big -- whereabouts of about IQ division where -- six hole that's my dad's my data due to the it Alec what happened that they like it nearly 48 graves today where -- in the whereabouts are much. Are able from what the -- at Belmont. A guy that I a lot and I get the survivor's guilt you know. And you know I got -- -- we're gonna get tackled pretty good and so forth but it it's not quite there acknowledge that you know people like. Now c'mon you know at -- out hey you wanna go take care that we put people ethnic trying to get about business. It what you really need to defend freedom and being a free country. Did you have enough legs religious group -- to -- today. They -- to put the flags adjustment he has -- I don't like it doesn't lack -- but yet. We. Did theology. And so I was traffic signals. That. As the nicest guys -- do. Ya -- guys let's. I do and that articulate that particular Getty. You know we aren't that -- -- this bill could. And that's you know that's that's what today's about. It's honoring -- and make you know remembering and you feel better when you do it you don't do this clown crisply played a they're cutting and just somebody we ever gonna play again it. Thinking today and observing how Memorial Day that will be happening tomorrow had just talked with lieutenant colonel Steve Burke who has. Casualty officer with the Marines and had to tell people one pound and I think -- back sorry I think it's interesting because he is I think very difficult to talk about. The word that the fallen without invoking valor without the words heroes. And why do I feel so Motorola hero I feel comfortable uncover what the word hero because it seems to me. That it is so rhetorically proximate to justifications for more war. And and no matter who. Obviously desecrate or disrespect the memory of anyone that's that's fought and obviously their target individual circumstances in which there is genuine and tremendous heroism. In a hail of gunfire rescuer tells voters and things like that but it seems to me that we we Marshall this word in a way that it's problematic but maybe I'm wrong about. Okay York completely. Agree that -- don't -- -- that amazing that image. It does is he is a straight face. And they gonna they gonna on the Internet I mean it's it's. Well it might -- of people like you know that the Reverend Wright most people the people would sit there and -- him. And honestly in the convince you of what he believes it. I don't read Tony thanks and thanks what to do with it with the -- -- looking -- is this is a case. In mind not humble opinion about this subject. We're not you're not entitled you you can -- your opinion just -- -- -- -- talk. Is one of those cases we're keeping -- itself works. Today is designed. To member people who died in the service of the country. And if I hope and people -- have never had that the audits of people call. When you've got the phone call Vietnam time it was get a phone call that said. Brothers died that this methodical but they get that that the uniformed people government -- -- -- -- news. Minute Vietnam as it was ten days two weeks to get. -- body back to double the bodies back -- much faster. -- it was they die twice to pick -- phone call when the visitor came. And in my case I was in college phone call and then we get that he died in the second time beat guys is when the body can he get to do that twice. It's like soccer. Games and yet. It's still two times in the third time may be that when he put him. In the grave or -- -- harbor you. You bury you if all. But that's today is is to remember them. What happens as you also pain that you want to -- when you've had hoped again hope is that we're listing of golf that but that's the number of people lost. 58000 on the wall plus. 50000 plus in the wall in Vietnam. With want to -- in Iraq and this is -- first year in the world in nine years that we don't have guys died in Iraq. We still -- in Afghanistan. To remember. Those people. And it should be in on -- on the intelligence community lost people in these wars but it is designed to pay respects. I respect and love to those that didn't come back. The thing about when you go. It is on your mind that the what you get there -- get the job done. All -- get the job done. He is scared it was -- ruthlessly. -- don't you you lose weight. And you have a bond with the guys at you with did it and it breaks. Hey Brett you're Dave Hunt valley cargo at Brent. And Dave and I target high. You know a lot of people who picabo. Now is. This whole force we or all volunteers. And you don't see. You know people that will stand up to dock for the country. Over in places that you know we never heard of -- now. A big duke men and women especially the want to be adulterous sacrifice. You know they are other heroes in this clown -- -- talks about. -- Thank thank you called -- time it's at this is a beautiful day. We saw that the Opel to television DC it's neat stuff but -- and it's as perfect preakness. Dave Dave on our Veronica -- Page seven I could call. I'll I'll -- that Hillary got it -- basic I know it's -- good and I'm an army guy did not a marine. -- brought I don't know my brother was a marine third in Vietnam I was I was an army -- That's my confusion I've -- you're outside you're on the -- and -- -- -- change. I -- that we are in my brother and brother was in the range. Was killed clock -- out I was in the army from thirty years. -- object so that value recorded but that's right I -- hey I just wanted to idealism about quote this morning early. And ever -- I'm way over to the parade a memorial for a big parade west UMass which you how to bring. It was it was awesome it was awesome. Great time but you know -- bad guy and I quote. How to put a guy anyway. -- six. Re talking about sixty think I want to quote my old debris court George structure gunnery sergeant Miller saying I didn't notice that. Crap I -- not exactly. You know I did. Nowadays stacked crap that I made it pretty nasty it's it's a bit it's a what -- disrespectful. And onerous Corbett to make and -- my email he is a memorial and. Yeah my blog was on fire sites you've got to be kidding me but like. Any numbers have been hit you -- in the military a do you have anybody that's where we are friends and serve in the military and until they're no longer irons. I don't answer is now the -- Already can't you can't beat you know anybody who had a beautiful. And then anybody's served in combat. Our best to make that kind of remark because if you do you know what they put that. Yet -- -- can't it just is just this is just enough in the -- if it's -- -- A television show. In a network that allows a crap to be sent. Well you want to -- a few others he definitely that the a good job music. Did you get it right -- to hear it you're right. -- thanks tomorrow. Yeah did you did have a great day colonel and that -- Yeah I am practical. And -- -- -- a mistake to get it and brought in as you said world we all served my brother was. The Marine Corps we had an end. Who grew up about beautiful -- -- -- tells the Boston constitute Massachusetts. And it was small -- -- it -- -- And marsh field conduct very very very small towns in all of the country that lost. A lot of guys you know. Thanks to to -- -- -- This story -- he's listed his best friend mr. and a throw which died just be done before they're actually best for -- school record together. We lost the success. And that that was the story of Vietnam as -- small tunnel losses the Marines he's got troubled years. That was a serious draft. But they recruited from the New England area which is a Smart move for training. And for cohesion. -- when they got hit. It it left chunks in these towns because they've recruited people jumped from the top. So what to do it sort mr. resort for the Marines poem that they're Bobby had a good clinical legion. But when you lose a life. When laws in this case multiples. They would they were all felt in the -- when they're. In this case the Boston area lost a lot in this particular marine unit. During a very very tough time. This is. Paltry 68. To -- nastiness to place. And it was -- in his case it was a graduate was a more. Indirect fire. Came out it was an up. Patrol duty the night before. Common out backing of the base camp that was a more attack happened -- quiet Lance corporal went one way they have getaway. The more language. And that that's all that's how I'm lucky. Many many times you'll find guys who get killed looted our guys do it right OK guys let's get -- And and articles casket which means that that was news. Could not be repaired the deal. My case of two Brothers like that old -- -- -- -- resistance but Jolie's it remembered because I was young. -- -- -- But. Can also because the height is is 9068 inches of tough tough tough time. In this country and now today and got to present -- states. On television. In front of a memorial that Vietnam veteran built in a lot of people -- and celebrating or thanking us. Fifty years later interest and seven anyone says thanks -- service on the 603. Welcome. My -- How would -- on time. End quote that we'll be right back I'm Dave on public. Who is that. How are gonna know Metallica. I'm old. -- I don't know I just want to know -- of ultimate I mean it and it. I mean of course -- don't. You know there was that Georgia abortion I didn't know that what you do the talent. Old thing over that it's as metallic crash course it's okay Goodman and issued -- -- 877. Was 694322877. 4694322. I'm musically challenged from a lot years. -- did Saturday. I would have -- that even though we don't finalist in the market jumped line 6177793469. -- -- -- -- -- Tax is 6177792. Point 67. Obviously the -- 68680 working. You're. Believing. It's today's at the world it is difficult decoration day. And it's a day remember. Remember the fallen. Now. We do a much better job individually that we do as a nation quickly. Much better job until hopefully you calling -- -- call today to talk about those lost. I'm within NTN. My dad survived World War II for an fears that it. In the Pacific music Richard. He had malaria. Brilliant man BCI guy. Around and -- to actually work not far from here for a long time. -- -- -- -- Until I am today of course but the Joey who was killed a quandary at 68 in all the guys with him from my my job situation. All the as it -- there on the wall at 50000 plus. Afghanistan Iraq Korea all the today is day one or two. Men and women and men women and it is -- -- say just remember. Sometimes you go to the graves. Sometimes you see the parades which all of the country which always spectacular. -- -- But you know you know tomorrow. PC guy -- a woman you know that it needs help. -- homeless pets OK guys men and women who need to work who served tour trouble these gold is the case tomorrow's the day. Member of you wanna do the -- -- thank you it's wonderful. But tomorrow what we want to help with the homeless. The guys PT SD but the guys that have addictions with the men and women of the trouble of coming back -- in Iraq with a broken. It limbs in this game that their lives of our total witnessed up. From six and seven deployments. You can disagree. In Asia and we should this great country about the policy. My argument about did my war was. Don't take it on me you know -- the it was a policy argument you or how about Iraq and Afghanistan. Or Vietnam have what Havoc with the guys made policy people like uniforms on people got shot at our big policy this somebody. Can they stay surviving and then helping their buddies survive. It was it was a tough tough tough tough time that happened by the way do the Korean War to. Where veterans we just respected in -- In master in the great war. The non-GAAP. And such won a wonderful thing to see as troubling as ten years have been the way it is worth it bought. Politics around. Some confidence. We have not for a moment take -- out on the guys men and women who's who served. So we've improved as a nation in my opinion on how we treat that's why in the middle of combat. It has not always been the case to say today is say to just remember. That grade it's got that emblem that marine emblem on it or it says US army deceased 1967. -- and province. -- dissidents say Justin Bobby had a -- remember they are who they wore the fact that they'll never be gone. That's that's it is hey Leslie retired that on the Dave and Dave on forward Carlos -- I -- here I'm good how are you good thanks and happy memorial that you deal would you Liu. I retired before reaching eight that's -- -- do the opera now. I parent bought what orchard it. -- -- -- -- My other brother on our Marines and Vietnam. So my heart goes out to the Vietnam vet it it dot -- very passionate front Vietnam veteran. Did you see today on television. Yeah that was a big deal. Yet and it's about time that they were -- not like or what to back sixty years our beloved generation up. And -- maybe can help you with this since before I get rid of conflicting. I heard today that they calling based generation -- that your greatest generation. Conflicting. About what what wireless. Because -- -- I think that our beloved -- greatest generation which stressed that humble. Like that Vietnam's -- humble. You know I worked at the VA and I didn't say that it would any candor from -- you know it just so humble. Not. I think what I think is right I think we've gone. Because I think we got guilt -- -- national guilt of what was done and to the Vietnam -- To my generation I think we've gone overboard and how can you would. That the current generation of Afghan and Iraq current generations. Veterans. Com are are heaping the praise -- rewards. I think a lot of it's from the guilt of what was done -- us lost fifty years. I don't I don't begrudge him at all I used to which is saying but we gonna do I mean they're the best and the guys are in the where do you know what that nobody can even spell. Let let alone mean and or any Bogeyman that stuff that guys were. And it's about the guys in uniform today I just I would just wish and thank you work in that administration. That we get that 900000. Files back down a man number let's. -- -- -- That the mysteries to -- and 900000. Cases that are still pending. We still got. 250 to 1000 homeless veterans in this country. That's huge number of people. Who served. In Boston and Worcester to those two veteran Thomas Childers radio mr. -- Massachusetts. Those those should be closed. Believing that we thank god. That they're open. That their their private people who do government should be. As a national embarrassment. -- elect us. To know that there -- homes specifically for veterans. Homeless. So yeah when -- member of the guys who died. Then woman died. Reflect and to model the top of these guys. Getting -- would Dave want volley cargo or -- Colonel Kevin a great -- I would be served as a short circuit in the army at the political war. I went to a rocket certainly contract during to accomplish -- reviews team. In targets say you know knuckle and it just got to. You know all it doesn't bother me all of -- so indignant. So mindset of people. Don't know you know it -- Bill let's say and note that more states. Chatters that they do. And you know I did -- time there when I realized I was surrounded by the liberals who were bashing our mission them bashing bush. But they were happy to cash that paycheck. -- Off on it we're gonna truck did you drive again. It was actually your sixteen Wheeler -- -- make fuel -- agenda in counts thank -- water and 8000 thank you. We drive and up from Kuwait or would you would we don't. You know Melvin Matilda Rose you're gonna -- and Eric Condo go to Baghdad and another year and after two little doubts. -- so much armor was in that truck at. Got these guys hostilities truck drivers do. Would drive and bombs and you just his drive and -- some of them up quick British driver on the big targets at the back. That was tough duty they could pay enough I mean -- three years a long time and it will be made some money again. Well I tell you -- that you bring that a accuse. After I came back on the front line up to Wisconsin. And we're just seven Chet and we're just gonna talk about oval will be and he choked on. And industrial in this. She couldn't opus so again it stayed out of it because they actually get pounded but to go. Had -- so slugger what mercenaries were to hurt at all political world. In my friend sent to a any slow was couldn't put -- well is it. -- and I would say this if you -- in the paper and he saw that hiring tomorrow. They would heritage drive. A hundred miles that way in a hundred miles back in the day which isn't much. Might take you told us to do it. But that's only candidate is still. Thank compact. Everyday speech you would argue about that particular year boot boot all of that stuff. And we're gonna -- -- -- on a grand -- -- first data or that spectre -- Sounds fantastic. Oh by the way. We're gonna try to kill you. It does it give you get look we could have done knows these wars. Without guys like yourself does not a money campaign I would I drive and a truck I haven't got a land that's ridiculous big bats a big target on your or your -- This is blow me up it's that's why didn't look. Appreciate call and you service we don't talk about the contract that does -- get paid to paid -- But that was that was -- tough duty when you Thanksgiving thank you call we we will get whacked. 900 times a week in Iraq behind that the five years we have to. And we've lost a lot of Sydney contractors let's watch it as uniformed. Because they get paid. Somehow their services last -- -- our. Big guys in uniform could not done their jobs out of the contractors. You know what they they get just -- dead. That debt that the bomb that roadside bomb blows blows up Kevin as well as the guys uniform. Tell. I'm just saying. I know that today is day three guys in uniform -- -- -- my dad like all of yours. Michael -- likely as a stabbed. Him. But it doesn't mean you do we get a great guys get paid. -- eight Peter year old Dave Hunt valley -- read Peter. I. -- -- -- made and I that I think just because sky from that the job. The TV critic whose own comfortable with the word hero Chris Hayes. I'm not. This sounds like he he's so you'd like -- -- while it's got a job. One of the work critic for -- New York Times book review these so. These civil war intellectual. I'm just talking from -- -- viewpoint who does little criticism on the side that. It just sounds like he's so caught up with this head you know. And it sounds like. Kind of like the mistakes I've made -- Bible study actually Taurus but there have to be Jewish. And that you know like come out and analyze the Bible -- Tora I didn't intellectual way. And you have to remember that other people it's it's a holy book it's their holy book. And this -- kind of forgotten that you know. There you know it it's the hallway today it's a holy day of memorial today these kind of forgotten that in his quest to be. The intellectual brain brain stem of that network. Yeah I agree it Peter eat cut dug himself intellectual hole he could get up. If you when you listen to the newest Democrat the clipped my criticism is NBC -- it was just. He -- at the end the clip you realized although I'm in trouble and any could dig itself back out of thank you call that Peter thanks we'll be right back gonna make some money and -- on powered car.