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Max Robins Monday May 14, 2012 - Alcatraz et al

May 14, 2012|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...today Howie was horrified to learn of the cancellation of Alcatraz.

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At this time every Monday we are joined by Max robins he is the the executive vice president of the paley center for media and New York City for many years he has been idea. The journalist covering the PV industries. He's he's your expert my expert shows expert I'm hoping Stevie. Any security answer any of your questions about the television. And it's it's always a pleasure to welcome him today even know I'm told a match your very sad news for me I do a picturesque. And -- yes. Did did they know that this is the first show I've watched and probably 3035 years on TV I think that's what guided the justices. If we can happen -- -- and not really fishy you know that that's a good look -- on girl is is is bad I mean the more. What are we supposed to think that she's really dead. I don't know eyes that's not right it's not right I think that fans of the showed especially users some closures. And that you were able to make the -- boldly into the present with the show right I think that alone does her you know Max it's going to be another 35 years before watch another -- -- Well all joke about compel doctors at -- With season ultimately dooming the favor with season for justified -- you really should check in immediately get caught up. With that on Netflix. I don't understand what that what they have in the bullpen it's going to be better than -- Well they must think so that. It is -- In profits yeah I -- I can see why you know might not gone for more than like another year two years you know immunity did you know there's only so many people you can bust out before sooner or later the government of -- -- -- right but I mean god given another year anyway you know they think well now. And another great. Prison -- show on fox last its prison yeah. By. I'm sorry I hate. You'll -- people. Had split. Hopefully -- -- -- at least -- at least Turner Classic Movies max's still showing in Boston Lackey every Saturday morning at 1045. So I still have something to live for. Well. CC SI Miami is gone through is what I mean why would run. Well went went CSI Miami sir -- died but not CSI New York I don't get that the I think because -- again looking at the ratings -- what they've done after markets for shadows and it's there. It costs to keep them alive it's a real financial. But listen they they got a lot of great years serious -- Chorus of those that it is career. -- Jake from Chelsea says Al contreras got the chair. If that's. The that was lethal injection. The two missing on ABC ratings coming back. I don't think so adult -- this house should be doing on HBO. It got picked up for a second season after I'd watch him a couple of episodes and -- with Julie's -- we -- Doesn't quite as early resonate -- is good ensemble -- too restrictive side Reynolds gonna say she's one of those people it brought me she wasn't her decision to quit -- -- should shall be and signed felt -- was up her. With -- I mean it it -- cheers jeers I've heard it it's much ridiculous money. That's one can understand right. Right no I understand why they walked away and issues the the it's tough for the other people you know just as amend that great for them but I got news. Other principles so -- walked away. How much you think -- the other three got. I think that you're probably talking somewhere between the embassy fifty tops while fifty to 100 shall fifties low ball estimate. I think by the way missing he has been. Here. Doctor Who. Doctor Who will be back again that's that's. Through many different nations. And you can't kill that they -- Leo steak and a silver bullet. How grim and how grim and once upon a time -- and once upon a time actually is doing quite well Graham. I think the prospects are pretty grim -- so crowded north woods logged a one Animal Planet well a comeback. Most likely. -- -- Why is house ending commitment on for a hundred years yeah I mean house with an amazing success since it's. Effect I was reading something today. Literally hundreds of dollars for the studio that produced. Fox Network. -- does really well international sales -- world but again long on. And after awhile you know it's says it comes time for. Closed down -- that's right comes down two worn yet -- comes time for the doctor to want. You know his -- and get shaky one last operation and one last malpractice suit matchup right news for my cat's been. Okay let's take some calls here with Max robins from the paley center for media any of your questions about. TV 18774694322. Neo your next with Howie -- and Max robins -- deal. I -- you had sex have a question -- baby weight off their rockers and how Long Will be burdened with that. At that. Probably for awhile longer. People can't seem to get enough of that. So if she stays with us yellow and say I mean how much longer than they have actuarial we speak and I Alex. I would like to say well. I would like to say however if that you're not burdened with anything and you know it's like you don't have to watch just asked -- Yup but. He you know I understand when -- sang -- you know sometimes you you know you why you you know but it does this significant other wants to watch your show O'Neal right the end and somebody else's watching the other TV and you you won't have anything to read that -- so you just like you walk up the stairs and all of a sudden. You're stuck watching the. Scott -- right. But he stuck. This page which -- Nazi go to local. Costco. -- couple hundred bucks by a pretty nice TV. Yes the less times are really tough for watch whatever you want -- -- laptop you know put on the headphones and and and for just a little while -- -- there was a there was an interesting story in the New York Times today of all things they were talking about -- show on fox akin to the name but they were saying that you know in the old -- a show like this couldn't survive because there was a big enough audience out Saturday even you know even with you know what. Not that great ratings -- it's whether or not but nowadays with everybody gone and you know. But they all you know when you -- they only we're getting like two million viewers and I know what that was -- the match -- got good reviews and everything and it was a new show on the bottom was gonna make it but. It's it's really it's getting harder and harder for the shows to make it isn't -- it's tough especially you know with that with the broadcast model and it seems that those more niche oriented shows can do better able via. Is there any way out contrast could come backer was that it was an expensive show what I would think to put on. I'm yet that was not a cheap shot with a promise it's tough it's it's it's rare that they get revive some worlds we did see that happen with. South land that went from NBC AT&T and and actually the comedy cougar town which was an ABC -- got picked up by TBS. Social sometimes mean. But those -- the exceptions it not -- but on the other -- -- I mean forehead it was a it was a primary sponsor and they had their cars and you know like kind of thing I mean they have any commitment to order when they just sort -- along for the ride -- -- -- the -- a good deal from fox. Sometimes into it but I think it is the numbers aren't there -- yeah then. So -- not shed many tears either. Especially since they had their best quarter of in the program like fifteen years this year. Stephen you're next with Howie -- and Max Roberts court had Stephen. Great thanks guys are new questions I'm gonna hang out. And to direct -- like Barry White shall I think it's funny. Like I expect I do question why it is the why. Who doubt -- being these shows that are being cut. Why awake with a great show great the great season finale and -- are covering it back bill. I'll leave it that Allison thank you. I'm not sure what the question I -- -- the question is -- I mean who is it busy I think that I think is basic question was. EQ and you can anybody savers show kind of campaign. An organized campaign nowadays savers show have to have lost that happened with loss that happened with the show community by. I'm -- but the showed Jericho few seasons that. It's saved the show for for another season but it's a -- that's a tough for a that's a tough road -- Generally once once the plug is pulled me and that's now. The monkey business channel's gotta get involved in some of these these rescue mission to -- I think you're right I think you're right -- this is this is I think we need to. Because -- program when you know. Bad things happen I -- -- -- there was nothing wrong -- contrast with less clothes and that the blonde girl not couldn't have stood stock. Fertile men needed just mystic chords of marine Maria your next with Howard Kerr Max Roberts court have Maria. I mantown -- I wanna talk about the boiling point. And why am so hot in Cleveland. Hot in Cleveland that's the other Betty White show. And boiling point boy that's one it's not in my race. What are what what's -- what channel's that on Maria what now I don't now. I think that's how do you find it that you wanna watch it. The effects of the call Maria is hot in Cleveland gone is that that was -- proceeded to offer rock writer off the Cleveland is still -- she's got two shows on vision that she has Regis Philbin. Joseph your next with how -- guard Max -- go ahead Joseph. Ali a good -- and we get up like -- about the draft the player with the. Too late to get. Up but you don't you don't really angry about this -- Whitey Bulger unemployment. Usually don't want that shocked -- the comeback and bust them out there are a it's too bad but you know what you do 118774694322. Debbie your next with a point guard Max -- go ahead Debbie. I'm trying how we are I have two questions number on what happened at PM AM. That it minority anymore. And. And hey I crashed my friend. They tried they tried to go to the sixties. The sixties route one time too many Reitman I mean we kind of knew coming in both there was pan am and there was the Playboy club they were trying to pick up by. Some success in cause amendment by. It's more than just a period piece that makes -- and success. It's in -- we also of that one Miami hotel that's another one from the six their natural. Sixties yet -- city I like that show I think that's fabulous. I think yeah I -- -- India I think that's gonna get in and embassies. Thanks for the call Debbie 18774694322. Charlie you're next with Howie -- and Max -- -- had Charlie. Good evening -- Mike port deal it I love that shell shocked at how I was apple. -- shark tank is doing just fine. It's gonna be off all of a great job I'll be able watching how he's really efficient. Now it's but again Charlie it's another one of those shows Max it's cheap to produce right yes yes all. I mean that's that that's super I guess that's the first question -- that's like how much which shark tank cost to produce as opposed Al contrasts Mike my guess is you're talking about a million dollars an episode verses. Three or four. To them. While all sorts got through -- times will have to hit the being renewed does the thing is -- if you do get hit -- elect a show like house. Let's you know that it's self contained that's not a serial drama that's gonna have all sorts -- and syndication. Nationally you mean. Something like that can literally returned. Hundreds and well writes. Yet how many episodes are there a house. I gotta be mean just to in the -- you're probably close at 200. -- now so nobody got way and and what the breakeven point you think for a episodes. Well I mean it used to be the rule was you needed a hundred episodes for syndication -- But the whole political -- when something appears on cable when it's sold internationally and that's all changing and when it goes -- home videos so. Different rules apply -- show can do quite well. As marginal ratings -- might well. With sales Netflix -- apple the year. -- -- is true like close -- Medical travel. Josh your next with how we card Max Robben scored Josh. A nice guy made a couple questions. 200 about the chose to give on ABC how that don't really like Allen and Allen also wondered. I heard a couple things about a spin off of the -- that's coming out wondered if there's any truth that. Yeah we've heard some buzz about an office spin off but I don't have anything definitive about it this commitment to left season for the office as and 30 Rock is well. And the other thing is the other the other scandal and -- scandal to get renewed. So good news for you on that other species the ABC -- revenge got picked up as well. Thanks we're call line -- you are -- the numbers for Two and a Half Men kind of slip slip throughout the season and we're down to like the end of the Charlie Sheen here. Allies say is you McDonald's continued sliding down errors that I mean it may level off but I would think they've got at least another season there it's still extremely high rated very profitable show -- -- read up should encourage others yeah I saw that that's about what they were waiting to amount to too -- to a government contract again. Will your next with Howard -- Max Roberts -- have low. Hey guys. They might my mother largest overseas at the Nielsen book she's -- so. And how we how we needed her last winter and you then now. Good brownouts today that. It. Would not -- it's like. You do. They've got which is so important on the board -- -- was -- my computer. Anyway. Right. But without my question is he got. Fox Business in the morning as Imus it stands. Put in that supposedly have big ratings. MSNBC. Eight nobody watches. But the commercials -- those two different networks. -- in day and ME MS NB CC Quincy commercials for everything from cars whoever products. And our new park spin those kids these be hearing over. -- You know it's with the exception Imus is doing just OK he's still getting beat by morning so. Yes what you're saying it's not it's mighty he's just doing good compared everybody else on. And it ever to. Everything else on fox businesses which is you know had a tough time -- traction and in the the truth is two -- -- advertisers are looking at the quality audience the age of the audience com. You know. And it's it's a number of factors that might also be buying those that across different (%expletive). NBC news networks they might be. That might include -- -- include CNBC. Would buy it includes these news. So it's kind it was as Fox Business lose money or make him. I think they're doing it so inexpensively its value. You do -- I mean and they've got to revenue stream. They work in people there cable systems with the pain to carry yeah after Fox News which -- which is just cash -- And it's that's a tricky thing to answer I think they're keeping costs pretty low. But I mean the real real there's boxes. What -- slate of new -- little areas. I think it's cute show -- I know I'm not exactly the demographic -- you know my in my teenage kids watch -- little network TV like that you know. And and Fox's bill in the comedy night around. The Big Bang -- I think it's that that'll definitely -- I think it's in terms of your kind of traditional. Network sitcom. That's one that's the pitch. You know it's funny I was watching the pitch last night. It's it's kind of funny if you're into the whole world of advertising media via it's it's well done well. Okay Max you know I -- -- of against you the bearer of bad tidings today as well I don't mean you know I knew I was gonna have to break and I'm telling it has been in knots like. -- pretzel I know -- not only will you want women to see what how how. Whitey is breaking breaking chairs unemployment be so angry. Max thanks for thanks for checking in with a C a next week on our car.