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Author Steve Berry Hits Town With New Book!

May 10, 2012|

New York Times bestselling author Steve Berry joined Howie to talk about his new book The Columbus Affair: A Novel.

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With us now. On the you know on the news line is one of the great. Thriller writers. Modern day. Literate literature Steve Berry. And he's got the he's got a new book out. It's called the Columbus affair and -- he's that -- so many great -- -- you may know from the but the -- Malone series. And but this is this is a stand Paloma walked -- and it's it's great to Steve it's great to have you on the show. Yeah and you'll hear from Saint Augustine so a year Florida so you're you think yeah obviously I YouTube -- you think about the the early days of America and the Spanish explorers. -- every day. Yes yes you know this is America here we have public oldest standing structure and North America Asia the -- -- there's over 500 years old. Yeah it's it's it's a cool place they at least two weeks to stop they're wrong on her way down to southern South Florida you know and a I was like Debian and Saint Augustine but anyway listen tell us so what -- tell us about the so this is about the tell us about Christopher Columbus. Think that's -- amazing guy we know nothing about Columbus we don't know where it was born where were raced to his parents work I was educated we don't always look like. We don't know how I got to America we don't I became the -- We don't even know what happened when he got here because the journal of Columbus is a copy of a copy. So we have no clue about Christopher Columbus and there's a secret associated with -- their interest in history stumbled on about three years ago. That is becoming more and more plausible to be real and that's what -- -- but gobble up over this -- this mystery. I dealt with a new character created disgraced newspaper reporter think -- taken to get himself involved itself in quite export -- with Christopher Columbus. I'll mullah zeile was like a disgraced newspaper reporter not that I'm disgraced what does some people would like to disgraced me I suppose. Yet that it at this -- to stop killing he's pretty much been destroyed. And just above all the before he does that something happens and he gets thrown into this great history. It is is this the first of a series with but can't say him. We never know it let's see of people like you are hoping people like it I enjoyed him I elected open at the end so. I'd like to read is it top one day. -- -- right community you know your books like coming out for for another few days I don't think it it's a number -- doing pretty damn well what on the Amazon web site -- you're off to a good start. I'll do a good start and make it. Fifty dubious -- Yeah and though we're part of a Steve -- the author of the Columbus affair -- -- reader of his I give us a call 1877469. 4322187746943. 22 Christopher -- denied that I just read somewhere the Christopher Columbus may of Bob May have been a and a Jewish guy. It's possible this possible and that's part of what we dealt with in the book there's a there's a lot of talk that he may very well have been. From Spain and may have been a converse though. And that is very interesting if it's but it will -- He -- on August 2 1492. He gets out of their before -- died in a hurry to lead the lead quickly. Because -- midnight August 3 no Jews were allowed in Spain they were banned from Spain and all starting August 3. 87 and our board he shipped contrary to Hollywood not a single priest among local. But there was a cheap -- translator world war if so why does he need -- Hebrew translator. Where he was hit it where there's a reason why he. Video actually only EU did actually leave right before the IBM on Jews and. You have to early he got he was supposed to go the next day but he adapt quickly Jews were banned from Spain starting all the -- And he left and what's interesting about the Hebrew translator is it's very possible that the first words spoken in the new world where people. What you don't. Did I mean he could've been that unpopular. We we -- he had access to the royal family right they don't bankrolled his that the voyages right. But that's not that's that's -- -- to date they have five cents to give anybody. There were four converts those who were close to kings park they had. One a bit his chief advisor. Convert those were Jews who had converted christianity under force. They bankroll his support should. They gave them money to put they put their mind yet. For the -- -- Spanish -- had nothing to lose -- columbus' voyage nothing whatsoever to watch these commercials put the money apple there's a reason why they did that. And this is all explored. Now we're moving into fiction right. Well a little bit but there's some good speculation. Do it this is not my speculation -- there's a book by Simon Wiesenthal also ideals of hope. Is he explores all this in that book and it did he has great proof to back itself up so there's a lot of truth to -- We're speaking to Steve -- he's the author is newest book as the Columbus affair I YouTube for you brought read some of his other boards with a lot of call lot of people wanna talk to you Steve let's what you -- things. I'll take up whatever you like this do it. 1877469432. To the book is that you we have a link on our website if you -- order it from my Amazon and that to be available in bookstores everywhere on May fifteenth -- you're -- with how -- car and Steve -- the author of the -- what novel -- Columbus -- go ahead -- I'd be Gloria I don't -- Steve look I had a question for registered -- actually been about four times this year -- from San Domingo Dominican Republic where. Columbus bounded and his son bill that house there and the that's the city the new world did you put out there and do -- researcher on the I elected to which Jamaica did -- researcher did it all player I didn't go to Santa Domingo. Dictated whether the story but Jamaica he had -- -- the -- -- and Jamaica for 150. Years. Idiot. Troll that island and they kept the inquisition. All that I. 150. Years. So there's another -- there's another car. Yeah so it's somebody solely I was glad to make was English from that from day one would know the English didn't grab a total -- much later. Fifty English took it it was Spanish. Prop -- eagle Ford sixteen to -- all being controlled by the Columbus and. The artery Columbus family members left. But you know yes there's there's descended but they don't that they're there's Spanish -- -- Yeah but they they kept the inquisition now but -- -- Britney brought over slaves -- make. Very few who came to it they're -- solve that were brought it to just Spain. I -- to Jamaica later at the 16301640. Mostly the slaves came after 1650. Thanks for the call Dana Joan your next what powered car and Steve Berry author of the Columbus Safir go ahead Joan. Remain and I Ray Emery that you wondered your report and and it agent with the best writer or I'd -- and not -- or not. I always wanted to talk you might -- you know -- every -- you know brought. You a domino lighter and especially is that you make people less. Yeah you're being yourself are now. -- I did it every night we had during your black I mean I'm glad you did that. My. Hybrid electric youth that now and I think back body aren't. Amber. One. It hammer -- Yeah -- would be around there again that aspect I disable avenue what four -- next Tuesday. Got a -- on that area. I don't I don't question about what a brief visit Russia one day have not done it but this -- -- Christopher Columbus -- -- next Tuesday. Go ahead -- -- -- 1877469432218774694322. David you're next with Howie Carr and Steve Barry -- bestselling author. And -- north orchestra Columbus affair will be out next Tuesday go ahead David. -- -- At one question actually questioned why. I'm watching everything but it's -- -- -- ago. And I'm not from it would work. It it's going to be Michael walker historical fiction it's a modern day as a historical well to it. So you something from the past something law also forgotten. But it still has great relevance to today so at some modern day thriller but as a definite historical well. Like calling -- -- -- with out here and what not that Cole ankle but offered where. You enjoy it given a trial. Check out David thanks for the call 187746943221877469. 432 to how how one word about Christopher Columbus -- He guided his keynote six after his last voyage we do know where he died that we did note the date of his debt. Not sure how he died and it interestingly we have no idea where he's scary because three separate -- claimed his bottle. Was who with the science Boehner and. He had said he was they are but they brought it remains to the new world and there's a tournament sent to demean -- that's claimed him. Given the bridge took over that aren't lending them the bulge to Havana. Havana claims him and they broadcast all three grays and there's a little bit of David callable. -- -- Mike your -- with how we -- Steve Berry author of the new novel but Columbus appear go ahead Mike. Kind of silently gently at the very quick that this virus does that put it in relationship to the attic and the Pope. English but it's a problem -- -- and where they -- utility Indian airlines it's in in the world places. There or is it that they or they were not the kindest people in the world and it was a sign of the times -- dealt with arrogance and ignorance. Unfortunately. Hundreds of thousands of Canadians in the area we know died or were slaughtered. During that time period so. You know the discovery that your world was not a good thing for them -- And that in Portland relationship -- -- from the typically from a Columbus he had not. -- -- -- that apple where that he had with the Pope Nadal none that I am I'm aware. What was his native they -- native language Italian right. No not really the always wrote and he wrote in capital on which is Spanish. -- he wrote it Camelot he ever wrote an Italian at all really notice all of his writings are encamped along. So how -- -- welcomed the Italians -- Well it's it's a collection there's alleged -- there's so much via associated with -- that is the -- fat. In some respect but it's simply not true we have no. Verifiable. Evidence that that it was born in Italy. Not whatsoever. Shannon your next with Howie -- and Steve Berry author of the Columbus affair go ahead Shannon. You and I did it is starting treatment here I -- headed on. And I enjoyed a lot of. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Go ahead ship that. -- I think about my -- And on here need to read you that I can only change expert but. Thank you so much it's about Christopher Columbus to be out next Tuesday. -- -- it trying to secure really liked it. Great thank Shannon press your next with how we car and dusty Barry author of the Columbus affair quick quickly Crist very quickly how -- you. What do you think about the theory that Columbus is farther along with a member of the knights of Christ in. Did come across that I researcher at all because. He was married only -- short while they had a child that is basically -- that is why. And nobody really knows -- sort of faded from the scene so I'd never really got aid thing from that from them from the research idea. Well this is this is fascinating I never knew about him -- the family owning Jamaica this is this sounds pretty interesting Steve look forward to reading the book thank you joy. Okay great thanks for being with -- Steve -- but Columbus to prayer and beyond bookstores everywhere. Next Tuesday thanks a lot state. -- -- -- -- --