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Openly gay caller -Kevin- asks why gays can't get married

May 10, 2012|

Really, what is the problem with two men getting married? Kevin calls and battles Todd over gay rights.

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Kevin good morning you. Good morning -- -- Kevin we're doing great thanks to Collins. Good every time you you start on the gay issue I have to call and of course my frustration until we're sure I am again excellent I'm frustrated I'm Leo what are we missing a mistake yes. But I don't a certain world. I person -- -- you may climb ever went answered reassures mattered were those -- -- who are -- okay I'm immune probably disagree but another part of the radio show as well and how I interpret my hands but I'm I'm I'm I'm a gay man I'm 48 a make over half million dollars a year I'll do a lot of time actually George. My partner with whom I've been for eighteen years if I would have -- market not commercial security that's a problem potential racial -- It's unfair so do I need from the term marriage. On the defined in our relationship no. We can call it over want to but my important thing is I want the same. Protections and the same benefits. I do have friends who have who have passed and their partners -- -- -- and taken everything. Can't take in the body without allowing my friends and viewers once they -- and they're not even tell my friends we simply. At least I simply want the same protections and I couldn't train tracks and a lot more the most US citizens. Therefore I expect to get something. Fact there is of value should not -- Obama made many good choices he would get a daily yes would have mattered to North Carolina no because Libby jury geographic show that those who voted. For or against the ban are those higher educated people who were and a more affluent communities or who are in. College towns where the president what. The president to yesterday that you think will is exciting for your side of the argument. I think -- anything just. Brought it to the forefront there he is not. Against. The idea. -- equality equality no I don't care if it's called -- gone I don't have had this big believe. Good passing -- ordained into the Christian church or whatever church you you affiliate -- -- because I'm in my view this is true separation of church and state. If you truly believe and that district of our churches our our job. Churches are all different matter this is a question of what the government. Will be allowing Brian and I -- I do I do believe interest rates want to vote on it that's -- -- still -- get human basic right. And you can equate it to you so you're not matter who the president of -- he basically sold you out what he did was going to be paid lip service. To gay marriage she said I believe and it. And by the way I'm not gonna do anything to fight -- I'm proposing no legislation no constitutional amendments -- nothing go fight it out in the states that's what he said last night -- there are now just like a couple of years ago -- -- unable to use even bigger Alexander yeah general and you're like oh no he first endorsed gay marriage back in 1996. He evolves away from enemies really the most malicious politician you could imagine my game and our secure order richest person -- ever heard on the radio -- don't respond to the other side in order to run process in 2004 he switched his position. And then he stayed in that position for 2008. And now we switch back because it's an occasionally aren't just like everyone just like everyone can. And did exactly Kevin let me -- exact LSU WL BI everybody can change in my while they that was just challenging airline that was political extra nice look and I've been with you while all morning -- also -- -- -- much -- yourself but not a -- -- Kevin said people are entitled to change demo and he changed his mind. Is it is an earlier or later we are -- Kelly and -- read a statement about is so security what you paid in your successful guy you partner of eighteen years. And I think it was really well put well frame probably actually better than the president has handled this issue. He also said something about letting the steady you don't have a problem letting the states vote on this so -- -- -- said let's say. Marriage one man one woman you when you -- eighteen year -- enough to move out to Montana. How do you then. Kinda I guess. Close on the the argument you give to Todd -- -- about -- those security and a whole host of other thing. Forced to just like I have in the -- Buckley and in Massachusetts now but in the past yeah. I'm gonna go on the appropriate will Entrust -- at the offers protections in place for upwards of 101000 dollars or not done that I shouldn't have to do that. And it from a from a tax standpoint. I issue -- in my particular mine and since we're not going after he -- because Somalia goes into your. Particularly street this caller stated on the we we should be able Faldo and actually get those same benefits including a one almost died and as far as as helping -- hurting Obama there -- a number of the Latin America and Latin American countries which are fully. Catholic. They have approved marriage including I think Mexico City there I think Argentina -- in Brazil -- out so I understand it's a generational thing you need to North Carolina -- -- skirting of the the larger populations. In those areas decided to vote for the ban well that makes sense because many of the older and older people vote contingent but younger people are currently working. This sort of -- it is. Kevin I had a question for you Tom mentioned earlier the slippery slope argument on this and what you're arguing for is basically saying people other then. Those who were legally married should be able to get the rights of marriage. And that would open the door for basically what you're really saying is people get to decide. What are the equivalent of marital relationships so siblings might wanna do that. Oh yeah you always seem to take it to another extreme what I like because I know why does remain under some of the woman -- though not an extraordinary design and it's -- -- -- -- an extreme it's -- natural evolution -- -- can get -- in North Carolina and -- -- -- 29 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- First cousin and your -- so that's not an extreme high. Base wage -- Kevin that you read these supreme judicial court opinion here in Massachusetts and I can't give -- -- you know word for word. Recitation of that. But it opens the door to. Any definition that I come up with a new and I would both remember your -- -- and I'm certainly even older than that but. You and I would both remember when the notion of gay marriage. Everybody -- kind of looked dead deal like you we had there might have been right people in the into high end gay community and I let the world who would talk about gay marriage and everybody else would say that's ridiculous but we reached that point. Of now it's except it. Revolving -- right so how is it not then this how we not gonna get the same evolution then win. And it you know and I know the gay community says it's ridiculous to say about him I decide I wanna marry seven people and for them and guys -- three of them gals. Who is to stand in my way now that we have DS JC standard that says it is my personal sense of self that to turn -- -- -- minister. -- -- -- I'll shut up yellow cab and go ahead let's just like Kevin -- come on now let's say you're very large. I think that it took so there's I think -- There -- still find a monogamous relationship. Don't monogamous -- -- your relationship now between man and woman man man woman one woman -- my mind and that's what should make it to extra dose caring for another individual journal billing allies with certain individual. And I think that's where there's very different relationship big. Now let's talk about an arbitrary Orion had said that he knew that's an average very quiet. -- that because TI and it is so I did this I mean there's a fascinate comes so really so really you know I mean there's a -- there's a reasonable argument can be made that say you were and living with the siblings and you want those select your name your ninety's and you want those siblings to have the rights of marriage you want them to make the decisions about your well being -- -- no we also know why are there -- -- your Social Security benefits. We also another concern -- -- -- post what are the health concern constantly nanny issue not if they're ninety's there are gonna have -- -- How how hostile come on your ridiculous hello -- -- are not job nobody yelling your not you're -- -- grammar or you know there are -- you're not listening to make your opinion you're just in -- listen true and who -- bigger you. Now listen to my point instead of responding to without known one sank. One of the arguments that you hear from some people who don't wanna be in a marriage but they want the benefits of marriage and it's a totally reasonable argument. If I decide -- little Mike to siblings when -- elderly and I want them to have those same things you said you want with your gay lover. Why should they not be able to do it and it if you agree they can should be able to do why would you stop at one person instead of two or three. The duration -- anonymous. So can I ask you about the love Montgomery -- -- and how we relate better dorm or is lending to what you said about monogamy you're on why aren't like you do anything you gentlemen I'm responding to what you said you said monogamy and I'm saying why do you draw that line and by what moral right eight would you draw that line that one person. And and I think that's a question that springs from the SJC. Yeah you can actually get back to make it even easier for Kevin for a second maybe not easy doesn't wanna listen up but it does but I I used to use this argument and discussion up at a -- The spinster sisters who -- together other adjustments to a demotion affection. And it does not have dot sexual element did just you know this that's what results are trying to sell a total and setting up for an end to end it and you say to yourself what wait a minute chief Kevin and his. Top her friend have a sexual relationship that she ended -- They had distinguishing feature -- which we discriminate against him or against dispenses the spinster since this business is tough stuff 61726. He's worked hard. This he's an eighteen years in a relationship where this product. And he says god decide when I was married to you know all a woman should get my Social Security benefit. Hey this -- the of the place Hydro lines got I don't care what people do with their lives I don't want government incentives. For behavior that the source society agrees is not positive behavior from the society. If everybody says we should pay people. So -- it to marry to same sex because we derive some benefit from a right the reason we give those benefits. Is to incentivize men and women to greet families true or false. Social Security benefits to a survival would be seen as supportive of the family that gets yes so what we need to do as a society. Is make a decision that we think. We wanna incentivize gay people be a manner that's all I'm saying I don't think we should incentivized behaviors that we don't -- positive ones for society. If we may say you're sorry you don't want individuals to not have the right to where we repeat our guess ricin in different words would be essentially the same thing we're rice and it's the primary. Socializing. Institution of approve of cultures and societies -- to -- its -- we have our own and the economic and we are gonna make it the ultimate ideal in the effort and there's a cost to me so if Kevin and his. -- boyfriend can get married and got his boyfriend cannot work for the next forty years and then collect his Social Security benefits when he dies that's Acosta UN. So if we're gonna incur that cost of we're gonna money taken away from us by force. In order to support his life. That should be for something that everybody agrees is a good thing should net. Idea that's okay yeah chain -- more IRR garner is social benefit yeah hygienic. The moment I think okay Kevin thank you so much amen brother. I am I'm ratings -- -- Catholics I think probably like you are -- I'm an episcopalian now I would say Mary in the church last year to my partner content this is not about special rights. I -- instead excel well he's paid into the system I have paid into the system -- We -- -- this same rights and call it whatever you want it congestion taxing it is all about the word marriage. -- -- -- -- Religion on -- show it's about it's about what behaviors who want to incentivize so I understand yours in Kevin's feeling. -- you're an equal part of society and you -- -- and but these these particular parts of marriage and these are the only parts I care about by the way. I don't I don't think we have played an interest and we're not taking any don't know I didn't mean really hey I wasn't saying you're you're like. You -- I wasn't saying taken and an -- jarrah where what I was saying is. If so these are benefits that we have built into marriage because we want to incentivize men and women. To create households together so we have provided financial incentives to create those particular unions. And and I think beef that we shouldn't automatically say let's start giving those two other groups of people as went without. Actually checking it off funnel us having a conscious moment where we as a society say. Do we think it's good to incentivize. Jane and Jolie America that's already. I don't Begin you're looking at what happens okay after sixty Q in retirement about this twenty or forty years they've taken care of each other and they haven't been on welfare. And they haven't ban on social. I kiss this guy and I dependent household there and independence also played. I think what you're I'm a conservative. And I think the main thing is quite good -- there are conservative people out there who want to say you know so. The mayor conservative institution it. Yeah they yeah they speak they want to get I -- take care of each other -- why would that. JJ let me ask -- as a conservative com do you think the people of Massachusetts should've had a vote on this all that it should have come about through the legislature as opposed to the judicial. Imposition of -- No I think the end of the day just to get into probably the best place for change -- happen -- but it really fit the recent you know everybody's -- debt. -- -- health care may be overturned by the very -- court and you know I think. If you live by that that the courts are part of -- -- yeah they you have to accept the rulings what you like him or not. Show up I agree that it's it's it's it's about coming from the people -- but sometimes it comes to Nicole and you know if it's this Supreme Court. And no to health care I'm -- for that well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --