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Chump Line Friday May 4, 2012 - Joann From The Women's Prison

May 4, 2012|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was super Colonel Hunt fan Joann of Cell Bock A at the women's prison inviting the cColonel for a conjugal visit.

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Boca -- -- -- -- that the prison again. Hey big boy we're having a little Cinco De Mayo celebration this weekend wanted to stop -- night. I guess tonight Barack has staked out the Atlantic outta my head I looked -- comment -- -- can't stream those and. Ages -- himself. Common -- my dad like comment ran it not make. Okay let guys that guy is over seventy. Com or -- is strange Internet friends. -- go with the latter. Carmen Miranda. I can only guys like is that over sixty years old or even know what that means and the answer is thanks invitation but -- things. Lies at the major difference between always in the building. You know. But how is in the studio -- catered to -- -- Over the don't know don't make comments. Things that you. Held fifty. I am embarrassed I mean date the human nature group who was at three woods where it's. What an anomaly to alta group organized where I was more a little nervous -- -- thousand songs and I was the only thing room. Yeah I mean it was as I as I mentioned so it's it's fair it's got its fair. That some you know man love from Australian white guys and. -- that -- has Obama most of them have to keep the cap loan from China. And unfortunately the other that's official -- And -- -- Anna -- is -- your friends will come as a student student visa. I think that it's gonna clear what the Chinese feel better and we will we were not prepared for that area and we should abandon the it was embarrassing. There's some recovery by both Chinese. Ron he's absolutely right we should be better at this. This is this what it is it was Sid department does for a living wanting to do living in countries and with this particular well known dissident. Well we should have been a lot better than we -- Know that it -- that they can't post it because they're not bootleg out black speculative but the rough patch. How he -- about life you're leading the veto. How how he deserves all the condemnation by the way you can visit the -- -- tomorrow that would. As did 22 and for the to -- Barbary. But yes. How is also I -- said on the air that when he came out of the shower not a good picture his wife's noticed a little bump. Only how we can get away with -- to not to be a hernia his third but who held shares that kind of information that way. That is unbelievable. And it and one of the reasons. He is the number one radio show. -- -- We Lenovo or stop it -- that they're tailor bird BP. Thank you -- that's all other an idealist radio show by the way whether Palin did would it hurt her Republican chances for a woman of the people. For it for probably all the wrong reasons its actual three wants mean and don't have a voice for silent movies thanks. -- -- -- -- -- We partnered do you. -- -- girls -- Stone floor. When these bills we. Normally goes he's good news and the with the -- and truck. And say. Hey -- I said that Begin elected speed goes and Ernie are somewhat connected. But. Good -- -- hello this is the second operation you know we didn't get three and all of the other one was as of surgery. -- and and now they know they're earning everything else everything else is middle active three. But nobody that by the way I don't wish Sergio Ernie or -- -- or hip operation and anybody having at both. They -- a lot of general a couple of good -- So important for Obama. My god there was a jerk came about a 400. He's also by whoever got -- with the very very bravely won the medal of honor in World War I is a full colonel. Okay as of Fort -- general brilliant jerk he -- -- the Australians and DNA credit. Talk down. It's not -- sorry that's -- two did -- -- history. They BO says mother living across the street from when he went to West Point go to play baseball West Point to arguing about character brilliantly flawed. General. Probably more good than bad but rust from what I talked about being World War II. Mom. Got a lot of issues particularly Australians. That side it -- then legalize marijuana. Yeah I'd tell me that there's no it was -- how. Chris needing cash I don't resent opium that fourteen times in -- -- or. I blew it I did I don't know what I did I'd go to factory but but. A great group that that that they of the human nature is great group -- And he's there path agrees warrior. Who was -- format. Google. Don't they -- all throughout. Thank you. -- -- -- -- That that that that you know I voted. Cindy got me just admit to it on the air. Either before -- after election like it was hard it is here are trained. In. A lawyer from Boston College. It was unfair and -- is. And I -- I did a paid Bart. -- -- Okay. Look about -- given that my presidency and I would nation and I and I like the baseball that they gave me. And -- I think Romney's new rule should be that president and I am voted for. Thanks. I hope you've enjoyed this surgery according no I was here next and that's going to be good -- -- all -- organized and about it. He -- again. No presented to art the maybe George. They get to the beginning -- that's our -- I hope you enjoyed -- surgeries. According to all volunteer. Next time it's going to be. And the guy by the way that the -- -- that utility knife duct tape on every. Well. That that's one that by the way there's no way this car. Would not -- too. Was one -- second -- you know what they're winning. You can -- back. How -- the columnist was I think it was Wednesday all the problems. And -- that that. It is very very embarrassing it was on it was on. Herb warrant we'll talk with 6 o'clock. From Harvard resonate. For ten years and -- -- -- go do this political stuff it came off. And is it that that's that's very very tough to defend you should have been much of it part it's embarrassing it's not gonna go way. That was your last -- line message thank you for calling out retired U.