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Apr 29, 2012|

Kevin Whalen welcomes Maurice T. Cunningham, Chairman of the Political Science Department at UMass Boston. Prof Cunningham is also a blogger for the site MassPoliticsProfs. His recent article "The dangerous (and dumb) Scott Brown," caught Kevin's eye. The two discuss MA politics including the Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren senatorial race, Governor Deval Patrick and EBT reform.

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The -- revue with Kevin Whelan starts. Right now. And now it's time for pundit review review of tonight we're out we're -- counting we're counting up the delegates for the that it looks good and we're counting down the days until November and that looks even better. We're making new investments in the development of gasoline and diesel and jet fuel it's actually made. From the plant White -- LG. These in Hawaii right now where we're hold. Ten and the wind because we care about America he's updated because that is just an idea round of golf I'm very proud of the fact not for. When -- -- reportedly rebuilds. I tell my strokes I tell my strokes. Mr. President you've failed you failed to get this economy going that was job one. -- Kevin Whelan. This country who got rich on his own no but. The regulators with a -- out of my Brothers -- dust pollution. -- at at a course the government would have -- Thomas Edison's -- -- by the way they just did that that I. We want to build the interstate highway system and the Hoover Dam. Allocated to build a pipeline. Would imagine. News it is doing good and I knew about them before you do. Or nobody else to why he's happy with the win then absolutely -- like wind and solar but you can't got -- -- with a win the last. I'm go to Obama again here again did -- you the last and I did on WR Julio. Should not drive punditry. And welcome back under review radio Kevin -- with you have to be back. For another weekend here on WRKO. We have a great show lined up for you tonight. As always it's 7 o'clock our friend Bruce McClain will join us. Another edition of someone you should know weekly tribute to the troops to start on -- five dot net. Bruce spent when he using United States -- of veterans Vietnam War he knows of what he speaks and he'll be back it's seven at 730 the founder. Of the world's largest most visited non come non advertising website it's called post secret dot com. His name is Frank Warren. Highly recommend you check it out. Post secret dot com Frank Warren is against 731. Hour we're gonna talk Massachusetts politics with professor Morris cutting him. He is chair of the department of political science at UMass Boston. The more important to us who are under review we bring the best of the blogs to the radio. He's a blogger at mass politics props. Dot com welcome professor thanks and only election great to have you in the studio it's great to meet finally. Another one of these virtual friends on Twitter and you know in the social media around so is great to meet people face to face finally it is. -- and tell me about before we get to UMass Boston -- just tell me a little bit about the Twitter experience FOIA. Well I. This is all -- to me a whole the whole whole social media is pretty pretty good in the eye and a lot of my life is lived in the nineteenth century in my mind. Pebble where you updated two there was quite an experience I've enjoyed -- I pick up a lot of insight and I and I like to see with the candidates are up to and everything is so immediate. And so Israel becoming an enjoyable experience for the end of it I use a laugh at themselves caught -- can do anything 140 characters and -- monitor every day have a wonderful time to. And it's amazing to me how many things I learned on Twitter or not. You know to peoples opinions is one thing but as far as seeing a breaking news story first on Twitter happens more times than not at least for me. But all the time defining assumption behind and you could see the quick response to a particularly candid responses so it's interesting. And others a lot of humor on Twitter to so is it pretty enjoyable experience. To -- can be a hell of a lot of fun when there's a hash tag game going on someone throws -- than they -- them. A category in you chime in with you wisecracks about the particular category I tried to get -- go in this last week. The in the menu menacing this one to try to get Elizabeth Warren a new nickname. In light of the Boston Herald story that she's a native American -- claiming to be in the having a hard time verifying that fact. So we could call achieved. Alltel. -- -- -- it you know it's it's one of the sillier issues that come along and are probably the last one you know would you know attainable. What beneficial foods you -- -- you know we -- Elizabeth Lawrence heritage as. Well it's that it's it's says. Part of the 24 hour news cycle a silly season on the other side at the national level we have the ducks. We don't have the dogs and you know -- the dogs are always in a column and Gail Collins. Media attention she's not doing -- column she's so on late night TV doing interviews about it it's amazing and as you know sometimes -- get to the last paragraph I can be dig down the last argument -- we haven't on the target there it is. Professor Morris Cunningham is a guest chair of the department of political science at UMass Boston. It's Telus about the speaking of the dogs did you get a chance to what's -- political correspondent dinner last night that the White House correspondent that are in Washington I did see a little bit of urgency otherwise known as nerd prom with the -- It's a great event I particularly love it every year to seat both the president whoever it is and some -- comedian with the tough job try to just showed us a sense of humor I gave Obama an eight at but he did terrific last night. And the first -- -- out of the gate about Donald Trump. Actually had me rolling in the aisles I don't think -- -- watching and it was Seth -- -- you picking on Donald Trump and it is the you almost felt that we don't he was sitting there completely -- he's not used to be treated disrespectfully in my eyes so funny. It was really it was a really great it was fun last night is great for people in we always say if you listening to -- review on Sunday night. Your political junkie you know you've got the bug like we have it and it's like the Oscars for political junkies that's. How much you we have a unified on seaspan once -- that's that's a couple yards since he's been answered. Morris Cunningham is I -- chair of the department of political science UMass Boston mentioned mass pulled mass politics. Props dot com what we call a group blog which is professor Cunningham. Former recent guest professor who retired CEO from stone hill who also blogs at mass politics -- stock professor Gerald duke. And he's he's got a Central Connecticut State but he lives in Massachusetts and tries to give -- a little Weston mass insight from time to time and and as -- -- one level having Gerald and we -- in his three wishes manipulative and you will see we come up with some guest professors from time to time -- no problem problem. It's a great. Plug in some of the best commentary on local Massachusetts politics I find at mass politics -- dot com. But tell us a little bit professor Cunningham. A volume as Boston what I think you -- Boston -- -- the political science program the first thing because my mind is affecting you guys. At a pretty -- prestigious thing. Either one -- two cycles ago we you hosted a presidential debate. We did we had actually the first the first gore bush debate was there. And it really what it was is impressive anytime you've you've been around campaign likened it to see how massive it is and and all the goes into the preparation part is really impressively if it was a terrific event I actually. In the in the mock debate the day before as we do state leaders arousal what I actually that the -- George W. Bush has -- pretty good job. It you have to dumb it down a -- at. It's slightly. Professor Morris cutting him as the guest chair of the department of political science UMass Boston 6172666868. 6172666868. Toll free 877469. 4322. No I think the blog mass politics props. I think personally correct me if I'm wrong there's more diversity of opinion on that blog in the -- your typical college campus. I don't know silly you we'd we'd go all we we go all over the map I think and I think probably the diversity comes from. We don't just sit around reading politics all the time we actually bring in things other things -- -- reading it's. A psychology. And business and a number of things whatever where where we have our mind what we're reading would bring an end and I think which we try keep it lightly we try and recognize which could kind of initially did a nation in Massachusetts politics and we try and bring them academic perspective to would put an -- sometimes a lighthearted way. Have you been surprised. Because you know in the world of blogging these from my perspective as someone who's been toiling away since 1999. On the blog. Now you guys of relatively new and yet I see constant appearances -- you guys on you know things that Jim Braude show in New England cable news and other television appearances as commentators are you. What we're doing all that before the blogger is has it been really the blog distribute the visibility it's got those opportunities few days. We -- who wielded a little bit of it before but I think. The blog has driven a lot of it we get a lot of inquiries from the use and I've I've read this and when it's hard to about it. But also if you've got to deal with the Warren brown racing you goody it would Mitt Romney's presidential candidate and that that drives a lot of attention to the -- Really the blog could we've had a lot of -- that anonymously shy about talking in the media and so little. When I noticed I didn't have to ask twice if you could come on no I cannot honestly I'm really hungry and very happy to have you thank you very much -- it's it's fun it's fun I like to talk politics. So it'll I would his I think fun if you find the rate people who can do it without taking it personally when you disagree with them and it can be -- lot of fun. Yeah I agree you can't take it to personal everybody has it if you don't have passionate beliefs about you really. It what do you even do we're talking about politics. Because as one -- -- -- passion amount that you really can't lose yourself and in and a and then take itself too seriously take ideas and issues seriously deny yourself. -- we always quote a line from Reagan here on Sunday night that money. 20% and implement twellman who was in my 80% enemy is my my 80% friend is not only 20% -- something -- them. It -- sort of attitude that I think suit and so while alive one of -- his way was so popular he was an optimistic upbeat kind of guy in. The other famous stories of him and Tip -- battling all they have. At the end of the after 5 o'clock to Google in the -- sit down have a drink together. There should be more than politics field fierce battles but but not do not considering each other enemies. Yeah I think I to me that's kind of thing that that Gingrich brought in to national politics. Yeah I think he's a lesson in responsible for you you really perfected it and his one global overwhelming talent is negativity. And if it's out it's a very unfortunate I think what has happened in politics lately is unfortunate and he is -- on an. You know and in the second serial -- sponsors who go back and point to. -- forking of of this entire Canon you know and and so forth and so it's not it's not as if politics was ever. You know of a flower strewn. Path but really Gingrich elevated to to a different level I think. Yeah I think they both could -- they've gone down together basically been gone downhill the other both parties really I think taken over by the the crazies of the party both of them doing that for both sides. Well you know we see you see some of it to -- audio on on Twitter where people get very impassioned and you know you'd believe everybody is a liar hypocrite he was in this simply listen partisans. But to have that goal on. It at the level in Washington those bonuses entirely different problem you know Barney Frank is gonna even talk on this Tuesday I think. What little civility in politics dysfunctional democracy. So while he is a subject matter expert I'll be addresses he woody I'm -- or don't listen don't studious and sailor. Well can't leave anything -- rather do -- 6172666868. Toll free 8774694322. Professor -- -- -- the chair of the department of political science. Already UMass Boston any blogger prolific blogger at mass politics props. Dot com but you mentioned the senate race it's going to be -- doozy we probably have one of the best five races in the country rate here in our backyard. He talked about also silly season with some of the issues with dogs and other things the tax returns I think falls into the silly season. I'd have to agree. Is that you know that gained all the attention this week -- and really what what we found notices. Pretty much what we knew. Two very accomplished intelligent people. Have done pretty well professionally that's not -- You know I think the only negative tax returns I I generally don't care much for the issue I think the one. And it plays a role in the Mitt Romney. Thing I think but the it's been the most of the times Warren brown -- a pretty much we expect that it was they would episode one -- which people we can really amount to much story at all and. The difference I think is that one side. They both accomplished the same thing come from modest backgrounds. And now -- of 1%. Well critical that they did a pretty close -- that I want is yet when it was sent as an up -- down 800 year I think that's pretty much 1%. I'd trade would have a descent and financial media there 1% is but I think the difference between the two was one side is embarrassed about it and not really even willing to admit it. Well I don't you know I actually point -- I really here. And related and envious in some ways of that faculty and you know that's not what Atlanta did so -- individuals I don't wanna. Lindsay he's one of the wealthy individuals. Is only what twelve million. I would think both of them would be would be pretty wealthy -- this but she's you know that that that rubs me the wrong way when she tries to sued she's no one -- she's not rich and wealthy individuals. Mean that's like well. Welcoming the NFL for. Let's -- the hole cut. I do if you won this either don't don't have or -- -- had a blind trust you know -- someone else manages it you literally can't see what's in -- -- realize there's some wealthy individuals -- not one of them but some wealthy individuals have a lot of stock portfolios. So you can edit in the best you can say this she's referring to the stock portfolio that she doesn't have one I suppose of the management she doesn't his own money in mutual funds -- to made up of stocks so it's like ridiculous distinction without a difference. It just goes to show the psychology is someone. Who doesn't want. To appear rich because it it's somehow bad. In gets the whole class warfare issue as far as I'm concerned it's just it's like -- -- in poker or in something else it's a tell to the whole class warfare thing. I don't know you know I have a hard time wrapping -- -- -- the -- that that as much difference between the two with a one today you know like. It and -- actually -- -- -- actually it was a -- earlier today the the -- the actual cost of that -- he was around with it would include other Democrats put on the radio at 6700 dollar -- is that it's nice girl Danielle apparently owns more houses and then John Kerry they're claiming. How much this matter to voters of Massachusetts I can't imagine as Agilent to. No and I think there's any difference between -- senate senator brown and professor Warren on the issues. You know it's interesting to me sitting here on Sunday nine WRK -- talking to a relatively conservative audience probably in on its more conservative than the host. In a lot of cases and all I mean huge Scott Brown guy aimlessly in its Scott Brown on the way. Love them last time around -- and as many weakens as we could big supporter of what I said here for weeks and weeks and months. Telling the Tea Party people in the real conservative folks that he is not a Tea Party guy and he's not a real conservative. It you know down the line and then he's gonna be doing a lot of voting for things and you know like in he's very much one of these moderates that. Is like if you know a bad term within Republican circles these days and I think he's gone down to DC and done exactly what he said he was gonna do as far as. Stepping across the -- being open minded not being in lockstep with the party and every issues -- examples -- You know gone across the aisle and yet this still Tea Party and conservative Republicans upset that he's done that when every step along the -- he said he was gonna. Reasonable says -- I do this he went on there he did it and yet there's still mad at them. Do you think that's true and do you think that could hurt him in this race where he got a lot of support especially financial from the national Tea Party movement and I wonder. If that's going to be -- forum this time around. Well I think is true and and you know it's a little bit naive to look at that somebody who who could win statewide as a Republican in Massachusetts and expect them. To to do to vote like a southern Republican president get Jim -- acknowledged it doesn't make any sense at all and there's some of that passion that they brought in some of the money that they've brought is is not going to be if he's he's not gonna have any trouble raising money he's. He's a very competitive superb campaign there and I don't think it -- in the end. And you know we can be a little uncomfortable so I mean I think you look back to the -- tourism I think I think some of the Tea Party aspects -- it had. You know Charlie Baker a little uncomfortable when some places at times so it cuts both -- it. Let's talk more both Scott Brown after his take quick commercial break I wanna talk about the dangerous. And dumb Scott Brown. What am -- referring to a great column. By the professor in commonwealth magazine. We'll talk about that right after this quick commercial break and -- succeed WRKO. I. Welcome back under review radio Kevin -- with professor Morris turning in his chair department political science UMass Boston. He also blogs -- mass politics props dot com. -- group blog with tons agree content about Massachusetts politics mostly and highly. Highly recommended -- agree would say also you can follow the professor on Twitter as I do at mass Paul prof mole. Mass Paul -- -- phone number 617. 2666868. Toll free 8774694322. We just talking among some of the books and authors that we -- here and under review in a professor was telling me he's. Re reading for the multiple time -- book called snowball. Warren Buffett and the business of life. Boy when you have her on an island Mino -- believe me I know we tuned and I think she -- a terrific job of that book is a fascinating guy that's in really. Really good read to spot and it's relevant as ever because he -- woken -- in the news. He does seem like being in the news this of these various what are they -- immunity grew up very shoe guy and he had to overcome it and now he's everywhere and he loves doing I loved that book. -- just trivia -- we -- -- what I loved about the book was her story that she told us so well a couple of different times every time I have brown as can -- Alex's -- -- it. Basically -- hand picked her to write the book she was analysts covering Berkshire Hathaway he liked how -- how she thought how she wrote. So he asks are we remember -- he's Islamic of course she quit her job he -- and throw open all of mind. Business people mining secretaries everyone around me -- -- to talk to you and if you get two versions of the story. Use the more negative one I want this to be open and honest book. While she took them up on that. They were friends and he has not spoken a sensible -- Yeah I think some of the personal revelations -- probably. Wasn't what he -- he expected there is kind of a complicated. Personal life but when you're reading is say well all right you know people people have satellites and I can understand some of these things that he. He he he didn't seem like deadliest yet that was in the well -- he he -- -- -- -- for the Pentagon legality asthma. He but he -- entirely realize how open it would be and I mean everything is in the book it's it's it's in real achievement that book and it's a wonderful read. Check out the interview with -- Alice Schroeder of the shameless self promotion right here under review a calm under the author interviews you can find it we've in the -- few times. One time for an hour about the book that was that was snowball. Let's talk about our big event here locally we've mentioned -- -- mentioned go before going into the break the dangerous into dumb. Scott Brown that was your headline and commonwealth magazine in the sub headline here basically explains what that means. Democrats dismissed the Republican senator senator. At the apparel. A lot of talk when you analyzing politics goes into. The issues he stands to this she stands for that. If we learned anything from the Coakley raised the actual art of being a politician is almost or more important than -- in on the issues. Well I think it can be you know you you. If you can't relate to people you're gonna have a very difficult time I I don't care how. Good you are on the issues you know at the and I happen to be -- teaching -- course on the political front -- -- -- in this and us and as a very young man Lincoln realized that. And he would talk about -- talk about the importance of public opinion in the importance of of being able to speak to people in a way that was pleasing to them. And Scott Brown can do that adds some part I think the reservoir by the way is a pretty appealing individual but brown has really -- that he. He really can relate to people and I think people understand that they like him for. And so they're willing to willing to listen when he Estes tonight. He's comes across as a regular guy no matter how many houses he has now makes his bar code is separate the six X 6172666868. Whole free 8774694322. Professor Morris Cunningham chair of the department of political science UMass Boston is our guest. One more time 6172666868. So you reaches here at WRQ if you text messages a way to go at 68680. And let's go to the phones and welcome Ross in Boston hi Russ. Yes good evening Kevin and well. Well this profound concerns -- brown as a a brilliant campaigner now you can agree with them and not agree with them on certain issues. But as far as like campaign are I don't think you get any better than Scott Brown. Especially when dealing here and you know whacko Massachusetts. -- he has the I think -- natural authenticity to him. That is very appealing to people who don't follow politics and who view politics is filled with too cynical phony baloney. People who can only speak in sound -- I think he comes across as something different than that at least. For me maybe that's how it is how I view him but. And this as far as I'm concerned his opponent -- are full of bull doesn't -- -- the table professor Sitting Bull. -- squat mobile via a well Russ is is one thing covered knows nothing about its diversity. Right and the effect as I -- refer it to the Kremlin on the child. -- -- -- -- They -- a -- 6172666868. Toll free 8774694322. So Scott Brown. New to the national spotlight but longtime politician here locally and been through some campaigns has experience. The the Democratic Party in Massachusetts to Elizabeth Warren no favors by all backing out not primary -- there. No I don't think so -- -- -- the fact of the matter is you go back a year like I did another piece of -- magazine called hugs the Democrats -- right I tried to throw my I was around a party that was in despair about running anybody in all of any credibility gestured. End because people would Dokic who would excuse me ducking him they wanted to have nothing to do with a look at the money to the popularity. I'm not running in this race congress people and things like that. It'll launch he comes in she's going to be she's been real god send them I think they would they would really wouldn't walk over for him. And so maybe toughening her up for a primary. I suppose but really nobody was willing to do -- what is going to go to the -- bear the risk of having to face him in the general election. And I think she'll be our I think she usually pretty sure footers -- she's got a good team behind her. You know she's been around Washington so I think to himself pretty well. 6172666868. -- free 8774694322. Can't help contrast. Scott Brown thinking of the authenticity. Notion. With another Massachusetts politician. Who would score probably zero on the authenticity scale that would be one Willard Mitt Romney. Are likely nominee for president on the Republican side. If he had 110 of Scott Brown's authenticity. I think the whole like ability question from Mitt Romney would be a table. Well probably would be if you -- you actually can't give somebody less than zero for authenticity as well as an alleged he would be done a negative territory. But you're right the you're right he really. He's a testament to what money can do in American politics. Yeah I guess so yeah I mean there's a lot of people like that who just you know. Jay Rockefeller of people who just bought by this seats is stimulants. Joseph Kennedy the third and on the consumer and he may do that million in in that congressional race here you know. Is famous family. Prodigy tend to get their first one you know they pretending you know by and interest rates and and -- it and then politics in -- offers it on. But he certainly looks like he's not gonna -- very serious. Challenged on in that district this year. What about any other congressional races we see some hope I mean certainly I think my district up on the North Shore as a good chance to flip. A seat to a Republican that would be congressman Don -- -- Against -- to say. That's the one tough one I think you know. It could've been a lot different community they knew it looked like he aware of may be some Democrats were gonna get seriously challenge really that raises -- to says it very formidable candidate isn't very good candidate. He's good that I think he's good that district and in the stands at. But you -- and John Cheney has been some tough battles before. Well against Peter to locals and Alan Jackson music I think I think they'll be very good race. Yet here -- hasn't had much competition in quite a while I mean it's been ten or twelve years since season that race you have to dust off the skills but he really the first time he faced to locals into locals and beat him in the hip joint. Boaters. When he was questions specifically by Marias to -- -- Fox25 words snapped better I don't know what kind of marriage you have Maria. But I don't ask questions like that in my house with I just think he he really showed a bad side of himself and found Richard to say I'm thanking him for all the commercials. I don't Leo I have to say it is a strike me as the kind of guy who's who's gonna. Ginn who have battled somebody's life of wanting any I think to say is a pretty strong communities -- good reasons to run. It's a more conservative districts so. I don't normally only so much away obviously -- -- -- that is to put a large role in the race but it's a tough situation in news. It's his wife I'd snapped at somebody says something about my life believe me. Yet -- mistaken I think can hang some official misconduct on them with whatever kind of forms he had to disclose firm. Finances. In Washington and it's really a -- issue rather than to any issue it's just his reaction to he didn't come across from him. Well I think so I think you're right above the knee deep in the potency of the issue unless you know the incumbents get in trouble usually there's a scandal some sort there doesn't appear to be the case in this. In this situation so he should be are right on that but he's facing tough a tough opponent. And I'm just trying to think -- -- some of the other races we have just Simone running against marquis that's an uphill battle. For anyone mark he's been on the firm almost as long as I've been alive. John -- I think is running again against -- -- usually he came within a handful of points of of beating nick he's on his last time got to be tough though. That's a tough one I think I heard the first the first race was a tough one to get the films he was a pilot -- -- -- join John Ganassi I thought -- the Republicans had in the national Republicans have put some money definitely I think they might of won that seat then -- think they look at Massachusetts and say what are we gonna pour money into Massachusetts the blues to Blue States well but the only missed the vote on Allen and and really. You know that. Brown Coakley race was a sleepy affair until about ten days of there was a poll. Apollo showing how close he was and then all hell broke lose but you know they -- pouring money in that when he saw him make -- in this excellent opportunities appear. Yeah I think it's certainly the nationally US people from around the country promised his decisions kind of rolling her eyes thinking it's. To some of you know mine was blue robotics state. That's that's think of national persona. That probably is nationally but the right kind of Republican can win here I mean you know the guy who I think is most aboard Republican analyst when he is -- he showed no can be done. And those of emulated him including one of the iterations of Mitt Romney. Before Brian -- and again. You know in the shown how you can win Salem Massachusetts is that Romney to the auto correct I forget the the official figure what the release -- on it was I -- It different Mitt Romney -- well I'm on the record as being the biggest fan of -- window which is circa 96. The Mitt Iranians take care and that they're gonna guess that it would do well he was denouncing the Republican Party and that one and you know he had voted for Reagan bush and yeah it's it's it's amazing. How he's been able to reach this point with. Really the emptiness of the -- structure. It is it's a good thing the guy he's running against is equally as empty 6172666868. -- free 8774694322. We're gonna take a quick commercial break here we come back. We can't talk a whole horrible messages politics professor Cunningham. Without talking about our absentee governor and we'll do that right after this and AM six CDW market. Welcome back Kevin Whalen professor Morris Cunningham who's the chair of the department of political science to UMass Boston. Blogger -- politics props dot com. And a prolific Tweeter at mass Paul profit mole. On Twitter 6172666868. That's a reaches -- WRKO 6172666868. I mentioned the blog is really terrific it's a group blog so what's the writers lots of content lots updates. At mass politics -- dot com. And no one post that I wanna talk about recently that you had a -- professor. It was interesting to take you head on into something gets a lot of discussion on talk radio certainly. And it's the politics of EDT cards can -- little bit about the post. Well I looked at and I thought it was a pretty complicated kind of politics because of the way people react to these and you know the I think that. Represent a roll call and Saturday Hedlund who should leading the way and he -- he cuts -- Have expressed it pretty well I would I was actually using something called moral foundations we've just been reading about. And one aspect of moral foundations theories is fairness and how how to people view fairness and they actually did a very good good job in suggesting that it was. It went with that the restrictions they want and he -- kinds. Will increase fairness because we wouldn't be paying our hard earned tax goes to people haven't answered in the same time they they were very explicit that. Primarily there it is one of the primary purposes is. To provide. These -- is make sure these services are available for people who are deserving of it. And so they combined that the caring aspect of it with the fairness aspect of it finally some Smart messaging from a Republican. What they did a good job -- I think you know and it because it can be very sensitive their racial issues that -- raised with the very quickly. And I think they handled that one was some sensitivity. It was Smart about it which is a kind of thing I think a lot of people who. Route the Republican side on over the democrats' side for years the same white. You know thank -- they they did it in a in a thoughtful way in a way that I think most people feel like I look at it the way I would look at my own checkbook. And it if we only have a certain amount of money. You don't wanna be wasting money on -- dinners two or three nights a week and then not have money to pay fewer kids piano lesson you want us you know spend the money. On the things that you what you should spend it I think most Republicans are in favor of these -- -- myself less than most Republicans and some money from registered as a Republican. -- independent but we don't we we think that there should be a social safety them. But we also think there should be different people. Who deserve it are -- it it's the same question was illegal immigration. Should those people beginning benefits. There's all kinds of people who are here legally that are or could be a could be getting more benefits if we didn't have to pay out to twentieth thirty million illegals. The same kind of question. Well I think it's a similar kind of question and -- it gets sick kind of reaction is or is it fair to provide services. For people we are healthy and on the other hand when people vulnerable and in need you EU EU -- is a very difficult position and not providing some level of service. To them and you know I probably take a different point on on immigrants and some although I think it's very difficult to. As you say to provide a wide range of services for them. I'm not at all Russia and an immigration question any human beings like like we are you know we were talking about Warren Buffett's alarmed by the book earlier he has this idea of you know who I think the the boom watery as something like that that you know he landed here in America -- landed here in America I'm pretty unfortunate and I'm. No more as a person. Morally superior to somebody who has stated who -- to coming here to look for a job and just make a belly for this. For the children and doesn't come illegally so I take a little different perspective now. Took a book on the issue of let's say about the EBT -- -- and yet the notion of everyone agrees in these pays lip service to the idea that we have tough fiscal problems at the state level national level we have budget problems nuclear -- into everything for everyone. Given that the case and given the case that we all agree that people need these services. Why should we be looking to eliminate waste. And fraud. And abuse. The reaction that we get from our governor. Is to paint you as questioning your motives. At an end and really thrown a race card down. Well I think one cushion and irises as as a social scientists after all I looked at it and said well how how serious is the problem. And it's very hard to say I think the state daughter's gonna do a study and believe C inspector general is gonna do study. What we largely have is a lot of headlines. I think some of them. Which enraged people and they should be an original some of the things that go on but we don't have -- a great sense of how deep and severe the problem is. And so as I say it can be very is to be very difficult balance here to to take a serious public policy issue. And it. Handle it as -- O'Connell -- and and and senator Hedlund handled it without tipping over into other things that I think a pretty damaged. I guess I you have to question the motives of a guy like Governor Patrick -- so quick. To question the motives of people who are looking to just eliminate waste fraud and abuse and he he's questioning your motives about. Basically it's saying you get off on -- poor people I mean I just think it's kind of a reprehensible approach. Well maybe I missed a -- -- -- I -- I have seen everything on it but he's he's certainly been very slow to to take this now I think. Perhaps some of his personal background. As of the -- of a feeling it was on welfare and informs that and so he's pretty he's pretty sensitive to it but I you know I I I think various branches of government have. -- looking into it and we'll have a better idea are hoping after the inspector general in the water actually do some real work and I didn't. And a social site two -- data rather than you know five -- headlines that we. President Morris Cunningham is the guest he's chair of the political science department UMass Boston in a blogger mass politics props. Dot com 6172666868. Toll free 8774694322. This that is demagoguery a boat. When how -- what I would view is honest discussions of a serious public policy issues. Whether it's EDT cards or debts and debt debt and deficit like Paul Ryan. You know this guy brings forward a legitimate plan to address our fiscal problems. Any savaged by Democrats personally. This plane is called un American it's called social darwinism by the president. By mr. hope and change and bring people together. Mr. new kind of politics. How we ever gonna get a grip on any of these serious issues if one side or the other is just going from. First you know from eight to super demagoguery and not stopping anywhere in between. You would hope that. The two sides beneath all that bluster would be able to get together and have serious policy discussions. But I'm afraid that they don't and I don't know maybe that maybe the president is sensitive because. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well we did get the hell he did get the healthcare bill I hate it exactly did get the financial build build on he didn't get everything in my don't want nobody got some things done against -- -- very difficult circumstances. You know he -- everything has gone well even you know you'd like buying drinker really he even -- ranks of the of the day I think we should have done and economics and jobs for -- before we do health care. But I don't brilliance aid and get anything accomplished and be as he did get something called. -- he got a lot accomplished -- says that they -- health care ability and certainly an accomplishment I would say it's a black. And a blight on the country and one of the reasons where economies not going anywhere. I don't know what was you know one thing don't expect Mitt Romney to be campaigning on his -- Ronald Reagan -- a either a no manual for years ago because when Barack Obama took over the country was in shambles. And if it's it's slowly. And improved but it has improved. Well I think you can make the argument that it's a -- wars -- was four years ago we've had. Record high unemployment for record long period of time and claimants. Two points higher than it was -- day he took office in the gasoline Suisse is expensive. I don't think you can make the you residence on Barack Obama's I have to tell you economic situation 2008. And give credit to two Hank Paulson and President Bush. For fervent backing strong measures in Italy 2008 it was a shambles it was a -- you can't I just what's the latest Frontline thing on it and you gotta say everyone rips on TARP guitar pretty much saved -- day. And we're gonna come close to getting all of our money back from TARP on the one of the Republicans. Out there. Or conservatives out there that is ripping all over the top and actually -- was the backstop that we needed to stop the panic. Yeah I think was so -- I -- -- deal with the -- if it is phenomenal -- -- -- -- in the West Coast and his name Bill Gross -- Actually his partner of the L Mohamed ElBaradei met no that's it yeah and domino are Arab yet and he said he said he was you know he he was -- the point is about to call his wife and -- Can go to the bank and take all the money -- because it was that -- that place. I can't say -- we -- that we we need to be but I don't think Yemeni citizen that. Most of Flynn has been as it was in no way but I guess my question would be we give the guy is truly a trillion dollars to try to fix the economy and we have a 2.2 percent growth rate. And unemployment 20% higher than senate would be. Yeah I think he'd do 11 serious mistake and they made was promising much lower. Employment rate and both shows his lack of experience and lack of leadership. Which so was -- denounced. And -- war to turn over to Nancy in the game both the stimulus in the health care bill he should be as we know leadership when he won. He let them run wild and they did. You know I think he got a little I think you look back at what happened to Clinton on health care a -- and filth -- taking different approach and he did get things -- homeless. He does that mean yes he got things through the question is. How bad are they for the country are gonna they. Every piece of news it's come on -- this health care bill since it was past has been a bigger disaster and biggest surprise. The -- the the cost is gone up it's doubled all of it. The in the month of doctors and acquitting him on -- companies and dropping coverage of -- of Obama's special friends they get their. It's there exemptions I mean every piece of news about this thing has been a disaster since they have passed -- -- on the Congressional Budget Office has had very good things to say about the budget ten years now with with with the sort of thing and I think. Will see -- the Supreme Court gives his gives it a chance to live on a refused they still think that it I can't think that that can happen to me that's just too good to be true so that won't happen -- that. Are we gotta go that's who we -- that music it's time to go that was a fun hour thank you become -- -- thanks for coming up can be -- -- -- you professor Morris Cunningham chair department political science UMass Boston. Check amount amassed politics props dot com.