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Can you really use solar panels?

Apr 23, 2012|

The benefits of solar panels; are they really worth it?

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Thomas RW RKO brought you by network capital funding corporation your future financed. So little commentary suggesting. From Keith Olbermann the gas prices are being fixed. To hurt President Obama. Lowest price. On his first day in office and then it goes up to reelection time and he's operating two dollars higher. Then when he -- wild double anyway. Then when he came into law. -- text text does have some solutions and obviously some callers calling in as well. Text to suggest three East Coast refineries have been closed due to EPA regs it's that makes gas dollars and go up. Here's another one just the oil speculators preparing us for what will happen to medical prices on Barack Obama IKEA elect -- fifth and another one I think the value about dollar is dropping fast and I won't -- school that is has had to write a little impetus apple deal. Time Iran are here what's up. They're ignoring you know just pressure -- certain parts speculation right which is supposed that the current and future. Estimate of global supply demand going to be -- You know -- detonate. Bush dropped the moratorium on drilling in the question drop to about six months from -- all -- through Arkansas failure rate. So I think there's multiple things at play here first OK -- is the worst person in the world of this. -- The Middle -- you know that. This would go on and and the Arab Spring and uncertainty in the middle -- the one thing. The Obama policies under here it's another thing you know he turned what would bush should -- turned right around and went the opposite direction he put the -- -- back in the late. And that's striving speculate do you think the people go to. All it's so many people say there's nothing the president can do. About the price of gas that the world markets are too heavy influence. Are what OPEC may drive. Supply if we did as well you know they don't react to what we do it. We're going out and you know all we're doing is showing the US is gonna sit still. And then go on negative energy policy that it's not gonna help the markets at all -- it go -- Paper. Tom thank you for the call Donald your next atomic target morning. A good morning guys I think the reason energy prices so low when Obama took -- -- -- because we coming out of virtue recession. The whole economy in the world was slowing. So what. That's a good point we're still absolutely -- -- a huge recession -- that that was probably -- that was the low -- is no big demand Helena. -- the US's biggest consumer of these fuels and where whale off. I'm looking at solar entity got the Internet and it's there incredible you can buy 30000 -- system in the government subsidized went and fifteen. But from people I've talked to it's still not worth it. I spoke to that will get 30% tax credit the statement victory page. He can't move you get free electricity. How much -- -- BR electorate need Willits or do you anticipate it will provide -- -- is it just fall you know lights in the refrigerator Colorado and a -- heat hot water what what what what what can you do with what you planet. Well I'm in the -- are you about four out of luck tomorrow it would establish market average balances costs. It's got constant closed at thirty grand I don't know Obama. Shows your consumption of electricity costs you right now. Thought about 65 billion dollars per month -- -- used. I don't know a lot I think center record but we can spend 30000 dollars -- -- confidence -- How much first of all it Tom's question what would you actually be using this for -- second. -- 65 dollars a month. If you saved the whole thing they're talking about it's gonna take twenty years ago it yeah -- a lot of record fifteen grand and in and -- cut is 65 dollars a month may be and how if I -- a 100% and a give -- the whole thing that's a lot of -- Are central air they'll figure that some -- album. They have solar energy credits we get -- certain -- Utilities. Yeah you'll sell Apollo back to the utility and they have to give you don't. I carry more power than I use I can take that as a credit. I can -- somebody out or give it to a Stanley number. And that reduces your costs by artists and -- and you crunch these numbers. I've got to tell you who spent 30000 dollar you know that you might just don't get -- back from a. I'll tell you if you give -- 30000 dollars I'll give -- fifteen -- how hot -- I'm not that accurate or aren't yet I don't -- -- -- -- -- -- and if you've done the calculation and that's when it comes out -- than that probably -- maybe make some sense of for a -- idea payback on that the other big southern exposure on the end is all this on -- -- is that where it's gonna go. It's gonna be taking care of them I wrote my -- it's facing southwest -- would be that -- Curacao facial -- moved up. Not really my interface is -- are well it's I don't get a tough tough tough talk -- It's that may -- -- is not gonna last forever that's why I'm doing it now. Now to think about it arm for -- okay. I gonna do the math. I want to -- you you don't I would do it a second if I found out that it was so favorable why not you know but I have. -- I haven't crunched my own numbers I've talked to people crunch the numbers and they told me they wanted to do it either I'm talking lefties. Who wanted to do and they said it's borderline where you can make ends meet after you do it -- good morning Aaron RK what do you think about gas prices are they being manipulated. That is being manipulated a couple of things without due respect to the previous votes -- -- Reagan was talking about jelly -- people -- But I think the problem the generations today as they take out jelly beans. Okay so you go out you get incentives sustain those incentives but I newspaper dozens those people who have no involvement solar energy which is trying to get by people who have no jobs -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey -- he wasn't arguing that it's good policy he was saying that he'll get a 50% rebate if he buys this stuff and then he'll get financial centers after that. Well look like the largest lottery go and what we all went out and did that Wear these -- that discovered it was as it but to get back to the gasoline. In this state. As United States -- -- that I gallon prices paid -- what paving -- pain for the year rapid transit because he was talking about. Well where is that money gonna come from -- if this afternoon we went out in. Just a triple back to -- -- just seeing the previous night they went -- -- anecdote from we have well hit the road with that. -- cats and dogs sort of relied electricity. -- that debate has an effect. They -- just start taxing your mileage on not what you gonna do anyway I just and a little calculation on the solar equation here we go out and I eliminated is 65 dollar out of pocket for you know -- just totally as if it totally goes to zero. Ten years it'll be attending a pay back on a 151000. -- out of pocket -- and if you got 100% -- if he makes it beats to test eliminates electric bill of 65 dollars a month. He spends only 151000. Dollars out of pocket where 20230. -- we have -- -- -- main answering things right so who knows what FDR to climb up there with a bottle indexing at all -- -- thoughts on how often do you and I run put -- -- give it a soft cloth. That's not good morning -- RKO. They -- what's going on. Yes go ahead. Look -- your own business is going to be in the -- on that issue just like Ali and other industries. Oh the railroads airlines. Ever that General Motors and would go bankrupt. All the stories and groundout and the reason why it's greed. Cause and effect of its issues and their GO went under because and it's stupid management. They gave -- was intimidated by unions and the political infrastructure supporting unions. To basically giveaways the back and it did horrible engineering horrible production at our guard -- because there are wild for awhile it was just dreadful things -- so I and -- -- -- and there's a reason why the Japanese manufacturers when they come scout locations in this country that aren't going anywhere near Michigan. Anyone notice that they don't they're not putting them in Ohio all the plants. They go to the south they go to the right to actually in Tennessee Jennifer good morning. And I load will -- Hey why -- ally in fact there are here at it means Obama and. Hot hot hot how. How -- did that Jennifer is an investment we're going to be OK okay apparently now why do you feel so strongly. So I -- think it really is the and telling me I'll -- and I'm I'm behind -- hundred. -- The -- like I feel so strongly. Well don't remember -- When Barack Obama and really plan. -- No I don't call any Lancelot or get the puzzle. Does Jennifer go ahead. A great act on the -- Oh yes -- any he also -- briefly letting the oil out of the reserves but. I don't know how do you bubble -- and -- Of all he did give it up so it probably didn't poll well because he hasn't mentioned that he's but he's too busy. Trying to fix the financial problems of the country by bringing in X four billion dollars a year upbringing in Warren Buffett. All right Jennifer Murray -- thank you for that -- you're next good morning. Signed it or frequently and loudly people. Complain about the speculators that they understand the financial market these. It's such it's stupid it. As speculators do that. -- -- Long. Short. Leveraged scary all public money and certainly don't that prices up eight drive them both -- they provide liquidity it's not like. All speculators bet on and drive the right. But are people looking for places to park money so when they look at the stock market and they think the stock markets not a good bet they need someplace to put money isn't that a time where you say -- oil looks like over the next year. It's gonna continue to go up like price so let me put big chunks of money over there. Well. Perhaps but what drives -- oil crisis demands stronger in in the stronger. When you get. The move to get. One of the reasons why oil prices were low on the opposite was that the steps the financial crisis and everything went -- stocks. Commodities -- forums -- everything out and you know as well so devastating about a courtly relationships broke down and everything went out. So it's -- -- -- -- -- -- being safe haven checked now so it there and it's a bright but it happened app so. It's not it it's such it's silly. It it it is involved Eddie jell -- and -- What an argument then for is all content is sent. Is that all economic and all of the economy. Are. Yeah -- senses that the speculation careers in Phillippe equal numbers of balancing numbers on. You know -- up as well as bedding the down. -- -- By the way huge mistake in my iPod what's and I -- a dummy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah Steve you need electricity new house in Somalia and also he mentioned that uses a central -- in the summer and it's always been 65 dollar bills and -- on -- and -- past couple under policies -- a single. Room house itself or maybe only runs one that is when his ruling congress that morning to you huge math mistake in my and it was certainly a hot. So that. Affect all that money had gone back to the consumer is coming from China. Second all panels a comment from China so China is making out like. So this is part of a China stimulus package. Absolutely not only that. If you look electricity. You in most solar system if you lose so. So you have it's not like -- back out where if you put a little loose. Electricity you'd still have it. Yet you don't have to two or three days worth of battery well I -- why -- -- the power grid goes down why wouldn't years solar still function. Just the way it's set up. It's complicated. But I know that you're already over my head that it. It will shut it needs electricity to run but he could be on its own lectures and know its its most most system -- like that guy talking about not set up like that. Has anyone ever done solar and then Andy knows that it works say you know -- converting a -- I see an occasional house of those ugly panels on the and I summits in nice thing here free hot water or whatever when their when the sun's out but as you point out the suns only out half the day. -- or a third of the -- how latitude up theater and you and you you really got to have a. -- significant sudden sudden explosion of money in the house I live and it just opens its desktops yeah. You decide about all the times for the solar panels work free tobacco. And the injuries or for days there's -- but they also UV rays make it through -- -- -- Parcel this looks like -- notes unit yet is that -- I can't apologize there's no wind it would no work is just ridiculous. Sir but the wind mill keeps turning when the snow wind if it saves energy and where. Where does it save energy. What you install them -- how it works how the solar panels are they -- it's not just. Like how to really have to shine light for it -- non. You vocal emulate them when I'm crazy but it's just the Windmills don't you think you actually think if there's no sun. None of the -- electricity in my house go to work like I haven't thought that through no doubt that -- -- play him that argument makes sense that we would still gets some energy even when it's cloudy it installs. The ground magical box I don't know where -- -- that I just don't know people don't have done this is that this would have -- all expensive batteries I think -- and I don't know if that's done it needed that goal won it all what it does is it warms up water which loses its temperature slowly in the warmth that war can provide some form of energy. That is absolutely part of we have to put in the water to you to pay big big water tank and we kind of install some kind of -- to circulate water somewhere yet it warms I'm gonna. -- and we'll learn more about it -- it's not WRKO.