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Avi Nelson - Capital Gains Tax, Affirmative Action, and National Debt

Apr 21, 2012|

Avi continues the discussion on Obama and taxes and the concept of "fairness," as well as the rising national debt and what can be done to curb it. He also brings up the sociopolitical impact of Affirmative Action on higher education and the workplace.

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Welcome back. The program. -- Nelson phone number 8774694322. And I take toll free number. What are -- hearing comments you will believe him charging -- higher -- just returned. Text message code 1616. Email address they Nelson don't know like Taylor got. Too much lying down and hang onto the break thank you for that Alan good afternoon you're next on the program. A pleasure to -- -- just say I wanted to talk about taxes but I. Sorry ultra legislate take on this issue of fairness -- that it really drives me bananas. I have the I don't teacher -- aside political T shirts you know. You know can you believe it. And my teacher says you cannot legislate fairness. Any more than you can legislate beauty just ask the ugly. Is in this thing -- it is god is not fair god mistrust but he's not here. Now the idea that we give people something wicked people have been to this 70s80s. And then god takes some precious little child when he's twelve -- thirteenth that's not fair. Now if god it is not fair why don't wait they. That are wretched. Politicians. -- Who substantial reach to they have and will to be able to legislate fairness. It's beyond well not only that it's not really what thereafter -- don't -- -- not playing to fear that playing to end the and there and hatred and their. Fostering more of that. And then making it sound like somehow you shouldn't be able to get I mean you personally but they do we who don't have as much as soon as the very wealthy. We should somehow. Be entitled to a piece of what they have. Just think that Mitt Romney now dissidents conference. The man I just didn't like 42 million Russia or something. I gave 15%. Off the top two charities. You know to me. I think those charities say thank god for Mitt Romney. Because that money -- a godsend to many of those charities. It with his money. It was able a poll of and sustained other people without money he didn't just hoarded away instead get in the bank and let it just collect interest. Can use that money to help. Less fortunate and the media. Well you know you start by -- or Qatar about capital gains and of course. That actually the capital gains tax being 20% or 15% federal -- and -- Jesus is an additional five although not all states. -- -- stage capital gains tax. But that's the reason why do very -- appear to pay a lower rate because they're not earning income in the ordinary sense of the nine to five job. They're -- get on investments and the reason we have long term capital gains lower is because we want to encourage investment. In. Companies in businesses that's how the economy grows. Which conditioning is that 15%. Rate on capital gains to the same for everybody. You I don't know if you're listening to earlier Iran played a clip from the debate in 08. Between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and Charlie Gibson pointed out the -- a hundred million people who invest in the stock market. All of the people are more of them my all of us. They are entitled to long term capital gains that's good for the country it's not -- Then when I heard Eric -- That's why that's what you don't like audio all the time I listened to speak with Cuba. That was the only issue was serious if it's -- at about three more money into the treasury. By a lower capital gains. Then -- wouldn't -- really about it's it's more about the destruction. Of the. Yeah well I know -- know what it's really about. He is -- to the NBA they call it fairness but that's a euphemism for what's really going on a plane to the -- -- that people love. Home people of all those score -- in the hopes that Obama's saying dad would get him votes. This is all a matter of trying to get Obama re elected. I think it's more nefarious I really think it's about punishing the bridge. As well as a vote destroying wealth destroying. That if you are successful we're gonna punish you so you might as well not even bother. Well there's got to be an element of sadism and as she. And masochism. As well because Obama is now. In the wealthy category right. Well that's -- the -- born to -- What. Can we do as Americans. That these people don't tax or regulate. What choice do they -- west without having to regulated. I guess talk shows the only thing left down. Eventually all right. 8774694322. Is the code number. There's -- of that week. -- talked about do that Obama is now in the in the wealthy category and a couple of other clips that we ought to. Food that we ought to play but it pitched for the you know there's one that's gotten some attention silver spoon clip Porsche to a if you have that this is hope bomb making a comment a few days ago on the campaign trail. Somebody gave me an education I want more with a silver -- mama Michelle was. One more with a solution I'm not though it's interesting about that is it's clearly a rather. But not too veiled -- Mitt Romney. Who. All stars Obama's concern was born -- silver spoons moment. And Romney Jewish credit shed that he's not cool apologize for his father's success his father. Was born poor -- achieved wealth and that's what you wanna do for the family. -- -- Sheen because now Sasha and Malia. Obama's kids. I guess arguably they are. I'm not born with a silver spoon in their miles -- at a young age have gotten a silver spoon -- -- -- booms put in their mounts to his they do have well. Does that mean that somehow that they should be penalized. Interest -- no Leo the early part of that could be said. I was given an education that's right Mr. President you are born with something even better than the silver spoon a black spoon. You were born and got the benefit of for a former action. So you've got a whole bunch of things given to me not only education and but you know Michelle Obama got all sorts of jobs and high paying jobs. We should never would have gotten if she were wiped. So affirmative action in this country that discriminates against whites and promotes blacks. Here's the reason and that the a lot of people get advancement now what's interesting is we can see the one sure advanced. Barack Obama wars and many future. What we don't see as he says I was given an education. Well there are finite number of seats in the freshman class at whatever school you Iraq. Yeah I like occidental and then the Columbia. What you don't -- is the white kid who didn't give him. Presents obscured -- ever know who it was who didn't make it because they were affirmative action grants to certain people. Unprofor's skin color who did get it. -- -- casualties along the way. Obama can and strident preen about how he was given an education. At whose expense Mr. President. Who's the person who didn't get the education because you were given. 8774694322. Charlie you're next on the program good afternoon. I carry a -- thanks Burt I'm I'm also and it's and I really wanted Candice and I want the money that we give to them allocated. For the right reasons. The people that need help temporarily and give them out absolutely. Not fix our roads and bridges widget what a gas -- -- brought -- -- put in and not. It's actually on the gasoline instead of put in the general fund -- that -- politicians Russian I want. And it's too -- taxpayer at that point one achieved that. They'll talk about in recent -- a lot of. -- Charlie dish -- include the GSA going to Las Vegas and having. The tub with the wind. Flash is done you know I'm on the edge. Just outrageous says that is. Thought he got the government service administration there they're the ones in charge of more purchasing everything. And by the way you know who was in charge of eliminating waste Obama made the appointment Jewish Joseph Biden. Caught. Up actually let's -- we don't know we have about spending probably we have. A management problem what better guy until we have right now and and Romney who's spent his whole life. Doughnut chart of via -- that's. What we need. -- we need somebody who's got some visuals background. And who can bring some things under control and so this embarrassment that we keep getting point well taken thank you Charlie. 877469432. To the phone number by the way we have there's another clip that I wanna play now this is. Who were talking about the the quite the inequities. Of the tax and revenue situation look at the debt that we have been running up. The deficits that have run. I keep emphasizing this you can't pioli you can say it enough times that just three point six trillion dollars. Thought we spend every year just at the federal level but this year is also Barack Obama actually is from the same debate in no way. The year this is Obama talking prospectively before he was president about how we he would handle things I've. Believe in the principle the UK is -- Candid and you -- -- you you don't proposed tax cuts unless you are. Closing -- other don't tax breaks for individuals and you don't increase spending unless you're eliminating suspending or your -- new revenue. That's how we got an additional four trillion dollars worth of debt under George Bush that is helping to undermine our comments from Chamberlain doesn't realize -- Well he's right it did change. Under his administration so far the -- has gone up five trillion. So with a little bit of -- he beat George Bush again. -- -- does to me if it's downright hypocrisy he believes in -- to take good care things as you go. Not having increase in spending Alicia good pay for the that's patently false. In the proved to -- it is to look at the numbers. Five trillion dollars in additional debt. Under this president -- who wish from he would moaning about George Bush -- four trillion. Your thoughts are welcome page 7746943. -- brother well I I wasn't making that up about Joseph Biden. He actually was the one put in charge of eliminating waste. But idea. By Barack Obama does not working out for us we've got the GSA. We've got the Secret Service. Call -- a good time in Colombia has some prostitutes. We've got Solyndra. So we've been doing really well. Screw Madeleine got a couple of text messages she should mention from 6031. Wall Street -- guy that should be behind bars. He's Jon Corzine released a Democrat from former senator and governor from New Jersey. Also war according to. The US Department of Labor I guess his middle class income has risen by 21% since 1994. That has a contradiction to what David said Phil thank you -- accessory. And from 617. Thank god he had grand parents should assume that means Barack Obama and he had grandparents willing to raise him and don't forget. The private school he went to his grandparents expanse. Yes indeed. Back to the cell phone lines -- -- next on the program good afternoon. I'm definitely not they Obama and personal are my good steady as she -- second favorite holiday would you battle rating. Mexico Russia. -- -- -- you neglected I didn't catch because you -- in and out because I was driving. Even open Putin game notes on the ground -- exists and force behind it was later quoted ten shame that you. Can't honestly discussed environmentalist -- without discussing immigration. And that's something that should give you you can Google that its debut -- Gaylord Nelson and immigration. Groups like the quote. Well can I just one ranger Doug did David. There's no relation there -- lord Nelson and not related. There has. -- -- -- And in fact even though you never hear the liberals talk about that you know we're we're limiting a limited -- with limited resources and the United States distressing. We're more than happy to -- -- the Central America. Into our -- -- I would not know. Edward load on the system operator -- did a check that advance. Where all of our policy is so you eat I watched Obama -- meet because I came out of higher education as a lot -- my military career as a matter fact. And -- you see what you were talking about all time. Because we would have standards -- -- in the military I was no match you function I won't say which split service spoke on the larger schools and -- and and we have special scholarships side -- Then if you look you've got in the eastern time we have people -- -- In my school level. That you knew that we had we had Irish Catholic kid we had Jews we had Asians. We have -- bunch of kids all of whom came from limited circumstances. I'm. And remember them qualified because they -- the lunch can color. Even listening to President Bush military and I can tell you now look. I guess you Obama isn't a little bit of terror because it doesn't matter now what color you are. What -- really have -- been through illegal immigrant spoke for young man who won't be commissioned as officers or young women won't be commissioned as officers in the military. There was no money available. And I hope you check to check it everybody has a question about that they can call the recruit Marcus starting out PC unit. And that's from -- scholarships they really have available. To get out. -- -- -- -- Roughly what what years were this what this that you talk about. -- I was soon how the situation unless throughout 1990. Three says Aristide's speech the president treat PH which has not so. And -- you know we'll tell it actually came and went down -- my conclusion in a couple of services because like. I keep track of -- acute trucker friend again in Jakarta supported -- -- -- air force army navy. And the question maybe ministers from Marine Corps as well. I'm -- so we have nothing give I love you movie you know humiliate you know gets special points from. I -- and so forth to go because diversity educator. If you want the marine officer an officer of flying air force jet. Our submarine that certain you get if you go available from Barack military. Interest in David thank you for calling good factual points. The phone number 8774694322. But the way you know again with this affirmative action which keeps coming in. To our conversation. They're commission almost trichet Obama brought him knowing he was given education or more of the silver spoon about. It doesn't stop with admission to college. Veteran makes it even worse. Afternoon get people admitted to college on skin color you got to move DeLong on skin color who flunk out. You know there's an extra special attention given to make sure they graduate. And then there's graduate school same thing happen. And beyond that it's in the professions in which they are our winter. Sure you know there you find affirmative action -- -- -- which you find affirmative actions at hospitals that top hospitals. And his -- as it is that you're whatever legal issue you. May be handled by somebody who really doesn't belong in the law firm because usually soup on the basis skin color not on the basis of of aptitude. Just showing how bad it is when you walk into into a hospital and somebody. Enters the room who's a doctor who's got moved along because of skin color instead of because of knowledge of medicine. Actually departure fortune on the -- I'm with a lawyer -- and virtual life on the line was the doctor. I attended. A seminar recently. Had to harbor and professional Harvey Mansfield was one of the same voices there. Cold season this was in particular. -- -- -- speaker who writes a lot about this kind of stuff Heather McDonald from the Manhattan institute. And the discussion was about it at universities. -- talk about high tuition hike cautioned the the difficulties of getting through without mortgaging your life. They haven't spent as much and sciences but they spend enormous amounts on diversity. San Diego campus for example. -- created new post of vice chancellor for equity diversity and inclusion. And an article by Michael maroni and he references Heather McDonald. It takes her she said he said a 103 words just to list the titles. Of booty -- is diversity cracks at the University of California San Diego. And of course this is going on all over the country. And we're paying for. And -- the result is you'll get people who might very well or taught her well. But they're diverse. 28774694322. Is the phone number billion action on the program good afternoon. -- I RE. -- at the -- thought Barry -- he had been fair and I'm sure you're very frightening statistic the other day it was our Rush Limbaugh. They're admitted that try trillion dollar he has spent. It's gonna take to iteration of the next two generations of taxable. Income. To pay that down now that's not spending any money on any other thing other than it gets paid out there on -- there -- a lot of straight big statistic that is. It really as you know our total dead now he's over fifteen -- in dollars it's slightly larger than -- entire United States economy. And we are by far. The largest economy China just passed Japan. To go into second place but I think there. -- roughly -- forward the size of we are the world we are you talk a while paying -- I don't see how we will ever get paid off in fact. What's worse shares. They -- the debt is growing. Every day. Expect you -- go -- where -- go wrong and I mean it up put on put in debt clock all people with with computers just poured in the debt clock in search engine. And you'll see a page will emerge which shows are spinning clock it shows how much. The dead easy increase in second by second. It's just extraordinary amount and of course is being passed on to future generations. I don't know where names I don't know how ordinance. Then again you're spending any money on any other thing other than they get down now. Hey it'll probably go to straight by the -- if they would it compound and and and get rolling the way it is here all. It well bill I've. You know Q got to feel some good for the next generation will probably skate bio okay but. Yeah. Like I love you very brightly Roy -- a lot of thought they are there's almost a great pleasure -- the other on the European domestic bank. Thanks for drawing -- almost enough to make your vote Republican. By the way just to log onto the fire not that we needed the fire are already pretty rare. But just before I came into the studio today. There was a news story. That the IMF the International Monetary Fund. They're just agreed to send 430. Billion dollars to Europe because Europe once again. He is on the brink of possession you know Spain Italy Greece is already. Fallen into the water. -- thirty billion dollars now which -- understanding is the IMF. Is subscribed to by a number of nations are giving your guess as to which nation provides the largest amount. Right the United States we provide seventeen point 7%. More than the sixth of the funds. Should you do the calculation. That means of the 430000000076. Billion is coming from us. And going to Europe. Now of course we have so much money lying around. We have so much -- financial condition show peachy keen but of course we get her -- 76 billion dollars at them. But the other thing years. Why does anybody think this is gonna fix anything. This is -- They're already in debt. Now they're gonna have more debt to pay off why does anyone think that the Europeans are going to get the act together and somehow. Pay off the -- They're not. I'm not sure we are either. So as of today. We are 76 million dollars poorer but. The Europeans. Got some extra doubt. She -- though here we pay bills in the private sector. That is -- -- as you know. We'll be back on the other side of the break I'm -- else. Charles -- for more than that way and -- play. -- totaled seven point 6943. To choose the phone number one comment on Macon and go back to the lines and that you should know we had a caller earlier. Talking about the military -- -- Sheila. There's an article at flags few weeks in touch actually had dated to February 20 this year. That most voters think now that women should. Below to share in the same combat military roles as men. But also believe they should be able to pulse the same physical tests as men -- they're going to be in Chile Green berets or the Navy SEALs. 54%. They were full combat role from the women in the military. -- Rasmussen survey. Finds that 22% of likely US voters incorrectly believe that women. In the military are already allowed to fight on the front lines. Find it interesting that. Knowing time's gone by in wars -- by. We honored win by not having them the in the military. Now the sense is we honor them by having them in combat roles and actually they were in the military but noncombat roles. I'm not sure that's a step up ladies button if that's the way they virtually prevailing attitudes. Are inclined as of now. Share that on television chuck Colson has died at age eighty. So do -- rumor chuck Colson was a central figure in the whole Watergate. Scandal. And was going to be key advisors to president Richard Nixon. Chuck Colson dead at nearly eighty he did they discover religion. And became I know a lot of people sell yet sure but he seemed to be devout and honest about that. Okay let's go back to the telephone lines -- rush you are next on the program good afternoon. I think first overall in response to what Dave said. Under my system there is no middle class. -- that's right that's. There's there's only that there's only the proletariat the only literally I do don't want -- try it and it memo replied of course the disparity is easy even greater there. In Communists and dictatorships and Communist systems. Because you've got the people who are politically connected who do very well. And then you've got everybody else at the bottom brawl going on around trying to get that gets through. I'd be out and number one I'm really sick and tired of listening to the propaganda from a bomber and the leftist wing of the Democratic Party. I mean how much much done do we have to wasn't so. Another several months of -- that's for sure. Oh my god you know money in Goldman by the risk -- is creates jobs. That's that's what makes the playing but the that the whole thing work. In an already trying to do is cooked golden goose that -- Diego and I'm just Nicholas sort. -- I want to do just give one example of of this if I may. You know what let's take an individual that owns a commercial building that's completely depreciated. In the buildings were at ten million dollars to know if step presents itself that building. Someone else spies that they turnaround they Alter it to suit their needs and it creates straps. Now. It's it's 2014. Obama's been reelected -- we now have a -- percent capital gains. But they -- to grow best go to the bank -- get along the 70% loan to value ratio. I grab -- seven million dollars and I'll still on the building. This you write that this system has worked very well there's a reason why the United States has been so successful. The tragedy is -- there were become more and more likely Europeans. More and more socialized were choking on regulations. It becomes so difficult to start their new business to do anything in this country it's really a shame. You know -- I say this very sincerely you and I about the same -- Number one I'm so thankful that we had the of people looking survived two world what to in the Great Depression as our role models. We lived through the greatness of this country. And then some some respect -- -- liked to be twenty Asia on -- but on the other side of the coin. I I and I'm not happy and I think that direction that I -- country's going. And you know for -- it's slippery at Daiei and and end up Abby and not as seriously in a way I am happy that I'm in the last quarter so I'm not gonna live pretty is from now. And in the live in the cabbage. Well rush will all be disappointed if you were twenty years you only you could help change it more right. Half I don't know -- -- if we can tell. You know and stuff. Testing backed up front tip of ignorance especially here in Massachusetts that almost impossible us. Rest thanks for the call him fellow media depression will give you a chance to become optimistic till next week by. Think 774694322. It is easy to become discouraged and there has been headlong dash short ever increasing centralization of authority. Two more condensation of political power in the hands of a few. Then they think that they know better than we how often should be right and whenever there's a problem in the private sector what do they do. They immediately Russian shall we need a government program or an expansion of government power. But take a look at what happens when there's corruption in the public sector. We Sheen now with GSA and then the 800000 dollar spent for that trip in Las Vegas and the wine -- the and the hot tubs and all this anybody really think that this is the only time and happened. They'll they got careless show -- it became exposed they must go on all the time. Know Richard Trumka who's the these big union leaders have mourned the most frequent visitors at the White House. You know unions unions are getting -- -- news story that they're going to spend some like 400 million dollars. In in the and then in the election coming up this year that this this current period and in 22 out. Now you're an -- present only 7% of the of the private sector but they're much more informed shall politically. He yet again and again you know -- concentration of power. And all the best thing we can do is to try to elect people who say we're gonna do things generally we really gonna cut back. 877469432. To the phone number Iran your next on the program good afternoon. Could -- Chalabi just like the comment that we right. We really go over promised more than what this economy can deliver wanna get fact that Buffett tax I was looking those doing some math and our deficit for next year and a year after the inaccessible trillion dollars with Buffett tax brings in 47 billion a year. We're borrowing slightly over four billion a day so that should knocks off one day is worth the -- It's a disease people people look at this I've been here I think that you have these people don't know think this is -- constantly solve the problem and you'll be Europe. We can't spend our way out of this we can't tax so we know we have to -- to cut. But I look at the French in this country about to make another big mistake but certainly both the socialist is -- also called back slide. Can't really you know it's an it's an interesting dynamic what happens is. The people get a nor did they gonna be some austerity measures then voted in the people who promise that there won't be and those of the socialist. Right so you'll end up with the spiral out of control eventually. Eventually is gonna be a financial collapse the whole thing just is going to disintegrate. Ethernet switches its its probably gonna take that before we wake up Peter Winston Churchill said the United States always does the right thing after we try to wrong. And I got another one for you have these -- -- and it was has been that we don't taxable forties somewhat percent of the people in this country. How -- never has so much been given to so many -- so consumed. I take off my take off on Churchill's description of the of the royal air force and reward to. And like Churchill I'm not only church on 1935. He's screaming about the nazism screaming about the deficits in the national certain it's going on Steffi is. Well not completely that Buffett rule of the attacks was. Hornish for eyewitness failed in the in the congress tried to do it -- itself. You know maybe somebody is paying a little bit of attention for the reasons that you made then -- -- -- you know that he was it to trivial amount the only thing satisfies. Is the political blog launched of the Democrats. In particular Obama. Why won't take Enron -- -- -- whatever don't want you to Obama. 877469432. To his phone number text message code 68680. Then. WR KL dot com. We do -- could never break coming -- right okay on the other side you know talk about things getting ugly in the campaign. You know there was there was comment made about polygamy is silly you may have heard from the Democrat governor of Montana. We're in play that clip and have a little bit we'll follow up on that that data into the mix as well. After we come back from the break this is on the Nelson. Then system they need. Nobody ever heard of until Cole -- you know today great son when he became the good news. Welcome back this is Don Nelson phone number 87746943. To two. Text message from fortune five women shouldn't be allowed to serve in combat. -- and well in combat until. Women have to perform their physical training to the same standards as men from retired vet who actually agree with that. You know you wonder what it's gonna do to the a military. Version morale but in any event point well taken four G five from 781. -- birthday that's tomorrow if we talked about earlier in the program -- tomorrow birthday. I'm going to turn on this is the text message I'm gonna turn on every -- start like cars and let them -- Fire ball -- two stroke engines and -- -- walled tires. And a half and I. We're not really in favor of destruction of the -- should she get so angry. That the people or polish pushing you you know like EPA in their obnoxious regulations. And and Obama this nonsense about Green energy is gonna replace oil. And then the Windmills that killed thousands of birds all the time dungy just sort of react. Okay also this week there was a call earlier we talked about the ball Pedroia farmer who's replaying it in my. In my mind and I think he may have said that. The buffer rule wave -- is 47 billion dollars a year is 47 billion over ten years. The rich and 110 of what if -- that's -- -- showed no assures a slip of the tongue -- Buffett rule where. Millionaires would be able million dollars short of income -- automatically. Get taxed at 30% that failed by the way in the congress that was known to resume resume election gimmick. Well right now. Talked about the ugliness that's going to happen and campaign. They -- each year change to get worse. There's a governor of Montana Democrat. Hatfill named Brian -- and Schweitzer. Then he was being interviewed. And talked about it the but somehow got over to swing states in Hispanic votes. And he ended up making comments. About Mitt Romney and polygamy. It found its way onto special report on Fox News which called the grapevine with red baron here's threadbare talking about that just last night. What is also true is that President Obama has polygamous in his family tree. Prison Obama's great grandfather had five -- His grandfather had at least for the president Obama's father never divorced his first wife before marrying his second Stanley and dot com. Who later filed for divorce. -- Obama married a third time before reuniting with his first wife. Now. Then I should have perhaps said this -- little bit more with what Brian Schweitzer said. The -- said that did this is the quote is. Kind of ironic it's kind ironic that given his meaning Romney's family came from a polygamy commune in Mexico. But then you got to talk about this family coming from a polygamy commune in Mexico given the gender discrepancy. Women are not great fans of polygamy 86%. Were not great fans of polygamy I'm not -- by any stretch of Romney is a polygamous. And approves of polygamy lifestyle but his father was born into polygamy come on your New Mexico -- that mentioned polygamy seven times and in one sentence that. Now understand what's going on here. Does this change. They -- low level. Person in in the grand scheme of politics but he's a governor of the state I mean nobody ever heard of them until this comment. -- is hard enough so he gets attention. But lo and I'll show that the White House could then immediately disavowed any -- all normal punch shot doesn't Jacques do you really think for a moment. That a Brian Schweitzer governor Montana didn't do this for a full approval of the campaign they'll be naive. So this shows where it's -- and that's why it's wonderful about that the clip about. The -- Obama background and by the way on -- Romney's flow and did point out this neither response -- grandfather was truly emerged. That's gonna doors for us sanctuary Shaq for producing CN actually kind genre and this is on Nelson's.