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Max Robins Monday April 16, 2012 - Breaking Bad and Justified

Apr 16, 2012|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...the two big shows today were Justified and Breaking Bad with an update on Wicked Tuna.

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At this time every Monday afternoon we're joined by -- Rodman's. He has a veteran journalist covering the broadcast PV industry he's now the executive vice president. The paley center for media in in New York City. And he's here to answer your questions about TV anything anything about. TV he's here to answer right Max. I am indeed Howie I'm here to serve you my captain your midi file hours and of course -- the monkey business channel I got you know we're gonna have to rush this is the production -- to torture all the other networks will be going for too but. Officer mark as the name for a Secret Service worker -- fifth. -- -- -- Or how about Cartagena CEO days. I was gonna call it merely adventures of the Secret Service politely go -- pro loses about are out of work under. The premiere episode. The best laid the a presidential. Or is that as the as the Paper Cartagena said today that the quote today those wacky gringo street. -- there were drink in the finest whiskey in quicken up the vessel comprised that the roots. Oh boy that's great our tax dollars at work. Just is that it used government -- That. Well one guy I don't know you know I think sandy I think they said that -- those organs were 180 dollar a night hookers so they -- but I was arguing over 47 boxed. So apparently and I get the -- he Peter a little bit of money but she thought she had a she had a few more box a few more pesos -- You know. It's it's a great story -- -- and a Max amaze you could leave you. Stuck. Your secrets. I mean there isn't supposed to be I mean. I guess that's why they don't have too much time to do counter -- you countered to run them counterfeiters anymore you know the -- and after hookers there. Yes I think in the basement monkey business. Or. Two ago. Yet. And separate the we're -- forgiving of that special Paper anymore either Maxtor has a regular stock will go from April's. To say how. Yeah -- got a couple things. -- -- president looks suspiciously like certain radio knows it. Listen to one so -- the know how The Three Stooges did box couples why is that finished second but I don't think seventeen million does that grade is renewing our. It's pretty good I mean that's pretty good it's a -- I gotta say I'm surprised they even did seventeen million I mean why I saw that I saw the -- the BO last week nights at home -- always go to this. Well it's it's a Farley Brothers. They have there at the team. Something so. It's gonna open up it didn't have a lot of competition for 21 jump street and so. For that kind of you know for you think it is RCI tech reviews here in New York. Goes really. You know it's I think it is an homage. To my favorite holy trinity. Yikes. -- yeah an homage. -- -- Obama or. -- listen I'm not opposed to -- Columbia Pictures B movies her short subjects you know mob on the bigger world's biggest Boston Lackey but. And I think the world's only. It no my dad to there that. Let me ask you -- you have the old radio shows that the paley center we took weeks to Libya we have -- the radio it's. Also great that's good so let's yeah I'm glad to hear that then. And so -- I don't -- Boston black you syndicated OC would -- am I guess when can we see breaking bad again. I think we're looking at either. All users that amber. That it will be. Smacks of anyone is watching that DeWitt Bill Maher. Mart does pretty well he does the trees that file. Somebody wanted to know whenever I thought I'd. I didn't even think of this but -- you know -- again it's a legitimate question I mean that do you think maybe you the acacia -- in the in the headlines yet Good Morning America last week beat The Today Show for the first time in sixteen years. And file and somebody said that that could this be a -- reaction to the fact that NBC got caught doctoring those tapes. Now I think that I think that this is with this is more factor it is. I think they lost some some viewers when your Euro left the show some very popular -- believe that. Hard to imagine the -- there to an end. Better than their current and then and then. I think the other thing -- -- -- it. You know ABC has a much stronger promotional platform ABC stations are stronger in the NBC stations. And the prime time those letters so there's more promotional opportunities they've really been dining now. Jia made by using you know that it showed dancing with the stars and one that. And you go to these guys in the morning they'll pull out any ratings that they possibly. Sources of permanent thing to thinkers -- I wouldn't count that today show up so fast I mean as we talked and lauer was off last week apparently again lauer I don't understand the attraction while you're. That's how you know like you are being interviewed by just about problem and one thing I will say is -- ours is terrific -- live television is. As you vote notes that the easiest thing in the world to do nothing and he's he's he's very good he always comes with game. Well he got to speak at the training at the same place that so many of -- -- -- -- channel seven. Oh yeah on the big star on the Indian burial ground first station that it is. But that's -- much anymore I'm surprised I'm surprised me is -- your friend -- it. Doctor Destefano based products and we got the pictures I've got to -- -- new pictures up nine on the opposite of that OK we got that we got that the pictures have come back up for me and but I would take him with doctor Destefano last week and -- you should see the difference -- check out the website though later on in the week oh absolutely I will wait to see I was really really ball I was ball tonight -- wasn't that a -- yes. I guess we comb the hair straight back to Vegas that made it look worst that are -- that it that it did with my. Pathetic comb over but I don't I don't -- to worry about that stuff now. All right let's see here. I vote for real hookers of the Secret Service -- this final way. It how -- the UFC fights on fuel fuel the video on -- -- and what does fuel the ability. Fuels like it's a -- -- -- -- oriented channel via I think it too well you know ultimate fighting its variants. Will formal jobs to be back on the History Channel. On the our GCB and private practice on ABC going to be renewed. A good chance yes what happened the way what did they decide not to -- general hospitals so there is going to be one soap -- left on the networks. They must look at the numbers in the fan base I think is as the competition diminishes. You know there's enough of an audience -- major hospitals to work. So all the more they like story. -- -- -- I don't know I don't know Etsy. How we asked maps if Fox News has more commercial in the broadcast channels sure seems that way thanks the news channels in general and that's as Fox News but I think they're guilty special cable news. Many -- too many commercials oh hey how. I'm good news for the breaking bit -- that's coming back in July. Newton. July how's the finder -- becoming one of my favorites. It's still an okay that ripped up and there. Maria you're next with Howie Carr and Max -- go ahead Maria. I ask hi holly I'm talking about -- all of warning that you don't called nano watch. And men in black and will be. Yeah you tell -- but the movie men in black yeah that's coming out today. And it's I saw the trailers. A couple weeks and what's -- 21 jump street looks like it's a lot of fun. And it's is for your call the person was meant to work. Why. That's when I'm not familiar with what channels that when networks and a man -- work. We'll check we'll check Maria. Medical I'm sorry it's come -- may 24. May 24 okay officer mark also wants -- -- you tell us we secrets about the upcoming Hatfield and McQuay miniseries is that a is that true. I think so at a reality series they're doing about it will check -- You're took her own reality series you mean then that there's still shooting at each other that don't like a hundred year Morton a hundred years ago hey you know Japan and off the statute and times are tough down there are. The other shot -- in business they would use them and Joseph -- -- next with how we card Max province go ahead -- I just want to ask you guys. Have you heard anything on that piers Morgan is -- on its way out any time -- I ED are you hoping for it to him -- What don't you like about him other than as I say I -- demeanor I don't like -- yeah. You know what he's like he -- -- secure believing you human I read the English papers is you don't work -- didn't used to work for reformer like maximize. Yeah but you do you know he was mixed up in this whole hacking scandal in Britain yeah he he wrote about in his books about how we was you know we knew all this hacking stuff. And how he's now he's been called before were be before a parliamentary committee and he says he knows nothing about and all he's changed his I -- EV EB get arrested like that red -- editor of the news of the world. Right our boat tour agreements. Excellent news and it up -- eyeballs. I -- it's it's but he well I I know what's in my booklet I forgot. Quote what you under I was Malone fiction not how did that capital limited the benefit chipped up all the -- Publishing get away with that. I think it's I think it's aero. The American lifelong fascination with the -- meet these days there -- even making fun of him on Saturday Night Live by heard and I mean how bad the have to be to be -- you'll be a liberal -- a foreigner be made fun of on Saturday night live -- Got to be pretty weak. Paul your next with how we card Max province. I maxed them out -- -- them out well hey how you doing. Good hey. Art and they should learn how real impact of the great show and the second question is. The best show on TV. And he finale last week just a lot about that. Justified an extremely well ordered try to get a number for -- that was that season finale amazing. -- awesome I can't wait I'd like. -- -- about the -- actually on. I know I know that season -- much too fast how did you like how he disarmed bad -- so. I would download it to deisler literally. How he says it's been out already great seen the last episode of the show this -- guy -- scan of the Euro the -- and the guys in the field all season long great kind of home. Sleaze bag. It's his arm chopped off and he litter and that you're kind of catches the army yell at himself Guido look at the army reaches of his other arm for his -- it's been severed Yahoo! and the Marshall just pulls -- just -- it's. It's a. Oh by the way we're still waiting for -- the -- date when. Hell on wheels is coming back. Yeah breaking bad season premiere July its July 19. Something to live for. Let's see all my favorite shows gets canceled -- Max how I can get to be -- Nielsen family they call you up NATO -- I know that that I was I was briefly in the Yeltsin for gambling in them I think they realized I was playing games with them. If it. This torch -- coming back on stars. I think so yes. Let's see here. In. Stargate. Absolutely no plants as you know. By the way speaking of series and stars watching and magic city. Which is kind of fun about election with Alex -- went right to an old guy for Vegas for the formerly -- putt for coney of the winter -- getting there -- ago. He sees that he's an all time mobster now right to know I'm Jewish monster again. He's so he's kind of he was kind of monster union guy you really it's really clear in his. His son -- a hotel that's kind of like. The fountain blue it is the place. And it gets himself and talked about some answers it's. Again full value for your team if a full value for your entertainment dollar and try to get more sleep -- I'm still we've been trying to get Bobo on the show for like 1015 years smacks you think -- -- what is it's on stars right yet. Mean we can get them on maybe this is a good time to get try to get him -- I think you should talk about the old days on winner hill -- Driving for buddy McLean. -- one time he doesn't like to talk about driving for body -- and it led to his arrest fortunately the charges were dropped so. He's just me Alex Rocco was part of the winter -- -- -- Please is only it is rolling as mobile -- coney. Moment it was a -- as the bribery in the in the burning off -- hit that started the whole gang war -- -- -- his mug -- up and Ireland than well at the tumultuous markets and hit man. That went right so he went which. What he he know it was can read the knew it was gonna get -- I mean he was smarter than most of those guys most of those guys took stock around to get jail. I mean you know -- -- -- got bailed out he left town he dropped fifty pounds he was a working as a bartender in Hollywood. Andy took Alec fusion lessons to -- cut down on his -- accent although you know we kind of brought it back for the friends of any oil sure officer. Yeah these days he was he's a real what it looked up by you got hit man but I don't know what yup absolutely -- we got to be -- block we get a picture of Ambien blocked. Yeah guy huge you'll CME's it was like a city was -- fatter than than it was and that when he was mote marine her when he was the guy in Eddie Coyle. Right 1877. Please ask Max about smash and grab. Smashes through it okay -- mortgage cheque for by the way that justify its season finale brought in two point seven million viewers. Pretty good numbers. How about body approved. All right. That's what happened to Desperate Housewives hasn't been on for weeks. Not to worry don't get desperate they'll be. Let's see which side is Hollywood falling in on the Mel Gibson at Joseph west or cause pub public spat that was a great stuff last week yes that was terrific. You know. I think they both candidates each. But I. I think he knows even Fowler than Joseph. Am well -- is melts. -- with me right now you know -- Max I don't know if I told you this I don't wanna tell you on the air but I'm open I'm open Max I'm opened the -- I'm open -- pulls out of 1877. For it could be certainly it could be good for my bank account seat and and and in the end that's really care. I want so I wouldn't say Joseph west because actually came across as very sane in the dispute neither did -- sense -- completely off that's it's it's like you should read over portions of his memoirs it's. By the way Graham is the rays -- a little bit on the Green -- one point two million. Jason your next with Howie Carr and Max -- go ahead Jason. Back Larry. I -- destination true. One that's come back. Estimation I destination truth of what destination truth is that what what networks said. Scifi. We'll check it out for. Thanks Jason 187746943221. 8774694322. Is mad -- off to a bad start the season now it's off to a superb start effect. You know they they opened up really they they opened up pig for a show like that and and the rating to stay consistent through week three. Five awaits us I don't even know this is real light or promoting world where people centimeter of the jerking me around rocket city rednecks. It's a good title or an idea if it's Monica if it's not on the air it should be. Oh by the way destination truth is gonna come back sometime in the second quarter they don't have -- Out your next with how we card Max Robbins Koran out. Yet quick one fringe. -- we don't. French is doing OK I still think it's on the bubble whether comes back but it as a really really loyal. Base and and does well does well streamed in as well you know one on TV arguing. Thanks Al what is -- consider the most under rated program on TV. Boy very good question most under rated program and while. Why you think about and -- -- 413 says Hatfield and -- stars Kevin Costner. Oh how the mighty have fallen a bit. Well this is an interest in Ohio -- lot of the action. That was once in films and TV in and you're seeing a lot of Hollywood's best actors -- to a television commuted it would have been unthinkable. Just a decade ago. -- wicket to -- doing again that's a local however by a lot of people following that expression on the North Shore. Yeah I that does to an OK I mean that people like extreme fishing. Game of -- talk about that game with roses hit it's doing extremely well for -- have you decided what the most underrated show is yet. Boy -- just. Justified from. That's pretty. The clay. You know most of the stuff that light. It's plenty of it should we are critical. Com. Somebody wants -- about -- we've said this before it's it's bill we don't know for sure but it looks like it's coming back yeah I think it it's a problem. And again and HO. Made after 1963. Contract. Or sports car. Deserves to -- Please repeat the breaking them up they'd reception is lawful and Bristol county Bristol county about. It was as it July. The. Eric your next with Howie -- and Max -- go ahead -- A acts. You're -- -- back -- history. I got to know that these guys if you run -- top players -- somebody behind the scenes. They actually. All ought to happen. And we've we've got to me and real. If that makes America blog your next with how we card Max -- go ahead Bob. Yeah I'm wondering how shameless on showtime is doing and it'll be back for a third he's. Shameless to get picked up for third season I think that's a pretty underrated so I think it's very good based on a British series of the same. Thanks Bob die in your next with how we car and Max -- go ahead Diane. IMAX Dana -- I am wondering about men at a certain age whatever happened back. You know after two seasons I think it was a show that had some. Really something going on McConnell low key in its -- -- that was with Ray Romano. Under Broward precast. The ratings were there and TNT pulled the plug. Thanks -- and 617 says regarding CBS morning show the 8 o'clock hours the Oprah Obama discussed the will -- -- the host Gayle -- -- the host -- -- is -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- good numbers -- -- first -- -- 617. You're a -- wonder who the person was who watched match when now we know which you know. The wonderful thing now is that we can vote with our studio lights up then there's plenty of other places ago. They have never read that's like that you talk about channel seven being a -- place Meehan that that's CBS early morning show I mean that is the ultimate curse isn't at all man they tried so much with it and maybe even tried the boss's girlfriend. An easy it is so much power it. He's their married now too aren't they sorry they're very married etiquette you know you know they just published Hamachi exe. -- vote -- on my list here at the north of six email. And that's what I started in the mail right oh -- actually start out as an actor. Thank you but he said he's had a very successful -- -- yes he -- The television studios Warner -- when it can it's like friends yeah. And it is -- resort a great job with the CBS radio system -- he's doing an excellent job I know hands -- -- -- and he does well you know it's showtime as part of a part of his domain and they've done really well and in terms of the traditional networks. He's really stuck to his getting in and CBS's enough. A steady incline of of improvement over the years into some -- chose. Macs were out of time but I appreciate you being with us and let's get to work -- that's let's get to work on a purple as -- it's already in development thanks Max. And how -- card.