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Chronic pain relief and The Laser Touch One

Apr 15, 2012|

Dr. Alan Glaser is joined by Bob Rosen from Belmont Medical Supply to discuss new advancements in chronic pain relief. For over 70 years the staff at Belmont Medical Supply have listened to their clients and matched the right product to the exact needs of their customers. This month they’re featuring the new ‘Laser Touch One’. Effective for chronic pain relief, The Laser Touch One™ is revolutionizing alternative pain relief. Doctors and alternative healers have already seen how this break-through technology is capable of accelerating the healing process of severe injuries and other causes of chronic pain. The cold laser and micro-current technology of Laser Touch One can provide more relief than habit forming pain medications. Don’t let chronic pain restrict your lifestyle, get relief in the palm of your hand from Belmont Medical Supply.

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Good afternoon. Welcome again to the help them on -- show on am succeeding. WR KOI hope that you all had an enjoyable week. And healthy week and I want to welcome back mr. Bob Rosen. President of Belmont medical supply company. Who's taking time out again on another Sunday to join us Bob things again and welcome back and you welcome thank you -- First -- I want to congratulate you. And the accreditation commission for health care. Where they just came in as of February 17. Of this year. And you -- -- credit again so everybody coming into Belmont medical supply company knows that going into a reputable place for medical supply. It's Madd national standards for the accreditation process. And trailing in the healthcare industry or even if you're -- in the health care industry does the equivalent to Seko. When they come and hospitals into the reviews so this is really a a nice little miles throwing in the you've achieved congratulations thank you. But many many many patients. Suffer from chronic pain. They suffered from back pain. Arthritis. Fibromyalgia. Which is a condition where -- many tender points throughout the body affecting sleep affecting their daily life. People have sciatica. -- injuries from sports. So -- -- this is a tennis elbow are golfers noble. And you know traditionally does many medications available in the book their physical therapy. And policy specialist. But this new device. Called laser touch line. That. Has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration. That one -- the quote. A patient. Out of Phoenix Arizona. Start the quotation. I woke up picking free for the first time in almost five years. Without the use of drugs. It is absolutely changed my life. And that's -- patient Jerry. Out of Phoenix Arizona. Bob tell us about laser touch one in about how long you've been caring for. We've just started caring that and the product itself as it's a wonderful product. It's a breakthrough pain relieved device. And what it is is a combination of cold laser and electrical stimulation. It's noninvasive. It doesn't involve any surgery or anything are you need is this device. And it. Is available to consumers. Using this low level laser therapy in the micro current stimulation. They've done studies within and its founder and -- results show it's 93%. Effective in decreasing pain. It's also a safe alternative to surgery. And medication. It's available without a prescription. Very easy to use. In -- lightweight and portable. And us -- as you said has been cleared by the food and drug and its administration. But it's a very. Good product for many more problems than you mentioned earlier those are just some of the things that they recommend it to be used for. People with parkinson's can use it. Muscular dystrophy muscular sclerosis -- multiple sclerosis. Those are all things that can be used it's not curing anything but it does take away a lot of the pain and discomfort that somebody may have. Depending on the level of that pain what's causing it it can relieve it totally. -- -- the in the picture here and the looks to me that's maybe about. Eight or nine inches long and by about -- -- -- maybe -- famers are. Not right that's that's correct and are you need to do is use a little. Conduct of gel on the tip of it. In each treatment that you when you push the button on. Lasts for about two minutes. -- when they use this they wanna go above and below with the pain normally years. So that your getting into the muscles in the nerve endings is a little dial on there and it as you increase the dial. It increases the electrical stimulation portion. And it it really is. Quite effective. How many times today. With someone uses device -- used ones that they can be used up to five times a day. -- any problems. If someone was going to try to use it more than that. -- there's some automatic lock on the device telling. That a lock for a certain amount of hours with some can utilize any and wasn't really up to the patient and keep track of how are sent to the patient to do that they'd they haven't. Found that using him more is problematic. But it's just not recommended that it be used more than. And when it was started in clear by the FDA of sounds like up to five times was what it was studying aren't in what is safe for yes great is covered by insurance. As of this point we don't know if it's in new product and it has not been. Haven't as far as we know buy insurance. How much -- cost it retails for about 480 dollars or under -- three. In their of the programs that can be gotten with it to you use -- -- -- rental programs available. Which is they -- we just getting into this product and we know that it works and we're very excited about it. Have any patients who you know any stories to share of this -- people that have come in there we've tried to product on when was an acupuncture as well with the physical therapist. And they tried these things just as -- -- it was yesterday. -- and we tried them and both of them were amazed at the relief that they cut from the product. The sounds very promising. And who -- down the road -- patience we'd advise you to check with your insurance company. Does -- this may ultimately. Not be covered because of this can. Give a lot of good in relief. And minimize. Or eliminate the use of certain medications. -- Lead for all their lifestyle. Really would. No more than Paper itself and many many ways. You know -- when I like hearing is that there's another alternative visions. With chronic pain. -- you very often as really you know takes over their life and community via during debilitating so again the conditions. Where it's marketed for. That pain. Neck and shoulder pain. Hip knee and foot pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Fibromyalgia. Arthritis. Sciatica. And it tennis -- golf -- many other conditions as well as Bob minimizing some of the neurological conditions. So in May be worth two get into Obama medical supply company. And -- announced wanted to remind everybody that -- website is www. Belmont medical dot com. Again WWW. Dot Belmont medical dot com you listen to the health and wellness show on -- succeeding WRKO. Just reminder you can be -- 6172666868. Again and six point seven. 2666860. If you have any questions call the number to be someone standing by maybe sitting by. To answer your phone call will link was animals animal Indian. But -- is now so he's sitting there waiting for your phone call and leave a message and Bob will be sure to get back to you Monday morning. And let's get into next topic when we wanted to speak about. Seed left in -- recliner chairs Bob first to all of our listeners what what's the purpose of these chairs. Purpose of these -- is that people and having problems standing up. Out of the chair because the cheers to lower to solitude they have severe arthritis or problems with -- their. Getting up and down. The seat live kid does that electrically. They hold the button down in this chair will stand them into almost a full standing position. -- the narrowly if they should be using a walker or cane or any other product. That they EU's. It gives them the ability to stand up with -- all the stress and strain on the around in the links. Which is also as they reclined. Will go into -- reclining position in there a different style chairs that one go back further than the other. But what they do is raise -- feet just as they would on a lazy boy type of care. The -- come in -- Many different styles. There are available in -- different materials. They have. The ability by by getting the -- client. Electrically. In many -- than the manual reclining chairs the patients that are in the many times don't have the strength there's very -- them. And don't have the ability to -- reclaim them and to so they can stand out. So these -- Barry -- electrically. A lot of patience to sit back they can sleep in the cheers they can get delays up to about their circulation. Swelling if they have swelling in the limbs. And there there wonderful piece of equipped. So these are great for people with many neurological conditions when neuromuscular disease actually. Any kind of condition that really bold debilitated somebody. And it's great for getting someone from either lying or sitting position. To a standing position correct. So when somebody comes into the show room. Hands they're looking -- these shares. What appoints someone in different directions as far as one style -- another style. Well we we have five or six cheers on our showroom floor and again. Because a space limitations that's about all we can put there. But what we do we didn't. Like to have people commit. Because everybody's different size wise height wise weight wise. And to sit in these chairs and seen what's different about them. Makes a big difference if you've got a very tall person they need it here with a -- back in the receipt. You get a small little lady that's you know by foot 122. They don't need it a shortage nearest to teach year. And that's going to make a difference in two -- as to which cheered that they would get also that comfort levels at different the upholstery is different. The amount of softness of firmness to the -- like any other piece of furniture. And it's very important that the person be comfortable. When they're sitting and. When is someone's trying to decide between a softer type of fabric -- a -- Type of option. Isn't just personal preference over the certain conditions you think where one person would benefit more from that. It's it's really just personal preference Israeli no. Other. Way to describe it because if you get a very shortly but she's heavy lady. She may be very wide in the hips they may need a wide shear in it in a petite side. Or the opposite they meet him needed geriatric -- most all of these kids standards she is -- -- their weight. Rated for about 375. Pounds we can get she is it'll take up to 600 pounds. And so it's just a matter of what's going to suit the patient properly. Over the less so or years. -- BC -- seed left recliner Jersey golf. They've evolved as far as. Both products in style and end. Levels of of different conference different materials fabrics that they use on them. You can go from a standard that cloth fabric to a leather -- type of material. Do what -- they call crypt on which is a very strong durable fabric. They are. Just a lot of variations in in this many companies out the other make them. The company that we basically used is pride manufacturing company. And golden technologies to basic companies that we. Use because both of these companies -- good quality products and easily serviced if that you need. This is thought trailing -- -- or you're listening to their health and wellness show on game 680 WRKO. To call -- reach us. Please call 6172666868. Again at 6172666868. Tomorrow morning to go into Beaumont medical supply company they are located at 185 Belmont street in Belmont. Their phone numbers 617. 4843888. The -- -- 6174843888. And it's www. Belmont medical dot com. Open every game except Sundays and that's where we have Bob and sunnier for the for the radio should be sure you're in seven days a week thank you. So. With his seat left recliner chairs. Others side table options as well. This several different options that can be gotten with these chairs. These it there's one called it a side table which has a base that goes under the leg of the chair. And the like and over a bed table for a hospital with adjustable in height in that swivels around. But that doesn't interfere with the patient that inning to get in and out of it. The there are. Tables that just pushed in front of the chair. So that it's a very light -- table but yet very durable for somebody to eat their meals on induced things such as that. There are also other products that are available. If there's any incontinence problem with the patient. Your college. Coded incontinence pads that are waterproof. So it doesn't look like you have any irregular under pat on the chair. And it you know it matches and it's a little less. I guess embarrassing for patient to be seen like that because it's looks like part of the -- posters. -- there there are other options that are there and that can be had. If there's a patient who gets one of these chairs. And it turns out the -- be a temporary condition. Or dads you know years later. And that fusion has passed on and opinions when these expensive. -- left recliner chairs. What what can do with the chair to to help society or is or nothing really that they can do without you know has been used -- that says. No there is there is a lot that they can do with them that depending on the condition of the chair. -- drier some organizations that take equipment like that. And as well as other medical equipment that donate them to people that cannot afford them. And many people in the family is as long as -- -- in good condition we'll keep them because they're very comfortable chairs. My wife keeps threatening she's going to get one for me TrueCrypt. At some. Switch gears to hospital beds. Fans. And the start of the question with over. The last several years health hospital busy belt. They've evolved in a way that has made them easier to handle. The old style hospital beds years ago were extremely heavy. And one piece springs. The day of our hospital beds that are used for home care. A basically to peace brings so that spring splits in half. The is so you have the two halves of the springs the bed spring then you have the -- and so for person to deliberate it's quite easy. And if it has to be stored someplace it's much easier to get upstairs and around corners. In into rooms that are -- quick to get to. But they've evolved and that they're much more efficient -- much quieter. Most stand embezzled about 400 pounds 450 pound weight capacity. And then you can get into Barry actor -- well. Some of these beds are older fashioned weather will be. Manual devices. To move and other ones will be more fully electric light and that they make three styles of hospital beds Emanuel bed which means they hit in the foot. In the height of the dead are cranked up by hand. The semi electric bed which means they hit in the foot or run by electricity by motors. And the height of the that is cranked up and down by. The end and then you have a full electric which means they hid the foot in the height are all done electrically. And -- that he and personal preference and how fancy wanna get well for instance Medicare only allows a semi electric bad. So that's like 90% of the bids Aaron. It and have some once again. The full electric that -- -- pay the difference they can get the full electric but it would be downgraded to a semi electric that if it's going through Medicare. And that would someone have the option to upgrade and pay the difference is that they -- adoptions are great as far as the different mattresses. Other options there as well -- many different options and mattresses. The basic hospital bed mattress is a basic inner spring mattress. Covered in a staff checked cover which is an antibacterial cover. That's the one that comes standard on most home health care beds. Then then there are several upgrades on that you go from. Different levels of -- is with that mattresses that have. You can get six different styles of these mattresses. And depending what the problem is they call prevention mattresses and therapeutic meant. The prevention mattresses and design. With different kinds of phone densities to help prevent precious sort. The therapeutic mattresses again our foam. But there are designed to help treat people it may or already have been kind of -- Cuban. How about overhead tables and dead tree is where what options are there if any. All the big tables are available. There all adjustable in height their own wheels. They become standard top become -- top. They are. Different. Sizes depending on that particular one. Most of them are about fifteen by thirty inches. In tabletop size. Which is pretty standard. And they can be used Donna hospital they deadly can be used on a home that as long as his clearance under the bed to. He use it push again. The other thing on the am. And hospital beds. Their bed -- that can be put on to the bed. They can be the full length or half length. And you know they're used to prevent the patient from getting out of bed about themselves of rolling out of that if it's problem. Is also a device called the transfer handle. Which is attached to the spring of the dead which is just they handle that they can hold -- to get themselves up and down safely. For most patients who were re crier and these beds. Is it safe to assume that they're gonna wanna learn these tables -- -- as well for the -- a good number of them will yes it depends in what the the long term outlook is for them. And with their abilities if the patient is going to be in that a lot of have either in bed he'll admit tables certainly make him more. Comfortable to do their rather than having them they've trailed their legs. And eating out way for someone coming into the store tomorrow into the show room who's looking at one of these beds and they pick one out tomorrow. But also William and in their home. And walk out the -- with a and they need help transferring it and then barely -- well yeah. Sorry that's great Bob speak about these -- wedges and made wedges as well and the different sizes and when you want those. Well and hospital bed number one. Obviously can -- ahead of the dead in the late of the so that you get the legs elevated and they -- them. But if you're at home when you have -- home -- The -- wages. Are going to help elevate somebody. The end of breeding problem her. Period. Problem. That they can use these dead wages and they come in different sizes they -- 710 and twelve inches in thickness. An interview -- one moment for our listeners for -- so that's -- or esophageal reflux disease. It's manifestation of heartburn. And what budget for into his elevate the end of the bad not just elevating pillows but at CNET. Bad really at an angle can help prevent the reflux. Can help keep the lower the salado springs are. That would do a little anatomy lesson food goes down through the mouth into the is -- on Islam against. And and down into the stomach. And sometimes that spring -- that closes off the esophagus. At the food is gone down well dot fully close. We'll start to relax a little bit and acidic content can come up. So people can have -- -- -- wedges. Along with many other intervention as well and you know -- could allow going to be another show. But these bad register me very helpful for people with cancer esophageal reflux disease we'll leave it that. End by buying trip to new intimately bridges as well yes lately. Is our. It's similar to the -- wedges except they've -- of the little differently so that when somebody's lying down in a laser. -- is part of it the comes up under the back of a copy area. And as a thigh area and their legs the -- theory is sitting up on an elevated surface. And it's again it's for somebody that may have circulation problems. It dreamer in the lanes. Things such as that. So again with lower extremity edema with swelling of the legs from fluid build up these languages can be very helpful. In getting that fluid down they -- come in different heights. So that depending on the size of the person. They want delays elevated. They can comedy. How many people would you say come back after the by Wendy's -- wedges and tell you that their legs markedly improved. We have a great number of people that it -- that can -- Because when you're sleeping. To keep the legs up as just a great time to really get all of fluid guns as much as possible. So that people are up and doing during the day influence are certainly be accumulating and the -- won't be as long as it would have been there otherwise. You're losing to help them all Michelin teams succeed WR TO. You can call -- at 6172666860. Again 6172666868. I'm doctor Alon Glazer my guest is mr. Bob Rosen president of Belmont medical supply company. Again they're located 185 Belmont street in Belmont. Bob what time tomorrow morning the open. 9 o'clock so 9 o'clock Monday -- news Saturday. Yes Sony's orbital to -- two and all the other week days are Monday through Thursday ninth at 530. Friday's 95. All right create any and 185 Belmont street in Belmont. And the website www. Belmont medical dot com in this www. Belmont medical dot com. Many of the items are right in the show room -- others are going to be on the web site from. And for all of the devices that we've spoken out today and also in previous shows complete repair services available correct capsule. So someone has a hospital bed. That's not working well. They can just call -- your. Place and -- welcome to help them we will do our best guess it depends in the kind of product -- is which product it is that we can get parts foreign. If we get and we take care -- that sounds great. Tell us if you had you in. The three most important. Points. About the seat left and recliner chairs. Including what's have a patient that's for industry -- messages to our listeners and especially if they're listening. And they know of a family member a friend or neighbor. Who could benefit what are those -- messages that we wanna do them. The first thing I would have to say is it's important if it's at all possible that the patient. Person needing to come in to try to cheers and see what's going to be the most comfortable for them. That I think is. Probably the most important thing. The second thing. Would probably be. The size of the chair. Whether the new -- one. Where they need -- one but they need very accurate one. Those things are very important. In the third thing especially for the women is to pick out the color if ever they want. The men usually don't care but it's the women that we have they. Not problem but the conversations with a -- which fabric is going to match in my living room. -- -- Now hospital beds. Same question three most important points about the hospital bed for the consumer coming in anyone. There isn't a lot of choice in in hot this different manufacturers out there but Apollo hospital beds are standard size. They like 36 by eighty inches. And this really not a lot of choice in in the hospital beds and design of it they all do the same thing regardless of the manufacture. To know of any review sites for patient and they want to investigate the hospital beds. On the Internet. Or in any type of magazine dosages of consumer reports that evaluates things that you're -- -- I'm not familiar with a particular oh certainly as far as looking at the -- on line. We have some that we show on our website but they get those go to the manufacturers. And we have is in the care of his drive news. -- line news bloom next Greenfield you know they all have bids. That our. Shown on the web sites. Putting in your experts in the show were mobile and got into an -- as well yes -- great and also to point out that someone needs delivery. For any of these items didn't get an -- that was the next day as long as it's available on stock as long as we evidence stock normally we can. Yet things out the next day of the -- I wanna give back to what we started. The show went. About leaves a touch one. And again for anyone who's just tuning in now to the program. It's have a real breakthrough pain relief device. That has a lot of people for people with chronic pain. It's created by the FDA. So it's clear by the Food and Drug Administration. Inning and I went -- patient. And Phoenix Arizona. I woke up pain free for the first time in almost five years. Without the use of drugs. It is absolutely changed my life. I don't wanna -- a sales person. On the radio. -- -- until you. As a medical director -- primary care medicine. We are. -- challenge with patients who have chronic pain. You wanna do the best seeking in -- A lot of Peterson's require medication. Some require surgery. Similar physical therapy. Some all of injections. Some eleven nerve blocks. There's many given options and have him available. But this device. Looks promising. In that it's not invasive. In that it can be a substitute for medications. And cutting of a lot of may spill relief. So again it's called laser touch one. Clinical studies have shown that it's 93% effective. In decreasing pain but you mentioned. That's just yesterday. A few people. You -- good feedback are ready yes we have. We've had as I said of physical therapist and acupuncture is both and at the same time. In both of them tried this thing and they were amazed at how well it worked. We would also -- bite anybody and to try -- take command we'll we'll do a session with them try and on the. Conditions at its use for -- back pain. Neck and shoulder pain. Neck and shoulder stiffness. Ship seen many painful foot pain. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Fibromyalgia. Arthritis sciatica. Other neurological conditions. Tennis elbow golfer zobel. Sounds. Really worth trying again it's hand held its slate wade. It's portable. Reasons to not need a prescription I want to stress denied users without speaking to your health care provider. Always -- anything like this -- do that so many of our Peterson's missing from our medical practices well. As much as we want you have pain relief doesn't call first -- -- that it's appropriate for your own usage I want to stress that. Again. In May be a substitute for some patients who have been a chronic medication. So it seems seems very promising. And Bob these are obviously available. So that someone doesn't order to become -- contrite we have -- greats -- -- -- -- -- that -- yes. We set up to five times today is what's been tussle with the FDA we were -- -- and use -- -- they need and -- to be able to. Put between the -- -- the union -- -- Saturday with the GO as part of the unit as a company as a charitable comes with a challenger sorry that screen as well. And again this is located at Belmont medical supply company when 85 Belmont street in Belmont Massachusetts. But if he had to pick three points for the -- a -- one although it's not new to your business and it's -- -- many many consumers. What do you think at three. Biggest. Benefits from this. Number one I was say it's beneficial because it works. Number two. It doesn't require prescription but as you said it should be clear it would year. You physician. And number three. If it -- -- stopped taking medication for pain. Then your head of the game both. Realistically and financially to. How long's -- been around -- been around for several years now was developed by a doctor -- key. -- I believe his name it. Who developed this several years ago and just. Went through the process of getting it approved and everything and it's been around for probably four or five years which is coming into its own. As far as being marketed. So -- by -- be hearing a lot more about this device I think so in the settlements next several years. And Daniel listened to the health and wellness show on am six CD WR TO. For any last minute questions you can call -- at 617. 2666868. And it 6172666868. And one other thing mr. Bob browsing and for joining us on Sunday afternoon. He's the president of Belmont medical supply company were all of these devices. These hospital beds seed left in my recliner chairs. In this new device laser touch one all available here you go walk into the show room. Wacko within that same day you need help with delivery to do that fear as well. I think that you know for me my down you know take on points are. That if you have a chronic debilitating condition. That's affecting your daily life affecting your ability to get out of its share to stand up from a seated position. To get out of bed comfortably if you're having faults in -- unsteady on your feet. Whether it be that he is a chronic condition but even a more short lived -- innocent. You owe it to yourself to go win to -- on medical supply company. Going to showroom. See what devices. Are available in the year 2012 -- so much available that you want to make your home life. As safe as possible. As enjoyable as possible. So going to check these out -- anyone with chronic pain. Young -- old. I would -- Tell people about this device. You can tell them that you heard here on WRKO. And again. It looks very promising for -- it sounds like it's the marketing has just begun to this don't IB during a more about this as well I don't Winamp. Duo of in my own research on this again this is doctor -- laser and you've been listening to their health and wellness show. On -- succeeding WR KOI wish all of you a happy week. Healthy week and thanks for listening.