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Jeff Kuhner talks about Trayvon Martin and the case against Zimmerman

Apr 13, 2012|

With the Black Panthers calling for a bounty on Zimmerman, and the liberal media convicting him already, what do you think is going to happen if he is freed?

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From The Washington Times. And champ car show there. -- there's gonna be so much for going to be talking about and Romney is very war on motherhood. He's Barack Obama. Eligible to pay the buffet drove it looks like you know north. Korea's missile shatters after ninety seconds. Will there be major turmoil in that country will have bought and so much more. But first. The issue of this segment. The issue of the hour and in many ways the issue of the week of my friends. -- Ron Martin case. There have been now more developments. Last night Alan Dershowitz appeared on cable television. Where he said the famed lawyer from Harvard University. Came out and said I looked at the affidavit. That this special prosecutor. Angela Corey appointed by the governor of Florida. To investigate the -- -- on Martin's case. After she has charged. George -- with second degree murder. I looked at that affidavit. And it can't pass Muster. It's an amateurish affidavit. There are gaps there are holes it's look like it's written by an amateur. This affidavit couldn't pass Muster in most courtrooms in America. There when he marriages islanders' Jersey hasn't in his own words very -- -- -- What do you make up there won't suffice. Most affidavit of probable cause very -- this is so thin. That it won't make it past the judge on a second degree murder charge is simply nothing in there that would justify. Second degree murder the elements of the crime aren't established. Basically what's in the affidavit is what's in the public domain. With the exception of the few little things that were put forward by your previous commentator but the fact that the mother identified the voices at a percent of course. We don't know that that was gonna happen. I mean there you go. I mean here's one of the most respected legal minds in America sank essentially. India and an in legalese. This affidavit. This indictment is a joke. It's an absolute joke. Now I've been look looking at this issue now for the last couple weeks and I was one of the first in fact. When many people in conservative talk radio didn't have the guts or the courage to address the issue I did. And I said from the beginning. There is a rush to judgment. What you are now seeing. Is the Congressional Black Caucus. Al Sharpton. Jesse Jackson. Who is -- on the president of the United States. Politicizing. This issue. Playing the race card in a desperate to bid. To frighten and incite the African American community. That's what this is from the get go we don't know the circumstances of what happened. Let's do judicial and legal process play itself filed too but instead. Lewis Farah -- has come out and said there will be retaliation. The president of the United States. Instead of browsing the flame ups. What more gasoline on the fire saying that if he had a son he would look like tray of on Martin. Really Mr. President. Suddenly now are you so gifted are you so I know you think your messiah but are you so all seeing and all knowing that you can tell your own son would look like. What he was obviously trying to do. -- is paint himself as a victim. -- affiliate himself with tray -- on -- and express racial solidarity. With the Congressional Black Caucus. With this civil rights leadership. And with the Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson's of this world this was political from the get go and I know this for a fact. Because of being here in Washington DC. Working for one of the most influential papers in the United States. My business is the cover the White House and Capitol Hill that's what I do. I'm not saying I'm the best. I'm just saying that I got my source is plug everywhere and let me tell you what the president's advisors were telling him. Mr. President. We are losing the white working class -- we have lost middle America. We have lost the upper class the middle class and the working classes. What are we going to do. Were down in Ohio. Were down in Wisconsin were down in Pennsylvania. Were down in Florida we can't win any of these swing states. And they came up with big political strategy that they have now been implementing for the last couple weeks and you're gonna see it now until November. Which is could gin up galvanize its. The democratic base. And they're gonna do this by Brooke claiming a phony war on women get the feminists up and going to get them all riled up it. Go after the Hispanic vote by pushing amnesty for illegal immigrants. Go after the you to vote by trying to essentially pay their college tuition and a college student debt. And they're trying to galvanize and incite the African American community. Shots -- this is about. And that's why he calculated -- determinedly. And premeditated -- went in front of a news conference. And said no normal home. This issue is so Paramount this case is so Paramount. That America has to engage in soul search. We have to search our souls according to Barack Hussein Obama. Now. Don't get me wrong. What happened to -- Ron Martin was a tragedy. It was a travesty. I have a beautiful two year old boy. Whom I love more than life itself. God forbid if at the age of seventeen he was shot dead. It would rip my heart out. I would want justice. I would want to see the person go to prison and rot in jail for the rest of his life. So I understand where the parents are coming from. But the fact of the matter is this is -- local law enforcement issue. This has nothing to do with the president of the United States people are sharp in this country every day. There is black on black crime in for example Chicago. Every four hours one African American teenager slaughtered. I don't see Jesse Jackson I don't see Al Sharpton. I don't see Barack Hussein Obama that -- a con man the Marxist in chief I don't see -- running out and calling for soul searching. Because they thought this was a race case. And because they thought it was a race -- racially motivated case. They believe. That they could've played the race card. But then they found out something. George Zimmermann. Is Hispanic. Jordan Zimmermann is partially book. George Zimmermann has black family members and black relatives. George Zimmermann spends his spare time literally. Mentoring young black kids in the inner cities. This is not a racist. This is not the profile of a racist. This is not somebody who when everybody originally said and heard his name old George Zimmermann must be 18 whom all the may be active neo Nazi. Sanford. Where the crime took place where the shooting took place. -- majority minority. It's got more blacks and Hispanics and it does -- whites. It's got some Lily white gated community. The reason why George Zimmermann was on neighborhood patrol bat ninth. Was because of that area has been savaged. By one burglar after another they have been burglarized homes have been broken and there have been armed robberies armed burglaries. The places under siege from criminals. That's why they had the Foreman neighborhood watch. Now here is what we know cure the fox of this cakes as they now stand. Zimmerman saw somebody that he thought looked suspicious. He pursued him. He called the police. He went out and it on the foot and then he was looking for tray -- on mark. The question -- What happened jarring about one minute time span. This will determine whether Zimmerman used excessive force or didn't use excessive force. Because according to Zimmerman. He was heading back towards his SUV he was heading back towards his car. The police had told him the dispatcher told them police are on the racer get back into your car will take care that's. Zimmerman claims. And his family points. That he was. Sucker punched by trade Ron Martin that -- Juan Martin doubled about. -- huge Zimmerman there was a verbal altercation. I guess says the F bombs were flying back and forth. Zimmerman says he was punched in the face by -- -- -- essentially adapt. And then -- and jumped him -- them started to beat on him smashed his face in grabbed his head and began to smash and on the pavement. And so Zimmerman picked up a gun that he had on him any shot him. And he says in right for self defense. And as Zimmermann family has claimed to my brother believes he had his stark choice. Either spend the rest of my life -- -- mental vegetable. In a diaper. Or shoot tray -- on -- Now there is a weakness that has come out and said. That he has. Observed. And then he observed. Zimmerman on the ground -- -- on -- on top of him beating him punching him smashing his head against the pavement. Then apparently he said that his dog was about to leave the house as he had a door open look and and so we didn't want his dog to get involved in the altercation. Went after his dog and that's when the shot went off. Now the key moment is this. Who approached who. Who instigated this conflict was it Zimmerman went after tray -- on -- Or was it Martin who then doubled back and confronted Zimmerman that's key issue here. And not -- decide whether there was excessive force. Instead of wearing the legal process play out this is now turned into a circus. Into a joke. That's what we're now witnessing. On the -- on the American political stage right now. Now you have all the fire brands all the race hustlers all the race mongers coming out. And somehow acting as judge jury and Mexican sugar. That's what's going on right now in America. Are we not a nation of wants. Are we not a nation of due process. Are we not a nation of of a judiciary. Where we -- any civilized manner. Instead. You have the new Black Panther Party. Coming out and calling for a bumpy. On George Zimmermann said they -- 101000 dollar bounty on his head dead oral life. You have the new black Panthers coming out and calling for a race war. You have people in Sanford Florida. Worry that whatever happens now in this case no matter what happens in this case. That there could be race riots in their community let me ask all of you this. When Angela Corey came out the special prosecutor. And she said -- on all this was my political. From the get -- we've acted throughout as if there was no political pressure whatsoever really. Excuse me -- quarry. You were put there is a special prosecutor because it was a political case. That's the reason why your point that is special prosecutor it's been political from the get go. So I don't believe. That. That politics is not gonna influence this entire process. What if. The affidavit is thrown out. What if the judge says I'm sorry this doesn't pass legal Muster. You don't think Al Sharpton and a new black Panthers are -- demand a -- You don't think there's going to be violence on the streets. What if George Zimmermann is found not guilty. You don't think we're gonna have another Rodney King race riot. You don't think with all the vitriol and hatred. Now being set on MS left BC. Being set on CNN. Being set by Al Sharpton being said by Jesse Jackson being said by the new black Panthers. All this poison all this vitriol this invective. You don't think that you're gonna see an army of of people descending upon Sanford and having a potential race riot. 617. 2666868. Who do you think is in the end going to be vindicated. Do you think Alan Dershowitz is right. Does this affidavit strike you as a joke. How as the -- on Martin's case have been politicized. Has there been a rush to judgment what do you think 6172666868. Frank. Welcome to the to the gen -- -- show. Hi this -- right -- That it -- the Vietnam that's the group that the way I feel all the whole putting in Vietnam. I I wanna hear both sides I -- -- people think -- but what I wanna -- the whole thing out as far as. Jesse Jackson and Al shop and -- -- -- I hate. All of these guys up for all all they it's become market kids of their Rome got it should. And put pulled -- black Panthers could put at 101000 dollar bounty on somebody's head. And be allowed to do -- why not put out any repercussion at all that's what all this mean. Frank and you you know what you're completely right. If I put a bounty on somebody's -- if you put a bounty on somebody's head. Because you weren't happy that the legal system work the way you wanted it to you what what happened. You want I would be arrested. Because we are trying to aid and -- kidnapping and potential murder. Might have their ugly book look Jeb probably get away with -- and in the other thing I've got like they're calm after being. Who they gonna have a grates right against this guy that mixed race Earthlink. They're gonna have it upon the residents of Sanford you're gonna see a rampaging mob. That's what's gonna happen but that's that's what they have done from the beginning. And saw -- And so look what I'm what I'm telling everybody is this. In a case like this what the president of the United States should do. What he needs to do. He's come out and say look everybody. Cool down. We have a legal process. People in Florida are looking into it my FBI and Justice Department are looking into it. Believe me if there was anything wrong here we are gonna get to the bottom of -- now I need everybody go back to work. Gore about to do whatever it is that you do but stop with this race garbage. Because if you continue. Playing one race against one another I don't want this country to be like the Balkans. I don't want this country to be like Africa or Latin America or ethnic groups are each other's throats we don't have. So we're really looking forward to getting one million dollars for the -- tilt towards disarmament. On the plus side got to commit to do their job properly we have -- don't we will. Whereas there are colder. Why won't Eric Holder press charges against the black Panthers for inciting murder and aiding and abetting a potential kidnapping. That's what I wanna know Joseph welcome to the show my friend. Yup it's an honor this big deal. Off thank you -- I love your work -- -- -- picture highlights incumbent out. And outright. Erica I hope pick -- -- be important but. Being government and. Joseph I think you're about -- zone we can't hear you. Church that would try to pick a try to call is about 6172666868. How do you feel about the trade on Martin's case. Do you believe there's a double standard in America. I wanna hear from you this is Jeff corner on WORK. -- we'll be right back after this break. They don't try to -- looked like driven. You know I think they are right to expect. All of us. Has Americans. Military risk -- the seriousness of deserves and -- Stewards reviewed WRJ. -- Regardless still -- and Canada they give her this. Well aware that we can put it up after all over it all of you great to talk to start their coverage of the -- Is always welcome. -- -- true revolution. Welcome back good WRKO. This is Jeff Carter sitting in -- gen three and. 61722668686172666868. You wanna be part of the conversation. They'll block -- recently -- released an audio on their radio show. Calling for bloodshed. Calling for a race riots calling for a race war. And where is Eric Holder. I as the tensions boil over on the tray of on Martin's case. As you now have the new black Panthers. Openly espousing black supremacy. Hatred for whites and a potential race war. Eric Holder and the Justice Department remain silent. Is there or not -- hypocrisy in American society. Why is white racism. Condemned and rightly so. But black racism. The kind that you see from the new black Panthers the kind that you see from Louis -- on the kind that you see from. All elements of this a Congressional Black Caucus why is about excused and rationalized. Where is the liberal media why aren't they condemning the new black Panthers. Do you believe. That there is a double standard when it comes to race in America. I wanna hear from you 6172666868. Joseph thanks for holding your back on the air my friend. -- -- -- -- -- -- (%expletive) I think it's all gonna come down Eric Holder in the end I think he's done -- -- -- ER. The case at all which is that they -- going to charge you come with a civil rights violation it back try out doesn't go all the way they wanted to call. Paula you're right Joseph look you know Eric Holder is the biggest racist in this country alone are not -- You nailed it look this is the same Eric Holder. Who refuse to prosecute the new black Panthers when they stood at a polling Booth in Philadelphia in -- 1008. We are maybe -- their batons intimidating voters and Joseph here's the kicker more people don't know this. This civil rights lawyers in the Justice Department. They -- I wanted to indict these these dogs. They said this is the greatest violation. Of the voting rights act since 1965. They see nothing like this or our career. And Eric Holder said. And this I want everybody in Boston to noticed. Eric Holder said all of the stoppers. Undermine Justice Department. Black civil rights abuses against white victims will not be prosecuted. And -- military. If they -- imagine if I Ashcroft. John Ashcroft had done the same thing just a good example Bush's attorney general. Under my Justice Department white civil rights abuses against black victims will not be prosecuted. They would oblige him right there in the White House are -- driven amount of pounds. We have just a Monique Garrett shot exactly what you are saying. And there is absolutely nothing about it in this diet is the number one cop in the country. And wonder why can't stop the out of Florida he's gonna come to the rescue and saying don't worry cause what federal railroad this guy on civil rights judges. Bingo thank you so much for that old joke. Look -- was gonna happen that's why is FBI and Justice Department lawyers are all over this that's their insurance policy. I essentially they're trying to get around what in the legal term is called a double jeopardy. You can try the person for the same crime twice. You know I knew immediately what a great league and rightly concerned about the recent shooting death of seventeen year old trade on Martin. A young man whose future has been lost to the agents as most of you know few weeks ago. Fred welcome to WR KL. After taking my -- just. I believe the Obama administration has set back racial relations a minimum of forty years in this country. I really. -- offer -- no I hear you man I mean that -- appointments to simply put. We. The what you're -- a fact the last night and still to this day -- putting up a picture of a twelve year old boy. Instead of the reason usually have a trade on. Are they -- the my neck problem shot journalist if they're putting up between all. Bureau off Fred I'm telling you beautiful -- that's exactly what I told my wife last night it's a it's amazing I said they are using. 121112. Year old pictures -- this more when he was eleven or twelve. Instead of showing him now it's seventeen to get more sympathy for him to make him seem even a greater evict them. They are trying this case in the media these are not journalists their propaganda is their propagandist their propagandist -- that's what they are. Quickly Charles -- Hi I was going to say one thing I think it's the slip underneath the radar -- the statement but come on Martin's mother either yesterday or day before that. She feels that it was an accident he didn't seem the same -- you think that. A Georgia -- as a murder was not a killer kid and I think of that they had gotten a little bit more play in the knows who would have been better because. He doesn't seem like a bitter person near the end of the father. They are heard obviously but I think Jordan Zimmermann -- problem I think he and Terry Vaughn probably considered each other predators and those a lot of miscalculation. And that's the important thing and it is that I am a liberal Democrat all my life and this has been the worst disaster -- administration and I've seen in years. And Eric Holder in the present the rest of them I'm not setting back I mean they are setting back their race relations. I'll say one thing until during the sixties we had Jack and Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther king and unfortunately both conservatives as. All of liberals didn't realize that they were the best friend of the country ever had they could put people together for big dividing. You mailed -- thank you so much for that call Charles will be right back after this break this is Jeff Horner. Sitting in for gen -- in on WRKO. How little -- -- -- helps keep the camp -- -- but thank -- very competitive and our current. There's one of the great all the living there isn't all there and Carl Carl -- you -- -- -- Who didn't -- -- aren't confident right click comedians. Now I don't think it's. There are -- and basically the the bulk food and couldn't help stay ahead in the wall who. This is Jeff garner from The Washington Times sitting in for jamboree and on WRKO. In Boston. 6172666868. Here you have it my friends. Michelle Williams. Chief of staff for the -- Panthers in the Tampa Bay Area. Goes out on a radio. Starts calling whites all sorts of racial names racial epithets. Calls for open violence. Calls for a race war because of the -- Ron Martin case. Where is the attorney general. Where is Eric Holder. And have you noticed. He won't touch the black Panthers. He goes around lecturing Americans like he did in 2000 and non saying that were quote a nation of cowards. Because we refuse to address the issue of race. He haunts Americans. He goes on claiming Americans are that America is a racist country. When he himself. In his own Justice Department justice is not blind. With Eric holder's Justice Department he sees everything through the lens of race. He will not prosecute black civil rights abuses he will not touched the new black Panthers he will not -- -- -- on. Instead what he is doing is openly dividing -- And and and and polarizing the races in America that's what you're seeing. And there's something else that's going on. And nobody else has the guts to address it but I will. There is no -- simple pernicious fact in American society. That when it comes to race. There is a blatant double standard. When blacks are racist against whites. Like the new black Panthers like reverend Jeremiah Wright like Louis Farah -- -- -- Not think. I see them on television. I see them on radio. IC liberals turning a blind on the media won't criticize him. But if any white person says anything forget racist that's even politically incorrect. Take Don Imus for example which is a despicable comment what he called those girls. He has to beg. He has to -- raw hole he's taken off the air he suspended. He's demonized he's vilified. But somebody like Al Sharpton who has been a racing Bader and I hate monger his entire career somebody like Jesse Jackson. Who is an avowed anti semite. Who has made disgusting statements against Jews and against Israel associated with radical Palestinian terrorists -- zero. He's a hero in the Democratic Party he's a hero in the civil rights community he's a hero to the -- ends in the liberal media. But hypocrisy and double standard is amazing incredible. It's absolutely incredible. And what we're seeing. Is the rise of the black -- The black Ku Klux Klan that's what the black Panthers are. That's what the likes of general Jeremiah Wright car. They champion blocks supremacy. They championed hatred of whites. They championed. A vitriolic. Anti Americanism. That blames the white race and white people for everything. You think I'm can think. Here is trauma -- -- Then national spokesman for the new black Panthers. -- I don't know if we have that cut ready to go. Where he's demonizing caucasians. Demonizing people -- blue eyes and blond hair and white scanned. Saying that their in fact the demons of society -- if we got it -- baby. -- out but squishy say it was right we got a sold out -- who blew up we got to sort out and boot up and get prepared. Well let -- win and what is that got the ball over. In all your critics talked about there happens to be -- shake it all what revolution true revolution means of Minnesota has been a bit steal because there's a new light that it. The youngest. Actually it doesn't rule reality that it don't want your original African -- it was a stretch out about you didn't almost that'd -- god is largely. But we gotta go do it. And it discourages -- got across and we will have to cross. There really sheet Uga I have to crawl out. They're already see ya know your daughter was talking about some -- -- some. Middle Eastern part of the world hair or not we're talking about him. But I -- you know I have to crossed some good -- there was some -- and -- thousand. They that there are those who wish they paste it in this hour. Just seeing the destruction. Both the devil's work that doubles as sergeant Wright talking about would do and they've deployed our -- walk and patio. Out talking about that blog here. Bill some term product called to walk around what I'm worried that had been predicting -- -- major do you believe. Now let me ask all of you this. Flip the races. Instead of white put in block -- is different from the Ku Klux Klan. It's pure racial supremacy. It's pure racial -- It's as if Hitler came back from the grave except instead of whites being good whites are about it. Where is the liberal media. Whereas CNN. Whereas Imus left BC where's Obama. Why isn't Obama saying we need to do soul searching. Why isn't Obama saying on on all the hatred is now getting out of control. I don't want to red America or blue America I want the United States of America this house to stop. This race mongering and -- hatred. Silence. Silence it is almost deafening. And so my question to you was this. Let's be frank we still have free speech in America do we not the liberals haven't won completely. Is there a double standard when it comes to race do you feel. That white racism is rightly condemned. But black racism as this guy's strong squarely clearly is he's a hater and a bigot and racist. That is excused. Or rationalized. 6172666868. Well -- you're on WRKO. -- I -- when you're on the air my friend. Where am I don't -- equipment gesture. Well what would happen -- Jesse Jackson. And Al Sharpton and all of them didn't come out there sort of -- up under the road right. Okay Ellen no you make here's the point that you make in fact my wife mentioned it to me just injuring the break. My wife teaches or used to teach at Howard university in Washington which and historically black college. People don't know this about me I do a lot of work -- African Americans in the inner city in Washington DC. There argument to me has been for years. That blacks have been unfairly targeted blacks have been unfairly profiled. And they believe that the police department in particular is a racist. So my wife said to me she said -- Jeff. You're right okay yes Al Sharpton Jesse Jackson are already spears I get dot. But what do you say African Americans if we don't protest. How would they even have charges brought against -- Juan Martin. If your son were shocked would -- wanna see Zimmerman at least charged. My answer is very simple yes. And if people want a growing demand justice that's their right no one's saying that look. A seventeen year old boy is dead. No charges were filed if I'm the parents. I'd be seeing red I want justice done I wanna see him have his day in court. But what happened is they sell when this is when nobody understands. Suddenly racing became injected into this suddenly Zimmerman. Was a racist when they know nothing about him suddenly. The entire police department is driven by racist when that's not true. So the point is that suddenly the race card was plate when he didn't need to be plate. And the reason why they're playing it is to inflame the African American community this is no longer about tray of. No no no no we don't let that fresh out of this we want to see just as we know what that's what under the rubble removed right none of will be under the right. I would -- the -- -- big oh man I'm on about our instead I got look at -- approved animal. You have the multiple five pets and animals you know who didn't and the data completely into obscurity I look at H well look. Look there's -- gunmen opened from the combat independently and. Okay well look element to tell you this I look at it from an independent lens as well. I think Charles -- was completely wrong. In fact I I am a Christian I'm a devout Catholic I believe we are all children in the image in the eyes of god. So I don't believe people are descended from monkeys are guerrillas I think it's a despicable theory and I fought against it my whole life. Now where you say you people you're -- I'm sorry your acting as a racist -- nothing you know nothing about me you're judging me by the color of my skin. And you have no business doing that. So I founded a think tank to help I'm minorities and African Americans my wife and I devote hours every week. To mentoring African Americans in the inner city and Washington so you know I'm not -- well mean. So this is the problem that you guys are so filled up with hate you -- Nationalists. You racial Nationalists. Are so filled up with eight. That when you see white people you see the double. And I'm telling you that's nothing more than the black version of the Ku Klux Klan. I'm sure people don't buy the contents of their character. Who but I do people want who they are but -- not capable of doing that. Don't miss any trade is not gonna get your elbow and I'm telling you. This hatred inside of you is not gonna get you anything in life. I'm mad and that's kind of magnitude understand I'm -- there between the Republican and then the Democrats. He you're allowed to a -- -- each and you have. Yeah yeah he -- -- -- German -- everybody dug up. Independent I can but I don't -- I would never do what I am a Democrat and a Republican Party. Well look let me ask you this -- when. If people care so much about justice. How about the fact that the overwhelming majority of deaths among African Americans as black on black crime. That's it that's a statistic fact how come Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson doesn't condemn dot how come they don't say anything about dot. And not know about bad climate Madonna and if -- don't failing you have to remember that we don't let. I don't know Jesse Jackson is quiet Al Sharpton is quiet and most important right Lawrence told I went. Well -- British white tourists were shocked by a block command because they were white. Where was Al Sharpton where it was Jesse Jackson when that kid in Kansas thirteen year old kid was burnt. Put I put gasoline and lit on fire and they said white boy you -- coming where's he Jackson and Al Sharpton when blacks said -- whites how. And I don't know very. Well and I -- -- well. What about Oklahoma. And -- -- -- hundred children but -- don't improve aren't sure you don't not. Okay well -- listen look at this I'm sorry my friend but this hatred of yours is not gonna get you anywhere in life. Where you don't fit which you've failed to recognizes this. There are more crimes committed upon African Americans buy blocks. So there's a problem in the African American community and instead of addressing about look all you have is blame -- Blame whites blame whites blame whites and I'm telling you. It's wrong. It's fruitless. It's pointless and frankly it's racist 6172666868. Dave you're on WORK no go. You know it's sad that the left -- couldn't really. Articulate his feelings about. These issues 75%. One American that killed by white Americans. 85 or 87% of black Americans were killed by black American so you're theory. Is out the window and I don't know that if you want a meadow or a -- all right dale Bonner because. Because -- use so called do something for. Inner city kids I mean I thought that your -- to be doing things from the iPod instead you -- both -- while I do think for the African American. Community in you know the biggest do you think about the southern poverty law. Okay look look look Columbus and they look better probably none and -- -- and I know Southern Poverty Law Center and all the work that they do they are right right. They're a bunch of smear merchants I have no respect for their work but let me get back to your point. This guy calls me up and says I'm a racist this guy calls me up and says I care nothing for blocks and I'm like look I'm sick of this garbage okay. I judge people by the content of their character and if you wanna know things about me yes I devote a lot upon -- helping poor children. Many of them happened to be African Americans I never asked for metal I don't want a medal. It's part of my Christian duty Christian calling in this world. But don't stand there and call me a racist when you know nothing about me well all right time I'm sickened -- you guys playing the race card. And you -- you guys go to -- -- then you go what do you mean -- I can't I do know how do you know appropriate Kaloko. No person I call you a better world than not it's. Just -- -- You're not gonna twist this around on me okay. When I say you guys I mean you liberals okay leftists who play identity politics I'm sick you know what -- politics. So look -- and they're not and I'll listen. Don't stand there. OK and call people racists when you know nodding your program. Gee you sure you did your basic -- you said you came in -- you agree with the last caller. You said now now I did not say that's tonight ten lap car there's not I can't -- what he would they. And listen to facts of the matter artists. The overwhelming majority. Of murders committed in the African American community are by blocks you don't say my reporting and I don't see. I. Don't see Al Sharpton I don't see Jesse Jackson I don't see -- are on I don't see President Obama. I don't see any of them saying a word on dot. So the hypocrisy and double standard is glaring and that's the issue none of you left wingers and Obama's supporters wanna deal with. 617. 6868. Is there a double standard on race I wanna hear from you Jeff Horner. Filling in for John brand on WR good -- So true that she -- fuss about rushing to judgment. We're a victim of a rush to do. WRKO. This is just -- corner from The Washington Times. Sitting in for -- brand. Won't leave -- -- double standard on race in America. Is white racism and rightly condemned. Bud Black racism excuse or rationalize. I want to hear from you 617. 2666868. Com you're on the air my friend. I don't just -- They -- what about the old and a few weeks ago with a black kid -- your actual. Forward to a veteran doubtful -- -- -- murdered you have committed rape and -- and his -- anybody -- -- where was Al Sharpton and all them guys. Where's the media. I mean -- make a very good point that's my point the media doesn't even cover these sorts of incidents they downplay it or hardly even cover it. Now I tell you right now if it was a white kid. That broke into the house of a block veteran and slaughtered him and his whole family are -- -- it would be everywhere. The airwaves to be flooded with it and then we be lectured about how whites are racist. I mean. This is the sickness of liberalism. They see everything through identity politics there's only one race that's good and won a race that's about. And so my point is a very simple one are we not all equal. Are we not all equal in the eyes of god. Are we not all equal a in under the law. Should we not all be judged by the color not by the color of our skin but the content of our character. I mean to me it's such an obvious point and I think they hypocrisy is now starting to get so obvious many Americans are sick of it wind up go. Hi I'd I'd be considered an honor to talk to Leo thank you and I just love I tell you could buy here young Michael static and I just think it's. But I just want it faced from I I agree with you because. I'm mixed race I'm part American Indian and part white but now I'm white -- sprayed. In I don't know. You know and I wanted to find out -- attorney general came out you know Eric Holder out of the the white on what -- that he would -- -- -- that there are called the attorney general state of Massachusetts. -- Martha Coakley thought it and you know they just brush me off. You know they they wouldn't talk about it he the person who talked to me said. That I wasn't watching the right TV show I don't have a TV. They based that I wasn't I reading the write new Paper and I'm sorry your newspaper who has been included in that. And I -- -- there is a double standard right here in that state. I because I have some I do for the last five years and I'm 65 years old. And I had -- I think that never happened to me in my whole life happened to me just in the short span of -- -- And you know what nobody here. No I don't and window of this is the sad reality. Is that under Obama. We have become more racially ideologically and politically polarized he has set as back. Decades. And my prediction is mark my words. This three -- Martin case is gonna blow up in everybody's face and you could see a potential race riot in Florida and across the country Ronnie. I got about a minute goal maybe. They're like you have to be all be over till the break. No sorry gotta go I'm a 2.0. Hey you know this civil rights movement started out under Christian -- of atonement. Forgiveness and equality and -- Our doctor king's assassination it's become hijacked by black liberation theology. Muslim ideology and it's done nothing but spiral the black community. You to a terrible place. Were running well said buddy amen brother I couldn't have said it better myself. This is Jeff cooter from The Washington Times stay tuned. We got so much more in the next hour it's going to be a jam packed hour. I'm filling in for gen three and 6172666868. Here on the great WR. Big hole.