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The Cost Of Losing

Apr 10, 2012|

After suspending his campaign today, Rick Santorum has asked supporters to help pay off his campaign debt "I am planning to do everything in my power to bring a change about in the White House," he wrote in a campaign email. "But our campaign has debt, and I cannot be free to focus on helping defeat him with this burden." Howie predicted this request...

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Are you Satinder glad that Rick Santorum is. Out of the race I'm Clinton now at 81. Person it. He that he had you become extraneous. -- A with Russia on this I don't know why this is a big story health care law while at 340 billion the deficit new study finds. Did anyone think it was gonna be cheaper I mean they're gonna add all these people that don't have health insurance are gonna put a month for free. Who thought it was gonna save money. Well I guess the Washington Post two -- their story. President Obama's landmark health care initiative long touted as a mean -- as a means to control costs. A long touted by kemba who believed it. Well actually. Had more than 340 billion to the nation's budget woes over the next decade according to a new study by -- Republican member of the board that oversees Medicare. Financing. Charles -- house a conservative policy analyst and Obama approve this the GOP trustee for Medicare and Social Security. -- issued this analysis that channel it challenges the conventional wisdom again. What -- what conventional wisdom I did anyone seriously believe Obama care was gonna save money. It challenges the conventional wisdom that the health care law. Which calls for an expensive expansion of coverage for the uninsured beginning in 2014. Will nonetheless reduce deficits by raising taxes and cutting payments to Medicare providers. Anything that has words like expensive expansion. Of coverage and that's a way it's gonna I mean it's it's self evident isn't. But the Washington Post was fool who who knew that they they would be they would it would be taken in that they were so gullible. 18774694322. We're gonna keep talking about the the campaign now that it's. Now that it's certain that it's gonna be Mitt Romney it's it's all over Bryant's all over but the shouting. Rick -- today in Harrisburg PA suspended his campaign. Must seem to poll results showing was gonna lose Pennsylvania say admit some money admitted to the explicit committed to spending I think. I don't forced tour four million dollars whatever it was it was twice went Santorum was going to spend. My doubts in torment them actually had the money was probably have to go into debt to watch the by the TV time but now now he doesn't have to do that. Obama off the -- like Victor Davis Hanson. For all the talk about the need for federal courts to audit bureau and state immigration legislation -- to strike down the defense of marriage law. Obama does not believe in either in an active or an active judiciary only and one that -- is only ideology. How true is that. When jurist do list they become sober judicious when they might not. Then we hear an impromptu news read that Supreme Court justices are quote an unelected group of people one quote who should not quote. Somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law and quote an unprecedented and extraordinary step of overturning a law. That was passed by a strong majority of the democratically elected congress. The inadvertent Obama gives glimpses of his them verses -- world. In which doctors lop off limbs and rip out console -- cash. Fat cats junket to Vegas on their kids' tuition money beyond curing don't know when to stop their profiteering and they worry little about spreading well. In the world the flip and Obama energy prices should quarter imports Cairo market. Brazil should -- the sort of offshore oil we ourselves will not develop improper tire pressure tune ups and algae can substitute for more drilling. But spots phraseology. And incoherence. For all Obama's own. What what he's saying is that I read was that he thinks that the people are people are happier when Obama is reading the teleprompter does when when he doesn't read off the teleprompter and he speaks off the -- we see the real Obama and it's pretty scary. It is pretty scary. Just like Nixon you know with the -- in the on the White House tapes with the enemies list or. You know there was a glimpse into the real. Nixon and his Victor Davis Hanson says when when Reagan said the bombing will Begin and five minutes to show Hamachi in the Soviet Union and it was less serious than. The psychosis of Richard Nixon or via. With a class warfare of all Obama but still something that there's something to be said for you know that debt off of off Mike already thought was off microphone. Joke showed show today stroke something of what his true feelings war. 18774694322. Muppet it's a bad thing to hated -- -- the Soviet Union. And he will always be remembered as the guy who would defeated the Soviet Union in the Cold War. 18774694322. How we. And they suspend the campaign instead of ending I think because they eat the they can keep raising money to pay off their debts I think that's the only thing Tuesday. It's just the legal technicality that's all. Howie I think it's safe to say the Washington Post baffled. The other they're definitely baffled they they you know they actually hot but the cost of health -- was going down -- -- Obama's. After all. We have back cut by the way of Obama's saying saying I won't sign anything. We will have a dime to the deficit. And he's kept his promise it's underhanded behind that definitely it's gonna at 340 billion and I think that's probably low ball figure. He wouldn't sign anything that would -- a dime to the deficit. And it's you know let's set. How we go back and listen -- interview with Russia believe -- will bring strong strategic turnaround skills skills Obama lacks completely. I don't know ethical I think commit Scottish this maybe you know he's -- he's the underdog I would say for sure but again I mean. I don't even think gas prices need to before 544. Mama blues I mean what it. What's gonna happen to what tourism in the summer gas prices tremendously can't be good. He kept I don't care how many stories the mainstream media. Writes about now people are people are adjusting to higher prices of gas that you -- They combine two or three errands in one trip and you know they -- they have a they have that grin and bear at attitude that the that that that the one last World War II. -- -- I don't thanks I think people pretty PO about the whole situation. Special when they know them all all Obama would have to do was announced that the Keystone Pipeline was going through one that he was. He was going to allow more drilling on federal hands and in the gulf. And that would immediately. Knockdown price of oil more than somewhat. It is almost us it almost as -- it you know they they can say that they can blame on speculators. But speculators are making a killing because they know that there's a guy in -- in in the White House who controls a lot of the the drilling. -- the rights to the drilling and he's likable when we were on public points. And that's why they cannot bid up the the price of a barrel of oil. Jack your next -- powered -- go ahead Jack. -- every. Two minutes to talk about the wrong. Rubio is not eligible. According to law. No I I keep hearing that Jack I hear that I know I know. So let's forget that let's just a little -- These these Spanish opera company that -- speed -- our ball machines in -- debt commitments are most touching your eyes you. Mark tonight if you -- like to do so we're all working. -- -- -- Jack I don't wanna give I don't wanna get into mu did to wing nut territory here you don't. That's not -- But let's let's stay in the win that's what opened the other. Okay let's -- -- and c'mon let's say make your last point okay. Caucasus Russia's primary she. -- park district of 5%. In the car in the primary do it at 8% in the caucuses which what are manipulated. Okay thanks Jack 18774694322. -- further Ron Paul guy who was it text that in and said the you know. I voted for Ron Paul amended almond Tea Party earned I got to vote for Mitt because she's the only guarantee against a mamma Mia how come people can't figure that out I mean it's as simple as that. 18774694322. Mean do we have to get into that took that Bible playing with the the the voting machines -- Mean. John Kerry still thinks that 2004 election was stolen from them in Ohio. Bye -- Ken Blackwell the former secretary of state Republicans who now writes separate town hall dot com and occasional call. He -- the doses than the care we people still think the election stole from forget the fact that he lost the popular vote by. Three or four million he's that he thinks that you don't do it would be okay for him to watch. -- who have been elected president -- -- lost by three or four million votes have been gotten those extra 60000. -- of stolen from him on the Bible machines. Mean that you publish -- -- so far you can go paranoia. Paul your next with Howie -- go ahead Paul. And -- Made up I got up methods for all of compare as a matter is that -- so they're gonna stay home because I don't -- vote for Romney. Got our member of that you do it's a vote for Grammy. How you know what that's another but you know what the people who number one I don't believe the people foresee in the gonna stay -- and number two of people who was our troops say that they're gonna stay home they don't care about Scott Brown -- that they'll -- compensated bill it doesn't matter whether it's grand -- -- Scott Brown you know it's two -- -- upon -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- my son not to expect pop and I've been called the street law and yes got a -- field trip for the board of county lock. It's -- so when he and Lehman and -- Waited for me you know well. Bella becomes -- -- -- bottom line is that you know we're also there are going to be lectured by whoever. As somebody brought up waiting music. And go oh -- -- -- -- Are you should -- all c'mon I besides giving you know he's a solid -- he's ever. Separated by a couple of doors -- they -- to -- and he was -- -- waving at people will test the automatic it's female classmates. I'm not making -- -- I don't know what to say Paula -- in solitary I don't know exactly how solitary works down at Plymouth then up. I know I -- -- about it for -- fact that it might not -- about it white board about the -- agreement so Britain. -- -- -- -- Cell wanna wait oh where about it but it won't do wreck from colonel White -- offerings are all know. That's true that -- -- may be it's true Paul because he that's tied for -- and a I got that from a good source that he what he goes out he wrapped the towel around his head. Two yeah yeah all in the you know he. Yeah -- allied army and obviously he's you know it's like I'm not publicly via -- -- That's sounds like you to Paul L I don't believe it or opera and and knows the film liked like got a suspect accurately as well. Sell one away I must reach out my source and I must send him an email and see if -- -- find out some more demeaning to do that thanks for the call Paul. 18774. Natural but the doo -- that whatever it would every equality I mean he's just the idea he he I think it's a big towel that he wraps around his head that's right that's what I was told. -- about couple months ago. That's what you do that amount for an hour a day -- it's an hour today outside the cell that's the way it works even in the yeah. Even in the maximum security federal lockup which Plymouth is obviously. End. So ego ego he walks around and ability to keep keep his head warm. In the we in the winter with a cooler weather -- -- -- where's that towel. John your next with Howie -- go ahead John. You know back to Iraq. A quote from the great state and saying score two -- -- comments. It seems to me that people don't really hit -- seriously and people in this Circuit City work flight -- at its air force and there are Waltz time. Anybody ever really been popular Washington and you know why because he wants to do the right thing and it just seemed. But John all. Johnny doesn't it doesn't kind of get to -- when he talks about these career politicians we're winning everything in them but you've been in congress since the seventies in and how you know when he got you lost -- he gave up his seat to run for president in 88 in the became Bakken won the seat he's been their percent. I mean he spent much much more time as a congressman I believe that he did he ever spent as a surgeon. True that's true squeaky clean but let's in his dirty messy and easier as a politician that's what I'm saying and. Well like you like it big as squeaky clean that dispose chronic concern. And voting for the lesser evil that would -- this or that it's only police smile that would -- -- he's got an alternate mode you can bet on it and I don't think. What we're gonna vote for the tried it John we're gonna vote. And they had. We'll get -- right -- in there right away there's not that any time that this country at least -- -- want to uphold constitutional rights. Johnny what I'm Paula is all done who you gonna vote for. Well why is it that you if you only have a lot of money that's the only way you gonna become elect. But we you're not answer my question who will on Paul is is when you disagree and we all agreed Iran policy is finished. Well evidently okay so more you gonna vote for that. A marketable anybody. And -- and political and hiding it would be great. All employees. Come on and on right. Already in jeopardy. And is not at any time. It is not going to -- and I'm voting is not gonna his sacred constitutional rights. John I agree with your constitutional rights. See is what I think is just like -- Formula One. -- here I don't know if he's exactly wet behind the year's been around for a long time thanks for the call John 1877469. By an idiot this. Many of these people are voting. You're you listen that you can do listen the talk radio your big Ron Paul supporters to -- November rolls around and you've got a choice between Obama and Mitt Romney. If you're telling me that one of them is -- gonna hurt you a lot less than the other one Steve your next with Howie -- go ahead Steve. Page on it you're still listening that your principal well -- I knew was -- Steve hook up this is my this is my lucky today. -- would come you -- you know the one global yeah we. Live our water calls today. You know I'm happier that Santorum like god dropped -- today because there's lot of more practical. In lake -- -- seven month coming out called presidential election. Let's -- it for people who like politics. -- out salute. On what we got the way every four years it's like the Olympics you know it just doesn't get any better now. It's going to be great. Yeah no it's I I agree it's going to be fun I'm looking forward to it I hope I hope it turns out well in the end. You know sometimes you go through the whole season in the in the Super Bowl ends badly you know what I mean. I think I told you this before but you're you've heard the old saying we're cabinet members say I serve at the pleasure of the president yes. Okay well in Barack Obama's case he served as a supporter of white America. I think they're ready that the -- -- -- it's just an observation from up north I don't know anymore than the but it -- is the feeling like yeah. Their -- years he didn't deliver the goods. They're gonna go rob you're going to be close but I think you aware above 5149. Bunch of Smart prediction sacred political work. Thank you Steve 1877469. Times and it -- had to yourself you actually hope Steve was right. -- -- very seldom but Steve was -- Steve was being he was you know he was he wasn't. Holding an olive branch today shall says. 18774694322. Does the Macy worth towel around his head. You know I don't know that questions 60 I don't know the answer that question because I don't have any sources now via federal -- at Lexington Kentucky but I do have a couple sources and plan. 18774694322. George you're next with how we cargo ahead George. Yeah good show thanks I don't know how anybody in their right mind could we elect this guy. You know we got the president and the First Lady both of them can't practice law they both went to law school both of them she'd lost her license. When signature wins a second she lost her license what do you mean. Right it was a retracted from the state of Illinois. I never heard well Google would baby. Court ordered inactive. -- Well I mean c'mon you lose that's you know that's practicing in ego that's not -- Basically you eat into your feet yeah you're right law comparing professional confederate George come on -- you Wear a voluntary thing it's not involved she wasn't disbarred in other words. That's like saying if you don't pay your dues that the country club -- on the country club anymore it's like you wearing your black balled from the country club for right you know riding -- horse up under the steps like cut like Ted Kennedy was at the we have our club -- ago. Now you laugh okay oh. I got it thanks for the call she can't practice -- is that the problems at -- to practice again that's what that means. 18774694322. There's a difference between giving up your -- just not -- your bureau. Your your dues or whenever they collier your be your registration fee and and being disbarred I mean we. There's play of people around here that have been disbarred. I could you know certain hours of the morning -- spit on someone. Weren't sitting right now but does he you know -- Michelle Obama whatever she issue is not a cricket disbarred -- GM your next with Howie Carr go ahead gem. In -- her husband should be disbarred based on his -- demonstration of his constitutional knowledge but that's the difference. I I don't think you'll be disbarred for being stupid once you get your walk -- Jim unfortunately. Are you can't -- as you know you got it on an earlier but. Our best hope is forecast to keep go right on out from here on out for everybody the whole country not just few places and it's everybody's brains or buy extra five bucks a gallon and he'll probably get booted. Yeah it's it's just amazing I mean you know you you cost seventy bucks to fill up an average car today several -- And if I live I live close why -- you know I don't I don't live very far from where -- work me can you imagine if you have an hour hour and a half commute. Yet how we in the thing about those gas prices a lot of that is psychological people bought extra you know there's a big part that is what people think are gonna you know the people in the industry what -- think -- -- -- What's so special orders via our the other choice of the speculators I mean if if if Obama would just you know they have some interest in -- in drilling. That that would cut the prices right then and there I mean to cut it overnight. Exactly exactly so -- good joke. Thanks but he has no interest in that I mean think how stupid he has I mean you -- what -- -- the the person today wrote that federal and it was were Victor Davis Hanson. Do remember that thing about the tires. I don't rule was if you inflate your tires that would do that would solve the energy problem in the United States. And then that was -- for years ago now what's now -- Mention how much -- -- two was two to 28 to two to come up with 22 million barrels a day of oil. He think he think he thinks that's a legitimate. Alternative energy. He's he's crazy. He's. Professor George you're next with how we cargo -- professor George. -- their professor George go ahead. Seven is -- first -- it's registered voters right if you if you do likely voters like -- but it's been done. Rob they would pick up four point strike they are right and that. Art is quite doubt that the undecided voters 00 well we will go to the children not to the incumbents. 00 I don't think that Obama than it had a way to old show. And I don't think it would again you gotta take it with a grain of salt considering who -- a commission Paul you know Washington Post and ABC news you know what you know whose side they're on. -- Who's who's the host of the morning showed George Steffi Stephanopoulos the guy who tried to. Sandbag Mitt Romney during the debates with the question about birth control remember that. Mean that was just -- recent thing. I'm not sure they would want it just sort of all -- -- to -- -- Patients I don't know. All come off and professor George Jeremy look at look at what the globe did with Marcia Coakley in a 2010 -- Scott Brown they had a bit Marcia Coakley ahead by seventeen points did at -- with ten days to go before the election and she lost by sexed. Our immediate thing you think there was a 23 point turn around and in a ten days I don't think so. Thanks for the call George 18774694322. -- -- -- 187746943270. Once this. Could you imagine having a free issue -- and having to put gas and it. Not saying I don't have very nice scar except me and I'm just saying it's it it even it even hurts meet. Makes me angle. This have to spend seventy bucks to fill up and -- easy but believe me. In this case with the car anyway. Let's see it's the white women like CN -- cost Romney they still like a bomb I don't think Cindy's gonna vote for Obama peace in the likes of Romney outlawed. 207 how we I just get fuel 55 dollars of that time makes it not seem so bad then again I'm getting fifteen gas stations that. Five awaits back in Nantucket it's 499 a gallon. For 13 come September -- eleven interest in lowering oil prices. 774 I drive a 105 miles -- day fifteen gallons every four days I -- -- voting that -- Jack. 860 how we wouldn't it help Obama politically and get him reelected if he approved keystone a lot lot more drilling he really is stupid. Couldn't agree with -- more I I don't understand I mean you know again it's kind of like the Tea Party people with Tea Party people have no choice but to go Romney. I mean the the environmental one tackles don't have much choice but -- -- right. Mean I -- I think they -- understood maybe they wouldn't maybe they wouldn't understand. Mean RD I know they all have trust funds but the that doesn't mean that they don't have to pay the same gas prices as the rest of us. Our text butterfly. BUTTERFLY. 268680. Right now for your chance to 124 dollar certificate. Ballot for admission for two the butterfly place in whispered. Bring the kids to observe all types of butterflies from around the world. It's a great way to spend school vacation week visit get -- perks dot com now where you can get a 24 dollars certificate the butterfly place for just twelve dollars. You only have ten minutes the text and so text butterfly -- 68680. Right now. Message and data rates apply don't text and drive. -- find out how you could win fifty grand in the spring fever giveaway -- get my perks dot com. Brought to you by get my perks and Boston stock station AM 680 WRKO. 18774694322. John your next with how we cargo ahead John. In -- in -- It's gonna helping out on the rock all Burton think it would never Burton like or like -- and the airport but actually like our opposition. -- because they walk out. Okay so you're -- qualifier and not take anything away from stopped all off. You're very qualified -- you never want surgery you're actually on our. And you make certain that fighter pilots don't wait for. He wouldn't be practiced some kind of medicine that he practiced well wasn't why I call them. Very well you -- be quiet and deliver -- okay but when he was in the military. Arms you know -- it's -- -- -- The patient in the military -- it's era but it got dark it. I mean and it got really except you know -- era Walter Reed worked on junk. I mean I definitely -- Like it out like that -- at one Mike Walker yep like they're not on -- response. I got a call I could see -- -- within forty Bachmann. And then he was in it with him for not were flying. Who have a lot to -- you'll be able to remember the good old days when obamacare comes and John. You can't tell you want -- -- Erica and I are very well. Yeah -- and I wanna screw everybody that's what that's what some people don't seem to understand that you know this is not about free health care this is about screwing everybody. Thanks for the call John 1877469432. To watch out for keystone approval or action against Iran if Obama gets desperate he's a -- who will do anything to keep the White House. Early -- by the way there was a story -- one of the British papers today from British intelligence saying that the pressure that the that the Israelis have made via. An assessment that they are air force can't take out the nuclear facilities make it's they can slow it down. They can knock out a lot of that and you know they can that they can. Certainly destroy all the supply lines and they can -- put a crimp -- -- but they can't they can't get into those mountains. Where the everything has borrowed so that it's still have some kind of program left even after the Israeli Air Force gave -- its best shot so I don't know but the British also said you know that even though you know that the conventional wisdom now is that. Israel is gonna wait until after the election in 2013. Movement no matter who wins. That sometimes the Israelis -- surprised. Even their allies via the Americans in the brats and so they can't rule it out for this year. 1877469432218774694322. Forty explain hitting program. Other than I wanna be reelected and you know this really isn't working out for -- seem to be slipping in the polls. Martin your next with Howard cargo go ahead -- Hourly paid less -- you know. I. Suburban and I drive about half an hour to work every day and what about eighty bucks a week under bucks we keep my card stock or -- And then what a hundred bucks a week. Foreigner box -- months really really help but what what I'm really calm about it. Is it really come to that in this country where that desperately to act prices are what's gonna determine who we elected their president. When you know all this other stuff is going on. -- -- -- What's -- I mean the gas prices. Our were are are just. They're a large part of the economy Martin I mean what happened in 1980 don't you think I was a large part of the reason Ronald Reagan was elected in a landslide because. I mean the I I remember how angry I was sitting in those gas lines. Slightly aggregates its future is told it's gonna be it's huge but that's saying I mean. I'm a little bit even a gas price grease spot but again Owen pastor. Romney get sick now I would still both around -- like there are so many other things I'm concerned republic agency. I -- you know Obama's team. Really focus on gas prices and Ratzinger mopping up and up and just at the end leaders say listen to the American people. And you spoke and I'm gonna bring the gas prices down to fifty -- it's is that does that sound under. Unreal and. Six to fifty gallon that's for for one thing that's new new Gingrich is a number and how much how much good that'd do Newt Gingrich to make that rather empty pledge. But look where it got him nowhere inside the people are listening are like now I don't -- the big deal but really that's not gonna be. -- What's gonna get patriotic. Ask for it crushes it crushes everything I mean -- look at all the money look at all the what are you use this going to be figure out why in any more you spend all this go on gasoline and it's the same for everybody in the country Martin. No joke with sir Alex I think politicos as we go to my kids and it's only forty such an hour away -- that over the mountains. I think it's ridiculous as regular cost -- eighty bucks to go to the coast of my kids for Easter. And yeah that's the truth and that. Israel so multiply that by you know 75 to eighty million people as you know 85 million families and I mean this is I mean this is not it's not look -- -- be a great summer for our resorts is it I don't think stuff. No not tolerated diet pyramid we don't have -- tourists from Boston coming up yours and they're big box. Our harbors a -- -- publish it don't cost to get the Bar Harbor from Boston in terms again everybody eighty -- right. Right I am very thankful. Maarten 1877469432218774694322. Stacy your next with -- cargo ahead Stacy. I -- -- bottling -- about would -- Obama and there are a lot like us because I actually got to come up. And the compensation awhile ago and I looked it up then basically. It's not a matter of just. Am an attorney as well it's not just the -- is just you know don't let it it let it expire. You don't said that -- feast that we elect bill what's the disciplinary. -- That was over. People she how she got. Why -- she. I don't know I think like everything else about is still. In how is the big -- correct what the documents that you can't get. But way back when I think at the time she was working which she was working at that hospital in Chicago. Yeah that they wanted -- Macon yet 3161000. A year mostly community outreach. And -- -- Right out of the job they did sell when she left it was so important. Yeah exactly. Exactly but something must've happened nobody knows why. But she voluntarily. Turned in -- license from the pool achieved kind of conduct. At that time had something to do what discipline sober about the -- she got wind that's something or she she did so. I know she was I didn't know she was far enough up in the legal profession to get into the -- kind of GM I mean I thought she just had like a beginner level job -- some big law firms and body and didn't like that. Yes you want about -- But she supposedly gave adopt and love. You don't watch it the fan. The checkbook to check this out that Stacy somebody text that said it's my hopes -- -- -- smoke sharper than the thing is that that the -- -- rumors on the Internet has something about this. We'll check that out. -- -- --