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Marbury vs. Madison vs. Obama

Apr 4, 2012|

President Obama launched an attack on the Supreme Court that bordered on the bizarre when he said: I’m confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress. He completely ignored Marbury vs. Madison in which the concept of judicial review was established over 200 years ago. Howie asked did he not know this or was he just hoping that the voters did not know this.

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We're a little bit about Obama. In this first hour or so and that just that we have we have stuff on the the court decisions he's he really is a form that he was the act like a fool he doesn't know. I am and I disagree with our brush was saying the rush says he does not want Marbury vs -- is that -- was that the decision. In eight -- to wait -- -- -- that established the rights of the court to war. To rule -- an act of congress on constitutional. And I don't peaking as well as generally don't but you know any way we -- that we can talk about that we also talked about his speech yesterday. Were trying to -- he's trying to -- everybody's trying to steer the stupid people eat you know. The Republicans it's -- it's something you don't rule -- play and play in of the Nancy Pelosi cuts. Few months ago weigh in when she was in San Francisco which was saying that the Republicans so want dirty water. And they want -- and they want the children to have to breathe dirty air and they want contaminated food. Or apparently blockbuster -- speech because he key he he said these acts and things. To what to a bunch of newspaper editors. Bunch of up pallets. That worldwide he will the war endlessly repeat his comments. This is the wall street journal editorial about this electorally good good editorial. About his speech. At the and now Washington his speech to the Associated Press I guess who was Associated Press meeting of editors. Mr. Obama is conceding in the speech that he can't run on the economic recovery the stimulus health care Green energy uranium the other grand liberal ambitions of dominated his time in office all of those are unpopular or failures. He was elected on hope and change but now his only hope is to change the subject to the ogre she claims of the disloyal opposition. Mr. Obama has been working met last year for the last year but he is also to debuting some new material each layer thicker than the last. Moderate Republicans are so radical that they oppose research and care for alzheimer's cancer aids optimism and Down's syndrome. Even as they want to deny education and food to children and their mothers they want to pave over Blackstone Yellowstone and backed -- the Grand Canyon. But few tourists can get there anyway because Republicans plan to shut down air traffic control -- Because Republicans -- high speed rail therefore they would have opposed industrialization in the nineteenth century they do plan to build a way back machine to the gilded -- However by handing 150000. Dollar check every American millionaire a million dollar checked every billionaire and a billion dollar check to every trillion -- This is not conjecture mr. Obama said I am not exaggerating these are the facts. So in the Wall Street Journal says lest you think we exaggerate read the transcript. For the first time we can call mr. Obama even praised George W. Bush of all people because his predecessor created new entitlement for prescription drugs. He also said Newt Gingrich showed how Smart he was when he called mr. Ryan Paul Ryan. Budget radical and right wing social engineering last year. All of this is a political fable carefully constructed -- race the record of the last three years and blame every current anxiety on a GOP house has been an office for all fourteen months. The president claims to eliminated dozens of programs were working but the savings from those programs from those eliminations amount to less than. 110. Of 1% of the budget or less than 100 million dollars meanwhile the budget has grown by more than 20% since he has become president. Deficits of one point 4000000000001 point 3000000000000 and one point three trillion over the last three years -- another estimated one point three trillion do for the 2012. Yet he still claims deficits are all mr. Bush's fault. Except for that extra spending on Medicare which he likes. Now he claims mr. Ryan's reforms are antithetical -- our entire history is -- -- of opportunity and upward mobility. Really mr. Ryan's premium support -- form from Medicare for example. Has been endorsed by -- Democrat Ron Wyden it was in -- advanced in the 1990s by president Clinton's Medicare commission led by Democrat John -- It mirrors the insurance system to let millions of federal workers chose choose from a variety of insurance plans with a government subsidy. It is the only with warm with a choir of salvaging Medicare without savage cuts in medical care down the road. The last two days of reveal mr. Obama at his least appealing and least presidential first warning the Supreme Court not to -- overturn his health care law. And now demonizing the motives of his political opposition. It is a long long way from his there's no red America there's mobile America stop of 2004 much less the inspiration of 2008. If nothing else Americans are getting a preview of the rhetorical -- the bipartisan problem solving in the unifying national purpose. But what attend another forty years you know. If -- keep going on this route spend the money like this. You know I think he's -- there are going to be some problems with you know watch. Children getting educated and and re search for a cure is for these dread diseases and it's gonna be because the the entire economy is is going to tip over. He does he didn't seem to care about that. He just he just wants to get reelected and a try to will blame everything on the Republicans. I don't how do you think it's gonna work I mean people are very stupid. People are very stupidly. You know he got 53% of the vote last time. He had an he had no qualifications for the job obviously -- -- doesn't know when he and about anything as far as I can say. Including the college basketball. Brackets. Does he picked Carolina. So did you yeah I I have an -- reason for programs and I went to Carolina. I am -- you know I I have to IE I -- this event but can you get I have to be for I want Carolina. People go to Carolina picked Carolina dislike people who go to crichton picked Creighton. You know that's the way it works he didn't go to even go to Carolina or Creighton. One and by the way Creighton if it wasn't for Creighton they played dirty and a breaking Kendall marshall's army be Caroline would have achieved. I should say we Modano and idiots I'm and grapes I'm angry now. 187746943221877. 18774694322. What. What do you think you think you can get away can he get away with this on the American people that stupid that they're gonna buy this. That the bigger bio noted that the guy that they're going to war believe that the EU the Supreme Court will be acting erratically. If it though overturns. Obamacare. Are they don't really believe that the that that the Republicans want to. Make the the water and your dirty where we ask you this. How for the Republicans going to escape but I think we said this when Nancy Pelosi we asked the same question. How the Republicans gonna get away from the dirty water with a -- year if if this -- if you eat it. The Republicans have their way Paul Ryan this this demon. Gets his gets his wish on the budget. 18774694322. And and the -- of spending has increased 20%. How do you not find the money for these vital programs. Now. Spending has increased 20%. The budget has increased more than 20%. Since he's become president now saying that all these wonderful programs all the all the programs that people care about a gonna have to be cut. What what about that Department of Labor is the Department of Labor gonna become. You see what they're doing their. They're putting up they're putting up posters. In the elevators in the Department of Labor headquarters in Washington. It shows Hilda Solis the secretary of labor former congressman from LA whose husband. Works its tax street. It. You knew that it's -- You know Obama appointee to -- level position. Should they gonna put pictures of her with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson in the elevator. In the elevators posters I thought I thought we have something called hatch and federal workers were to post take part. In in partisan politics but I you know I guess that's. I guess that's going on maybe the Supreme Court could one -- 18774694322. Steve your next with how -- cargo ahead Steve. Allie -- are in order Republicans gonna do with the water in the air certain. Yes Washington Gingrich sent to Europe and I'll move to the moon colonies now. That was when Newt Gingrich said Newt Newt can move to the moon colony by himself. -- you know. And fired. -- in court coach -- I mean can you imagine if there are actually overturned. This flaw. They do. Now but I am on. You have of them have been trying to put Ehrlich -- universal health Sherlock -- -- years. They're finally get -- like the required majority. And. Ought to be required majority can we kill we can we stipulate that the majority where it's who was it was bought off and bride. In that they had to do all kinds of legislative ledger domain which you know. Which may have been itself unconstitutional. You know as it. Region aiding us spending bills in the senate in the flipping them back -- house. And they passed it by seven votes Steve -- outlooks is is that a strong majority it was a strong majority. Well I have the required majority sixty votes in the senate but if you -- -- That he didn't have the sixty votes I believe they did make -- big big get a budget reconciliation because they didn't have the sixty votes so out of it but if they need to buy if they need a budget they they are that -- their big they give up sixty votes because they they'd they'd tried to move would be for a Scott Brown was. Was in there so the -- outright. They had to -- elected Democrats senate talk about our elected Supreme Court justices they had 21 elected Democrats senators and there. -- who are there any more by what they think they're -- They have got the cornhuskers came back they they repeal that they. Brought in never got it. So that's one thing you can't point you probably. Well they they had it that's what they were trying to do they they didn't they didn't even read the bill not no one has read the bill they don't have a several ability clause in the bill. It's if it's if it goes down I pray it goes down. And you know what I hope they don't make a make an issue out of this in the presidential campaign because a majority of Americans don't want this the baby it's good in Canada but it's not gonna work here in the United States in -- everybody knows it's not gonna work. -- Yeah no it doesn't as a matter of fact Steve -- it's not working at. I don't know where these polls come from these met these must be the NBC today show polls you know the polls that are that these -- the same people that are rock are editing the tapes on Zimmerman must be asked and -- I don't know anybody likes it. Thanks for the call -- 1877469. 4322. -- -- -- Nazi. -- clocked at the Supreme Court and lot take away what would be and now she's this. -- this thing didn't ran out well this thing didn't -- this thing it in prince -- well one. On the power line blog -- of the whole thing. 18774694322. There was another 121001877469. Worth street. 2218774694322. Billiard next without cart ahead bill. Altitude David how much opinions -- the chipped it by about its wildly -- up put I was also in the pockets of. -- we have we have stability you know the other thing to -- finally illegal aliens are finally carrying their part of a load your -- you know you. You're never going to the emergency room and see the place packed with illegal aliens demanding free care and interpreters. For quite -- -- top of this -- cheap although -- public cost all of us agreed to talk about a particular. Don't know can you operate completely upgraded again call it law put -- While we're talking about Abubakar yesterday I don't think it's. We're. Opinion -- public did not -- gas into the pool. Who stole the world went to the rules and guts to tell all of -- -- it I don't look. But I -- we're covering this is the -- recovery in history. This I don't know it was on the Wall Street Journal the other day I mean in in that in the history going back a hundred years anyway. The weakest recovery in history and it's because it's because of all these. These government programs and regulations everybody's scared they don't know what's gonna happen if this guy gets reelected. It's say he's gonna he's gonna -- crush the economy even worse than he's already crushed it. I know I'll get to a game and every time Obama to do it stability if you knew about it. -- -- -- -- The Republican shortly that the Republican platform what we're -- but the good the populates that and the ability of that total collected a -- That it and the people. Obama got crushed I was also a questions last time it wants flexibility. To only be with the people apply those -- took it obviously -- he solar house and the senate is it a lot more petition that he does now is every bit this absolute bar to get that type of all of the applause -- WTO lasts about all the kids about it. -- -- People that don't. I know I know people don't work illegal aliens that's it that's his that's his constituency thanks for the call bill 18774694322. Right there's good there's a good piece -- a couple of good pieces in power line blog dot com and go by that which is written by lawyers for mom from Minnesota in DC. And the the they -- one piece that was posted yesterday Barack Obama constitutional ignoring Amos. I've been voiced by getting Steve Hayward his lawyer I've been growing weary of hearing people mention that he's a constitutional scholars and she never published a single thing on the subject either as. Editor of Harvard Law Review as a member of the faculty at the University of Chicago Law School but hey he pot constitutional. In the not real. This course on constitutional law one of several constitutional law ports is on the Chicago curriculum. Dealt exclusively with the equal protection clause of the fourteenth amendment. The favorite all purpose clause for liberal jurors to use to right -- and make -- equal by judicial the I guess that's called judicial activism. There's no evidence that Obama ever taught courses that it considered other aspects of constitutional isn't such as executive power the separation of powers the commerce clause or judicial review itself. This guy got to discuss got a copy of one of his final exams region this before take a break. This is the -- it's a it's hype but that one hypothetical question involving civil rights and here's how it begins. In part -- goals racial isolation -- is the result of white flight in the limited economic means at the disposal of the black community is also well documented however that hard -- -- racial isolation. Rose in part due -- decisions by -- white controlled city government prior to the seventies. The -- purposefully discriminate. Discriminatory. So you can see what kind of narrative this exam question promotes and hence the kind of answer is likely to get an eight. Professor Obama. Oh god there's a second hypothetical involving potential gender discrimination under the protection clause. And figure this guy if he gets to promote two or three more justices to the Supreme Court. It in the won't be any backstop of the Supreme Court they'll just be. They'll just be everybody will be like Kagan or Sotomayor. Or Breyer or Ginsburg. That's a pretty scary thought isn't that 18774694322. Mile car. 18774694322207. How oil gas and Ellsworth Maine jumped from its 395 to 409. From Monday night to Tuesday morning way to go Obama. But that's not his -- don't understand when when it happened under George Bush who was George Bush's fault than they did like shots from every gas station America. But now that it's now that it's Obama's the president it's not Obama and we would OG I haven't you read those six point -- -- -- most explainer piece on TV or read in the newspaper. It's all the oil speculators. It has nothing to -- what the president of the United States. It only -- to know what the president of the United States when the president of the United States is George W. Bush. 1877469432218774694322. Follow ward amid a one region I would reach this part of the yeah. What he said you know when he was talking bout the Supreme Court one -- taken unprecedented and extraordinary step. Somebody actually went down and and actually. Transcribed what he -- after that. And I I just remind conservative commentators that for years what we've heard is the biggest problem on the bench which judicial lack of activism or lack of judicial restraint that. And on -- elected. Group of of people would somehow overturn. A duly constituted and and past. Law. Well. Is a good example. And I'm pretty confident that this. This court will recognize that. In not take that step. He GM only Ted Kennedy. Many causes that there's a good there's a good does contest for us right there to and he. 18774694322. People will do that for later on in this what this week John your next with how we cargo ahead -- -- before -- -- point I asked for Kindle sure. Giant five minutes and a -- Peru with I mean it socialists from Canada. I would love to have it all school. -- -- ice Google and go on first and that all eyes are always -- listeners -- way he's the kill off all my calls for for five minutes people mad. But -- -- now I'm sorry. Okay so ago. Discredited. All of its cronies for years have been saying well conservative talk our radio it inciting violence and and you you know what. What the rhetoric and he -- And -- And informed and intelligent dumb people. Secure is water under syndicate wants to strike sometime ago I know that first and so -- -- more old. Because -- as well ramping up so speaking Nikkei into the street to start doing so bad. Thing is that people who would point to figure back to the president say your first and. NBC won't even point the finger at the guys who was who who edited the tape to make George Zimmermann look like a racist and they want even apologize to George Zimmerman John what makes. No spray beauty yeah we live in a bizarre O world. How do each job like I look at. 1877469432. To somebody -- expect the issue well first of all let me be very specific this was yesterday. We have not seen -- -- court overturn a law that was passed by congress on an economic issue. On an economic issue. A law that has not been or law like that has not been overturned since at least locked -- right so now we're going back to the thirties pre new deal. This guy says. But he's. Will lock -- by the way it was a blocked by the way it was in 1905 and rushed and he says it's it was a New York port Motley a federal court that it was a -- their vs New York from an I don't know about that money here. Is there any truth to that -- to a Obama's claim that the Supreme Court hasn't invalidated -- statutes that are economic can relate to commerce since lock their vs New York which was in 19050 by the way of course not. To name just a few examples a great deal more recent than 1905 on the -- fast now. The court ruled unconstitutional provisions of the sarbanes Oxley act that are present and only -- cause removal of members of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board in 2000 and the 1990. Much -- protection researching consumer information act in 2001 this case was actually quite some Obama cure because record album crushed dreams were -- The record -- -- to contribute to much from promotion for. Promotion programs provisions of the patent and plant variety remedy clarification -- the trademark remedy clarification act. -- copyright remedy clarification act in 1992 the harbor maintenance to act act that tax act in 1998 the transfer act which authorized the transfer operating control Washington national airport and Dulles international airport from the Department of Transportation to the metropolitan Washington airports authority in 1991. And many. Many more dating back to 190. But other than that you know he wasn't great it was great he was that he's constitutional style. Failure next with how we cargo ahead dale. Alley where obligation of all Robert and remember what the solution was we had the -- crisis last week. We got rid of Carter we elected a new president I mean this -- its source a -- and I can remember Carter you peace and but there's nothing we can't know about this was in March after it was put on the street. I think the prices came down at the the oil started blowing again I mean you know or crazy if we listen. Dog leg and -- meant to deal in hammer Brooke think to myself maybe he's right there is nothing we can do but I know one thing I can though. And I. -- I and millions of the other American's dead that. You know I voted for Ronald Wilson Reagan for president. -- 2.2 about these solar investment you know. -- study. The stage show called the producers. If you're in -- elaborate I do remember it yeah. We can tell what they hit it to investors -- And and and and play -- LB what they're gonna so Scott what the -- but -- the plan was acceptable. I'm told the play was successful -- ports -- and see -- couple -- out of this. This latest development or just -- other people's money. Into the pockets of his supporters. Who are running this company is -- that are that are just destined to die they all go in 67 figure salary. And yet American taxpayers -- polling the pack. And -- the you know if he could point to one. Successful solar company that he's bankroll that would be one thing I don't think he can -- what I think we I think what what -- been. Didn't bludgeoned over the heads. All with that it on CNBC and MSNBC and NBC if if they had one successful. Solar company that he's promoted but they don't have. Exactly don't just. Accept this as similar to like it. Don't wanna like political and -- -- like to ramp on the light bulb on this ridiculous and it's happening right now it would be like. But that -- pay that tariff on whale oil to make the price of loyal goes right -- looked like bolts we didn't do that. We like the strapped -- People used them. Now at the cap on you've got to drive up the price a whale oil for people to go to a -- ball I mean it's ridiculous. Right thanks for -- -- -- called 18774694322. In BC's payout is gonna make Spike -- look like up like her. I don't know if there's going to be maybe you know that could be -- you know you could make it mean you could make an argument that perhaps well I'll region that that the the actual apology but -- could make the argument that the lawyers said. The NBC lawyers said. Don't apologize because if you apologize that would be an admission that you you did wrong. Actually apologized to the viewers who presumably would also include George Zimmermann. 18774694322. Mile --