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Max Robins Monday March 12 - Matt Lauer's New Contract

Mar 12, 2012|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...howie and Max were both snake fascinated by Matt Lauer's $25 million contract with NBC.

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But first we have we have introduced Max robins he is saying he is -- -- TB expert. His. -- the executive vice president of the paley center for media and New York City and for many years he has covered the broadcast. TV industry as a reporter Amazon editor. And he security answer all of your questions about TV. Thanks for being whether -- Max. How are you it's a pleasure I've missed you last week. Yeah I know I guess thing you worry you were rough you're on the road again kinda like they are convicted house speaker's how the Macy. But I hope you want on the bus like he is like going from prison to prison. I like different view contribute. But that's history and this -- debate. That they are important to insert itself. Max my first question for you when we're. When he five million box for for -- -- could that possibly be true. Tikrit possibly teacher or close to feature that's a lot of the motive for what is probably -- But you have to remember me one of a few profit centers these days going to be -- The Today Show. And produce specialty -- and Meredith Vieira departed. We met hours with a racial reasons star. He's the star while we may occur inquiry. I think that she's five by its match are you looking at you looking like a lot of research show people tuned into war. Here's -- here's here's an idea. Mike my idea conundrum. Maxwell yeah I have been I don't use what are they show hidden under my conundrum yes in the -- I would I don't happen we -- we watched The Today Show but I would I go through while the goal of the physical fitness -- -- train or on Wednesday morning's. You know for now -- in the had a in the room they had The Today Show along. And I saw -- I saw. Mapped. Do you realize Macs that after mighty a -- wonderful. Hair restoration treatment by doctor mark the -- of funnel I have more here. The -- while. And at bat at. Him you know what -- have a lot more here and Matt how are -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It -- start. I know I don't. Don't wanna send them -- my guys business card Max I want his job for 25 million a year how critical evidence. How a guy that I have more hair -- have that be -- 25 mil on TV. There's so it's just that there's there's. There is this I could I mean I could be. I mean I'd do the job for 10%. -- -- you know speaking of channel seven alarms I daresay Bill O'Reilly has more -- then. The -- You know. Big bills bills haven't gotten if you are a little form there. I don't excel I don't think they don't consider that that kind of thing but I but anyway I do let's say romantic comedy have got to do this Austin Lackey contest here Max. OK -- Harry. Harry are you there. -- yes did you watch meet Boston Lackey the other day. Which is that you can get the answer anyway right. Well okay who was Boston lackeys assistant. That's the question Mary thanks for the call and I guess he thought he was this may take awhile while Macs but we'll we'll go straight to the calls if you wanted to. I don't think I know the answer I don't think I know the answer to. I can't believe people even wanna and wanna get they are given to this wonderful chance to win at T shirt that says Clark for president 2012. And they don't they don't spend an hour and fifteen minutes watching I mean Boston Lackey a truly a screen gem. When -- you support. I your support for you is just exploding all over the. All right 18774694322. Of you wanna try to get the answer to a question -- Boston black Kia that number 6179311. 680. Okay. Let's see here. I've just spoken to see if when is weeds coming back man. But -- -- a I knew it. We're got a certificate comic -- either artists are -- Is is -- going away -- -- shows Sox. I don't think so are we not a major kids -- my kids -- great thing to do with we. A lot for overseas. Now they love it Dave -- mighty my oldest daughter -- laughs GM your next with Howie -- and Max -- go ahead Jim. -- probably get a rock and a lot less Jim Dolan -- Very property value back. Actual. -- I'm teaching we're not sure merit parent support -- through photography. -- -- wondering how -- fact that so many our our chart there are how old. I mean you. The bureau newspaper television. Really your core objectives -- some for sure it was a were broadcast. Now is that is any of that available online to see. I'm a little bit you can go to our site that a lot of this stuff a lot of really good stops you have to come to. Q there are centering in New York or through summer in Los Angeles city but there's a lot online you should check it out. Yeah I I would look at our auto. Apricot look at some of the hero it barely got television stuff that short just broke him and it'll tell you what's in the archives you -- Gypsies were. What's the what's the address -- its annual -- Turkey AL EYCENTER. Dot org. Daily senator Bob -- what are showed up to -- Jim what senators and what's that what shows do you -- one of deceit from the old place. What I swap it seventy we go we we actually started back in the eighteen hundreds were some at some of them apart -- out there and I want it that this is somebody really television. Stuff there. You know artists who are explored all of Romo bomb over what we -- Yeah yeah others you can you can insert some web site they'll tell you what we have what's spoke available online and what you can see. When you come come into the -- out. Thanks for the call Jim Hall opium poppy -- find out -- up at 18774. That's Jim Jim from Iraq and cement block and flights -- replaced ago. Puppetry of the trees you're next with how we cargo ahead Patrice. -- week you're having bounced back on those cheese sandwich but the Kentucky. And Michelle Malkin haven't heard that evident tape but the cellmark and cried over your physical perfection. Well yeah I guess I just. Oh whoa whoa whoa whoa where did it affect you could. Sort this out then she -- him. She's she was saying you know she was talking about you know into bright Bart has passed on and I just keep they can you know guy you know guys like you were viable work so hard and and put the put everything on the line to try to get the truth out to the American people and I'm I'm starting to laugh and started to tear up she actually did mention my physical. Perfection but by understood penetrate. Saying II and oh yeah I know what she was getting -- yeah. Could ever call her up bag of meet with lipstick is beautiful on that's. I believe me I was I was I was extremely happy -- -- to -- you know not to -- was crying but the -- hot enough for me to to get teary -- like that you know. We do and how we how we actually know what I'd like. Talent she is talking about her physical perfection reply no please no offense but it sure she just wasn't tired and emotional. -- I don't think I don't think she. I don't think that's -- you know well but I don't wanna -- dumped to the conclusion space the call Patrice. Marcia your next what powered -- -- did you watch Boston Lackey. And how was it went in it was as great as I said it was was how it. The -- it's that you have is oil that you know the beautiful the great news is marshy you have like eleven or twelve -- ago that was the first one -- percent. Including my all time favorite Boston black he booked on suspicion. Okay. Who is Boston black keys assistant -- That's right the right you'll have one Howie -- for president T shirt march. Hold on this and how okay thank you thank you 187746900. People you think we're actually watching Boston -- meet Boston Lackey on. Saturday morning at 1045 on me again considering it had the great lead -- of The Three Stooges -- Hercules. -- given that it hit The Three Stooges -- -- Hercules. Armed isolated totals seventy sides as probably. Always fifty of probably fifty of them -- -- bong hits. Yeah right in the other 25 when that might behest you know when I -- told them what a great movie once they they believe. I completely rightly. -- picture of their party party your -- -- Thank you oh by the way Macs you know lot of match. Officer mark thinks that there's a -- -- in the which is -- now that the gas prices are or are going up and they appear to be a major issue in the election. He's got some new shows for us on the monkey business channel. Gas pump rule that. Self service blues. Posed in the city and his favorite American site -- I like that. Americans partners that the keeper right 18 or thought sir mark at 1876. And again we -- to. More questions if you wanna when a T shirt if you watched meet Boston black year your your familiar with Boston Lackey won 8774694322. -- your next what -- we are -- ahead gusts. Mac one of my favorites Saturday evening nearly. Yeah yeah in -- would appear. Am watching cops chase any. Criminals -- thorn bush is getting it just doesn't seem to be on the first -- shows don't seem to be on every Saturday and it certainly is cops. -- -- -- You're well we yesterday gusts we lost backs we're gonna run all the old -- Mac he's back go ahead ask your question again -- -- no problem actually I just wonder about cops and I like this that that would appear watched cops chased people and I being the first run shows because bolt on don't have chasers. So yeah. Why is Brad is what it didn't hit that. Bridge down that night. Important and now I'm gonna cheer up you know. Don't tase me bro but but the. Yeah so guy would do what is cops -- is cops governor back boxers are there any more episodes coming. Yeah I think we'll see some new episodes -- that shows like these as we talked about it before it's probably what most probable shall ever -- on -- cheap to produce and I mean it's. That's been going up forever. Yeah thanks for the call Augusta 18. 61 617 want to know -- is -- -- coming back. Will -- -- it will buck -- scanner be back. And pocketed -- are never. Okay 603 says she thinks he thinks that Mitchell got teary eyed over -- thousand that's what she's the -- -- -- up on the website so people can judge for themselves on the winds up that podcast. Know what's calling and to pretty should dignitary at about her cousin. Could don't get carried it about me -- she was teary eyed about her missing cousin I think it was me and -- when you can judge for yourself go to England site. It's and no one is only one person apparently is called -- that that the watched the watch beat Boston black. I actually saw Boston's like you by mistake. On in the -- would -- as you say I cardinal when I wasn't. I didn't plan my day around it and I found it by mistake when I had a few minutes I just -- some background sound and I went to turner classic and there was and I was intrigued. -- My dad watches it does much like how -- guys. That was what. Gave your world all mine you did it man she loves them love them what you can keep on and keep them. 187. Get another batch of the eagle like three bucks on the Internet Max for the tires for the entire collection. And are actually. Read that your that's -- -- -- Max -- go ahead Andy. And I -- First time longtime. I'm calling from right near the little what they are near new naturally -- replaces. I that was a great place I love that place. One marker places do that Macs are questioned for hours -- doing damage to go to the collapse. I don't know I think that's a real real -- -- there initially it's gotten bettors it's monologue but it's. It's -- -- really demand great cast. I don't think it's it's it's instructive upbeat numbers I think that point deficit well I don't know -- spent a lot of money -- -- expensive for answers. Michael Mann as one of the producers. And even -- the guys who have produced it would. And often than it. Great cast it's. It's a talk show. Dustin Hoffman -- -- TV show. His career is generally on fire then as it. Well I debate and people make a pretty good morning in the in in. Today QB Nick Nolte two but also often though you know the guys so it is seven. Yeah which -- the -- per episode. I feel a hundred. That doesn't seem like a lot of -- for Dustin Hoffman. Not doesn't -- you know it's it's built to -- I mean it. So we've split thirteen episodes and plus -- all sorts of residuals. 18774694322. I think -- asked about this but what about Al contrast the first series I've watched in twenty years ways is gonna make it. I think it will I think you will settle lockyer won't know produces. Frank you're next with how we card Max Robbins -- ahead frank. Kept it spread like Leo he's the one -- greater I didn't watch Boston -- Unser is so you have -- okay yeah I'll be glad to okay. Carnival. What was Boston Lackey disguise that -- I don't discredit the wind made it very. Every good frank you didn't even hesitate. You whether you you went to T shirt so great congratulations pockets in the 18774694322. Marty you're next with how we cargo -- Marty and Max Robbins. I always I actually does it. Is there -- bottom up here. You -- -- Boston market watcher don't Arianna. A collection of this okay so you want to ask your question correct what the spice trying to get. They're trying to get a that the the -- I onsite. Gun site. Yet that's close -- bomb site. You -- -- hold on you're getting you're gonna get T shirt to hold on. Thanks for Peter what is now on the line former congressman and a former talk show host and he's now running candidate recruitment for the state Republican Party. Peter you're next with how we card Max Roberts go ahead. Well it. Out that she'll -- like -- -- all that. All of that Julian -- It's doing very well very solid performer a lot of fans that show that will be better resume than advocates are better. I'll I think -- -- -- counsel to Republicans. Are not bad enough but -- where it stood at all for it. -- -- -- -- Bridget avoid Hannawald -- -- federal Boston bent to it than does a -- But it's just that her police commissioner. In Ottawa is built. And it'll now and it's our -- Did it to his brother is a sudden get in a GM recently in an episode for a allegedly raping a woman. Today and I know you're on duty yeah. -- -- -- A side or our troops under our props artistry. It. Ominous these look like -- -- most in view view view known it look like to. Except the ones look like -- A -- -- we -- have you -- talking about the -- Republican candidates. OK hold on -- to CNB Peter we got a break up Max thanks -- -- I appreciate it. Should that tell us tell NBC I am available on I have more here than the number Matt Lauer. Banks and how we car.